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Ask Les Q: How do you know when to change your battery? A; When your car demonstrates slow starting, slow cranking or if you have to jump start your battery when nothing has been left on, you may need to replace your battery. If none of these signs exist, check the age of the battery. If it’s over five years old, it should be checked. Q: What does an alignment do for your vehicle? A: Alignment brings adjustable angles into spec to eliminate irregular and premature tire wear. It will also allow your vehicle to track straight when driving and improve gas mileage. Q: What are the advantages of replacing struts and shocks? A: Improved handling characteristics, improved tire wear and improved braking.

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A Conversation with My Ego By Bob Cox I’m currently savoring a book that was given to me for my birthday by my son Bobby earlier this month. It’s titled “A New Earth,” and the author (Eckhart Tolle) made a few astute observations regarding the role of the ego that I happen to agree with. In a nutshell, Tolle asserts that many of us spend the majority of our time either reflecting upon the past or looking towards the future, lost in a sea of thoughts while seldom being engaged fully in the present. Tolle also contends that we are greater than the sum total of our thoughts and experiences. He believes that once we’re aware of the ego, it is easy to identify when we’re caught up in all it’s glorious madness, because it has an insatiable appetite for wanting more from external sources and that it’s never satisfied for long. While I’m no authority on the subject, I can speak for myself and have found this to be the case in my life as I’ve struggled for years to break free from an infinite number of self-limiting thoughts. A few days ago, I checked out my Facebook page and noticed that Bobby was passionately sharing his own thoughts on the subject of this book that’s he’s also currently reading. Unfortunately, he crossed over to the dark side while ranting about all the ways his ego inspired thoughts have sabotaged his own self-esteem and sense of well being. While I understood that frustration and agreed with

many of his viewpoints, I encouraged my son to also see the positive function of the ego as well, which is to keep him safe and secure. I explained my own observations like this: If the primary function of the ego is to protect and ensure your survival, make sure you tell your ego that’s it’s done a great job, especially without any help from your true authentic self. So far in your young life, you’ve been trapped in a continuous stream of thoughts that have manufactured an endless supply of fears and concerns; a few which may actually be valid. Go on to explain to your ego that you have finally broken free from some of the mind traps that have pulled you out of the present and you’re ready to take charge of your life. Quietly observe each thought and concern that enters and departs your mind that is being expressed by your ego and then assure it that you are now committed to becoming a handson owner. Your ego won’t have to continue the struggle of managing “the shop” in your absence. You are now fully committed to helping it solve its single greatest concern. As Diana and I sorted out and resolved some minor grievances early this morning, a rare moment of illumination hit me as I shared this experience with her. I realized that I needed to take my own advice by asking my poor overworked ego what I could do to take some of the load off. The primary concern of my ego became very clear in that instant and it was an ongoing issue I’ve grappled with for years: the fear of potentially losing my business, having to start over and take on the great unknown. Almost as quickly as problem number one revealed itself, this answer followed with effortless ease: Let go of all the fearful thoughts and feelings, embrace the present and find joy in helping as many of your clients improve their lives in any way you can. Learn from Diana’s example by experiencing the simple joy of living in the moment. After several weeks of pounding the pavement and failing to find a client who wanted to be on the cover, I decided to send out an email blast the previous night to my clients in a last ditch effort. A few minutes after our conversation, one of my newest clients that I thoroughly enjoy working with, John McCain of Premiere Nutrition called and reserved the front cover for this month! Even more amazing; John chose to join a business that helps people like me who want to lose weight, gain energy and feel as good as possible. With that said, I’m super excited to help John promote his business while he helps me get back on the road to enjoying a lighter, healthier and happier life. Once I finally confronted my worst fear and then chose a viable solution, the fear quickly dissolved and everything fell seamlessly into place. As a matter of fact, it was a good thing John called me early because I got two more calls from clients who wanted to book the same cover! Bob Cox is the founder and publisher of Go For It Magazine. He can be reached by phone at (916) 266-3115. His email address is Go For It Magazine is owned and operated in Rancho Cordova, CA. Copyright © 2013.

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The Outlet of Love By Monica Ortiz

Love is in the air and we love our customers, friends and family. If you have plans to surprise your loved ones with flowers or a plant, we’re your destinations of choice. We’ll be offering a great assortment of cut flowers and plants to fit everyone’s budget. Here are some of the bouquets we’ll have to offer this year: Dozen Roses $17.99, Hand Tied Bouquet (22 stems) $18.99, Winter Romance Bouquet $12.99, Into My Heart Bouquet $7.99. We will also carry a wide variety of potted plants starting at $2.99, all perfect for teachers, friends, office personnel and more. Boxed Chocolates, truffles and school trading cards plus candy are also available. Surprise someone this Valentine’s Day and brighten up their day, see her/ him smile and cherish the moment! We wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at your Rancho Cordova Grocery Outlet.


Mylar Valentine Balloon with the purchase of any cut flower bouquet. Up to $1.99 value, one free balloon per coupon, per person. Effective from 2/12 to 2/14, 2013. Offer good only at the Rancho Cordova location.

2801 Zinfandel Drive Rancho Cordova, CA (916) 858-2801 Mon–Sat: 8am–9pm • Sun: 8am–7pm

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• Rhinoplasty (Nose)

Andrew G. Pichler, M.D., F.A.C.S. Certified, American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

• Chin/Cheek Implants

Specializing in Facial Surgery Since 1972

• Otoplasty (Ears) • Face Lifts • Eyelid Tucks • Botox, Dysport • Forehead Lines/Brow Lift • Restylane/Radiesse (Fillers)


Consultation A $65 Value Not valid with any other offer. Expires 3/31/13.

• Lip Enhancement Fanancing Available O.A.C.

• Laser Skin Resurfacing • Perlane (Fillers)

Greenback Ln. Mercy San Juan Hospital


Coyle Ave.

Dewey Dr.

(916) 965-3223 (FACE)

• Glycolic/Blue Peels

Hwy 80

6633 Coyle Ave., Ste 2, Carmichael, CA

Madison Ave.

Monday-Thursday: 9-4 • Friday: 9-1

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The Gift of Love By Jim Gould To celebrate life’s greatest gift — the Gift of Love — that we joyfully commemorate on Valentine’s Day, I invite you to treat all of the women in your life to a wonderfully thorough and relaxing massage; whether they are your wife or girl friend, your mother, your sister, your daughter, or maybe even you. My wish is for every woman to be a valentine — especially her own — giving herself the gift of love too. I’ve discovered that sometimes something as simple as a fall playing soccer or as complicated as giving birth to a child, can create a hip or sacrum imbalance that over time can result in chronic shoulder and neck pain as the body tries again and again to compensate. My three to six hour nurturing massage for women allows enough time to work the whole body and help release not only the original trauma and emotions, but also the adaptations the body has attempted to compensate — allowing it to achieve its goal and gently release back into balance — synergistically all at the same time. Please check out my video “releasing pain from trauma” on my Facebook page “nurturing massage for women” as well as wonderful testimonials on my website Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!! Editor’s notes: Jim Gould is a certified massage therapist located inside Salon’s Within on 7411 C Winding Way in Fair Oaks, CA. He can be reached by phone (916) 612-9157 or email at jimgouldcmt@

William Charles Salon

100 OFF


Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment

Reg $250, Now $150

Average length hair. Prices may vary. With Rain Wightman. For new clients only. Expires 3/31/13.

30% OFF

All Moroccanoil Products During the Month of February

Old Winding Way

Wa y


Fair Oaks Blvd.


Sunrise Blvd.

(916) 241-9061

Wi nd

Fair Oaks Blvd.

10351 Fair Oaks Blvd. Fair Oaks, CA 95628

Fair Oaks Blvd.

Check us out on Facebook

You’ll love the way you look & feel in our warm and friendly salon. 8 GO FOR IT February 2013

We proudly carry: • Moroccan Oil • Kevin Murphy • Sojourn • Pharmaceutical Grade Skin Care line “Image”

Including New Volumizing Mousse from Moroccanoil and Special Edition 16.9 oz. Moisture Repair Shampoo or Conditioner.

WARNING: THIS PRODUCT CAN LEAD TO... TOOTH LOSS AND PERIODONTAL DISEASE. By Dr. Andrade & Dr. Montalvo That’s the sign I recently saw at my local convenience store counter. It was written on a really colorful and stylish banner for cigarettes. That got us thinking about one of the most common diseases affecting Americans today: Periodontal (Gum) Disease. It’s a disease affecting 47.2% of

Americans. That’s according to a 2009-2010 CDC report titled “Prevalence of Periodontitis in Adults in the United States”. That’s almost half of the population! Among our patients who smoke, smoking has contributed to partial or complete tooth loss. Many of these patients remember

their parents and family members losing all their teeth and having dentures. Many still believe that having dentures is a normal part of getting older. This is no longer the case. With the proper care we can help everyone maintain a healthy beautiful smile for a lifetime. If you are a smoker and haven’t seen a dentist in a while, come in for an exam and cleaning. We can help you keep your smile healthy and bright.

Dynamic Dental Caring Dentistry For The Entire Family

(916) 368-2500

9833 Horn Road Sacramento, CA 95827 (Located in the Old Mills Winery Business Park) Dynamic Dental is in network with nearly all PPO insurance plans. Call us for more information. Dr. Andrade and Dr. Montalvo with son Noah and daughter Ella Luz.

Mon-Thur: 8am-5pm, Fri: 8am-12pm Sat: By appointment only.

New Patient Special




Reg. $230

Exam, X-Rays & Basic Cleaning Not valid with any other offer. Expires 3/31/13.

Teeth Whitening

1/2 OFF

Not valid with any other offer. Expires 3/31/13. February February2013 2013 GO GO FOR FOR IT IT 9

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Take the “Terror out of the Tech” Exciting announcement for 2013! Because many of my contacts have expressed frustration that: 1. Technology is changing SO FAST I can’t keep up 2. There is SO MUCH information out there, I don’t know where to begin 3. I don’t have TIME to sift through all of my options and decide what will work best for me 4. ALL of the above (or some combination thereof) We are pleased to announce the formation of the NEW:

TECH CONNECTIVE MEET-UP GROUP  Toastmasters** has successfully taken the “terror out of the talk” for thousands of members world-wide for the past 80 years. The goal of these meet-ups is to take the “terror out of the tech”. We will follow many of the best practices of Toastmasters including: 1. All levels of experience are welcome - the best place to start is from where you are...   2. All attendees will have a chance to participate - this will NOT be a lecture where a few people present: we hope to hear from everyone with tips, success stories, lessons learned and more! 3. These meet-ups will be FUN - Our motto is “Hi-Tech Solutions ~ Hi-Touch Strategies ~ Hi-Five Results!” NOTE: Technology is a solution but needs to be people-focused and results-oriented. (Sounds FUN, right?) We are starting in Rancho Cordova but have people interested in starting groups in Folsom, Carmichael and Elk Grove. We also plan to supplement meetups with on-line webinars, articles, and local resources for all things “techy”. So if you feel overwhelmed by the mountain of information, are a bit curious about what others are doing, or are just looking for a new way to network and learn a few new things, please check us out and learn more at Our other motto is:

TECH CONNECTIVE MEET-UPS Second Tuesdays of each month Next meeting is Feb. 12 from 11:30 am to 1 pm (registration at 11) National University (the NEW campus) 10901 Gold Center Drive Rancho Cordova, CA your first meeting is FREE! For more information visit

Bright Ideas... Brilliant Results! **I was a Toastmaster for almost 8 years and I cannot begin to tell you how much it has helped me with my confidence, communication skills, creativity, and subsequently, my business. If you would like to improve your speaking skills AND have FUN doing it, please find a local chapter in and pay them a visit... (Tell them Bob sent you!).

For details about these events and more visit You can also learn more about these organizations that we are proud to work with:

*Visit for Bob’s bio and past blogs. February February2013 2013 GO GO FOR FOR IT IT 11

Car Tech Talk

Same Job at Twice the Price, Value? By Walter Ford Recently, a customer had his 2000 540i in the shop for a window regulator. He’s recently married and has a baby on the way. Consequently, he had purchased an aftermarket regulator and had a person local to him install it. I did counsel him against the aftermarket regulator as we’ve seen them fail very regularly and will not use them at Valley Motorwerks. His regulator immediately acted strangely and whined badly, prompting a visit to us to install the correct part, well, correctly. What chaps my behind is that, in most cases, the customer was never made aware that the part was not original BMW. We got the door apart and the lack of quality was immediate and heartbreaking. After looking over the original invoice, it was clear that the other shop had installed it at the FULL retail BMW list price. We only have two cases where we installed the aftermarket unit. One was brought to us after an online purchase, the other; the customer demanded it due to the low price. Both failed within the week. As a matter of fact, the online regulator lasted about 2 blocks. I believe that this happens more often than not at non BMW specialists. They have little to no experience and only see dollar signs when a car rolls into their shop. The customer with the 540i needed some regular maintenance work on the intake seals etc. We wrote him a quote last year, but due to the reasons above held off. In the meantime, he had taken his car elsewhere to have the oil changed since we are far from

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his home. The “shop” saw the oil leak that we had diagnosed the previous year and wrote him an estimate. They were charging just about double, the difference was staggering. It was so much more that my friend thought that maybe WE had missed something so he emailed the quote to me. I asked Alex, our service writer, to go over the other estimate… almost line by line it was the same work we had recommended. When you perform this work, there are a few things you should do maintenance wise and it will save you money. It’s what we call crossover labor. The other “shop” listed everything out and in some cases double charged for labor. Additionally, the auxiliary water pump in the estimate was being sold for $1,000, double what we were charging. The attempted fleecing of my friend continued down the estimate line by line. Needless to say, after explaining this to him and going over the line items he could see what was going on. We have since performed the repairs, under budget and on time. Most shops dislike customers that shop around. I want my customers to look around if they feel that we are not being fair. However, I believe that my customers are treated fairly and given service that goes above and beyond. Editor’s notes: Walter Ford is the owner of Valley Motorwerks. He can be reached at his shop, which is located at 11401 White Rock Road in Rancho Cordova, CA. His phone number is (916) 6369526 and his website is

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Listen to the Music on By Bob Cox If you happen to have a broad range of musical tastes that go above and beyond what you will typically find on the radio dial, then I have great news for you! There is a new music network on the internet that features a fantastic selection of music and it is called has 18 unique stations. Each station features it’s own unique format, including Smooth Jazz, Classic 80’s Top 40, Reggae Explosion, The Latin Mix, Home Grown Soul, Gospel Express, The Blues and Conscious Vibes, just to name a few. For a complete list of music stations, as well as the best in comedy and talk shows, check out the bottom of this page. Better yet, visit their website right now at and start enjoying all the music you’ve been missing! The folks at have worked extremely hard to deliver a complete music experience for those

A: It’s very portable. You can listen to us on your mobile device, your smart phone and even your tablet. You can also listen to 1musicnetwork. com in your car, enjoy it on a picnic or plug it into a sound system in your living room. You don’t have to depend on traditional radio anymore to supply you with all your musical tastes. of us who crave variety. There is a cornucopia of beautiful music you simply will not find on the radio. I asked Don Alias, the C.E.O. of 1musicnetwork. com a few questions that I thought our readers might be curious about. Q: Is it true that a lot of the music you feature on 1musicnetwork. com cannot be found consistently on traditional (terrestrial) radio stations? A: That is correct. Our channels are 24/7, so they are constantly running. Traditionally, on terrestrial radio, you will get to hear blues on the weekend for two hours or Latin and salsa music for an hour. We give you a steady diet of the music you can enjoy for as long as you want.

Q: Do you have an app for those of us with smart phones? A: Yes, just download the Radio Loyalty App, scroll down the page, select your favorite station and enjoy! Q: What’s the cost for people to listen to A: There is no cost…it’s free! Editor’s notes: Don Alias is the C.E.O. of He can be reached by phone at (916) 8791939 or email at

Q: How portable is

1 music

Online Radio Revolution! • • • • •


• • • • •


• • • • •


• • • • •


1 m u s i c n e t w o r k . c o m 14 GO FOR IT February 2013

The Number 1 Valentine’s Gift By Annette Arent February is a wonderful time to give the present of a professionally cleaned home by E-Z Living Cleaning to your wife, mother or special someone. Roses are sweet and beautiful but a clean house will last a lot longer. Every woman’s dream is to come home to a beautiful clean house. We at E-Z Living Cleaning take a lot of pride

in our work and our goal is to make our clients so happy they will want to have us back time and time again. We provide many services (see ad below), so be sure to check out our website at for a complete list. If you like us on Facebook, you’ll receive an additional $20 off your first cleaning!

Residential • Commercial/Janitorial • Construction Clean-up Spring Cleanings • Garage Detailing • Room by Room Organization Move-in/Move-out Cleanings • Closet Cleaning • Windows & Screens Pet Poop Pick-up • More Like us on Facebook and get an extra $20 OFF your first cleaning!

FREE Estimates! No Contracts

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First Cleaning

E-Z Living Cleaning, LLC

Not Valid for Move-in or Move-out Cleanings. Expires 3/31/13.

8611 Folsom Blvd., Ste G Sacramento, CA 95826

(916) 381-5490 “We don’t cut corners, we clean them!”

The owners of E-Z Living Cleaning: Kristy Skondras and Annette Arent.

Discounts not available for move-outs*

Discounts for:

Military, Disabled & Seniors Every Day!

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