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XTOPIA broadcast


why broadcast $

It lets you save cost on print and postage.

It builds relationships, loyalty and trust with your customers and prospects.

Increase your opportunities to cross-sell your products.

It allows you to target and customize your marketing campaign in the most effective manner possible.


Does It Work for You

Submit Your Database & Write-up

Have Your Report Delivered to your Inbox!

what Review & Approve E-mail Template

Can It Deliver For You Newsletters



E-mail Alerts and Notifications

Survey Invitations

Event Invitations


Reservations, Bookings, RSVPs, etc‌


Features in XTOPIA broadcast

Easy to Read Reports

Flexibility in Managing Your Contacts

Easy & Secure Subscription Management

Increase your Campaign Reach via Social Sharing

A Quick Dashboard View of Your Broadcast Performance

Import your Contacts Easily from any Email Software:

Subscribers can update their subscription and profile information without you manually processing them.

Increase your campaign reach by integrating social media into your newsletters.

Interactive and Visual Graphs for Easy Understanding View Subscriber Activity of every Campaign: who opened, who viewed, who clicked, which email bounced, when they opened, when they read it. Track your campaign reach on Social Media, too! See how many recipients your email has reached out to, how many Liked or Tweeted your email campaign. Receive your campaign billing automatically after each campaign.

Microsoft Outlook Google Mail Hotmail Yahoo

Importing or Exporting contacts is flexible with Bulk Contact Lists or Individual Contact List and popular file formats. Segment your Contacts into groups based on interest, frequency for effective campaigns. Easily map your database fields for broadcasting.

Customize your subscription and subscriber profile forms to match your company’s look-and-feel. Keep your subscribers database secure by password password logins and authenticating upon registration. All private information and passwords are encrypted for security.

Share your email newsletters on your Facebook and Twitter channels. Subscribers can “Like” or “Tweet” your newsletter to share to their circle of friends and followers.

Integrate with Google Analytics

Great Designs & Easy-to-Edit

Broadcasting Has Never Been So Easy

Customize Your Own Call-to-Action Forms

Plug-in Google Analytics with your campaigns and see key results like:

Choose from great design templates from our galleries. Email templates are designed for newsletters, product promotions, event promotions, event invitations, as well as email alerts and notifications.

Broadcasts for each campaign can be segmented according to subscribers demographics, and interests by merely selecting options made available.

Select from our Template Library of forms available to use: as RSVP confirmation of an invitation or registration of a promotion or an event.

ROI for the campaign Revenue created Average value per visitor Goals completed Conversion rate eCommerce transactions

Social Media Integration

You don’t need to know anything about programming or designing to create your email campaign. Just edit your content into the HTML email editor – and voila! Every email campaign can previewed and tested before sending out for that peace of mind.

Schedule your broadcast to send out at any time and at any day. Our platform will take care of the rest for you. Your account will capture all history of broadcasts made in the past to help you manage your campaigns better. Set and schedule autoresponders to send alerts to your subscribers for a birthday, a welcome announcement or even as a simple thank you message for that special touch. Who says Email is only for Broadcasting? Now you can broadcast SMSes, too! Craft your message and schedule it just like your e-mail campaign. It’s that easy!

Each form works seamlessly with your e-mail template. You can export call-to-actions as a downloadable data file: CSV or Excel.


should use XTOPIA broadcast DEPARTMENTS Sales & Marketing Corporate Communications Customer Service

INDUSTRY TYPES Advocacy & Causes Small Medium Businesses Fast Moving Consumer Goods Property and Real Estate Restaurants Telecommunications

PUBLIC Anyone who has a message to say or a product or a service to sell can use XTOPIA Broadcast

Experience The Innovation

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XTOPIA Broadcast  

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