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XINYI JENNIFER LONG 6095 sombria ridge ave.

las vegas, nv 89139 e: t: (702) 682 - 7766


University of Nevada, Las Vegas

2011 - 2014

Bachelor of Science in Architecture GPA: 3.44

Advanced Technologies Academy

2006 - 2010

Architectural Drafting & Design GPA: 3.85



RESUME August 2014


Craft + Technical



Revit Architecture AutoCad SketchUP 3D Max (VRay) Adobe Creative Suite Microsoft Office Suite HTML & CSS

Hand-modeling chipboard foam acrylic Wood Hand-drafting Laser-cutting Photo-processing Audio production

Quick Learner Responsible Meticulous Self-motivated Team player Optimistic

Fluent English Chinese: native speaker



Guinn Millennium Scholarship Rebel Achievement Scholarship Dean’s Honor Roll Honored for excellent academic standing

2010 - 2014 2010 - 2014 2011, 13, 14

Advanced Technologies Academy, Architectural design & CAD/BIM mentor Assist students with design projects and software questions

Answer inquiries about the profession and education of architecture

Ivenue, Website designer/technical support representative Design and maintain websites

Provide technical support for English and Chinese speakers

Help customers by breaking down technical terms and issues

Research technical solutions for web hosting and server

Family Promise Homeless Foundation, Intern


2012 - 2014

2010 - 2013

Plan and schedule sheltering for people in need

Engage in yearlong project to plan, organize, and coordinate meetings

2009 - 2010

Traveling, visual arts, drawing, cinema, music and food

XINYI JENNIFER LONG architecture portfolio 2014


01 Adaptive Learning Kit 4rd year studio Type: Educational Location: Akron, Ohio Within recent years, Akron, Ohio has been faced with many community and social problems including poverty, low level of education, lack of parental oversight, and high crime rate, which all together have had a negative impact on student academic performance. This project proposes an efficient modular solution for an adaptable learning environment. Expanding learning facilities and implementating programs such as of s.t.e.m.-based classes, culinary centers, adult retraining courses, and most imporant of all, a commonplace for everyone to meet and interact. Individual modules can be rearranged based on the spatial and educational requirements.


Kit of Parts The prefabricated modular kit of parts allows the learning environment to be both specific and highly adaptable to the needs of the users.


step2. structure

step3. floor

step4. wall + roof


of flat pack + pod

customize Traditional

site permits + approvals work manufacturing + shipping


design + engineering

permits + approvals

Schedule Comparison

site restoration


site work

time saving

on-site construction

site restoration

primary structure secondary structure

shading/accoustical device

8’ x 15’ wall panel with lockers

8’ x 15’ wall panel with a door

Ductless Underfloor HVAC | Radiant Heating System | Accoustical Roof | Indirect Natural Lighting


Sample Scenario Group types:

Individual w/ access to group Individual w/ ability to isolate Pairs

Small group (3-5) Whole group (20-24)

Interaction types: Student presentation mode Teacher presentation mode Single research/reading

Group research/reading Single creative Group creative Formal (small/large group) Informal (small/large group)

Atmosphere types: Bright/dim light Sound/quiet Mobility Informal/formal Warmth/coolness Humidity control Contained Open

Exterior wall panel types: Chalk Marker Display Case Digital Polycarbonate Swisscell at a Hinge Wood Green Wall

Glass Door/Nana Door Interchangeable skins Operable windows

Attached Bench

Interior wall panel types: Plumbing Lockers Chalk Cork wall

Smart Book shelf

Environment types: Information gathering Collaborate brainstorming

Problem solving presentation creation and rehearsal Expert instructing and critique (small group) Individual reflection Exterior Interior Mixed Size variable (large/med/small)

Surface types:

Writable surfaces


(at labs and info gathering space) Accessible space for research Surfaces to distribute information Surfaces to explore information Surfaces to examine information Surfaces to contain information

Urban zone

Sub-urban zone

Rural zone

^ Modular and pod systems are site adaptable. < A selection of components to fit the use of space, including roof modules, interior and exterior wall panels, bathroom pods, outdoor activity modules, furniture, and floor materials.


02 Urban Corner 3rd year studio Type: Culture/Entertainment Location: Chicago, Illinois The design seeks to strategically use the corner site of the urban core. The ground floor is offset to welcome guests into the building. Upper floors are extended out to optimize views while creating outdoor spaces. The three main programs are public gallery, dining lounge, and the salon. They are treated as public, semi-public, and private area in the design, and is arranged in three stories with the public area at ground floor.

building mass 8

By program


Urban exterior spaces




Section two

Section one

First Floor


Second Floor

Third Floor

North Elevation

West Elevation

Street view 11

03 Passage to Serene 3rd year studio Type: Residential Location: Lake Las Vegas, Nevada Just an half hour away from the heart of Las Vegas, Passage to Serene dicreetly rests on a peninsula of Lake Las Vegas. This guest house contains three major spaces for artist-in-residence, guests, and entertainment. Guests are to enter the house through a compressed passange as the lake and the building gradually reveal themselves. Artist-in-residence has the option to enter through the garage for quick access. The house partially sits in the land to take advantage of thermal cooling and heating, and this also shields the building from pervailing wind.



04 Downtown Library 3rd year studio Tyoe: Educational Location: Las Vegas Downtown The design revolves around a central courtyard and the golden rectangle, which is the precise proportion of the site. The center of the building volume is substracted and becomes a grand courtyard that maximizies daylight and accentuates circulation.

Noise Level

Exterior vs. Interior

14 Circulation


Building mass ~ 2,000 sf

Identify Fault Planes (reference to local geology)

Push & Compress Blocks


Summer Hourly Temperature Pattern

05 Red Rock Pavilion 3rd year studio Tyoe: Recreational Location: Las Vegas, Nevada The premise of the project is to build a pavilion at the trailhead of Pine Creek. The program includes outdoor and indoor resting areas, and shading structures to protect the visitors from the harsh sun. The approach follows a series of sun studies, which shows the hottest hours of the warmest months in Red Rock Canyon from noon to 3pm, therefore the design is site specific as the shading structure blocks the sun during those hours. Furthermore, the buildingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s placement minimizes environmental impact and maximizes views. 17

06 Hybrid House 2nd year studio Type: Commercial/residential Location: Las Vegas, Nevada The hybrid house nurtures clientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s small wood-working businesses and responds to flexible live and work situation. The design has simple volumetry: two rectangular boxes of different functions and materials intercepting each other. The commercial area is mainly corrugated metal on the exterior for durability. The residential area is covered with a warm material - wood.

Design concept 18




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