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How to Create a Shockwave Standalone SWF Movie How much do you know about Shockwave Flash (SWF) files? The variations and permutations were endless. It is acknowledged that shockwave standalone movies are one of the easy and fun movies to create. They are compiled Flash files that may contain text, graphics, video and audio data, and could be made from anything.

SWF files may be embedded or inserted into a webpage and played using the Adobe Flash browser plug-in, or may be played using a standalone Flash player. But if you want to create a SWF movie file so that web browsers can play it smoothly, you may need to convert any source files to a shockwave standalone SWF movie with some powerful programs. 1. Open and launch xFlip Digital Magazine Software successfully. You could add as many as source files to its screen, the powerful software allows to import Office documents (PowerPoint, Word, Excel), Flash movies (.flv, f4v, mp4 and .swf), images (.jpg, .png, .bmp, .jpeg, gif) as flipbook with 3D page-turning effect. You may quickly notice several basic elements to each project that once learned which will make subsequent movies flow much easier.

2. Click the "Advanced" on the "Setting" menu to open the movie properties section. Here you will adjust the basic structure of your move such as: background color, use image etc. These factors will be different for every movie that you make. 3. Click the "Preview" to test your movie for bugs several times before publishing. Test the movie several times by playing a trial run until it gets the desired result. Afterwards, simply click "Publish" to convert the source files to a standalone SWF file when you are ready to add it to your website. Then you could use e publishing software to publish Shockwave Flash SWF files easily that are very convenient for uploading on website.

How to Create a Shockwave Standalone SWF Movie  

Detailed tutorial on how to create a shockwave standalone flash swf movie easily and effectively with xFlip Pro software.

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