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Q: With a larger location, are you offering more products and services? A: Yes. Our new store has the same character of our previous store, only now you can actually see what we carry without going on too much of a treasure hunt! We’ve extended our grooming spa and we now offer self serve dog washing! Q: What other benefits are your customers enjoying at the new location? A: We’ve received compliments on our parking and how convenient it is compared to our old location. Customers enjoy the one stop shopping with opportunity to visit other businesses in the center like Safeway when they drop off their dogs and cats for their grooming appointment at Trends-n-Treats! 2 GO FOR IT July 2011

We’ v e M o v e d !

Pet Supply - Spa - Boutique Pet Food, Grooming & Self Wash

(916) 536-0000 8929 Madison Ave. Fair Oaks, CA 95628 (By Safeway) Hazel Ave.

Q: Why did you decide to open a pet store? A: I love animals and love working with the public. It’s a tremendous blessing to have the privilege to work with my two daughters Millie Finch with Brianna & Rachelle. her dog Sheila Our locally owned and operated business is the perfect fit for us! Q: What separates you from the competition? A: Trends-n-Treats is a locally owned and operated business with a team of staff who truly care about their customers, furry and non!   Q: What do your customers love most about Trends-n-Treats? A: We listen to our customers and assess their needs. We do our best to meet our customer’s needs according to their budget; what’s practical and convenient for them. We offer free samples to help assure that their dogs and cats actually like the products.   Q: You moved your store recently. Can you tell us about the new location? A: We’re now located in the Fair Oaks Promenade Center at the corner of Hazel & Madison Ave (by Safeway.) I honestly feel my store is located in the most beautiful and convenient location in the greater Sacramento area! We’re surrounded by mature neighborhoods like Rollingwood, Phoenix Field and American River Canyon. We’re near local dog parks and the American River Parkway. It’s a great privilege to have access and to enjoy these great natural resources!  

Sunrise Blvd.

Business Biography

Madison Ave.

New location means new

ices available now!

products and more serv

g meet ups Have your Do here! es rti pa and

Great selection of premiu m pet foods, healthy treats and chews!

Quality gro oming an d self was service no h w availab le!

$5 OFF Groom Cats & Dogs $3 OFF Bath Includes Self Wash New clients only. Expires 9/30/11.

ASK SHERM What Should I do if I Get Involved in an Auto Accident? By Sherm With more distracted and frustrated drivers on crowded roads and freeways, auto accidents continue to pile up at a staggering rate. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2008, there were over 10.2 million auto accidents in the United States with over 2.3 million people injured and over 39,000 people killed. The financial cost of these crashes was more than $230 billion. At Sherm’s Gold River Auto Repair, we strongly urge everyone to buckle up, obey all traffic laws and drive safe, sober, serene and free of distractions. The best way to handle an auto accident in the future is to be completely prepared today. Here are a few simple tips to help you be prepared in the event that you are involved in an auto accident. #1 Be Prepared Beforehand: Make sure you have the following items with you while driving: Your drivers license, your insurance ID card, your vehicle registration, emergency contacts, medical cards, flashlight, flares, first-aid kit, cell phone, tape recorder and a disposable camera, just to name a few. Better yet, stop by at Sherm’s today for a free auto accident survival kit, which lists everything you need to be prepared for an auto accident. This handy kit is always in your car and it fits neatly in your glove box!

#2 Stay Calm: The scene of an accident can quickly unravel and turn into a very dangerous situation if one or more of the parties involved loses their temper. Whatever happens, stay calm so you can think clearly and create a peaceful and cooperative environment. Do not panic, do not admit fault and cooperate with everyone involved, including the police. #3 Take Safety Measures: Stop your vehicle and move it and everyone involved to a safe nearby location. Check to see if anyone has been injured, call the police and call 911 if you think anyone needs medical assistance. Do not move people who are seriously injured and never leave the scene of the accident. #4 Collect Information: Exchange contact information with everyone involved (including witnesses). Obtain their full name, street address, email address and all phone numbers. Get the year, make and model of the other car involved in the accident along with the license plate number, insurance carrier and insurance policy number. If a police officer is present, get their name, phone number and police report number. #5 Document the Accident: Take photos of the damage to your vehicle, the other vehicles involved and the accident scene.

Use a tape recorder to describe the scene and get statements from everyone involved. Q: Why should I contact Sherm’s Gold River Auto Body before I get into an auto accident? A: Because Sherm’s Gold River Auto Body is a staunch consumer advocate, which means they want you to know all your rights as a consumer. The average person gets into an auto accident once every seven years, so it’s safe to say that most people are not aware of all their rights. After you’ve been in an accident, it can be a horrific moment and you may not be thinking clearly. The professionals at Sherm’s handle these situations on a daily basis and they want all their customers to have access to every piece of information that’s available so they can make the best choices. Stop by today for your free auto accident survival kit and tell them Sherm sent you! Editor’s notes: Alan Sherman is the owner of Sherm’s Gold River Auto Body in Rancho Cordova and their phone number is (916) 631-1444.

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Celebrate Our Freedom! By Bob Cox From the birth of our great nation, American’s have been willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the opportunity to enjoy a simple but fundamental expression of one basic individual human right: freedom. Freedom is at the core of everything we stand for, commencing with the famous line in The United States Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776), We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Nearly a century later, a message was delivered by our 16th president in a small town on a crisp autumn day in Pennsylvania: Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. On November 19, 1863 Abraham Lincoln would finish his famous speech on the battleground of Gettysburg by stating: It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us — that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion -- that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

The advancement of freedom continued on when a young African American pastor from Atlanta, Georgia lead The Great March on Washington while addressing a crowd of over 200,000 freedom starved people upon the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. On August 28, 1963 Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream, which he shared in hopes of uniting a divided nation: I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood. I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice. I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. As we’re about to celebrate America’s 235th birthday and I soak in those inspiring words of wisdom, tears of gratitude pour from my eyes as I realize the depth of my gratitude for all our nation’s liberating leaders as well as the millions of other anonymous Americans who had the courage to uphold and preserve our democracy. Without their deeds and personal sacrifices, I might not have the freedom to express these feelings with you this morning. Like Dr. King, I too have a dream, which is to motivate and inspire everyone I can to embrace our freedom, to realize our limitless potential, discover and pursue our passions and live life to the fullest. Life is too short to settle for less, so live your dream and not someone else’s. Happy birthday America! Bob Cox is the founder and publisher of Go For It Magazine. He can be reached by phone at (916) 266-3115. His email address is Go For It Magazine is owned and operated in Rancho Cordova, CA. Copyright © 2011.

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Go For It Magazine Reaches Our Best Potential Customers! Go For It Magazine has worked remarkably well for my business! Since we only work on one type of car: BMW’s, reaching our target audience has been extremely difficult. We have been in business for five years now and have done just about every form of advertising including TV, yellow pages, etc., and the single best media that we have used so far has been Go For It Magazine. It’s a surprise too; because it’s not geared toward any particular type of car, but it just seems to reach our audience and we get a tremendous amount of business from Go For It. It really is absolutely remarkable. By the way, I don’t want to change the ad because it’s working too well (laughing)! —Walter Ford, Owner Valley Motorwerks 11401 White Rock Rd. Rancho Cordova, CA 916-636-9526

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The Facelift’s many possibilities: Is one for you? Have you been considering a facelift to reverse some of those inevitable signs of aging? If so, you should first have a clear idea of exactly what a facelift can do – and what it cannot do. A good understanding of the procedure and honest communications with your surgeon regarding your expectations are important steps that will help make the most of the possibilities for you. Wrinkles in the forehead area, crow’s feet and smile lines, bags under the eyes, and sagging skin in the jowl area are unavoidable as we age. A facelift can help – to a point. But other procedures may need to be done in conjunction with a facelift to achieve the best results. Before deciding what’s best for you, discuss your concerns and desires with your facial plastic surgeon. Listen carefully, take notes and ask lots of questions to be sure you understand what the surgeon is proposing. In a way, the facelift is misnamed: although the incisions for a facelift extend up into the hairline, it does virtually nothing to correct the signs of aging in the upper part of the face. What it does do is provide an overall lift – a fresher, more rested appearance that can take years off your age. It particularly affects the lower third of the face – a facelift can refine the jaw line and eliminate loose skin in the jowl and the neck areas. It will not however, eliminate forehead wrinkles, bags under the eyes or crow’s feet. Problems in some of these other areas often can be treated at the same time the facelift is performed. Wrinkles in the forehead area, fallen

brows for example, may be corrected with a brow or forehead lift. Eyelid surgery can be done to correct overhanging upper lids or bags under the eyes. Liposuction is performed in conjunction with many facelift procedures to remove excess deposits of fat beneath the skin. Chemical peeling or laser skin resurfacing can provide a “finishing touch” after a facelift by eliminating the surface of wrinkles and refining the overall texture of your skin. Your facial plastic surgeon will want to do a thorough evaluation of your facial features, skin quality and the severity of the problem. Then, the two of you should work together to develop an appropriate treatment plan. It is important to remember that such factors as your bone structure, ability to heal, age, physical condition and skin texture can affect your final result. Your facial plastic surgeon has the experience and training to determine what facial plastic surgery can accomplish in your individual case and what procedures are needed to achieve the look you want.

• Rhinoplasty (Nose)

Andrew G. Pichler, M.D., F.A.C.S. Certified, American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

• Chin/Cheek Implants

Specializing in Facial Surgery Since 1972

• Otoplasty (Ears) • Face Lifts • Eyelid Tucks • Botox, Dysport • Forehead Lines/Brow Lift • Restylane/Radiesse (Fillers)


Consultation A $65 Value Not valid with any other offer. Expires 8/31/11.

• Lip Enhancement Fanancing Available O.A.C.

• Laser Skin Resurfacing • Perlane (Fillers)

Greenback Ln. Mercy San Juan Hospital


Coyle Ave.

Dewey Dr.

(916) 965-3223 (FACE)

• Glycolic/Blue Peels

Hwy 80

6633 Coyle Ave., Ste 2, Carmichael, CA

Madison Ave.

Monday-Thursday: 9-4 • Friday: 9-1

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Healthy, Organic & Delicious Cynthia Elliott Introduces Cynthia Cooks Products to Sacramento By Bob Cox how amazingly delicious it was. As I tried When I was a fat little dough ball of more and more organic food, that same a kid, my dad and I where born again experience repeated itself again and again. junk food junkies as we bonded under the Not only was organic food more delicious, golden arches and dined like royalty with I discovered another wonderful benefit; I the king of burgers. When it came to the could eat the same amount of food and feel subject of eating nutritious food, dad and more full, satisfied and energized. I laughed at the people we described as I got the chance to meet one of the health nuts that were leading the organic leaders in the local health food industry diet movement during the 1960’s and Cynthia Elliott, who is the co-owner of 1970’s. Our favorite target was Euell Elliott’s Natural Foods on El Camino Ave. in Gibbons, who appeared on a television Sacramento. Cynthia has some very exciting commercial for Post Grape-Nuts cereal in the 1970’s. Euell delivered this memorable Meet the Elliott family: From left to right: Grayson, Cynthia, news as she is now rolling out a brand new line of healthy foods, snacks and treats that quote “Ever eat a pine tree? Many parts Granger and Amber. are as the headline says, “Healthy, Organic are edible.” Dad and I weren’t the only & Delicious!” After trying one of her tasty organic strawberry ones laughing at poor Euell’s expense as Johnny Carson performed muffins that was hot out of the oven, my taste buds had an out of a skit by dressing up like Euell, only to have a long string of blooper body experience! Here’s how our conversation went. moments while attempting to deliver that famous line with his trademark stoic expression. Time after time, Carson would burst Q: How did Elliott’s Natural Foods get started? out with laughter along with his trusty sidekick, Ed McMahon. A: Walker and Georgana Elliott started the first store in As I’ve gotten older and a little bit wiser, I’ve realized that the 1952. They had already been practicing eating healthy and they people who were eating organic food back in the day should’ve both wanted to start something unique and worthwhile for the been laughing at the rest of us junk food junkies. Why? Because Sacramento community. We have been here ever since, creating their food was not only nutritious and healthy, it was packed with long and helpful relationships with loyal customers and making great flavor! I had lived the bulk of my life under the misguided stories of our own. Our corporate name is Forerunners which I feel illusion that organic and healthy food had to either taste terrible is fitting because Walker and Georgana helped lead the way in a or be bland and flavorless. When I had my first bite of something completely new culture of being healthy. organic, which happened to be a carrot, I was shocked to discover Q: Can you give us an update on the Elliott family? A: Walker passed away about 13 years ago at the age of 89, but Georgana is still with us and she is 92. We’ve started the kitchen here, and my husband is becoming more relaxed with our children slowly managing the store. Our daughter, Amber, has been improving the front of the store with creative marketing and bringing in fun new products while our son, Grayson, works in the office and mainly focuses on bookkeeping and paperwork. Q: Did you marry into the family? A: Yes, I married Granger 29 years ago when I swept him off his feet!  Q: My wife Diana has met Granger and she said he was a very knowledgeable and super great guy. A: He really is. He has a great understanding of our products and nutritional value with a fun sense of humor. 

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Q: What’s your role with Elliott’s right now? A: I have always loved cooking, so I had always planned on doing some kind of a business with my cooking. I started here because we already have customers who are interested in eating healthy. It made more sense to work on a lot of the recipes that we’re used to eating and being creative with local seasonal food. Q: And hopefully tasty too! A: I’m not an advocate of cooking strange brews together just because it’s good for you; my recipes are fun and creative while still holding a great nutritional value and taste. It always has to be tasty!

been making for years. We get a lot of comments on our specific products and if something is off one day, they’ll tell us about it, which I appreciate. We are keeping communication with our customers and that’s positive. Q: Is there anything else that you’d like to say about Cynthia Cooks products? A: It tastes really good! Q: Well, that’s important! A: I’m all about the flavor.   We kind of missed our spring, but we still have great Meyer lemons, asparagus, artichokes and great spring produce. We’re coming into summer and I can’t wait to get some tomatoes and bring in a bigger variety of cultural flavors.

Q: And how are you accomplishing Cynthia Cooks organic treats are prepared fresh daily and are only Q: Organic and healthy food is this right now? often falsely perceived as bland and A: I am the Chef in our new available at Elliott’s on El Camino Ave. flavorless, which is completely false. commercial kitchen in the back of the Have you met a lot of people who have that misconception?   store. We have been cooking since January, so we are in our sixth A: Yes, I have. Fortunately, it’s not true and we’re finding more month now and this is a big step that we are really excited about. and more organic food in restaurants and farmers markets. When We work with local, organic and seasonal food to go. someone takes a bite out of one of our products they need to feel they made the right decision and we can give that to them with Q: Are you’re packaging and selling Cynthia Cooks great tasting fresh and organic ingredients. products exclusively here at Elliott’s Natural Foods at the El Camino Avenue location? Q: It’s great that you are there spearheading the A: Yes, this is beginning of our project at our original store. movement to make organic foods more available. A: Thank you. Organic food is still a bit pricier because of Q: Do you have a large variety of packaged goods that are currently available to the public? Continued on page 10  A: We carry many different types of sandwiches and salads each day and our Seasonal Quiche, which is asparagus right now. Each morning we juice and make a delicious Orange Carrot drink that my son loves. We’re also fermenting Kim Chi and Sauerkraut, which is pretty exciting; they help keep good bacteria inside of us. There are many baked goods available, including our delicious Gluten-Free Brownies.   Q: Are you planning to distribute Cynthia Cooks products beyond your store? A: Possibly, but right now we are focusing on perfecting what we have. There are many different diets, such as gluten free, dairy free, and vegan, and I want to make sure we have options available for everyone before expanding outside of the store. Q: Has this enterprise met your expectations so far?   A: It has. We are getting a lot of great feedback! Customers place large orders for our Carrot Raisin Pumpkin Muffins that we’ve

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Cynthia Elliott Interview Continued from page 9

L u n c h i s r e a dy

organic • local • seasonal • to go

Egg Salad Sandwich 5.25 Tuna Sandwich 5.25 Club Sandwich 5.95 Brown Rice & Asparagus Salad 4.95 Grilled Beets 5.00 Asparagus Quiche 4.75 Housemade Kimchi 6.00 Black Bean Chipotle Garden Burger 5.50 Broccoli Salad 5.00 Indian Spiced Sauerkraut 5.00

Date Bars 3.00 Straberries w/Rose Petals 3.50 Fresh Pressed Carrot–Orange Juice 8 oz: 2.50 16 oz: 4.95 123 Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies 2.50 Butterscotch Bars 2.00 Pumpkin Carrot Muffins 2.50 Strawberry Muffins 3.50 Cardamon Angel Food Slice 3.00 Springerle Cookies (large) 3.75

The CynthiaCooks Kitchen bakes Monday–Friday. The kitchen makes efforts to reduce negative impact on the environment by purchasing ingredients that are organic and seasonal from local farms and sustainable producers who nurture the soil. This kitchen does not support GMO produced food. All products are cooked with filtered water. Menu items are packaged in sustainable, bio-based products manufactured from renewable resources.

“Thank you for supporting organic food.” — Chef Cynthia Elliott

Available only at Elliott’s Sacramento 3347 El Camino Ave. • 916-481-3173

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the farming process and it deters people from buying good ingredients. My goal is to create a place in our store where people can come in and buy great tasting ingredients and recipes made from sustainable farming while not breaking the bank. Q: And the health benefits of eating organic are obvious. A: Who needs pesticides on their food? No one does! Q: Those pesticides don’t very taste good either, do they? A: No, and a lot of people that shop in here have health issues. Some people have great problems with pesticides and some people who are trying to heal need proper food.  Q: Are there any specific products that people can find here that they can’t find anywhere else? A: My daughter and our manager do an excellent job in bringing to the store new and hard to find products. We always have a selection of Swedish Bitters and Aloe Vera Juice available, Dr. Oz suggested items are on our shelves, and we’ve always had Kombucha on our shelves since its popularity struck. Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add? A: Come visit us and bring your appetite! Editor’s notes: For more information about Cynthia Cooks products or Elliott’s Natural Foods, feel free to stop by their store. They are open seven days a week. Elliott’s Natural Foods is located at 3347 El Camino Avenue in Sacramento and their phone number is (916) 481-3173.

Getting “IT” in Gear! We are now halfway through the year. Some of us are well into achieving our 2011 resolutions. Others have misplaced that slip of paper and that train of thought and won’t be thinking about them again until January 2012. It’s not too late! Here’s a jumpstart checklist to get back on track: 1) DECIDE what “IT” is... Getting fit? Getting a handle on your personal or business finances? Getting more involved in the community? Spending more time with family and friends? If the list is long, prioritize the list based on What’s in “IT” for me? 2) Be SPECIFIC. Define what fitness, finances, involvement, family time are. How much? How often? By when? 3) Create a PLAN. What steps can you take to achieve your goals? NOTE: Check out the calendar** at Carmichael for local resources and events for ALL of the above. 4) Take ACTION. DO something every day. Allocate at least 15 minutes a day. Doesn’t have to be a lot. Doesn’t have to be for everything. Make a phone call, ask for advice, read a book, search the internet. 5) Check off your RESULTS. Once a month check off your accomplishments. It works even better if you use the “buddy system” for accountability, encouragement, and ideas. Now, just do IT! **Calendar brought to you by:

*Visit for links, resources and Bob’s bio.

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The Smarter Way to Shop for Flooring Meet Lynn Lawson, the Bargain Floor Hunter By Bob Cox

Q: What is the difference between engineered wood and laminate wood? A: Engineered wood is real wood on top of several pieces of plywood. It usually comes prefinished with an aluminum oxide finish which makes it much harder to scratch. Laminate is actually a piece of wood made with a solid core and a picture of wood with a plastic aluminum oxide coating on the top. They are much like the Formica countertops that are used in the kitchen, except they make it look like wood.

Q: Can engineered flooring be sanded and refinished? A: With most of your prefinished floors, the finishes are baked on and are a lot harder than they used to be. They’re also harder to get off. Most of the styles of engineered wood have a lot of texture to them. There are a lot of hand-scraped floors and a lot of floors with bevels. Sanding them would totally change the look of the wood. They can be re-sanded if the surface of wood on the top layer is thick enough to do so, but with the textured styles, we would probably screen them and recoat them to keep the floor looking the same as it was when it was installed. Q: Are there other flooring options that look like wood? A: Yes, there is laminate, which is wood that has plastic on the top and is installed over a pad and is considered floating floor. There are also several kinds of vinyl planks that can be installed over existing floors without pads or anything else underneath them. You also have the choice of several sheet vinyls’ that look just like wood floors when they are installed. Q: Since laminate has a plastic coating on top, can it get wet without being damaged? A: Yes, it can get wet but with any type of flooring you have, you don’t want a large amount of water sitting on it. If you spill water on laminate, it’s not going to hurt it because it’s plastic. If you spill water on real wood, eventually the finish is going to be affected. The boards can warp too, creating even more problems. On any floor whether it is laminate or wood, you should never leave large amounts of water just sitting

on the surface. Wipe any spills up as soon as you can to prevent issues with the floors. Q: What questions do you typically ask your clients who are shopping for hardwood floors? A: Well one of the first things that I ask is what kind of décor they have in their home. Do they want a hand scraped or smooth look? Do they prefer wide planks or narrow planks? What area of the house are they doing? What color do they want? What are their family dynamics? There are lots of ways to narrow down what someone wants and needs, and knowing a few things ahead of time helps the process go smoothly. I’ve got samples of just about everything, but I like to ask people questions and try and narrow down the field because it’s really overwhelming to the consumer. It’s easy for people to really get overwhelmed with the amount of samples, but I can narrow down the field and prevent my clients from feeling that way by just asking a few questions. Editor’s notes: Lynn Lawson is the owner of Ralph Opfer Floors in Sacramento. Their showroom is located at 10265 Old Placerville Road, #14 and their phone number is (916) 366-1672. You can also visit them on the web at for more information.

We’ll go the extra mile to find the perfect flooring at the best price!

License # 757522


Bottle of Bona Floor Cleaner When you bring this ad No Purchase Necessary

We’re off the beaten path but worth the search!

40% OFF

Hwy 50

Old Placerville Rd.


Mather Field Rd.

10265 Old Placerville Rd., #14 Sacramento, CA 95827 (916) 366-1672 (916) 870-0270

Systems Pwy.

Q: Lynn, can you tell us a little about the different types of hardwood that’s available? A: Basically you have solid wood and engineered wood. Solid is usually 3/4” thick and is a solid piece of wood. Engineered wood is a layer of real wood on top of several layers of plywood and comes in many thicknesses. They both look the same after they are installed. The difference really is the fact that the engineered can be nailed down, glued down or floated on a concrete or wood sub floor. Solid wood should be installed by being nailed down to a wood subfloor, it is not really recommended to glue solid to concrete. Both kinds of floors can be refinished if need be.

They can add more dimension and texture to the top to make it look like real wood.

Routier Rd.

With all the flooring stores in the greater Sacramento area (73 on how does a buyer make a sensible decision on which store to visit? Do you shop online, go to the store nearest you or ask around for a referral? The traditional way to shop for flooring is to either go to a retail store and view a multitude of options or allow a sales rep to bring the multitudes to you. Both these methods are fine, but they can be quite time consuming and a bit overwhelming. Studies have shown that if the average consumer has more than three options, they often have great difficulty in making a decision. What if there was a better option that could potentially help you avoid hours of frustration hunting for the perfect floor while also potentially saving you hundreds of dollars off your total bill? How sweet would that be? Meet Lynn Lawson, the owner of Ralph Opfer Floors and The Bargain Floor Hunter Extraordinaire. What Lynn does is very simple but extremely invaluable to her clients. She takes her time to really get to know her clients needs, and then she invests her time (not her clients) by searching through her vast arsenal of resources to track down and capture the perfect floor that fits her client’s budget. I spoke to Lynn the other day about the wide variety of flooring that’s available, with one of the most popular options being in the hardwood flooring category. Here’s how our conversation went.


7/16 Red Oak Engineered Floor


Self Locking Like Laminate

with purchase of 500 Sq. Ft. or more of hardwood or Laminate.

(Limited to stock on hand

Reg $2.99 — Now $ Plus Tax.


(Limited to stock on hand) July 2011 GO FOR IT 15

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Go For It - July 2011 - Fair Oaks  
Go For It - July 2011 - Fair Oaks  

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