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XIE CHUNHUI 513.206.0834 | | 12-308 2634 Stratford Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45220


University of Cincinnati (2010-2015) Cincinnati, Ohio College of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning B.S. Industrial Design GPA: 3.9/4.0 (Dean’s List, University Honors Program)

Raffles Institution (Junior College) (2008-2009) Singapore, Singapore Singapore-Cambridge GCE Advanced Level Science stream


University of Cincinnati

Raffles Institution (Junior College)

International Admissions International Ambassador secretary Handle future students’ enquiries regarding admission to UC

Red Cross Humanitarian Network Planned blood donation drives and orientation camps Treated casualties during events

DAAP Tribunal Planned activities for DAAP students UC Sustainability Campaigned the cause of recycling

Chinese Language, Drama and Cultural society English secretary Translated Chinese documents into English Planned and hosted a Chinese Cultural Quiz and an annual drama production

China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau (2010-2011) Beijing and Qinhuangdao, China Translated for Sudanese experts visiting Chinese petroleum pump stations Guided tours for these experts in Beijing and Qinghuangdao

Singapore Biennale (2008) Singapore, Singapore Served as a Customer Relationship Officer Guided English and Mandarin tours Served as a media speaks person for an interview


Fuchun Secondary School (2010) Singapore, Singapore Taught Malay students conversational Chinese


Adobe Creative Suite; Solidworks; Basic Shop Tools; Acting; Printmaking; Proficient in Mandarin Chinese and Singlish

Reference will be forwarded upon request.

PRODUCT REDESIGN Task: to choose an existing product and modify the product with the help of inspiration found around the designer

Intricate wood and leather texture

Combination of materials

Finely polished metal

INSPIRATION The design inspiration comes from a combination of richly textured wood, leather and shimmering metal. The combination can make a product look friendly and sophisticated.

PROCESS SKETCHES Prelimanary ideations. The goal is to make a pair of sunglasses that has both playfulness and sophistication.

PROCESS SKETCHES A few selected ideas were further developed and rendered with markers in grey scale.

FINAL RENDERING Final rendering was done with an overlay of line drawing in Photoshop.

KITCHEN ISLAND Task: to design a kitchen island to improve its functionality while practicing basic drawing as well as rendering skills.

PROCESS SKETCHES Quick gestures and slightly more developed renderings are the basis of the final design. These designs explore simplicity and elegance while mantaining a sense of playfulness.

FINAL RENDERING Here, the same product is drawn in two different perspectives and showing different stages of usage.

BLING PROJECT Task: to design a piece of bling from a fifteen second sound track

INSPIRATION The song chosen is “In The Sun“ by Joseph Arthur. In the song, the sun, winding country roads, as well as fluid curves seem to be reccuring very often. The song itself feels serene, peaceful, and somewhat melancolic.

PROCESS SKETCHES Since the song is soothing and soft, no straight edges are employed. Instead, soft curves dominate this piece of necklace.

FINAL RENDERING Desgins are further developed in perspective as well as by digital rendering to show subtle contours.

CHESS SET Task: to design at least three chess pieces that have a cohesive family of form

PROCESS WORK Chess pieces were first drawn in plan view, then perspective layout. Finally, a similar digital rendering using SolidWorks and Alias is done to show the full chess set.

INDIVIDUAL PIECES Three representative pieces are chosen to show a combination of clear acrylic and wood (maple and walnut). The chess board has slots to secure the flat chess pieces. This adds a sense of playfulness to the whole chess set.

FINAL ASSEMBLY An overview of when the chess set is in use.

XIE CHUNHUI ( Meaning: Thank you )

Sophomore Portfolio  
Sophomore Portfolio  

Sophomore Industrial Design Portfolio for Xie Chunhui.