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May 2014

Dynamic Dental’s Dynamic Team.

Our Patients Tell Our Story Best Theresa H., Rancho Cordova, CA Once again, excellent service with an excellent staff. I went in for a cleaning, which is not a comfortable experience to begin with, but between Dr. Andrade and Monica, I felt as calm and comfortable as I could be. Good service is hard to find ANYWHERE and a good dentist seems to be even HARDER to find nowadays, Dynamic Dental provides BOTH. This practice is a pleasant rarity. Pam S., Gold River, CA  As always, the staff (all of them) treat me so very special and make me comfortable. I wasn’t even “afraid” to come in and forgot to ask for the “funny gas”—so that says a lot. You’re all the best. David M., Sacramento, CA  I was very happy with the professional and friendly staff. They explain what they are doing as they go through the whole examination. Dr. Andrade and Dr. Montalvo both are very friendly and call you by name and speak to you even when they don’t examine you. When you are there, they make you feel like family.

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A Nutty Vacation By Bob Cox In my younger days, the definition of a great vacation was to pack in as many fun adventures as possible with family and friends. In the past few years, those goals have changed 180 degrees as my wife Diana and I set out to do as little as possible while following the 3 R’s for the ultimate vacation: recluse, relax and recharge. The big event of the day will be how long we can lay around in bed watching Animal Planet on TV before hunger forces us to hunt for food. We recently got back from a three day vacation with our dog the Nut, which wound up being anything but relaxing. The drive down to the central coast was just what Doctor Doolittle ordered. It was peaceful, serene and uneventful as The Nut practically disappeared in our back seat. We never heard a peep, even from her squeak toy. Shortly after we arrived at the motel, our plans to follow the 3R’s began to unravel like a ball of yarn in a room full of catnip crazed kittens as Diana’s maternal instincts kicked in. To say that Diana has a fondness for animals is like saying that Noah knew a thing or two about building boats. She found every way imaginable to obsess over our dog’s comfort and well being, fretting over the Nut’s loss of appetite for her favorite treats she normally devours before we can unwrap them. The Nut barked at every single sound during the night, which she still managed to hear even after we cranked

4 GO FOR IT May May2014 2014

up our rain forest sound machine full blast. During those two sleepless nights, she took our exhausted animal out for more potty breaks than I do in an entire month and I walk her every day! While we were visiting with our son Bobby, daughter Shauna and grandson Zack in our motel room, Diana asked Shauna repeatedly to scour the internet for nearby dog friendly restaurants. The search intensified with Diana’s desperate and relentless insistence, I jokingly turned to Diana and said that this was a planned intervention for her over-the-top obsession with our dog’s care. Zack picked up on the light hearted banter and said, “Hi everyone, my name is Diana and I’m a dog-aholic” and then dryly quipped in a deep voice “Hi Diana”. A good laugh was shared by all. As we drove home at the end of day three, drained and exhausted from our sleep deprived adventure, I turned to Diana and said, “Next time, we get a dog-sitter and my fellow animal lover turned to me and practically panted while nodding in silent approval. Bob Cox is the founder and publisher of Go For It Magazine. He can be reached by phone at (916) 266-3115. His email address is Go For It Magazine is owned and operated in Rancho Cordova, CA. Copyright © 2014.

A Reason to Smile

If you’re new to the area or have ever experienced an incomplete dental evaluation in the past, then today is the day to make a positive change. Trust your smile to the experienced care at Carmichael Oaks Dental Care! Our community is fortunate to have two exceptional dentists (Dr. Angel Soto and Dr. Carla Gutierrez) dedicated to providing the best that dentistry has to offer. Dr. Soto, Dr. Gutierrez and their friendly staff will provide you with a comfortable and relaxing dental experience. Many of their patients are referred by other happy patients, so they have every reason to be confident that you will be in good hands. If you’ve had a history of severe dental problems, Carmichael Oaks Dental Care can help. They have all the skill, experience and advanced technology to turn your smile into a masterpiece. Their services include beautiful crowns, natural colored fillings, cosmetic bondings, porcelain veneers, dentures, bridges, dental implants, CEREC® CAD/CAM restorations, teeth whitening and much more. The staff at Carmichael Oaks Dental not only cares about their patients, they also are doing their part for our planet and future generations by going green. They’ve made an investment to reduce their carbon footprint by purchasing digital x-rays and operating a paperless office. If you’re looking for a dental practice devoted to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of your smile using conservative, state-of-the-art procedures that will result in a beautiful, healthy and long lasting smile that you will be proud of, as well as a dental office that is sensitive and understanding to your needs, then Carmichael Oaks Dental is the place for you! May May2014 2014 GO GO FOR FOR IT IT 5


with Jesus (Chewy) Chavez

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your restaurant and what makes it so special? A: Our food is fresh, just like homemade. When you come in to Chewy’s, we’re going to treat you with respect and do everything possible to make a nice dining experience. I just want people to know that we’re here and we would appreciate their business. Q: Your vision is to serve great tasting Mexican and American food. How did you come up with this idea? A: Since I’ve been in the food industry for a long time running cafeterias, deep inside I wanted to be open to the public and at the same time I wanted to be different from everybody else. When I came up with the idea of offering both American and Mexican food, I wanted my customers to have more options. Q: Speaking of options, do you offer your customers healthy dining choices? A: Yes! We have healthy food options. We also have traditional dining options, so everyone will be satisfied. If you look at our breakfast menu, you can substitute potatoes for healthier options like tomatoes and cottage cheese. We also have gluten free bread. For people who are watching their cholesterol, we serve egg whites. Q: Do you charge extra for healthy options? A: No. Every item can be substituted at no extra cost, except our gluten free bread which is 50 cents more. Q: Do you offer healthy options on the Mexican food menu? A: Yes, with our burritos, people can substitute flour tortillas with whole wheat tortillas. As for the ingredients, you can choose refried beans, pinto beans or black beans. We have Spanish rice, brown rice and house rice, which is my own recipe and people like it very much! Q: I love your barbeque bacon cheeseburgers! What’s your secret to making such tasty hamburgers? A: We use real Angus beef, our ingredients are all fresh and our buns are baked locally every day. 6 GO FOR IT May May 2014 2014

May 2014


The Bargain Hunter of Lynn Lawson, owner of Ralph Opfer By Bob Cox When Lynn Lawson decided to move her business (Ralph Opfer Floors) to a larger location, she took a huge leap of faith. Aside from the obvious increase in rent with no guarantee of increased sales down the road, Lynn was risking her well-established reputation for being “The Bargain Hunter of Flooring”. With an increase in overhead, would Lynn still be able to go the extra mile and find the bargains that would save her clients big money on flooring? I followed up recently with Lynn to ask her several questions about this subject. Here’s how our conversation went. Q: You have a reputation for being “The Bargain Hunter of Flooring”. How did that get started? A: That is something that my dad always did. Suppliers would call him and say, “Hey, we’ve got these leftovers, do you want them? And he’d say yes! So, he had a warehouse full of

decently priced quality merchandise and I’ve just kept that going. Q: How are you able to give people such great bargains on flooring? A: Well, I do the same thing now that my dad did. My suppliers all have close-out lists and I check those all of the time for special buys I can pass on to my customers. Q: How often do you get closeout inventory? A: I get the lists sent to me on a regular basis, so I always have access to special buys. Q: What criteria do you use to make a buying decision? A: The criteria is whether or not one of my customers needs something (a specific type of flooring) first of all. If there is something that’s Owner Lynn Lawson (standing) with faithful sidekick Samantha Irvin. a really good deal, then I’ll bring it in and keep it in my stock. At this point, it’s hard to stock because what everybody wants is different. I could stock a whole warehouse and still not have what you’re looking for, so I have to be careful to not overstock. Q: Can you recall the last time you purchased a really good deal on a close-out? A: Oh, I just bought several pallets of Pergo because it was three colors they were closing out that I already had in stock. They wanted to totally close them out, so they lowered the price to where I bought everything they had left. Now I can sell it at a lower price. Q: What do you have your Pergo sale priced at? A: Normally, it sells for around $1.99 to $2.29 a square foot. It’s at $1.39 right now! Q: Pergo is a laminate floor that looks like wood but has the durability and other benefits of laminate, right? A: Yes.


May 2014

Flooring is Alive & Well! Floors, Moves to a Beautiful Showroom Q: Now that you have a big Q: Does a bargain on the showroom, do you have more flooring ever mean inferior quality? variety versus the old warehouse A: No. I will not ever buy anything location? that I think is inferior quality. I could A: Not really. It’s more go to a couple of suppliers here in comfortable and visual here. It was town and buy laminate for 59 cents a hard at the old warehouse because square foot. I won’t do it because the the lighting was bad and the quality is not there. The items I buy temperate was bad. We were either are usually name brand items where too cold or too hot. I might have a the color has been discontinued. It’s few more displays here, but most not discounted because it’s a lower of these displays were over there. quality, it’s because either the color has They’re just much easier to see now been discontinued or the distributor is Come help us celebrate our beautiful new showroom. and to shop here than before. not carrying it anymore and they want it out of their warehouse. Usually, it’s Q: Now that your overhead is higher, what pricing high quality, name brand merchandise. strategy will you use? Will you rely on a higher mark-up or more volume? Q: What are some common problems that happen A: I would like it to be higher volume. I don’t want to go with inferior flooring? for a higher mark-up, that’s not what I’m about. Also, I might A: The laminates will fail. The will start buckling and expand in here, I just haven’t decided with what yet. separating and they just don’t look good when they’re down. They will basically fall apart easier and that’s because of the Q: What are you leaning towards? way that they are made. I’m very picky about where I get my A: We’ve had several people throw ideas out. I’m not bargains from. sure yet. Maybe window coverings or antiques or some home decor! Q: Does being a bargain hunter mean either inferior service or no service? A: Absolutely not! My service never changes, whether it’s a bargain or a full priced item. I will work with somebody as much as I need to work with them to find what they want. I don’t ever look at things that way. I’m here to help people make a big decision and I’ll put in as much time as I need to help them make that decision, whether it’s a bargain or not. Q: You now have this big and beautiful showroom. Does that mean higher overhead and the end of the bargain hunting days? A: Well, it does mean bigger overhead but it doesn’t mean the end of the bargain hunting days. I will always be looking for bargains for people. That’s just part of me. I can’t not look for the bargains, that’s part of my make-up and it’s in my D.N.A.! It just means that I have to work harder to have a nicer place. I don’t want my prices to reflect this building. I still want to have good pricing on everything, not just the bargains.

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I’m in Pain!!! Can Chiropractic Help Me?

Dr. Beth Blakely 3928 California Ave. (at Fair Oaks Blvd.) Carmichael, CA 95608


Treatment for Auto Accident Injuries: • Medicare Provider • Specializing in Difficult Cases • Affordable Care • New Patients Seen Same Day

A Day for Giving May is a special month for giving and a group of nonprofits and art groups are asking for your help on May 6. By giving to your favorite nonprofit or art group on this day, your donation will be MATCHED  for your favorite cause.  For example, you can support the arts at the  Sacramento Fine Arts Center. Your donations will help them encourage aspiring artists, support more art activities and classes for children, and keep their doors open for the community to enjoy art exhibits, a gift shop, classes, workshops, demonstrations and special events. Or consider giving to the Cordova Community Council and support their efforts to bring art, music, historical events, festivals, parades and things that lift up lives and make Rancho Cordova home! Visit for links and more information. Remember to  have your donation MATCHED  you must give on line on May 6 between midnight and 11:59 at Thank you in advance! * Visit for Bob’s bio, past blogs, and to learn more about events & organizations.


May 2014

FREE Consultation Meet the Doctor!

Health Check



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Health Check Includes: Consultation, Exam, Functional Medicine Testing, Spinal X-rays If Necessary, Report of Findings. Expires 6/30/14.

Hang Out and Do Art Tuesday, May 6 from 4 pm to 9 pm

Enjoy a potluck and receive a special gift for those who make a donation. Volunteers will be on hand with computers to help you donate.

Sacramento Fine Arts Center 5330-B Gibbons Drive in Carmichael

• Adult and Children’s Art Classes • Art Exhibits and Special Events for the Family • Shop in the Gift Shop for local artists’ offerings • Come & hang out at our Open Studio Art on Tuesdays from 4-9 pm

Go to or scan our QR code for additional information Remember us May 6 on the Day of Giving— Please donate on line to the Sacamento Fine Arts Center.

May 2014


Car Tech Talk

Valley Motorwerks Becomes Bosch Certified! By Walter Ford

Customers Can Now Get Zero Percent Financing for 6 Months Valley Motorwerks has become one of a handful of shops that has been recognized by Bosch to become a Bosch Certified Service Center. The requirements to become Bosch certified include a well trained and well staffed group of technicians along with a clean and well-functioning facility. You also must employ the Bosch logo on your website and the front of your building. We also send our guys out to Bosch training whenever it’s available. Bosch is an established company that manufactures electronics and electrical components for automobiles. They make parts like alternators, starters, regulators and more. They also have a line of some of the finest windshield wiper blades in the world. All the new cutting edge technology that comes out with wiper blades, especially what comes original on European cars are typically going to be Bosch. So, whether you know it or not, when you buy a European car (or many American cars), you’re buying a wealth of Bosch products.

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When you replace a Bosch part under warranty, that part can be swapped out at any Bosch Certified Center. Most people don’t know this, but if your car is under the original factory warranty and a Bosch component fails, you do not have to go back to the dealership. Valley Motorwerks can swap out your Bosch starter, alternator or whatever it might be under your factory warranty. Cars are becoming more and more complicated with electronics playing a bigger role. By partnering with Bosch, it allows us to stay on the leading edge of all the technologies being made available in all cars. An additional plus to that is we now offer Bosch credit services. On any purchase over $299, our customers can get 6 months same as cash. So, if you have a large repair coming up, it’s easy to apply and it’s basically free money for half a year! We just had a customer who had a large repair cost on his car and he’s applying for it. Now he can make smaller payments and have a little more flexibility with his own money. So, I really like to be able to offer something over and above cash, check or charge. Offering a really nice flexible credit plan completes the entire package.

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May 2014

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May 2014

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