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Component Inventory Vendor Information Requests & Requirements

XCPT Software Development

General Information Abstract This document is intended to serve as a definition of requirements for implant vendors in order to have their respective implant lines included in the XCPT implant inventory.

Perspective XCPT 2.0 will be the next logical step after the XCPT Version 1 release. The first XCPT version served as a prototype for future XCPT. Version 2 will incorporate a more robust set of software tools. Various imaging, menu management and data modeling tools have been evaluated and a select set will be used for XCPT Version 2 development.

Version Notice Draft-1

10 October 2007

Initial document

Contributors Thomas Jordan

Software Development

Katie O’Neal-Lash

Technical Coordinator

Max Kelly

Graphic Design

Vito Laudicina

XCPT Technical Administration

XCPT Software Development

Overview Version 2 of the XCPT software will provide a more advanced graphic representation of implants and components (see screen shots, final page). The image format is being upgraded from low resolution jpeg to a higher resolution alpha channeled png images. Furthermore, the components will be mapped with data base technology in order to attach and preserve data pertinent to the individual objects.

This document provides an outline for the information required to include these components in the XCPT software data structure.

XCPT Software Development

Image Requirements Format of Submissions

Provide all specification and descriptive materials possible in a machine readable digital format.

Synopsis of Implant Lines

Provide a description of each implant line and details that differentiate the lines.

Priority For Inclusion In The Implant Database

A priority must be established for the implant lines. The artwork will be carried out in this order. Please consider which lines should be included in the XCPT implant inventory, and which line is of the most importance.

Items For Inclusion • • • •

Implants Components (abutments, locators, screws, impression caps) Materials (bone graft, membrane) Tools (ratchets, wrenches, probes, drills)

Implant & Component Specification Data • Size (diameter, length) • Material (titanium, acrylic, etc.) • Colors

Catalog & Part Numbers • Vendor internal catalog numbers • Any universal numbers (UPN)

Target Quadrant

• Applicable if there are recommendations

Related Components

• All information about components that must/can be used together • Tool requirements for implants

Packaging Considerations

• Pre-packaged collection of components (e.g. Lifecore Quick-Pack)


XCPT Software Development

Image Requirements


Graphic Imaging Format • Vector or non-compressed formats (tiff, eps, png) • Ideally, layered with transparent background • Images provided grouped or individually • Identified by catalog / line / part number

Image Characteristics • All images should be the most photo-realistic version available (vs. CAD line art rendering, etc) • Images must be in perfect profile (vs. 3/4 view, etc)

Technical Contacts

Katie O’Neal-Lash, Technical Coordinator 813-546-9374 Max Kelly, Designer 941-486-9278

Example image

XCPT Software Development

min.150 px

Image Requirements Screen shots from XCPT, Version 2.0

XCPT Software Development


XCPT Vendor Image Requirements  

An outline of the graphic image attributes required for XCPT Software

XCPT Vendor Image Requirements  

An outline of the graphic image attributes required for XCPT Software