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Personal animation design Red Noses


Little “Hong”


Marketing ad of UNIQLO


Televison and film of the team The Missing Heart


Ge kiln




Little Silly AI Postcard of “Little Silly AI”

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Personal graphic design One Story, That Simple

Pinkeye Collage Introduction others



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Personal animation design

Story of "Red Noses" Mr. Red Nose is very afraid of wind, and he always wearing wind coat even when it’s summer, which he hates to be like. He used to be happy when he applied toothpaste on his typical red nose into white, but sadly it was unreal. Once he turned the electric fan on, facing right against it, because he wanted to get used to the wind. He kept doing this for several days hoping it would make him no longer fear the wind, but every time with tears and snots covering his face, he started to recall those good time when he was a kid, without any red nose. He decided to leave finally, after the last routine of his red nose exercise, ending with a bunch on the switch of the fan. It is always easy to make a decision but to live with it. That night Red Nose slept so deep, under the great moonlight. The next morning, at the station however, Mr. Red Nose met a lady, with the same red nose as his. He is not alone.

Length:2minutes 52 seconds Software:Photoshop/Adobe Premiere Pro/Adobe After Effects/Printer11/SAI 06/2013

Animation pre-Design

Charactor Design


Script of "Red Noses" This is a story about Red Nose, which has different endings like he quietly accepted everything, or he started to be someone else while suffering all the pain by himself. Sometimes we just do not have the courage to change because we thought it was beyond our ability, but instead of being just like us, Red Nose made a unexpected decision which helped him to understand that out there someone suffered the same pain as he did, and he was not alone. Change it or live with it, at least we should have the courage to give it a shot.

Scene Design& Final Rendering


little “Hong” It’s a story about a little girl named “Hong”, whose face is covered with two special rainbows. Here is the thing, once Little Hong lied, those two rainbows would flash, which up sets her very often since the world around her makes her wonder a lot whether to be herself or not. Sometimes telling the truth doesn’t make anything easier, especially in this upside down reality. That’s why Hong decides to get rid of those two rainbows, without which she starts to lie.

However, while becoming more and more sophisticated, Little Hong gets lost, and that’s when she begins to realize that she misses the old Hong so much. Considering that she can never go back and be herself, she begins desperately searching for those missing rainbows and sticks them back onto her face. Would she be able to be honest about everything again? TO BE CONTINUED…

Length :37 seconds Softwares :photoshop,Adobe Premiere Pro,Adobe After Effects,printer11 3/2012


Marketing ad of UNIQLO Brand Concept: “What matters is the person, not clothes itself”, which emphasizes the clothing idea of people-oriented, meaning that even for those basic styles could totally present one person’s characteristic with elaborate collocation.

Script (One morning, at the door of a company elevator, a thin girl walks into an elevator and the alarm starts to ring. The girl is very embarrassed and steps aside immediately. There is this boy suddenly rushes into the elevator and nothing happens except the door starts closing.

UNIQLO is short for “UNIQUE CLOTHING WAREHOUSE”, whose meaning is to operate as a supermarket to provide customers clothes at a reasonable price, through getting rid of unnecessary decorated warehouses.

PS: the strong boy whos wearing UNIQLO down jacket.

Length :2 minutes 2 seconds Softwares :photoshop,Adobe Premiere Pro,Adobe After Effects,printer11 6/2011


Subtitle: “Lightness, unbelievable. Warm, unforgettable. 206g Thin & Lightweight Down Jacket.” Last, “UNIQLO” brand shows up.

Televison and film of the team

The Missing Heart The boy is invisible, with no heart, no family, he can’t feel love around him. So he has done all the bad things and doesn’t even think or care about his dead father, who has left a large amount of legacy at the Bank of Graveyard. He only goes to the place once a month, not to memorize his father, but to take out the money he needs for life. There are voice records from his father that are stored in the ATM, but he never listened, not even once. Eventually, when the boy finds out that no money left in the ATM, he is so pissed off that he kicks the ATM very hard and a photo suddenly flows out from nowhere. It is a photo of the boy and his father. He picks it up slowly, realizing how much love has always been there from his father, all the time. He can’t help crying and the photo, turns into some magic fog and fulfill his heart, making him visible again.

Members:Siming DU,Junjin Chen,Linghui Xie Length3 minutes 7 seconds My responsibility:character skeleton settle,scenemodeling,movements adjusting,rendering. Software:Maya,Unfold3D,photoshop,Adobe Premiere Pro,Adobe After Effects ,printer11 12/2011



Ge kiln Script: When the hero was still a child, he used to play a lot. His father and mother have given so much care to him on the path of his childhood. We decide to make some little details, trying to present this family love by describing the hero’s naughty, such as throwing the jar to the air or the chemistry between the father and mother. Out concept is that the Chinese ink and wash would be the best to present China. Although we do not have that kind of technical attainment to achieve

the unique effort, we do have found other approximate expression of ink and wash. The hardest part is to hook lines and color, and all the movements are done by our hand drawn because we think it would be more real comparing to software coloring, which lack some kind of charm of the lines. From the aspect of character shaping, we have added the element of slanted eye and also costume of Ge kiln from the Song Dynasty, trying to rebuild the ancient background.

Members:Linghui Xie,Tianqi Wang,Linlin Cai,Huihong Lin,Peng Wang Length:1minutes 43 seconds My responsibility: Charactor design ,animated drawing ,After effects Software:photoshop,Adobe Premiere Pro,Adobe After Effects ,printer11 11/2010


Duo The name refers to the two sides of a girl, whose emotions from the past and present have become a comparison. It is a story about the memory of this girl’s childhood that was accompanied with a blue bunny and the things happened in her family. We try to describe several scenarios of her childhood, aiming to present what her previous life was. By using this blue bunny as a clue, we shot the scenes that jump from the past and the present to build an atmosphere.

Members:Linghui Xie,Dan Chen,Junjin Chen,Yin Han,Juren Zhou. Length:3minutes 54 seconds My responsibility: Storyboard ,Shooting,After effects,Sound effect Software:photoshop,Adobe Premiere Pro,Adobe After Effects 10/2011


Little Silly AI Little Silly AI

We went to talk with many business merchants at the beginning, and they were not that into this kind of cooperation with us. But after three days’ efforts, we had successfully talked five merchants into this, one noodle shop, two coffee houses, and the one we chose to work with, Little Silly AI, which is a very special inn containing four houses types with different colors and special names for every room. The merchant desired a whole set of design aiming to do the marketing, including propaganda, the design of the character Little Silly AI, postcard, bookmark, and etc. After repeated discussions and brainstorms, we had settled one solution, mainly focusing on real life stories. Since the target customers are young travelers, those stories had been characterized as friendship, love, freedom, and dream, which all are the familiar subjects for the young generation. Members:Linghui Xie,Tianqi Wang,Jie Weng, Wei Liu,Wei Li ,Saomin Lin Length:2minutes 28 seconds My responsibility:Shooting,After effects,Subtitle Software:photoshop,Adobe Premiere Pro,Adobe After Effects 4/2012


Postcard of“ Little Silly AI" The part I am responsible for is the postcards, through the style of hand drawing, interactions could be made between Little Silly AI and the viewers by those lovely modelings, such as "Little Silly AI says Hi", "The shopfront of Little Silly AI", her room,playing with Little Flower, waiting under the tree, etc.

Materials:Kraft paper,Colour pencil,Water color brush Size:15mm(H)X10mm(W) 4/2012


Personal graphic design

One Story, That Simple This work is made by iron wire with many other elements. Use a board as the base floor and scrawl as decoration to build a little story with cars, planes, the moon, balloon, and strawberry candy. It’s not about anyone else, it’s all about you, about your own life and dream, which all starts with this bunny called “Little TU”. She lives a simple but holds a big dream about travelling around the world, even though, she know seventually she has to go home because her family is waiting for her, eventually her friends have always been taking care of her no matter how life upsets her. Happiness is all her wants and all her needs even if strawberry candy would make her fat, she still enjoys eating them. “Hope little details of this work could somehow, bring connections with everyone, feeling that this is exactly the life we have everyday.”

Materials:Wood, iron wire, water color brush Size:460mm(H)X630mm(W). 7/2011



Pinkeye There is this little girl who gets pinkeye all of a sudden, and her mum treats her in the traditional ways that come from her elders, by pulling out these bugs (blood streak) from her sick eyes. After throwing away these bugs onto the street, everyone gets infected except her and her mum. Later the girl is taken to the lab for examination, and it turns out that only the traditional way could cure this new pinkeye disease.“ Tries to deliver: Once a weird thing is accepted by people, it wouldn’t be weird anymore while those couldn’t be understood get more and more weird.” PS: These are for presentations only, without any sequence. Materials:Sakura pencil Size:210mm(H)X297mm(W) Total 11 pages 12/2010




Collage Introduction All kinds of elements, all kinds of characters, all kinds of mood, and all kinds of random, collaged together telling all kinds of different stories and recording all kinds of different mood about flashback and chaos. Random indeed is one kind of sequence.

Matetials: Paper, Water color brush, Scissor, Glue Size: 210mm(H)X297mm(W) Total 4 pages 11/2010



Software & Material:Printer11,Sai,Adobe photoshop & Wacom,Paper,Pen 11/2011-1/2014

Author: Xie Linghui In January 2014


Portfolio by xie linghui2009 2014  
Portfolio by xie linghui2009 2014