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Wang Szu-Hsin 2014 Design Portfolio

Hi, my name is

My name is Wang Szu-Hsin. Background I was born in a small family in Taipei. As the elder

It was a posion that offers a challenge. Further-

child in my family, I have an Independent personali-

more, my teacher nominated me as a leader of

ty. I always try to solve problems by myself. My

graphic design for 2012 graduaon exhibion

father is a commercial film director. And my

because of my good performance before. In order

mother is a housekeeper. When I was young, I was

to improve my design skill and be familiar with the

deeply influenced by my father due to his occupa-

real world of design industry, I had worked in two

on. I like painng, playing with clay, making some

different types of companies as intern, one is a

handicras since I was a child. I am deeply involved

company of animaon producon, and the other

in those interesng things.

one is a Technology company. Undoubtedly, this is


a memorable experience to me. I am glad that I

Fortunately, I have a smooth and delighul in the

have learned a lot from these training and it makes

course of my schooling. When I was in high school,

me have capability to deal with design problems

I found that art or design is the best way that I can

and organize resources.

choose. For this reason I went to painng class to

Aer graduang from Tatung University, I entered

learn painng skills and accumulated some works

the Naonal Taiwan University of Science and

for preparing my porolio. Luckily, I got an admis-

Technology (NTUST) for my master degree in 2012.

sion to Tatung University. And my major is industri-

I follow my academic advisor to conduct research

al design.

studies in the field of human factor engineering.

Studying design is quite hard but very interesng. I

And I found that I have a strong interest in the field

enjoyed learning new things that differ from high

of user interface and user experience. So I start my

school. I was deeply involved in my study during

research on it. I was well aware that changing

that me. And I have done my school work whole-

environment can promote me to learn new things.

heartedly. Therefore, I was academically excellent

Adjusng to the new culture forced me to change

in the class. Addionally, I was a graphic design

my thinking ways. For this reason, studying abroad

leader of Industrial design of student organizaon

could be a good choice for me.

in Tatung University when I was in my junior. And I was responsible for making various posters and graphic design.

Extra Acvity When I was in Tatung University, my partner and I were invited by Taipei MOCA Art Museum to manufacture a huge fesve lantern for Chinese New Year display. I also joined the photo club in Tatung University. I not merely concentrated on my study but also took part in various acvies. Such as different kinds of design compeons. Parcipang in design compeon can culvate my express skills and design capabilies. What is worth to be menoned is I also have got some design awards. Like golden award and Taipei Mayor Award of Taipei Internaonal Design Awards and Red Dot Design Award winner. Besides, I joined design workshops posively. Seeing that it was a good opportunity to make new friends who came from different study fields, countries and languages. Trying to communicate with foreign friends is fun. And we can also get confidence from cooperang to complete a project. In these few years, I went abroad to explore different countries such as Germany, Czech, Thailand and Japan. I am deeply a™racted by the disnct design style of every country I visited. As a student in the field of design, I think it is nothing more important than realizing different types of design.

Wang Szu-Hsin Born in 1990/05/16, Taipei, Taiwan E-mail: Phone: +886.973317120 an (R.O.C.) 5F., No.19, Ln. 64, Shuanghe St., Yonghe Dist., New Taipei City 234, Taiwan EDUCATION September 2012 –present Naonal Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan Candidate for Master of Design, department of Industrial and Commercial Design Major in User Interface and User Experience. September 2008 –June 2012 Tatung University, Taipei, Taiwan Candidate for Bachelor of Design, department of Industrial design Dean’s List 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012 WORK EXPERIENCE Industry-academic Cooperaon July 2012 – December 2013 Parcipated in Apacer Technology Inc.「An interacve UI design of JoiiUP J-Box」Indu stry-academic Cooperaon Project, Project number: 4300 (R&D number) 0066 (Industry & Commerce number). Parcipated in Apacer Technology Inc.「An interacve UI design of JoiiUp Web Link」Industry-academic Cooperaon Project, Project number:4301 (R&D number) 0067 (Industry & Commerce number). Parcipated in Apacer Technology Inc.「An interacve UI design of JoiiUp Mobile App」Industry-academic Cooperaon Project, Project number: 4304 (R&D number) 0068 (Industry & Commerce number). Parcipated in BRAND'S®˥䓝Ḕⷳ㜂Ə䶇剙倽婼˦Industry-academic Cooperaon Project of Green Christmas Tree Design, Project number:4284 (R&D number) 0065 (Industry & Commerce number). Parcipated in Industrial Technology Research Instute (ITRI)「廆『ㄆ㸓凮桖䤡㨈䴫Ḳὦ䔏Ẳ杉䟻䩝˦ Industry-academic Cooperaon Project, Project number: 4061(R&D number) 0061 (Industry & Commerce number). Parcipated in Sharptek Corporaon, Ltd.「Innovave design of the headphone」Industry-academic Cooperaon Project, Project number: 4061(R&D number) 0052 (Industries Center number). Parcipated in in Industrial Technology Research Instute (ITRI)「Exterior Design of Flexible Screen」 Industry-academic Cooperaon Project.

INTERN June 2008 - August 2008 NITELY Co., Ltd, Taipei, T N 3D Animator, IMAGE INFINITELY TAIWAN dering, Composing Com o po possi s ngg sin Modeling, Animaon, Rendering, July 2009 – August 2009 nology Corp, Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan T iwan Ta ID Designer, Proware Technology D modeling, Rendering Ren ndering ng Idea generaon, sketch, 3D rd disk box and Server S Chassis Appearance App ppea eara ranc ncee Design for computer case and 3.5-inch ha hard SOHO October 2013 – Present Bole design of PonPon Shower gel. le. Paern design of PonPon Body Loon bole. December 2013 – Present t. Bole design of Bai-go Laundry detergent. July 2010 – August 2010 Package design of Hwa Yuan potato chips. July 2010 – August 2010 Package design of ice lolly for TRIKO FOODS Co., Ltd. July 2010 – August 2010 Graphic design of TEACHER CHANG FOUNDATION Graphic design of 566 Shampoo. COMPUTER SKILLS 2D Graphic: photoshop, illustrator, indesign 3D Model and Render: Rhinoceros, Keyshot, V-ray Media: Aer Effect CERTIFICATION and LICENSE April 2010 Complete Level 2 Rhinoceros Training Course, Authorized by Rhinoceros Training Center. September 2009 Complete Level 1 Rhinoceros Training Course, Authorized by Rhinoceros Training Center. LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE September 2011 –May 2012 Graphic design leader of 「ACCIDENTAL CHORD」special issue, Tatung University. September 2010 –September 2011 Graphic design leader of Industrial design student organizaon, Tatung University. June 2010 Graphic design leader of final Exhibion in Huashan1914, Tatung University.

SCHOLARSHIP and HONOR April 2014 「Double Lock」, iF Concept Design Awards 2014, TOP 300. March 2014 「E-drip stand」, IDEA awards 2014, Shortlisted and candidate for finals. 「Easy Pin」, IDEA awards 2014, Shortlisted and candidate for finals. August 2013 「Easy Pin」, Taipei Internaonal Design Awards 2013, Taipei City Mayor Award and Golden Award. 「Easy Pin」, Sichuan-Taiwan Industrial Design Awards 2013, Future Star Award. July 2013 「Fetus Care」, reddot Design Award, Winner. July 2013 「Flip」, 1st Make it Real! Aivia mouse design compeon, Shortlisted. June 2013 「Inflatable Joysck」, 2nd Thermaltake’s Fantasy World creaon & design compeon, Bronze Awards. June 2013 「Birds」, 2nd Glenlivet Design Compeon, The Best Creave awards winner.

October 2012 「Illusion」, BRANDS˥䓝Ḕⷳ㜂Ə䶇剙倽婼˦Green Christmas Tree Design Awards, Golden Awards. September 2012 ˥憿憿䬭˦, Young Designers’ Exhibion Most Creave Talent Award of Tainan, Shortlisted. May 2012 ˥忶㗵棆Ⰱ˦, 12th Young Designers’ compeon, Product Design, Honorable Menon. ˥憿憿䬭˦, 12th Young Designers’ compeon, Product Design, Honorable Menon. October 2011 「Easy White Cane」,Taipei Industrial Design Award, Honorable Menon. April 2011 「ecobole」, YSED compeon, Taiwan, Honorable Menon. April 2010 Mother's Day card design compeon, Tatung University, Silver Award. December 2010 ˥會ヶ˦,「Between the light and shadow」Photography Awards, Tatung University, Award for Excellent. ˥ℰ⽘Ḳ敺˦,「Between the light and shadow」Photography Awards,Tatung University,Shortlisted. May 2010 「Just do not let it happen」, series graphic design, 19th Times Young Creave Awards, graphic design compeon, Taiwan, Top 20. 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012 Best-all-round Student scholarship, Tatung University.

ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES and WORKSHOP July 2013 OPEN HCI 2013, an assistant of the 4th Student-Organized Workshop on Human-Computer Interacon, Taiwan Tech. July 2012 OPEN HCI 2012,the 3th Student-Organized Workshop on Human-Computer Interacon,Taiwan Tech. September 2012 The 2th Cultural Creave Design Workshop with Art Center College of Design, Taiwan Tech, Golden Award. December 2008 Invited to parcipate in making large-scale lanterns for「FUN牛吃草」party in MOCA Art Museum. September 2008 – June 2012 Tatung University photo club.

CONFERENCE, RESEARCH and RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS September 2012 – Present Parcipated in Research on the Design and Applicaon of Smart Mobile Devices with Cloud Compung and Social Interacon Model, Naonal Science Council Research Project, Project number: NSC 101-2221-E-011-002-MY2. March 2014 Chen, C.-H., Wang, S.-H., Huang, Y.-C. User Preference Study on the Applicaon Interface of Social Album Layout Style of Mobile Devices, The 21st Annual Meeng of the Ergonomics Society of Taiwan (USB Edion), Naonal Chin-Yi University of Technology. October 2012 – May 2013 Parcipated in Research on the Wearable Device「Fetus Care」, Naonal Science Council Research Project, Project number: NSC 101-2218-E-011-040. December 2013 Chen, C.-H., Hsiao, W.-H., Wang, S.-H., User Recognion on the Tab Bar Locaon and Screen Size of the Mobile User Interface Design, The 20th Annual Meeng of the Ergonomics Society of Taiwan (DVD Edion), Naonal Taipei University of Technology, p.1-7. December 2012 Chen, C.-H., Chen, S.-C., Hsiao, W.-H., Wang, S.-H. and Huang, Y.-C., 㕟ἴ䦸㉧㕀備⹚ḲẲ杉娔姯凮ὦ䔏俬 䵺樾䟻䩝Ə2012㙡ㅎ曢⬷ㆰ䔏娔姯䟻姵㛪媽㕮暭(DVD Edion)(invited paper)Ə㗌㛯㽔㕀⸒㛪椏Əp.1-8。

November 2012 Chen, C.-H., Hsiao, W.-H., Chen, S.-C., Wang, S.-H. and Huang, Y.-C., Research on the Photo Sharing Interface Funcons of Social Network Applicaons in Smart Phones, 2012 Taiwan Instute of Kansei Conference Proceedings (DVD Edion), Naonal Dong Hwa University, p.587-591. November 2012 Chen, C.-H., Hsiao, W.-H., Chen, S.-C., Huang, Y.-C. and Wang, S.-H., ㆰ䔏Persona方㲼㖣≜㖗䔉⒨敲䙣Ḳ 䟻䩝,2012㗵⾾䦸㉧⤎⭟㉧堺凮㕀⭟䟻姵㛪媽㕮暭(DVD Edion),Ming Chi University of Technology, p.1-6.

March 2012 Wang, S.-H. and Leung, C.-Y. An Ergonomic Scissor Handles Design for Elder, The 19th Annual Meeng of the Ergonomics Society of Taiwan (DVD Edion), Naonal Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology.

Contents Industrial Design



Easy Pin


Pin Sck




Fetus Care


Double Lock


Tacle Medicine Package 43 Household Appliances Mobility Life

Future Life

Products for Children

Blood Glucose Stamp








Inflatable Joysck


Easy White Cane




Flood Traffic Light


Floang-mini kitchen


Crayon Sharpener


Chick Chick


Recognizable bole


Around the music


Rock with me


Plumbing crayon


Graphic Design

User Interface Design


Accidental Chord


Just do not let it happen


Poster design for TTU


Charaters graphic design


co2 CI design


T-shirt paern design


Illustraon of CF


WiFun App design


Joiiup icon design


Joiiup UI design


Joiiup web design


personal web design


Show me












Easy Pin Pin sck EZruler

Easy Pin

size:16x16x14 mm material: metal, plas c designer: Wang Szu-Hsin and Lee Yin-Kai Easy Pins combines clips and pushpins. User can use Easy Pin to clip their notes and photo. And it will not make unsightly holes on your paper and precious photos. It is user-friendly by applying a holding way to fix a paper or photo, and can avoid the hassle of extrac ng a thumbtack. The special angle help users to pick and pull EasyPin easily. Furthermore, the shape keep EasyPin stable on the table.

Pin notes in a new way!




Easy Pin

IDEA design award 2014,Shortlisted and candidate for finals.

19 180

Taipei internaonal design award 2013, Taipei City Mayor Award & Golden Award.

The pins will leave annoying holes on the paper

Replace a new one without taking off pins and protect your papers and pictures.

While using tradional thumbtack: Using the sharp end of thumbtack to pierce through paper and fix paper on the board. Tradional thumbtacks will leave annoying holes on the paper. On the other hands, it is not convenient to take pins and pull up. While using Easy Pins: Using the spring of clips to fix paper and photo, and avoid piercing through paper. We do not need to pull up thumbtack for changing paper.

Pull out with difficulty.

Pull up easily.

It is easy to roll or fall.

Stable and easy to puck up.

21 180

Because Easy Pin is one of common daily commodies. And the gap of manufacturing this kind of merchandise is not so high. For this reason, we want to produce our design in mass producon. Inially we tried to modify our 3D model to fit the limitaon of mold. We have changed the appearance of Easy Pin many mes, and have ameliorated the funcon and durability with experienced professional. We must reduce the cost of packages as well due to the limited funds, and make our design be­er and be­er.



Silver color prototype

Texture EasyPins are made of transparent plas c which will not blank your documents and photos.On the other hand, metallic EasyPins are durable. On the other hand, we also plan to offer Easy Pin with various color in the limit of cost.

transparent plas c prototype

ABS prototype

acrylic prototype

25 180

Young Designer’ Exhibition

12th Young Designers’ compe

on, Honorable Men on.

! ch Oo

Pin S ck Aim it, nail it !

designer: Wang Szu-Hsin and Chang Yi-Hsin Tradi onal pushpins have alway or Spill on floors, which troubled people for a long

me. The Pin S ck is designed to change the way we use and store pushpins. To reduce the volume of pin, we redesigned the pin to connected head and tail, and store in the Pin S ck. Pin S ck works just like a clutch(mechanical) pencil, it can keep pushing pins out con nuously. You will not need to pick out pins from the li‰le case and fear of being stabbed anymore. To avoid pushing pins out Inadvertently, Pin S ck has a Safety mechanism that the


bu‰on could release only while pressing the safety p on to Cork mat.


Buon Refill Pack

An-slip Rubber Grip

Pin Holder

Hole Aimpoint & Safety Tip


The hole on the top of pins can make pins stack in to strips easily, and make pins storeed in the Pin Sck.

29 180















size:16x16x14 mm material: metal, plasc designer: Wang Szu-Hsin and Huang Yu-Chang Ezruler is a ruler which can record the measuring path and show the distance which users measured immediately on the top window of the EZruler. As the way to use the tape measure, EZruler is portable and useful to be a measuring tool and make people finish their jobs more easily.


However somemes it is not convenient that we need to ask for friends’ help to hold the other side of the tape measure. Now we can use EZruler to do it in a more efficient way.

30cm + 22.5cm + 18cm + 13.5cm = #%@#^$@....

If people want to measure the distance connuously, using the EZruler, they can easily get the sum of different distances without calculang by themselves.

By using EZruler, we don’t have to endure the messy storage way with normal rulers.

We can check the measuring result on the top window of the EZruler immediately and clearly.



31 180

Fetus Care Double Lock Tacle Medicine Package Blood Glucose Stamp

Belt and App design for premature delivery With the appropriate supporng of novel belt dress design and a smart phone app to record the detected data, the related informaon are sent onto the cloud, health care system, to assist an establishing online medical care database and an emergency contact system, providing users and doctors the informaon about the baby.

Pregnant mothers couldn’t be cared for instantaneously outside hospitals. The health care system can’t reach into homes.

Premature delivery is hard to foresee due to the unprofessional devices. Pregnant women get confused with these devices.

It is hard to noce the signs of premature delivery, such as uterince contracon and fetus heart rate.

Designer Wang Szu-Hsin, Cho Szu-Yang Kao Yu-Chung, Lee Chih-Hsin


Pan Chang-Yu


Supporng belt

Sensor system

Control unit ECG sensing posion

Device pocket

Design Features: Detachable design allows ease of use when taking apart for washing.The ECG and EMG send the signals of uterine contracon and fetus heart rate to the control unit, and then update to cloud ECG


Abnormal warning

Emergency call buon

Warning Mode When the supporng belt detects an abnormal condion in the fetus heart rate or uterine contracon, it vibrates and begins to alarm. At the same me, the app warns the pregnant woman and her family. They can quickly press the emergency call buon and call the


judge the situaon.


doctor for help. Doctors would receive the signals and

Operaon step

Bu on up the ECG pads.

Put the control device in the pocket.

Adjust the right sensing posion.

Fasten the supporng belt.

Turn on the sensing device .


Cloud database

Smartphone Healthcare plaorm

Pregnant women


A real-me physiological monitoring system of pregnant women provides pregnant women, family members and medical personnel, with a communicaon pla­orm of immediate medical care cloud. We employ the projected contracon of the abdominal muscles (EMG) to conduct contracons frequency detecon, and non-invasive way of monitoring maternal fetal electrocardiogram (FECG) signal, to assess fetal heart condion. With wifi wireless transmission, physiological informaon is sent to the cloud database.


App design and Belt design (Leˆ page) The supporng belt monitors the fetus heart rate and uterine contracon, and then transmits the signals to the cloud and App. Pregnant woman and her family can get her body condions through App. The green circle indicates the condion of uterine contracon, and the orange circle shows the condion of fetus 39

heart rate.





Capsules are properly protected

Push the capsules into “prepara-

Push the capsules out of pill

in the "security zone"

­on zone”

blister pack.

Double Lock

designer: Lee Yin-Kai, Lai Chih-Wei, Wang Szu-Hsin and Hang Yu-Chang The squeezable drug packaging make us use conveniently. However the aluminum foil some­mes make people feel vulnerable to protect capsule. Child could squeeze out of the medicine easily. In par­cular, carrying the capsule on one's person, the aluminum foil may break by the crash or squeeze in our bag. ‘’Double lock’’ is a new medicine package design. We need to take two steps of squeezing for a capsule. In this way, we can prevent the capsule from squeezing easily and effec­vely. We not only worried about children ea­ng by mistake, but also give one more protec­on for the expensive drugs.

PVC shell medicine PVC shell Aluminum foil



41 180

iF concept design award 2014, TOP300.




Tacle Medicine Package

designer: Lee Yin-Kai, Lai Chih-Wei, Wang Szu-Hsin and Hang Yu-Chang This design is for the pill blister package that will display a tacle message not to take the drugs once enough me passes. The material would consist of two layers, with the top containing the original drug’s info label and a bo€om layer with ink that slowly seeps into the top. In addion to the visual message, there is a tacle clue will appear a„er enough me passes. The tacle warning message will become clear as a raised cross pa€ern and the visual impaired paent can immediately know to get a fresh refill.

43 180

Problem that user might face The visual impaired paent and elder people can’t not immediately know the info of the expired medicine.

Visually Impaired


Soul on



Oops! It has expired!

Users can’t disnguish the expiraon date on the package if the sight and context on the package are not clear.

red ink aluminum foil



When enough me passes there will be some gas


released from medicines.


Blood glucose meter


Blood Glucose Stamp

designer: Lee Yin-Kai, Lai Chih-Wei, Wang Szu-Hsin and Hang Yu-Chang The disease called “Diabetes” is caused by a fault in the insulin produc on of the body. Diabetes has to keep their blood sugar in a good range in case of losing of consciousness. So they must aware of the glucose values measured by blood glucose meters tes ng regularly. Because some mes the process of blood tes ng is inconvenient and uncomfortable, we combined the electronic stamp into the portable blood glucose meters and let Diabetes operate it more efficiency. Diabetes can easily stamp their measuring values on the recording list. Only two steps they need the blood glucose tes ng is finished.



Three steps and different tools.

108 mg/dl










108 mg/dl ?


4 7




(A) Blood collecon. (B) Measuring the glucose values by diabetes measurement device. (C) Write down glucose values we measured. But they oen record wrong numbers easily. (D) It is easy to make mistake that heavy paents write down the Glycemic Index (GI.) many mes by themselves in a day. Step 1

Step 2

The other end of the pen is an electronic stamp which can be adjusted along with values we measured.


Figures can refresh immediately!


LCD screen

157 mm


The Index ring Axis Slip area Pin box Protecve cap pin 49 180

24 mm

Birds Chair


size:60x54x74 mm material: glass, metal designer: Wang Szu-Hsin and Hunag Yu-Chang The concept of this glass cup is from the image of birds. Just like bird watching while we are enjoying the wine tas„ng. We would have fun with the cup as birds hooking on our fingers. On the other hand, we would appreciate the beauty of light reflec„on and color change along with shanking the cup and wine. We also design a cup holder for hanging cups. Like the way that the bird take its perch on a tree branch.

2nd Glenlivet Design Compe„„onThe Best Crea„ve awards winner.



glas gl a s vveerssio ion n

We cooperated with the experienced crasman, Mr. Liou, who is skilled at glassblowing arstry in Hsinchu. Because we don’t have mold, Mr. Liou had to guess the shape of modeling from our design and therefore there is li�le different on the appearance from acrylic prototype.

55 180

We can hang the cups on the special holder we designed for falling preven on.

We hold the cups just like birds hooking on our fingers.

57 180

Base on the surface of hexagonal and extend the smooth curve to the feet of the chair. The form is not only as elegant as flower but also symmetrical structure. Otherwise one foot of the chair is designed to different shape to hang on bags. People will get more fun when sing on the chair.

The so cushions is suitable

People can hang on their

for sedentary.

bags on the feet which can prevent bags to be stolen by others.

59 180

FLIP Inflatable Joysck Easy White Cane


size:105x66x30 mm material: ABS, metal, ruber designer: Wang Szu-Hsin and Hunag Yu-Chang We oˆen stuff a bunch of computer peripheral devices in our bag when going out. It is very inconvenient and easily to get messy as we are using computers with bunch of wires. We can use FLIP to solve this problem. FLIP is a 3 in 1 mobile device with func ons of joys ck, mouse and presenter. Users can change different mode in an easy way. For example, when we are ring of working for a long me, we can change the gaming mode by turning the mouse up-side down to be a joys ck. Want take a rest? Just need to flip your hand!

63 180

Make it Real! Aivia mouse design compe

on, Shortlisted.

Prototype %XVLQHVV



FLIP can change different module which depends on users’ needs.It is very convenient to carry FLIP for people on business because they don’t have to bring a presenter in addion.On the other hand the gaming users also don’t need to bring a joysck of enormous size and mouse in the same me. They can remote control computers and enjoy playing their games when sing on the sofa during playme.

The Micro USB can connect to the computer and supply FLIP with power. On the other hand users also can remove the wireline and use Bluetooth to connect to computers.

Mouse Mode

Presentaon Mode

Gamming Mode

65 180

Various colors FP



Power Indicator The green light means that FLIP is full of power. It can be used as a wireless mouse when removing the Micro USB. When the red led lights is on it means Flip needs to be charged.

Module contact points

Micro USB

Side quick funcon keys


Replaceable module The concave surface keeps

Quick funcon keys

buon from the desk.

for module

Presentaon module

Gamming modules

There are metal connectors in the back of mouse. Users can freely change different module by their needs. 67 180

Func on


Inflatable Joys ck Jo

designer: Wang Szu-Hs Szu-Hsin and Huang Yu-Chang ne type form of game control device Inflatable Joys ck is a new for people who have to sspend long me traveling and taking the public transporta o transporta on. The tradi onal joys ck is heavy and big that we can’t bri bring them out easily. The concept is came from the swimming ring which needs to be inflated. It offers players another choice to storage it in the bag because it is small, light, joins convenient and reliab reliable. On the other hand, it can protect phones well w while we are playing games by its so‰ and flexible surfac surface. Combining the APP games of mobile phones brings us more fun because we can play games everywhere!

2nd Thermal Thermaltake’s Fantasy World crea on &


design comp compe on, Bronze Awards.



Comfortable and easy to hold!

Before It is not easy and comfortable to hold the joysÂ?ck. On the other hand it may get broken when users drop their phone on the ground. Aer PVC material makes the joysÂ?ck easy to hold and protect the cell phone when falling down on the ground.








Stept 1

Stept 2

Flexible and foldable

Enjoy it! PVC

71 180

Easy White Cane size:1300 x 33 x 38 mm

designer: Wang Szu-Hsin and Chang Yi-Hsin The blinds oen encounter problems when crossing roads and taking buses. Because they could not see the bus number, only by stopping every bus and asking the driver, or ask passers-by to help could they get on the right bus. While crossing the road, although there are audio signals for blinds, but the start buon is hard to find.


Taipei Industrial Design Award, Honorable Menon.



凡⋾ⷌ㥔娔姯䌵 7$,3(,,1'8675,$/'(6,*1$:$5'

%2 2 * 2 2

Aid for taking the bus With the "visual a erimage marquee", we can significantly reduce the size of the LED panel, making bus drivers more Corresponding point mindful of the blind’s request of geng onto his or her bus. Braille figures

Aid for crossing the road Built-in RFID chips, link with the Audible Traffic Signal. When the blinds come near a juncˆon, the Audible Traffic Signal will


automaˆcally start and does not need to search for the


bu‰on. This funcˆon can also avoid the conˆnuous noise


which is quite annoying to the neighborhood.

flexible rope Mae Acrylic buon


Sha Sha Track of wire

75 180

Prototyping In order to present the real circumstances cir that the blinds use this design, we had soldered circuit boards and made a shell to fix it. And we demonstrated the visual aerimage marquee in the compeon. My partner and I also got the honorable menon and had the chance to parcipate in Taipei design exhibion in 2011.



ecobole Flood Traffic Light Mini Kitchen

A eco way of living , a way of eco-living. Eco-Bole has color e-ink that provides the demand for packaging design, but also makes it recognizable of Beverages. E-inks can show the informaon of the drinks and more, including weather forecast, news and adversement. Therefore, the eco-Bole will be an all new Ad Plaorm that will update data while consume. Even beer is the e-ink consumes electronic power only while updating, to achieve the purpose of saving energy. designer: Wang Szu-Hsin and Chang Yi-Hsin


YSED compeon, Taiwan, Honorable Menon.

See a video!

4.6 billion/year The use of PET boles in Taiwan is about 4.6 billion, the volume is equal to 3 Taipei 101 !


Lower Packaging, shipping costs

Lower Recycling costs


Convenience Stores &Vending machine Subsidize


Cash Back

Buy Plaorm



About PET

Convenience Stores

PET bole is the most commonly used plasc

The Density of convenience stores of Japan and

product of modern, it is produced easily and keeps

Taiwan is at the top. In the metro area, there are

drinks in good condion that makes Japan produces

several within hundred meter. If we can fill the

more than 54 tons of PET bole every year. Howev-

drinks up in the convenience store will lower the

er, manufacture of a PET bole produces 93 grams

cost and waste of package and transportaon. It will

of greenhouse gases, although the recovery rate of

be an all new consumpon paern in cies.

PET boles is gradually increasing, the process of

And E-ink

regeneraon funds spent and the resulng polluon

E-ink products launched in recent years, and flexible

sll cannot be ignored.

color e-ink paper is ready to come out. If we can change the current packaging into reusable e-ink


plasc paper will decrease.


paper, then the cost and waste of the print and

How It Works The auto fill-up and clean-up vending machine makes bo le reuse effecvely. With big size touch-screen, consumers can easily find out the drinks they want. It also show the detail and the picture of the drinks as reference. The system recognize users by the chip on the bo les that allow users to save their favorites list on web server. Even more, when the screen is not in use, it will change into a wonderful commercial plaorm spread all over the city. E-Wallet Consumer can pay by cash but also by electronic wallet (RFID smart card), such as “visa pay wave” or “Sony FeliCa (ᤂᥠ᥏ᦀᥜᣵᥪ᥏®) ” which shorten the progress. QR-Code Consumer can get all the infomaoin via the QR-Code system on cell phone.


エコボトル ピュアホワイトとダークエネ ルギー 使いやすい ポータ タブル Push-to-Openキャッ ップ





Flood Traffic Light

designer: Lee Yin-Kai, Lai Chih-Wei, Wang Szu-Hsin and Hang Yu-Chang When road is flooded, it is hard to tell how deep the water is. Risky drivers may hence get stuck in the flood with careless a­tude to water deep. This can make a serious damage to vehicles. To prevent life and financial damages, we take original traffic light to evolve into "Flood Traffic Light" as a solu„on. When flooded, original traffic signal will be replaced by blue arrows. Driver can see this indicator to turn before get into dangerous zone.

Safe to pass. Flood Traffic Lignt equips tradional traffic signals in usual days.


Flood should stop or turn.

When flood reaches 20cm dangerous deepness, Flood Traffic Light will display icons to prevent driver from geng close and remind drivers for detour direcon.

Stop and rotaon

Turn le or right Flameout:30cm

20 cm water a on n detecon

Warning deep:20cm 85 180

Scenario - Flood Traffic Light system

Warning deep:20cm


20 cm water detecon

The sensor of the water detecon will be acvated if water reaches 20cm high. Then the Flood Traffic Lights will turn into emergency mode automacally to lead drivers to 180

and accidents.


save roads. This can decrease the chance of cars damaged

Scenario - Emergency Rescue

The top of Flood Traffic Lights can help SAR (Search and Rescue) teams find the flood area in the dark quickly, and 89 180

control the scope of flood efficiently.

Fashion and clear mini kitchen

Young Designer’ Exhibition

12th Young Designers’ compeon, Honorable Menon.


Size:135 x 50 x 53 cm designer: Wang Szu-Hsin and Chang Yi-Hsin With natural wood color, shape in simple lines; the high-tech kitchen is equipped with powerful cookware: sink, stove, oven, range hood, appear in elegant and light a€tude hanging on walls. Apart from the requirements of beauty, simple operaon, more demanding on the posive impact of humans and the environment; non-toxic, low electromagnec waves, low-power appliances, people eat at ease and also energy and reduce carbon. We invite you to feel the magical transparent film heang technology, taste of fashion design, and eat healthy, here


in my li‡le take a cooking mansion.


We hope to reserve the core values and image of kitchen design; clean, bright and professional atmosphere are just standard condions. Moreover, the kitchen is the base of taste and smell; we try to put these percepon factors into the design, like the choice of materials: wood, warm color to bring up the taste of foods, but also bring people increase fresh, natural feelings. In addion, the warm lights can also increase appete.

The process of UI icon design, we tried to make them simple, beauful, and understandable. 93 180

The tradional kitchen oen gives a huge, heavy impression, but there are many single or small families in modern, they usually do not have much living space, and small amount of cooking needs, then they need a mulfunconal and small kitchen. When we designed the appearance of the mini-kitchen, we found out lines at right angles are likely to cause the pressed space, the feelings of oppression. So we tried to shape lines outward, aer several angles, we and found that the structure of 120 degrees can bring a wide, stable but lively atmosphere.



Technology To save energy and take care of human health, we use the glass film heang technology, it can save 50% of energy than Inducon Cooker (IH heater), at a conversion rate of 85% with Low electromagnec wave, can reach the temperature in few seconds. Not limited to the use of pot material, can even put foods directly on the glass top to cook. Honor The mini kitchen also got the honorable menon, and demonstrated on the Young Designers’ Exhibion in 2012.



Crayon Sharpener Chick Chick Recognizable bo le Around the music Rock with me pulmbing crayon

25 mm

shape A

75 mm


shape B

Crayon Sharpener C Sh

What would you do when your crayons are too short to use?


Throw away or buy a new one? yon Sharpener" Now we can solve this problem by "Crayon o connect two to reuse this old crayons.Only need to available pieces of crayons , though the length will be available ed at opposite opposite to use. There are two sharpeners located of the body to each other.Aer paring crayonss to two yons together specific shapes, kids can put crayons yon which was endways.Then they can get a new crayon composed of different colors.In addi­on to color-sensiun in learning ­ve ability, kids would have more fun drawing.

I have a new one!

dfifferent crayons could be stacked to many groups.

101 180

Chick Chick

If there are cute animals around while being having meals, isn’t it more fun and more desire to eat?The design concept came from the image of chicken pecking rice, and transferred to that kids should have eang intenon to grow up. This design concept improved tableware safety and provide the interesng use experience while the kids having the meal, and happily using this design tableware. Each part of the design has correspondence funcon and color plan, which could enhance children’s cognion abilies. The storage form of nest came from bowls combinaon and presented the “home together” image. From each funconal part to combine to a complete chicken form make kids have the indicaon of storage aer


they used the tableware and have fun like the toys combinaon.


I tried to merge the animal images into tableware. Besides, I also took the storage of tableware in to consider. So I designed a pair of stackable bowls with image of birds or chicks. The cute appearance and interesng usage might make children have strong intenon to set up and clean up the table and enjoy their eang me.



Color plan:

Storage to a nest form make the design more interesting and fulfill with storytelling content.



tail-soup spoon


For safety dining environment of kids, the bowls coated silicone to cut off heat and increased the fricon while put on the table. children can pull and share food easily by the design of the beak.

The bowl bo om designed more higher in center than the sides to let the soup or sources le�, and avoid kids


took extra salt.



30 3

Recognizable bottle bottle

designer: Huang Yu-Chang and Wan Wang ng Szu-Hsin Increase the capacity of the scale wh when the nurse and mother can provide in understa understanding feeding the baby milk in good condition, through this design, as long as the scale aimed at the bottle, do not break the baby's milk situation ca can understand the speed of the baby's milk and obs observation and to determine whether the baby to co concentrate on eating, or have other physical cond conditions by the


impact of loss of appetite.


With recognizable bottle, Interrupting g baby Becau use the drinking milk is no longer needed. Because reco ognized scale on the bottle is easy to be recognized o the when feeding the baby or standing on table.

How much milk is le?




Have Fun



on !

Around the music

The concept is about transforming the piano to a new form of the musical instrument.It is a breakthrough design in this product to be a round piano.Children can easily arrange the piano to be one or many groups.Otherwise they can make an arrangement of these parts in different shapes to get more fun.Vivid colors and paerns design bring life to this product. We want to create a joyful atmosphere that kids could enjoy learning music while they are using these products. In the east, the circle paern is a symbol of working together gratefully. With this design, kids may understand the deeper meaning of corporaÂ?on and share their happiness with each other.

Woo !Woo !


Do on!


113 180

I tried to capture the cute animal image to aract children's aen on. Through different combina ons and permuta ons, children will get more fun and flexibility. And create a joyful playing me.



+ Toy box


Rock with me size:60x30x34 cm

material: wood, ruber “Share” make individual quickly involved into group by iniave sharing and interacon. “Rock with me” is a new type of toys box, which could not only use to storage toys but to transform to seesaw while kids got together. The core value is corporaon idea, which could let kids to find others and interact with each other. The joyful and interacon experience could be came from the toys they shared.

120 cm

Rubber wheel

15 cm

Toy storage box 30 cm

rail 22 cm 60 cm


34 cm 117 180


The mul forms design makes the toys boxes have more diversity and flexibility. The wheels and handles let kids move the box more easily and interact with each other. The main component is bone design to connect two toys boxes, and the two dogs fight situaon became interesting image. (Right page)

Step 1. Invite your friend!

Step 2. Move toy res.

Step 3. Put on the toy bones!

Step 4. Have Fun! 119 180


3D rendering

paper prototype I have merged many kinds of animal images, such as rabbits, dogs, fish and cats and so on. I have done the paper prototype to test the feasibility as well. Finally,


image as the final design.


aer discussing with my teacher, I choose the dog



Size: 30x30x30mm

Plumbing Crayons

"Plumbing Crayons" is a kind of adapter that could be used to grouping crayons. Kids can easily put different color of crayons together and paint on papers by their unlimited imaginaon. Connecon and recycling used crayons are the core values of this product. The silicon casing design stands a center role for forms transformaon and used in different situaon. Plumbing Crayons could let kids arrange variety forms with their imaginaon.

123 180

Children could share their works or imaginaon drawings by using the combinaon of crayons.

The silicon casing design could let kids arrange variety forms with their imaginaon.

Children could be developed their color cognive abilies through the different casing forms design process. Through different crayon color mixing, kids can present different color on the paper at the same me. The storage silicon casing design could be a decoraon on 125

the table and become a colorful and interesng stuff.


ࡧᆲм౫ ౫Thoughts ap ppears out of nowhere. ‫ש‬উ‫ࡧױ‬ ࡧᆲЩൖԚ࣐ ࡧ ࣐࢒౩‫ޠ‬ঐᡞȂܺΤ‫ܫ‬ຬ‫ޠ‬Ԉ‫ۥ‬Ȃᇨആя឵ ࣐ ឵ܼࡧ ᆲ‫ޠ‬ਣ໣ ໣ᇅޫ໣Ȃࡧ ໣ ࡧᆲԇӶ຀өᆎ‫ם‬ԓȂԼ߇ኪ༅Ȃԥ‫ޠ‬ϣด ࡧ ดԥ‫ז‬ ȃԥ‫ޠ‬һ һᓀી༅ һᓀી༅Ȃ‫܅‬ һ ᓀી༅Ȃ‫܅‬ ‫܅‬ԫϟ໣Ϥࣻኈ៫ȂӶӤኻ‫ޠ‬ਣ໣၈Ȃϛᘟ ‫܅‬ ᘟԥུ ‫ࡧޠ‬ᆲм м౫ȂᒋӬ ȃ м ȃһ᠓ȃ࿧ኢȃ࿦ບ///࿌ࡧᆲತᑗ‫ژ‬Κۢ ۢ ૗໕ ࡤȂ໡ۗ ۗ‫ܫ‬ᚕ/// ۗ We metaphor p thoughtts as individual planets.Put into an abstract ga alaxy, creating a space that belongs to certain time and thoughts.Thoughts s take manyy forms rm ms and shapes, variety in all sorts.Some are lined up in

‫ܫ‬ᚕᙾඳ!Detaching and Transform ‫ܫ‬ᚕᙾඳ Transforming ming Expanding of energy, violent impact betwee between n like a black hole.effected by a very strong pull.f floating away, pull.floating detaching the form it used to take. d istorted and distorted

harmony, some are tw wisted, mixed in chaos.They all effect one an w nother

transformed within the dimension of the blackk hole.looping

in some w way.In the s same time.There will be new thoughts eme erging

endlessly.after a chaos burst of light and sh shadow.slowly hadow.slowly

nonstop.Merging, nonstop M Merging erging, sta acking, colliding, fracturing…When thoughts stack

dies eventually settles down.thoughts down.thoughts spirals

up a certain a amount of o energy, it then begins to detach itself…

and merges itself around a center point.


special issue for graduaon exhibion, Tatung University. This is a series of graphic design for graduaon exhibion in 2012. Our topic is ACCIDENTAL CHORD. As I was the team leader of graphic design group, my team members and I made much efforts to create many images for graduaon exhibion. My team members and I tried to show different type of thoughts. So we used great number of lines and Illusions in our design project. We totally designed one poster, three post cards, name cards and bookmarks as a series. Then we sold them all in the graduaon exhibion.

҂ᓘ‫׈‬ᐍ!Silent and Complete ‫ڻ‬᎐‫ޠ‬ી༅ጦጦ‫ؖ‬ᐧȂਣ໣჌࢑ᓘЦΚૢȂ Ϝ໣᝛ਜ਼຀ංߗ‫׈‬ᐍ‫ࡧޠ‬ᆲȂ೪ॏ‫ࡧޠ‬ᆱӶ ࢛ঐਣ໣ᇅਣޫϲᗎߗ༬ᅗȂ࿌ίԪࡧᆲӕ Ԫឤ୞ਣȂ߰໡ۗᒋӬίΚঐ໧ࢳ‫؂‬ђԚዤ ‫ࡧޠ‬ᆲȄ surrounding chaos slowly dies down.time seems like it has stopped.Nearly complete thoughts float in midair.Design thoughts getting close to become full in a specified time and area.The next time thoughts are disturbed.It begins to merge into the next stage of a more mature thinking.

129 180


Graphic design for graduaon exhibion, Tatung University, department of industrial design. poster size: A1 postcard size: 14x9 cm

131 180


Graphic design for graduaon exhibion, Tatung University. Bookmarks size: 52x182 mm name card size: 5x9 cm

133 180




If there are 99 different kinds of thoughts.each controlling a specific domain. 12



Some ignoring one another, some mixed with one us





unexpected and surprising results.we put up our 99 thoughts within our Accidental Chord exhibi this bright and amazing universe.Maybe you can find the most special 100th thought that belongs only to you. 23



























































































Ta tu ng U ni 娔

t of









ve n








36 th

Behind the Scenes

Graphic Design Publica on Crew in Tatung University.

Ta i


iW or

ld 3

Tr a u






gdgagj skjhaij askjcaoier jthvrh sde

T a t u n g

I n d u s t r i a l

d e s i g n

3 6 t h







: :0





Just do not let it happen / series design 19th Times Young Creave Awards, graphic design compeon size: 297 x420 mm so„ware: illustrator , photoshop

If we don’t stop the global warming, maybe one day we will see penguins living in 139

our refrigerators and polar bears swimming in our swimming pools.


Poster design for Tatung university Industrial design student organiza on Books exhibi on wallpaper design size: 297 x420 mm / illustrator Singing contest posters size: 210 x 594 mm / illustrator Final exhibi on of 100 years size: 297 x 420 mm / illustrator tea party posters size: 420 x 594 mm/rhinoceros,photoshop



Characters graphic design

The text upside down, with nails and screws to lock the text together with the moled walls, wall painng graffi le by the decision to show "upside down" size: 142 x 300 mm rhinoceros,photoshop

143 180

O=C=O co-sprit

Corporate Identy design for CO2 / 2010

145 180

C:84 M:44 Y:0 K:0

Color Implementaon T-shirt


C:0 M:24 Y:98 K:0

C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:100

C:67 M:12 Y:0 K:0

C:0 M:24 Y:98 K:0

C:4 M:83 Y:9 K:0

T-shirt paern design

Industrial design student organizaon, TATUNG University / illustrator

147 180



T-shirt Paern design Industrial design student organizaon, TATUNG University 149

paern size: 210 x 594 mm / illustrator


Illustraon of commercial film Materials: Ink and water color



Since it is quite hard to control the ink and water color, I failed so many mes. I tried different ways and tools to spread out the color naturally. I tried many kinds of water paper as well. 153 180

WiFun x Apacer Technology Inc. Graphic User Interface / 2013

C00 M00 Y00 K50 C00 M00 Y00 K30





Do Document ocumen nt


C42 M00 Y97 K00 C30 M00 Y80 K00 C00 M51 Y91 K00 C00 M20 Y90 K00

& This is an App that can manage your file in smartphone system. You and browse your document, photo by this App. And I design two series of color for this app. Now the dark style is available on app store and google play. In addion, it 157

is free.





Noce Board

Share Files

Web Radio

Web TV

Friends List

Se ng

Joiiup icon for Apacer Technology Inc. 3D Icon design for Joii up smart TV / 2012-2013

There are three different types of icon design. One is 3D-style icon design. The most difficult part is all the icon should be designed in the same perspecve and selected color. If I don’t keep in the same perspecve and color, this series of icons might lacks of consistency.

C00 M00 Y00 K50 C00 M00 Y00 K30 C42 M00 Y97 K00 - main color C30 M00 Y80 K00 C00 M51 Y91 K00 C00 M20 Y90 K00

JoiiUp Box

Google Play


Web Printer

159 180

Google Play




Web Radio

Friends List

Share Files

Joiiup box


Noce Board


Web Printer

Web TV

Google Play




Web Radio

Friends List

Share Files

Joiiup box


Noce Board


Web Printer

Web TV

Joiiup icon for Apacer Technology Inc. 2D Icon design for Joii up smart TV

flat Icon design for Joii up mobile phone App / 2012-2013 The 2D-style icon was required designing in two colors. So I tried to use highlight and shadow to enhance the contrast of icons. On the other hand, in designing the line-style icon, I have to think about how to express the meaning well of icons with such simple line-style. And I took so much me to complete 161

these icons more than I had expected.



Welcome to joiiup

Welcome to W ID sdjkfh Password ******* Log in Cancel


I post a memo on JBox01. JBox U ser post a memo UserA on JBox01. J

Search/Filter mode

U ser post a memo UserB J on JBox01 .

....... ......

I post po os st a memo m on JBo oxx0 0 JBox02.

Public Space ......

Folder Name Folder Name Folder Name Folder Name File Name File Name

Sharing 10/10 0/10 J-Box2 shares a file to J-Box01. User A invites you to join Jbox02. User A shares a file to user B.

Joiiup for Apacer Technology Inc.

User Interface design for Joii up in android system and iOS system design style one (selected) 2012-2013 163

User A accepts your friend request.


Welcome to ID


Password Log in Cancel


I post a memo on JBox01. UserA post a memo on JBox01. UserB post a memo on JBox01 .


Log out

I post a memo on JBox02.

Log ou

I post a memo on n JBox01.

Welcome to ID




UserA post a memo on JBox01.

Log in Cancel


UserB post a memo on JBox01 . I post a memo on JBox02.

Joiiup for Apacer Technology Inc. User Interface design for Joii up android system and iOS system design style two (dark) & design style three (bright) 165



Joiiup for Apacer Technology Inc. User Interface design for Joii up NAS web / 2012-2013 design style one (selected) I have designed two different style for joiiup website. The dark one can show that the company is professional, and the dark style can also make users feel the website is stable. On the other side, the bright style can bring the vivid image to their user. In the end, the company choose the bright one for their web pages which can fit their smart TV product.

Log in JBox01 ID

Password Remember Me

Log in


JBox File management



Home System Memo List:



ằ㙁⛅⮝⏪棖 ằ㙁ᷴ⛅⮝⏪棖 ∌⾿ṭ⑏㜒偁棷 姿⽾乚㈦岟ῄ暑岢 庱⬷怙⠛ῄ棱 棖參✏↗䮘⛅⮝⾕㳉⊇䆘Ⱈ⏖




Joiiup for Apacer Technology Inc.

User Interface design for Joii up NAS web / 2012-2013 design style two (dark version)

169 180

XIN’s personal page design size: 1024 x 768 pixl / liiustrator & Dreamweaver This is my personal web page design, and I finished it in my second year of college. I used various gradients in the main page to dis…nguish design into different topics. And I also designed the special buˆon which is irregular and incomplete to add some interests to the page.

about me

industrial design

illustration Wang szu xin


a sophomore of Tatung University industrial design email/MSN: blog:


Color Implementaon


171 180

A B C D A Show Time f/5.6 1/100sce B ℰ⽘Ḳ敺 f/32 1/200sce 「Between the light and shadow」Photography Awards, Shortlisted. C 會ヶ f/5.6 1/100sce 「Between the light and shadow」Photography Awards, Award for Excellent. D rotate f/22 1.6sce

175 180


㠷劘 f/5.3 1/160sce 「Between the light and shadow」Photography Awards, Shortlisted.


Stare f/32 1/200sce 「Between the light and shadow」Photography Awards, Merit Award.



Thanks for your reading. If you like my works, please contact me :) phone +886.973-317-120 eamil

Wang Szu Hsin portfolio 2014  

portfolio from 2011 to April 2014

Wang Szu Hsin portfolio 2014  

portfolio from 2011 to April 2014