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Forget about the advertisements with the big cars, palatial homes, travelling and exotic vacations. That comes later. Right now you have to work. You will find that if you try to follow some programs and don't succeed you will be told that you were lazy and didn't work hard enough. This might or might not have been true. But the bottom line is that, unless you are an exception, you won't see those end results in a few days, or even a few months. Think of it as a long-time investment, not only of money, but of your hard work, and eventually you will see the results and income you are looking for. So buckle down and get a plan working for you. There are four or five things you will need: They are space, time, desire to learn, family co-operation and balance. 1. Space This is quite simple, and one of the blessings of working at home. You need very little space, just a desk or a spot at the dining room table. You can even take your laptop with you to the library or favorite coffee shop. If you can find a spot where you will not be disturbed, so much the better. 2. Specific times You will have to play a balancing game between your need to work and your need to do the ordinary things of life. Your family still needs you, you need to keep up with your friends, and you will find that now you are at home, friends will think you have a lot of time so you will be called upon to help people move to their new house, or help your friend with his basement project. You have to remind yourself and them that you are "working." 3. Work involves learning If you started a new job today you might be considered a trainee. Well you are your own trainee and that is a part of any job. Learning is hard but fun. It took me ages to do some simple things at first. I made mistakes over and over again, till I got it right and understood some of the processes. Maybe you are a fast learner or already know many of the concepts and steps that are necessary to make money from home. But most of us who are new to online marketing have discovered it's necessary give a certain percentage of your time to reading and gathering ideas from others. Get some free ebooks, and plan your own training manual, gathering material from wherever you can. 4. A family arrangement You will have to plan with your family members for the times you are working. Let them know when you are not available... even quite small children can understand. Your kids can tell your friends to call back later, or that you will call them. Let your family feel they are part of the process. The more they understand the better. You will be working without pay for a while, so take that as a

given and let your family understand the nature of your new business -- though you may surprise yourself and be one of those who gets money while you are sleeping. 5. Get out of the house Even if it's a walk around the block or a quick visit to the gym you need a break and some exercise. Now you have the luxury to do this at your own time when the gym is not so crowded. Go for a quick swim, that's a lot of exercise in a short period. Consider it a part of your work schedule. To sum up, your hard work will pay off. Be thankful and joyful, reminding yourself that you are now your own boss, and you have your destiny in your own hands. Remember to plan for a space to work, time for your new business whether part-time or full time, opportunities to learn more, family co-operation and remember to have that balance in your life.

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