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Exhibition Portfolio Xiao Fang

Rhode Island School of Design Mdes Exhibition and Narrative Environment Central Academy of Fine Arts Bachelor of Architecture

Mailing Address: RISD Box 2544, 2 college street, Providence, RI, 02903 Email: Mobil: +1 401 256 8513

EUCLIDEAN MEASUREMENTS Boston, America | 2018.12 Instructor: Francesca Liuni

Drawing tools are something have just been invented 50 years ago and now have already out of date and gone into the museum which is very ironic. The reason why the tools are abandoned is that we use digital tools instead today. The hand drawing tools help build the sense of scale which make the digital tools’ power of scaling also a weakness. I’m trying to use what we used most in architecture design, the ”line” to form basic geometry shape frame to display the exhibits and connect all the parts together. While the color of the graphic and guide line come from the color of reference lines in design software.

Charrette Corporation In 1964, Harvard Graduate School of Design students Lionel Spiro (AB ’60, MArch ’63) and Blair Brown (AB ’62, MArch ’67) could not find a dependable retailer for drafting equipment and materials. So they formed their own business and opened their own store to address the need. For decades, Spiro and Brown’s Charrette Corporation supplied New England’s and the nation’s architects, graphic designers, and artists with state-of-the-art equipment. Mr. Spiro was kind enough in 2015 to donate a group of drafting, drawing, and architectural supplies to CHSI from his private collection. Many of these supplies were regularly sold through Charrette.

Site Information

Our site located at 3rd floor and 4th floor of Put

vard University Science center, Boston . It was de

ASSOCIATES and was built in 2004. The galler

space with a bridge on the forth floor.This gallery west and the outside of the building on the east,

in fromboth sides. The noth side of the gallery is transparent glass. The south side of the gallery is gallary with two piece of little greeny color galss the material of the exterior wall.




4 Floor Plan

3 Floor Plan

tnam Gallery, CHSI building, Har-


ry is a long, narrow doubled height

y connects the courtyard on the which means nature light comes

s a corridor seperate to the sith with an office area which sperated to the with insulaation in it which is also

Concept On the first floor, I chose drawing tools from the Charrette Corporation and catalogued them into “points, lines, surfaces, and solids”. Points, lines, surfaces, and solids are basic geometry elements that compose space, and architecture drawings are drawings using geometry symbols to represent the elements of space. So I’m just using elements from the drawings the tools made to show the tools. On the second floor, there are five drawings for Fogg Museum exhibit, which are completed building drawing. I’m trying to show a process that frome tools to completed drawings.









11'- 1 1/2''



Visitor’s Path

3 Floor Plan


4 Floor Plan



Section A-A

Section B-B

Floor Graphic

Axonometric Drawing

Contruction Detail For the floor, I used conctete to make the space more like an architectural construction site. First I made a metal box, then fill it with self- leveling concrete to avoid damage to the original building. For the frame, I used a splitter method to apply the connection method usually used for wood to metal. The horizontal metal pipe has protruding streets, and the vertical metal pipe is covered outside the joint, which is fixed by gravity and friction, not applicable to any nails or glue. To make the frame stable, under the concrete floor is a denser grid of metal fram connected to the frame on the floor.

Museum Exhibition Providence, America | 2018.12 Instructor: Ernesto Aparicio

I will design a museum exhibit at the RISD Museum with an emphasis on typography. The structure of the exhibit is part of the content. Theme of the e xhibition: Architect Christopher Alexander released in 2004—Written over the course of three decades— The Nature of Order: An Essay on the Art of building and the Nature of the Universe . The four volume set outlines the properties that Alexander believes underlie beauty in art, nature, and architecture. This exhibit is the abridged 3D version of his manifesto. Title: Baskerville Old Face Subtitle: Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ Extra Number: Haettenschweiler Introduction: Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ Light

Layout and visitor path



RULES FOR Christopher Alexander’s Element of Style

Gallery Exhibition Providence, America | 2018.12 Instructor: Ernesto Aparicio

Design Icons, 1900-2000 A Timeline of Furniture Masterpieces

This is an exhibit for RISD Sol Koffler Gallery that will depict the evolution of Chair design in the 20th century. The timeline structure of the exhibit as well as the content are part of the design. Title: Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ Condensed A Designer: Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ Light Intruduction: Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ Light Backgroung: Helvetica Neue LT Std

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Exhibition portfolio