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What ? Renovation of a 18th century house Acknowledged Cultural Heritage, this house was recently bought with a nearly derelict garden and only partly inhabited. With its baroque staircase and stucco-works, with its brick and limestone exterior walls, with its timber frame inner walls and clay plasters, with its old windows and intriguing piping, with its wine cellar, water coffin and well, with its number of successive changes, additions, alterations, … … it is an ideal field of investigation for young architects who do care about layers of history and about old and new building techniques … Where? in Eupen, East-Belgium [right between Maastricht (NL), Aachen (D) and Liège (B)] When? Flexible – ideally in July 2010 Who? Participants For you. If you are an architecture student. If you are hands-on and smart. If you are not afraid of getting dirty and don’t mind dust. If you are fond of tools and if you like when a work is well done. If you want to experience the challenge of details and history layers of a building. Who? Tutors Sebastian KREUSCH, engineer and architect Anne-Céline GROSCH, product designer Alexandre-M. BAUER, engineer and architect Sebastian and Anne-Céline bought that house and work on various architecture projects. Anne-Céline is specialised in furniture and interior design. Sebastian and Alexandre-M. work as forensic engineers. Alexandre-M. run works also as structural engineer and run various workshops at EASA, of which re.pose @ easa009 in Italy. Sebastian was the Belgian national winner of the ROBUSTNESS concrete design competition 2003/2004. The three of them run the trans.ID workshop at easa005 in Bergün (CH) with Frederik de Smedt. Interested? contact information


a workshop