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Using solar energy to produce electricity for your home is a great idea. Solar energy is a free, emission free and inexhaustible power source that we can use to make electricity for out homes. Before you consider going for a solar electric power system for your home, you will have to look into a few requirements and analyze some aspects. Solar power systems have both mechanical and electrical components which can convert and store electric power which can be used by you to run your home. In some countries you have an option of selling your excess electricity to power companies. This can help you slowly recover the costs involved in setting up a solar power system. The preliminary calculation that you would have to do is an energy audit. You need to evaluate the amount of power you would need per day preferably in kilowatts/hour. Then you need to take into account the location of your home. Factors like climate, number of days of peak sunlight per day, average rainfall and number of days of peak sunlight per year will determine the sort of solar power system that you would need. If you don't consider these factors, then you might end up with a solar electric power system that would not be able to supply your home with the required power. These calculations can be made by companies that manufacture solar electric power systems and they would guide you in selecting the right solar electric power system for your home. A solar electric power system is made up of a few components. Some of the components that you would find in a basic solar power system are a collector, an inverter, a circuit breaker, batteries, a charge controller, mount for the collector and your display panel. Each component in the solar electric power system is essential in its own way and one has to ensure that the components are of good quality. A collector is the component that collects solar energy. In normal cases, solar panels are collectors. These collectors are fixed on the roof using a mount. The location of the solar panels is very important and it has to be in such a place where maximum sunlight would fall on it. It would be ideal to place the solar panels in a north-south direction as it would ensure that while the sun travels from east to west, the panels get sunlight for a longer duration. The inverter is the component that will convert the 12 volt DC power to AC power. Based on the location it can convert DC power to 110 volt or 220 volt AC power. There are many different types of inverters available and based on your budget you can choose an inverter to suit your needs. One of the most important components is the circuit breaker or fuse box. This component would have switches and fuses that is essential for you to regulate the transferring of power from the solar panels to either the batteries or directly to the outlets. Circuit breakers would control the amount of power that will flow to your outlets and would act as a safety device for your appliances. If you would like to have more storage then you will have to purchase one or more batteries depending on what your requirement is. If your solar system has batteries then you would have to get a charge controller. This component ensures that you don't overcharge or undercharge the

batteries which would seriously reduce the lifespan of the batteries. A solar electric power system can be installed easily, but if you are planning to install it yourself, then it is advised not to do so. No solar power system is a Do it yourself kit and it has to be installed only by a professional. The solar companies have professionals who are trained to install solar electric power systems. They would also have knowledge about the various requirements each state has while a new power system is installed in your home.

Solar Power Systems are a great solution for your budget and the growing danger of global warming, learn more about Solar Energy at

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==== ==== Click here And Help Save The Earth ==== ====

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