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Name:  Xi  Chen   Title:  Looking  Through  Bubbles   Project  no:  1   Media:  Acrylic,  Canvas     Date  completed:  November  2nd,  2010     Dimensions:         The  artist  that  influenced  me  for  this  project  was  Paul  Gauguin.  In  the  summer,  I   went  to  Post-­‐  Impressionisme  115  Chefs-­‐  doeuvre  de  la  collection  du  Musee  d-­‐ Orsay  in  Roppongi.  In  the  museum,  I  saw  Paul  Gauguin’s  and  that  most  of  his   works  are  on  figures.  In  addition,  I  also  like  the  texture  of  his  painting,  and  how   he  uses  warmth  color.  From  this,  I  decided  to  portray  his  techniques  into  this   project.    I  think  my  painting  did  follow  his  style,  however  the  color  for  the  skin   tone  is  a  bit  darker  than  his.  For  the  clothes,  I  ended  up  doing  a  Monet  style.  I   think  I  should  have  looked  at  the  clothes  on  the  figures  of  Monet’s  painting   instead  of  using  a  landscape  and  the  technique  from  there.       After  doing  this  painting,  I  realized  on  how  long  it  took  me  to  do  a  project.  I  think   that,  next  time  I  should  manage  my  time  more  effectively.  The  thing  that  I  should   have  changed  is  that  I  shouldn’t  spend  a  large  amount  of  time  on  one   concentrated  area  (in  this  case:  the  neck).  I  also  think  that  it  wasn’t  a  good  thing   to  spend  time  on  going  over  and  over  an  area  when  I  have  other  parts  to  do.  I   should  have  done  it  all  at  once  and  then  in  the  end,  do  some  touch  ups.  At  first,  I   spent  most  of  the  time  thinking  what  I  wanted  to  do.  At  that  moment,  I  didn't   really  have  the  motivation  to  do  since  I  didn't  know  what  I  wanted,  but  as  soon   as  I  found  out  what  I  wanted  to  do,  I  was  able  to  try  my  best  in  creating  a  good   piece.       I  did  a  few  researches,  well  mostly  on  Paul  Gauguin  but  I  also  tried  browsing   through  tips  on  how  to  paint  bubbles.  It  was  hard  to  find  a  video  that  provided   the  advices.  What  I  should  work  on  next  time  is  to  experiment  with  painting  the   bubbles  more.  Through  this  project,  I  only  tried  it  once  without  the  glaze.  At  that   time  I  didn't  know  that  glazing  was  possible…  However,  after  hearing  some  ideas   from  people,  I  thought  about  it  and  decided  to  try  it.  If  I  did  more  experiments   with  the  glaze,  I  think  that  I  would  be  more  confident  on  painting  the  bubble  and   improve  it.    I  guess  I  did  approach  well.  I  tried  to  create  a  contrast  between  the   view  through  the  bubble  and  without.       Overall,  I  am  happy  with  my  work  considering  that  it  is  my  first  effort  on  an   actual  painting  project.  To  be  honest,  I  thought  I  was  really  bad  at  painting  and   there’s  an  evidence  of  it  in  my  painting  the  previous  year.  The  figure  in  my   painting  turned  out  better  than  I  had  expected,  with  its  tones.  I  think  for  some  of   my  IB  projects,  I  would  like  to  paint.  Next  time,  I’ll  try  to  manage  my  time  more   effectively  during  the  research  and  experiment.  For  my  research  workbook,  I   think  I  need  to  keep  remembering  to  do  it  at  the  same  time.  For  the  next  project,   I  am  going  to  brainstorm  and  see  where  it  takes  me.  J    

Looking Through Bubbles (Evaluation)  

IBDP Art Project #1

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