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Week 2 Computing in Architecture Week 3 Parametric Modelling Week 4 CUT/DEVELOP Week 5 Performance-Driven Design Week 6 Materiality/Performance/Ornament Group EOI


Week 1 Architecture as Discourse

‘A simultaneous, syncretic and multi-sensory imagination and an embodied empathy that are certainly beyond the capacities of the most powerful of computers.’ - Henry Moore Modern Sculptor

Walt Disney Concert Hall Los Angeles, California

Walt Disney Concert Hall Los Angeles, California

Frank Gehry

The Walt Disney Concert Hall opens on October 23rd with a concert by the Los Angeles Philharmonic by Frank Gehry. The concept really starts with simple doodles, howerver, it is the computer aided the design brought it to life. It is more powerful when intergrating the mind and the technolegy together, when it comes to creation of spaces. It is also true that computer techniques has its advandtage compare to human actions by easy amendments, no human erro, or never gets tired when the design gets too complex. (Kolarevic,2003).

Antwerp Port Authorit (APA) Antwerp, Belgium.

Zaha Hadid

The concept is a free interpretation of a beam-shaped volume raised above the existing fire brigade building and supported on three sculptured concrete pillars housing the stairs and lifts. Two of the pillars are situated on the covered inner courtyard of the firehouse, while the third is located beside an external support point and consists of a panoramic lift shaft. A sculptural, sloping roof unites an underground lobby with the covered inner court. Access to the underground car park is an important aspect of the overall concept, with the loading & unloading bays and the refuse handling facilities also located here. The car park has space for

Antwerp Port Authorit (APA) Antwerp, Belgium. 300 or so cars and consists of a single underground level. The design of the square can be arranged so that daylight is allowed to enter. Never the less, computer aided design put the designer inside and outside the project simutanously, so the designer can get a comperhensive point of view of it. It provides with a whole new scope to view the project even before it is built, therefore there can be further amendments to the project. It may also stimulate the designer to push the design futther on to a new level.

Zaha Hadid

Kimball Art Center ARCHITECTS: BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group ‘The task of architecture is to strengthen our sense of the real, not to create settings of mere fabrication and fantasy. The essential mental task of the art of building is mediation and integration.’ - Prof. Juhani Pallasmaa.

Helsinki University of Technology, School of Architecture, Helsinki, FINLAND.

Kimball Art Center ARCHITECTS: BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group

Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Centre


Project: Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Centre Location: Istanbul, Turkey Developed by: SHINE Architecture Typology: Competition Submission Size: 9,000 m2 Year: 2011 Project Credits: Michael Smith, Minche Mena, Ruben Vazquez, Jose Zermeno, “Shine Architecture�

The Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Center by Shine Architecture is an example of initial concetual physical model (folding & enclosure) intergrated with computer based techiniques, which then develped into a mature finished project through planning, intergration, analysing and digital modeling.. It reflects how important it is to use computerized methods to develope and analyse the initial concepts into a successful design project, which comprises unique characteristics and expirences.

The process of intergrationnot only demands the designer to imagine the project, but also use the advantages of computerised techniques to put the designer inside and out of the project simutaneously, which allows futher manipulation of the project with a more wholistic horizon of perception to the project. Contemporary reinterpretations such as these can bring architecture to the present and provoke new interpretations of pre-existing ideas. For the Wyndham Project, we can imitate the similar design process, which starts with a basic form as a single module, through experiments of physical modeling to developing in variations of digital modeling , we can put ourselves in a new perception of thinking, in oder to improve and inspect the project in greater detail.

Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Centre



Date: 2004 Location: London, UK Description: This research was pursued as part of a MA dissertation in Emergent Technologies and Design at the Architectural Association. The central aim of the research is the development of a material system with a high degree of integration between its design and performance


air studio melbourne university

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