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It’s not about talking or acting - it’s about being sustainable. Reinventing ourselves to become the most socially responsible and sustainable company in the industry. We simply have to. The world’s population is growing with one million people a week. From 1.65 billion in 1900 to 7 billion in 2011 to 10 billion before 2050. Consuming ever more food and materials – at a rate that requires 1.5 planets. But he…. there is no Planet B! So we need to change the system

No future in take, make and waste. 99% of all materials used, is turned into waste within six months after sale and most of this ends up in landfills. Pollution is running out of control – oceans fill up with plastics, global emission of CO2 increased 60% between 1997-2010. Time is running out. Companies know they have to act.

“If companies want to survive in future they need to have social relevance. Manufacturing sustainable products will be the most important part in this strategy”. (Paul Polman, CEO Unilever) The gift industry is running into a dead end street as it does not particularly set an example of responsible behavior. At Xindao we will.

A clear focus on social responsibility and the environment. Governments are going to ban certain products or materials in the near future and will enforce sustainability. Customers will avoid companies that don’t think ‘green’. Great!

This will create a world of opportunities if we change ourselves into the most sustainable company in the industry. It’s something we’ve believed in anyhow, but now we’re going all the way aiming at an ambitious goal: by 2020 none of our products will have a negative impact on our planet. And the coming years will challenge us to meet this challenge in every possible way. At the end of the day, we will have a truly unique promise to our stakeholders, setting ourselves apart as a true leader in the gift industry. Will it be easy? On the contrary and there will be setbacks, no doubt. Will it be profitable? You bet. Sustainable companies are doing better than traditional ones – there’s plenty of evidence to support this. The new Xindao will be good for people, planet and profit. Doing good is good for business!

Sustainability according to plan: Vision 2020 Becoming 100% sustainable – it won’t be a piece of cake. Therefore we’ve developed a step-by-step approach. We will monitor our results and share them with everybody involved. As we believe that in becoming sustainable, transparency is key. Vision 2020 focuses on: 1. PRODUCT 2. SUPPLY CHAIN  3. COMPANY 4. COMMUNICATION

PRODUCT Our best gift yet: a gift to the planet. We offer open source products as well as items that we’ve designed and produced on our own: XD Design. All of them functional and good quality. With XD Design sustainable thinking starts in the very first stages of the developing process. In selecting open source products we will become ever more critical on the eco-aspects. What will we be looking at?

Materials In developing sustainable materials we will invest continuously to be at the forefront, using: recycled, biodegradable or other environmental friendly materials ( i.e. bamboo). Designed for disassembly for easy recycling and/or re-useable. Target: In 2020 100% of the collection must be manufactured with a minimum of one of the above circular criteria. Roadmap: XD Design 2014 10% 2015 20% 2016 40% 2017 70% 2018 100% 2019 100% 2020 100%

Total collection 2014Â 5% 2015 30% 2016 40% 2017 50% 2018 65% 2019 80% 2020 100%

Packaging Less is more, especially in packaging. We will reduce sizes, skip inner cartons and polybags. And we will switch to environmentally friendly packaging materials while recycling will be promoted. Target: In 2020 100% of all packaging will be produced using FSC paper or other environmental friendly materials (i.e. recycled) Roadmap: XD Design  2014 10% 2015 50%  2016 80% 2017 100% 2018 100% 2019 100% 2020 100%

Total Collection 2014 5% 2015 20% 2016 40% 2017 60% 2018 80% 2019 90% 2020 100%

From 2014 onwards all new products will be developed minimizing packaging materials used. For the existing collection of 1200 SKU’s the target is to reduce all packaging materials used by 15% before 2018. This will be reached by: • • • • •

reducing the size of the packaging deleting inner cartons whenever possible deleting packaging completely whenever possible reducing no. of polybags used include packaging design in the product design process

Manuals If local Government laws allow it, is our target to have all manuals digitally by 2018.

Toxic substances Simple. we will eliminate all hazardous toxic substances from our products. Aiming higher than the laws that are already in place. Target: Eliminate all hazardous materials in our products by 2020. Roadmap: 2014 identify all toxic materials in our products 2015 30% 2016 40% 2017 50% 2018 60% 2019 80% 2020 100% 

Target: Eliminate the use of PVC in all products by 2020. Roadmap: 2014 50% 2015 60% 2016 70% 2017 80% 2018 90% 2019 95% 2020 100%

SUPPLY CHAIN You’ re in or you’re out, depending on how green you are. As a supplier it’s not easy to do business with us. ISO 9001:2008 as well as ISO 14001:2004 certified, we’ve implemented a quality management system which guarantees product compliance. And with environmental and social compliance in mind, we push our suppliers to follow our footsteps.  

Our own Code of Conduct raises the bar Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) may be ‘hot’ in China but regulations and standards are not always adequately enforced. Therefore we’ve set our own standards: our suppliers must agree to QES (Quality Environment Social) audit program. Our Code of Conduct program that stipulates minimum levels of performance for environmental and social responsibility (such as demands that factories do not use child labor, pay minimum wages on time, comply with environmental regulations, provide safe working environment, etc.). Our audit program, fully based on the international BSCI standards helps us to take necessary actions when needed. Roadmap: 2014  Implement audit system 2015 30% 2016 40% 2017 50% 2018 60% 2019 80% 2020 100%

Transport In the coming years we will shift part of our manufacturing to Europe, to drastically save transport emissions. We will only use transport companies that work in a sustainable way and prove so. Our logistics will be constantly under review trying to fine tune the process for maximum efficiency. Target: From 2015 onwards Xindao will only use transport companies that have implemented a sustainability program. We aim to move part of the manufacturing of our collection to Europe to drastically save transport emissions. Roadmap: 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

-Â 5% 10% 15% 20% 25%

COMPANY A better world starts in our own office. Every Xindao office and every employee will have the goal to reduce it’s impact on the environment.

Educate and inspire Together we’re Xindao. So together we’re going to make a difference. Sharing the same values and the same eagerness to contribute to a better world, we’ll introduce programs to get everybody on board. To inform, educate and to inspire. And take everybody along on this journey we strongly believe in. Target: All Xindao staff worldwide is fully aware of the content of the Vision 2020 plan and will live up and contribute to reaching this plan – 2014

Marketing: no more catalogues Obviously we’re using FSC paper for everything we print. The next step is a more radical one: no more paper! By 2018 all our catalogues will only be online. Target: Eliminate all printed catalogues. Roadmap: Eliminate 20% of the catalogues per year from 2014 onwards.

Trade fairs By 2018 all our booths at trade fairs must be sustainable. Because they’re durable, recyclable and very cleverly made to minimize transport and waste. Roadmap: 2014 2015 2016

30% 50% 60%

2017 2018

80% 100%

Green Office Already ISO 14001 certified in Shanghai and in Romania in 2014, we will take the next step: we will implement the WWF Green Office program. Let’s move to 2020 and look what we see: All Xindao offices will be paperless, all our cars will be green, the furniture we use will be eco friendly and we will use green energy only. Target: By 2020 all Xindao offices will be paperless. From 2014 onwards all cars purchased or leased by Xindao will be Green cars. Before 2018 all cars will be Green cars. By 2020 all Xindao offices will use only furniture and decorations produced with environmentally friendly materials. By 2015 all Xindao offices will make use of Green energy.

Community How about our social responsibility? Well, this is what we’re going to do:   Once a year Xindao will make available the full XD Design studio in Shanghai to solve an issue related to a worldwide environmental or social problem.   Also, we will support community projects in Romania. Also, we will support community projects in China. And we’ll allow everyone that works with us to to spend two working days on voluntary work for a good cause.

COMMUNICATION Sharing our progress, advertising our beliefs. We believe in open and honest communication. In transparency about our objectives and the steps we’re making te achieve them.

Customers We encourage our customers to give feedback on our products and will organize a yearly event to evaluate our progress and discuss comments and improvements.

Packaging & Labeling Packaging, labeling and manuals help you bring our green message across to the consumer. To compliment them with their sensible choice, educating them about our eco approach.

Publications We will publish our progress in a yearly report and in our Eco’zine. A magazine to create awareness and influence environmentally friendly behavior.

OUR BEST GIFT YET All the actions we’ve in mind are not without obligation. We’ve carefully planned each step – every year from now will bring us closer to our goal: a company that can be proud to say: At Xindao, we’re 100% sustainable!

A promise to our planet, wouldn’t that be our best gift yet?

XD Vision 2020  
XD Vision 2020  

XD Vision 2020 Our best gift yet