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Product Design xinyue Hu

Starpack Project

Wilko project




D o E a t

Take-out package


Chinese Style Wood grain Nature

Convenient for taking with handle

Keep warm and avoid the dust

Separate different food

For office workers

Save more time

Healthful Recyclable

Wilko Project-Toy The Brief

To design an innovative, gender neutral educational toy suitable to be sold in a Wilko Store The concept should consider physical, cognitive or emotional development of a child within an age group. The concept should be supported by in-depth research into this area of child development.

Concept development

A bath ball which can be put into the water for showering.It will release the forth and the bath ball will change the shape to be a tortoise. Squeezing the ball in the middle, the tortoise will blowout the water from the spring pipe.

Change the shape of the ball to a rectangular with curving edges in the middle.

Water out

The plastic pipe to transport the water Water in

Final sample with the tumbler bottom and the water storage in the shape of flowerpot.

The bottom pipe can be retracted into the bottom of the middle part, so it can be put on a plane after baby’s showering.

Showering Toys



comfortable for the fingers

spring pipes water storage

put in home as furnishing

antiskid and convenient to grasp

different styles and colors to select


Can be disinfected in the boiling water

Can be played for baby’s showering

Bright colour Can be put into mouth



The Brief

To design and develop a complementary tabletop timepiece for of consumer behaviours, product packaging and brand impact is essential.




table clock simple clean


take out of the package

take by handle

put on the table

Speedo The brief

According to the research on chinese athleisure market, review the quality, accessibility and experience of existing facilities/products/brands and consumer trends proposing a new to world product or product range for the fitness swimming consumer who is office worker in 18-25 years old.

Speedo The Attractive Bottle


Male office workers in 18-25 years old

Magnetic cap


wear on the arm

drink inside of the swimming pool

bottle for contaning drinks

Attractive Bottle creative

motivate social interaction



The advertisement of this attractive bottle posted on the enterentrance of the Swimming Pool, in order to let more people know about this.

A special dating in the swimming pool

The attractive bottles put on the reception for customers.

The bottle will be lighted on, when the caps of two heterosexual bottles touched with each other.

The attractive bottle can be achieved for free by making a month card.

The boy need to talk with the girl proactively from the way of asking the girl for help to light his bottle on.

The Future of Sound and Vision The Brief

Through primary and secondary research your task is to observe and identify key insights/opportunities for VR within a BBC media service (TV, Online, Print, Radio or Live events) You must review the quality, accessibility and experience of existing facilities/products proposing new innovative and accessible products that promote virtual reality to be consumed by the mass market.

Critical Consumer Journey- BBC Bitesize Website

First the consumer- a KS2 student (7-11 years old) goes onto the BBC Bitesize page. They go to the England column and select KS2.

There are a range of subjects available for KS2.

The website shows links to other related clips and websites. Some aspects of this website are more tailored to the KS2 teacher rather than the students. The tab of ‘classroom ideas’ gives tips to teachers of how to use the clip in their lesson and gives them an idea for the lesson itself such as writing a letter from the POV of Anne Boleyn.

There are a range of topics available under British History and World History.

Under the topic area there are a range of ‘class clips’- short educational videos that are clips from documentaries. Although the clips are short, easy to understand and useful for relaying facts. They are a little boring for the viewer.

Some, but not all topics have learner guides which give more information about the particular area of History. The learner guides are packed with information and facts with helpful illustrations. However, there is a lot of reading involved and lots of information. The child will lose focus quite quickly. Some pages have cartoon illustrations and short animated videos to make it more engaging. The website is fairly easy to navigate, however, its very text heavy and some aspects are not very engaging for primary school children. Many sections are aimed more at teachers. Bitesize history needs more interactive elements.

BBC Bitesize History Workshop

Pop-up Castle split into different sections. Split a class of 30 into different groups.

The children can get involved in historical activities such as archery. The arrows have a velcro tip to stick to the felt target boards.

Interactive wall- Children play historical games and read through historical comics from the BBC Bitesize website.

On the adjacent wall is a dress up station featuring historical costumes. The helmets have VR goggles in them so the child can experience the POV of a Knight.

Children can watch Horrible Histories sketches that engage them in History through comedy and interactive quizzes on the show.

VR Historical Helmets- POV of a Historical Figure

In the dress up station, the children will put on historical costumes. The helmets have a VR headset attached. When worn the child can view 360 degree short videos from the POV of a Roman Soldier guarding Hadrian’s Wall to give them an emmersive insight into life in Roman Britain.

The videos let the child feel part of the action as history comes alive around them. The child can also become a Norman Soldier. It gives them a glimpse into The Battle of Hastings and living conditions during the Norman Conquest.

Visual Consumer Journey- BBC Bitesize History Workshop Timeline: 1.

BBC Bitesize Van arrives at the School carrying the portable castle, archery equipment and costumes with VR headsets. 4.

The portable castle walls are assembled in the school hall. The three walls slot together and form two sections. The BBC Bitesize staff members introduce themselves to the children and explain the three workshops they will be doing: Medieval archery, Historical VR experience and dress up. Historical games on the iPad and watching an exclusive Horrible Histories episode.

5. The children get to dress up in costumes from different periods. They take it in turns with headsets attached to historical helmets that play multiple short, 5 minute 360 degree videos. This gives them a fun insight into life in a different time and is more engaging than a normal historical documentary. When they aren’t using the headset they can try on different costumes and answer thoughts and questions posed by the BBC Bitesize staff member.

The children get to take part in the historical activity of Archery. The targets are made from felt and attached to the wooden wall. The Arrows have flat, round tips with velcro on them. This means there is no pointy tip to avoid any injuries.

KitKat - Generation Z The Brief

This task is to specifically design a product, packaging and marketing campaign for a new KITKAT product/experience targeting the Generation Z consumer.

Brand Extension-Herman Miller The Brief

Through focused primary and secondary research to design and develop an innovative, complementary products for the Herman Miller brand. Consideration of new consumer behaviors, potential markets and brand impact is essential.

Herman Miller

Working from home

Light Bookshelf

Herman Miller

HumidiďŹ er Improve productivity

Small Accommodation Fresh Air Plants


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