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4074 XIANG DING SCENE ANALYSIS Scene Analysis ----- Movie: Lord of War (2005)

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Lord of War is an action film written and directed by Andrew Niccol. Movie setting sets at the late 20th century, the end of the Cold War, after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, a large number of weapons and ammunition are flowing into the international market. The movie theme is good vest evil between the illegal arm dealer and Interpol. The weapon is the motif of the movie. Whole movie described the strong power of illegal arm dealers under government protection and the weakness of human being and legal system as social reality to audience with the personal biography of Yuri Orlov who plays the main character. The scene I choose is the final scene of the interrogation between Yuri and Interpol officer Valentine, and the final faith of Yuri. This scene is a 3 minutes conversation of Yuri and Valentine in the interrogation room. I will explain the scene in several areas from its msie-en-scene, editing and cinematography. The setting of this scene sets at modern period in a large interrogation room with low key light. This setting gives us the idea of Yuri and Valentine is isolated from the outside.

All costume of the movie characters are Modern clothing which are telling audience it is happening nowadays. Blue tone color has been used as lighting shows that what is going to happen and warm tone color on the other side shows what is happening now. The transition has used between these shots are cross cuts, highlights the dialogue between two characters. It is clearly represented different feelings of each character by the diagetic sound of their voices.

Scene 1 This is a medium shot of Yuri’s face that he starts explaining what will happen to Valentine about the cruelty of reality. There is no face expression of Yuri showing he is calm to the situation.

Scene 2 This is a medium up of Valentine which using over shoulder shot of Yuri direct to him. This shot is showing who has the stronger power between two men. It is obvious that Yuri has more power than Valentine. Valentine is dismissive to Yuri while he is starting

his prophecy from his face expression.

Cut 1 This is a cross cut from Yuri to his prophecy that the military man is coming to find him.

Cut 2

This is an extreme close up shot with high-angle from the military man’s uniform to the medals with strong lighting highlights the level of this man in the army or government. The identity of him is a general.

Scene 3 This scene with over shoulder shot of general to Valentine is proved again that the prophecy of Yuri is true.

Scene 4 This scene is showing Valentine is shocked by Yuri’s prophecy.

Cut 4 The cut is where Yuri points on the newspaper that he sold weapon to and who cause him caught by Valentine. The over shoulder shot from Yuri to Valentine is showing audience the people on the newspaper have more power than Valentine.

Cut 5 This is the cut when Valentine is talking about how evil Yuri is, and he feels despaired when he is agreed with Yuri as a legal representative after Yuri’s prophecy. This is the first time where the over shoulder shot from Valentine to Yuri. Evil implies the power at the dark controls Yuri has more power.

Scene 5

This is a long shot of interrogation room while they finished. Blue tone color implies future and appears to audience. Yuri finished his prophecy and the evil Valentine told about is coming while he walks towards door on the blue side.

Cut 6 The cut outside the room with diagetic sound of dialogue finished and the non-diageitc

music starts playing. Yuri is free after his prophecy comes true. The camera moves from the building to another side, the lighting changes from bright to dark. The over shoulder shot from general to Yuri is showing his power is higher than Yuri. In all scene, we cannot see the face of general but we all understand that he is powerful but cannot been identify by the society. The thing Yuri does for them as the dark side of the city. In conclusion, the director uses simple dialogue between two characters to reveal the most darkness side of world and government. This short conversation told us the social reality is cure, money and power can always decide the person’s class. Director has used many cuts with over shoulder shot displays the power strength and power conversion between people. Implies laws cannot make equity to those people who have power and the frustration of laws cannot justice those people.

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