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Introduction This book is about design a graphic standards manual book for Xiaozhen Ding. To understand her identity value and personal characteristics through logo, colors, and typefaces.


Xiaozhen Ding is a chinese born, live in jakarta, Indonesia. Currently, she learning visual communication design and related things. Xiaozhen Ding has interest in graphic design and editorial. Her goal is to work in an organized and creative advertising and editorial design company. Xiaozhen wish to learn more about graphic design and editorial design, and gain the real experience.

Logo for Indonesia

The logo design is use Xiaozhen Ding’s nickname Zhen, and combined the Chinese traditional symbol. Through the symbol to reflect she is a Chinese.

Logo for China

The logo for China is use Xiaozhen Ding’s Chinese personal name. For the shape, Xiaozhen Ding decided to use circle, becase the Chinese personal name already present she is a Chinese.

Logo Variations

When on screen or printing in color, the logo should remain it original colors rose.

When used for the Chinse logo, the personal name should be white, and the circle should be Rose Pink.

When used in Chinese applications, the whole logo should be light brown.

When used in black and white, the whole logo should be black.

Save Area Safe area

S a f e a r e a


S a f e a r e a

Safe area

A “ Safe area” should always exist around the logo or wordmark equal to one-half the height of the logo.

Minimum Size 20mm X

Y 20mm



X 20mm

The minimum size of the logo is that Wide (X) is no smaller than 20mm, the High (Y) is no smaller than 20mm.



Rose color is Xiaozhen Ding’s favorite color. This color also represent Xiaozhen Ding’s femininity characteristic. PMS 984 Process color for 4-color printing(CMYK): C: 29 M: 100 Y: 65 K: 23 RGB color for screen applications: R: 148 G: 25 B: 62 RGB color for web applications: #94193E


An important factor of brand identity is the consistent use of predetermined typefaces. Lucida Handwriting Italic is used for the logo name.

Lucida Handwriting Italic ABCDEFGHIJKLM NOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmno

Applications Stationeries MacBook Pro T-Shirt Pin Button Badge Shopping Bag Tea Set

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