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The Change of Western Costumes

costumes is T hebasedcultureon ofthewestern civilization of Mediterranean. There is agreement whether the culture of western costumes refer to the culture peculiar to the Christianity.Because across Asia, non, the three continents, a variety of civilization blend each other, especially the influence of Christian culture, the culture of western costumes eventually formed a kind of open. Appeared in addition to the middle ages influenced by Christianity, deny the existence of the people, the negative human body special period, whether the ancient culture of "costumes", or "narrow" culture since the Renaissance, the western costumes are very realistic, and even exaggerated expression of the people in shape, especially since the late medieval era of "gothic", but also very "explic-

A nturalarchitecstyle is a specific method of construction, characterized by the features that make it notable. Most architecture can be classified as a chronology of styles which changes over time. These may reflect changing fashions, changing beliefs and religions, or the emergence of new ideas and new technolis a style of arthat flourished during the high and late medieval period, originating in 12th-century France and lasting into the 16th century. Its characteristics include the pointed arch, the ribbed vault and the flying buttress. Gothic architecture is most familiar as the architecture of many of the great cathedrals, abbeys and churches of Europe. It is in the great churches and cathedrals and in a number of civic buildings that the Gothic style

G chitecture

Commissioning Editor:Yang Zijiang

it" to "strengthen" gender characteristics of men and women on the shape, the shape characteristics between not only managed to come to "show", and constantly expand the bare area and the area, especially the women's dress. In terms of "showing", also created a series of "bolt-on" means. This way to promote the western costumes on the modeling of fluctuation is very big, in the costumes structure of a lot of people on creativity. Western costumes from turning type to penetration head type, to open before, in a variety of forms. Multi-purpose pins or buttons - although clasp from Asia to learn - fixed costumes, forming a set of more complex in skill. Especially the penetration of head type, very rich in the west, from ancient Egypt mound Nick (Tunic), to the high monica of ancient Rome (Tunica) and Byzantine darfur martina card (Dalmatica), to the middle ages in the (Bliaut), and later the various rob (Robe), are almost all of the head type. In the modern women's clothing is very developed a variety of dress, also with the head type is, or the most or-

thodox dress or penetration head type. Now people wear before open western-style shirt, the past is penetration head wear, before the real open shirt is after the middle of the 19th century. In addition, dressed in western style costumes is also very rich, like the ancient Greek heaton (Chiton) and pure away(Himation), Roman (Toga)is done with a cloth dressed in costumes, emphasis on the formation of the beautiful vertical pleat effect. In addition to keep out the cold warm, pay attention to clothing wealth value and aesthetic function in the west. Clothing is not only conveying the information such as social status, women clothing also attaches great importance to the bare fine waist belong all the hip. In addition, costumes function in social life, plays a stable social order and the important role of normative behavior. Westerners in their culture form also formed its own code of conduct and ethical requirements, have their own standards for dress. These are also supporting the west each historical period of the social order, formed some unique custom.

ogy which make new styles possible. At any time several styles may be fashionable, and when a style changes it usually does so gradually, as architects learn and adapt to new ideas. The new style is sometimes only a rebellion against an existing style, such as post-modernism which has in recent years found its own language and split into a number of styles with other names. We have many architecture styles around world, which was expressed most powerfully, its characteristics lending themselves to appeals to the emotions, whether springing from faith or from civic pride. is the building style of the Baroque era, begun in late 16th-century Italy, that took the Roman vocabulary of Renaissance architecture and used it in a

#HOT TOPIC FOR TODAY# William Shakespeare: I feel so surpurised to see the changes from my age to 21th century! Liu Haiming and 36 people Like it 5 Comments Share a few minutes ago Isaac Newton: I think so. My little friends and I are all sur鄄 prised !! 6 minutes a go Charles Robert Darwin: I don't know what to say. 5 minutes ago Mona Lisa: If I lived in the 21 century, I would buy more clothes !!! 3 minutes a go Napol佴on Bonaparte: I wan鄄 na buy a new care and drop out my horse. 2 minutes a go Confucius: Surfing the internet and giving internet courses, I wanna try them! ! (Translated by editer) 2 minutes a go Barack Obama: America has changed the world so much, but our country's culture al鄄 most rooted in Europe. How鄄 ever, we faced with a strong competitor, China. 1 minute a go

includes Roma, Greek, Byzantine, Goth- By Yang Zijiang ic, and Baroque style in the ancient ell, let's turn to the time, and neoclassic, modern, postmodmodern time. The conern style etc. Today, let's have a brief cept of modernism is a cenintroduction to some of them. tral theme in these efforts. Gaining popularity after the new rhetorical and theatrical fashion, ofSecond World War, architecten to express the triumph of the tural modernism was adopted Catholic Church and the absolutist state. by many influential architects It was characterized by new explorations and architectural educators, of form, light and shadow and dramatic and continues as a dominant intensity. Whereas the Renaissance drew architectural style for instituon the wealth and power of the Italian tional and corporate buildings courts and was a blend of secular and reinto the 21st century. Modligious forces, the Baroque was, initially ernism eventually generated at least, directly linked to the reactions, most notably PostCounter-Reformation, a movement withmodernism which sought to in the Catholic Church to reform itself in preserve pre-modern eleresponse to the Protesments, while Neomodernism tant Reformation. emerged as a reaction to Postmodernism.


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This is an award that everyone in the movie business wants to keep away from it. By Wang Shengnan A Golden Raspberry Award, or Razzie for short, is an award presented in recognition of the worst in film. Founded by American copywriter and publicist John J. B. Wilson in 1980, the annual Razzie Awards ceremony in Los Angeles precedes the corresponding Academy Awards ceremony by one day. Funnily enough, the Golden Raspberry Award and the Academy Award nominated the same actors several times .In 2010, Sandra Annette Bullock won two kinds of awards at the same time.

The imaginations of the human brain are inexhaustible. The Ig (which means laughing) Nobel Prizes are an American parody of the Nobel Prizes and are given each year in early October for ten unusual or trivial achievements in scientific research. The stated aim of the prizes is to "honor achievements that first make people laugh, and then make them think." The awards are sometimes veiled criticism (or gentle satire). In 2013, Alberto Minetti, Yuri Ivanenko, Germana Cappellini, Nadia Dominici, and Francesco Lacquaniti got the price for physics . They discovered that some people would be physically capable of running across the surface of a pond 要 if those people and that pond were on the moon.

There is no the most stupid, only more stupid. The Darwin Awards are a tongue-in-cheek honor, originating in Usenet newsgroup discussions circa 1985. They recognize individuals who have contributed to human evolution by self-selecting themselves out of the gene poolvia death or sterilization by their own (unnecessarily foolish) actions. Darwin Award winners eliminate themselves in an extraordinarily idiot ic manner, thereby improving our species' chances of long-term survival." Northcutt has stated five requirements for a Darwin Award. First, nominee must be dead or rendered sterile. Second, the candidate's foolishness must be unique and sensational. Third, the effect was cause of one's own demise. Next, the man is capable of sound judgment. Finally, the event must be verified.

Editor Wang Shengnan

Alice Monroe Won The 2013 Nobel Prize In Literature By Wang Shan Nobel Prize 195 writers, inT hecluding 48 people nominated for

teenager, and works first published in 1950: "the ghost of dimensions. Published in 1968, Alice Monroe's first collection for the shadow dance, every won the highest literary award for - the governor-general of Canada, Canada. In 1978, Alice Monroe's collection "who do you think you are?" Governor won the second prize for her. In the 90 s and 1980 s, Monroe every four years will be published a collection of short stories, and she was constantly won awards in Canada and internationally. Influence of "escape" was published in 2004, immediately

caused such as tide, quickly won the Canadian giller prize, was named to the New York times annual book. In 2012, published in the latest collection "dear life, Monroe announced the abandoned. So far, she has published 14 books, including 13 short stories and novels. Works on women, more focus on Canada ordinary small town life experience, explore the psychological and emotional world of ordinary women complex, in the narrative of calm, delicate, brings the reader to read with the shock of the soul.

city Sam cassell with art and culture together. To the same sense, "Sao art exhibition and important window Paulo biennale" also has been one of of introducing worldly new artistic the most important art activities in achievements. La Biennale di Brazil, and is viewed as an important Venezia, Kassel Documenta and The symbol as art-culture modernization Bienal Internacional de Sao Paulo and internationalization of Sao Paulo. are called the world three art shows. It is one of a few of art exhibitions "Kassel documenta",which holds ev- with the world and international ery five years, combines tightly the prestige in Brazil. In numerous international biennale, "Venice biennale" is the oldest. It shows works of most active, most development potential of the contemporary young and middle-aged artists by the unit of national pavilion. It ranks first in three exhibitions with a unique artistic style (the 53th venice biennale:the most-watched work from and profound histoargentinian artist Thomas Sarasino冤 ry, and called the art

carnival event. 2013 is the 55th Venice Biennial. Chairman Paul bala said this in the introduction of 55th Venice Biennial,冶 the Venice biennale will once again use the 'double' concept definited in 1998: General curator plans a grand international exhibition, which also called the theme exhibition, At the same time it also holds national pavilion exhibition.冶 Angola pavilion artist adelson, Chagas (Edson Chagas)爷s works "luanda: encyclopedic city" annotates nonphysical existence between human being and architecture with a unique perspective, and echos the theme of "encyclopedia palace". It finally wins the "Best Pavilion Golden Lion". "Best Theme Exhibition Artists Golden Lion" wined by Tino Sehgal. This year China pavilion with "shift" as the theme, focusing on growth in the present social development and change of the Chinese artist's thinking and creation, various forms, has won high praise.

the first time. Announced on October 10, 2013, the Nobel Prize for literature, Canadian writer Alice Monroe honored, she is the first Canadian citizenship to won the Nobel Prize for literature writer, she is the 13th in winning the Nobel Prize for literature history writer, known as "lucky". Alice started writing as a

Venice Biennale院Paradise of Art Fanciers

By Zhou Wei

is the highest level of inB iennial ternational contemporary visual

3D Animation Film: Entertaining Your World

By Zhou Wei

three dimensional animation T heis also called 3D animation, its appearance, has opened up a new field for the film world. Animation often brings profound enlightenment in an atmosphere of relaxed funny, and the audiences also gradually extend from juveniles to all ages. 2013 is another year of high yield of 3D animations. Despicable me, Crazy Primitive, Monsters University and the Smurfs are popular all over the world, and sought after and loved by millions of people. In July, the movie sequel Despicable Me released in the United States. Dads "bad guy" Groom and his three daughters, and minions also act cute all the time. "despicable

me", the 3D animation film produced by Universal, was released in 2010, and created a myth of $543 million box-office, and become the highest-grossing in Universal爷s minions called got a piece of highlight of the In the same time, well-known 3D "crazy primitive". ture travel of a 3D comedy family of Guru the life of a fixe the protection was a girl who tally different characters to old dad-

dy. She just wanted to chase new world outside the cave. The film achieved good box office in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Of course, there is an animation as "good friends" have to mention - the 31, 2013, the to save ed by Grouchy, man world or help from Patrick and series family countless , the rought a good

Editor Peng Xiaoqin

What's the Diffrences in Chinese and Foreigner Reports Chinese Reactions

When it comes to animation effects on children, many of China's media get into the form of the in-depth report ing, for example, in China education news network. The theme aims to hope animation can give children bring a clean environment. In guide language, this report intro duced through the CCTV report into the theme. Through animated demonstration of children's behavior, in addition to animation may give the child bring Bad influence. In a word, this report mainly through animation may be violent impact to the child, want the animation to bring the positive influence on children. In December 14, 2013, Guangzhou Evergrande had competition in Morocco, and thousands of fans to Morocco. In China爷s relevant reports, the main theme is focused on 野Moroccan police protect Chinese fans冶, 野the ambassador for Evergrande escort冶, 野the Chinese football because of Evergrande proud冶 such topics as. It enables readers to see the efforts of Evergrande. As well as Chinese ambassador to Morocco Sun Shuzhong in order to ensure the safety of the Chinese fans, and harmonize of the police to take care of the fans. The reports, on the subject of Evergrande, do not mention the result of the game, but focus on the people.

In the clash happened in Kashgar, Xinjiang, 15 polices, community workers were killed by mobs, after they found the mobs. According to Global Times, the news above was announced by the local media in Xinjiang, and the incident had been subsided.Global Times said the local official told it that the incident is a vicious event, which was planed by a gang of terrorists, but eventually they failed. A person who named Zhiping Pan told newspaper that the incident reminded us we should keep vigilant to terrorist incident. People爷s Daily overseas edition said in recent years a lot of American 野victim冶 declared they were attacked by Chinese hackers: Google muni tions merchant and the like.However, they had no clear evidence. Although they pointed out the hacker爷s IP is from China, almost everyone knows that hackers have the ability of transnational camouflage and hide, so the IP is not persuasive enough to affirm the hacker爷s source. The newspaper told that America wanted to preach 野China threat theory冶, so it always propagandizes some negative views like hacker event, and American internet security troop is expanding, so this event may be a new excuse for American politicians to enlarge the troop. Global Times said that Raters has detailedly told a story which can be compared with a Hollywood story: the U.S. secret service 野fishing冶 enforces the law. They set bait, and enticed a Chinese who was in the United States, Zhaohui He and 野hooked冶 He. They said He desired 野transport American microchips to China冶, and eventually 野the stolen goods and the thief were all acquired冶and they arrested He.The newspaper said that once China had a breakthrough, western medias will always issue articles about 野China cheats western technology冶.

Foreigner Medias' Attitudes

The report Chinese fans dare to dream big but come up short in Morocco form CNN has a clear theme. At first, the report introduces the Evergrande爷s situation, then focused on the game, and also, predicts the result and influence of the game. While it was impossible for Evergrande to break the hegemony of the European leagues爷 popularity in Asia, beating the best of Korea, Japan and Iran ( Evergrande won the first prize of Acian-champion Cup) – who supplied the other representatives of the semi-finals要proves that China could compete with the best, regionally at least, and brought them to the world爷s attention last light. Through interviews with Louis Tong 野It makes me proud to see a Chinese team playing at this level.冶 Lastly, an interview to others ends the reports. On CNN's report, it is 液Chinese TV cartoon blamed for child injuries一 for the title. It aimed at performance animation harm to children. Because it by two children imitate a scene and burns to the animation, the court order the guardians to pay 60% of the injured brothers爷 medical bills and Creative Power Entertaining, a Chinese animation com pany based in Guangzhou, to pay 15%. It is to reflect animation harm to children. Not having in-depth news, animation brings children influence. 野Fifteen police officers and community workers have been killed and six suspects shot dead in a clash in Kashgar, in China爷s north-western region of Xinjiang,officials say.冶 The Guardian reported. The government said 10 of the police and officials killed were Uighurs, three were Han Chinese, and tow were of Monglian ethnicity. It said tow other Uighurs were injured. It did not give the ethnicity of the assailants.冶 The newspaper (The police defended them selves againsit mobs) said. The Guardian quoted the sentences from Dilxat Raxit, spokesman for the exiled World Uyghur Congress. He said the violence was sparked by the shooting and killing of a young Uighur by 野Chinese armed personnel冶 during an illegal search of homes, citing local sources. The newspaper thinks he dismissed the claim of terrorism so insisting: 野They always use such labels as a way of justifying their use of armed force.冶 The Guardian interviewed Nocholas Bequelin, senior Asia researcher at Human Rights Watch. He noted that there were criminal gangs in Xinjiang which could not necessarily be linked to terrorism, and added: 野Anything that is outside of state-controlled religion activity-and anything viewed as illegal religion activity is in turn associated with terrorism.冶 According to CNN, The New York Times said Chinese hackers had carried out sustained attack on its computer systems, and that Chinese hackers broke in and stole the password of high-profile reporters and other staff members. CNN also said The Times, one of the biggest and the most respected U.S. newspaper, the cyber assaults had took place over the past four months, which started during an investigation, into the wealth reportedly accumulated by relatives of the Chinese premier , Wen Jiabao, by the newspaper.Besides, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that its computer systems had also been infiltrated by Chinese hackers. The hackers monitored the newspaper爷s China coverage, according to a written statement from Paula Keve, chief communications officer for parent company Dow Jones & Co. The newspaper said Chinese authorities had blacked out the broadcast signal for international television stations like CNN and BBC when they have aired sensitive reports about the country. According to Reuters爷s report,Philip Zhaohui He, the target of a U.S. Homeland Security sting,was arrested in last 2011 at a port near Los Angeles as he approached a Chinese freighter.In his car trunk, agents found 200 radiation-hardened microchips hidden inside a tub of baby formula. He was charged in Denver because he ordered the microchips from a nearby manufacturer, Aeroflex of Colorado Springs, Colorado. In custody since December 2011, he pleaded guilty in September to smuggling and conspiracy to violate the Arms Export Control Act. After He sent Aeroflex a check for the full cost of the 312 microchips-$549654-undercover agents delivered them to He爷s small company in Oakland. By Xiao Shujuan & SongYu

Editor Xiong Guihong By Johnny fter living in China for 3 years, one place I’ d always wanted to visit was Sichuan. I came here straight from the Northern culture of Beijing, and wanted to know what life was like where the mountains are tall and the emperor is far away. In our short 200 years of history, my Australia has become very different to English, so I was eager to find out what happened in Sichuan after the mass migration from Hubei and Guangdong some 600 years ago created a new language and culture. Sichuan and Australia have much in common: both have relatively short histories and harsh landscapes, creating foul-mouthed and fun-loving peoples.


fortable in cities that are too big so that’ s why I chose Mianyang over Chengdu - but was still surprised how far away from town and self-contained SWUST is. Finally, I found my contact who took me to the school hotel and scheduled a tour to show me around the school the next morning. As it happened, that morning there was a fog so

done with, the world becomes alive again and people can be found everywhere outside soaking up the sunshine: playing mahjong and cards, spending time with lovers or any of a hundred different activities - refilling their vitamin D levels and overcoming their collective . “seasonal affective disorder”

Spare time in SWUST Edited by Yang Tianjiao

Life here is difficult enough without having to be overly ambitious. Here in SWUST, I don’ t feel the pressure that I’ ve seen in the face of students from other schools I’ ve worked at. Students here have more hours of class than other universities I know, but less of a workload overall. This gives them more opportunity to engage in hobbies as well as classwork, and become more well-rounded people. I have seen so many shows put on here, featuring every kind of singing and dancing as well as arts, sports and food-festivals featuring Sichuan’ s world-famous cuisine.

thick that you couldn’ t see your hand in front of your face. My tour involved walking and whiteness, and things like “Over there is a lake. If you could see it, you’ d see it is shaped like a yinyang.”I was starting to get worried that weather was always like this, and I’ ve have to spend a year in a hazy, white Students of SWUST, there is so much to learn that doesn’ t come bubble. I arrived last winter late in the affrom books. If you’ re bored it just ternoon found my way here via Luckily, this was just a one off and means you need to meet some new Qing Yi village. Having grown up sun really does exist here. Once the people and learn something new. in the country, I don’ t feel so com- relatively short winter is over and Before coming here, I wasn’ t sure what it would actually mean to live in a place with so little sun that not only Sichuan’ s pale-faced beauties famous throughout China, but that there’ s an ancient chengyu about it. In Sichuan, the sun is so rare that dogs bark when they see it!

By Xiong Guihong was a time when our T here desk was covered with :

books, exercise book and notebook every day. Everyday we shuttled in the dorm ,classroom and dining room.namely,it's "three point and one line". To be honest,we were tired during that time, but we're very happy, because every day is very substantial.

dreams. My tour of Southwest University of Science and Technology, began to set sail. Since chose the distance, only trials and hardships.

However, the University was not as good as we may think. I was confused, unable to find direction in life, just as always, getting up early, studying , eating, sleeping. No pain, no gain. When received Therefore, in every corner of the a red University admission notice library with my shadow. I just , we laughed: sweat is not in reads some of my favorite books, vain in the past. but it really is a great enjoyable thing, and if we graduate, reading First met Southwest University of will become a very luxury thing. Science and Technology's beauty is in the old area of the Life is like a journey, the most Sycamore Road. That summer, I beautiful scenery tends to inaddragged a suitcase walking un- vertently break into your eyes. A der the trees, the Sun cast shad- helpful volunteer life has brought ows, smelled the breeze sweet me many wonderful memories. flowers,and listened to a moving There, I encounter a lot of people, story. Every corner is so nice, al- a lot of playmates, and find out in ways exudes the atmosphere of the other half of my life. We

talked about everything, and often play tricks on each other. Although met with many difficulties and setbacks, we still stick together. Now, I was accustomed to getting up early, reading books. Early in the morning, I walked the lakeside of Center lake ,carrying an English book, and chewing it carefully . breathing the fresh air, smelling the faint smell of grass, watching fishes swimming with ease, listening to the birds singing merrily ... wonderful it is! Time flies, jocosity journey already halfway through ,my goal in life is more and more clear, and my road of life goes easier. Over the next year, I'll still with the original dream, work hard and enjoy every day of our lives, through the beautiful trip.