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Xiao Xiao Wang Creative & Strategic Advertising

Mark Fenske, he asked me “what does thanksgiving means to you?”. “But, it seems like all people do is eat and sleep.” not distinctive. interesting way to say it.”

Resume Objectives:

U.S.A 804-938-3967

China 0086-1390-106-0031

Contribute to an international agency with my demonstrated creativity in enhancing production values. Incrementally improve the company’s sales by exercising my proven advertising abilities honed both by practical studies at Virginia Commonwealth University in America and by my advertising work in China. When I started at VCU, I did not have a clue what I was doing. I still do not have a clue, but I realized that everyone is like that. I keep trying every moment with stoic courage to seek the best solution. I spend every moment on my work, and I enjoy the time spent on it. Life would be boring if the world was perfect. Life would not be boring if you keep seeking.

Work Experience:

TianYao Enterainment Group.

Assistant Producer.

Beijing. China. 2010 - Present

Movie Double Lives Managed the signing ceremony press conference to launch the Sino-American movie Double Lives, working with the Hollywood Movie Works Group and the president of Legendary Pictures. Designed the brochure for the press conference. Interpreted a Q&A for the foreign press. American entertainment producers and directors.

Virginia Commonwealth University.

School Project.

2010 Spring

CarMax Created and developed an original social media campaign for CarMax. Positioned the internet as a new private secretary for every customer. Designed and built customer personal blog, broadcast events and promotions on Facebook and Youtube.

Work Experience:

Noxzema users and on the priorities of target new consumers. Rebuilt Noxzema brand in the consumers mind and brought new feelings to target consumers. smiling faces without putting on any makeup and to reach consumers’ deep desire for beautiful skin. To better introduce Noxzema as an entire production line to consumers, we created store promotions that allow consumer to have a choice of one

Virginia Commonwealth University.

School Project.

2010 Fall

Rowenta steam iron Used print AD and Guerrilla ADs to publicize Rowenta’s new product, the steam iron DW9080. Used creative images to change the consumer’s perspective on ironing clothes and built a new connection between enjoyable work and the Rowenta work alone.


Virginia Commonwealth University - Richmond, VA 2008 - Present B.S in Mass Communications (Double Major) Strategic & Creative Advertising Grade Point Average: 3.73/4.0 scale Graduation: December 2011 Beijing Film Academy - Beijing, China 2000 - 2004


Expert: Ps Ai ID Fl Competent: Dw Final Cut Powerpoint Chinese Language mandarin

About me I had a wonderful childhood. China has a one child policy, and I am the only child in my family. I had a lot of friends, though. I grew up in the 80s in Beijing, an undeveloped

selected as one of the 60, I was so proud not only of myself, but also of making my Dad proud of me. He was of the opinion that acting was an easy job – anybody could do it. complimentary, watched it and told my Mom, “It is hard.” Only three words, but they made me cry.

Four suitcases and 14 hours later, I arrived in another world. Literally starting with learning my ABCs in 2008, I am scheduled to graduate one year early with a double major love working hard and meeting challenges. I love being creative. Everyday I learn something new about advertising from my professors, from friends, and from the Internet. we cannot stop thinking. He said “When the passion is gone, thinking will stop.” And so, I keep thinking with all of my passion so that I can make an exciting life for me and a better world for us all.

Double Lives

Double Lives

Frankfurt, I spent a month travelling around Europe visiting France, Italy, Sweden and then back to Germany. and quiet. My Chinese friends called me because they really want me to have my birthday party. I agree it would be a great time to catch up with everyone. So, I booked a room in a popular place, paid the bill (In China, it is customary that the person celebrating their birthday pay for everything), then I invited all my already famous.

working on a big budget project and he promised he would tell me about it when we met.

怀揣昨夜的梦, 探访古老传说, 布下中国“古剑”现代迷局, 人们追根溯源。 2010 ・ 好莱坞中国之旅,解码《双刃》,破悉传奇。 ——盛博宇 Recalling the dreams of yesterday, exploring legends of old, tracing back the roots of a fabled ancient sword, Hollywood’s Journey in China•2010. Exploring the legend in "Double Lives" —Boyu Sheng

Beijing for the signing ceremony and press conference on July 12th and he was holding a seven days trip around China for their group. I thought this was awesome! I was so happy for him, and even I was excited for

“Is there anything that I can do for you?” I asked. “Of course, are you able to start work today?” He asked. Twenty minutes later, I was sitting at a table, reading all the information about the event and all the media coverage. brochure for the press conference, and I coordinated a seven days trip schedule for the group from Hollywood. Time was really tight, and I had to work 12 hours per day, but I got it done.

Who are these Hollywood producers? WILLIAM FAY (Producer) attended Stanford University and enrolled in the UCLA Film School, where he directed served stints as production executive for New World Pictures, Film Finances Limited and as president of Centropolis Entertainment. He is currently President of Production for Legendary Pictures. Vincent Newman Vin Diesel. Michael Peyser Chief professor and Director of Movie department USC, Director, Producer rently, he is the Chief professor of Film Department of USC. Representative works:

of the best movies of all time. sation of the 2007 Cannes Film Festivals.



John Stuart Robison companies, including Mark Gordon’s Production Co., Albert·S·Ruddy Production Co., David·Zucker


focal point of their development as they enter into new partnerships with companies including Qual-

Administration of National Venture Capital Association since 1999. National Venture Capital Association invests in education, entertainment, and new technology in the early stages. Mr. Robinson is also the CEO of PoliteView, a famous international communication platform that provides internet security system to governments, enterprises, and entertainment associations.

Billy Zane (William George Zane, Jr), Billy Zane was born on February 24, 1966 in Chicago. He is described as the “Young Marlon Brando” in Hollywood. Zane became interested in acting when he was a child since he is from a family of artists (both of his parents and sister are actors). He appeared in school musical productions, wrote scripts and the role in the 1989 sequel, Back to the Future II. Zane’s breakthrough came as a result of his chilling per-

Ending also beginning

China before. We showed them many historical spots and interesting places in Beijing. It was a good opportunity to expose them to Chinese in recent years. Plus, the strong economy has been a large support than 200 billion viewers.

to come. to promote the movie Double Lives, but also to strengthen cooperation I am so proud to be part of it. I came back to America to keep studying advertising at VCU(Virginia Commonwealth University), but


Client: Carmax CarMax is the United States’ largest used-car retailer and a Fortune opened in September 1993 in Richmond, Virginia. were sold; as of August 2010 the company has 103 locations. CarMax has always implemented a haggle-free strategy, that is consumers, and people who are not experts in car knowledge. CarMax provides professional technical support and builds a stress-free process on selling and purchasing for the consumers. However, people think about cars every day, even used cars are a part of a huge percentage of Americans’ lives. According to the US Bureau of Transit Statistics for 2006 there are 250,844,644 registered passenger vehicles in the US. How do you attract the attention this hug market and maintain their focus on CarMax? Who are the most important people in the target audience? What can we do to best reach them? How can we make them to think CarMax matters in their daily life? Who are you?

People’s lives are more changeable during the ages of 20 to 50. People have normally accomplished many important things in these 30 years. Such as graduate from college, move to other place to start a career, get job promotion, get married, create a new family, become parents, ect. People are in a life circle has the a huge possibility of car changing.

How can we reach them? Is there anything they have in common? Which media can we cuse to get the most

We found using social media is common in this consuming group. Facebook is a social network service and website launched in February 2004. Facebook has more than 500 million active users. Most of the users are from gerneration X and generation Y. Along with Youtube and Twitter, Twitter now has 105,779,710 registered users, new users are singing up at rate of 300,000 per day. Twitter users are, in total, tweeting an average of 55 million tweets a day. If Twitter was a country, it would be the 10th largest country in the world, standing behind Japan and bangladesh. Youtube was founded in February 2005. People are watching 2 billion videos a day on YouTube and uploading hundreds of thousands of videos daily. In fact, every minute, 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube.

What is our goal? Our target audience uses Social Media every day, but we need a good reason to convince them come to us, link to us, click on us, talk about us. In another word, what kind of food they would like to “eat�? Generation X and Generation Y are like things that can be more personal, something can be made for each individual. an idea that creates a personal diary blog online linked to Social Media websites for consumers to report everything about their car, leave the questions, and evaluate services for CarMax instead of calling 800 services numbers and also for consumers to have a platform for communication with each interests group and through camping, or play golf, etc.

In addition, the personal diary blog looks like a private doctor for their car. Some small problems can easily turn into and resolve the problem for both the consumer and CarMax. It will also remind consumers about their car maintain. Consumers would not get mad writing on their own blog, but consumers would get mad waiting on the 800 number service line. If consu mers could get feedback from CarMax in 24 hours, they will be satisfy with the service. If you make them wait on the phone line for ten minutes, you know what will happen.

The easy way to plan and journal your life.






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CarMax personal diary blog

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Would you want your picture taken without your makeup?

Background: Noxzema was invented in 1911 and was popular in the 70s, 80s, and early 90s, but it commercial online? People stereotypes Noxzema is old, boring product from 70s.

Market Insight: A Dangerous Decline Along with other similar kinds of skin protection products that jumped into the market, Noxzema has been on a dangerous decline. Only a single product; the Triple Clean Anti-Bacterial Cleanser is barely surviving in the current market. Noxzema needs to rebrand for their audience; like women who used Noxzema in the past and also potential buyers. Noxzema needs a new advertising strategy to get the attention of the current audience.

Brand Insight: away from bored Category, Seeks New, Fun and Adventure. During these three decades, Noxzema has been developing new products, but the brand has not been keeping up with the current consumer’s mindset. For example, people would not just buy fabric even if it is the best quality in the world, because it is just fabric with no style and no feeling inside it. People would ignore the Noxzema brand on the shelf, because there is no feeling necessary. In the skin care category, the outcome always drives the desire. For an almost 100 year old brand, just disseminating the quality would be too boring for our smart consumer. We need to move the consumer’s desire from the outcome of products to the desire of brand. But why do consumers desire a beautiful skin? Is it just because they want to be pretty? Consumer Insight: Why desire a beautiful skin? We did research on people from ages 15 to ages 45. We asked them why they desire beautiful skin. How many girls feel uncomfortable walking on the street without makeup on? How many girls do

we found out the real reason for desiring healthy skin; it is the need to feel comfortable and


Creative Work:

Print Ad Campaign: You are just beautiful. By using a new print Ad campaign to rebrand Noxzema to our consumers. her face. Noxzema.



Original Deep Cleansing Cream Deep Cleansing Cream Plus Moisturizers Clean Moisture Deep Cleansing Cream Clean Blemish Control Daily Scrub Triple Clean Anti-Baoterial Lathering Cleanser

Clean Moisture Maskeup Removal Cloths

Triple Clean Anti-Blemish Pads

Store Promotion: You pick what you want.

Clean Blemish Control Foaming Wash

To better introduce Noxzema as an entire production line to consumers, we created store promotions that allow consumer to have a choice of one trial-sized product whenever they purchase a regular one. products their own way.

Clean Moisture Deep Cleansing Cream

Triple Clean Anti-Blemish Pads

Clean Moisture Maskeup Removal Cloths Deep Cleansing Cream Plus Moisturizers

Triple Clean Anti-Baoterial Lathering Cleanser

Clean Blemish Control Foaming Wash Clean Blemish Control Daily Scrub

Original Deep Cleansing Cream


Client: Rowenta steam iron Rowenta was founded in 1884. It was during the 1920’s that Rowenta began manufacturing irons are sold globally.

acting standards with top-shelf construction and truly helpful features.


heat according to fabric type, then it is able to set the steam level. Today, the DW9080 steamium iron with new steam force technology is Rowenta’s newest prodfabric; pushing 30-percent more steam into the heart of the fabric.

What the client needs?

It is important to deliver an easy, fun, and professional feeling to the consumers. Ironing clothes is not just work, it can also be fun work.

Consumer insights How many people enjoy doing housework? I do not hate housework, but I can not say I enjoy it. What things do you do that make you feel better when you doing the housework? Do you listen to the music? Watch TV? Talk to friends on the phone? No one likes an extremely quiet environment when they do housework, because, housework is boring, and not fun at all. So people else.

Our goal I decided to use creative images to change consumer’s perspective on ironing clothes and build a new house work side-by-side. Every person faces the same daily life as you do. You do not work alone. According to new techonolgy that is presented with Rowenta’s new product; the steam iron DW9080, I want to use the true facts, but present in unexpected ways to attract the attention of the consumer from their busy daily life.

bottom of a steam iron covering a manhole. In the winter, the steam comes out of the manhole to represent steam.

The End

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