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Selected Works Xiaoshu He 2007-2012

Content Resume Student Design

–Master Thesis Succulent Collection in Zurich –Prototyp Highrise building by Highway –Residence Urbanhouse in Yokohama

Working Samples

–Suning Fuzhou Mixed-use Project, Conceptual & SD, RTKL –North Bund Suning Boutique Hotel, Competition, RTKL –Dongguan Vanke Mixed-use Project, Conceptual & SD, RTKL –Easyway Software Park, Suzhou, SD & DD, HENN Architekten –Chang’an Automobile R&D center, Chongqing, Competition, HENN Architekten

内容 简历 学生设计

–毕业设计 苏黎世多肉类植物博物馆 –类型设计 位于高速道路边的高层建筑 –横滨码头城市住宅 建筑设计

–苏宁福州综合体,概念及方案,亚图建筑设计咨询公司 –北外滩苏宁精品酒店,竞赛方案,亚图建筑设计咨询公司 –东莞万科综合体,概念及方案,亚图建筑设计咨询公司 –苏州易程软件园,方案及扩初,德国海茵建筑设计咨询公司 –重庆长安汽车研发中心,竞赛,德国海茵建筑设计咨询公司

Xiaoshu He M.Sc. Arch. ETH sia Email Mobile +86 13818053917 Address Kaixuan Rd. No.116 Room 201 200042, Shanghai, China 何晓舒 苏黎世联邦理工大学建筑学硕士 瑞士建筑师协会会员 Email 手机 +86 13818053917 住址 凯旋路116号 201室 200042 上海, 中国

Xiaoshu He was born in Shanghai in 1984. Bachelor of Architecture Tongji University, Shanghai, China Sep.2002-Jun.2007 Exchanging semester with TU Vienna, Austria Mar.2006-Jun.2006 Master of Architecture ETH Zurich, Switzerland Sep.2007-Jun.2010 何晓舒1984年出生于上海,2007年获得同济大学建筑系本 科学位,同年被苏黎世联邦理工大学著名的建筑系录取, 于2010年获得建筑学硕士学位。2011年起加入瑞士建筑师 协会sia。 在两种不同的文化和教育背景下,她创新能力强,尤其擅 长理性的方案构思能力。

职责描述: 参与扩初图纸与竞赛方案设计。 与外籍设计团队进行交流,协调项目工作。 管理中方团队,确保项目高质量完成。 负责重大项目的对外沟通工作,主要包括与业主进行技术 沟通,商务谈判。 Aug. 2010-Aug. 2011: RTKL Ltd. Shanghai Architectual designer Responsiblities: Research and site analysis, conceptural design, Circulation and function plan, layout of booklet and ppt, physical and computer generated modeling and rendering –The new Nanjing Xianlin Campus masterplan International competition, 1st. Price –Sanya Haitang Bay Resort Hotel,1st. Price –Dongguan Vanke mixed-use –Shanghai North Bund Urban Hotel, 2nd. Price –Xi’an Gemdale Hotel –Suning Yancheng mixed use –Suning Fuzhou mixed use RTKL 上海办公室 2010.8.-2011.8. 建筑设计师

Working Experience Aug. 2011-Now Henn Architekten, Shanghai Project coordinator Responsibilities: SD and DD drawings for projects including office and high-tech park. Communication with design team abroad. In charge of the coordination work for important project, including technical issues and business negotiation 2011.8.-至今 海茵建筑设计事务所,上海 项目协调与项目主管

职责描述: 参加多个建筑和城市设计项目,参与前期分析,功能策 划,方案构思,成果绘制等多项工作。与外籍涉及团队进 行交流,协调项目工作。 参与项目包括: –南京仙林大学城总体规划国际竞赛,一等奖 –三亚海棠湾度假酒店,一等奖 –东莞万科商业商业餐饮精品酒店综合体 –上海北外滩城市酒店,二等奖 –西安金地酒店 –苏宁盐城商业居住办公综合体 –苏宁福州商业综合体

Internships Student Intern at RTKL Ltd. Shanghai Office Jul.2006-Jun.2007 –Large Dahunnan area master plan in Shenyang, China –The China Mobile South Campus in Guangzhou, China –Ortigas Center mixed-use development in Manila, Philippines Student Intern at SAM Architects, Zurich Mar.2009Aug.2009 –Clinic Hirslanden, Zurich 2008-09 –Kantonsspital Baden, Parking 2008-09 –House by train station Enge, Zurich 2009

实习经历 RTKL上海办公室 2006.7.-2007.7. –沈阳大浑南地区总体规划 –广州中国移动南方基地国际竞赛 –菲律宾马尼拉ortigas综合体开发项目 SAM建筑师事务所,苏黎世, 2009.3.-2009.8. –苏黎世Enge火车站一处历史住宅顶层加建 –希尔斯拉顿医院改造 –新建巴顿州立医院停车场

Languages Chinese, English, German, Software Auto CAD, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, 3D Max, Revit, Vectorworks, Microsoft Office, Sketchup

语言 中文,英语,德语 软件 Auto CAD, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, 3D Max, Revit, Vectorworks, Microsoft Office, Sketchup

Master Thesis

Succulent Collection in Zurich

Prof. M. Peter Prof. Ch. Girot Assistant J. Kaelin Feb.-May 2010

Urban situation The site located on the west bank of Zurich see, while to the west of this area, it covers a large area of parks and museum. As a result, it is frequently visited for leasure and pleasure. Considering that the shape of the site is irregular, a massen volumn would be improper for such an area. Thus I divide the area with different boxes, in order to reduce the feeling of this irregular shape. Program According to the program, three green houses should be planned to satisfied the requirement of plants coming from America, Africa and Madagasca, while two green houses should be planned for cultivation. Besides, one exterior exhibtion space, one restaurant and other rooms for administration should be planned. Thus, the relationship between solid spaces and transparent parts would be very important. First I imagine a circulation for the visitors. I try to connected the main spaces with the gardens. When the visitors enter the main entrance, the exterior exhibition garden will lead them to the three main green houses. The terrasse of the restaurant is also visible from the exterior exhibition space through a gallery. By this way, the visitors won’t miss any important facilities. Landscape design The whole building is enclosed by a concrete wall. When passing by the building, one could only see the continuous wall and the glass of the green house. In this way, the green houses could be emphasized and observed from the street. On the other side, the wall serves as a pure background for either cactus or trees arranged in front of the building. Construction The exterior wall is made of rough concrete, so that the contrast between smoothness and roughness could be experience from the street. Considering that there’re five glass houses, I need to figour out a united construction system for the whole building. I use homogeneous columns to support the roof, so that the construction part on the facade could be minimized and the difference between glass and solide volumn could be emphasized.















Background Switzerland is famous for its landscape, but not the highrise buildings. The beautiful landscape, especially the mountain provides swiss a unique environment, however, it holds back the development of the highrises. In zurich, on the other hand, many highrise buildings are built in 1970s, most of which are residencial buildings. These buildings have somehow left a bad image because only a certain group of people live there. As a result, they are isolated and this causes social problem. This kind of image has to be chaged.

Identity As I see it, a highrise should have its own identity, like this tower has a strong identity. From outside it looks like a flower, every petal of the flower tower serves as a shading board. These petals can change its direction according to the weather and the season. This gives the building an energitic perspective so that it looks as if it’s a part of the nature.

Location & Usage The highrise building stands by highway, this offers a good access to the building. Moreover, the surrounding is ideal for working, as a result there there will be three kinds of people: Drivers, clerks and the guests. Each of them forms a part of the building while restaurants, shops, cafeteria on the lower floor and the bar on the top floor serve for all the people in the building. 5 Floors of underground car parking and 4 connections to the highway garantee good access and enough parking spaces.In this way, this tower can be compacted, but not isolated, it will offer a good view from the inside and also from the outside. Most of all, it will be a vertical landscape and fit in the beautiful landscape of Switzerland.

Prototyp 4

Professor Adrian Meyer Assistants: Beat Aeberhard

Highrise by Express Master Program 2007.9.-12.

Flower Tower



Exercise 1 >>

Good painting & bad Painting


Plan >> Bar


OfďŹ ce





Plan >> Ground Floor



Surrounding and starting point

The building is loacated at the corner of the Yamashita Park and the waterfront, which provides the building an ideal view. Solid Void is the concept of this area. The shape of the building is fixed and compact. The footprint of the building is 40 meter times 60 meter. As a result, how to bring enough natural light became my starting point. First I digged several wholes from top through the building. The area of every floor is 1,900m2, the average area of the apartment is set for 100m2, which means every floor can be divided into 19 apartments. The perimeter of the building is 195, devided into 19, every apartment could get 10m facade on average.

Floor Plan

Considering there’re quite a few economic apartment in Japan, I think a unique floor plan will be welcome. The apartments’ area range from 47m2 to 320m2. The customer could be a big family with 2 Children or single, students who share an apartment or oldpeople. The total living area is 9435m2, which covers 5 floor from 2nd floor to 7th floor.


Because the building is sustained by 12 cores and facade, the floor plan can be very flexible, the office on 1st floor and commerce used ground are totally independed from the upper residence floor.


Inside every apartment there are no more fixed wall but ready-made units, for example bathroom, storage, kitchen etc. They are very easy to fix and elegant. The owner can select them himself and make his special home.

Urbanhouse in Yokohama,


GuestProfessor Claus Felix Assistants: Medine Altiok Benedikt Boucsein Axel Humpert Master Program 2008.2.-5.



Concept >>


Plan >> Ground Floor


Plan >>

Typical Floor Plan 16

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Students Family with one Child

Plan >> 2nd Floor


Dinky-Couple without Children

<< Section A-A


Details >>

Readymade Furniture 20


Furniture Design >> 22


Project at RTKL

苏宁福州综合体项目 Suning Fuzhou Mixed-use Project


a city called three montains and one river, becomes the starting point of the project. The project occupies three pieces of land, every land there’re buildings with commercial facilities on the lower lever and either service apartment or office buildings on the upper floors. To the north east and south west direction, there’re two squares, one pedestrian street connects them. We creat a multilayed public space within this pedestrian street: on the ground floor, a river scenary is introduced with brigeds connecting human-scale-pathway; on the second lever, one floating board with an island in middle, again the aim is to make the space more intimate.

Project at RTKL

上海北外滩精品酒店 Shanghai North Bund Boutique Hotel

Project at RTKL

东莞万科综合体项目 Dongguan Vanke Mixed-use Project

Dongguan vanke project is a consist

of seven buildings including one boutique hotel and several two-stories-commercial and catering buildings. All these buildings form an entad charactor, while each of them expressing a relaxing and entertaining feeling to the customers and travelers.

Project at HENN Architekten

长安汽车研发中心,重庆 Chang’an Automobile R&D Center, Chongqing Competition

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