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Jo-Ann Faith Richards

Jo-Ann Faith Richards Lecturer • Singer • Speaker • Ethnomusicologist Email: 1-876-820-0258




Driven by her passion for God’s mission,

Institute, a member of the International

holistic worship and culturally relevant

Council of Ethnodoxologists (ICE) and

liturgy, Jo-Ann Richards – Jamaican

the Society of Ethnomusicology (SEM)

teacher, singer/songwriter, worship leader,

and has been appointed Arts Catalyst for

missionary and author – is commissioned

the Caribbean on behalf of the Lausanne

to “tell the whole world to sing a new

Movement. As Arts Catalyst she is

song unto the Lord!” (Isaiah 42:10, CEV)

committed to promoting and facilitating

She has ministered on almost every

the appropriate use of the arts in worship,

continent in fulfilling her mission.

evangelism and missions through prayer,

Jo-Ann, author of Godincidences!

networking and training.

Adventuring with an awesomely

Jo-Ann currently resides in Kingston,

Sovereign, sovereignly Awesome God, is a

Jamaica and receives the support of her

lecturer in the Music & Media

home church First Missionary Church on

Department of the Jamaica Theological

East Street, Kingston, where she has

Seminary. She holds a MA in

attended all her life and has been a

Ethnomusicology from Bethel University

member since 1979.

in Minnesota and a BA in Theology from

the Jamaica Theological Seminary.

She is also a facilitator with the Haggai

First collage



Culturally Relevant Expressions of Worship Scriptures translated into Jamaican Creole/patwa by

the Bible Society of the West



collaboration with Wycliffe A




Scripture- based songs for

the Jamaican worshipper ina fi wi langwij an fi wi myuuzik!

Bible Translators Caribbean and the Jamaica Language Unit at the University of the West Indies, Mona. Produced Jubilee




our of


Independence as a nation,

is a call to all speakers of

Kom Mek Wi Worship! is a

Jamaican Creole to worship

direct response to the call

God in song using the heart


language and heart music


of Jamaica. Most of the songs were inspired by the

Isaiah 40:4 Every valley shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low; the rough ground shall become level, the rugged places a plain.

Crew 40:4

We are a non-profit organization with the mission of promoting love and unity in Christ through culturally relevant expressions of worship. CREW is an acronym for Culturally Relevant Expressions of Worship.

Crew 40:4

40:4 is in reference to Isaiah 40:4 "Every valley shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low, the rough ground shall become level, the rugged places a plain." We are worshipers, recruiting and discipling worshipers locally and globally, using culturally relevant expressions. We believe that worship must be conducted in spirit and in truth – the truth of who God is, and the truth of who we are. We should therefore use our own heart language and heart music, and bring our own real issues into the worship space in order to truly worship. Our ministry has 3 main aspects:

1. Teaching/Training on Worship and Creative Workshops. 2. Developing, producing and promoting culturally relevant resource material, with a focus on (but not exclusive to) material for children. 3. Outreach to both the churched and unchurched, using culturally relevant expressions. This includes ministry in schools, children’s homes and remand centers. Our directors are: Jo-Ann Richards Venice Jackson Calvin Lawrence

Founding Director of CREW

the Caribbean) in Trinidad &

40:4, a non-profit

Jamaica (2007 & 2009)

organization whose mission is


Presenter at Global

to promote love and unity in

Consultation on Music in

Christ through Culturally

Missions (GCoMM) in USA &

Relevant Expressions of

Singapore (2006 & 2010)

Worship •

Guest soloist at Dedication of

Published songwriter with 7

Kagayanen New Testament,

children’s songs in the

first translation project led and

Caribbean Children’s Songbook

completed by an African-


American women (2008)

Facilitator at international

Co-presenter with US Director

Christian women’s seminar in

Bob Creson at Wycliffe Bible

Singapore (2005 & 2007)

Translators Banquet for pastors

Presenter at CONECAR

and Church leaders in the

(Congress of Evangelicals in

Philippines (2008)

Composer of Theme Song for

– Jo-Ann & Friends … the World

Vocalist on Worship team for

is Waiting! (2002) and Kom Mek

international conferences-

wi Worship! (2012)

Evangelization, Cape Town (2010)

and Arts in Mission, Song writing workshop UK (2011) •

facilitator in Burkina Faso, Benin, Belize, Peru. Panama, and Jamaica

Author of Godincidences!

Adventuring with an Awesomely Sovereign, Sovereignly Awesome God. Available in audio, e-book, paperback and hardcover formats (2010)

Executive Producer of two albums

CONECAR (2009)

Lausanne Congress on World

chievements Cont’d

Missions speaker in various churches including the Church of God in the Cayman Islands Missions Conference (2009)

Affiliations Haggai Institute Facilitator

• International Council of Ethnodoxologists Member

• Jamaica Theological Seminary Lecturer

• Society of Ethnomusicology Member


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Ethnodoxology The study of the worship of God among diverse cultures

Ethnomusicology The study of music in its cultural context

the end Jo-Ann Faith Richards Lecturer • Singer • Speaker Email: 1-876-820-0258

Jo-Ann Richards  

The work of Gospel Artiste Jo-Ann Richards and Crew 40:4