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XIANG LI Architecture Portfolio 2016-2020


01 Geometic_Rise

01 - 10

Scandinavian Cultural Center at Chicago

02 Vibracity

11 - 16

Farmers Market in Illinois

03 Tallers_de_Carme

17 - 26

“Living & Working� Community Square at Barcelona

04 Over_There

27 - 32

Artists Village at Allerton Park



33 - 34

01 Geometic Rise

Scandinavian Cultural Center at Chicago Instructor: Claire Gaspin The center will provide promotion of public relations, assistance to local foreign citizens, and widespread dissemination of this culture in Chicago. The centre will provide a restaurant serving Nordic cuisine. Designers will allocate space for the restaurant, and the cultural center will provide administrative offices, a library and several meeting rooms. These rooms need to be flexible to fit a variety of uses. Venue space has been requested to provide extra space for meetings. Chicago’s summer and winter weather is relatively extreme, so people aligned during indoor activities.Entering the interior hopes to give people a Nordic feel. Bright colors and soft sunlight. You can also learn about the northern European atmosphere on the northern shore of the ocean. Create a space that allows the surrounding residents to live and feel the surrounding atmosphere, but is very comfortable physically


Site Plan

Visitors Flow

Land Status

Education Facilities

Pedestrian Cirulation


Site Axon

Site Plan


Floor Plan


East Side Street View


Scenary Platform

Art Gallery


Main Library

Art Gallery Staircase


East Section


Multifunctional Office

Scandinavian Restaurant


Front Side Section


02 Vibracity

Vibration & Vivacity Instructor: David Emmons The market is located in the center of Champaign, with shopping facilities around the venue, restaurants, parking and other infrastructure. These facilities provide a unique advantage to Farmers Market. The shed is made of canvas, which is light and has a good light transmission. The wavy shape of the ceiling is inspired by the sound analysis of the site. Farmers Market is usually the most owned area in the city. Using the sound decibels of different periods as the basis, the market as a “loudspeaker� makes vibration stronger. Sunlight hits the field at different times The shape of the shed causes the shadow in the field to bend and stretch. Give people a sense of freshness all the time The market can not only sell agricultural products but also for other purposes such as art exhibitions and publicity activities. The light and fluid modern design make the project a new landmark in the city.


Building Types The land statues clearly show the building types surrounding the market. Large demand going to make the market become an indispensable part of urban life.

Farms Near by The most important partner for the market is farmers. In the range of 5km, there are 11 farms around the farmers market which will provide abundant and fresh supply to the city.

Population Flow Bars represent the population in the area. The diagram is increasing from the side to the center. The high density of life is the symbol of active. The farmers market going to play an important role in society.

Sound Vibration Farmers Market is one of the most crowded areas in the city. Different times of the day, the city’s traffic is totally different. The market settlement will inject new vitality into the city.


Vibrant City Central

Vibrant Market

Vibrant Connecting

Explode Structure


Vibrant Connecting

Site Axon


East Elevation

South Elevation


Use For Market

Use For lecture


03 Tallers de Carme

Living & Working Instructor: NĂşria Giner Team Member: Xiang Li & Bunkunzie Lun

This project are assigned with group of two. The concept idea is from me, which is public plaza vs pravite plaza. We are develope this concept in two differnt building. Bun are work for site A drawing . I am working on site B and develpe concept diagram. We seek to create a small set of work-living dwellings in Plaça del Carme by creating two work-living buildings with their own courtyards in two of the empty lots, and a third dedicated work building in the lot between the two. The placement of the workshops encapsulates most of the visible facades creating a more work orientated atmosphere in between all the living spaces. Terraces and balconies are positioned primarily on the south facing facades, and along the bedrooms to help creat a barrier of privacy.


Ground Floor & Site Plan


Environmental Spread

Work Space

Solar Facades

Public vs Private



Site A Unit Plan 1

Site B Unit Plan 1

Site B Unit Plan 2


Site A 2nd Floor Plan

Site A North Elevation


Site B 2nd Floor Plan

Site B South Elevation


Site B Section Model

Site B Section


Site A Section Model

Site A Section


Site A Elevation Model

Site A West Elevation


Site B Elevation Model

Site B West Elevation


04 Over There Living & Working

Instructor: Sara Bartumeus The village is located near the middle of the river and the direction of the village development according to the direction of the river. On the least possible injured trees, the existing path is used to create a road leading to the village. There is the bridge connecting the two places of the village. The bridge uses reinforced concrete structure to make it safe and stable. In order to ensure the appearance, the surface will be laid with wood. The trails are Made of wood, and the wooden paths and bridges are combined to allow people to feel the natural atmosphere of the knife on the artifi cially made road.






Explode Structure


Site Plan

West Side Floor Plan


West Side Section

West Side Section


Unit Section Model

West Side Section



05 Other Work Space Feeling

Instructor: David Emmons The purpose of making small ornaments is mainly to feel the change of space and control of scale, which is very helpful for the conception of architectural concepts.

Space Inter-Lock


Japen House Detail Model


Heavy Concept Model A

Heavy Concept Model B


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