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DATA PREPARATION Reliable and efficient solution for secure document issuance MultiPerso Data preparation provides a simple and comprehensive solution for government organizations to issue employees` and national ID cards as well as passports based on smart chip technology.



Overview MultiPerso Data preparation software receives application, and profile data,

Provides fast, flexible and fully automated data preparation

keys and certificates from multiple sources. The data is checked and prepared

process for ID documents, driver licenses and passports

according to the defined setup and moved forward in the overall

Allows issuers to adapt the software to the existing environment

personalization process. It supports present and future smart card

and to configure it for specific program requirements, quickly and

technologies and requirements, such as contact and contactless interfaces,


mobile and multi-application environments, and post-issuance application

System performance can be upgraded by choosing the


appropriate HSM appliance(s) Enables seamless integration with existing environments and

MultiPerso Data preparation software allows to issue ID cards and passports

third-party card personalization systems

in both batch and single step modes:

Offers user friendly interface for definition and maintenance of multiple card products and personalization profiles

MultiPerso Data preparation Batch provides manipulations with input data separately from the encoding of smart card chips. Data preparation

System Functionality

may include transformation of data formats, crypto operations,

Enrols, checks and prepares data according to the defined setup

generation of certain ICAO data blocks, etc. Prepared data can be fed to

Protects data and provides audit reports

personalization machines or can be sent to another personalization

Interfaces with third party systems, such as card management

centres for further processing and personalization of smart cards. This

systems, HSM and personalization systems with minimal impact

mode is suitable for premium-range and high-range personalization

on existing systems

machines or when smart cards are personalized by several

Supports wide range of card products, technologies and

personalization bureaus in a distributed environment.

applications Offers two operational models - Batch processing or Single step

MultiPerso Data preparation Single Step performs manipulations with input data and encoding of smart card chips are performed in a single step. This component is suitable for the encoding of chip on desktops and mid-range and high volume personalization machines and also in instant issuing environment.

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MultiPerso ICAO Data Preparation  

MultiPerso ICAO Data preparation provides a simple and comprehensive solution for government organizations to issue employees` and national...

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