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Show title: IPod Advert Director: Jack Fisher Date: 22/03/2013 Total duration: 2mins 6 seconds.

SHOOTING SCRIPT Camera/ Shot Type/ Camera Action/ Duration

Script/ Screen Action/ Additional information

Shot 1: Long shot Of the IPod – 5-6 seconds. Shot 2: Medium shot Of the IPod – 5-6 seconds. Shot 3: Extreme close up Of the IPod – 5-6 seconds. Shot 4: ECU – Midshot of character 1 playing with a rubix cube – 4-6 seconds Shot 5: Long shot Of location, character 2 looking thought a bag. – 8-10 seconds. Shot 6: Midshot following characters 2,3 and 4 leavening the location – 8-10 seconds.

The main character (character #1 – Kid) is bored, sitting down in a busy Sixth Form common room. He is playing with a Rubix cube; meanwhile two other characters (characters #2 + #3 – Other Students.) in the room get up and walk out.

Shot 7: Long shot of character 1 walking across the room – 5-7 seconds.

Character #1 decides to get up and walk to the other side of the room where Characters #2 and #3 have left, which is where he finds the iPod and headphones.

Shot 8: Medium long shot character 1 finding the IPod and picking up the headphones – 6-10 seconds. Shot 9: Close up of character 1 jerking away from the headphones – 4 seconds.

Character #1 looks around but there’s no one else there. He picks up the headphones and as he’s about to put them on, the music turns on, he jerks in surprise to this. [Soft music starts playing - ultimate sweetie belle.]Looking character #1 sees he is alone and puts on the headphones despite the odd behaviour of them.

Shot 10: Midshot – close – long shot – medium long shot of character 1 dancing – 45 seconds.

Shot 11: Close up character 1 throws the headphone off of his head and into his hands – 5 seconds.

Shot 12: Long shot character puts the headphones down and leaves – 5 – 8 seconds.

On contact with the headphone character #1 starts dancing to the music. [Music starts playing – ultimate sweetie belle.]

Character #1 Jerks forward to get the headphones off, the music dies out.

Character #1 looks around once more, scared and confused. He leaves the room. Ending graphics. Character #4 (Narrator.) (“ The new IPod Lambda, Bring music to life.“)

Shooting script  


Shooting script