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Park, Square and Community Clubhouse The area discussed previously as the “Park Loop� functions as the public living room for the Village. It is the open space amenity that residents and business owners enjoy on a daily basis. It is a place for children to play and for seniors to stroll. It is also a place that can be used tor large gatherings. Visitors come from far away to enjoy the outdoor amphitheatre. Shoppers enjoy the sight as a pleasant backdrop as they walk along the sidewalks. The Community Clubhouse accommodates many large gatherings. The park area accommodates all of these events now, but it can still be improved to be a more pleasant place and to enhance the business environment for local shops and restaurants. An improved park area would feel like one public space rather than several spaces. This can be accomplished by creating a consistent walking environment around the park. The Plaza Park area would feel more formal, perhaps with a small gazebo or bandstand as a focal point. The parking lot in front of the Community Clubhouse would be replaced by a rose garden. Additional on-street parking would mean no loss of parking spaces. The images on this page represent the quality of space that is envisioned for the park area. These improvements are feasible but must be accomplished with a consensus of the many stakeholders who use and operate the grounds.

Fair Oaks Village Enhancement Vision


FOVEC 2008 Vision  

Vision document identifying the vision for Old Town Fair Oaks from FOVEC Fair Oaks Village Enhancement Committee

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