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Tibetan Wooden Goods Don’t you think the Tibetan Wooden Goods online here are fascinating? Now you can enjoy these Handmade Tibetan Wooden Goods! Our online store is professionally supply you with the charming Tibetan Wooden Goods. Here you will find different Tibetan ornaments. No matter it is used to wear or home dÊcor, it will bring ethnic flavor to your life. More important, you can understand more about the Chinese culture.

Handcarved Wooden Box R-204b Of Wooden Goods •

This floral patterned wooden box specially designed with a round shape and four sections interior, defines perfection that ought to match with your magnificent pieces of timeless handmade jewelry or whatever little things you like. The beautifully crafted box also can be gifted as a keepsake box on special occasions such as birthday or Valentine's Day.

Tibet Wooden Fruit Plate R-201 Of Wooden Goods •

Facing a fruit plate carved into a leaf shape, sometimes I have to gasp in admiration at the imagination of those craftsmen. This Tibetan jewelry is made of natural wood, and the leafstalk is of course your handle. It is much suitable for holding nuts and fruits that are relatively smaller. Just imagine a plate of fresh and mouth watering fruits flying in front of your eyes on a leaf‌that would be cool.

Tibet Wooden Fruit Plate R-199 Of Wooden Goods •

Fruit plate with a special design is made of natural wood, which could be easily recognized by the wood texture it takes on. It is very convenient since the handles are designed on both sides and much suitable to hold nuts and fruits which are relatively smaller. Except for the practical usage, it can also be a beautiful decoration on your table or somewhere else. Ingenious housewives better take a look at our handmade jewelry.

Handcarved Wooden Jewelry Box R-193 Of Wooden Goods •

What a fabulous wooden box! These elaborate embossments on the surface and the classical color make this rectangular gift box beautiful and classic. I bet you need to say open sesame to the golden tuskers atop to open and store safely your cherished jewelries within this amazing box. Hey, gentlemen out there, don't you want to surprise your significant ones with something special, say a piece of Tibetan jewelry?

Handcarved Wooden Jewelry Box R-191 Of Wooden Goods •

Handcrafted wooden box features an elaborately engraved floral pattern and brass inlays. This box would be a great place to store your valuable stuffs, jewelries or used as a gift box. It is a handmade jewelry crafted in Tibet, where is rich in timber and talented craftsmen by whom wood have been carved out marvelous and beautiful crafts of all kinds that reflect Tibetan culture.

Tibetan wooden goods,  
Tibetan wooden goods,  

Tibetan Wooden Goods become the most popular ethnic sales. Here are fascinating Handmade Tibetan Wooden Goods. Sterling Silver Amulet, Tibet...