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What kind of land that calls itself free, can deny the Spirit of Humanity? Thank you for taking to the streets to stand up against hate. Our efforts are not in vane after the first of our five Thousand plus peoples actions the US Justice Department rtment and FBI Started Investigations. After the Second, hearings hosted by congress show the nation of Joe Arpaio’s ’s human rights abuse. With this attention we must not stop here here.. We must work to disarm the global regime of nationalism of the state. Now we must unite nite to stop the abuse of the Xicano population ulation. As stated in an letter to President resident Obama “the the illegal and antiquated conceptual framework that attempts to justify the jurisdiction risdiction of the National State over the preceding and superceding natural territorial rights and ecology (Pachamama) of Indigenous Peoples, as codified in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, must now be denounced as an aberration of tthe Divine Right of States, a bastard intellectual relic derivative of the long abandoned concept of the Divine Right of Kings of feudal European societies. societies.”

Join us as we try agin to get the united states goverment to except the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.. we the Xicano population are the Indigenous Peoples in the hemisphere of Abya Yala [the Americas]. Join us in chanting as you march march.

Stop the Abuse Abuse! Xicano have rights rights! We are human human!


Immigration reform