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NAO / Normal Architecture Office

Z-blocks are light weight modular furniture easy to arrange anywhere for any inhabitation.

contact 504 Grand Street, #B33 New York, NY 10002, USA Tel. +1.646.502.8609

Project timeline Z Blocks 3.0 current designs for the future of light weight space using advanced Z blocks modules; NAO team: Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, He Sang, 2014-15; Z-blocks 3.0 Z Blocks 2.1,light modular environment produced for the performance series PRELUDE at The James Gallery, The Graduate Center, CUNY, New York; NAO team: Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, Tamara Vlaisavljevic, Nicholas Wan, produced by the Center for the Humanities, CUNY, 2011; Z Blocks 2.0,light modular environment produced for the exhibition ID: Ideologies of Design produced by - New Media Centre, venue: Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, 2009; NAO team: Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, Thabo Lenneiye, Dimitar Pouchnikov;

Z-blocks 2.0

Z Blocks 1.0, light modular stage set designed for the contemporary dance performance held at St. Marks Church in Manhattan, New York, 2003; NAO team: Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, Sabine von Fischer. Z-blocks 1.0

unexpectedly comfortable

I am still working I am Falling asleep

Z blocks using as temporary office space for young designers in museum of contemporary art of vojvodina, novi sad.

looks alright to me

high Seat

low Seat

RelaxAtion 2 in 1 Seat

The James Gallery, the Graduate Center, CUNY, New York

all set up for work works for screenings

Muesum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina in Novi Sad, Serbia

i am a Bar

i am a storage

The James Gallery, the Graduate Center, CUNY, New York

philosophy behind


"Z" Blocks are light and reconfigurable blocks that can be used in multiple ways thanks to their smart geometry designed to resemble the Latin letter Z. The main concept behind this adaptive use of the design is the ease of arranging “Z� Blocks into individual, social and hybrid spaces,

different in size, being formal or informal, public or intimate. The blocks can stand on their own and be used as chairs, and can be combined together to form shelves, benches, tables, bars, walls, podiums and stairs.

Z Block 1A Plan and Elevation

Z Block 1A

Z Block 1B

< Z Block 2A Z Block 2B >

< Z Block 3A Z Block 3B >

Material and Surface



* "Z" Blocks have 3 corrugated surfaces that indicate the areas where one sits. ** "Z" Blocks are made out of polystyrene foam. Polystyrene is a colorless, rigid and economocal plastic that can easily be returned to a liquid by heating and used again for molding or extrusion. It is light-weight material - about 95%air, that also exhibits good damping properties. The blocks have a protective coating in the form of a transparent adhesive and a silicone outer layer, that protect them against coronation. It is degradable.







Cutting the foam block with Z shape heated wire

Z - Bar created

Cutting Z - Bar with linear heated wire

Redo cutting for the whole bar

Store and ship to gallery and public space


Z block is designed to make various spatial conditions - Chairs, tables, stairs, Walls, blocks, shelves, floors, towers, benches. and can be operated by people who use it.

single z-block in various ways

orientational options

s d n ge i k s u mbla o e f ri o e va ass f us o d an blocks z

endless Possibilities of combining two Z-blocks >>>>

z-blocks can make chairs, tables and stairs...

... Walls, blocks, shelves...

... floors, towers, benches...

... all combined in a new form of inhabitation...

everyday life

... learning space...



... dining space...


... production space...


... fashion...


... more fashion...

what do you think Jacques

what do you think pierre

... performance...

we can play

... shopping...

it is kind of sexy white

improve junk space

... outdoor space...

humans are very nice like this

... more outdoor space...


... and more outdoors...


... even more outdoors...


ABOUT NAO is a collaborative office for architecture, design and curating. NAO's founding principal and chief designer is Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss. Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss is an architect, writer and innovator. He was educated at Harvard University studying with Rem Koolhaas, Jacques Herzog and Richard Gluckman with design experiences from Herzog & de Meuron Architects in Basel, Gluckman Mayner Architects in New York and from collaborations with artists Jenny Holzer, Robert Wilson and Marjetica Potrc. He taught at Harvard GSD, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Parsons School of Design and Pratt Institute and Tyler School of Art. He Sang received a Master of Science degree in Advanced Architecture Design at GSAPP, Columbia University in the United States and a Bachelor of Architecture degree at Tianjin University in China. She has design experience from Atelier FCJZ in Beijing and is currently working for NAO. All images are copyrighted to Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss / NAO. The use of characters in the booklet derives from the Internet. The use of characters in the booklet expresses NAO's points of view and not the views of the characters themselves. This booklet is meant for personal, promotional and academic use.

The images are of installed Z-Blocks are courtesy of The James Gallery, The Humanities Center, Graduate Center, CUNY, New York; Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina in Novi Sad Serbia, and NAO.

Z blocks 2014  

Z-blocks are light weight modular furniture easy to arrange anywhere for any inhabitation.