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Q: How fast can I drive with chains? A: You should not drive over 30 mph whenever running chains. It can create a lot of heat. Plus, you get expansion in the chains by centrifical force which can lead to chain failure. Q: How far can I drive on a set of chains? A: Chains are not meant for long distance travel. Avoid bare pavement for extended periods. Chains are designed for compact snow and ice for short amounts of time. Q: Will all cars accept chains? A: No, some vehicles have limited clearance, not allowing for chain application. But there are other alternatives, such as spider spikes and quick trak, which allow for a traction device on the car. November November 2012 2012 GO GO FOR FOR IT IT 3

The Lighter Side of Tragedy By Bob Cox

If there’s a thin line between love and hate, then there might be no line at all between tragedy and comedy. Tragedy and comedy often come together in one messy package like the Peanuts character Pigpen and dirt. In my casual observance, some of the best comedy is subtly mixed in with huge piles of tragic events. As irony would have it, the vast majority of sit-coms on television over the past three generations have been more tragedy than comedy. Most have been tragically unfunny piles of boring and predictable fodder. For every great T.V. comedy program like The Andy Griffith Show, All in the Family and Cheers, there are literally thousands that are forgotten almost before they begin. If laughter truly is the best medicine, why aren’t the doctors prescribing 500 milligrams of “Seinfeld” followed up by two tablespoons of “Leave it to Beaver”? Long before the age of television, when my dad was a hearty young man, his two lovely sisters, Alva and Carolyn could easily track him town in the darkest movie theatre by waiting for his infectious laugh to break the fragile silence. More than life itself, dad loved to laugh with gusto and he wasn’t shy about sharing this love with the world. Was this in spite of or because of all the tragedy he experienced while growing up? Before dad was old enough to vote, his mother died in a car accident, his grandfather died of cancer, his dad became an alcoholic and he was shot in the leg as a marine in the Pacific during World War II. No amount of tragedy prevented dad from thoroughly enjoying his favorite comedians as often as possible, which included people like Red Skelton, Jonathan Winters, Milton Berle and Johnny Carson. My oldest sister Candy and I shared his sense of humor, which strengthened our bond with dad. Those precious and gloriously liberating moments of laughing with dad were like a tiny oasis in a desert of fear and dread over the prospects of my dad’s failing heart and declining health. When I was nine years old, I became dad’s unofficial guardian angel, watching over his every move, day and night. Whenever I saw him alone in the kitchen, holding his chest while grimacing in pain, I would eventually cry myself to sleep after imagining how dark the world would be without my hero. After 23 years of steadfast vigilance, I got the call I had been dreading my entire life. It came in the middle of a warm August night from my brother-in-law Dave, who told me that dad was

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in the hospital and it didn’t look good. When dad made the decision to come home for his final hours, I concentrated all my thoughts on helping my dad go peacefully, without any more pain or suffering. After 72 sleepless hours, dad took his last breath. As he did, I felt that strange and comforting sensation sweep over me like a warm blanket, and I knew it was dad comforting me. From that moment on, dad and I were at peace, together again. Two days after dad passed away; our exhausted and depleted family paid a visit to the funeral home to make the final arrangements. As we made our way through the somber and silent rooms, we discovered an extensive assortment of caskets. My sister Candy was on the precipice of a meltdown of biblical proportions from an overwhelming number of stressful events, which included a major move from our hometown in southern California, followed up her son Sean breaking down in the middle of nowhere two nights prior on Interstate 5. She went through all this while trying to find a new place to live, work and shop etc. When the stress of the situation was more than she could bear, she turned slowly to me and with a twinkle in her eye, waved her hand next to one of the coffins like a cheesy used car salesman and said; “Now there’s a snappy little number!” Not one to resist an open invitation to irreverence, I chimed in “Looks good to me. Does it come with racing stripes or flames, depending on which way you’re headed?” By then, the free for all was on and she replied, “No, but the American flag pops up, fireworks shoot out of the back and you can here the feint sounds of taps!” When those final threads of temperance had been cleanly severed by that sharp tongued remark, we both roared with so much emancipated delight that my other two sisters and mom looked on with bewildered looks of horror and amusement while they struggled to suppress their own laughter. While I didn’t actually hear my dad’s laughter, I felt it, just as sure as I felt all the unconditional love we had for one another for 32 tragically wonderful years. Bob Cox is the founder and publisher of Go For It Magazine. He can be reached by phone at (916) 266-3115. His email address is coxrobert@comcast. net. Go For It Magazine is owned and operated in Rancho Cordova, CA. Copyright © 2012.

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What’s the Deal with Real Estate? By Joel Perez Oh, how the market has changed in 2012. From the peak of the market, when real estate prices reached their zenith in the summer of 2005 until the end of 2011, the buyers had all the power as home values plummeted and low priced short sale and foreclosure inventory flooded the market here in the greater Sacramento area. Homes sat on the market for months, sometimes years before getting a low-ball offer from savvy and selective investors. What we’re seeing now is a lack of inventory if you’re a buyer. If you’re a seller, then you’re pretty happy because you’ll probably receive multiple offers. What that means is if you’re the seller, you’ll probably get what you’re asking for, if not more. If you’re a buyer, you’ll just have to be prepared and realize that you’ll be competing with a lot more buyers in this market. So, every offer that you put in will likely be competing with multiple offers. With that in mind, you just have to make sure that the offer you’re submitting is a good strong offer. If you’re not sure what a strong offer is, you should get together with an honest and experienced real estate agent to find out the value of the home you’re interested in. In a buyers market like this, houses are selling extremely fast. If the house is in good shape, I’ve seen them sell in less than a day! It almost makes it seem as if the market has turned around, but the reality is that there just isn’t that much inventory. The banks aren’t releasing a lot of foreclosures, so what we’re seeing are a lot of short sales. The short sales are literally selling in a day if they’re priced right. It really behooves you to get with an agent who is experienced and knows the market, whether you’re buying or selling. The best advice I can give someone who is selling their home in today’s market is to get with an experienced agent who will advise you on what price you can expect to get and to select the right offer if you do receive multiple offers. If you’re a buyer, select the

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right agent who will counsel you on the values of that particular neighborhood, examine the condition of the house and then submit a good strong offer that will give you a competitive edge in terms of getting your offer accepted. There are several reasons for the dramatic shift from the buyers market that dominated the recession over the past several years to the sellers market that we are now experiencing. At the start of the year, the banks decided not to release a lot of the inventory of foreclosures, creating a low supply of inventory. On the other side of the coin, the demand has increased; more people want to buy houses now. Why? Because prices are lower than they’ve been in years and interest rates are phenomenally low. We haven’t seen them this low ever! So, people are feeling the pressure to try and purchase now while the values are still relatively low and take advantage of these great interest rates. Editor’s notes: Joel Perez is an independent real estate agent for ReMax Gold. He is a Certified Distress Property Expert (C.D.P.E.) as well as a Certified Investor Agent Specialist. He can be reached by phone at (916) 997-7393 or email at

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This Season’s Hottest Gift Giving Ideas From Aquamarine Jewelers By Bob Cox

If you’re hoping to find the season’s For those of you who love the hottest gift giving ideas without all the timelessly classic holiday song “Tis the stress and madness at the areas biggest season to be jolly,” I’ve come up with “shopping mauls,” try a stress-free another song that more accurately reflects shopping alternative and visit my good the spirit of the average holiday shopping friends at Aquamarine Jewelers. They are season in Sacramento. I’ve titled it, “Tis the located directly across the street from season to be stressed out!” The avalanche the Town & Country Shopping Center of stress created by massive traffic jams on (on the southeast corner of Fulton Ave. the way to the mall is only the beginning and Marconi Ave.) in Sacramento. A visit of the anxiety ridden events you will surely Diamond solitaire earrings starting at $99. here will surely help you avoid the “maul encounter. Next will be the task of surviving madness!” Aquamarine Jewelers has a the real life “Parking Wars” as you battle beautiful and peaceful showroom that is filled with the hottest agitated and reckless drivers who will put everyone in harms way new treasures of the season at prices that will fit most budgets. to grab the space you’ve patiently waited for, which includes On top of all that, they have a caring, friendly and knowledgeable going the wrong way and zipping across traffic. staff with over 100 years of combined experience. The kind folks Once you’ve finally parked your vehicle, the remaining at Aquamarine Jewelers are always ready, willing and eager to remnants of your holiday cheer will surely be gobbled up by help you find the perfect gift for all the loved ones on your the massive crowds that are sure to be mauling, shoving and shopping list. clawing for the hottest gifts of the season. Perhaps we should Aiman Nasrawi, the owner of Aquamarine Jewelers has change “shopping mall” to “shopping maul,” just for the had a lifelong passion for serving his customers and offering holidays! When you are faced with the overwhelming task of exquisite jewelry. Amazingly, his entire staff shares his passion selecting the left-overs, you will feel the desperate urge to track and commitment. The second you walk through the door, you’ll down a scarce store clerk for help, only to find an indifferent be greeted by a staff of friendly and attentive jewelry experts and inexperienced teenager who couldn’t care less about the and they instantly put you at ease. Their goal is to make your ordeal you’ve just gone through. Remember, they’re getting shopping experience as pleasant and productive as possible. paid minimum wage for enduring the same madness, so you’re They strive to treat all their customers with the utmost respect, on your own! regardless of how well you’re dressed or the size of your budget. For those of us who have struggled with the challenges presented by the economy, Aiman has found a very exciting and creative way to help his customers by turning their scrap gold into a unique and exquisite piece of jewelry for little to no money. How can he do this? He has helped several of his customers by using a portion of the scrap gold to cover the design and labor of creating the piece, while the rest of the gold is transformed into a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, custom designed masterpiece. Aiman and his staff are fantastic jewelry designers, so if you want to create a very special and unique piece of jewelry you cannot find anywhere else, you’ve come to the right place. Aiman was a leading jewelry designer for Nordstrom for over seven years, so he has an exceptionally keen eye for details and expects perfection from himself as well as his other designers. So, if you have some scrap gold that’s just collecting dust in an old jewelry box; take it to Aquamarine Jewelers, where you can

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Diamond solitaire pendant 1/2 carat $399.

Ladies alexandrite and diamond ring $749 — original price $1499.

Men’s stailess steel bracelets — your choice $149.

brainstorm ways to turn it into something your loved one will treasure for years to come. If you want more hot holiday gift giving ideas, Aquamarine Jewelers has a great selection of pre-made jewelry for men and women. This season, men’s bracelets and women’s diamond earrings (1/4 total carat) are not only hot, they are affordably priced at just $99, a fraction of what you could expect to pay elsewhere. They also have 1/2 carat solitaire diamonds for just under $500. The size and quality of these diamonds typically sell for $1499 in most shopping malls, triple the price you’ll find at Aquamarine Jewelers! If you want something that’s even more coveted and exclusive, check out the incredible selection of Alexandrite stones. These gorgeous and colorful stones are extremely rare and valuable, but fortunately, Aquamarine Jewelers carries the largest selection of alexandrite at the best prices in town! Only two mines in the world once contained Alexandrite (both are now empty), one in Russia and the other in Brazil. Aiman was savvy enough to buy the entire inventory from a large supplier, so he has a huge selection and offers his inventory to his customer’s at exceptionally low prices! If you want your loved one to be one of the few people in the world who have this extremely rare and exquisite stone, visit Aquamarine Jewelers today. Do you want another great reason to visit Aquamarine Jewelers this holiday season? No problem, Aquamarine Jewelers is now offering a matching gift certificate deal, which means that if you buy a $100 gift certificate, that purchase would be worth double what you paid for it (a $200 value)! Best of all, there’s no dollar limit to this extraordinary but time limited offer! For those of you with bigger budgets that are looking for something special, unique and extraordinary, Aiman has the perfect gift for you: an exclusive, hand crafted timepiece called the Lex Diamond Watch. Aiman’s older brother, Alex Nasrawi is the creator and manufacturer of this magnificent watch. The Lex Diamond product line is built on solid stainless steel of the highest quality 18K gold casings and uses an exclusive 25 genuine ruby modified Swiss skeleton movement. Each

Ladies gold over sterling silver — your choice $199.

Circle pendants with black and white diamonds — your choice yellow or white gold $249.

watch is painstakingly set with fine diamonds of VS to SI grade. The highlight features of the watch include interchangeable bezels with single, double or triple rows of white or colored diamonds. Last but certainly not least, every Lex Diamond Watch is manufactured in the U.S.A. and the only store in Sacramento that carries this exclusive watch is Aquamarine Jewelers. Editor’s notes: For more information about Aquamarine Jewelers, stop by their beautiful showroom at 2628 Marconi Avenue in Sacramento, California. They are located on the southeast corner of Fulton Ave. and Marconi Ave., across the street from the Town & Country Shopping Center. Their phone number is (916) 483-5474 and their website is

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Q: What’s your background in the restaurant business? A: Well, my mom (Pong) has been in the restaurant business for over 30 years and I’ve been in the restaurant business since I was probably 18 years old. I got into it straight out of high school and while I was in college. I managed a lot of different restaurants: Thai restaurants, American restaurants and Hispanic restaurants and basically that’s where my restaurant experience has come from. Q: How long have you owned the Thai House Restaurant? A: My family and I have owned the Thai House Restaurant for three years. We purchased the restaurant in 2009 from a friend.

(916) 485-3888

e Av


Lunch Hours: Mon-Fri: 11am-2:30pm Sat: 12 Noon-2:30pm

Dinner Hours: Sun-Thurs: 4pm-9pm Fri-Sat: 4pm-10pm

Fair Oaks Blvd.


Chicken Drunken Noodles

Chicken Egg Rolls

Q: How is the Thai House Restaurant doing now? A: We’re doing pretty good and we’re proud of what we’ve done for the community here. We won Best Thai Restaurant in 2009. We also won the Best Thai Restaurant on the KCRA list two of the past three years, coming in first in 2009, second in 2010 and first again in 2011.

Pad Thai Noodles

Q: What do you attribute your success to? A: Good food and customer service. We pay attention to details and listen to what our customers needs are and provide that for them.

Thai Papaya Salad

Chicken Yellow Curry

Q: It sounds like you’ve been very flexible by offering new dishes. Is that correct? A: Yes, besides the full menu, we offer daily specials and some of the specials are very popular.

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n lto

Q: Why did you choose to buy the Thai House Restaurant? A: Location is the key. We originally bought another restaurant in Rocklin with a few other people and unfortunately it didn’t work out. This opportunity came into our hands when a friend of ours who owned it wasn’t doing so well, so we bought it and changed the recipe to ours.

Q: What are some of your more popular dishes? A: Our number one selling dish is the Pad Thai. This dish has prawns, chicken breast, tofu and egg, that’s stir fried in a sweet and tangy Pad Thai sauce topped with bean sprouts, chives and roasted peanuts. My number one selling special is our Eggplant Delight; a wonderful dish if you guys like eggplants. It’s a combination of prawns, ground chicken, Japanese Purple Eggplant, bell peppers, onions and stir fried in a red chili sauce that’s a medium spice. Another popular dish is our Drunken Noodles. It’s a stir fried noodle with fresh wide noodles, ground chicken, tomatoes, fresh Thai basil in a spicy chili garlic sauce, served over a bed of lettuce with some bean sprouts. It’s a very good dish if you like spicy food. We’re also known for our curry’s and our salads.

Sierra Blvd.

Munroe St.

With Vinnie & Pong Boonsom

527-A Munroe St. Sacramento, CA 95825

Fulton Ave.


Ice Cream Sampler




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Any purchase of $25 or more

Any purchase of $50 or more

Lunch and Take-Out

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Shop Us First for all Your Thanksgiving Needs! By Monica Ortiz

families celebrate during the holiday. Organizations like the Cordova Community Food Locker, the Kiwanis, the Rotary Club, the Rancho Cordova Elks Lodge 2484, the Folsom Cordova Community Partnership and so many more. We’re thankful to see so many volunteers committed to making a difference. We’ll be collecting food during this holiday season, so please stop by and drop off your donations today. Together we can help more of our local families have a meal for Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thank you for all your support! Our Semi-Annual Wine Sale Starts November 7th and Ends November 11th. Don’t Miss It. All Wine is 20% Off ... Just in Time for the Holidays! The month of November is a busy one for us and it’s also our favorite month. Thanksgiving is right around the corner (Thursday, November 22), so if you’re looking to stretch your dollars and enjoy a bountiful feast this year, shop Grocery Outlet first and save up to 40% on the brands you know and love. We’d like to take this opportunity to say how thankful we are for our family, friends and customers. This is the time we all help make a difference in our community. It’s so nice to see so many people contributing to food drives and making a difference in our community. There are many wonderful organizations rights here in our city helping many

2801 Zinfandel Drive Rancho Cordova, CA (916) 858-2801 Mon–Sat: 8am–9pm • Sun: 8am–7pm

November November 2012 2012 GO GO FOR FOR IT IT 11

Community Events Calendar for November Sacramento Arts Festival Fri., Nov. 2, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Sacramento Convention Center, Sacramento, CA. Spend a profitable weekend at the Sacramento Arts Festival— the region’s premier contemporary craft and fine art event. Last year our crowds were up more than 20% and most exhibitors had great sales—in all price ranges! We have fantastic November dates again this year and we expect even bigger crowds who will not only be shopping for their homes and themselves but also for unique Christmas gifts. Avenue of Flags Veterans Day Sun., Nov. 11, Fair Oaks Cemetery. The Fair Oaks Cemetery has been honoring our veterans with their Avenue of Flags since Nov. 1999. It is a thing of beauty and awe just to witness the flags blowing in the breeze. It was started by board, staff and community volunteers who thought it to be very important that we officially recognize our past and current men and women who have served their county. Each flag pole has a small brass tag that states “In Memory of” with a loved one’s name to honor them. The Avenue of Flags is displayed twice a year on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day (Nov. 11, 2012). Bottle Your Own Wine Fri., Nov. 16, 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM. Cost: $40.00 per person. Location: Vintner’s Celler. 12401 Folsom Blvd.,

Rancho Cordova, CA. Rancho Cordova PAL invites you to our “Bottle Your Own Wine” fundraising event. Buy your tickets today! Space is limited. (916) 875-9627. Sacramento Harvest Festival ORIGINAL Art & Craft Show Fri.-Sun., Nov. 16-18, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. California Exposition & State Fair: California Expo Center, Sacramento, CA. The Sacramento Harvest Festival returns to Cal Expo to offer Sacramento area residents the best holiday shopping, showcasing hundreds of vendors, exciting entertainment, unique food inspiration for Thanksgiving and much more. Fall Festival Sat., Nov. 17, 12:00 PM-3:00 PM. River City Dental Group, 8908 Madison Ave., Fair Oaks, CA (corner of Madison & Hazel). Free Krush Burger, DJ, face painter, bounce house, prizes & more. Run Turkey Run Fri.-Sat., Nov. 23-24, 8:00 AM. American River Parkway. 5700 Arden Way, Carmichael, CA. Sign Up/Tickets: This is a race, running & walking event. 13th Annual Cordova Community Christmas Tree Lighting Sun, Nov. 25, 2012, 4:30-7:30 pm. Capital Village, 3151 Zinfindel Dr., Rancho Cordova, CA. The annual lighting of our Cordova Community Christmas Tree is a public event inspiring community unity, showcasing Rancho Cordova community life, promoting local business and providing a community branding experience.

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November November 2012 2012 GO GO FOR FOR IT IT 13

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• Rhinoplasty (Nose)

Andrew G. Pichler, M.D., F.A.C.S. Certified, American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

• Chin/Cheek Implants

Specializing in Facial Surgery Since 1972

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• Lip Enhancement Fanancing Available O.A.C.

• Laser Skin Resurfacing • Perlane (Fillers)

Greenback Ln. Mercy San Juan Hospital


Coyle Ave.

Dewey Dr.

(916) 965-3223 (FACE)

• Glycolic/Blue Peels

Hwy 80

6633 Coyle Ave., Ste 2, Carmichael, CA

Madison Ave.

Monday-Thursday: 9-4 • Friday: 9-1

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Benefits of Nurturing Massage for Women By Jim Gould Amazing as it may seem, it is true – my typical Nurturing Massage for Women, working the whole body, takes a long time. How long? At least 3 to 6 hours per session. Over time, I’ve discovered that working the entire body with myofascial, orthopedic, lymphatic and Hawaiian lomi lomi energy techniques gently releases tensions and suppressed emotions while also cleansing toxins from the body. Since I only use pain-free nurturing techniques, which includes soft relaxing music and essential oils, my clients tend to lose track of time and find relaxation and inner focus as we both patiently wait for the stresses, aches and pains to slowly melt away. Whole body massage can also significantly help aid with digestion and many other important women’s health issues, especially at stressful times like the coming holiday season. One of my regular clients says she literally feels like she’s been to a retreat after one of my massages. Considering that time is a big part of all retreats, and I believe an important element of all healing, I invite you to take time for yourself and treat yourself to a massage retreat today. You and your health and well being are well worth it! Check out my video and testimonials at www.nurturingmassageforwomen. com. Aloha!!! Editor’s notes: Jim Gould is a certified massage therapist located inside Salon’s Within on 7411 C Winding Way in Fair Oaks, CA. He can be reached by phone (916) 612-9157 or email at

brass tag that states “In Memory of” with a loved one’s name to honor them. The Avenue of Flags is displayed twice a year on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day (Nov. 11, 2012).

It Takes a Village...

To raise a child, yes. Well, it takes a village to do just about ANYTHING worth doing. Margaret Mead said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” For example:

The Cordova Community Council has been spearheading great community events in Rancho Cordova for over 50 years. An organization of non-profits, it stages the BEST 4th of July event in the region, helps pull off the California Capital Airshow, hosts the annual Christmas tree lighting, summer concert series, and monthly community luncheons. They recently formed the Rancho Cordova Arts Council which hosted the GENESIS Art Show in September and the upcoming CLICKS Photography and Digital Art Show opening Nov. 9 at City Hall. The Fair Oaks Cemetery has been honoring our veterans with their Avenue of Flags since Nov. 1999. It started with 25 9-ft. flag poles with 4’ X 6’ American flags and has grown to over 400! It is a thing of beauty and awe just to witness the flags blowing in the breeze. It was started by board, staff and community volunteers who thought it to be very important that we officially recognize our past and current men and women who have served their county. Each flag pole has a small

16 GO FOR IT November 2012

BeMoneySmartUSA started with a mission to teach students about business and finance. It started a Farmers Market in Carmichael in 2010 with the intent to give their students “hands on” experience and a chance to work while learning new skills. Since then they moved that Market to a larger venue at Carmichael Park as well as opened new markets at Sunrise Mall, Fair Oaks Village, the Mather VA Hospital with plans for more locations. What was a “win” for the kids has turned into a really “BIG WIN” for our community. The Community Arts Alliance was formed this year to build a connection between the local Creative Arts Community and nearby businesses and residents. There is so much to enjoy: with exhibits, workshops, performances and more, their intent is to “Rock the Renaissance”! Right now the focus is the area north and south of the American River so if you are in that area, visit our website to get connected. Also, check out the news from El Camino High School!!

To learn more about any of these organizations, visit We are proud to be the hub for all these great “village movements”. Let us know if you want to be included... Now, let’s get out there and “Village Up”! *Visit to learn more about Bob (the village idiomographer) and so much more...

Look Your Best for the Holidays By Dr. Andrade & Dr. Montalvo As the holidays approach, we collectively take that big breath in and think of all the hard work ahead. New sweater, check, new dinner recipe, got it, gifts, yup...ever think of having a bright new smile and youthful appearance to greet all your friends and family? It’s possible! Better yet, it can happen in about one week. We can confidently say this because we’ve seen it all year long. This past year, nothing has improved the confidence of our patients more than botox. In

previous years, teeth whitening gave our patients’ a whiter and brighter smile, but botox gives our patients a younger and healthier appearance. How? Botox works by relaxing the muscles of the face to give that smooth youthful appearance. It makes the face appear more relaxed, less stressed and younger. Those wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and forehead can go away, leaving you with a more youthful appearance. For anyone that has ever considered

botox or whitening, we are doing our best to make you look your best by putting together our first Annual Facial Esthetics Party. Call it a botox/ whitening/smile makeover party. If you are curious, stop by. If you want it, call and reserve your spot. Join us for our first “Botox/ Whitening Party”. We will be offering a one day only special of Botox and Whitening Combo for $300. Dr. Montalvo is board certified and a member of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics. If you have any questions, please call and speak to her or a member of our Dynamic Dental team. We look forward to seeing you.

Dynamic Dental Caring Dentistry For The Entire Family

(916) 368-2500 9833 Horn Road Sacramento, CA 95827 (Located in the Old Mills Winery Business Park) Dynamic Dental is in network with nearly all PPO insurance plans. Dr. Andrade and Dr. Montalvo with son Noah and daughter Ella Luz.

Call us for more information.





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Teeth Whitening

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Not valid with any other offer. Expires 12/31/12. November November 2012 2012 GO GO FOR FOR IT IT 17

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November November 2012 2012 GO GO FOR FOR IT IT 19

Car Tech Talk

How Much a Customer Should Be Told? By Walter Ford Easy answer, everything… of course this isn’t the entire article because I am writing it AND I have space to fill. Why is this even a question? Isn’t it common sense to tell them everything and as soon as possible? For starters, we are human beings and I hope, have some empathy for our fellow man. I think all too often people are told what they want to hear in order to make them feel better. This is only a short term feel good as the rest of the news or information will bubble up eventually leading to even harder feelings. The other reason I see this is that we decide what is important to tell the customer, and in a way influence their decisions by doing so; I feel this is equally as wrong. Often we judge a book by its cover and make decisions based on what the customer is wearing or what the car looks like. “Well he/ she isn’t dressed well, so we’ll just tell them about the big stuff.” Or “Wow this car is trashed and dirty, so we’ll only repair what it came in for and not inspect the car.” I have seen this happen and I’ve done it myself VERY early on in my career. However, I put myself in the customer’s shoes and changed my way of thinking. If I were you, how much would I want to know? EVERYTHING…

20 GO FOR IT November 2012

I do hear this a lot from customers, “I don’t go to ABC Repair because every time I go in, there’s something new wrong with my car.” While the person doesn’t necessarily think that the shop is creating the problem, they don’t trust them either and they end up at Valley Motorwerks. What I try to explain is that they (ABC Repair) most likely didn’t just tell them up front all that was wrong to begin with. For whatever reason, they don’t want the person to stalk out upset; they think that this person cannot afford it all at once etc. It is wrong, dead wrong and here’s why. I feel that a car should NEVER leave a shop unless the customer has been made aware of EVERYTHING that is wrong with it and its impact to the car’s safety and longevity. An informed customer is an empowered customer; after all, information is power. Regardless of the car’s condition or the appearance of the customer, they have a RIGHT to know. Once we are aware of a situation, we can help the customer decide what to repair first and what can wait, what should be repaired together to save money in the long run. In the end, you’ve established a great long lasting partnership with your customer and gained their trust. Remember, honesty is the best policy, so tell the customer everything and in a timely manner.

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Go For It Magazine on the Air! By Bob Cox

What could possibly on traditional terrestrial be more entertaining, radio. So, this great news informative and enjoyable is just in… you don’t have than reading the magazine to miss out on your favorite we call Go For It? With music ever again! Check considerable help from our out the ad below for a friend and veteran D.J. Rex complete menu of listening McNeill, a.k.a. Tee Rex, options and then tune in we are now on the air and and enjoy. exploring the same inHow much does depth and soul searching all this great listening topics that we cover in our pleasure cost? Absolutely monthly magazine. Each nothing! Simply tune in week, we invite a local to How do you listen to Go For It business person who’s an active sponsor of and enjoy all the great music you love, Magazine on the Air? Simply go online, Go For It Magazine to share their unique all presented by lively and interactive type in and then and insightful thoughts, feelings and D.J.’s that you will not find anywhere select the category Today’s Talk. Our ideas on a variety of success oriented else. These shows are available 24 show airs every Saturday from 1:00 concepts that will surely hours a day and seven p.m. to 1:30 p.m. and also random inspire you to live life to days a week, so now times throughout the week. If you are the fullest! you’ll get to listen to all a lover of talk radio, Today’s Talk We’re taking a fresh that wonderful music on delivers and innovative approach whenever you want. a wide range of entertaining and to dispensing wisdom Of course, if you’re not informative topics, including and humor in equal doses completely satisfied, you sports, business, local happenings, and have come up with can contact the station self improvement, world affairs an intriguing concoction directly and request the and much more. that you can only hear songs you want to hear, D.J. Rex M cNeil If you’re not a talk radio on the hottest new online again at no charge. And if ublisher Bob Cox, P junkie, but you love great music, you’re radio network called you’re still not happy, we in luck. On, you If you’re looking do offer a 100% money back guarantee! will have a plethora of listening options to for a few ideas to help improve your lot in choose from. Many of the programs they life, fasten your seat belts and then tune Editor’s notes: For more information offer, such as smooth jazz, classic 80’s, in to our brand new radio show Go For It about, visit their reggae and more are simply not available Magazine on the Air! website



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Go for it Magazine - Nov 2012 New  
Go for it Magazine - Nov 2012 New  

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