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• Respond uniquely to the context of site Our design and construction responds to the unique context of site, which is the place on the top of hillside right near the ledge. The difficulties that we faced were varying climatic conditions (e.g. sunlight, wind, precipitation, views, etc.). Our installation is sitespecific. It can not be moved to another site or altered in any way. We’ve made a lot of models to achieve unity, complexity and to create something unique.







Model#5 Model#4


Model #5

After long discussions, and collaboration with my group we have decided that our design is going to response to the ledge and

water tower was chosen as a focal point.

Model #6


• Final decision. Concepts The final decision was very hard. We argued and discussed a lot, and finally we decided to choose my final model as a concept of our installation’s design. Following Experiential Nodal Environment Types: were chosen: Mysterious & Magical ,

Tantalizingly Threatening, A Place to Enjoy a Framed View that makes the mundane precious and sacred.

Final model 7


Installation from “Burning Man� Festival 8


Let’s get it started! We have summarized availability, expenses, and associated human resources related to any sets of materials and tools that may be used for the installation, and we decided that we would use wood as a basic material. We Identified areas of responsibilities and allocated to appropriate member of the team, that is why we didn’t have any misunderstandings among group 9 members.

April 14,2013

may 14,2013

The main issue ,that bothered us was soil. It took a lot of energy to install the frame constructions. The supporting construction was the first step to achieve stability of our installation. 10

Focal point: The Blue Water Tower


During the construction


Installation.4 weeks of hard work We didn’t realize that during constructions we would come up with ideas that we thought were impossible to turn in life. 13


conclusion I am very glad that I had such an opportunity to work in team. I’ve learned a lot of new professional and social skills. Now I am sure that I can work as individual and as a team member. I am very proud of our project, which is definitely successful. It provokes others to appreciate everyday aspects of place that are typically ignored or taken for granted, responds uniquely to the context of site, reflects narratives of the human condition. But the most important aspect of our I installation is that it is part of us.

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