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Ask Dr. Denisse

Why would a dentist do Botox? Botox is not only used to reduce lines and wrinkles. It is the first and only medication used to prevent headaches and treat TMJ. One out of every 4 patients we see has TMJ problems. Most patients with TMJ grind their teeth at night subconsciously while they are sleeping and even more clench their teeth throughout the day. Heavy grinding and clenching affects the TMJ and causes muscle pain and aching around the face and head. Before Botox, the only treatment to help TMJ and muscle pain were splints and night-guards. If the pain worsened, the next option was surgery. But now with Botox, the muscles of the face can be treated in a quick appointment. The results I’ve seen are miraculous and have improved my patient’s quality of life. They are not waking up with headaches, not feeling tight around the face and are feeling relaxed and relieved. Dr. Denisse Dynamic Dental April April2014 2014 GO GO FOR FOR IT IT 3

The Golden Angel By Bob Cox

During my childhood and as a young adult, I wasted a lot of time and energy taking on every battle that came my way. Either I would confront the ‘wrongdoer’ that disrespected me by directly confronting them or indirectly confronting them by coming up with clever things I could have said or done long after the deed was done. As terrible as a given event might have been, the incessant thoughts of ‘What I could have done’ plagued me like a scratch that makes a record album skip. The after-effects of my chronic obsessions were usually ten times worse than the actual incident! As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned the value of serenity and choosing my battles carefully while at the same time being more considerate, thoughtful and courteous to others so I don’t inadvertently start a battle that everyone loses! If you truly want to make a positive difference in the world, the fine art of choosing your battles wisely is an important lesson to practice. Why, because we are all born with a limited amount of time, energy and resources. If you really want to affect a positive change in the world, choose

something you’re passionate about and then go for it. On the other hand, as powerful as this practice can be, there is an even greater lesson a rare few will learn. That is when the battle chooses you. Last month, the public was inundated with news about the tragic shooting death of Wendy Hall-Onkle, the founder of Alex Onkle Financial Support Foundation. When her sister Shauna received the news, she was devastated and heartbroken. Shauna and Wendy were extremely close and their bond was unbreakable. The love they felt for one another was enduring and unconditional. Shauna wondered to herself and aloud why such a senseless tragedy occurred. Then one day, while walking along the beach, a miracle happened…she got her answer. “Ever since my sister Wendy was murdered, I had been in a very dark spot and differing ranges of emotions poured through my being. I wasn’t able to get a really good grasp on things and was barely making it. Day to day, just getting out was a difficult struggle and last week, after another workday, I decided that I needed to get a little exercise. I had been immobile for a few weeks, which isn’t my normal behavior. Generally, I work out every day but I hadn’t been doing the things to take care of myself like normal. I told my son Zack I was going to take a walk along the beach because I just wanted to get some clarity and Wendy was definitely heavy on my mind as the sadness was pouring through me. As I was walking, the sky was blue above the ocean. When I got to the corner of the walkway, I smelled a distinct and heavy fragrance of jasmine and rosemary. As I turned around the corner, it was like I walked into another world as there was gold everywhere. The sky was gold, the water was gold; everything was gold. Even the window panes on people’s houses were reflecting gold. As I walked up towards the beach, I noticed it was just breathtaking – there were beams of light everywhere. I got this feeling as I was approaching it that I was literally being pulled towards it and felt my sister’s presence. At one point, I felt her son’s (Alex-who passed away) presence. All the sadness that I was carrying, which was a lot, had subsided and I had a great feeling of peace, happiness and complete contentment. People were standing around everywhere, taking pictures and talking about the heart-shaped opening in the clouds. I Continues on page 10

Bob Cox is the founder and publisher of Go For It Magazine. He can be reached by phone at (916) 266-3115. His email address is Go For It Magazine is owned and operated in Rancho Cordova, CA. Copyright © 2014. 4 GO FOR IT April 2014

A Reason to Smile

If you’re new to the area or have ever experienced an incomplete dental evaluation in the past, then today is the day to make a positive change. Trust your smile to the experienced care at Carmichael Oaks Dental Care! Our community is fortunate to have two exceptional dentists (Dr. Angel Soto and Dr. Carla Gutierrez) dedicated to providing the best that dentistry has to offer. Dr. Soto, Dr. Gutierrez and their friendly staff will provide you with a comfortable and relaxing dental experience. Many of their patients are referred by other happy patients, so they have every reason to be confident that you will be in good hands. If you’ve had a history of severe dental problems, Carmichael Oaks Dental Care can help. They have all the skill, experience and advanced technology to turn your smile into a masterpiece. Their services include beautiful crowns, natural colored fillings, cosmetic bondings, porcelain veneers, dentures, bridges, dental implants, CEREC® CAD/CAM restorations, teeth whitening and much more. The staff at Carmichael Oaks Dental not only cares about their patients, they also are doing their part for our planet and future generations by going green. They’ve made an investment to reduce their carbon footprint by purchasing digital x-rays and operating a paperless office. If you’re looking for a dental practice devoted to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of your smile using conservative, state-of-the-art procedures that will result in a beautiful, healthy and long lasting smile that you will be proud of, as well as a dental office that is sensitive and understanding to your needs, then Carmichael Oaks Dental is the place for you! April April2014 2014 GO GO FOR FOR IT IT 5

Community Events Sacramento Watercolor Artists Show & Reception April 1-19, view artist galleries Tuesday-Saturdays. Attend special 2nd Saturday party with food, drink and entertainment, April 12th, 5:30-8:30pm. All free, all at Sacramento Fine Arts Center, 5330 Gibbons Drive, Carmichael. Ideal outing for families!

I’m in Pain!!! Can Chiropractic Help Me?

Dr. Beth Blakely 3928 California Ave. (at Fair Oaks Blvd.) Carmichael, CA 95608


Treatment for Auto Accident Injuries: • Medicare Provider • Specializing in Difficult Cases • Affordable Care • New Patients Seen Same Day

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FREE Consultation Meet the Doctor!

Health Check

49 Reg. 279



Health Check Includes: Consultation, Exam, Functional Medicine Testing, Spinal X-rays If Necessary, Report of Findings. Expires 5/31/14.

Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11:00 am to 3:00pm. Families, schools and groups wecome. Docent tours available upon request. For more information go to Spring Break Baseball/Softball Camp Sunday, April 6, 9:00am Fair Oaks Park, Fair Oaks Perfect for the Spring Break or Ski Week holidays, the Hit & Run Baseball/ Softball camps offer beginner to intermediate players the opportunity to build a solid foundation in both baseball and softball. Individual instruction is given to both by college level players. Campers love this program because each day is filled with fundamental progression drills, easy to understand instruction, as well as games and competition. If you like baseball or softball you will love this camp! For more go to: ca/events/show/368872199-spring-break-baseballsoftball-camp#storylink=cpy. Kids Day in the Park Saturday, April 26, 11:00am-3:00pm — FREE Admission. Hagan Community Park, 2197 Chase Dr., Rancho Cordova Be part of the award-winning Kid’s Day in the Park! Registration is now open for exhibitors, sponsors and volunteers. It’s Kid’s Day’s 25th Birthday and you are invited to participate in our big birthday bash. Learn more about how you can participate in the Sacramento region’s largest free children’s event of its kind. Call (916) 273-5704.

for April Kids Art Festival Saturday, April 26th, 10:00am-3:00pm Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church, 11427 Fair Oaks Bl., Fair Oaks. The Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District in partnership with the San Juan Unified School District, the Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church and the Fair Oaks Library are happy to organize the 10th Annual “Kids Art Festival: Community Focus on the Arts.” This event will feature hands on workshops taught by professional artists and teachers (art, music, theatre and dance), performing art exhibits, music and dance performances, an art show and food vendors. For directions to the church call: 967-4784. For More info: kids-art-festival/.

Art: Buds, Blossoms, Blooms... There’s a story that begins with a women who lived alone in a dark and dingy house. A girl from down the street gives her a rose. She places the rose in a vase on her coffee table. It adds such a brightness that she removes all the magazines and clutter around it... Then she decides to dust for the first time in a long time. That prompted her to do more cleaning around the room, open the drapes and soon her house was cleaner, brighter and transformed from a house to a home. ART in our community has much the same affect. One singular addition of art can have a ripple effect that will transform a community from dark and dingy to bright and inviting. Learn how at various special events and receptions during April as Sac State College becomes the epicenter for art in Sacramento Art: A Community Art Exhibit. Events are FREE. Check online for a parking pass. Visit for details or scan our QR code at right. See you there!

lifornia Agent vided by Northern Ca Man” sculpture pro ed Claire Potter. ash d an nw y rai ller “B r Ga tte eth Po owners of Blue Moon r, we Featured artist Kenn Bre n Joh d an ate Carol for Kenneth Potter Est

Thanks to these organizations for their continuing support of the Arts in our community.

* Visit for Bob’s bio, past blogs, and to learn more about events & organizations.

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Living His Dream: Je By Bob Cox

A: I am not taking all the credit. God is with me and if it wasn’t for Him, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I think the only thing really stopping people is themselves, because to me there are no limits to what I can do. That is just what I think personally. If you want something, you can get it. I tell my kids anything that the mind can believe it can achieve.

When I came to this country, I was 23 years old and I just graduated from a university in Mexico. The way things are in Mexico is so different than here because down there you need money to get good jobs and since I came from a very poor family, it was very hard for me to find a good job. I never thought Q: Well, you definitely have the passion and that I was going to come here to be honest with you, spark that it takes to be successful in life. What but I did with the idea that coming to this country, motivated you to come to America and go for no matter what I was going to succeed. It was hard, your dream? but with God on my side, being persistent and knowA: To be honest with you, I wanted to do this and ing what I wanted in life helped make things easier. Jesus (Chewy) Chavez, owner. to give back to my family. Back then, I wasn’t marIt was just hard work and determination and over the ried. I was a single guy, but I knew that my mom and years I was able to accomplish the goals that I was my dad gave a lot to make me into the person that I am today and committed to accomplish… and here I am. To me, as a person I really owe it to them, so I just really wanted to do something for and human being, the most important thing in life is my family, them. Over the years I have been able to help out. my kids, my wife, and all I want to do is build them up, set them up, guide them, and have them be good and independent people Q: You’ve mentioned how grateful you are to be in in life. So far, it’s been working. I have 4 beautiful kids and they America because you’ve received so many blessings, but are studying to go to college. One of my girls is going to Sac State haven’t you also given a lot to be here today? and the other kids are going to High School. My family and busiA: Yes and if you give you will receive. Giving is a joy. Receivness are my life. — Jesus (Chewy) Chavez ing, I don’t even think about it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be money. It could be time; love and the intangible things that you Q: I really admire your courage and your drive. You came don’t see that at the end are the things that are worth the most. to this country without an understanding of the language When I was growing up, I was very insecure and I had a lot of fear. or knowing a single person over here. Where did you get the Why? I don’t know, but I realized I was very insecure and I have a courage to take that leap of faith and go for it? lot of fear in my soul and I didn’t want to be that person. I knew deep inside there was the Chewy getting ready to be set free and I worked a lot on setting myself free. I taught myself by reading a lot of books and good stories to motivate me and be the person I wanted to be. Being persistent, I was able to do that. The Chewy you see today is the Chewy that wanted to come out and live this wonderful life! Q: When you came here to United States you started as a dishwasher. Is that correct? A: Yeah and it was funny, because when I came to this country, I didn’t know anything about this life but for some reason I was able to get a job at Huey’s Diner. I started off doing dishes and don’t get me wrong, a job’s a job, but I thought I deserved better, so I did dishes at night and then got up early in the morning to go to school and over the years I was able to learn the language. I still have a strong accent but the main thing is to be able to communicate with people and I am able to do it. So I went to school

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esus (Chewy) Chavez and then from that point, I was able to get up to the position of assistant manager in one and a half years. It was because I knew what I wanted. It wasn’t easy, but I think knowing what you want is the most important thing in life. Q: Did you have any other experience in the restaurant industry before opening Chewy’s? A: Yes, and I feel extremely grateful to have managed the cafeteria at Campbell’s Soup for 8 years and continue to work with Sutter Physicians Services. I run the whole cafeteria on their premises and so far it’s been great.

Chewy’s was remodeled to add beauty and comfort.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your restaurant and what makes it so special? A: Our food is fresh, just like homemade. When you come in to Chewy’s, we’re going to treat you with respect and do everything possible to make a nice dining experience. I just want people to know that we’re here and we would appreciate their business. I am 100% sure that every time my customers come, they will get the best customer service they can get anywhere. I want to make a difference. Q: Your vision is to serve great tasting Mexican and American food. How did you come up with this idea? A: Since I’ve been in the food industry for a long time running cafeterias, deep inside I wanted to be open to the public and at the same time I wanted to be different from everybody else. When I came up with the idea of offering both American and Mexican food, I wanted my customers to have more options.

Q: I love your barbeque bacon cheeseburgers! What’s your secret to making such tasty hamburgers? A: We use real Angus beef, our ingredients are all fresh and our buns are baked locally every day. As far as the sandwiches and hamburgers I offer, my customers have the option to choose whole wheat hamburger buns. When people walk into the restaurant, the first thing they will see is the tortilla press and if they want a burrito, as soon they come up to the register, we make the tortilla fresh. It’s something that many of our new customers have never seen before, so it’s pretty cool.

Q: You have a really beautiful dining area and it’s very comfortable too. I really like the booths. Did you remodel before opening? A: Yes. I just wanted a nice and clean place for my customers. So far, I have been getting many compliments. Q: How did you get the nickname Chewy? A: Well, the nickname is something I was born with. Most of the people in Mexico with the name Jesus have that nickname. Why? I don’t even know. That is how I got my name though.

Q: Speaking of options, do you offer your customers healthy dining choices? A: Yes! We have healthy food options. We also have traditional dining options, so everyone will be satisfied. If you look at our breakfast menu, you can substitute potatoes for healthier options like tomatoes and cottage cheese. We also have gluten free bread. For people who are watching their cholesterol, we serve egg whites. With our burritos, people can substitute flour tortillas with whole wheat tortillas. As for the ingredients, you can choose refried beans, pinto beans or black beans. We have Spanish rice, brown rice and house rice, which is my own recipe and people like it very much!

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The Golden Angel Continued from page 4

saw a great big beam of light pouring through the clouds like in the movie The Lion King and it was reflecting off the ocean and it was in the distinct shape of a heart. It was then that I realized that this was a gift from my sister. Shortly before she died, she had posted a picture on Facebook where there were two tire tracks right in front of her car and they made the shape of two hearts intertwined. She had made a comment that the two hearts was a sign from her son that it was their hearts and they would be together soon. That was a message that Wendy knew that I would recognize because I saw the tire tracks picture again and again all over Facebook the day she died. In that moment, I felt a complete sense of healing, peacefulness and hope. I no longer felt like she was leaving me alone in this world to deal with things. As I looked up, I noticed that people were smiling at me. One couple asked me to take their picture and after I did, the gal asked me if I knew what the sunset was for. I said yeah, I think I do know. She asked me if somebody had died recently and I said yes, my sister was murdered. She said, yeah I know, I’m sorry for your loss and she smiled at me with a really kind heart. I handed her camera back and she told me to have a good day. As I started to walk back, I felt this sense of sadness because my back was towards the sun and I started to cry and said please don’t leave me. Within a few seconds, I felt the presence of Wendy and Alex walking with me as if they were holding my hands. As the sun began to set, the sky color changed from red to light purple, which is the same exact color of her logo ribbon for the cancer awareness (DSRCT). The feeling that if I walked away from that sunset that I had to say goodbye had left me because I realized that this wasn’t goodbye. It was like she was saying I’ll be right here and I’ll see you in a few years. When I came home, I felt completely lifted from all the anger, pain and hatred that I had in my heart and I realized that I had to do something about the situation that these

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parents are in with their children. It became apparent to me that life is about helping and healing other people and Wendy figured that out before she died. Ever since that day, there have been amazingly beautiful sunsets and I’m feeling more positive and productive every day.” The Alex Onkle Financial Support Foundation was founded by Wendy Hall-Onkle (a.k.a. the Golden Angel) to help financially support families affected with childhood cancer. Wendy and Alex chose a red and purple ribbon for the logo with gold letters, the same colors that Shauna witnessed that magical evening. While Alex was here, one of his dying wishes was to start a foundation for the parents of children who have cancer, so that parents could stay home with their kids when they were dying. All he wanted was his mom and dad there as he went on to the next place. He had told Wendy a day or two before he died that God had came to him while he was asleep and told him that He was waiting for him and he told his mom that he would have to go soon. According to Shauna, Alex was a very old soul and full of life. Everyone who spent 5 minutes with him would be inspired. He was labeled Alex the Superhero because in the midst of unimaginable pain, he reached out to others and gave back. When Alex was just 4 years old, he was diagnosed with a rare aggressive cancer in July 2010 called Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor (DSRCT). After several excruciating months of radiation and chemotherapy, Alex made the active decision to stop the treatments because he wanted better quality for the rest of his life. Wendy lost her son Alex on April 20, 2013 after a 33 month fight at the age of 7. The battle has chosen Shauna and her family and friends could not be any prouder. Wisdom, courage and an inspired conviction will help her pick up where Wendy left off. According to Shauna, “Wendy’s strength after Alex passed on has inspired hundreds of people and my hope is that she is able, through me and others to inspire thousands of people. That’s what my goal is, to inspire thousands of people to care for and protect the people that cannot protect themselves.” If you would like to know more about the Alex Onkle Financial Support Foundation, look them up at https://www. posts/522539491169001

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Car Tech Talk

Double Check Your Factory Warranty By Walter Ford Some auto repair shops will perform work on cars that are still under factory warranty, but you should proceed with caution. Why? We recently had a customer come in who had some timing chain work done for around $2,700. She became a customer of ours after she became suspicious of the previous shop she had been going to. One day, I had mentioned that there were some things that were recalls that we may want to do, now that we started taking care of her car. When I mentioned the timing chain, she said just had that done by another shop and she paid $2,700 for it. Come to find out, this was covered under her warranty! The shop owner who ran a specialty repair shop SHOULD have known about it. Here’s a good rule of thumb when you’re wondering about your warranty coverage. If you have a car that’s less than 7 years of age, it doesn’t hurt to call the manufacturer to see if any proposed repair is covered under your warranty. Most people don’t know that some components of an engine or a car actually carry, by federal mandate, a warranty much longer than what the manufacturer’s normal factory warranty is. Major emissions components carry an 8 year 80,000 mile warranty. So, they may see that they have a problem with a certain component of a car and end up covering it under warranty. If you have any questions or doubts, don’t be afraid to ask!

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But don’t just limit this question to your repair shop. Get a second opinion. We make it a priority to know about these things as much as possible. For example, if we have a car that comes in that was built in 2008 that has 70,000 something miles on it and it needs major engine work, I’m going to go back to the manufacturer and say, “Hey, this is a little out of the ordinary, is this something you will cover?” If that doesn’t work, a quick web search will turn up the truth. We’ve also had people come to us and say, “I need to replace this timing chain and I heard it was covered under warranty.” From there, we can council them on what to do. I don’t think most people know that there could be things that are covered under a service bulletin that go beyond the standard warranty, especially if it’s a defect in the car’s design. If a component in your car breaks, like the door handle, if it is still under warranty, the manufacturer will have to fix it. If it is out of warranty, they’re not going to fix it. But, if they find that a whole bunch of them are breaking, and they’re all breaking the same way, it may become clear to them that there’s a defect in the design and they will sell an updated component. This actually happened with the Mini Cooper power steering pumps. When you replace a Mini Cooper pump, you get the updated design.

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