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Nerd Landia Act 2 A play by Cindia Wu

Characters Tito, hesitate boy Martin, guy in vexed Joaquin and Freddie, warmheartedness mates Silona, cold girl Ceci, Lupe and Susana, crazy girls            

Scene 1 In Math class. (Lights up, Math teacher talking about a question, Joaquin and Tito chat.) Joaquin: Do you get the answer? It’s so hard. Tito: No, my brain is mix up. I hope Junior Einstein is there. Joaquin: If he is there, he won’t helps you, he will helps his lovely Ceci. Tito: (Frown at Joaquin.) I will never ask you for help again. Joaquin: Come on, don’t do that. (Body turn to Tito.) (They continue talking and forget now is in the class. After few minutes, they hear a familiar girl’s voice.) Silona: (Already finish explain the answer of the question.) That is the answer. Joaquin: Look Tito, is that girl, you dance with her remember? She solve that problem, wow! (Silona wears a blue uniform-like dress, with a ponytail and glasses.) Tito: Really? (Search where’s the voice from.) I never notice she before, she sits in that corner. Joaquin: She is so smart, I hear teacher call her Silona. She is so silence, she never talking to other people.

Tito: Why you think so? Joaquin: If she have many friends, someone will speak about her in front of us. Also see her cloth, such formal and neat, she must be strict and is a “study pie”, all stuffing is knowledge. Tito: I don’t think so, she just shy. (Looking at Silona.) Joaquin: (Look Tito evilly.) You like her. Tito: NO, I’m just…… OK, I don’t want to argue with you. (Joaquin still looking at Tito evilly and grin.) Tito: (Become shy) OK, maybe, I just want to know who she is and be friend with her, so she can teach me Math. Joaquin: (Looking at Tito more nearly.) I’ll tell her you like her or you use your courage to chase her and you two become couple.Which one? (Pretend to call Silona.) Tito: NO! Don't do that! Joaquin: So you mean you will chase her? Tito: I don’t think I can. Joaquin: I will tell Junior Einstein and he will use his knowledge to tell you how to chase a girl. (Bell rings, it is lunch time, Joaquin and Tito go to the cafeteria, Martin and Freddie are there.)

Joaquin: Hi guys. (Look at Martin.) Where is your Ceci? Martin: Oh, she join the dance club and need practice today with her friends. Joaquin: Tell you something. (Looking at shy Tito.) Tito: No, you better not do this. Joaquin: He like Silona. Martin: Silona? Who she is? Joaquin: The girl that dance with him last week, she is really good at Math. Freddie: I know her, that never talking girl. I have music class with her, she is a pianist, the songs she plays are wonderful. (Think for a seconds.) Wait, she is the accompany of dance club, now she is in the auditorium, you guys want to see? Martin: Ceci is there too, and you two girlfriends also there. Let’s go. Tito: I don’t want to…… (Three boys push Tito to the auditorium, music from piano is beautiful.) Freddie: Wow, see? Joaquin: I can’t believe such a “study pie” can plays this. Martin: Oh my god!

Tito: My gorgeous! Ceci: Hi, Marty, why you guys here? Martin: Tito is looking for that girl. Ceci: Silona? Martin: Yes, they said she is a “study pie”. Ceci: her dream is go to the Harvard. Freddie: She is really pretty, Tito, you really should chase her. (Looking around.) Where is Tito? Joaquin: He is behind that table. Freddie: (Pull Tito out from that table.) You are so shy, go to there. (Point Silona.) Tito: No, next time is better. Ceci: (Put one hand on Tito’s shoulder.) If you still like this, Silona will never know you, come on! (Punch him softly.) She is cold, if you like this, I don’t think she even will looks at you. (Bell rings.) Tito: I should go. (Run away quickly.) (Lights dim, then darken.)

Scene 2 On a road, after school. (Lights come up immediately. Enter Joaquin and Martin.) Joaquin: Oh, Tito is so shy, he need help. Martin: Yes. (Nod his head.) At first, we need to let Silona know Tito likes her. Joaquin: (Think a moment, then grin.) I’ll go to tell her. Martin: I don’t think this is a good idea, but maybe this can advance their relationship. Joaquin: Martin! She is right there! In front of us, see? I am going. (Run to Silona.) Joaquin: Hi girl. Silona: (Turn her head and a little shock, then give him a smile.) Hi. Joaquin: You are Silona, right? Nice to meet you, I’m Joaquin. Silona: Yes, I am. Nice to meet you too. Joaquin: Do you know Tito? He like you.

(Suddenly, Silona’s face become cold.)

Silona: What you want? I don’t interest in boys. I need to go, bye. (Walk faster.) (Joaquin walk back to Martin.) Martin: Fail? You should look you depressed face. Joaquin: She is so weird, she said that she don’t interest in boys. When I told her about Tito, she suddenly became cold, I’m frozen. (Pretend walk stiff.) But she is not bad or something strict, when I say “Hi” to her, she give me a sweet smile. I think she just avoid “Boy” this topic. Martin: It’s really important news, I’ll send a message to Tito. (Take out his phone and start to type.) Joaquin: I think we should change Tito, he shouldn’t be shy. Every girl on this world will touch by a love heart. Martin: You are right. First, we need to make Tito brave. Second is find Silona’s information. Finally, just let Tito ask her about…… Joaquin: (Say next to Martin.) Be his girlfriend! (Lights dim, then darken.)

Scene 3 In front of a high school. (Lights come up immediately. Enter Tito and Joaquin.) Tito: Good morning. Joaquin: Good morning. Tito: (look around.) Where is Martin and Freddie? Joaquin: They go to the office, for you. Tito: Why? For me? (Point himself.) Joaquin: They go to “Steal” Silona’s information. Tito: What’s the heck! No one will let them see other student’s information. (Spread out his hand.) Joaquin: Remember big Ben? He is the TA of office at morning. Freddie is his friend, last time Freddie helps him, he’ll let Freddie see it. Tito: So why Martin go too? That’s so danger! Joaquin: he is Junior Einstein, he can remember all her information. Tito: Gosh, I don’t need that.

Joaquin: (Grinning.) Do you know why I don’t go with them? (Pretend ver mystery.) Tito: (Step back.) Not really, why? You don’t want to? Joaquin: Because I’m the one to make you brave. Tito: Me? Not need to…… Joaquin: (Suddenly.) Don’t say no, you are not man, you even not brave than a three-year-old little boy!Every boy have authority to chase the girl they like, and everyone tey whatever is success or fail. But you even don’t dare talk to her, you are a crowd! (Wait a moment.) Sorry, I am too excited. (Joaquin stares at Tito, Tito lower his head and sigh.) Tito: I’m so scared that she will reject me. Joaquin: Have you been loved? Like your parent love you. Do you like that feeling? Titi: My mother very love me, I really like that feeling. (Close eye and dreaming.) I feel full of love. Joaquin: Of course, everyone like that feeling include Silona. If you use your full-of-love heart to ask her, she won’t reject you. Just try. Tito: (Think a moment.) You are right, everyone like be in love, I’m a man. I should try. I will, I promise. Joaquin: That’s it, remember what you say, don’t change your mind. (Look at the watch.) Let’s wait for Freddie and Martin.

(Ceci come.) Ceci: Hi guys. (look carefully.) Where is Marty? Joaquin: Oh, he is at the office. Ceci: Why? Something wrong? Tito: No, he go to the office for find Silona’s information. (Become shy.) For me. Ceci: (Angry.) But he said that he’ll stay with me this morning. (Stare at Tito.) Who told him to does this? Tito: (Feel sorry.) No one, he just does it for me, I’m sorry. Ceci: Why he does this? He thinks Silona is important than me? He never broke his promise, I won’t be kind to Silona anymore. Joaquin: I don’t think Martin…… Ceci: Shut up! (Run away with anger.) Titi: How can I do? Joaquin: I don’t know, maybe something make her unhappy this morning. Her mind is not narrow. I’m so sorry too, I don’t know Martin need to stay with her this morning. (Martin and Freddie come to the stage.) Freddie: We get it! (Look at Joaquin and Tito.) Unhappy?

Joaquin: (Sigh.) Not just us, Ceci too. (Tell what happen before.) Martin: Oh my god! I forgot! (Seem sad.) I hurt her. Freddie: I think the problem is you do something for Silona, she is jealous. If you do something about a boy, even a male dog, she won’t like that. Martin: OK, whatever, I finish my job first. Silona has very good grade at any subject and she just come to this school half year. Tito: That’s why I never saw her before. Martin: But she hasn’t parent, she is an…… orphan! Tito: What?! Martin: I know, that’s really sad. Joaquin: Maybe this is the reason why she don’t wanna be friend with boys. What do you think? Junior Einstein? Martin: Do you remember her dream was go to Harvard? Maybe she sacred that if she connect with boys, her grade will fail, so she can’t complete her dream. Tito: That sounds right. Freddie: This isn’t a problem, Lupe and Silona now are friends, I can tell Lupe to opens this knot in Silona’s heart. Joaquin: Now, is your time to show your heart to Silona. (Look at Tito, Tito rises his head, feels full of courage.)

(Camera turn to the other corner, Ceci Lupe and Susana are there.) Ceci: I’m really upset today. Lupe: What happen? Ceci: Marty break his promise and the reason is for Silona! Lupe: Calm down, it’s for Tito. Ceci: However, I’m lose hope on Marty. And I’ll never be friend with Silona. Susana: Come on, don’t do that, Silona is kind, she even hasn’t talking with Martin. Ceci: I won’t change my decision, if you guys want to be my friends, stay away from her. (Bell rings.) Susana: What happen on her? Lupe: I don’t know. (Looking at her phone.) Wait, Susana, Freddie needs us to help Silona. Susana: How about Ceci? Lupe: She won’t do that, she will be fine, believe me. She is not that kind of person, she still call Martin “Marty”. (Lights dim, then darken.)

Scene 4 In a English class. (Lights comes up, Silona and Lupe sit together.) Lupe: Hi, Silona, how about today? Silona: I’m fine. Lupe: I heard other people said that you don’t interest on boys. And (A little hesitate.), they guess because you want to go to Harvard and worry this will affect your dream. Silona: (Astonished.) Who told you this? Joaquin? How can he know? Lupe: This is not the point. You know Tito likes you, so he uses his heart to search those information. Silona (Look at her serious.), love and study are two different things. You are a hard-working girl, you can separate those two things, can’t you? Silona: I don’t know, maybe. So you mean I should try to connect with him? Lupe: Clever, just try, I don’t think it will mixes up with your grade. Silona: OK, I believe you, I’ll try. No one say this to me before, you know my parent…… Lupe: I know, that’s really sad.

Silona: But this really helps me, thank you. (Smiles sweetly.) Lupe: (Smiles too.) You are welcome. (Camera turn to the other side of the classroom, Ceci and Susana are there.) Susana: Ceci, are you still feel angry? Ceci: Yep. (Say furious.) Susana: You should forgive Martin, he feel sorry. He just want to help Tito, not Silona. Ceci: He ignore me, I hate this. Susana: I’m sorry Ceci, but I must say this------ you are jealous, but actually nothing happen, this means you are really like Martin. Ceci: (Blush with shame.) No, I don’t like Marty. Susana: Whatever, you are still call him Marty, and I know agree what I’m just said, and you will forgive Martin. Ceci: Emm…… (Become silence.) (Bell rings, Tito, Martin, Joaquin and Freddie, Silona, Ceci, Lupe and Susana all go to the cafeteria.) Joaquin: See, Silona is right there. Go, man! Martin: Come on! (Tito walks to Silona.)

Tito: Silona, I have some thing say to you. I like you. Silona: (Surprise.) Really? Thank you. Tito: Can you be my girl friend? (Heart bound quickly.) Silona: Of course, if you dare to say this, why I don’t dare to try it? (Smile cutely.) Martin: Ceci, I’m…… Ceci: NO problem, that’s OK. You help your friend, I’m proud of you. (Ceci and Martin hug together.) (Four couple dance together again, everyone feel happy.) Tito: In this world must have someone love you, and waiting for you. Now, I find her, I come, How about you?


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Nerdlandia Act2 Magazine  

By Cindia Wu