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2018 Fall Gucci ready-To-Wear

For Gucci’s 2018 Fall and Winter women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele arranged the show as a bright white operating room, with a blue operating table in the center. “We are the Dr. Frankenstein of our lives,” said Michele. “There’s a clinical clarity about what I am doing. I was thinking of a space that represents the creative act. I wanted to represent the lab I have Michele was inspired by Cyborgs. Gucci's cyborg is post humanism, with a combination of eyes, halfanimals, dragons and twins in his hands. One of the climaxes of the show was that the two young models held their own heads across the stage. Alessandro Michele invited a Special effect makeup company - Makinarium in Rome - to make a simulation mold for the fashion show. I think that this is a thing that other designers cannot do. Michele always has a bold idea, and he can always achieve it, putting all his ideas in the fashion show. In design, Michele is still eye-opening with his imagination and cultural elements. The elements of the design were Balaclava headgear, Chinese wide trousers, English tweed, Scottish plaid print, Fair Isle sweaters, and beige vintage suit from Italy in the 80s. One of the more eye-catching runway items were a variety of Gucci x MLB Yankees hats ranging in color and style. MLB's hat itself was very simple, but with the Gucci logo and the butterfly pattern, the hat became simple and luxurious, and not just the sporty style. This hat can be worn with any clothes. Also, the embroidery on all Gucci clothes is very detailed in this fall and winter collection; every piece of clothing becomes very delicate because of these embroideries. Alessandro Michele, the brand's creative director, is getting better and better on the road of creation. The design season is more impressive than the seasons before.

It is more than a handbag I received a gift from my sister on my eighteenth birthday which changed my life and my future. I have been fond of fashion since I was a child. I like to read magazines and pay attention to fashion news. My dream is to become a fashion buyer and open my own shop. Fashion is something that makes me happy. But my parents didn't agree with me, and they didn't want me to study fashion or make it a permanent career, because they wanted me to study business. For them, business would be good for my future. So, I was learning something I didn't like and my dream was out of reach for me until I was eighteen. That’s when my sister gave me a Balenciaga handbag. Although this bag is simple, it means a lot to me. This is my first handbag from a famous brand, and I have always treasured it.

My sister is five years older than me and loves me very much. She knows that I have always wanted to learn about fashion, which is why she gave this gift to me. It was very important to me at that time in my life.. My sister also told me that she gave me this bag because she wanted to encourage me to pursue my favorite things, and study the major I was interested in, instead of blindly following my parents' arrangement.

She he told me, "If you can't be brave enough to pursue what you love, you'll regret it." This gift inspired me to study fashion. In 2016, I finished my art major in China. In 2017, I came to Canada to study my fashion marketing major. Now that I'm graduating, I'm about to start fulfilling my dream.

If my sister hadn't encouraged me and supported me to study fashion when I was 18 years old, maybe now I'd still be following my parents' arrangement and learning something I don't like. Now, I am studying the major of fashion marketing. I also have a plan for my future. I will become a fashion buyer, and I hope I can own my own shop in the future. My dream is coming true step by step. It's all thanks to my sister who gave me that Balenciaga bag when I was 18. The bag and her words of encouragement changed my life.


Plastic is the main trend in 2018 spring and summer from ready-to-wear shoes to accessories. For Chanel’s 2018 Spring and Summer collection, Karl Lagerfeld dused plastic to make a pair of over-the-knee boots. The combination of boot and tweed clothing is a perfect match. Valentino, Balmain and TIBI also used plastic elements such as a top like a rain coatraincoat. are you ready to add element of fantastic Plastic to your wardrobe ďź&#x;


How can there be no colour in summer? For sure all colors should appear in the summer. But this summer, it is all about the ice cream pastel: pinks, blues and lilacs, and tangy sherbet oranges and yellows. All colors should be soft, not heavy. Shown on the catwalks of Celine, Victoria Beckham, preen and Hermes. Ice cream pastel hues were big news in the 2018 spring/summer


As we know, Denim will never out of fashion; everyone has pieces of denim in their wardrobe and some people might wear denim every day. Good news! This year we have a new way to wear denim - try doubling up and going for a head-to-toe look as seen Fendi, Calvin Klein, TIBI, and Tom Ford.

Belt bag

For some people this convenience bag is for tourists, not fashion. But this year, all designers overturned these ideas. Now the Belt Bag is a necessity for fashion icons. It is not only a convenience bag. The Belt Bag is available in various styles, colors, and materials.

Product Descriptions BALMAIN/ Sequin mini dress $2889

The sequined mini dress from Balmain’s 2018 Fall and Winter Collection is styled in a graphic black and silver colorway that creates a deep V-neck impression. The sequined dress fully demonstrates the iconic charm of Olivier Rousteing. Choose a pair of shimmering Pumps to give your look more effect.

Product Descriptions Gianvito Rossi/ Ankle boots $825

If you think wearing Transparent PVC will make you feel like you're in a rain shoes - this will be a past tense. If you think that transparent PVC clothes are worn too much on your body, I recommend you starting with a sleek boot. Contemporary coolness comes from Gianvito Rossi's transparent PVC ankle boots. Leather laces and transparency create a strong contrast, while stiletto heels bring leg lengthening height.

Alibaba rethinks retail with a new Guess store in Hong Kong Developed by Alibaba, "FashionAI" is an artificial intelligence system that can provide consumers with clothing matching recommendations. Recently, together with the wellknown brand GUESS, and through the physical concept store on the campus of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the use of new retail technology creates a unique shopping experience. FashionAI is a human intelligence system developed by Alibaba to provide consumers with personalized clothing recommendations. In addition, Taobao stylists have more than 500,000 matching solutions and styling suggestions from Tmall cooperation brands to provide cross-brand clothing choices.

Personalized clothing with recommendations The biggest difference between the design of the FashionAI concept store and the general clothing store is that there is a smart mirror screen next to the display stand. Each piece of clothing is equipped with a smart lock. The lock is equipped with a gravity-sensing gyr-oscope and LoRa (Long Range) for transmitting and receiving signals. Before entering the concept store, the consumer Consumers log in to Taobao account first in the Identification area。

Consumers can also compare their clothes in front of the smart mirror screen. Through FashionAI's technology, the system immediately recognizes the fashion elements such as color, style, etc., and uses the artificial intelligence algorithm to recommend the matching method and display it on the screen. Choose a style, easy to try on In the past, the process of trying on clothes required consumers to determine the style and size first, and then line up for the fitting room; if the size or color was not suitable after trying on, customers needed to return to the display stand, or ask the sales associates for help. But in this concept store, consumers can choose the style and size they want to try on the screen, and then put them into the virtual shopping cart. They don’t have to take the clothes to the fitting room. The sales will take you to try on. If you need to try on other sizes or colors, just click on the smart mirror screen and the sales will be ready. In addition, the mirror screen of the fitting room is without a camera After the try-on, consumers can scan the QR Code of the product on the screen and connect to Taobao's GUESS store to place an order. All the orders in store can be shipped to your home