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FREE Solar Panel In Celebration of Earth Day April 22nd

Stop Working for the Utility Companies! When you choose solar energy, you have the opportunity to reduce your monthly utilities by producing your own electricity. Your utility company has a tiered rate structure, therefore the more you consume, the more you spend. With solar, you can control when you jump into the more costly tiers and start paying yourself rather than spending your money with the utility companies.

Solar for your Entire House 2 GO FOR IT April 2012

(916) 853-2700

FREE tes Estima gy & Ener t en Assessm

Solar Electric

FREE Solar Panel

Set an appointment and sign between April 1-April 30 and receive a FREE solar panel with your purchase. Offer good for solar electric (minimum 3.5kW AC system) and solar pool heating systems (minimum 6 panels installed).

Expires 4/30/12.

Solar Water Heating

Solar Pool Heating

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The Ghetto of Old Age By Bob Cox The other night, my wife Diana and I were having dinner with my step-daughter Shauna and her husband John when Shauna ended her statement by saying “It sucks getting old.” I felt the urge to check my pulse just to make sure I was still alive because Shauna is almost young enough to be my daughter. How can this young whippersnapper complain about old age? On second thought, I just used the word whippersnapper, so God help me, I must be getting old! Diana and I watched a terrific show on P.B.S. a few months ago about an amazing group of senior citizens that were still working full time well into their 80’s and 90’s. What really inspired me were their youthful outlook, vitality and overall zest for life. These inspiring seniors followed their hearts by choosing careers that they were truly passionate about. A few were even assisting other elderly citizens that were young enough to be their children! How can this be possible? How can some people act and feel so old at 40 while others twice their age run circles around them? While there’s probably some truth that strong genes and a bit of good fortune have something to do with this phenomenon, I believe the most accurate explanation is this: People who enjoy the benefits of youthfulness have developed the habit of making a lifetime of healthy and empowered choices. People who thrive in life have a very high level of personal power. Personal power comes from the wisdom of understanding that no matter what your situation may be, you must be willing to accept responsibility for it and then exercise the freedom to make a positive choice. Making positive choices involves a lot more than just eating right and exercising. The thoughts, feelings and images you entertain and keep in your mind and/or heart is what matters most. When youthful people feel down or discouraged, they quickly take an inventory of the things that could be causing the negativity, so they can knock it out as quickly as possible and get back to the business of a life well lived. They are permanent residents in the suburb called “The Fountain of Youth.” When I was in my early 30’s, I got a nasty sample of what it would be like to feel old, exhausted and miserable. For several months, I lived in an old, stiff and chronically pain ridden

body while suffering from a herniated disc in my lower back. After multiple visits to the doctor’s office, the prognosis was at best bleak. My doctor said that there was no known cure, so I could continue to live off of pain killers, wait several weeks for physical therapy session or opt for high risk surgery. Since none of these options were acceptable, I became 100% determined to regain my health and youthfulness by opening up my heart and mind to any and all possible solutions. Today, nearly 20 years later, I feel happier, healthier and stronger than ever. I believe that I beat the odds because I completely rejected living an inferior quality of life and became completely open and flexible to alternative solutions. I asked everyone I could for the answers, and several excellent solutions slowly presented themselves. From there, all I needed to do was examine and eliminate all my negative thoughts and actions, and then replace them with positive choices every single day. If you find yourself blaming old age on the aches, pains and other negative things you’re feeling, now is the time to stop the blame game and accept responsibility for all the choices you’ve made. Be open to accepting full responsibility for every feeling you have (good and bad), because chances are, if you think back far enough, you’ll discover (like me) the root causes of all your pain. You’ll also need to take an honest and transparent inventory of all the benefits you get by taking the easy way out by blaming old age for all your physical limitations. It may be as simple as gaining sympathy from others or getting out of having to do things you don’t want to do. Once you make these changes, you will likely be amazed at how easy it is to replace old negative actions with healthy and positive ones. Before you know it, you’ll be moving out of the Ghetto of Old Age and moving on up to where the fountains are bubbling with life.

ld! O g in t t e G s k c u S t I

4 GO GO FOR FOR IT IT April April2012 2012 4

Bob Cox is the founder and publisher of Go For It Magazine. He can be reached by phone at (916) 266-3115. His email address is Go For It Magazine is owned and operated in Rancho Cordova, CA. Copyright © 2012.

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6 GO FOR IT April 2012

Vitamin Bargains for April!

Stop in April 4 – April 10

& Get $5 OFF

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Elegance Made Affordable By Bob Cox

Last year, Aiman Nasrawi, the owner of Aquamarine Jewelers in Sacramento was contacted by KCRA Channel 3 and was asked to go undercover to investigate a traveling show that buys gold. At the time, Gary Almond, the President of the Sacramento Better Business Bureau (B.B.B.) had received numerous complaints from disgruntled consumers who claimed they hadn’t received a fair price at traveling shows that purchase gold from the public. One consumer responded to a full page ad in the Aiman Nasrawi, owner Sacramento Bee that said they were Aquamarine Jewelers putting on a show in Citrus Heights and were buying gold, silver, watches and coins, so she gathered up her scrap gold and then sold it at the next show for $75. A few days later, her jeweler told her that he would have paid her several hundred dollars more for her gold. KCRA Channel 3 caught wind of this story and immediately contacted the B.B.B. and asked them if they could recommend a reputable jeweler and a preferred gold buyer in the Sacramento area. The B.B.B. referred KCRA to Aquamarine Jewelers. The reporter doing the investigation called Aquamarine and asked Aiman if he would be willing to pose as a consumer with her. Aiman happily agreed. They attended the next advertised gold show and brought a variety of weights and karats of gold that Aiman said they should receive in the range of $1,200 to

$1,400. The man waiting on them offered Aiman just $550. A few minutes later, he recognized Aiman and upped his offer to $700, approximately 50% of its fair market value. Aiman said that he would have offered her $1,390, which was 80% of the spot market. This got me thinking and I had lots of questions to ask Aiman. Q: Why do so many people attend these traveling gold shows and turn in their gold for a fraction of its true value? A: Unfortunately, many people do not know that their local jewelers are certified to buy gold as well. They think only those people that are putting on the gold shows are certified to buy gold. So they go to these shows thinking that’s the only place to sell their gold. The price of gold has skyrocketed in the last five years. For example, if you bought a gold ring for $150 five years ago, you could probably sell it for $250 at a gold show and walk away excited because you got more than you paid for the ring. What you may not realize is the ring is actually worth $450. Q: What’s your advice for people who want to get top dollar for their gold, silver and other valuables? A: I would advise them to get two or three estimates from local reputable jewelers who are recommended by the Better Business Bureau and are certified to buy gold. If you want to see us, we have a high rating (A+) and we are listed on the Better Business Bureau website as well. Q: What would you say is a fair margin for buying gold? A: We pay approximately 80% of the value of the metal. The refineries make about 10% and we make about 10%. So, we rely on a high volume of gold buying and we are happy because we have lots of satisfied customers who give us plenty of referrals. That’s how we’ve built our business over the years. Q: On our front cover, you claim that Aquamarine Jewelers can make elegance affordable. How are you able to do this, especially in light of the rising cost of gold and the ongoing recession? A: We can take the unwanted gold and broken jewelry, melt it down and then redesign the shape so you don’t have to come

8 GO FOR IT April 2012

moved three years ago. She said that she wanted me to design something for her. She just put her trust in me, not knowing what she was going to get. I did the design, using her gold and diamonds, and then shipped the ring back to her. She just sent me an email that said, “I love my ring! You did an awesome job!”

up with cash out of your pocket and avoid paying a premium price for gold. I recommend that you take advantage our custom design service by using your own gold, that way you only have to pay for the labor. In some cases, we’ve worked with clients who had excess gold which covered the cost of the labor. That’s a great way to get a luxurious piece that’s hand crafted, unique and oneof-a-kind at no out of pocket cost! Q: Your store offers full service custom design. Can you take us through the process? A: The first step is to sketch the design you have in mind. Then, we will cast the design in a wax mold and then show it to you before we turn it into gold. From there, we use our new cad machine, which gives us a computer generated 3-D image. This allows us to show you the picture of your piece before it’s done. After these steps are completed, you have a beautiful and elegant piece that you’ve helped create.

Q: Do you stand behind all your work? A: Absolutely. We guarantee every item we sell, design or repair. If there’s any problem, we will fix it at no charge. We just signed a new 5 year lease, so we’re here to stay! Q: What’s the greatest satisfaction you get as a jewelry store owner? A: It’s the amazing feeling I get whenever a customer is so moved by what we’ve helped them create, it moves them to tears. There is no greater feeling than that! We invite all your readers to come see us and we’ll do our best to make everybody happy. Editor’s notes: For more information about Aquamarine Jewelers, stop by their beautiful showroom at 2628 Marconi Avenue in Sacramento, California. They are located at Fulton and Marconi, across the street from the Town & Country Shopping Center. Their phone number is (916) 483-5474 and their website is

Q: Is custom designed jewelry a growing segment of your business? A: Yes, because it’s very hard to accommodate everybody. Each individual has different tastes. I just received an email from a customer who lives in Oklahoma. She sent me all of her scrap gold. She used to be a regular customer before she

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Conscious Sedation Dentistry By Dr. Andrade & Dr. Montalvo Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen (Laughing gas) is the most common technique used in conscious sedation dentistry. It is used in about 1/3 of all dental practices in the United States. Inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide and oxygen (N20-02) or “laughing gas” is a technique used to relieve pain and dental anxiety. It has many benefits and few risks. To begin, a small rubber inhaler will be placed over the patient’s nose and adjusted so that the patient is comfortable. The signs and symptoms that most patients experience when receiving laughing gas include an initial feeling of lightheadedness, which gradually

leads to an all-over feeling of warmth or dreamy state. Many persons mention a comfortable “vibrating” or “humming” sensation. It is common to feel one’s fingertips and hands become “numb.” This same sensation may develop in the mouth (1/3 of patients say it numbs up their cheeks and gums) a benefit to the patient. Some patients will mention that their arms and legs feel “very light.” Interestingly, other patients will say that their arms and legs feel “so heavy I can’t even move them.” Both reactions are completeley normal. The sedation dentist will talk with the patient throughout the dental care procedure and the individual will be able to respond without any problem. This is a major advantage, and a safety feature, of conscious sedation using laughing gas. If, at any time during the procedure, the patient feels that they are getting too much nitrous oxide or if they begin to feel uncomfortable, they can tell the dentist immediately and within seconds the dentist can adjust the flow of gases, and the patient will feel more comfortable again. At the conclusion of the sedation dentistry treatment, the patient will once again receive 100% oxygen (for a minimum of three to five minutes). At

Dynamic Dental

New Patient Special

9833 Horn Road

Located in the Old Mills Winery Business Park

Sacramento, CA 95827

(916) 368-2500 Horn Rd.

Bradshaw Rd.

99 (Reg $230)

Not valid with any other offer. Expires 5/31/12.


Whitening for Referring a Friend ($150 Value)

Folsom Blvd.


Business Park Dr.

Horn Rd.

HWY 50

Dr. Andrade and Dr. Montalvo with son Noah and daughter Ella Luz.

49 Exam, X-Rays & Basic Cleaning $

Caring Dentistry For The Entire Family Emergencies & Walk-Ins Welcomed!

the end of this time, the person should feel absolutely normal. The fully-recovered laughing gas patient can then leave the dental office unescorted and resume their normal activities. Finally, laughing gas inhalation sedation is highly effective and recommended in the management of mild to moderate levels of dental anxiety. It also is an excellent technique in persons who are extreme gaggers; laughing gas usually eliminates or minimizes gagging in most patients.

Tues, Thurs & Fri: 7-5 Wed & Sat: 9-5 Hablamos Español

Not valid with any other offer. Expires 5/31/12.

Pain Free Dentistry Free Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) Be relaxed and comfortable during your next treatment April April2012 2012 GO GO FOR FOR IT IT 11

Colors of Spring

Ralph O By Lynn Lawson Spring inspires renewal in all living things—and maybe your home flooring too. A new floor can bring a fresh, springtime look to your home. With so many beautiful and durable hard surface flooring options to choose from, you can transform any room in your home from drab to delightful just by changing the floor. If you need help deciding what floor would be best to help freshen up your house, come and see us at Ralph Opfer Floors. Lynn has a lot more than just great prices to offer her clients. Her wealth of knowledge, experience and connections are extremely valuable for those of us who want beautiful new floors but are not flooring experts … Here are a few tips and information you need to know to help you decide what type of flooring will work for you. #1: Should I put hardwood or laminate in my home? Nothing says elegance like a real hardwood floor. Your choice is engineered or solid. It is not recommended that you install a solid floor to a concrete subfloor. Engineered wood can be installed over most subfloors and has the same look as a solid.

Find A Floor —

Find the 18 words hidden in the puzzle.

Today’s prefinished hardwood floors will never need to be sanded and refinished because of the baked on finishes that they have. With today’s busy families you can put a lot of wear and tear on your floors. For superior durability, a laminate floor will stand up to whatever your family brings in. There are many laminates now that look like real wood once they are installed. Also, laminate flooring can often be a cheaper alternative to hardwood. #2: What is the difference between a porcelain and ceramic tile? Glazed ceramic tile is very durable, and when properly installed and cared for, it will last longer than any non-tile material used for the same purpose. The primary ingredient in the composition of true porcelain tile is finely-ground sand. Unlike ceramic, processing of the porcelain composition involves pressure and extremely high temperature. The end result is a very dense, glass-like material with a water absorption rate of less than 0.5%. Because of its density and composition of natural ingredients, porcelain tile has all the same excellent qualities of glazed ceramic. Porcelain tiles can be used indoors and outdoors, unlike ceramic. #3: Do very many people still put vinyl floors in their homes? Vinyl has long been a popular choice because of its soft, resilient nature and easy maintenance. Not at all like your grandmothers vinyl, today’s patterns are warm and stylish. With a wide range of looks, from wood to tile and even stone. Not only that, vinyl floors are more durable than ever. #4: Once I’ve picked my floors, how do I find an installer? If you don’t know anyone that installs flooring ask your friends and family if they know anyone that has done work for them in the past. The referral system is still the best way to find someone to work in your home. Calling a retailer that you trust is also a good avenue to take. Angie’s List is an online referral that you can also use and see comments posted by past customers. The important thing is finding an installer that is licensed and insured. It might cost you a little more but will be well worth it in the end. For purposes of warranty issues, you want someone you know will still be around in a year or two if anything comes up with the floor.



12 GO FOR IT April April2012 2012


#5: Should I put carpet or hard surface in my house? What type of flooring you choose for your home is a personal preference. But carpet, like your favorite sweater, is soft, cozy and practical. Because carpet fibers hold heat, this floor surface insulates up to 17 times better than other surfaces and reduces energy bills. It’s quiet to walk on, durable, nonslip and an overall great value. Carpet comes in so many colors and surfaces that it can fit most any design style. Not ready to commit to wall to wall carpet? Add a rug for a dose of color, pattern and softness. Rugs are also ideal for defining certain spaces, such as seating areas and covering worn or damaged spots. Do your research on all of the different carpet fibers before you shop. Knowledge is everything!

ng Extravaganza! Opfer Floors

#6: What can I do to spruce up my floors if I can’t afford to replace them? Paint is a wonderful thing. A new coat of paint on the walls will spruce up any room. A good cleaning of the floors will help and if needed, new freshly painted wall base trim is an easy way to make any floor look brighter. If you have area rugs, replacing those with a new and fresh updated rug is way less expensive than replacing a whole floor.

#7: What should I clean my hard surface floors with? The best thing to clean any floor with is good old vinegar and water. 1 cup of vinegar to a gallon of water should do it. There are plenty of products out there that will work too, if you don’t want to go the old fashioned route. Just remember, when mopping your hardwood or laminate floors to use a cloth or micro fiber mop that is just damp enough to get dirt off. A mop that is too wet will ruin the surface of the floors over time and can also leave streaks on the floors. Don’t ever use a steam cleaner on your hardwood or laminate floors. Those work well for tile or vinyl floors. Editor’s notes: For more information about Ralph Opfer Floors, visit their website at, their showroom at 10265 Old Placerville Road #14 in Sacramento or call (916) 366-1672.

We’ll go the extra mile to find the


Perfect Flooring at the Best Price! Ralph Opfer Floors 10265 Old Placerville Rd., #14 Sacramento, CA 95827




Estimates u



Tile & More

FREE Estimates • 6 Months No Interest Financing

(916) 366-1672 (916) 870-0270 Mon-Fri: 9am-4pm • Sat: 10am-2pm

License # 757522

Old Placerville Rd.


Mather Field Rd.

Systems Pwy.

Routier Rd.

Hwy 50


Bottle of Bona Floor Cleaner

When you bring this ad — No purchase necessary April April2012 2012 GO GO FOR FOR IT IT 13

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Community Roots For those of us with enough years to remember, the world has gotten so much BIGGER in the past 50 years... BIGGER now that: • international incidents hit so close to home: featured during the evening news with video and reporters right in the thick of things; • communication is nearly instantaneous with social media that spans borders, continents and oceans where messages go “viral” in a matter of hours; • our stake in the “big picture” seems to have grown so beyond our ability to directly cope: involving the environment, global politics, natural and man-made disasters. Someone called it the “World Wide World”. (wow) I grew up (50 years ago) in a small town. And I treasure the memories of hometown events, community connections and the roots that go back... It is said that “home is where the heart is” and to help keep us grounded, we need to claim our home and lay down our roots. We here in the Sacramento area are lucky. Sacramento is bigger than my childhood home but has many “hometown” events that make it easy to continue to say “There’s no place like HOME!”

BMSUSA Farmer’s Markets - Every Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm at the Sunrise Mall and every Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm at Carmichael Park, these markets are extra special because they feature live music, are dog-friendly and are staffed by the kids enrolled in the BeMoneySmart USA education programs. New markets opening soon! Kid’s Day in Rancho Cordova - Sat., April 28, 11 am-3 pm - This festival is geared to families with children 12 years and younger. Filled with fun activities and a health and resources fair, this year’s theme is “Water, Water Everywhere” and will include fun, hands-on activities that focus on water conservation, health and the environment. Rancho Cordova’s iFest - Sat., May 19, 5-9 pm This annual event celebrates the ethnic diversity of the community. It is a free, family-friendly evening featuring the music, dance and tastes from around the world... and around the corner. Their motto is “Small world. Big party.” (OK, 50 years ago Disney DID say “It’s a small world after all...”) Fair Oaks Cemetery Memorial Day Celebration - Sat., May 26, 10 am - The 14th Annual event will honor Civil War Veterans and will feature the American Veterans Band, a Color Guard and Rifle Salute from Civil War Member Organizations. The Cemetery will be decorated with hundreds of American flags for its signature “Avenue of Flags”.

Visit for details about these events and other community activities. You can also learn more about thses organizations that we are proud to work with:

*For tools and tips, as well as Bob’s bio, visit www.BobsPocket.

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6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Cleaning Service By Kristy Skondras & Annette Arent Here at E-Z Living Cleaning, we know that having a house/office cleaning service is a dream come true for many people. Unfortunately, sometimes hiring a cleaning service becomes a nightmare instead. There are many things besides affordability that should be taken into consideration before you make your decision. E-Z Living Cleaning has prepared these questions that you may want to ask of any cleaning service or individual you are considering to hire to help you avoid some of the more common risks that exist. Asking these questions should help you find a quality cleaning service that will keep your home/office sparkling clean and give you complete peace of mind. Feel free to visit us at for more information that you may find helpful in choosing a cleaning service! Q.  Do you have insurance? A.  Unfortunately, many companies, and I’d guess 100% of individuals for hire, do NOT carry liability insurance or workers’ compensation insurance. Hiring a company that has liability and workers’ comp. adds slightly to the cost, but the insurance coverage protects YOU. E-Z Living Cleaning has full liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance for each employee. Q.  Are your employees bonded? A.  A bond is insurance that protects and compensates you if a house/office cleaning employee is guilty of theft. E-Z Living Cleaning sends employees who are  trusted, screened and bonded for your protection. We have turned down hundreds of applications from house cleaners  who have current house cleaning experience but have a theft or other serious conviction on their record. Q.  Do you send employees, contractors or vendors to clean my home? A.  E-Z Living Cleaning sends trusted, trained, background checked employees to your home or office. Legitimate cleaning companies with employees are trained in OSHA standards. They are covered by liability insurance and workers’ compensation. All employment taxes and insurance

E-Z Living Cleaning, LLC 8611 Folsom Blvd., Ste G Sacramento, CA 95826

(916) 381-5490 “We don’t cut corners, we clean them!”

Kristy Skondras & Annette Arent Owners 16 GO FOR IT April April2012 2012

are paid through the company. Contractors are independent and can actually be considered a vendor of the company you hire. They have not been trained by the company (IRS has very stringent rules on this) and are not covered by liability insurance or workers’ compensation insurance. Using individuals, vendors or contractors is a gamble. There is no way of knowing what you will get. Q. What happens if one of your cleaners gets hurt on my property? A.  A legitimate company has workers’ compensation insurance. The insurance will cover the medical bills in the event of an on-the-job injury. If you hire an unlicensed, uninsured  individual offering house or office cleaning services, you are potentially liable for any medical expenses or damages. Q.  What happens if something is broken, damaged, or turns up missing in my home? A.  This comes back to whether the company carries insurance and the type of people and cleaning company you are dealing with. No one knows when something like this is going to happen, that’s why we run background checks, train our people thoroughly and carry insurance. Q.  What’s the risk of hiring an individual to clean my house? A.  You may save a little money, but you open yourself to the real risk of a lawsuit in the event an injury occurs on your property and there’s no recourse available other than legal if you are not satisfied or if something is broken, damaged or missing. If you hire an individual and they do not pay income tax on the money you pay them, YOU may be held liable for the taxes! Hiring an individual makes you an employer and you are required to file proper documents with the government (see IRS publication 926 Household Employer’s Tax Guide). It is also important to check with your insurance company to ensure you have proper homeowner’s insurance.

FREE Estimates! No Contracts

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Fabulous Facials Custom Blending Bath & Body Treatment Center You choose any blend of AromaTherapy Oil to add to your choice of body hydraters. 3 levels of hydration, including shea butter. All Organic Creams & Lotions u Shower Gels

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u Soaps all made to your specifications

April2012 2012 GO GO FOR FOR IT IT 17 April

Sacramento Area Events for April April Fool’s Sacramento History

Sunday, April 1, 2:00pm Central Sacramento Public Library, Sacramento The Royal Sacramento Lyceum and Hall of Antiquities, Curiosities, Rare Tomes and Manuscripts invites you to attend an historical lecture to be given by renowned resident historians James Scott and Tom Tolley.

Book Signing

Thursday, April 5, 7:00pm Time Tested Books, Sacramento Sonoma chef and author, Ronda Giangreco, will sign copies of her memoir, The Gathering Table: Defying MS with a Year of Pasta, Wine & Friends, at Time Tested Books, 1114 21st Street, Sacramento, CA 95811.

Sacramento Career Fair — FREE ADMISSION

Monday, April 9, 11:00am Red Lion Hotel, Sacramento Bring as many resumes as you can and then hand them into top Sacramento employers that are looking to hire now!

Bike Swap

Thursday, April 12, 9am to 1pm 36th Street and Broadway, Sacramento Sell, buy or trade your bicycle with area cyclists. More Info: (916) 731-8167.

Zoo Rummage Sale

Thursday, April 5, 9am to 4pm The Sacramento Zoo hosts a rummage sale to benefit the zoo’s conservation programs. More Info: (916) 808-5888.

Zoo Festival

Thursday, April 5, 9am to 4pm It’s an Earth party at the Sacramento Zoo with crafts and entertainment. More Info: (916) 808-5888.

Hearst Collection

Through April 13. Museum hours Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm and Sunday noon to 5pm The California Museum of History Women, and the Arts will exhibit the largest grouping of Hearst Castle collection. More Info: (916) 653-7524.

Wine and Chocolate – A Harmony of Tastes

Friday, Apr 13, 7:30pm Beatnik Studios, Sacramento Join us as the finest confectioners compete with delectable chocolate desserts to benefit the Sacramento Children’s Chorus.

Traders Faire

Grand Opening – Spring Break Bash Teen Event Friday, April 6, 8:00pm Teen Club XOXO, Sacramento Teen Dance Club - 15 to 18 ONLY Safe and supervised environment for teens to dance, blow off steam and meet people.

Miss Asia Sacramento Pageant 2012

Saturday, April 7, 6:30pm Radisson Hotel, Sacramento Miss Asia Sacramento Scholarship Foundation Miss Asia Sacramento Pageant 2012 The Miss Asia Sacramento Pageant is unique because it focuses on fostering positive traits and skills in young women in Sacramento.

The Green California Summit

April 7, 8am to 4pm; April 8 and 9 7:30am to 4pm Sacramento Convention Center The Green California Summit is an opportunity for the public to get information on the state’s green policies. John Garamendi, Dian Grueneich, Rick Fedrizzi and Hunter Lovins are among the speakers. 18 GO FOR IT April April2012 2012

Wednesday, April 18 to 20, from 10am to 5pm Sutter’s Fort, 2701 L St., Sacramento Experience how the early California pioneers traded in an outdoor shopping experience at Sutter’s Fort. More Info: (916) 445-4422

Earth Day Run & Walk

Thursday, April 19, 7:30am registration, 8:30am and 8:45am kids start, 9:15am run start, and 9:30am walk start. Discovery Park, Sacramento It’s time for the California Earth Day Run & Walk at Discovery Park. Event ends with a river clean-up at noon. More Info: (916) 364-3410.

Sacramento March for Babies

Saturday, April 28, 9:00am State Capitol, Sacramento Join the March of Dimes March for Babies! The money you raise funds important research and programs that help babies begin healthy lives.

Sacramento Slow Art Day Saturday, April 28, 10:30am Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento Host: Rika Nelson. More Info: (916) 808-7000

April 2012 GO FOR IT 19 April 2012 GO FOR IT 19

Car Tech Talk

Attitude and Customer Service By Walter Ford I recently wrote an article on wheel alignments and tire balancing. I know that writing technical articles made available to the public will have its pitfalls. I received a call from the owner of Tri Valley Automotive; at least that’s where he claimed to be from. He was a coward and used caller ID blocking. He rudely asked for me and when I answered he spoke bluntly, “How do you do an alignment.” He was so loud and rude that I was taken aback and answered, “On a machine.” He yelled loudly, “Well you’re WRONG!” I laughed at him and hung up. The point is that opinions are like – well you know what. Had he been courteous and wanted to engage in a deep technical discourse on alignments I would have been more than happy to oblige, AND I might have even learned a thing or two. Hopefully he treats his family and customers with more respect than his peers. At Valley Motorwerks we respect every person that walks in the door: customer, employee, postman and delivery drivers alike. I personally treat every customer as a close personal friend and even in some cases like family. In my opinion our customers have to feel comfortable with us completely. I would rather not work on a person’s car if they feel reluctant or unsure of us. Just like any relationship, it must be grounded and founded on mutual trust and understanding. We make every effort to insure that you, the customer, understands what we are recommending and more importantly WHY. I think that we are very good at explaining things in layman’s terms. Alex, my service manager, also worked as a tech so he is better able to take the information from the technicians and translate it for the customer. Here is where we come full circle to Mr. Tri Valley. The previous article was written in layman’s terms, not highly technical ones.

20 GO FOR IT April April2012 2012

I could have gotten into thrust angle, scrub radius, steering axis inclination, set back, ad nauseum but to what end? It would only have obscured the important understandable details. It is never our intention to confuse or obscure information to the customer. Maybe the article was not technically correct because in some cases camber, if it is out enough, WILL cause a pull. But unless your car has been hit hard and repaired incorrectly, that is not a problem, so why bring it up to begin with?

Valley Motorwerks now races under Pointsix Motorsports. We have built multiple championship winning race cars, founded the largest BMW racing class in the western U.S. and have raced with BMWCCA, NASA and NCRC. We KNOW suspensions and alignments as we’ve tempered our knowledge in very extreme conditions, including 25hour endurance racing. I invite anyone to come down, take a tour of our facility and ask anything they like. Editor’s notes: Walter Ford is the owner of Valley Motorwerks. He can be reached at his shop, which is located at 11401 White Rock Road in Rancho Cordova, CA. His phone number is (916) 636-9526 and his website is

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We Now Carry Blue Buffalo!

S.P.C.A. Mobile Pet Adoption at Trends-n-Treats

Saturday April 14th 10am-2pm •Rabbits •Guinea Pigs •Dogs •Cats •More!

Pet Supply - Spa - Boutique

8929 Madison Ave., Ste 200 Fair Oaks, CA 95628 (By Safeway)

Hazel Ave.

(916) 536-0000

Sunrise Blvd.

Pet Food, Grooming & Self Wash

Madison Ave.

Great selection of premium pet foods, healthy treats and chews!

Quality grooming and self-wash service now available!



Have your Dog meet-ups and parties here!



Any purchase of a 11 lb. or larger bag of Blue Buffalo

Any purchase of a 24 lb. or larger bag of Blue Buffalo

Offer good only at Trends-n-Treats

Offer good only at Trends-n-Treats

Not valid with any other offer. One coupon per visit. Expires 4/30/12.

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Our new location means new products and more services available now for you!

Not valid with any other offer. One coupon per visit. Expires 4/30/12.



Any Package of Treats for Dog or Cat

Not valid with any other offer. One coupon per visit. Expires 4/30/12.

Walk For Canine Cancer by the Morris Animal Foundation

Sunday April 29th

visit for more information

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