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The Monthly Digest Volume 1, Issue 1 - June 5, 2019 

Welcome! Explore a magical world with us!   

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Founded by Shankar and Arnesh, X Collabs is an initiative to bring together creative minds to publish magazines that bring joy to you. Our interests and thoughts are put  together elegantly to provide you with a creative taste. X Collabs is here to provide  you with a wide range of quality articles and stories covering a variety of interesting  topics. We publish our magazines every month on a special honoring that particular  event. 


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FROM THE ​EDITOR….. Stories and poems truly are magical, drawing us into an inescapable world of magic and joy.   Hello readers! This is our first issue of this magazine series. We hope that you enjoy the  stories and poems we bring to you. Along with delving into fantasy, we are delighted to bring  to you the fun events of today. As a part of celebrating World Environment Day(June 5), our  apartment is having a plantation drive on Choodasandra road, Bangalore. We have posted  below, pictures of the event. As a bonus, we have also posted fun activities for you.  Enough talk! Scroll below to dive into our magical world! 

~ Shankar(CEO)    



If you have any queries or tips to improve regarding this magazine please feel free to put forth suggestions. This will help us create and better reading for you in the future.  Also, if you wish to publish any of your articles, snippets, or ideas, please feel free to  do so. More articles, twice the fun!  Email us at: ​   Contact Us: ​Our Contact Page 

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Langaueg Truoble(Language Trouble)

‘A​aah!, What  a  horrible  night  it  was,  seems 

my spine  to 


broken,’ I thought.  I  then  lazily  rose  from  my  cosy  bed  and  limped  into  the  restroom  to  brush  my  teeth. 

of my  mouth.  My  father then asked me, 

While I  was  brushing  some  words  flew 

‘What are  you  muttering?’  I  then  just 

out of  my  mouth-‘Zuma  Zua  Ki’.  ‘That 

shook my  head  and  ate  the  delicious 

happens when  someone  does  not  think 

breakfast which  my  mom  had  specially 

and speak’,  I  remarked  to  my  brain. 

cooked for  me.  I  then  had  a  silent 

After brushing  and  bathing,  I  straight 

breakfast as  I  was  frightened  that  the 

away bolted  across  the  living  room  to 

wrong words  would  get  out  of  my 

the dining  hall  where  my  father  was 

mouth. I  then  gobbled  everything  up 

reading the  newspaper.  ‘Now  I  have  to 

and complimented  my  mother  saying, 

say, ‘Good  morning  to my father and no 

‘Zuva.’ I  was  terrified  looking  at  my 

mistakes,’ I  warned  my  stubborn  brain. 

mom’s puzzled face. Overwhelmed with 

But, ‘Moza  Mozi’  was  all  that  came  out 

embarrassment, I  galloped  out  of  the 

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house and  was  heading  towards  the 

could get rid of this disease by sleeping 

playground where  I  found  my  friends 

in the  wrong  posture.  I  could  get  rid  of 

playing enthusiastically. I then called to 

this by  doing  the  same  tonight.  Oh! 

them, ‘Zoriva!’  They  all  then  stopped 

Thanks to  that  lovely  pole!  By  the  time 

playing and  looked  towards  me.  One  of 

this thinking  process  was  over  I 

my friends  exclaimed,  ‘Are  you  making 

reached my,  ‘home  sweet  home’.  I then 

new languages?’  Trembling  to  say  a 

devoured my  lunch,  and  scurried  into 

clear no,  ‘Zilla’,  I  cried.  By  looking  at 

my room,  finished  my  homework,  back 

their belligerent  faces,  I  darted  away 

to the  dining  hall,  had  my  supper  and 

with tears  welled  up  in  my  eyes.  As  I 

went to  sleep  after  I  had  brushed.  I 

was trudging,  an  idea  struck  into  my 

crouched on  my  bed positioning myself 

mind. Isn’t  it  the  case  that  I  am 

in that  particular  posture  and  in  a  flash 

speaking something,  but  is  being 

of a  second  I  was  fast  asleep.  The next 

converted into  some  other  language 

morning again  I  felt  my  spine  was 

that is  alien  to  me?  Now,  if  I  know  that 


then let  me  think  of  getting  rid  of it. As 

‘Hello-hello, voice-testing’  and ‘Voila!’ I 

I was  striding,  I  being  absent-minded, 

had got  my  voice  back,  I  am  speaking 

banged to  a  pole  and  another  idea 

English! This  is  how  my  foreign 

struck the  mind. ‘If I got this disease by 

language speaking ended in a day.





sleeping in  the  wrong  posture  then  I 

-By Arnesh Bhowmik


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Magical Footprints

‘G​et up  Leo!’  My  mom  would  snap.  ‘Don’t  you  know  that  you  and  your  friends  are  going  on  a  trip?’  The  words  just  rang  in  my  ears  and  my  sleep  seemed  to  have  gone for a jog  outside  my body. I then scurried into the 

bolted towards  the  wide expanse of sea. 

restroom and  got  ready.  My  hands  were 

The sky seemingly touched the ocean as 

shaking violently  as  I  was  walking  at  a 

if it  was  patting  it.  The  sun was perched 

terrifying speed.  My  friends  lounged  on 

high up  in  the  sky  and  I  squinting  my 

the couch.  Their  bags  all  packed  and 

eyes to find some seashells and unusual 

seemed to  be  rebuking  me  for  being 

things. I  then  started  sauntering  and  to 

late. ‘Now,  let’s  resume  with  our  day’s 

my joy,  I  found  some  footprints 

proceedings,’ I  drawled  thinking  it  to  be 

bordered with  a  pale  golden  colour  and 

a joke.  We  then  embarked  the  cab  and 

were plated  with  bright  silver.  The 

rode off to the beach. We all giggled and 

footprints seemed  to  be  leading  deeper 

mumbled some  songs  together  and  in 

into the  jungle.  I  then  hollered  and 

no time  we  reached  our  destination.  We 

called my  friends.  They  came  striding 

came howling  out  of  the  car,  kept  our 

towards me.  They  were  also  astonished 

luggage in  the  homestay,  changed  and 

at what  they  glanced.  ‘Let’s  go  find  out 

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where the  footprints  end!’  exclaimed 

flying towards  us  caught  us  each.  The 

John, his  voice  thundering.  We  ‘three 

pillows then  advanced  in  a  sonic  boom 

musketeers’ then  marched  forward. 

and we  literally  went  ‘through’  many 

“The magical  footprints  led  us”  deep 


into the  thicket  and  we  were  just 

mountains, and  oceans  were  the  natural 

marvelling at  the  beauty  of  nature.  Just 

wonders we  glared  in  great  interest.  It 

then a whirling wind came in and sucked 

was like  an  impossible  nature  walk 

us in  it.  We bawled like hounds and I felt 

come true.  Then  a  flash  of  light  fell  all 

like I  was  being  washed  in  a  circular 

around us  and  when  I  opened my eyes, I 

motion, like  being  in  a  washing 

found myself  on  the  bed  in  the 

machine. We  were  then  thrown  out  of 

homestay with  my  two  friends  sleeping 

the whirlpool  and  the  three  pillows 

beside me.  




-By Arnesh Bhowmik  

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The Crisp and Short Stanzas!


I don’t have pain, when I look at rain,  And I look at the green meadows  Which fills my heart with glee.  Rain does a lot of things,  And helps to grow seedlings.  Then I go out and shout-YEAH!   And get wet in the rain.  When it rains rainbows form,  And on it are leprechauns. 

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Carrying a pot of gold. Across the rainbow,  High and low,  They lie down beneath an oak tree,  With a mountain of gold.  ​ ​-By Shankar Subramaniam 

Birdy Fern 

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Once, I knew there, Was a fern that would sway its magical leaves.  Every morning when I thought of it,  tiny birds would be released,  That would chirp at my window sill.  Every day they would talk to me   filling my head with wondrous thoughts.  Their life was so simple,   Making mine too like theirs.  Crooked and cunning, I never thought,  For I looked at the world as a bundle of joy,  My day, every day would flash before my eyes,  Before they go back to their home,  Into their beloved fern.  That fern loved me and I loved her,  This made me enjoy the bliss of life,  Every bit of it,   Without turning back.      -​By Shankar Subramaniam        ©2019 X Collabs All Rights Reserved 


Celebrating World Environment Day(June 5)  “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  ~Mahatma Gandhi  Initiated by the ‘Green Warriors group’, the plantation  drive’s motive was to work towards a betterment of the  planet, ultimately combating climate change. We started  planting sapling from Choodasandra Circle to MJ Azaliya.  As we progressed we unwrapped the mud casing, dug a  hole, and planted the sapling. Later all the plants were  watered, with the help of a tanker and a watering can. It  was an exciting adventure, knowing that we were doing  our part to combat global climate change. We at X Collabs  will always be supporting and participating in these kinds  of initiatives! 

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It’s time to have some fun! RIDDLES  1) There are 3 ants walking in a line. The first ant has no ants in front of it. The second ant  has one ant in front of it. Finally, the last ant also has no ants in front of it. How is this  possible?  2) How can you tell whether a barrel of beer is more than half full, or less  than half full. You may not use any additional equipment.​[Challenge  Question]  3) There are 3 switches on the wall outside a windowless room. Each of the switches are  randomly connected to 3 filament bulbs inside the room. How can you work out which  switch goes to which bulb by entering the room just once?​[Challenge Question]  4) You have to send an urgent secret letter to you friend. Sam, who you don’t trust has all  access to you letter. So you decide to put the letter into a box with a lock.  Unfortunately, your friend cannot open the lock. How can you get the letter across to  you friend without Sam intercepting it?​[Challenge Question]  5) You are running a race. If you cross the second place person only, what place do you  become?  Send your answers along with the question no. and title:​ . (First person to answer all the challenge  questions correctly will receive an e-certificate! - Time limit: 1 week)   

Scroll below for more fun!  ​

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UNSCRAMBLE THE FOLLOWING ​[​CHALLENGE QUESTION]    (1) E-P-A-H-Y-C    (2) H-A-T-R-E  (3)G-E-N-Y-E-R  (4)A-C-R-L-I-E-G  (5)E-O-K-S-L-E-N-T  (6)M-T-O-I-G-R-N-I-A  (7)P-I-E-E-L-C-S  (8)C-E-L-E-O-L-M-U  (9)N-B-R-I-A  (10)L-L-O-I-G-A-C 

Send your answers along with the question no. and title:​ . (First person to answer all the challenge  questions correctly will receive an e-certificate! - Time limit: 1 week)   

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X Collabs June 2019 Periodical  

This is our first Magazine Periodical! Read and enjoy. More Periodicals are coming up!

X Collabs June 2019 Periodical  

This is our first Magazine Periodical! Read and enjoy. More Periodicals are coming up!