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XiiNG! Xiing™ Overview

V1 November 2009

The need for Xiing TM :

The challenge:

Transformational business models


The race for the customer is accelerating. New services are being introduced every day. Everyone is chasing the same consumer and the lines between industries are blurring.

How to monetize the products and services that consumers are requesting?

New and more sophisticated devices, as powerful as personal computers, are being added to the network on a daily basis. They are not just handhelds either, for example connecting your car to the network is no longer a dream; it is today’s reality. Telco and mobile operators now find themselves needing to cope with fast changing demands and have to strengthen their position in this complex market. They need to insert themselves between the new service operators and their consumers, add value that can be monetized and differentiate themselves. Not an easy task to deliver upon. Telco operators need to innovate to deliver the aggregated and personalized services that their customers demand. Meeting the needs of “convergence” is only the starting point.

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Within a market that is becoming more competitive every day? Where new entrants can target your customers tomorrow? Where speed to market is a key differentiator? Where greater creativity is a must? Where efficiency is the only way to profitability? Where customers are demanding personalized offerings? rd Where collaboration with 3 party providers is a must? Where legacy systems prevent moving fast enough? Where old technology has run out of steam? Where the next ’killer app’ is not yet known? Where investment money is tight? Where investors are looking for high growth rates? Where investors have low confidence in 'converged' or triple/quadruple-play bundles providing high returns? Where the future is uncertain?

Each operator has the choice to embrace the challenges or fade away. Therefore, it is an absolute must to monetize each service or transaction in order to generate and grow a profitable revenue stream.

Data Logistix



Telco 2.0: Upstream and downstream customer

it is designed with the latest Java technologies and software architecture, creating powerful new capabilities


Customers do not want to be handled in the same way. They consider themselves unique or at least part of a specific market segment and want to be offered products and services when and how they prefer them. What about offering specific packages for different age groups, specific job categories, travelers, or students? Not only that, but at the right time and at the right price for that individual?

Xiing provides the tools that operators need to participate in and add value to the digital world their customers are expecting. It allows operators, tenants and virtual operators to easily design new broadband and hosting services, package them with products from partners and, in an easy way, define the processes required to sell and provision them.

Xiing TM features: Limited to your creativity

Upstream customers

Advertisers Retail Media Automotive Financial Services Utilities

Downstream customers

Millions of customers




Thousands of segments

How do you participate in this world without spending a fortune on re-engineering existing environments or running multiple different development projects?


Xiing is a highly adaptable platform; built with the latest Java technologies and architecture, enabling Telco operators to significantly enhance their BSS capabilities for new markets. The solution covers the entire lifecycle from creation of products and services, their channels to market and ordering and billing. TM

Xiing supports all stages of the business process – Product Management, e-Commerce, Fulfillment, Billing, Channel Management, Customer Management and an extensive platform Management Information System.

A new way is needed; a new way of partnering with the digital world to take joint packages to specific market segments and to do this on a repeatable basis, with the high quality levels of provisioning, delivery and billing that consumers expect.

Introducing Xiing TM : An innovative platform TM

Xiing is an end-to-end BSS platform for Telco 1.0 and Telco 2.0 multi-layer business models, delivering value to the end-users, the operators and their shareholders. 

It manages the entire lifecycle and value chain of in-house and 3rd party products and services; supports Multi-Brand / Multi-Supplier / Multi-Tenant / Multi-Offer / Multi-Play business models;


All the entities in the system are adaptable, whether it is a product, a service, a virtual reseller, or the end-user. Their attributes can be defined and redefined according to the specific changing needs of the operator, the reseller or the end-user. This makes it possible for the operator to make their TM Xiing platform fit their current and future business model, and not the other way around.





In a “configurable” application the user can change certain parameters of the application, however changing business rules or adding new functionality can only be done by additional development and customization.

In an “Adaptable” application, the user can define the design of the application.

Very long implementation times with expensive changes.

It guarantees short implementation times with adaptations achieved in hours.

This results in extremely short leads times and adaptations achieved in hours.

Every action that takes place is part of a workflowcontrolled process. The operator can define how to partner, sell and provision products and services. The relationships between every entity enable new business models. Suppliers, tenants, resellers and customers can interact with each other according to the business model that makes most sense for them. And, it can be changed quickly when required. Workflow A “Workflow” application automates the business processes that are required to deliver services. Usually these workflows are hard coded in the software and difficult to change. In most cases, only the software provider can do this. A very inflexible application that becomes expensive when workflow changes are required.



A “Workflow engine” uses a flexible and scalable process engine. XiingTM is built using a workflow engine and a business rules management system that enables easy development of business policies and rules, access, and change management. An extremely flexible environment whereby the operator can quickly change workflows according to business needs.



PCI, driven by the credit card industry for ensuring secure and trustworthy transactions Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX), driven by the Securities and Exchange Commission, which ensures efficient audit controls and secure “need-to-know” access to financial data ISO standards for rapid integration


Xiing™ goes far beyond offering “traditional” Telco services; it not only handles ISP services like network access, email hosting, web hosting, domain management and domain registration, but it is ready to include any other product or service such as content, virtual file management, tangible and intangible assets, etc. API’s

Workflow engine

Xiing implements industry international standards including: 

Xiing is designed to integrate seamlessly in the existing Telco infrastructure, and its integration layer supports bi-directional communication.

Older generation software products use API’s as the main mechanism to communicate with other applications. They tend to be written in a monolithic fashion. They are frequently difficult to integrate into the operator’s environment. Difficult for your 3rd party applications to keep up with your changing business environment.


Designed to integrate

XiingTM is an application that is “Designed to integrate” XiingTM is built with modern technologies and standards including SOA, Java and web services; its integration layer supports bi-directional communications. Integration measured in days, not months.

Multi-layer business models:

Xiing TM in your business:

That grow with your business

The right thing to do


Xiing makes it effortless and uncomplicated for an operator to run multiple business models simultaneously. They can sell directly to end-users, via virtual channels (VSP’s or White Labels), via physical branches or through a reseller network or all of these.

Telco’s, Mobile Operators and ISP’s are the deliverers of new technology and digital content to the mass market. There is a growing expectation that they will provide access to this new world of possibilities and offer attractive products and services in a personal way. TM

Xiing enables your business to take imaginative new products to market, with a dramatic reduction in time to develop and deliver. TM

Operators can transform themselves into an Application Service Provider (ASP) and be a bigger part of the digital cloud by hosting multiple front-line service providers. An ASP can provide the ideal Software as a Service (SaaS) environment for virtual providers to flourish, growing the ASP’s revenue streams as they do. Diverse channels can be created, branded and managed with unique products and services or in conjunction with other tenants. Inventory management, i.e. who owns which customer, and who has access to customer information, is easily definable. TM

Xiing is able to deliver all of this thanks to its metadata, templated and process driven design.

This level of flexibility and openness makes Xiing unique.



Xiing combines both Billing and Provisioning. This requires a unique expertise in both OSS and BSS domains. To create a service in a BSS application is only the starting point; as soon as the end-user makes a purchase, be it a single product, a bundle of products, or services, these need to be provisioned TM through the OSS environment. Xiing includes the software to connect to and activate IP broadband access services, the Telco networks, domain registration and domain management, website hosting and email hosting. Billing A “Billing” application focuses on the creation, selling, rating and billing of fixed or mobile services.

Requires a specific provisioning application to complete the cycle.


Billing and Provisioning A “Billing and Provisioning” system covers your Telco business end-to-end. XiingTM offers the complete spectrum from product creation to fulfillment and billing. Real control of the process from start to finish.

Multi-industry TM

Xiing is the first Telco 2.0 platform that is Multiindustry ready. This is a critical success factor for operators that are planning to offer multi-industry products and services. Link non-traditional telco services to banking, travel, automotive, retail, health care, insurance or any other industry. It will be common to offer products from diverse industries in an aggregated and conjunctive manner, with the added ability to personalize offerings to individuals and specific market segments.

Telecom specific In a “Telecom specific” application the supplier has pre-defined all parameters to support the Telecom industry. This means that the application can only handle Telecom specific products and services. Very difficult and expensive to exploit this application outside of the traditional Telco space.




Multi-industry In a “Multi-industry” application, the system supports the inclusion of products and services from other industries. XiingTM is a workflow engine driven application and all entities are templated, supporting many product and customer types. Designed bottom up to integrate with other industries.

delivers a Telco business that:

Is agile

Implement your Telco business model of today and the future.

Is in control

Manage your business end-toend, from packaging to ordering, provisioning to fulfillment and payment.

Is fast to market

Design your services in hours, launch them instantly. Fast return on investment.

Is efficient

End-to-end automation of your business processes.

Is lean

Minimal or no development, minimal operational staff

Is in touch

Significantly improve the customer’s experience through aggregated and personalized products and services.

Is profitable

Monetize existing and next generation products and services.



is a product of Global Data Logistix Inc, the software provider of a next generation business transaction and fulfillment platform. The company enables its customers to offer more: better and personalized products and services to their client base with improved time to market and reduced operational costs. Its products are developed using the latest technologies and CMMI level 5 standards. The company has extensive knowledge and experience in the design, development, delivery and support of BSS billing solutions and IP provisioning. Global Data Logistix employs experts from the USA, Europe, Africa and India. The wealth of experience within the company is augmented by our partners: agents, resellers, systems integrators, technology partners and the software product development company Infogain Inc. Global Data Logistix offers specific financial models to suit any type of licensing and use of its products. The company offers its Evolutionware and Xiing software suites to customers around the globe. Further information: Tom Rush, Sales Director Cell: +27 76 075 5775 Office: +27 11 312 8000

Xiing™ Product Overview v3 11/2009 Copyright 2009 Global Data Logistix Inc.



Xiing Business Overview  

Automating new products and point of sale campaigns for fast launch times at lower cost.

Xiing Business Overview  

Automating new products and point of sale campaigns for fast launch times at lower cost.