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MARIANO: Hello, my name is Mariano. I live in Huelva. I am middle aged. I am fiftyeight years old. I have white hair but my heart is young. I have a very sociable and positive character. I have brown eyes, my nose is big and I am middle-height. I like the nature very much, Andalusian horse and music. I speak very much and I sleep very little. I love clear eyes women with smooth hair and not obese. I like cockles and octopus. I don’t practice sports.

MARIA JOSE: I am Maria Jose. I live in Huelva, I am middle-aged. I haven’t got blond hair and blue eyes. I am friendly and nice. I have got four beautiful children. I am brave and shy. My husband is good looking.

MARI Ă NGELES: My name is Mari Ă ngeles. I am forty-two years old. I live in Huelva. I am an adult, I am a character person. I am charming. I am not stupid. I am thin. I have got one baby.

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