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Martial Art Belt System_179 Martial Art Belt System Though the karate belt ranking system has been used in our country for many years, it was orig inally thought to consist only of two belts. The white belt, which is typically the first belt given to students in the beginning, and the black belt is used to show a high level of proficiency in the system of study. In Japan, the two color belts were all that Belt was used for many decades an d only later in modern times was the color belt ranking system installed. However, even today there are many Belt traditional schools in Japan that still use the two belt system.The actual ma terial of the belt generally consists of a cotton outer layer with a interior batting of polyester and stitching to give the belt its form. Besides using the traditional cotton lining of the belt, the exte rior can also be made of a polyester fabric. Also, it should be Belt noted that the Chinese elem ent of martial arts uses sashes instead of the harder, narrower belts. The sash is used for the same purpose and it also can come in many colors. It is simply a soft, pliable material similar to a neck scarf. Belt The colors of the belt or sash are generally white, yellow, orange, purple, bl ue, green, brown, red, and black. There may be some variations of colors added depending on the system of study. Each martial art Belt systems has its own level of expertise assigned to e ach color. So that, in general, no two styles use the same color for denoting Belt the level of pr oficiency of the respective student.Besides using the various colors to denote the skill level, the re Belt is a monetary aspect to the various ranking systems. Often it is the case that when a st udent has reached the maximum skill for the particular belt level they are given a test, which is a series of moves if done alone without another combatant Belt is Belt called kata. If the moves are against an opponent it is called kumite or sparring. How they perform in this phase determ ines whether they are judged to be competent to proceed to the next belt level. Upon passing this test they are given the next color belt rank, Belt along with this comes a monetary element. They are charged for the test, it is called a testing fee and is implemented at almost all the mar tial schools. It helps pay for the overhead and the instructor's time. Generally the higher up in ra nk the student the more expensive the test fees are.The higher up in Belt rank,meaning the da rker the color, the farther up the belt system you are. For some reason it has always been that the darker color belt you are the more advanced one is in their respective system Belt of study. It is also the case that when one has achieved the rank of black belt it is possible to get embro idery done on the belt. Usually the name of the student and his instructor is embroidered on th e belt in colors of either red or gold.It has always been the rule that the longer time spent In the study of martial arts, the higher up in belt ranking, which is the color of the belt you were. It is a time honored method of showing the effort made in the study of Belt the particular martial art, with the accomplishment of being awarded the black belt as the ultimate honor. It is Belt simila r to being given a medal in other sporting events as proof of the success of their accomplishme nt. It will always hold as the epitome of the martial arts goal Belt.

Martial Art Belt System