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Education 2016 - Present

Kรถln International School of Design MA of Integrate Design

2014 - Present

Tongji University, Shanghai MA of Product Design

2010 - 2014

Tongji University, Shanghai BA of Product Design


University of Bologna, Italy Exchange of Industrial Design


HI, THIS IS XIAOFEI I am a double Degree MA student of Integrated design in Kรถln International School of Design and Tongji University, Shanghai. I am currently seeking an internship in the spring. Working collaboratively and mutually in problem-solving disciplines involves the proposition of new idea as well as critical thinking and is, therefore, a practice that I am hoping to further improve in my internship. If you are interested in my work, you could download this portfolio as a PDF file HERE.

07.2015 - 10.2015

Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute (SMEDI) Internship of Urban Furniture Design

07.2014 - 06.2015

TONGJI Architecture Design Group, Shanghai (TJAD) Design Assistant

03.2014 - 07.2014

Hengyuanxiang, Shanghai Internship of Participant Designer


Shanghai Electric Internship of Participant Designer

Skills Language Program

Chinese // English // German



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01THIS IS DESIGN The surgeon has his scalpel, the painter his brush, the electrician a screwdriver. Also the designer has his tools. —— Integrated Design Studio, Brief. In this project, we launched an exploration into the different design methods and then, defined the design process and cataloged each methods into each phase of the process. Then the previous exploration would be visualized, firstly as flow maps of the design process with all its sub-headings and sub-processes, secondly as miniature model visualizations, and finally as a culminating space installation.

12-Week Project Cooperative Work Design Concept and Research

01. EXPLORING DESIGN METHODS AND PROCESSES we started to focus on research and literary explorations, as well as group discussions a ro u n d t h e a n a ly s i s o f t h e m a c ro d e s i g n process and its deconstruction into microelements and processes.

Through research on design processes we investigated the ecology of design and research, where they intersect, where they conflict, a n d w h e re t h e y e xce l – exploring design methods and processes, and generic methods/tools/processes simultaneously.


Consistently defining, and redefining the terms, we would then challenge our findings and assumptions by testing them against three theoretical case study. In case of our team, ou task is to researcg the process and corelated methods of Office Chair. Of whicht the apex would be in the creation of a general encapsulating design process FEIDI – Frame, Explore, Ideate, Develop, Implement. We came to understand the inception of design processes within a singular design method and unltimately within the macro design process, and the relation each had to the other.


03. PROTOTYPING After having reached out of the processes, we focussed on the materialization of the research and discussion into three dimensional visualizations, culminating into a 1:1 installation exhibited in the 2016 Parcour – end of year exhibition.

Personally, I preferred to work in Ideate phase since I think this phase is the most important part of the creative p ro ce s s . D u e t o co s t and flexibility reasons we chose “string” as the main material in combination with wood sticks to make the objects. First, sketches were presented in the c l a ss a n d o n e o r t wo of them were selected. Then, we modeled the selected ideas with CAD to visualize them more realistic. After getting

feedback from professors and students, we started to make the ideas real! The Ideate phase sculpture is including a big black wooden frame w i t h s o m a n y st r i n g s inside. The strings a re ro u g h i d e a s a n d intersection points (knots) are ones that have the potential to be developed in the next phase.




The IDEATE phase of the design process is visualized in a playful room by a big black cube and four colorful strings passing through the it to experience the process of IDEATE. The ramdom strings in four colors ( red, yellow, blue and green) comes from the EXPLORE phase representing all the information flows and the pathes stand for the process of ideas generating which are visualized in the knits weaved by these colorful strings.

REFLECTION In the beginning of the projects we spent a lot of time on the discussion about design process, tools and methods. These debates were useful to understand design theoretical basics, however, it took much time and energy. Of which, consequnetrly, we felt lost in the middle of the semester. Time pressure for making the installation energized the us and at the end, it seemed students, professors and visitors satisfied with the final result. But as it progressed, the pace picked up and the discussions became more fruitful and relevant and through massive reseach and literature reivew, I indeed enrich myself the insight of design research and correlative ground theory. Design always been argued if it belongs to science or art. Personally, it's the intellgent combination of science and aesthetics. That's the point of design process and methodlogy and nature of design research.



To study the influence of design and materials involved through the method to Material Driven Design, I launched a series of exploration with a broad range of samples. I started to explore the ground knowledge of material and chose pistachio shells as my object. Second, I was assigned to observe the material in detail and experiment with its characters so as to create methods for the next step of making samples. Then I launch the user testing and analysis of each sample formed by Pistachio shells in a different way. Through the user feedback, I analyzed the character of each material samples and designed the potential products for which could apply. 2-Week Project Individual Work Material Design and UX

01. OBSERVATION Pistachio shells are half part of a full nut composed of one kernel, two pieces of shells and thin layers. Pistachio shells are hard enough to protect the kernel inside. The shells are smooth but

02. EXPERIMENT have slight bumps on the surface, possibly to grip the kernel. Pistachio nuts have a shape like a tear drop. Consequently, each of the shells has a shape like a flower petal..

Shells were hard to break w i t h h a n d , b u t t h ey w e re easily cracked by a mallet of a hammer, or even by stepping on the foot. They were crushed more finely in a food processor like we break another kind of nuts in it. As pistachio shells are part of a plant, they easily get brown when roasted, but

the shape did not change at all. The shells became a bit more transparent after soaked or boiled in water. As a result, cracking shells into pieces seemed the best way to change its shape, and cracked pieces can be composed with other materials like glue.


03. EXPERIMENT After the process of understanding the material, I created a range of samples of the material using the method discovered in my experiments. In this stage, I tried to make a broad variety of samples to get feedback regarding each factor of the samples such as the size of the pieces.

ROAST Shells turned brown or dark brown according to how long or how they were roasted.



I created different kind of cracked pieces by using different tools.

COMPOSE Composing the cracked pieces with rubber or silicon to make a variety of shapes.

COVER Covering pieces of shells with a thin layer of another material is another way to feel them.

04. USER TEST Blind Test


Participants - 5 students in KISD (who doesn’t know about what material I used)

Participants - 6 students at KISD (who know pistachio shells I used )

Purpose - To get user feedback regarding the sense of touch, sound and smell (except the sense of sight) - To understand how people behave with the samplesd by the samples

Purpose - To understand feedback regarding the difference of looks of the samples such as colours - To under stand how people behave with the samples - To understand specific feeling elicited by the samples

13 11

05. CATALOGUE OF SAMPLES Sample A: Pieces cracked finely

Sample B: Pieces covered with rubber layer

Sample C: Sheet of pistachio shells

Ingredients - Pistachio shells

Ingredients - Pistachio shells - A rubber glove - A rubber band Feedback heavy / strong / not sharp /relaxing

Ingredients - Pistachio shells - Glue

Potential Application - Relaxing ball - Filling of a stuffed toy

Potential Application - Surface of home furnishings

Feedback sand/ natural/ little storns/ rough/ not comfortable to touch/ egg shell/ almonds Potential Application - Alternative to sand for home decoration

014 14

Feedback smooth / I like it/ unique / gentle

Sample D: Brown pieces with glue

Sample E: Cracked pieces with liquid lubber

Sample F: Black Pistatio Shells

Ingredients - Pistachio shells - Glue

Ingredients - Pistachio shells - Liquid lubber

Ingredients - Pistachio shells

Feedback solid / like the closeness / resin/ tearmth/ wood /

Feedback ground/ skin/ paper/ I like the colour and curve/ latex /delicacy/ natural / cork

Feedback elegant / plastic/ fear /love the color / oil wood / dark paint?

Potential Application - Altanative to wood - Surface of desktop or shelvess

Potential Application - Decoration for natural feeling - Surface of home furnishings

Potential Application - Decoration to be natural

15 11

Cracked finley and shalved

Cracked in a food processor

Cracked with a mallet

Shells and pieces with glue

Shells facing down with glue

Shells facing up with glue

Sand / softer / walking with bear foot/ sharp / sticks the finers

sand/ little storns/ rough/ not

sharp /glass / not comforta-

Ouch! / rough

smooth / I like it

weird / rough


ble / nature /

Cracked roughly with a mallet

Pieces of the thin layer

Roasted and Cracked

Pieces with liquid lubber (spoon)

Pieces with liquid lubber

Pieces with glue

nuts / something to eat /

not sharp / dry flower /

wood / natural like/ pieces of

dried fruit peels / rough /

sillicon/ movable/ frexible /

something to eat / wood /

wood / hard / feels like shells

comfortable / wood shaving /

chocolate/ nice/ unwelcoming

smooth/ reminds me of a


hard / like to touch it / nature

/ sharp


Original Shells

Roasted in a pan (10min)

Roasted in an oven (15min)

Pieces with sillicone (long)

Pieces coverd with a balloon

Pieces with a rubber glove

common/ natural colour /

interesting/ animal skin/

elegant / plastic/ fear /love

hair tie/ flexible / fragile / a

sand in a balloon / confort-

heavy / strong / not sharp /

want to eat/ yummy!/ smooth

questionning/ nice transition

the colour / oil wood / dark/

stem of a flower / fabric /yarn

able / good / don‘t feel the


/ calm /

of color/




edges /

REFLECTION As a short a product, basically I followed every step of material driven design method including the experiments, making samples, getting feedback, analyzing it and then suggesting possible application as shown above. Due to the time limitation, I didn't carry all my idea out samples. I chose the idea based on the variety and adaptability such as the color, texture and different material involved in order to gain a holistic feedback. When it came to the user testing and feedback, there were still many spaces I could improve. The reaction and feedback gained through a different way of user testing are far way different. Thus it’s indeed crucial to design the question in the survey during the process in order to induce the user involved express exactly their feeling and opinion which they are not even conscious before. In summary, this project was a good try to experience how design can be driven by material experiences.

17 11



User Centered Studies towards China Market in 2025 With the development of productive forces, people in modern society has the stronger pursuit of exerpeince in the civilized society. Privatization dominates and resources are exclusive. As the greatest inventions in the 21st century, the Internet is breaking exclusivity, which constructs a new business model known as sharing economic.

6-Month Project Cooperative Work UX Design Research

01 WHY CAR- SHARING? Generation of Y consumer Being the first generation of ‘digital natives,' they grew up with mobile phones, mp3 players, and multitouch tablets.Generation Y names for whom was born between 1980 and 2000. Generation Y is also known as some terms including Millennials, EchoBoomers, New Boomers and the Net Generation. They are eager to get learning opportunities and positive recognitions for jobs well-done. Generation Y is presumed to become JLR’s primary customers in 2025. Their lifestyles, appeals, and demands will influence the development of future car-sharing in a great deal. 19 11


million people serving in this field


trillion market scope of China


million the number of participants

The situaiton in China According to China Sharing Economic Development Report 2016, the market size of China sharing economic in 2015 is 1.9569 trillion; there are 50 million people serving in this field, which account 5.5%of working population; the number of participants in sharing economic has been larger than 500 million. The market size ofChina sharing economic in 2015 reached 2 trillion, and the expand from life field to production field was speeded up.



RFID Safety Infomaiton Disclosure

MOBILE Convenience Driving Interference

EV Environmental Protection Vehicle Performance

GPS Vehicle LBS Signal Interference

Emerging Technology

Internet+ Integration of Information Screening Information

Driverless Safety Issues Reducing Fun of Driving

VR Visualization Immature Technology

HMI User Interactions Amount of Information

WEST 1. Urban road situation is more favorable. 2. The price of Taxi and labor cost are expensive. 3. People are more inclined to choose relatively cheap cars 4. Government's strongly support.

03 MAKET RESEARCH The rapid development of Europe carsharing business dues to higher taxi price that brought by higher labor costs. While in China, the taxi cost is relatively small. It’s indeed difficult to follow the pattern of Western carsharing business. China is now facing with the massive road congestion and air pollution. The demand for vehicles is huge, so there is a significant advance of car sharing. (Enabling) West pattern of car-sharing needs to be more localized in China. This will avoid the "acclimatized" of the Western model as one possibility.

CHINA 1. Urban road situation is more favorable. 2. Taxi price or labor costs are more mildly. 3. Government has no clear support. 4. Car-sharing companies are smaller and suffer from more risk.

21 11



6 3 9 15 275

days personas focus group

38.5% often spend 2-5 hours per week on travel for leisure

59.7% spend less than an hour daily commute, very few people spend more than 2 hours

45.5% have experienced car-sharing. Among them, 1/4 get to know car-sharing through Word of Mouth, 40% through SNS.

interview people involved

People who own cars prefer to go 18% take the initiative to get to further than who doesn't own one. know car-sharing

According to various contexts, compatible payment methods are necessary while about to be developed.

23 11


05 User Experience Flow

25 11


06 Concepts

27 11



6-Month Project Cooperative Work UX Design Research

Car HMI Conceptual Design is a collaborated with GEELY DESIGN. Through conducting user research, brand strategy, smart key design and 4-screen i nteraction design, t his project a ims to explore new w ays o f in-car human m achine i nteractions, t o discuss context-based i nterior


Further GEELY FurtherUnderstanding Understaning GEELY

Marketing Research

29 11

Function Radar Radar Chart Chart Function

Competitive Analysis Competitive

4S Shop Experience Jounrney Experience the 4S shop Experience the Geely , and understanding the Experience the GEELYAutomobile Automobile4S 4Sshop shop, and understanding the different models models of of GEELY Geely vehicle different vehiclesystem systemfurther. further.


BMW7 It’s full-featured and high evaluation of BMW7, and it is good reference valueI for the design.




Maintenance services


VOLVO XC90 Some design details in the special situation, which is an important reason for obtaining high evaluation.


Driving Accessibility Operation method


Brand competitiveness

Feture Level

Bran & Busin Car Interaction Function Radar Chart BMW has the most features in various a s p e c t s , p rov i d e a re fe re n ce fo r subsequent conceptual design.BMW has a strong competitive advantage in the number of operating modes. To some extent, GEELY has the fewer features in all facets and needs to improve all the function.

BAIDU Baidu Map has dominant feature and clear advantages in navigation. O2O service based on the map, artificial intelligence and voice recognition are provided.due to the lack of the entertainment feature the O2O service is weaker than that of Alibaba. ALIBABA Internet of Vehicle

nding & ness

O2O feature is perfect. What’s more, Auto Navi, XiamiMusic and cloud service can offer superb support.In comparison, the entertainment feature is lacked and the navigation feature is weaker than that of Baidu. TENCENT Tencent dominates the market because of its perfect entertainment and social function.The products have guaranteed compatibility, but the map and navigation feature is lacked. The development ofWeChat is not enough.


people Have you heard some internet of vehicles branding?

31 11

Branding & Business 32

User Behavior Analysis Discuss the research direction. Through the scenario analysis, the brainstorm and identify directions for research are based on driving behavior, and then summarize the survey questionnaire framework.








O2O feature is perfect. What’s more, Auto Navi, Miami Music and cloud service can offer superb support

33 11

Use frequency operation area

Analysis of Operation Style

Analysis of Vehicle Interaction

In the process of driving, users pay more attention to the equipment which is closely related to driving, some not important additional part in control area can be weakened.

Fo r t h e o p e ra t i n g e x p e r i e n ce i n t h e car, people like the traditional mode of operation. But people also need a new operating experience, how to ensure security is a problem.

Through data analysis, people don't need video function; people pay more attention to the hardware facilities in the car. The use of music service needs to dig deeply.

User Driving Experience Journey map


Paint Point Analysis

Function Analysis

The automobile information cannot be monitored in real time. e.g. airbag situation and damage notice. The automobile information cannot be transferred to the network. e.g. the position of parking space. There are redundant functions and fussy operations. e.g. center console. The safety of communication and social information can not be ensured. e.g. phone call.

Electronic parking lot label Smartphone or smart key will response when you park in wrong space or your space is taken Car right setting One-off right is given to guest Bluetooth earphones at seat Parking lot arrangement Temporarily leaving mode In-car system and air-condition are still powered Identification by smart key Function of remembering drivers Message push setting Push different message to different drivers, such as QQ, WeChat Points of interest Wizard

35 11



John Gee

Age 32 years old

Income 100,000-200,000

Job State worker

Home Company Baoshan District close to subway I am fond of sociality,not only connect with“families but also workmates.�

Lifestyle Married and have a five-year old child Popluar music / self-driving travelling Social engagement / twice a week

Leisure Event schedule Gesture controlling Two driving modes

37 11

Commute Identification of different user rights Convenient paying Scenario based service

Tour Phone reminding Lunar eclipse

03 CONCEPTUAL PROTOTYRING We used activity-Centered Design(ACD) to create a new type of car HMI and car interaction. Based on activities ,linked by a serials of goal, we designed preliminary scheme.

Situation Awareness 38 Infomation


Enhanced Usability



APP Data Collection¡ Real-time Traffic Driver Behavior Itinerary ......

Background Data Flitering Itinerary Relevance Favourites Business Ranking ......

Situation Awareness


Hardware Execution Itinerary Updating Rerouting .......

User Decision via UI


39 11

05 INFORTAINMENT DESIGN Message Alter Weather, traffic, message....

Personal Infomation & Driving Emotion


TODO List Connect with Cluster and map Widger Area Music / Stock / Map

APP Area Multi thread operation and thrid-party app

41 11

06 RENOVATION OF CLASSIC 15-Week Project Individual Work Product Design & Brand Image As my BA Graduation design, I carried this project out when I was doing the internship in Hengyuanxiang, a Chinese company focus on the design of Woolen clothing and weaving patterns over centuries. My design intention is to make Hengyuanxiang attractive to the young generation. Since most of the loyal customers are middle-aged people, the company decide to widen the customer segments and refresh its image as the strategy in the coming year of sheep in China of which sheep is the totem. Thus I put my idea into widening the product category into consideration as the way to reach the approach. The outcome is a series of bedside lamp in children's room with the wool, glass, and wood as the main materials which create the insight of nature and innocence just like the feeling of kids. Considering the company owns skills and talents on the wool, it couldn’t be perfect to take it as the symbol of the brand at the same time.

01. INSPIRATION The relation between the wool and lighting is the sense of the warmness carried out. Naturally, I came to this inspiration to combine what seems like non-crossed materials together as the coming up the initial idea. The beauty of the wool is the various pattern of the weaving, through the light penetration it could convey a new sense of feeling.

49 11

02. SKETCHING In the beginning, I search the inspiration of the classical lamp in the old times when Hengyuanxiang was at the peak of its influence. But it turned out that it didn’t match well with the lampshade with the weaving as I expected before. Since I prefer to create the new image of the company to catch the eye of the young generations, thus I quit the first draft idea and start through the simple profile of the Knitting wool ball.


Plush dolls such as a Wool Ball is one of the m o st fa m i l i a r t oy s i n my generation among Chinese of which we have a unique sense of

the memory. Thus I try to deduce the lamp through the outfit of the wool balls since it could trigger the emotion through the tactility.



Meanwhile, I went into practice for the prototype of my concept. One of the prominent characters of wool is easy to be dirtied and hard to clean. As sweater, it was easy to wash by water with detergent. But for a product, it’s not convenient to manage and influence the experience once it gets dirt. So I created a shell with glass to against the dirt and it becomes a container for the cable ordering as well.

53 11

04. OUTCOMES In the final outcomes, the lampshade is covered with the wool as weaved like the cloth. The cables are wrapped in the wool at the same time as the extension of the lampshadeThe bottom is made of transparent glass I want to keep unified for the whole product.

I printed the core of the sheep on the shell of the plug as a detail to point out the relation of the traditional culture of this brand. With the adjustable lights it could fit the multiple senarios to better use experience.


05 VI SYSTEM I also designed the new package and VI system to the company As the part work of the internship. Red is the primary color theme as the symbol of happiness and beauty in Chinese culture while the other elements keep simple.

55 11


REFLECTION As the final project in my BA studies, I put every effort into the design and outcomes far more than shown below. Since the Hengyuanxiang didn’t give the specific district on the catalog products I could move on, in the beginning, I took a bit time to exploration. The big difference in the process of this project is that I started to make a prototype before I got the bright picture and details of the final outcomes. When I kept sketching on the paper or in the computer, I got the problem to move on because in my case the insight of the idea is the material and texture which is limited to develop without interacting with the precise hand work. It was a precious experience for me to cooperate the work with the real market and company, making me realize the issue and point I need to tackle as the product designer into a job position. The director of the company Mr. YANG took my VI design as the inspiration of the renovation, but the product didn’t carry out unfortunately due to the budget plan. While for my perspective, it didn’t stop it as a good concept and design.

57 11


07 PORTABLE STEREO This project came from JBL, as a widely famous stereo brand worldwide, being ambitious about the success of Chinese market. Although the traditional Chinese style isn’t prevalent in modern lives as before, I tried to conduct my design with the traditional pattern to code the symbol of China to revive the old Chinese aesthetics among young people as the primary customer for JBL.

6-Week Project Individual Work Product Design

01. INSPIRATION The traditional Chinese window is made mostly of wood of which the precise carving art and the unique pattern are the classical decorations. In the past, people could listen to the music of the instrument or the watch the view through the panes of the window, from which I got my inspiration on the shade of the stereo as the metaphor.

59 11



03. EXPERIMENT Considering the intricate pattern would increase the expenditure and difficulties during the implementation, I tried to deduce then ease the design through a series of the sketching and draft prototype. In the end, I decided to use the symmetry and rotation of the simple traditional e l e m e n t t o c re a t e t h e pattern as my design.

61 11

iPad/ iPhone Holder against the monitor being flipped over. USB Connection with the iPod Shuffle

iPad/ iPhone Handle


The outline is from storkes of the chinese letters

Extended Cable Storage

Lighting Spot

Details of Plug

REFLECTION When it comes to a relation or the impression of China, more specifically, what could stand for the modern China, we still unconsciously back to the ancient or traditional stage and try to ditch something out as the symbol of culture. I like the outcomes as a portable stereo while I didn’t put my attention and research into the lifestyle of modern people nowaday, their needs, their expectation and their attitude of tradition.

65 11

08 66

6-Week Project Individual Work Product Design & Brand Research

MOLESKINE POCKET PEN The task of the project is a design of a pen according to one of on marketing brand image. As a fan of the Moleskine, I carried my individual work aligned to it because Moleskine is famous of its notebook while the design of the pen is not as prevalent as the primary product. Having explored the outlines and use scenario I create a Retractable Pocket Pen matched with the size of the pocket book.

01. BRAND EXPLORATION In the various size of the notebook, I decided to target the user group of whom with their notebook in pocket size carried on them for the flashing inspiration or sudden information they need to take it down. Most people prefer it with the cell phones since it’s more convenient and accurate. Still, the advantage of handwriting owns its unique sense of the creativity and innovation. Thus those who still got the habit will be loyal of pen other than digital equipment.

80% 67 11





69 11


04. PROTOTYPE I started to the exploration with the fully functioned prototype to reach the comfortable and ergonomic outlines to the better writing experience. And I create two series with the different primary material of which one is ABS with the brushed surface, the other is the silver metal with the chrome.

71 11

REFLECTION The biggest challenge through the process is the implementation of two different materials. During the discussion and studies from the master worker in the factory, I realized I need to build the different 3D model for the various crafts. Thus it indeed increased my quantity of the whole work. And due to the limitations of the mental machines, I had to make some compromise on the outcomes. Through which I learned that I need to take the materials and the Processing technology into consideration as the part of the design through the whole design process.

09 HIDDEN WASHING MACHINE 8-Week Project Cooperative Work Product Design & Storytelling 72

When we wash the clothes by the washing machine, usually people classify them in different color, texture or different function of the clothes as needed. Consequently, it will cause the waste of water and energy with a few dirty clothes with the washing machines for people who lives alone. Through this motivation, we created a washing machine with two rollers upper and lower inside the machine to tackle this pain point. It also could be in a different scenario like wash the cloth with your roommate in separately when one doesn’t want to mix the clothes up.

01. TARGET USER What if a washing machine could let you separate the clothes according to color, texture, and belonging?

1.1 Dressing Style

1.2 Traditional Washing Machine

1.3 Expectation 73



03. STORYBOARD 1 Go to the Laundry

2 Initiate the Machine

3 Separate the Clothes by Color

Two Roller Inside


for the Clothes in Light Color for the Clothes in Dark Color

4 Set the Washing Liquid and Launch the Machine

5 No Color Blending



REFLECTION The journey of the washing machine was full of interesting and fruitful spaces during t he proce ss s in ce it entirely came from the pain point and expectation in our real lives on campus. The concept that developed from the set brainstorming and outside of them opened up an array of studies on the washing machine as well as the assimilation o f d i f fe re n t p e rs p e c t i ve s on the discussion. Which also allowed for the testing of individual ideas, preconceptions, and p e rc e p t i o n s a g a i n s t t h e scrutiny of peer feedback and different angles of approach.

With such a mind expansionary atmosphere it was probably most difficult to begin to formulate a final concept with the joint statement of each teammate. And concerning the way of expression, we used the storyboard to drive the audience during the journey i n t h e f i n a l p re s e n t a t i o n w h i c h re n d e re d a s t ro n g sense of empathy and a better understanding of our intention and approach. Also, it triggered my ambition on the video/ motion shooting to reach better outcomes for the product than the 2D icon.


Thanks for your at tention. Looking for further contact. P: +49 159058725 E: XIAOFEI WANG

Portfolio - Xiaofei Wang - UX design - Product Design  
Portfolio - Xiaofei Wang - UX design - Product Design