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PORTFOLIO Lim Xin Yi 9114 9433

The Link From the word elderly, a word that I deeply connect with, along with a string of research and analysis, a series of form and function are created. This area is an exisisting space reformed to reduce space wastage. By creating a space where elderly people can make things from the existing skills they have and sell them, making them a part of the community. By doing this, it up values them, making them less depressed and naturally draws companions to them by doing things together helps create bonds.

THE LINK, 2017

Individual Final Year Project Status : Completed Design Team : solo

Revitalize When given this project, we are restricted to only using 8 module with each being only 3000mm x 3000mm. It was quite a challenge but through the retriction, I was able to create this office space. This is an office space i designed that encourages and promote better working environment. It is an open space where the user can do work yet enjoy the environment, making working a pleasant experience.


Nippon Paint SOHO Design competiton (Participated) Status : Completed Design Team : solo

Library Project This is a group project given by the German European School Singapore. The aim of this project is to create the future of learning, creating a center of excellence where technology is integrated into learning, where we put our creativity into the space by finding more furturistic means to aid learning process in library. This is a two storey library that has everything that a student would need, from tables with light box to a robotic librarian, it is a proposal that might not be possible now but for the future.

The Future of Library, 2016

Redesiging of the Library of the German European School Singapore (Won) Status : Completed Design Team : Khuraihan, Xydon Goh, Mirza and Joon Yin

Element of Spatial Design Through weeks of lecture from Professor Kong, we learnt the basics of abstract design and its methodologies, from its very beginning to the present. From the image that we have chosen, we are to trace it, then extrude it and play with the form to create an abstract form that could be use as a potential space that can be used and excuted into real building. It was an interesting process that enlighten my views on what design can do and create.

Hidden, 2015

Elements of space design Status : Completed Design Team : solo

Looney Monkey For our model making module, we are required to create a board game from scratch. This is a game quite similar to monopoly but so different in the context thus making it an engaging game for players. We had to think of games that are unique and not found anywhere. For the board, we had to go to the workshop to consult the workshop manager on what kind of material we should use as a board game should not be too heavy. The playing piece are cut using the laser cut material that our school has but we have to use the software, illustrator to trace out what shape we need for our playing piece. Lastly, the playing card and bard design are done also with illustrator. Overall, this board game was a success as most of our peers who tried it love the game but felt that it was a little too time consuming.

Looney Monkey, 2014

Model Making

Status : Completed Design Team : Denise Chua, Jing

Ting, Joon Yin

Pat Poltroncina During my first year in poly, we are taught software like 3Ds Max, AutoCAD and etc. This is a chair i recreated from the software, 3Ds Max, after learning it. Even though it looks simple, but the process of making it is quite an amount as there are things like bent and stretch to make it look real. The lighting also plays a huge factor.


Pat Poltroncina, 2014

3D Rendering

Status : Completed Design Team : solo