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[Rave]olution Everybody in the place It’s [Rave]olution – start the dance


ave’em all Let’s shake this place – We play this shit Headbanger’s dance Unorthodox Unprincipled – It’s Xe-NONE’s style Hard mixed force – Back to the beat Back to the base Feel the force of cyber-dance Hit the road Hit the stage Feel the power – feel the rage – Do it baby Jump for joy Move you ass in Twilight Zone – Everybody in the place It’s [Rave]olution – start the dance

Keep your body moving Feel the beat of life Keep your body raving Feel the force inside Keep your body moving Feel the beat control Keep your body raving Rave it on and on – It’s time to free The force inside – The force to live The force of life It’s time to feel The sound and vibe Update yourself Update your life 

Xe-none #1/2008


Stop right now reflect about What you‘ll lose when last war start?


ll shut up! Don’t break the silence! The sleep of angels prevents violence Blades of angels will protect Golden billion will dominate Sleep sleep sleep My fading world Handmade angels keep us all Dissipate Your mad mad life Angels still are on our side Pray for peace – prepare for war The base of human life is these words Will to live Will to survive Will to rule and to divide

Angels of silence Freedom and calm Angels of justice Fly one by one Keep the silence, cold steel Angels From second sunrise of innocence Save from pain and torture, Angels Keep the peace for human race

5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Start the Angels Angels of silence Bringers of peace Angels of justice World is on its knees

Stop right now, reflect about What you‘ll lose when last war start? Work and house, your credit noose Think sometimes: what do they lose? 

Xe-none #1/2008

Digital Fucker One step to glory, Your blood is full of hate


trike! Burn down horizons Destroy this doomed world Force The only way to power Your life is battle front

Hate Inside you rising Disorder in your head Fight! No brain – no fear! Let’s bring the total death!

One step To glory Your blood is full of hate One step Next level Do not obey the fate

One step Aggression You want some fucking blood One step Cross fire Let’s start another war

Burn down – Demolish all Nothing – Nothing have to change Right way to self frustration Start to play and rape your brains 

Xe-none #1/2008

War! War! The real War! All you need is real War War! War! The real War! You can’t stop this anymore The War external! Inside! Instead your raped mind Remorse – For weak Regrets are needless shit!

Decay Dance D

on’t fuck yourself up World is not for us All is divided, All is sold out. Shut up! Your voice is Useless and weak One man is zero We all are just meat

You can’t hide You can’t resist Step by step You are in this list All alone No defense You can’t stop This decay dance

Xe-none #1/2008

Let’s dance, my friend This Decay Dance No will No force To stop this process Let’s dance, my friend This Decay Dance No fear No fate And no regrets


ife is shit – I hate myself» Weakness of sick mind And now you stand beneath the clouds In ocean of moonlight

Feel the snow upon your face The last flight is very short Feel the wind of winter night As mourning heart it is cold

Damn this life! It’s obsolete Eternity will be my grave I make my step behind the line This day will decide my fate

Feel the last pain of your life You are headless in your grave Dreams and hopes Forever fade In the pieces of your brain


Floor by floor Straight to the ground Eleven, ten, nine Was It the only way out? Eight, seven, six Do you want to return? Five, four, three Is it for what you were born? You saw no difference Between problems and tasks Sorry, man Your choice was so fast Two, one, crush Did you want to stay? In the world that you left You left only pain

Only one step for limits of life Darkness blinds your forever faded eyes And someone cries from outside

Love you I just want to say I love you Wake up and go back home For me and for you I watch you defensless And blinded by light I wan’t you wake up and Come back 

Xe-none #1/2008


I wanna you think like me


tart the game I’m make my choice Fast and hard No brakes, no blocks

Life like a mission Day like a stage New state of mind In cyber age

I’m using my mind I’m using my force I’m get for the weapon Collect my skill points

RPG or FPS I choose my model to progress

Freedom to play Freedom to be To be the one Who is always free But I wanna be the same As the hero in my game! Think like PS to get a new gain!

Life like a game Laws and rules If I have nothing, I have nothing to lose But if I want in my life more I should play – I should go

I wanna think like PlayStation I wanna you think like me One life One direction One way to victory I wanna think like PlayStation I wanna you think like me Your life Your force Your way to victory 

Xe-none #1/2008



on’t go I know you can do It ‘s the last chance for me and for you It’s easier – destroy than built One step and feelings are killed I’m sorry It was my crime One step over this line Love tricks have turned to betrayal No winners at the end of this game

No, baby boy Tears not salvation Know, baby boy My soul devastation Just one advice And try to believe To forget is better than to forgive Temptation Was stronger than me I’m loser – as you can see One hour and no years of love One hour – again I’m alone

Xe-none #1/2008



close the door in the morning Close as it was the cover of a coffin Look at me for the last time Last kiss good-bye I meet the dead When evening comes The evening fell down And you came home With empty cold eyes And empty cold soul You swallowed your supper, You crashed into bed My life with you Is like a day of the dead

Up from your high school Down to the grave Triple work Like sheep in the cattle Life for the money Or money for life It’s your freedom of choice Until 65 Corporate life Corporate style Every week-day you must die to survive Pray for your pay What is the price for your time? You become dead and your life passes by

Day by day you become the dead Nothing changes nothing is to wait Day by day from eight to five You stay dead to stay alive

10 Xe-none #1/2008

Slave On Line No more sense, no more feel...


o more reasons, no sense You lose the feelings – lose yourself Come and get – switch off your mind Now you are fixed by drugs on-line

Make one move – and you’re connected Brains are digital infected Something hides and slowly disappears in the dark You sink in digital embrace The child of coming future race All you get is nothing. Slave on line

All emotions should be killed You become a half-machine And you get this magic feel And any wish become the real

No face, no name Just nick and mail You don’t know – Who’s on the other end No face, no name Is it your best friend? A dusted image On thumbnail

SLAVE ON LINE No more sense No more feel SLAVE ON LINE Is no dream and is no real SLAVE ON LINE You’re caught, you’re trapped SLAVE ON LINE Cyber life – real death

Slave Slave online Life is lost deep inside Slave Slave online Make your life digital

11 Xe-none #1/2008

Xe-NONE выражает свою благодарность за сотрудничество и помощь: Леониду Потехину, Александру «Dr. BF» Горбань, Дмитрию «Robert» Птюшкину, Василию «OverOdium» Гурьеву, Артему «Faust» (ITEM), Nastazy, Александру «Bloodline» Сурину, Сергею «Snuff» Куракину, Льву «Nabam» Попову, Василию «КСЕОН» Краеву, Алине «Хаос» Максимовой, Сергею Соргнатту, Александре «†Lillit†» Дмитриевой и Гале Whiskey, Ивану «[SuN]deviL» Коневу, Алексею «ALmighty» Широкову, Елене Ведерниковой, Стасу Сударикову, Александру «Wild Child Of Bodom» Шамарину, Эдику Санарчяну, Максу «blackmaster» и русскому фанклубу Deathstars, Денису «Schultz» Шульге, Диме Платунову, Алексею «Leeroy» Баталову, брейк-банде «Мёртвые Мухи», нашей dancebattery section: Вере «Panterka» Ломоносовой и Марии Сологубовой; Saturn, LanFear, Гене Елькину, школе танца CRAZY FOOT и всем девчонкам, пришедшим на съемки клипа «Angels»; врачу-отоларингологу Илье Борисовичу Чаганову, братве из Росинка-Крю, Варваре «URA_Fever» Кузнецовой, Насте «Imp» Ситниковой, Дмитрию Колпащикову, Дмитрию «Тромб» Симанову, Даше Топузлиевой, Ярославу «Yara» Жогану, Михаилу «Siper» Стасенко.

13 Xe-none #1/2008

Lexy Dance: моей семье и моим друзьям – Хачатурову Борису, Александру Павлову, Колупаевой Вере, Андрею Салтыкову, Тестоедову Владимиру. А также Илье Ливатову за помощь и понимание. Newman: моим родным и друзьям – Чаганову Илье, Сорокину Антону, Крысову Владимиру. Отдельное спасибо за поддержку и помощь Максу Залуцкому, Павлу «Mist» Шемякину. Fucker: родным и близким, всем друзьям и знакомым. Большое спасибо Алексею (ЁLA) MontanA, Сереге Electribe, Вове Gordred, Андрею Xrew, Димону Пушному, Илье Ливатову, Сереге Носкову. Отдельная благодарность Шустову М. У. Evilann: родным и близким, Наталье Гончаровой, Оксане Борисовне. Andrew_Rex: любимой супруге Анастасии, любимым маме, папе, сестре, бабушке и всем родным, всем моим друзьям и знакомым. Watson: моей жене Юлии, родителям, брату и сестре, Николаю Куртееву, Сергею Говорову (SATAN CHURCH), Михаилу «MIX» Петрову (СЛОТ), Батюшке Антонио и всему коллективу пользователей форумов www.street2gt. com и, коллегам по работе, Андрею «Басмач» Самоделкину, Павлу Буркову , всем участникам покойных ныне групп EXCORPSE, ABYSS, МОЗГОБОЛЫ. Группам: Icewind Blast, Plague Project, МОЛЬ, ITEM, No Existence, Симаргл, TURBOLAX, THE UNSUBS, Vergeltung, Dope Stars Inc.

Xe-NONE: Lexy Dance – vocal (m), programming Evil_Ann – vocal (f) Fucker – guitar Andrew_Rex – bass Newman – synths, samples Watson – drums, programming Музыка: Newman Тексты: Lexy Dance Аранжировки: Xe-NONE Запись инструментов: Lexy Dance | Andrew Rex Запись вокала EvilAnn – студия «Profy Line» (звукорежиссер Евгений Калюкин), кроме 2 и 7 – студия «Русское Радио – Киров» (звукорежиссер Андрей Скрябин) Сведение и мастеринг: Lexy Dance Обложка Концепт: Lexy Dance Фото: Серафима Векслер Дизайн: Newman Буклет Концепт: Newman | Lexy Dance Фото: Newman (кроме стр. 2 – Вячеслав Тригубенко, стр. 8-9 – Дмитрий Платунов) Ассистенты: Lexy Dance | Алексей Широков 3D: Алексей «Белый Волк» Гагарин (стр. 5 и 10) В ролях: Вера «Panterka» Ломоносова, Мария Сологубова, Александр Павлов, Олеся Чернова Дизайн: Newman

Xe-NONE - Dance Metal [Rave]olution  

Xe-NONE`s Dance Metal [Rave]olution internet-realease booklet

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