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Multiple Styles, Same Message Advertising Design Spring 2018 Xiyang Hua

Target: Male, 27-34, disposable income available though not “rich�, college educated, about to propose to first spouse. For this ad, have the spouse be female. Product: Diamond ring from well-known national chain of jewelers. Explanation: I want to create a ring which hold by a hand. Also, the photo should be a woman face. It would focus on ring, typegraphy and picture. The typegraphy should be made by hand writing. They can work well.

Target: Female or male, 14-18, limited income due to age, purchaser of product. Product: Top gaming system. Not a computer or specific game. Explanation: The photo are almost darkness. I want to point the circle button out. So, I highlight the “o� to make red color. The typegraphy should be grand to small. It is a strong voice in the whole image.

Target: Female or male, 36-42, disposable income available, avid gardener. Product: Soil premixed for gardening. Can be vegetable or flower-specific, but for something that can be harvested. Not for lawn. Explanation: I would like the flow typegraphy in the design. I want them to surround the girl. The girl should place her arm to be comfortable. She can enjoy the flower enviornment. The typegraphy looks like gas. It makes image activity and alive.

Target: Male, 18-24, disposable income available, average (stereotyped) amount of responsibility and partying for this age group and gender. Product: Las Vegas Tourism. Explanantion: The typegraphy should be strong and powerful. It can enhance the meaning of deck card. I thought the typegraphy can be point out in the position of the image. The focus point is on the surface of deck card.

Target: Primary Target: Female, 47-54, Secondary Target: Male (husband of female), disposable income available, parents of two grown children no longer at home. Product: Guided tours to Europe (PARIS).

Target: Primary Target: Male 48-56, upper class level of income (= “rich�), retired Product: High quality kitchen tool or appliance (knives).

Target: Primary Target: Female 16-40, middleclass. love fashion. Product: Fashion magazine.

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Xiyang hua