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How to praise the freeman. 1. To worhip the Freeman one should first know the Freeman. 2. Understand that the Freeman is neither god nor devil, he is figure of inspiration and respect. 3. Find a medium for your praising, it could be an object, an image or even another person. 4. Do not devote yourself entirely to the Freeman, keep him as an object of respect and/or inspiration in your mind.’ 5. You do not need to limit your praising to one medium, you sometimes do not even need a medie, 6. Do not let your praising of the Freeman affect your life greatly, “religion” is something that should aid you spiritually and give you peace of mind. 7. Enjoy life and live with a possitive attitude, everything might not go the way that you want but you should still make the best of what little you have.

Alexander Nilsson.

how to praise the freeman  
how to praise the freeman  

a short guide on praising the freeman