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Eliminate Your Yellow Teeth For Less Best Teeth Whitener ______________________________________ By Marcus - It really does not matter how healthy your teeth really are. If they are yellow or discolored, it can be a real turn off for yourself and others. Having stained teeth can make you feel very self conscious and embarrassed. There are a lot of reasons why your teeth may become stained. Taking certain medications or antibiotics can cause discoloration. Sometimes it is hereditary. Most often though, stained teeth is the cause of not taking care of your teeth. Too much coffee, soda, and other stain causing foods can slowly wear away your enamel and build up in your teeth.

Learn More About Best Teeth Whitener There are solutions to this problem. There are some great products on the market. Finding the best teeth whitening products can be a real challenge if you have never done it before.This is the first obvious question. Most of the time a peroxide mixture is used to bleach the teeth to a much whiter color. The mixture is placed on the enamel, which soaks through to the second tooth layer, or dentin. Your teeth are porous so the solution soaks in easily resulting in whiter teeth.

Teeth Whitening MethodsThere are a couple of ways to go about getting your teeth whitened. The first is by going to a dentist for a whitening procedure. This method is effective, but it is also costly. Most people do not want to spend several hundred dollars for white teeth. The second option that we will discuss here, is at home treatments.At-Home Teeth WhiteningThere are a few different types of at home treatments available. Some of the at-home treatments are the best teeth whitening products on the market. There are pastes, whitening strips, bleaching solutions, and paint on gels.

Whitening pastes: These are basically toothpaste with a whitening ingredient. While these can remove some stains, they do not usually change the pigment of your teeth. They simply clean the surface of your teeth. Too much use of these products can also wear down your enamel.Whitening Strips: These plastic strips are placed over your teeth and contain a bleaching solution. The solution sticks to your teeth and soaks in to whiten your teeth. Bleaching solutions: These usually contain some sort of peroxide solution to bleach the enamel of your teeth. The bleaching gel is put into a mouth guard which you place over your teeth.Paint on gels: These treatments use a special brush to paint a whitening solution directly on to the teeth. You need to clean your teeth before applying so that the gel adheres to your teeth. This is a very safe and cost effective method which will produce results in a week.

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