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2018 Continuing Education Classes - Locations - Schedules Springs

Greetings and Salutations! Anatriptic Alchemy wants to take this opportunity to invite you to our Continuing Education classes. Our classes are focused on refining the skills you have, helping you move forward in advancing your practice, and have been recently approved to count for continuing education for the State of New York! We, Xerlan Deery, LMT, BCTMB & Christopher Deery, LMT, BCTMB are the only instructors with Anatriptic Alchemy. We have over 50 years of combined experience in almost every facet of the Massage Therapy profession, and look forward to deepening your understanding of these topics. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Classes are active, most are hands on, and are grounded in practical evidence informed applications and research. We look forward to seeing you in class soon! WE ARE MASSAGE THERAPISTS We are Entrepreneurs We are Educators We Honor the Art and Science of Massage Therapy We Value Ourselves and Our Profession We Respect our Clients and our Colleagues We are Constantly Creating Sustainable Practices And Prioritizing our own Self-Care We are Somatic Sorcerers and Anatriptic Alchemists We are Ambassadors of Relief and Artists of Empathy We Make a Difference one Client at a time We Make an Impact one Class at a time We believe Massage Therapy is a Profession, not an Industry We Invite You to Stay in Touch If you Grok this.... I hope we get to meet you soon!

Location, Location, Location 2018 Classes are being held at; The Massage Academy of the Poconos Stroudsburg, PA

Paoli Hospital, Paoli Pennsylvania

The AMTA Maryland Chapter annual meeting

Spring Schedule April 7th&8th Pre and Post-Surgical Massage The Massage Academy of the Poconos April 22nd Ethics in the Small World AMTA Maryland Chapter May 15th Fascial Rewind The Massage Academy of the Poconos May 19th Subtle Bodywork: Taking Back the Light Paoli Hospital May 20th Deep Tissue Refinement Paoli Hospital Add a little bit of body text May 22nd Trigger Point Refinement The Massage Academy of the Poconos June 2nd & 3rd Fluid Dynamics Massage Academy of the Poconos July 15th - 17th Safe Harbor: A Comprehensive Introduction to Oncology Massage The Massage Academy of the Poconos

Fascial Rewind The Massage Academy of the Poconos 8 CE $160 Tuesday, May 15, 2018 Instructor: Christopher Deery LMT, BCTMB This is an extension of what we may already know – Fascia is just as important to work with as muscles. Millions have been made teaching specific techniques, tips and tricks concerning the myofascia, but many massage therapists have it in their “toolkit” and do not realize it. This class will help the participant engage their existing knowledge and build upon it to more effectively work in a myofascial model. This class targets the tailoring of a massage session based on the individual client, as well as practical techniques for the therapist to use for optimal muscular and fascial relaxation. Practical concerns of providing approaches for our clients to be given the opportunity to address their “flexion addicted” postures and into a more functional way of moving are provided. Special emphasis is also put on the current research and models of the myofascia, ways to examine the fascial environment, ways to fully engage myotatic units, and kinesiological principles of fascial movement.

Trigger Point Refinement The Massage Academy of the Poconos 8 CE $160 Tuesday, May 22, 2018 Instructors: Christopher Deery LMT, BCTMB & Xerlan Deery LMT, BCTMB Trigger point modalities have become almost commonplace in massage therapy, yet the similarities among the methodologies can be confusing and can lead to misunderstanding within the profession and with the public. This course will help the participant not only to come to an understanding with the necessary nomenclature surrounding the many forms of Trigger Point work, but will also refine their understanding of what Trigger Point work is, and how it is presented to potential and existing clients. Emphasis is placed upon recognizing and refining the techniques that the attendee already has, and encouraging them to further their education in Trigger Point techniques. Lecture, discussion, and hands on participation. Sometimes we just need to pause, have a cup of something and discuss this trigger point controversy. Having had several classes in trigger point from Massage Therapists and Osteopathic Physicians I noticed there were differences. We are going to look at those and how the body actually works and what the physiological response is to the hands on work with trigger points.

Paoli Hospital, Paoli, Pennsylvania Saturday, May 19, 2018 The Massage Academy of the Poconos Saturday, August 25, 2018 8 CE $160 Instructor: Xerlan Deery LMT, BCTMB Some massage clients and specific pathologies need massage and bodywork with a lighter, more skillful touch. As more people seek out massage for pain and symptom management they often find it doesn't work because it is just too much. Participants will learn Subtle Bodywork skills from a person-centered, physiological perspective that does not specifically include energetic or faith based methods. This helps create potentially new approaches to work with contraindications and pathological issues safely and effectively. We will do some tactile acuity exercises as well as hands on skills such as; Soft Touch Deep Tissue, Passive Joint Movement and Trepidations. Hands on participation, Lecture and Discussion.

Deep Tissue Refinement

Delving into the history, theories, art and science of deeper work for Massage Therapists, this class helps the participants to evaluate and refine their skills when working more intentionally, with greater ease to deliver deeply satisfying sessions. Class includes lecture, discussion and hands on application of specific techniques, consciousness of pressures and stroke patterns that make beneficial changes to specific tissue layers of the body, allowing the massage therapist to deliver a safe, artistic and effective form of massage therapy. Indications and contraindications for deep work, as well as for conditional and issues are also discussed.

Paoli Hospital, Paoli, Pennsylvania Sunday, May 20, 2018 The Massage Academy of the Poconos Sunday, August 26, 2018 8 CE $160 Instructors Christopher Deery LMT, BCTMB & Xerlan Deery LMT, BCTMB

Thank You! We appreciate all of you that have made it this far in this first experiment. There are a few more class offerings in the next few pages as well as some more information. Right now we just wanted to let you all know you can always contact us if you have questions about classes, how to schedule classes in your area or registrations.

Christopher Deery, LMT, BCTMB PA Lic. MSG005089 484-447-8689

Xerlan Deery, LMT, BCTMB PA Lic. MSG005095 610-906-2322

Fluid Dynamics The Massage Academy of the Poconos Saturday & Sunday, June 2 & 3, 2018 16 CE $320 Instructor: Christopher Deery LMT, BCTMB

Many massage therapists have been introduced to working with the lymphatic system in their foundational massage education. There are some spectacular continuing education paths that people can take to explore certification in this model – for those who want to deepen their existing understanding of the lymphatic system, refine your hands on skills, and work more effectively, this is your answer. Research informed, holistically grounded, practically applied, the techniques presented can transform your practice and help you revel in the wonder that is the fluid paradigm.

Safe Harbor: a Comprehensive Introduction to Oncology Massage The Massage Academy of the Poconos Sunday – Tuesday, July 15 – 17, 2018 24 CE $480 Instructor: Xerlan Deery, LMT, BCTMB More Massage Therapists are seeing people show up for massage appointments every day that have or have had cancer. This is not just about cancer, how cancer effects the body, and cancer treatments – this is a person centered approach to Oncology Massage. This course is a comprehensive introduction to working with clients and the challenges of delivering conscious, ethical, and research informed massage therapy. In this course, Xerlan Deery draws from over 25 years of experience in the hospital based setting, working within a cancer rehabilitation department, working with oncologists and oncology patients in a private practice, and volunteering with several cancer organizations. Attendees will learn about the history of Oncology Massage, standards of practice, communication and documentation skills crucial for working with oncology affected clients. A significant amount of time is spent hands on, learning and refining specific skills, strategies and techniques necessary to practice with Oncology clients and survivors. Part of the final day is spent establishing competency by working with at least one Oncology client and/or survivor in a supervised clinical setting. This class also requires viewing several videos prior to class. Video links will be sent after registration.

Anatriptic Alchemy is an NCBTMB Approved Provider #676 Xerlan Deery, LMT, BCTMB is a Recognized Educational Provider and the class Safe Harbor is an approved Foundational Course for Oncology Massage with S4OM-The Society for Oncology Massage. We strive to stay current on things that are changing & progressing in the massage profession. Xerlan & Christopher have both attained the Specialty Certificate in Oncology Massage that is available through NCB. Currently, Safe Harbor meets the educational requirements to sit for the exam. If there is an increase in academic, clinical and or CE requirements for this Specialty Certificate, Anatriptic Alchemy will strive to meet or exceed them.

Anatriptic Alchemy Spring 2018 Continuing Education  

Just a little thing we threw together to help people see what classes we have available this spring.

Anatriptic Alchemy Spring 2018 Continuing Education  

Just a little thing we threw together to help people see what classes we have available this spring.