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Journal Week  2  -­‐  Frame  

In this  week’s  studio,  students  were  divided  into  groups  to  build  a   tower  frame  using  balsa  wood.  Basic  concepts  of  structure,  form   and  staAcs  were  taken  into  account  in  building  the  frame.    

A square  base  is  used  in  this  challenge.  The  iniAal  idea  of   using  this  square  base  is  to  allow  the  weight  of  the  frame  to   be  segregated  more  evenly  to  the  ground.     My  group  also  used  the  concept  of  ‘cross  bracing’  to   stabilize  the  structure  against  lateral  forces  from  either   direcAon.    

To ensure  the  forces  are  transferred   from  one  structural  element  to  the   next,  we  used  pinned  joints  between   joined  elements.    

Pinned Joint  using  pins

AQer compleAng  the  structure,  it  was   tested  for  its  stability  and  strength  to   withhold  some  objects.     A  couple  of  the  wood  snapped  once   weight  was  applied  onto  the  tower.    

The same  concepts   were  conAnuously   used  to  finish  the   frame.  However,  due   to  the  lack  of  pieces   of  balsa  wood,   aNenAon  was  mostly   placed  onto  creaAng   the  frame,  hence   neglecAng  the   stability/strength.     End  product  

One of  the  main   reasons  why  the  wood   broke  was  because   there  foundaAon   system  of  the  tower  is   not  well  built.  This  was   mainly  because  there   was  lack  of  wood.       The  second  reason  why   the  building  is  not   stable  could  be   because  of  the  square   base.       Thirdly,  I  find  the   efficiency  of  balsa   wood  really  poor.  It   breaks  too  easily.    

Constructing Environment Journal Week 2  
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