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From the EDITOR Editor Ellie Austin


he impact of social media on journalism is a debate raging across the industry. Unsurprisingly, it is a topic explored throughout our pages. We investigate how Twitter is changing the way we break and consume news with media outlets asking everyone from the producer to the cameraman to tweet live updates from the field. At XCity, the power of the tweet is something we experienced first hand. Devastated to have our cover interview with Piers Morgan cancelled, our team ambushed the media mogul on Twitter asking him to reconsider. He did. In an entertaining interview, Morgan tells us that his three million-plus followers make him more influential than most national newspapers. There is, however, a darker side to social media as we highlight in our shocking piece about the sexist abuse targeted at female journalists. It is incomprehensible that women are threatened with rape for voicing their opinions online.

There are, of course, brilliant journalists who refuse to enter the Twittersphere. Craig Brown is one such man. Still scooping awards in the 35th year of his career, Brown is proof that there will always be a thirst for top quality writing. This is a view echoed by James Brown. Despite being a multimedia aficionado, he explains to us that ambition and resourcefulness – the principles of decent, conventional journalism – will never go out of date. Finally, we discuss a subject close to our heart – unpaid internships – and call on editors and students to work together to create an intern culture that benefits both parties. Producing this year’s XCity has been an exciting, challenging and unforgettable experience. On behalf of the XCity 2013 team, I hope you enjoy the issue.

Ellie Austin, Editor

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Part-Time MA

XCity reveals depar tment plans to launch a two-year MA in 2015

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Students and staff horrified by rodent invasion at City


city gender pay gap

Male professors paid £17k more




Specialisms to be cut

The Guardian insists journalism MA will go ahead despite no applicants

EU laws prompt courses to be dropped






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From Tipp-Ex to Twitter


City plans part-time MA • New two year course could star t in September 2015 • Tuition fee hike prompts radical rethink

Student protests at the trebling of tuition fees which came into place in October 2012

Photographs: the Guardian

Ellie Austin Plans to introduce new two-year part-time journalism MA courses in 2015 are being drawn up at City, XCity can reveal. The controversial move comes amid fears that debt-ridden undergraduates will not be able to afford the £9,000 needed for a single year postgraduate qualification in journalism. It is unclear how the parttime course would be integrated with the existing full-time major MAs in broadcast, international, magazines and news. Although the details of the part-time MAs are still under discussion, the courses are expected to launch in 2015, the year the first students to pay increased tuition fees graduate. Commenting on the plans, Lis Howell, deputy head of the journalism department, has said that the idea of launching a part-time MA was raised “within the last six months” and is supported by “a lot of people in

the department”. She said: “We are talking about it openly now because we would have to start really thinking about it in 2013, and then structuring it in 2014. “It would be difficult to run a part-time course alongside our full-time ones, but not impossible. It’s going to require an enormous amount of work to get it right.” She added: “When undergraduate fees are now so high people will leave their first degree with possible debts of at least £27,000, will they really be able to afford the fee for what is, in effect, a conversion course to journalism?” Tuition fees trebled in October 2012, meaning that English universities can now charge up to £9,000 per year for undergraduate courses. Figures released by the Push university guide predict that UK students beginning university in 2012 will graduate with an average debt of £53,400.

Rachel Wenstone, the VicePresident of the National Union of Students (NUS), believes this rise in tuition fees will have a negative impact on the popularity of MA courses. She said: “Experts have been warning about a collapse in post-graduate education as fees escalate. Bright students from poorer families are being denied access to post-graduate courses because of a lack of access to funds, and Universities Minister David Willetts’s suggestion that they take on more commercial debt is patently not the solution.” Bob Satchwell, executive director of the Society of Editors, encouraged students to consider the alternatives to MA journalism courses. He said: “There are cheaper ways to enter the industry such as fast-track courses at higher education colleges. “I am certain that we’ll see a huge market for these courses in the future and it’s not just about the money.”

Students paid to run blog Hanna Ibraheem Undergraduates will be paid to run a hyperlocal news site covering Islington. John Rennie, a lecturer in journalism at City University, is in charge of, a place for students and local residents to publish stories about issues in the area. Five students have been appointed as paid intern editors and will each work one day a week. The aim is to reach 1,000 visits a day by the end of the year, and then begin to sell adverts. Rennie hopes the site will eventually earn revenue of around £15,000 a year, which will covers wages. The five editors will be salaried to collaborate with local people to write stories. He added: “We want to get students writing with locals, to break down the barriers between locals and the university. We don’t want it to be a student site, but rather a hyperlocal site that happens to be run by students.” The site will serve everyone in the Islington area. Rennie said: “What’s interesting about this area is it’s got fantastic history with all the watchmakers and small manufacturers, and then it’s got this digital Shoreditch future [a reference to Silicon Roundabout at Old Street].”

College Building, St John Street / 5


TV grad goes to Sundance

• Lucas Ochoa has second documentary showcased at film festival • Alumnus receives worldwide recognition at the Grammy Awards Hanna Ibraheem A Grammy-nominated City graduate has had two films showcased at the annual Sundance Film Festival. Lucas Ochoa’s (Television MA, 2007) career took off after his tutor Lis Howell introduced him to producer Kevin Toolis. He employed Ochoa on the Channel 4 documentary The Cult of the Suicide Bomber. Ochoa, 31, recalled: “It was an amazing situation where one minute you’re explaining to your course tutor that you’d like to do a documentary, and the next you’re working on a documentary about this fascinating subject.” Ochoa later joined Pulse Films, an independent production company, where he produced a documentary on the

reformation of rock band Blur called No Distance Left to Run. The film heralded a turning point in Ochoa’s career. It was released in cinemas worldwide, including a premiere in Leicester Square. Ochoa said: “It was slightly like having a party after finishing a marathon. Part of you is tired and a little bit exhausted but it’s wonderful.” A Grammy nomination in the documentary/feature film category for his production work swiftly followed, which Ochoa described as “one of the most unexpected moments” of his life. Ochoa was unable to attend the ceremony as he was working on Who Is Diyani Cristal?, the film that was eventually selected to feature in the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. Ochoa had previously appeared


Lucas Ochoa is becoming a world renowned producer

at Sundance in 2012 with his Shut Up and Play the Hits, depicting the final days of the band LCD Soundsystem before their last show in New York.

He is currently working on a documentary involving David Attenborough and the Icelandic musician Björk, and a film about a stroke victim.

Prospective students face gruelling interview Hannah Thompson All candidates for the BA Journalism course at City will be interviewed under tough new vetting procedures. The decision to interview candidates this year will help bring stronger students to City, according to Professor Suzanne Franks, head of the undergraduate programme. Franks also said that, despite Even if they get great exam results, the new £9,000 tuition fee, Previously, applicants were applications are solid. admitted based on personal She said: “Interviewing is statements. Franks, who joined very time consuming but I’m City in 2012, said that she had optimistic that it will improve the intake. There will be a layer at introduced interviews to the selection process for “better the bottom who might have got quality control”. in before who won’t now.” Franks also said that This is the first year that “disadvantaged” students are the department, which takes still applying for the BA. There around 70 undergraduates every were concerns they might have September, has held interviews been put off from applying to for its three-year BA course.

6 /

these students will still have to sweat through a tough interview

university in light of the tuition fee increase from £3,000 to £9,000 last year. She said: “There was a worry that poorer applicants would be put off, but anecdotally that doesn’t seem to be the case.” The figures show that the BA saw a small drop last year, similar to that suffered by other journalism courses across the country, with the increase in fees.

Yet numbers have recovered: there were 394 applications for the course starting in September 2013, compared to 322 for the same time last year, marking a year-on-year increase of 22%. Franks said: “I know many journalism courses across the country have ‘felt a cold wind’ in terms of applicants. But City University has a good brand that has carried us through.”


Former City data journo wins US fellowship Daniel Zuidijk

City tweeters warned about “unprofessional” behaviour

Careless tweets cost students

A fascination with American politics and a key role at the whistle blowing website Wikileaks helped James Ball, a past City student, land a position at the Washington Post. The former Magazine and Investigative MA graduate worked at the US newspaper for three months leading up to last year’s presidential election.

• Student Twitter complaints retweeted • Lecturers afraid to reveal sensitive info

Photographs: Getty, the Guardian, AP

Sophie Hurcom Students have been warned about inappropriate and unprofessional comments posted on Twitter during lectures at City. Staff fear lecturers could be put off from giving candid and controversial opinions in case they are tweeted by students. This follows a series of incidents in which students’ tweets have caused embarrassment. Jonathan Hewett, director of the Newspaper MA said: “Sometimes people are talking about sensitive stuff which is beneficial for students. But there needs to be respect when someone is taking the risk of being honest and open about something that they don’t want the wider world to publish.” Professor Roy Greenslade, said: “There will be moments where you think ‘I better not say that’. A few years ago one of my guest lecturers was extremely upset that something he thought he was telling in relative confidence was tweeted.” Greenslade has personal experience of Twitter gaffes. In a lecture on the Leveson Inquiry, one slide warned of

many journalists’ “significant and reckless disregard for accuracy”. Unfortunately, the slide had a typo, misspelling “Leveson” as “Levenson”. A student took a photograph of the blunder and posted it to Twitter. It was quickly republished by blogger Guido Fawkes. Postgraduate lectures often have their own designated hastags, such as #CityOJ for Online Journalism, so students can discuss a class as it happens. But, this means that tweets about a lecture can be easily identified. In a recent incident, students complained about lecturers during a class. The volume of tweets was picked up by journalists outside City. One student who posted their complaints on Twitter said: “I don’t feel bad about what I tweeted, although I thought some other tweets were too personal.” Visiting lecturer, Alex Wood said students need to approach Twitter with caution. “Twitter is not like Facebook,” he explained, “the very nature of it being public causes a lot of issues. It’s not just your own reputation put on the line but the reputation of the whole university.”

Data journo Ball

The opportunity came about after he was awarded the 2012 Laurence Stern Fellowship, an award given to one British journalist each year in memory of the foreign correspondent Laurence Stern. Ball said he found journalists in Washington more willing to write for a specialist audience than their British counterparts. Currently a data journalist at the Guardian, he said that the American style of writing was much more “satisfying if you like to geek out on a particular topic”. Deputy editor of the Guardian Ian Katz, who was one of Ball’s referees for the award, said he represents “a marriage between digital journalism and traditional investigative skills”.

Rayner into top 30 Hanna Ibraheem High quality reporting on the Arab Spring has led to ex-City student Tom Rayner being listed as one of the top 30 young UK journalists to watch. Raynor, Sky’s Middle East news editor, won the MHP Communications 30 To Watch 2013 Award, as well as the organisation’s special Gold Award. The prize, awarded in January, highlights the work of young journalists. His work included four months in Libya and reporting from Cairo during the fall of Mubarak. Rayner also reported on the first all-female Middle Eastern motor racing team. Rayner said: “It’s a real honour to be recognised amongst such a wide field of brilliant young journalists. Journalism is changing, and it’s fantastic that these awards celebrate the new generation that is driving that change.” Tom Rayner on assignment / 7


Mice invade City University • Small rodents spotted scurrying around the College building and the Great Hall • “It was like living in a Tom and Jerry car toon” Jonathan Holmes Journalists are sometimes compared to rodents: cunning, unafraid to get dirty and often found rooting through your bins. Now the comparison is more apt than ever, as mice have moved into the City University journalism department. Students and staff have reported seeing vermin scurrying around the department’s offices and computer labs. Most sightings have been in the

postgraduate staff office, although the rodents have been spotted further afield. One mouse interrupted a lecture in the Great Hall, situated directly above the journalism department. The lecture was hosted by Professor of Journalism Roy Greenslade, and featured guest lecturer Emma Hartley, who was midway through her talk on ‘Why Journalists Obey Their Masters’. The lecture ground to a halt after students saw the fuzzy rodent emerge from the side of the stage. It scampered across the front of the podium, before disappearing into a hole, causing consternation in the audience.

Esme Anderson, a Magazine MA student, said: “The whole lecture was distracted, and there were a lot of panicked gasps. It was like living in a Tom and Jerry cartoon, with Roy Greenslade as Tom.” Professor Michael Bromley, the head of the International MA, also revealed to XCity that one bold rodent had come into his office and chewed part of a student’s papier-mâché project. Despite these high profile appearances, the City facilities department denies knowledge of the pests. A spokesperson said: “The University currently holds a contract with a pest management company. This company carries out preventative measures in all our buildings and responds to call outs within 24 hours.

“In the last six months we have received no calls regarding mice in the journalism area.  We have received one call in another area of the College building, but this was caused by food being stored in an office.” This contradicts the claims of journalism staff, who say they have reported the problem to building services. Mouse traps have since been placed throughout the department. Many old buildings struggle with mice. City University’s grade II listed College Building, situated on St John’s Street, was completed in 1894. It is not known why the mice seem to favour the journalism department. However, students often leave food and newspapers lying around the lobby, where they congregate to discuss the issues of the day. Vermin often make their nests in newspapers.

Vermin nest in newspapers

City’s own Dragons’ Den Chloe Cann What do ‘tweet pitches’, free wine and the founder of Loaded have in common? They all feature in City’s burgeoning Entrepreneurial Journalism (EJ) module, now in its second year. Two full-time academics, including Dr Colin Porlezza, will join City in September to teach

on the EJ module. They will take over from Barbara Rowlands, director of the Magazine MA and coordinator of EJ, and module leader Andrew Scott. In EJ, students work to develop a media start-up. Upstart Magazine, a publication devoted to “inspiring and supporting Britain’s start-up community”, was one of last years winners.

Upstart, last year’s winners, in front of the panel

8 /

Journalism a “police state” Ed Frankl Journalism is being “frogmarched into a police state” in the wake of the Leveson Inquiry, according to a leading tabloid journalist at a panel debate at City University. Heated exchanges took place during the 90-minute ‘Journalism in the Dock’ discussion, chaired by Press Gazette editor Dominic Ponsford, which considered whether implementing Leveson’s proposals would threaten sources and limit information exchange between police and journalists. Brian Flynn, investigations editor of The Sun, said that the Leveson Inquiry had created a

“chilling effect” and that “it feels like we’re being frogmarched into a police state”. However, Ivor Gaber, director of the Political MA, responded: “We have a far from perfect press freedom here, but to talk in those terms is to do a real disservice to the truth, and those journalists who are struggling, fighting and facing real oppression.” Two panel members, Neil Wallis, former executive editor of The News of the World, and Brian Cathcart, director of lobby group Hacked-Off, argued over interpretations of Leveson. Wallis told the students in the audience that Leveson was “destroying your careers”.


£17,000 pay gap at City • Women professors paid less than their male counterpar ts • XCity reveals journo profs average £75,000 pay packet EXCLUSIVE Unity Blott

Photographs: Guardian; Getty

Female professors at City University earn almost £17,000 per year less than their male counterparts, XCity can reveal. The shocking find, discovered via the Freedom of Information Act, shows a 23% pay gap among the most senior academic staff. Figures show that male professors at City take home an average of £89,310, whereas female professors earn an average of £72,409. Women professors have also seen their average salary drop by £1,350 over the past three years, whereas their male colleagues’

pay has risen by about £4,400. The pay gap between male and female professors at City has soared from 14% in 2010 to 23% in 2012. This figure is well above the national average pay gap of 10.5% for full-time earners, according to Home Office statistics. The average salary for all City lecturers and academic staff in 2012 was £51,656. The average salary for professors in the journalism department as of 2012 stands at £74,041, with other lecturers in the department earning an average of £50,042. Men and women’s salaries in the department were roughly the same, with men earning about £1,000 above the average salary. Figures for women professors’ salaries in the journalism department have been withheld, as the small number of female staff in the department could lead to them being identified. Commenting on the gender pay gap across the whole of the university, Keith Simpson, president of City University UCU (University & College Union), said the union had been aware of the pay gap for some time. “We have pointed it out to management on several occasions,” he said. “We believe the university should take immediate action and raise the salaries of female professors across the board to match those of male professors.” The university has recently set up an equality and equal pay committee

to investigate whether discrimination is to blame for any pay gaps among staff. It is not yet known what action it will take to tackle the gender pay gap. Simpson added: “Three years ago, we had three female deans of school in the university – today we have none. The only female member of the executive team is the director of HR. “The university needs to address all issues around inequality, including gender. It’s not a place that operates around diversity; it’s very white-male dominated. Is academia an attractive place for women?” The university measures its staff ’s salaries using pay bands, which are negotiated with the UCU. However, professors’ salaries are categorised as “grade nine” which falls outside of the agreement, and is therefore not transparent. The equality and equal pay committee has said that the banding system will include equal pay considerations. City has recently invested in hiring over 100 new researchactive academic staff members in a bid to boost its ranking in the university league tables (see page 15). Simpson added that the pay gap had “definitely” been exacerbated by the recruitment of these new professors. A spokesperson for City University said: “We are aware there is a gender pay gap. This is a sector wide issue and one that we are working to address. We have approved the introduction of a scheme for all City University professors, which will, amongst other things, allow a more accurate comparison of the achievement and contribution of individual professors for equal pay purposes.”

Male profs: £89,500 Female profs: £72,500

Paul Foot Award for tax hacks Hannah Thompson

Who was he kidding?

A former City student said she was “humbled” by her nomination for this year’s Paul Foot Award for Investigative and Campaigning Journalism. Fay Schlesinger (Newspaper, 2008), reporter at The Times, along with colleague Alexi Mostrous, were nominated for the award for their work on the tax avoidance scandal, which looked into the tax dealings of figures such as Jimmy Carr. Nominees win £1,000 and strong recognition for their part in producing some of the year’s most high-profile and important investigative stories. She said: “To be nominated alongside other incredible investigations felt humbling. I felt a bit like, wow, I shouldn’t be here. The Paul Foot Award feels like proper investigative journalism. It felt good.” The first prize of £5,000 went to Andrew Norfolk, Schlesinger’s colleague at The Times, for his investigation on gangs who sexually groom teenage girls. The awards took place in London, 26 February. Schlesinger said it was “fantastic” when her colleague received the accolade. “Andrew Norfolk is a brilliant journalist working on a great investigation that is very difficult to write about sensitively,” she said. Schlesinger praised City for its role in helping her career. “It wasn’t long ago [that I was at City] so it feels amazing to be nominated. The contacts I made there have been very helpful.” / 9


Late call for new MA

• The Guardian insists new digital journalism course will go ahead • Five months to go and still no students for Cardiff backed MA Teresa Fitzherbert The Guardian and its backers have insisted that they are going ahead with plans for a new MA in digital media, despite the absence of any information for prospective students five months before the expected launch of the new course. Last year the newspaper announced it was teaming up with Cardiff University to launch a new master’s degree in journalism, with plans to start in September 2013. XCity, which broke the story last year, understands that students will pay around £9,000 a year for the course, which will focus on social media, website content, reporting, writing and publishing skills. In September, Alan Rusbridger, editor-in-chief of the Guardian, said the course would “produce a generation of students who are completely up to date with the skills needed to succeed

The Guardian headquarters in London

in journalism today”. But despite repeated inquiries by XCity posing as a prospective student, at the time of going to press on 22 March, there were still no details available about the course or the application process. City’s journalism department and all the other major

journalism colleges have been recruiting new students for next year’s courses since the start of the year, and will make offers at the end of April. Richard Sambrook, head of journalism at Cardiff University, said that there would be a public launch “shortly”. He said: “It is

an unusual enough course to get some interest and people will still be looking for opportunities somewhere from Easter onwards. It is also a mix of UK and international students so we’re not expecting problems but we’ll see.” The Guardian declined to comment.

Papier-mâché projects please! Georgie Bradley

Michael Bromley surrounded by his students’ handiwork

10 /

Papier-mâché and board games are not the most obvious ways to showcase story-telling and journalism. But these are among the forms of creative journalism being encouraged by Professor Michael Bromley, the new head of International MA. Students on the course have been asked to submit assignments including a “What is journalism?” snakes and ladders game, a papier-mâché mannequin on “Can a photographer detach themselves from their photos?” and a page 3 girls poster entitled:

“Has it all gone tits up for journalism?” Bromley explained that journalists are now faced with the challenge of “making their work accessible”. “Who wants to read off PowerPoints anyway?” he added. Bromley joined City in June 2012 after being the head of the School of Journalism and Communication at The University of Queensland, Australia. He taught on the newspaper postgraduate programme between 1992 and 1997 before becoming director of the International MA. He has published over 50 articles.


Sexism rife in media Hannah Thompson

Photographs: Guardian; Georgie Bradley; Jack Rivlin; AP

Sexism is still blocking women from reaching the top jobs in journalism despite the high numbers of women studying the subject at university, an unpublished report by the head of City’s undergraduate programme has concluded. In a new report called Women in Journalism, for the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Professor Suzanne Franks explores why women are still being held back from the industry’s most senior jobs despite their early success. Franks cites newsroom sexism, a still-male-oriented culture, women’s tendency to go freelance once they’ve had children, and a damaging assumption that the industry does not need to do anything more to change as the key factors that contribute to limiting women’s progress. She said: “I talk in my report about ‘news hounds’ and ‘feature bunnies’. There are still these huge stereotypes. People have got to be aware of them all the time

Suzanne Franks: Sexism has “got

if we want to change.” This imbalance remains despite the fact that while at university and at the beginning of their careers, female journalists often outstrip men both in numbers and pay. City University’s journalism department is a case in point with many more women than men studying the subject at both postgraduate and undergraduate level. In 2011, 186 men and 376 women studied journalism at City. In 2012, an even higher gender imbalance emerged, with 146 men and 370 women studying at City. This year was only marginally more balanced, with 170 men and 369 women. “We have an overwhelmingly female cohort,” said Franks. “It worries me.” And yet women are still said to face problems when progressing through the ranks, as many feel forced to go freelance once they have children, leaving mainstream, ‘hard-core’ staff jobs. “There is only one woman editor of a national newspaper now, whereas in the nineties there were three at the same time,” said Franks. “People were saying then that by 2010 it would be 50/50 men to women, but it’s got worse. I’ve talked to very senior women who say that there are still ingrained assumptions about what a ‘normal woman’ does. In 2013, that’s pretty odd. “Everyone thinks that it’s all fine now because we know about sexism and harassment and stereotyping, but no matter how many times you say that, things go backwards sometimes.” The report is due for worse” publication this summer.

Tab goes national Isobel Finbow A tabloid-style website set up by a former Newspaper MA postgraduate has hit 400,000 unique users in the last month. Jack Rivlin’s The Tab began at Cambridge University and now has branches in 12 other universities, including Exeter, Liverpool and Bristol. Teams of up to 20 students work on each site, edited and managed by Rivlin and a small team based in Clerkenwell, east London. The project, which Rivlin developed through City’s Entrepreneurial Journalism module in 2012, received backing from Cambridge investors Downing Enterprises. Director of Entrepreneurial Journalism at City, Barbara Rowlands, said: “It’s absolutely terrific that he got funding

Jack Rivilin: Put it on The Tab

for The Tab. A start-up needs someone with energy like Jack.” Rivlin said: “If you’ve got an idea and you want to do it there are some seriously useful lessons in there.” While the brand specialises in student news and gossip, the Oxford branch broke the story of George Galloway walking out of a debate on Israel, after discovering his opponent was Israeli. The incident was picked up by the mainstream press.

Colvin honoured at City University Alice Hancock A special posthumous award was presented at City’s annual James Cameron lecture in October to The Sunday Times journalist Marie Colvin. Killed in February 2012 while covering the siege of Homs in Syria, Colvin had worked as a foreign correspondent for the paper since 1985. The late Marie Colvin James Witherow, editor of by the Colvin family to support The Sunday Times, received the work in humanitarian aid and award on Colvin’s behalf. He journalism. described renowned journalist The official annual James James Cameron as “brave, Cameron Memorial Award was shrewd, charismatic and given to Martin Wolf of the irrepressible” before applying Financial Times for his coverage the same words to Colvin: of the financial crisis. “Nothing could better describe The 2012 lecture was given Marie Colvin.” The £1000 prize money from by prominent Indian journalist and former editor-in-chief of the award will go to the Marie The Hindu, Narasimhan Ram. Colvin Memorial Fund, set up / 11


New sports site attracts thousands Teresa Fitzherbert A sports blog founded and run by a former City student has attracted hundreds of thousands of readers a month and an international following. The Sport Review is the brainchild of Martin Caparrotta (Newspaper, 2011) and Kieran Beckles, who came up with the idea in 2008 as undergraduates at University College London (UCL). “We both wanted to go into sports journalism, so we thought it would be a good platform to hone our writing skills,” said Caparrotta, 25. In 2010, they won £10,000 investment from UCL and decided to go full time, but not before getting a formal education in journalism. Caparrotta started at City University that September and Beckles completed an NCTJ (National Council for the Training of Journalists) course at News Associates.

Caparrotta, editor of TSR

The site went full-time in January 2012 and their readership tripled within the year. It now has 350,000 unique hits per month. The Sport Review ( aims to offer new perspectives in their news and comment. Unique features include an interactive football transfer gossip column called ‘Grapevine’, where readers vote on what they believe to be the most credible piece of hearsay. In a few years, Caparrotta hopes to have a dedicated teams of journalists. “Our aim is to grow our audience to one million unique users a month.”

City sweep awards

David Woode (highly commended) and Ben Riley-Smith (most promising) with their PTC awards

• City claim top two spots in Most Promising Student award • Six out of eight shor tlisted nominees were former Magazine students Ellie Bothwell Newly qualified journalists from the Magazine MA programme have triumphed for the fifth year in a row at the industry’s major awards for the most promising new talent in journalism. Ben Riley-Smith (Magazine, 2012) picked up the award for Most Promising Student (Postgraduate), while David Woode (Magazine, 2012) was highly commended in the same category, at this year’s Periodical Training Council (PTC) New Talent Awards. Among Riley-Smith’s winning entries were two features published in last year’s XCity: an interview with Evan Davis and an article about journalists who move into politics. His third winning article was about disability hate crimes. This is the fifth year running a City Magazine graduate has won the award. Six out of the eight postgraduates shortlisted in the category were former Magazine MA students. The awards ceremony was held at

12 /

the Brewery, Chiswell Street in London on 12 February. Other former City students to be commended were Sarah Stewart (Investigative, 2011) Lizzie Pook (Magazine, 2010), Moya Sarner (Magazine, 2010) and Kirsty McGregor (Magazine, 2009). Riley-Smith said: “It’s a massive honour and it was a big surprise. It was overwhelming to win on the night. “It was great for me and David to take those two spots and keep the City flame alive.” He added that he was grateful to his City tutors for their support and he encouraged current students to enter their work next year. Woode agreed: “It was a really nice way to end City. To have two awards come back to us was a real treat. “The standard of the entrants was mental and just to be nominated alongside them was enough. It just goes to show that the work produced at City is of a really high, publishable standard.” The PTC New Talent Awards celebrate excellence in

consumer and business media, with the Most Promising Student category recognising the best undergraduate and postgraduate journalism and publishing students from around the country. Loraine Davies, director of the PTC, praised the consistent success of City University at the annual awards. She commended the teaching of Barbara Rowlands, Magazine MA course director, and Jason Bennetto, senior lecturer. She said: “City is consistently recognised by us as a course that we can rely on for excellence in the industry and 90% of that is to do with the culture that Jason and Barbara have inculcated. “They expect a lot from students. It is an astonishing course led by one of the best course leaders. Barbara seems to always be on a relentless pursuit of excellence.” Riley-Smith is now a trainee reporter at The Daily Telegraph, while his former classmate Woode is currently a trainee reporter with The Sun.


Specialisms cut Journo of the year due to EU rules • Undergrads and postgrads can no longer be taught together, says City

Photographs: Tim Bowditch; PPA Live; Journalism Awards; Mar tin Argles/ the Guardian; cour tesy of Frederik Fischer

Jonathan Holmes Several specialism courses are to be dropped at City following the decision by the university to adopt a new EU-wide education standard. From next year, MA students will be offered fewer specialism classes, as the university will be forced to teach undergraduates and postgraduates separately. Without enough postgraduate students to fill their own classes, options will be cut. There are currently 19 Specialisms available, including sport, conflict, world religions, arts and culture, investigations, politics, security and organised crime, fashion and business. The tutors who run the 12-session mini courses are leading journalists with backgrounds in a variety of national media organisations including the BBC, The Times, Reuters, Sunday Times, Observer, and The Independent. The module aims to teach students the skills and background needed to be a specialist correspondent. The specialism courses are taught to students from the postgraduate International,

Magazine and Newspaper courses, and third year undergraduates doing the BA. But a new policy that comes into force in September means that the 60-70 undergraduates will now have their own specialisms, taught by a mixture of staff and visiting lecturers. The exact details of the restructuring are currently under discussion, but an internal email to specialism tutors makes it clear that “whatever the outcome, this means that there will be fewer Specialisms on offer to the MA students”. The message said that the reorganisation is the result of the Bologna Process, a new European program of higher education reforms. It added that undergraduate and postgraduate students “are considered to need different assessments and teaching”, thus requiring separate classes to better meet their needs. The requirement is being instituted as part of the Europewide Bologna Process, which has an aim of creating a unified European Higher Education Area (EHEA), to make degrees and qualifications become portable from country to country.

The European Bologna Process will make degrees more portable

Emma Slater collects her New Journalist of the Year award

Matthew Lambert An investigation into supergrasses has earned City graduate Emma Slater the prestigious New Journalist of the Year award. The prize is part of the British Journalism Awards, which recognises outstanding achievement by a journalist with less than three years’ professional experience. “I thought it was unlikely, in fact impossible, that I would win,” said Slater (Investigative, 2009). “And so I didn’t prepare anything. When they read out my name, I thought ‘Oh dear, I’ve got to say something now.’ I just went up on stage and grinned and curtsied and ran away. I was absolutely thrilled, but a bit bemused.”

The judges at the event, held at the Stationer’s Hall on Fleet Street last December, described Slater as a “big issue journalist”. After graduating from City in 2009, she joined the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and immediately got her teeth into some high profile projects. Her investigation into criminals in Northern Ireland who are given vastly reduced sentences in return for information in an effort to tackle organised crime, began as her MA project at City. After further work on the issue with the bureau, Slater’s investigation became the basis for the BBC Panorama special Return of the Supergrass, which aired in October 2012 on BBC One.

Site to cut the junk Thea Babington-Stitt

A new online application to help find quality journalism over “irrelevant content” on social media has been founded by a City graduate. Talzadoo works by setting up daily top ten Twitter lists based on the subscriber’s interests. Founded by Frederick Fischer (Financial, 2011), the company is a Berlin based startup which aims to change how both journalists and their readers approach articles online. Fischer said: “One of the main problems in journalism at the moment is that way too much is just about quantity, and the few quality pieces that are

still produced have it so hard to fight against this huge amount of mostly irrelevant content.” Tazaldoo’s users create lists of their interests and their favourite tweeters and are provided with a daily list of the most relevant corresponding tweets, hashtags and contacts.

Fischer, Creator of Tazaldoo / 13


Obituaries Colin Bickler

• Much loved City University lecturer He influenced the careers of many graduates since he started working as a teaching fellow of International Journalism in 1992. Michael Bromley, professor of International Journalism at City, began working at the university at the same time as Bickler. He said Bickler had a marked effect on students and staff: “We got on really well and he taught

Ellie Bothwell A popular former lecturer at City, who helped journalists remain safe on dangerous foreign assignments, has died aged 78. Colin Bickler, who was associated with City University for more than 20 years, died on 12 January in London after suffering from pancreatic cancer.

me a lot. When alumni got in touch after they left the first question they’d ask is ‘How’s Colin?’ When he became ill his wife was inundated with emails from students all over the world.” Born in Leeds in 1934, Bickler migrated with his family to New Zealand when he was a teenager. After a brief spell at the New Zealand civil service, he began his career in journalism. He was a reporter at The Dominion newspaper in New Zealand in 1959, then worked at the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation, before joining the eastern desk at Reuters in London in 1965. As a correspondent and bureau chief, he travelled to Kuala Lumpur, Tel Aviv and Karachi among other foreign locations. He reported on the Yom Kippur war in 1973

and the Cyprus conflict the following year. He also followed Henry Kissinger’s 1970s shuttle diplomacy in the Middle East. He retired from Reuters in 1990. After retiring, in addition to lecturing at City, he became a member of the Communication Information Committee of the UK National Commission for UNESCO and the Human Rights Consultative Committee of the Foreign Office. In 2002, Bickler helped found the International News Safety Institute, dedicated to the safety of news media staff working in dangerous environments around the world. He was lead editor of the handbook for the Institute of War and Peace Reporting, published in 2004, and was also a former committee member of the London branch of the Reporters Without Borders organisation.

Vera Frankl

• Dedicated radio teacher on International and Broadcast course Esme Anderson Vera Frankl, a radio journalist and visiting lecturer at City, has died aged 62. Equally respected by City students and staff alike, she taught radio on the International Journalism MA. An inspiration to her students, fellow tutor Mike Gandon said: “She had a remarkable love for the medium, which was the driving force of her work. Students blossomed under her. She will be missed.” Working as a radio journalist for the BBC World Service and Radio 4, she was a renowned radio documentary maker. Frankl worked closely with

Ivor Gaber, head of the Political Journalism MA. Gaber said that she was “inspired, a tireless perfectionist who always wanted to make just one more cut”. Frankl brought this approach to her teaching at City. Gaber said: “Vera was a lively, dedicated teacher much loved by her students, because she tried to make them reach her own high standards of production.” Frankl originally taught radio production on the Broadcast Journalism MA in 2006, before moving over to International Journalism MA. Frankl first moved to the UK as a young girl, after her family fled into political exile following

14 /

the 1956 Russian invasion of Budapest. Growing up in North London, she studied History at Warwick University. After graduating she worked as a journalist with Swiss Radio International before beginning her long career with the BBC. Frankl also put her writing and radio talents to use at the Institute for War and Peace Reporting. She enjoyed documentary photography, and exhibited her work in the year before her death in December 2012. Frankl is survived by her daughter, Anna, an actress living in New York and her son, Micha, who lives in Oxford.

Beloved teacher, Frankl, leaves behind a legacy in the world of broadcasting


Three in a row for City

Ex-student wins Times scholarship Hannah Thompson

Simon Murphy with Jodi Cudlipp, Hugh Cudlipp’s widow

• Simon Murphy becomes third consecutive City student to win the Hugh Cudlipp Award Sarah Holmes

Photographs: cour tesy of Michael Bromley; Christian Sinibaldi; Alistair Johnstone

Features on gambling addiction and violence in betting shops helped a City graduate to scoop this year’s prestigious Hugh Cudlipp Award. Simon Murphy, 24, (Newspaper, 2012) is the third City student in a row to win the award, which celebrates published student journalism that “exposes wrongdoing and investigates social issues”. It commemorates Hugh Cudlipp, editor of the Daily Mail during the 1950s and 1960s, who

was renowned for his hardhitting reporting style. Murphy, whose features were published in the Guardian, said he was “honored”. He said: “I couldn’t have written the pieces without the cooperation of the former gambling addicts and industry whistleblowers who showed great courage in speaking out.” The investigation revealed an internal memo sent by William Hill to its betting shop staff, urging them to reduce reports of violent customers by only reporting repeat offenders.

Murphy’s research contributed to a Panorama programme titled Gambling Nation. Patrick Collinson, money editor at the Guardian, said he was delighted, but not surprised, that Murphy won the award: “Many good student journalists pass through on our placements and Simon was easily the best.” Jonathan Hewett, Director of Interactive and Newspaper Journalism at City, said: “Simon’s articles tackled a major issue of public concern in the best traditions of journalism. Hugh Cudlipp would have approved.”

Ex-City student and former Mail on Sunday reporter George Arbuthnott has become the first winner of the new The Sunday Times Marie Colvin Scholarship. The scholarship is in honour of the late The Sunday Times foreign correspondent Marie Colvin, who was killed in Syria last year. Arbuthnott (Investigative, 2009) will spend one year at The Sunday Times, with three months on the paper’s foreign desk. Arbuthnott credited his success to the Mail’s willingness to send young reporters abroad, and City’s training on finding stories. He said: “Marie’s fearless public interest journalism inspired me to enter the profession.This scholarship is a unique chance to learn some of the skills she used to such powerful effect.”

WINNER: George Arbuthnott

Research hiring divides department Ed Frankl Staff and union representatives have expressed concern at the growing number of research academics being hired at City. City University has adopted a new approach to hiring research staff in order to increase government research funding and boost City in the world rankings. But the move has alarmed some staff in departments which rely on using former practitioners to teach, such as journalism, nursing and law. Research active staff are

seen as important assets for the university to succeed in the Research Excellence Framework (REF) in November 2013, which assesses research of higher education institutions and forms a major part of deciding the funding of universities. Connie St Louis, director of the MA in Science Journalism, said: “Within both the school of journalism and the university, there seems to be a two-tier system of staff developing.” She explained: “There are the teaching professionals, and the research academics brought in for

their REF value.” Barbara Rowlands, director of the MA Magazine Journalism, said: “There’s pressure from the university that, whenever there’s an appointment, candidates should have a doctorate. But in a department like ours that should be balanced with practical skills.” George Brock, Head of Journalism at City, said that in spite of the changes there would not be a reduction in practical teaching. He said: “We are rebalancing and strengthening the journalism department. Therefore there isn’t

going to be any less practical journalism teaching.” The push to increase research active staff has been made under the leadership of ViceChancellor Paul Curran, who maintains teaching reforms are important to make City an attractive place to study. Keith Simpson, president of University College Union at City, said: “I think the speed of what Paul Curran is doing is wrong, and some aspects of what he’s doing are terribly wrong – by seeing the simple solution of research staff alone is flawed.” / 15



BNP exposé listed for prize Teresa Fitzherbert Ignore the far right at your peril. That is the message of a book written by ex-City student, Daniel Trilling, (Magazine, 2006) about the rise of the far right and the role of the media and politicians in encouraging its racist rhetoric. It has been longlisted for the Orwell Prize 2013. Bloody Nasty People: the rise of Britain’s far right, published in September 2012, chronicles the roots of the British National Party: its rise, decline and the subsequent growth of the English Defence League. The Guardian referred to it as a “compelling narrative” and The Independent’s Yasmin AlibhaiBrown, said: “Reading it felt like a trek through a lightless jungle, with fierce beasts and unseen, stalking, implacable tribes. The intimations of savagery produced

a psychic shakiness I’ve not experienced before.” Trilling, assistant editor of the New Statesman, argues that the far right rhetoric of mainstream political parties, rather than stealing votes, legitimises the BNP’s arguments. An example is when the Lib Dems promised to provide council housing for Tower Hamlets’ “sons and daughters” which led to a surge in BNP support in 1993. The book’s title is taken from a Sun headline in 2004. Trilling said: “It sums up the hypocrisy of certain sections of the mediawho have spent years producing the distorted portrayals of immigration, of Muslims and of other ethnic groups that enables the far right to grow, yet feign horror when faced with the consequences of their actions.” Bloody Nasty People: the rise of the far right is published by Verso. RRP £14.99

16 /

Brock: “Cheer up” Jonathan Holmes It may have been a year of humiliating inquiries and dwindling print sales but Professor George Brock, head of journalism at City, is writing a book urging the media industry to look on the bright side. The book will deal with the challenges facing journalism in the age of the internet and slashed newsrooms.

He said: “The book is about where the news media has been and where it’s going to. I was having lunch with a man called Jeff Jarvis the other day, and I said that the message of the book is, ‘People should just cheer the fuck up.’ He said: ‘Great title, put that on the cover.’” The book should be published in autumn 2013. It might find an audience among journalists desperate for some good news.

India in 80 trains Alice Hancock Phileas Fogg may have gone around the world in 80 days but even he didn’t attempt to tackle the railway system of the Indian subcontinent. City graduate Monisha Rajesh (Magazine, 2005) travelled 40,000 km worth of Indian railways as research for her debut book, Around India in 80 Trains, which was published in November 2012. Starting in the city of Chennai in southern India, Rajesh spent four months travelling throughout India in all classes of compartments, from first class with air conditioning to three-tier sleeper bunks. The idea came about when Rajesh saw an advertisement for 80 new flight destinations in India. Looking at a map, she noticed a myriad of squiggly lines that she realised were the famous Indian railways. “It seemed a fun way of getting around,” said Rajesh. “You get to see how the country functions from a train. On one journey I went through six states and you could tell because the food and the languages kept changing.” Although her family are

originally from India, Rajesh had not lived in the country since 1991. “One of the reasons I wanted to go back was to see my roots. We’d lived for a couple of years in Madras but I’d never really explored India.” On her return to the UK, the book took 11 months to write and she credits many of the skills she learned at City for its success. “Simple things like being taught to sub meant that I would print out my chapters, get out my red pen and edit them myself. I don’t think my book would have been published if I hadn’t been at City.” Around India in 80 Trains is published by Nicholas Brealey. RRP £10.99.

Rajesh: one down, 79 to go


Emmys go to City TV grads Daniel Zuidijk Two former City students have won Emmy Awards for their documentary work. Ramita Navai (Broadcast, 2003) and Nicole Young (International 2002) won awards for work on the American current affairs programmes Frontline and 60 Minutes respectively. Syria Undercover, Navai’s winning film from Frontline, saw her go undercover with the antigovernment movement to profile the conflict from the “ground up”. It also looked at Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian President. The documentary was victorious in the category of Outstanding Coverage of a Breaking News Story at the 64th Emmy Awards. Navai spent two weeks in Syria at one of the most dangerous times in the civil war. Since winning the award, Navai was devastated to learn

that one of the activists who helped her had been killed. Speaking about the death to XCity, she revealed that the activist’s name was Mounir Nammous - referred to as Abu Ja’far in the film. The reporter had been in contact with the activist until he was killed approximately one month ago. Navai said the win at the Emmys was now more meaningful than ever, and rededicated it to him. She said: “We lived and breathed with him, how could we not?” Nicole Young was recognised for her coverage of the financial crisis for 60 Minutes. She co-produced The Next Housing Shock, which received the award for Outstanding Business and Economic Reporting. Her research and writing on Hard Times Generation: Families Living in Cars was also recognised. Lis Howell, the head of Broadcast Journalism at

Ramita Navai posing with her Emmy award

City, said: “This is a fantastic achievement for both Ramita and Nicole. Ramita was a part-time student who funded herself by working in fashion PR before making this amazing transition to international investigations.” She added: “She has been back several times to talk to more

recent students and is always accessible and supportive. I’m not at all surprised she has won this award. It’s well deserved.” Ramita Navai’s film was shown in the UK as part of Channel 4’s Unreported World. Nicole Young’s film remains unavailable outside the US.

City beat Cardiff in varsity epic

Photographs: Harald Haugan; Ed Frankl

Ed Frankl City came from behind to win the annual varsity match against Cardiff ’s journalism department, with a sensational 3-2 victory in the Welsh capital. In what has been called journalism’s El Clássico, the Londoners survived a late onslaught from Cardiff in gutsy fashion, returning to Northampton Square as winners for the first time since 2011. On a muddy and waterlogged pitch, both teams were mired in scrappy contests in midfield from the start, but Cardiff broke the deadlock after a scramble in front of the goalmouth. City struggled with sore legs after a five-hour journey from central London, but equalised after captain Nick Kostov sent a free kick flying into the box,

and fellow newspaper journalist Adam Withnall slotted in from close range. With growing confidence, City pushed forward. They quickly went ahead after broadcaster and defender James Francis curled in a stunner from 15 yards to the dismay of Cardiff ’s hapless goalkeeper. But Cardiff equalised with a graceful chip as they ventured forward just before half time. City had never trained together before and were playing against a Cardiff squad with 10 available substitutes to City’s two. But, soon after the interval, the City team — made up of broadcast, interactive, magazine and newspaper students — went ahead on the break as Kostov chipped a classy ball to Mick Le Mare, who rounded the keeper to score into an open goal.

For the final 20 minutes, Cardiff were on the ascendancy as they came forward time and time again, but could not infiltrate City’s rock-solid

defensive line. Cardiff hit the post twice and scored a last-gasp goal, only for it to be disallowed for offside, leaving City with a famous away victory.

The City University dream team, triumphant / 17


Times cycling campaigner rides to 2013 XCity Award victory • Winner Kaya Burgess campaigned on behalf of colleague in coma • The XCity Award recognises excellence within the field of journalism Isobel Finbow In November 2011, Kaya Burgess’s friend and colleague Mary Bowers was knocked off her bicycle on the way to work. Burgess arrived soon after the accident, the severity of which left Bowers in a coma. She is yet to wake up. “Everyone in the office wanted to do something to help,” Burgess recalled. He went to his boss, theneditor of The Times James Harding, and, together with the paper’s transport correspondent, launched a cycle safety campaign. “There are so many people in London who cycle, yet it’s madness on the roads,” he said.

Burgess, 27 (Newspaper, 2009), launched the campaign “Cities Fit For Cycling” in The Times in February last year. Since then, over 36,000 have pledged their support on the campaign’s website, and in March Boris Johnson announced a commitment of £1bn to make cycling safer in London. Old-fashioned campaigning using new media is the reason that Burgess has won the 2013 XCity Award and £500 prize. George Brock, Head of Journalism at City, said: “Kaya has been selected for the way he mobilised new and old media. His skill and tenacity in bringing life to the campaign has helped raise awareness of the issue.”

Burgess said he was “amazingly honoured and surprised” to have won. He added: “I owe a lot of my career to the fact that I did the City course, so I’m especially chuffed.” Liberal Democrat MP Julian Huppert, who worked with Burgess on the campaign said: “‘Cities Fit For Cycling’ has earned Kaya a reputation in Westminster as one of the best young journalists around.” The campaign has not been without its challenges. Initially, many Times readers were reluctant to accept the campaign. “Some readers’ comments online were a bit cynical,” said Burgess. “They’d say to us: ‘We bloody hate cyclists.’”

However, Burgess used his initiative in responding to readers’ comments, and won them over He highlighted, for example, that the NHS saves £4 for every £1 spent on cycle safety. Throughout the campaign Burgess kept Bowers in mind. “Mary is very on to social affairs reporting in the office. If this had happened to someone else it would have been Mary leading the campaign. I hope it’s something she’d be proud of.” Burgess would like the Award to increase awareness of the work. “I hope when people read about it they think: ‘I didn’t know they were doing that.’ It’s all a propaganda drive to get everyone on bikes!”

Burgess said he was “amazingly honoured” to win the 2013 XCity Award and hopes it will draw further attention to the campaign

18 /


Africa coverage commended • Anna Cavell’s work in sub-Saharan Africa is highly commended by XCity • Cavell left the stability of her career at the BBC to work as a freelancer Chloe Cann Post-graduation Cavell (TV CAJ, 2007) worked at the BBC on programmes such as BBC News 24 and BBC Newsnight. Realising that if she wanted to report from Africa she would have to create the opportunity for herself, Cavell moved to Uganda in June 2010 where she lived for the next two years. During her time in Uganda, Cavell produced

an investigation into Ugandan women being trafficked into domestic slavery in Iraq. The report resulted in the company implicated being taken to court. Nine months ago Cavell moved to South Sudan where she has been working as a freelance reporter for the BBC World Service and Al Jazeera English. Despite the worsening situation there she said that it was important to stay and report.

Fay Schlesinger

Cavell said she has been threatened with arrest in South Sudan

Emma Slater

Photogrpahs: Ben Gurr/The Times ; Katherine Rose/ The Observer

Times journalist Fay Schlesinger (Newspaper, 2008) was one half of the team that broke tax avoidance scheme K2. What began as research into a tax avoidance scheme involving one individual turned into a nationwide investigation, with thousands of people implicated, including a string of highprofile individuals. The story caused public outcry.

Jessica Omari

Slater (Investigative, 2009) began an investigation into supergrasses as her final project at City. She joined the Bureau of Investigative Journalism after graduating from City in 2009, where she continued her work on supergrasses. Her project formed the basis for a BBC Panorama special entitled Return of the Supergrass. Her other major investigations for the Bureau concerned drone strikes.

Tom Lamont Jessica Omari (TV CAJ, 2012) reported on the Syrian refugee camps in Jordan immediately after finishing her MA, and has become a well-respected reporter for her work on conflict. “The day after I finished my course at City, I got on a plane,” said Omari. Omari’s expertise means that she has been approached by charities and other journalists on how to cover stories like these.

A feature writer and commissioning editor at The Observer, Lamont, (Periodical, 2004) has worked at Time Out, Observer Sport Monthly, and The New Review. He has interviewed a wide range of celebrities as part of his work at The Observer, including comedian Harry Hill, actor Jessica Chastain, and musicians Rufus Wainwright and Paloma Faith. He also followed musicians Kasabian and The XX on tour. / 19


Whistleblowers’ testimony is vital to uncovering hidden corruption

Will whistleblowers be silenced? Proposed changes to the law threaten to unmask future whistleblowers. SARAH HOLMES asks how can journalists protect these vital sources


s one of seven employees who exposed the abuse of patients at a care home in south-east London, Eileen Chubb knows how important journalists are in helping whistleblowers promote the truth about corruption. “If it wasn’t for the coverage that Private Eye gave me, people who enjoyed bending patients’ fingers back for fun would still be doing it,” she says. “The media has saved lives.” After the abuse was exposed at the home, Isard House, Bupa lost its contract to provide care services there. The building has since become derelict. Chubb was fired. She now runs Compassion in Care, a charity aimed at helping people blow the

“We’ve had whistleblowers beaten for speaking out. Someone had a chair broken over their back”

whistle on abuse in care homes. Whistleblowers often seek the guarantee of anonymity, a protection that, until recently, the media had absolute power to grant. However, this February the Home Office opened consultations on proposed changes to the law, which would make it more simple for police to seize journalists’

20 /

confidential research materials. Gavin Macfadyen, director of the Centre for Investigative Journalism, argues that whistleblower testimony is vital to uncovering corruption. He says that journalists need to take a stand and defend their right to protect their sources, or risk losing some of their most valuable connections and contacts. To this end, in December 2012, Macfadyen oversaw the launch of Whistleblowers UK (WBUK), the first support network for insiders lifting the lid on corruption. WBUK provides pro bono legal advice and counselling for whistleblowers. It also campaigns for changes to the law to protect whistleblowers from employer retribution and abuse. “We’ve had whistleblowers beaten for speaking out against real crimes,” says Macfadyen. “Eileen Chubb, for example, had a chair broken over her back by a ward manager at Isard House. “The law is weak. It needs to be changed if whistleblowers are to feel able to speak out safely.” Under new laws, police will still have to get approval from a judge before seizing a journalist’s materials, but will no longer need to show that they first tried to get the information by another means. Equally, journalists will have to prove that whistleblower information was not obtained in breach of confidentiality agreements, and that the whistleblower

did not break laws in disclosing it. Shaun Lintern, a reporter for the Health Service Journal, has been investigating the Mid Staffordshire NHS scandal since 2008.

“Journalists and media organisations must be ready to defend their freedoms on this point” He believes that journalists should be prepared to go to prison before giving up their sources’ identity. “It is so important to the very nature of journalism that a source’s identity be protected,” he says. “Whistleblowers would be dissuaded from talking to journalists if they feared their identity was at risk of being revealed. “Journalists and media organisations must be ready to defend their freedoms on this point.” Chubb is appalled at the prospect that journalists could be made to reveal the identity of their sources. She fears that if the proposed changes go through, fewer whistleblowers will come forward. “The bottom line is that the truth will become censored,” she says. “Lives will be lost if whistleblowers don’t feel able to go to journalists and speak out.” X


Adapt and survive Serial entrepreneur and founder of Loaded magazine JAMES BROWN tells us that journalists must master new media techniques or face career ruin


compare the situation a lot of journalists are in right now to that of blacksmiths at the end of the 19th century. People aren’t going to be riding horses anymore. We’re in a time where you’ve got to adapt. All sorts of industries change and you’ve just got to make yourself commercially viable. You have to be able to stand on your own two feet and you’ve got to try and be able to work out ways for what you create to have commercial appeal. Entrepreneurial journalism is, in blunt terms, about making a living. The big companies that we’ve all been employed by are diminishing. Newspapers are no longer giving us the news. I was in the Guardian being James Brown: interviewed last week and it’s huge. Huge amounts of space, beautiful offices, and you know what? Someone out there is doing their job for them out of a tiny office. Whether it’s, or Vice, or us, there are loads of new news organisations that

Photographs: Mar tin Godwin; the Guardian

“Democratisation has made it easier to be published, but harder to stand out” are based on guerrilla positioning, not massive overheads and wages. Those bigger companies have to adapt, and not into different formats. They have to realistically look at what they do and how they create content before they can have a viable future. I don’t have a crystal ball for how publishing will change, but I do know that those days of just being a feature writer, or a columnist or a specialist writer in any one medium are long gone. You have to be able to

tweets, started following them, noticed they both wanted to be writers. I contacted them and got them to write for us and they’re both professional journalists now. I didn’t know anything about them other than that they made me laugh. I think you have to have more initiative these days because there are more journalists. It’s easier to be a journalist because the same thing that makes it easier to get published – the internet, blogs, YouTube – is open to everybody. These are exciting times if you’ve got the energy and hunger for it. One thing that got me a job at NME was picking up the phone. One day while I was freelancing at Sounds magazine, I was sitting in the office while all journalists are scrabbling around to make a living the other journalists were at lunch, or maybe they’d all gone to the pub early. create and present all of those in all sorts of The phone rang, I picked it up and it was a different formats now and there’s no reason why you can’t. Anybody can talk into a camera, really, and anybody can write. Writing is writing, it’s just different platforms. Now, you have to be able to be multimedia-facing, and I think that’s the key thing. If you think about the great BBC war reporters like John Simpson, they’re PR asking if anyone wanted to interview Joe Strummer. all perfectly good writers, but they write I told them that I’d do it, put the phone books, they write newspaper columns, they do down, walked to the editor and said: ‘I’ve just to camera; everybody’s got to be able to that. got us a Joe Strummer front cover.’ And that It is a genuinely challenging time because was just having the initiative to pick up the you have to work out how you’re going to bloody phone and being ambitious. I then make a living, or how you’re going to create a wrote six cover stories in six weeks. real business. To get anywhere in life you have to have a Democratisation has made it easier to be degree of initiative and luck. My definition of published, but harder to stand out. You need luck is when ambition meets opportunity. If to use initiative. I just made sure I was on you get the choice to do the work as opposed the right people’s radar. It’s got to be more to learning how to do the work, you’ve got than just sending an email. You’ve got to do to do the work every time. Initiative and different things. ambition is vital with journalism. X The best thing’s Twitter. I saw two women on Twitter who were writing really funny As told to THEA BABINGTON-STITT

“My definition of luck is when ambition meets oppor tunity” / 21


Amnesty InternAtIonAl And the medIA hAve worked together for more thAn 50 yeArs

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FOOD CRITICS “No more blow jobs. “She basically noshed me No off favours. in returnAnd for no a decent review” kneecappings”

Lifting the lid Fawning, freebies and food poisoning. Britain’s leading restaurant reviewers tell CHLOE CANN the secrets of the best job in the world Giles Coren

Photograph: Shutterstock/Colin Thomas

Restaurant critic and columnist. Has been writing for The Times for 20 years. Author of How To Eat Out “Other restaurant critics make a great show of objectivity, anonymity, sobriety and sense, and as a result are generally stone-cold boring. I, on the other hand, go out, eat, drink, make merry and then throw the whole damn thing at the page like a splat painting by old whatshisface who did splat paintings, (was it Jackson Pollock?)

so that you get a written representation of the whole experience: how drunk I got, which waitresses (or waiters) I fancied, who I went home with, etc. I just do not take the business of food writing terribly seriously. It is a great job and it is there to make my life more fun, which means a fully gonzo approach. It’s just a slice of my life. A messy, sticky slice of memoir with a score at the end randomly applied to an arbitrary plateful. The owner of a restaurant once threatened to break my legs. I had been saying I thought it was sick to charge such prices and that I wouldn’t go [to

his restaurant] on principle, and then he threatened my kneecaps through his PR agent. What was extra comical was that I had slept with her not long before, (she basically noshed me off in return for a decent review) and now she was passing on death threats with a straight face. It was all pretty down and dirty, the stuff of crappy chick fiction. But that was all a long time ago, before I adopted the good practice I pursue at The Times, and of course, before I was married. No blow jobs anymore. No favours. And no kneecappings.” / 25

MATTHEW FORT Former food and drink editor at the Guardian

“It’s the job that everyone else would like to have. Small wonder, then, that the turnover of restaurant critics in the national dailies is low. Once someone has got their knees under the table and their noses in the trough, not surprisingly, they’re extremely loath to give it up. They become someone of note among their friends and family; a source of patronage. I never knew how many friends I had until the magic words ‘expense account’ became associated with my name. Of course critics are recognised. How could it be otherwise? Restaurateurs aren’t fools. Well, not all of them, anyway. The photos, phone numbers, habitual booking names, companions, likes and dislikes are catalogued and distributed among the trade. Would it be possible to disguise the features of Giles Coren, AA Gill or Jay Rayner? Anyway, most critics adore being spotted. There is nothing quite like being fawned over in front of others to warm the inner ego. And then there’s the illusion of power. Of holding the fate of this eatery or

that in the palm of their word processor. Do they? Do they, buggery. In the final analysis, restaurants stand or fall on their own merits. I’ve lost count of the restaurants that I and other critics have praised to the skies, only for them to go into receivership shortly afterwards. In one memorable case the restaurant went into receivership before my review appeared. Equally numerous are the places given a right drubbing by the arbiters of restaurant taste, which are still doing a roaring trade years later. That is even more true now that we’ve entered the age of the blogger and social media frenzy. The conventional restaurant critic is being outflanked and displaced by their nimbler, frequently better informed, online rivals. Naturally, the conventional critics loathe bloggers and never miss a chance to put the boot into them (frequently with good reason; most blogs are appallingly badly written). However, the truth is that, like the terrestrial newspapers for which they write, these gastro-grandees are a threatened species.”

CHRISTINE HAYES Editor of olive magazine

RICHARD VINES Chief food critic at Bloomberg UK and Ireland chair of S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy “I’m often asked if restaurants know I’m coming. Most places have computer programs that will help them recognize critics. Restaurants also have cheat sheets, with photos of critics, their phone numbers and other details, such as the names in which they book. The first time, I was worried that I wasn’t even on it, but then I found that it was alphabetical. It’s quite rare that a critic sneaks under the radar, though the smart restaurant may pretend a critic is a regular customer. I’ve read critics saying


what a pain it is to be recognised: how tiresome to be shown to a special table, to have your food specially prepared and to enjoy the service of the manager or best waiter. What a horror. I don’t say that. I love great food and service. I want everyone to have it. If I spot other tables that don’t seem to be getting the same attention, I make a mental note of that, but it’s not a hardship I endure. Similarly, there’s an argument that being a restaurant critic is a tough job. I used to work for British Rail in Doncaster in 1973. My day started at 8:30am, finished at 5:12pm, and my starting salary was £1,080. That was a tough job. Eating lobster and drinking Montrachet isn’t all fun. I stress out the whole time I am in a restaurant. But as tough jobs go, I’ll take this one over anything else.”

“I learnt quickly that there are a lot of very knowledgeable people in the industry and it’s better to admit when you don’t know anything about a subject than blag it. I eat out three or four times a week, either for work or meeting friends. One thing I’ve learned is what to do if something goes wrong. If you explain what the problem is, rather than complain, a good restaurant will appreciate it and be pleased to have the opportunity to put it right. I recently had a meal where the food was lukewarm – it was replaced instantly, with such good manners that I’ve been back twice.”

GUY DIMOND Food and drink editor at Time Out “There are many genres of restaurant reviewing, and they are quite distinct. There’s no shortage of not-very-credible guidebooks with their strings pulled by advertisers and PRs, or drivel written on the basis of freebies and advertorials. Humorists and controversialists write for the weekend papers, while more credible

food experts write for the London press, such as The Evening Standard and Time Out. We ensure that our reviewers remain anonymous, as it has been our experience that recognised critics have a very different restaurant experience, which is no true reflection of what it is like for a normal paying customer. Recognised critics get favoured service, better tables with no table turning (i.e. two-hour slots) and even better dishes. This is no secret: it is standard practice in restaurants.

We like our critics to actually know a lot about the cuisine they are writing about (this is not true of all publications), but still write with a lightness of touch. Our process is simple: we book under a false name, we eat there, we pay, we describe the experience. We don’t meet PRs, go to launches, socialise with chefs or accept freebies. Our company pays the expenses. We usually visit once, sometimes twice, or three times.”

WILLIAM DREW Editor of Restaurant magazine


Photographs: Colin Thomas; Guardian; Rob Lawson; Steve Ryan

Restaurant columnist at The Financial Times. Author of The Ar t of The Restaurateur and Dinner for a Fiver

“The odd thing about restaurant reviewing in this country is that reviewers are expected to entertain more than inform. The likes of AA Gill can write extensive columns which might only have a passing mention of the eating experience. They will frequently eat at a new restaurant just once and then pass judgement. Critics in New York, for example, see this as madness: how can you judge a new restaurant on one just visit when it may still have teething problems? I find it nigh-on impossible to tell someone, face-to-face, that I’m not enjoying their food. I’m too British. However, on the one occasion that I got food poisoning from a top London restaurant, I informed them about my night-time travails. Tricks of the trade include calling dishes ‘really interesting’ when you don’t like them, and asking to see the chef (especially if you suspect they might not be there).”

“I have written a restaurant column for The Financial Times for the past 23 years. To hold on to this highly enviable position, I have to fulfil certain roles. I have to inform, as FT readers do not want to be disappointed when they go out. I have to entertain, as my column appears in The Weekend FT

and a great part of any restaurant’s charm is its ability to bring a smile to the face of its customers. I have to point out any malpractice and I have to appreciate that FT readers are paying me a great compliment by taking ten minutes out their busy weekend to read what I have written. It is important to remember that readers won’t go back to restaurants where they have had a bad time. So when I go, I try and take in everything that I learned from being a restaurateur myself in the eighties. How hospitable was the receptionist? How flattering was the lighting? How much effort has gone into the wine list? Has anyone thought about the tea or coffee they are serving? And why did I have to wait so long for my bill to arrive? The food and drink in any restaurant are crucially important. But the sense of warmth, welcome, and of caring is what the most inspired restaurateurs instill in their staff. Those are always the ingredients that I am most on the lookout for. And they are the ones that most make me want to return.” X / 25


Jumped ship or pushed, many journalists are looking to switch careers. Isobel Finbow and Sophie Hurcom talk to four who have taken the plunge


Sam Jary Viticulturist, France After graduating from City in 1998, Sam Jary, 39, started his career in journalism as an assistant producer at Reuters Financial Television before becoming news editor at The Sentinel and Sentinel Sunday in 1999. But he decided to take a break and, along with then-girlfriend (now wife), fellow journalist Eleanor Wilson, he left his job to travel. He got a taste for winemaking while working as a cellar hand in a winery in New Zealand. On their return to the UK in 2001, the couple moved to Cumbria and Jary took a job as a sub-editor at The Cumberland News and News & Star. In 2005, weary of pre-deadline pressure and death knocks, Jary left journalism to do a postgraduate diploma in Viticulture and Oenology at Lincoln University, New Zealand. “I enjoyed the physical work, arcane knowledge, complex decision-making and eccentric mix of people that winemaking attracts.”

after After graduating as a winemaker and viticulturist in 2005, he began growing and making wine in New Zealand and now in France with his wife. “It sounds naff but I enjoy the feeling that I’m making a product that is going to bring enjoyment to people, possibly for decades to come, rather than putting all that effort into some bad news story that would end up lining the cat litter tray a day later.” While having wine on tap might seem like many people’s fantasy, Jary insists that “tasting thirty barrels of red wine at 8am is not very pleasant”. When the sun is shining Jary says he wouldn’t swap places with anyone. He does, however, admit there are elements of his journalism days that he misses. “I miss the company of journalists, the black humour, the adrenalin and the post-adrenalin buzz. And, bizarrely, the cigarettes, although I gave them up years ago.” Jary likens being a journalist to being an alcoholic. “Once you are one, you’re one for life, even when you’re cured.”

DAVID GLEDHILL, BAG DESIGNER, BATH As editor of the Bath Chronicle, David Gledhill carried a stylish bag to work every day. Seven years ago, instead of laughing at his accessory choice, people started to ask where they could buy a similar bag, and a business was born. Gledhill registered, an online site selling bags for men. Despite starting the project as a hobby, Gledhill decided to “make a go of it” three years later, and left his job as editor. The company now specialises in everything from briefcases to backpacks to laptop cases. Gledhill spent 27 years working as a journalist. He started at The Spenborough

26 /

Guardian in Cleckheaton before moving to the Dewsbury Reporter, Bradford Telegraph and Argus, and the Evening Advertiser Swindon, and spent over ten years as editor of the Bath Chronicle. But plans to turn the daily Bath Chronicle into a weekly paper were the final straw for Gledhill. “I just couldn’t do it. I fought too hard to save the Chronicle to see it turned into a weekly.” What is different about Gledhill’s job today? “It can be very stressful, particularly if things aren’t going that well. But I am very flexible. I do what I want, when I want...within reason! I had the best of times in journalism, and I can

say that those were 27 fabulous years of my life. But now I can move on.”


LIFE journalism

Robert Ridley, Driving Instructor, Stockport


Photographs: courtsey of Sam Jary; David Gledhill; Ronit Knoble; Robert Ridley

A shortage of work was never a problem for Ronit Knoble. Having graduated from the Broadcast course at City University London in 1993, Knoble, 44, went straight into work on BBC radio. Knoble had imagination in abundance, and consistently produced strong ideas for shows. Her first job in television was a programme called Jewish Wedding, and after that, she didn’t stop. However, it was when the BBC made the decision to move to Salford that Knoble’s career took a new direction. The move coincided with her 40th birthday, for which her husband made her a surprise video of messages from friends and family. The video proved such a success that Knoble began making similar videos herself, at first taking commission from friends. She knew it was time for a change in career path. “I hated doing live direction or any live programming,” she says. “What I loved was the

researching and following up and the understanding of people. I was good at interviewing people, getting the full story.” Out of this love, Fantastic Films was born. It is a bespoke video service for celebrations, played out at parties and special events. The surprised recipient can see Knoble flying around the world, recording messages from people as diverse as Nelson Mandela, the stars of Strictly Come Dancing, or personalised greetings from the talking clock. The move allows Knoble the creativity and flexibility that she couldn’t find in journalism. “I’m an independent person, I don’t like having to fulfil anyone else’s brief. This means I can do what I want, when I want and take the jobs that I want. I often turn people down for jobs because I feel very passionate about the work that I do.”

Robert Ridley spent 32 years working as a journalist at regional newspapers. His career started in 1977 at the Stockport Advertiser and aged just 24 he became editor of the Oldham Advertiser. “I was keen on English when I was at school. I loved writing, meeting different people, finding a story and getting it in print. It seemed like a great way to make a living,” Ridley recalls. During his career, Ridley became editorial director of the Advertiser Group of newspapers and was a founding member of the Press Complaints Commission. In 1998 he started at the Manchester Evening News (MEN), where he became assistant editor. “I progressed quite rapidly through the ranks. I found myself moving up from one job to another. I had a great life as a journalist.” Yet by 2009, the newspaper was changing. More money was being spent on the website and jobs were being cut. It was then that Ridley decided to leave his role at MEN. Instead of choosing to work as a freelance reporter, Ridley re-trained as a driving instructor and opened Riddler Driving School. “I loved the thought of driving for a living,” he explains. Despite spending over three decades in journalism, Ridley hasn’t regretted his decision to leave. “The way it’s changed is not for me. I had a very good run and I enjoyed it but I don’t miss it at all now.” / 27



r e t t ma

“I just hate writing for no payment. I can’t even write a postcard to my mother”


Craig Brown sees the ridiculous in everything, from Ruper t Murdoch’s tweets to Gwyneth Paltrow’s carrot sticks. MATTHEW LAMBERT meets a man who, after 35 years, is still at the top of his game

Photography: Peter Anderson


iers Morgan irritates me,” says Craig Brown, leaning back and running a hand through his rebellious grey hair. “He thinks he’s such a hit and he’s not. And there’s something about his smug little mouth.” To most people, this mild annoyance is idle chatter. To satirist Craig Brown, 55, it is the spark that ignites his humour, the magic dust that still brings inspiration in this, the 35th year of his career. It is 5pm when I arrive at Brown’s Tottenham flat. The first thing I notice is his hair. It is wild and grey, in a constant state of disarray. In fact, it is uncannily similar to the hairdo of his dog, Pip, who rushes to the door to greet us, followed more sedately by his master. With his almost electrified hair, he looks like a mad professor, but with the lab coat swapped for blue and white striped flannel trousers and a thick, woollen fisherman’s jumper. It may be late afternoon, but there is a sense of ‘the morning after’ about both the writer and his flat. The kitchen is strewn with empty bottles of Prosecco; the remnants of a surprise birthday party thrown for his wife the night before. He sets about making tea. As I motion to put the tea bag into the already-overflowing bin, he laughs: “If you can fit anything in it.” He leaves the half-full bottle of milk on the table as we move through to the sitting room of his north London basement flat. Brown ushers me to the sofa, Birds of ignites the gas fire, moves his chair closer, and crosses his legs expectantly. Brown’s talent for parody first made an appearance at Eton, where he would mimic his teachers to the delight of fellow students. During our interview, a smile periodically creeps across his face, and I get a glimpse of the impish schoolboy who cut his schoolmasters down to size. That same sense of mischief and sending-up of high profile figures still drives his work today.

“I like to have a purpose to my parodies, and it’s usually someone who’s got on my nerves over the last fortnight.” When I ask for some examples, Piers Morgan is his immediate reply. “It’s his self-righteousness. Take the gun issue. Of course everyone is on his side about it, but it’s the way he preens himself about being on the right side.”

a feather: Brown with his dog Pip

After leaving school, Brown went to Bristol University to study drama, with a view to becoming a playwright. He dropped out in his second year, feeling that he wasn’t really learning anything new, and began freelancing to support himself. “I didn’t have my heart set on journalism. I drifted in. I think it would have been much more difficult if I’d wanted to get a full-time job at The Times. At least for the first few years, I

was thinking, ‘I’ll just do this for a bit.’” Brown, now 55, has since contributed to numerous newspapers, and has had regular columns in the Evening Standard, The Daily Telegraph and, currently, the Daily Mail. He has also written TV, book and restaurant reviews ‒ always laced with his inimitable comic touch ‒ for The Sunday Times, The Sunday Telegraph and the Mail on Sunday. He is most famous (or should that be infamous?) for his regular “Diary” in Private Eye, in which he adopts the character of a celebrity or politician. Journalism has undergone fundamental changes since the start of Brown’s long career. Before the arrival of computers and emails, he would often phone through his articles to a copytaker who would type up his prose. “If I was doing a funny article I’d want them to laugh. I’d deliver the punch line and they would just say, ‘Is there much more of this?’ It was always slightly dispiriting.” These archaic methods have been replaced, and now journalists can reach potentially massive readerships at the click of a button. Brown is sceptical about the impact of social media on his profession. “I don’t know whether Twitter is having an effect. I suppose sometimes a news story comes out of it, like with that stupid speaker’s wife Sally Bercow. That became a story when she was sued for libel.” Many comic writers have embraced Twitter. Sending out pithy one-liners and wry observations into the Twittersphere can be a valuable way to gauge public interest and test material. Will we be seeing a @Craig_ Brown account pop up in the near future? “No,” he says firmly. He adds, completely deadpan, “I just hate writing for no payment. I can’t even write a postcard to my mother. It pains me to give away something for nothing. Keith Waterhouse, who was a very funny columnist, said he wouldn’t even crack jokes to people. / 29


Brown in a reflective mood

He said it was just like pouring gold down a drain.” Although Brown is arguably the best parody writer in print media, it seems that the social media revolution has ushered in a new wave of satirists. Twitter is full of parody accounts, such as @Queen_UK and @TheTweetOfGod. “Oh yes, a lot of those are funny,” says Brown, who has obviously been researching the competition. “It was around the same time I was doing my Private Eye article about the speaker’s wife when there were fake Sally Bercow accounts and I thought, ‘Oh God, this is rather frightening, here are all these rivals doing equally good stuff.’” Despite his lukewarm attitude to Twitter, Brown’s current Private Eye article is inspired by the social media site. He is working on a parody of Rupert Murdoch’s tweets. “I simply don’t understand what one of the world’s most powerful men is doing sending these banal little tweets. He’ll say, ‘It’s snowing in New York. So much for global warming.’” The rise of online journalism has also brought writers closer to their audience. No longer must a disgruntled reader write a letter, only to have their words thrown into the wastepaper basket. Now, reader comments lurk beneath every online article. “I find it creepy,” Brown says, looking genuinely unnerved. “If I’m looking up an article I’ve written, it’s hard to resist having a little look down. And

30 /

you suddenly realise there’s this seething mass of lunatics and psychos.” While reading through some of Brown’s Daily Mail back catalogue, I came across an article about the death of Peter Pan character Captain Hook. It was a stylish parody of bland, fawning obituaries. Of course, I looked at the comments. It wasn’t pretty. “What was that about?”

“When I look at the comments under my online articles, I realise the internet is this seething mass of lunatics and psychos” asked one reader. “IS THIS WRITTEN IN POLISH? BECAUSE I DON’T UNDERSTAND ONE WORD OF IT!” screamed another. Did Brown see that particular article, I ask, tentatively? “I did. No one got it at all. The trouble is, you don’t know whether these people are representative. Say there are 10 comments and nine are negative, does that mean 90% of normal readers didn’t like it?” The advantages of online newspapers are not lost on Brown, however. “I now read more online than in print, because it’s handy. You have to go out to get the

papers, and I like staying in the house in my pyjamas until I finish work.” He mainly reads the Mail Online and Is he ever tempted by ‘the sidebar of shame’, the Mail Online’s infamous celebrity gossip roundup? “Not as much as your generation. I’ve got a bit fuddy duddy. I still don’t know who Kim Kardashian is. I wouldn’t even recognise her if she walked in now.” This does not mean that Brown avoids mainstream celebrities in his articles. One idea he has on the backburner is an article about Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website Goop. “She doesn’t realise how pampered she is. She says things like, ‘I love uncooked vegetables. And so I got my chef to prepare some for me.’” It is testament to Brown’s versatility that he can poke fun at Gwyneth while still producing literary parodies of classic authors. But if everyone from Jennifer Lawrence to D. H. Lawrence is ripe for parody, is no-one safe from the sting of Brown’s wit? He says that there is a level of boring which is difficult to parody. “I haven’t really got the hang of David Cameron. He’s not completely boring, but he’s sort of professional. He doesn’t anger me.” Is there anyone whom he would not parody out of respect? He looks quizzically at me, as if the concept is anathema to him. I suggest the Pope as an example. “I could do the Pope’s tweets, perhaps. I have nothing particularly against him, but I can imagine doing the Pope.”


“Editors have asked me to do a parody of the Queen a couple of times, but the minute they suggest it I think ‘Oh, that’s not funny.’ I have to be the discoverer of my own jokes.” So has Brown never been instructed what to write about by his editors? “At the beginning, at both at The Telegraph and the Mail, every three months I would get: ‘The editor wonders if you think such and such is funny?’ But I never did think it was, so they just gave up asking.” Brown says that he always aims to come up with an idea for an article the day before a deadline. If not, he browses the internet in the morning until something catches his eye. He then writes an article with frightening celerity: “I always submit by 1pm, and the rest of the day I just dawdle around.” Brown’s “hermetic” day-to-day life, as he describes it, is unlike that of most journalists. He works exclusively from home, with what seems to be a total lack of editorial control. So how does Brown see himself fitting into the profession of

Photogrpahs: Private Eye; Nick Car ter

“I’m like the crossword: only about 10% of readers like me” journalism? “I think I’m closest to the crossword: only about 10% of readers like me, but they buy the paper specifically for me. I’m not essential, and as newspapers dwindle, we comic writers might be the first to be kicked out.” Newspapers may be dwindling, but Brown’s writing ability clearly isn’t. The walls of his snug office are covered with accolades, including three 2012 Press Awards. Brown bagged an unprecedented hat trick of The Best of Humour Award, Best Columnist and Critic of the Year. (Since our interview he has defended two of these titles – Critic, and Best of Humour – at the 2013 awards.) Brown is blasé about the whole affair. “It doesn’t mean a huge amount to me. I suppose it means I’m slightly less likely to get the sack.” Beneath the triptych of Press Awards is Brown’s cluttered desk. His laptop is open, with a Word document on one side of the screen and Rupert Murdoch’s Twitter account on the other. “I’ve given up the proper computer. I just work off the mobile. I mean the laptop, sorry. That shows my age. I don’t even own a mobile phone.” On a shelf sits a novelty birthday card made up to look like the front cover of a

Craig Brown on... A.N. Wilson:

He is a friend of mine. His dog died and for two years running his Christmas card was a photo of its corpse. The first one said “RIP Percy”, and the second year it read “Lest we forget”.

Julie Burchill:

I really admire her. She is such a free spirit and her perversity isn’t contrived. I love the way she’s not a graduate, and she comes from a different angle on everything because her origins were different.

Liz Jones:

She’s kind of awful but completely distinctive. I’m not sure as an editor I would employ her, but I can see why they do. She writes an ar ticle about her dog dying, and 2,000 people go online to comment on it.

Tony Blair:

I was never really angered by him, like a lot of people were. Since he left office, though, I am irritated by him just because of the amount of money he makes.

Alan Bennett:

A long time ago, Private Eye wanted me to parody him, but I thought, “He’s such a marvellous person. What’s the point of parodying someone you respect and like?”

not the only idea on the horizon. “I have newspaper. The headline reads, “Satirist done parodies of [successful ITV drama] Paedo on the Loose”. Brown notices my Downton Abbey for the Mail. My family puzzled gaze, and takes it down with a and I have performed ‘Brownton Abbey’ chuckle. “My daughter made this for me,” occasionally at parties, and I thought, he says, bursting with pride. The rest of ‘Maybe I should do a play of this.’” the limited shelf space is stuffed with If he was in need of some playwriting books. There are several copies of One on tips, would Brown try and contact (by One, Brown’s 2011 book of stories of realséance perhaps?) the late Harold life encounters between famous figures over the last 150 years. Brown is considering further forays outside his comfort zone. As his own industry contracts, the shadow of the teenage Brown who went off to Bristol with designs on playwriting is re-emerging. In a recent appearance on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs, he mentioned that he had an idea for a play. Surprisingly, Brown is happy to discuss it and give an exclusive, of sorts, to XCity. “I started writing it and after two days I thought, ‘No, this is absolute rubbish.’ It was completely unfleshed out. It was set on a golf course, which I thought would be a good setting because you could have one hole and a floating cast, so the same people could play different characters.” The as-yet-untitled golf play is Brown’s acceptance speech at the Press Awards 2013 / 31

Pinter, so often a target for his parodies? “I wouldn’t ask him for advice! And if I did he would just shove the phone down on me.” There are people who react with good humour to being parodied by Brown. And then there was Pinter. “He was just an angry man, and anger is comical. It’s the same as Basil Fawlty.” At a party attended by both men, when asked by a nervous hostess whether he intended to punch Brown, Pinter replied: “I wouldn’t dirty my fists.”

“I passed Tim Rice coming out of the loo once, and he just said ‘bastard’. I thought that was quite neat of him”

Has anyone ever been less discerning about getting their hands soiled? “The good thing is that if you are avoiding someone they tend to be avoiding you too. I do remember coming out of the loo once, and Tim Rice ‒ who I had constantly gone for over a period of 30 years because he’s such a crappy lyricist ‒ was the next person in, and as we passed, he just said ‘bastard’. I thought that was quite neat of him.” There is a part of Brown which seems to revel in the sometimes extreme reactions his work provokes. At a recent literary festival, he read out a particularly scabrous parody of Sky News anchor Kay Burley’s debut novel First Ladies ‒ when Burley herself was in the audience. “My wife thought that it was a sadistic impulse to read it out in front of her,” Brown says, with the sheepish expression of a child who knows he’s been naughty but can’t quite bring himself to regret it. “In between reading out other things, I said to the audience, ‘Shall I do it?’ Eventually Kay stood up and said, ‘Go on, do it.’” Has he spoken to Burley since? “She was expected for dinner that night but she didn’t turn up. She might have had a more pressing engagement,” says Brown, with a mischievous twinkle in his voice. “I suppose if I were introduced to her, I would feel slight embarrassment.” The emphasis, one feels, is on the word “slight”. X Additional reporting: TERESA FITZHERBERT

32 /

Above: Brown on his daily walk through Russell Square Below: Craig Brown with his muckers at Private Eye


What’s black and white and red all over?

A journalist’s tax return SARAH HOLMES asks why journalists are so financially incompetent


rom the pulpits of their columns, financial journalists deliver their parables of monetary savvy, meting out expert know-how. But it seems journalists are far less eager to practice what they preach. Take a look in any newsroom, magazine office or studio and the tales of budgetary blunder abound. A veteran national newspaper reporter summed it up thus: “The great tragedy for many journalists is they don’t apply what they learn from the stories they are covering to their own lives. “The only journalists who ever make real money are the business ones who go on to head up some PR outfit in the City; the foreign ones who enjoyed those old bureau chief deals, where their kids’ education was paid for along with their overseas accommodation and every morsel they ate; and of course, the columnists.” Financial journalist Marianne Curphey (Periodical, 1989) knows how the pressure to make connections with the right people can encourage journalists to overspend.

Illustration: Ian Baker

“My housemate claimed for expenses when he left. They were enormous. The finance director looked ready to cry” “It’s easy to meet a contact in a restaurant that’s out of your price range and forget to claim it on expenses. Before you know it you’re overdrawn at the bank,” she says. “You can get sucked into it all. I’ve seen it happen to a lot of colleagues and they’ve gotten themselves into financial trouble.” Beverly Harzog, a financial journalist who writes for The Wall Street Journal in Georgia, USA, is just such a person. In her twenties she managed to rack up $20,000 of debt on seven different credit cards. As an accountancy graduate she feels she should have known better. “I had a head for numbers but was clueless when it came to my own financial affairs.”

Dwindling wages industry-wide mean journalists are more likely to be in the red. The editor of Which? Money magazine, James Daley (Newspaper, 2000) believes the problem is that journalists are too busy chasing the career carrot to make long term financial plans. Daley says: “You’re often brushing with the successful, rich and famous. Maybe journalists believe that they are on the road to somewhere bigger.” Some may bank on the success of their after-hours writing projects while others hope to land a top role at a national publication or station. Either way, Daley still thinks the journalists who do not pay into their company’s pension schemes need their heads examined. Jason Bennetto, who until 2007 was the pensions representative for staff at The Independent, recalls the unwillingness of journalists to join the company pension scheme. “It was madness. We had a scheme at the time in which all you had to do was sign a piece of paper and the company would pay several per cent of your salary annually into a pension. “You would think this was a no-brainer, but about a third of the staff didn’t join. It was as if they felt they were signing away their souls or selling themselves into slavery.” Another tendency of the spendthift hack is the failure to claim expenses. Claire Oldfield (Newspaper 1992), who until 2009 worked for Metro International, remembers when Fleet Street had its own dedicated accountant to help hapless journalists sort out their tax return forms. She laughs at the memory of journalists queuing around the corner,

some clutching entire carrier bags stuffed full of receipts. Michael Paterson (Newspaper 1992), who worked at The Daily Telegraph before moving into human resources in the City, says: “My housemate edited a national magazine for two years. He claimed for his expenses once - when he left. They were enormous. He said the finance director looked ready to cry.” Paterson also remembers a male colleague taking a £700 taxi ride to the Hay-on-Wye book festival in Wales from the Guardian’s London offices, on the office account.

So what does the future hold for heedless hacks? Daley is optimistic that even the most thriftless can change. “When you have a family is usually the point at which most things change.” But the veteran national news reporter has the final word. “Our friends may have envied us our interesting careers, but they pity us by age 50. They have their place in Umbria, their mortgages paid, their investment portfolios, their £100,000 a year. Meanwhile, we struggle just to remain gainfully employed.” X / 33



From the London Olympics to Hurricane Sandy, it’s been a year of extraordinary images. UNITY BLOTT and HANNA IBRAHEEM discover what happened moments before the photos were taken Baz Ratner in Afghanistan, April 2012 It was the third time I had been embedded in Afghanistan. The mission was to guard a road to a village known to have Taliban fighters hiding there. Heading back to base, we went to check a nearby hut. As we passed through the door, bullets started to hit the outside walls, one hitting 10 inches right above the head of one of the snipers. Sgt Nicholas Dickhut, one of the

34 /

first men to enter, was kneeling, pointing his weapon guarding the main doorway. I took a few pictures trying to show the light coming through the windows and Nicholas in action. I felt like there was a contrast between how calm the setting was and the shooting taking place. I was back in our office in Kabul when I heard Sgt Dickhut had been killed in action. I had only taken his picture a few days before.

Mark Blinch at the Men’s 200m final, London Olympics 2012 (top right) I was one of over 25 Reuters lenses pointed at the finish line. Everyone was given a picture to take. It was the race everyone thought Bolt might lose. His compatriot Yohan Blake was the dark horse of the race, and he almost pulled ahead in the final stretch. It’s a bit unnerving to think you wait your whole


Photography: Reuters/ Baz Ratner/ Mark Blinch/ Callie Shell for TIME

t h e s h u t t e r c l i ck s

day for 20 seconds of action. If you miss the picture, you don’t get a second chance. Usually you have a pretty good idea of who is going to win - but what happens if you’re pointed at the lane that loses? For the first five seconds I couldn’t tell. At 10 seconds Bolt finally started to pull ahead, which was a relief because if he was losing I would have had to make some mental adjustments of who to shoot crossing the finish line, and I would have very little time to do so. The picture I took of Bolt crossing the line was really a bit of a fluke.

Callie Shell with President Barack Obama on Air Force One (above) In this photograph, President Obama is on Air Force One, dealing with the budget and fiscal situation with the senior Congressional leaders. I first met Barack Obama in 2004. He has always been a kind, gracious and funny man. I find him to be the same today, but you can feel the weight of the responsibilities he faces now. I liked how comfortable and laid back he looked here. You never see him just hanging out talking frankly with the

‘leaders’. He is talking about what needs to be done to bring the Republicans and Democrats together to balance the US budget. He always seems surrounded by an atmosphere of ‘lets get to work’. I found this had not changed after his re-election. Actually, it had intensified in my opinion. There is no way to know what is in store the first time that you are elected, but the second time you know. There is no wedding or honeymoon. I wanted to show that it is just ‘get back to work’. Hopefully I pulled this off. / 35

Hurricane Sandy: “The coastline had to be documented from the air in order to capture the magnitude of what really happened”

Stephen Wilkes: Jersey shoreline after Hurricane Sandy, October 2012 (above) After Sandy passed, I felt the

mainstream media was only capturing details of the story. I knew the coastline had to be documented from the air in order to capture the scale of what really happened.

The first Sunday after the storm, I rented a helicopter. Flying along the coast was overwhelming. Nothing could prepare me for the sight of the Jet Star roller coaster rising out of the Jersey shoreline. I’ll never forget it, witnessing this landmark as a shattered remnant of civilization.

Bryan Derballa: Blackout in Manhattan (below) It must’ve been survival euphoria

mixed with the sudden halt of daily life, because I went on a first date with a girl the day after Sandy hit. After dinner, I convinced her to walk to the waterfront. I knew it was an unusual moment for a very

familiar skyline but I don’t bring tripods on dates. So I rested my camera on the railing of the pier and took some long exposures, hoping one would come out sharp. Seeing the city like that got me curious. I wanted to venture back to shoot more and experience the darkness first hand.

Kevin Frayer: Gang rape protests in India (above) I arrived at the demonstration after

being told that the situation was growing tense and violent. Tear gas had been fired so I put on my gas mask and helmet. I was having trouble seeing, but in the middle, I noticed this group of peaceful protesters.

The scene was fast-moving, but in the thick of it, I remember making the frames. It was chaotic; there was no need for subtlety. It was difficult to take the photo – bricks were flying, police were swinging sticks, water was spraying from cannons. I was soaked and couldn’t see well from my glasses. X

Photography: Stephen Wilkes for TIME / Kevin Frayer/ Bryan Derballa


They help 1,000s of people T H E N AT ION ’S FAVOURITE AUNTIES To many, agony aunts are relics from a bygone era. But as ESME ANDERSON and ISOBEL FINBOW discover, they still perform a vital national service


ear Virginia, I am dead. No one will believe me. I died on January 5 1987, and I’ve been trying to tell people that I’m dead, but they won’t hear it….” In her 35 years as a newspaper agony aunt, this is the only letter that has flummoxed Virginia Ironside. As something of a specialist in wretchedness, The Independent’s resident problem solver has seen everything from battered wives to dog haters to Freudian love triangles. Agony aunts have always been at the heart of successful newspapers and magazines. According to Tanith Carey’s book Never Kiss a Man in a Canoe: Words of Wisdom from the Golden Age of Agony Aunts, the idea for the first agony column was born in 1691, when a young publisher named John Dunton was having an affair and didn’t want to turn to any of his friends for advice. Sensing this was a wider issue than just his own, Dunton launched the Athenian Gazette, a publication to which the most troubled could write anonymously and have their dilemmas solved in print. But as circulations dwindle, with self-help advice and group forums just a Google away, are they relevant anymore? Ironside is adamant that they still offer a crucial service. “I feel like a rather good garage man. Come along with your car! I haven’t been stumped so far.” Ironside is perhaps not your stereotypical agony aunt: she confesses that she is frightening, extremely depressed and sometimes suicidal - not at all a maternal figure. “Being a depressive, I’m cheered by other people’s problems. It’s curious.” Ironside, who saw herself as “one of

38 /

nature’s helpers” from an early age after caring for her alcoholic mother, began her career in agony “aunting” at Woman magazine in 1980. She later graduated to the same role at The Sunday Mirror, where she worked with full ‘answering teams’

Agony aunt Virginia Ironside

to respond to 500 letters as week. And in spite of the vastly different readership between the women’s glossy, the tabloid and the broadsheet, the problems remain the same. “Of course The Independent’s readers are more literate. But literate people are dotty too. There’s a fair percentage of nutters who you get to know,” she says. This is the woman who every week tackles the nation’s (or rather, a broadsheet readership’s) dilemmas, and whose column continues to be one of the most-read sections of The Independent. The Independent’s circulation is limited (just over 78,000), so Ironside is able to respond to each letter that she receives individually. Furthermore, she is critical

of agony aunts who leave any unanswered. “Otherwise you’re a kind of misery vulture,” she says emphatically. “It’s absolutely making money out of people’s misery. It erases the whole point of being an agony aunt.” If the quality of letters received in a certain week doesn’t match up to the right level of interest, Ironside admits she occasionally writes, and answers, her own problems. But far from making a sham of the entire exercise, she has found that people are able to relate to her wellarticulated issues. “The funny thing is that whenever I do [write to myself ], I get letters saying: ‘This could have been me who wrote in! How did you know?’” Being short of problems is not something The Sun’s “Dear” Deidre Sanders has to worry about. Having worked on Britain’s most-read paper’s problem page since 1980, Deirdre receives up to 1,000 letters per week, and her page is the second most-popular section of the paper, after the sport. “It’s the mix of human life that makes the page so alive,” she says. “You might have a bloke who always wears frocks when he goes out shopping, next to a family whose Granny has died and it’s knocked them sideways. It’s that absolute jumble of life.” With an eight-strong full time team, six of whom are trained relationship and sex counsellors, Dear Deidre provides nothing less than a national free advice service. Her office in Sandy, Bedfordshire, is dedicated to problem solving. Shelves are stacked from floor to ceiling with leaflets, manuals and self-help books, with boxes of the latest contraceptives and sex


toys on top of neat filing cabinets. The team operates like a welloiled machine. “We’ve had years to prune it down and make it more efficient,” she pips. Ironside and Sanders are close friends, and both agree that their principal role continues to be as a provider of information. Sanders and her team take regular training, whether it is about new approaches to anorexia, or the latest thinking on cognitive behavioural therapy. She has The Sun’s Agony Aunt Dear Deidre with her team written 250 leaflets with titles no longer delivers sacks of letters; instead including the enormously popular “The email inboxes are fit to bursting. Since the female orgasm”, and “Kids in the middle”, growth of the internet, Sanders and her the latter of which deals with what happens when children become neglected as their parents gets divorced. She sends out relevant free leaflets to every person who writes in. The Dear Deidre team, and dozens of other agony aunts, undoubtedly provide a support system for large chunks of the nation. So popular is the team’s advice that charities have to be given advanced team “are certainly busier than ever”. The warning if they are mentioned by Dear biggest impact is that they now receive Deidre, so that they can hire extra staff to 25% more problems from men. “A man is deal with the influx of inquiries. Sanders a lot more likely to write an email than a argues: “It’s ridiculous, people asking me letter,” Sanders explains. for leaflets. This should be something To illustrate the point, one of Deidre’s being done by the Government. But then, team holds up a print-out of an email if the Government got involved it would from a male reader. One sheet of A4, it is bring in such rules and regulations that it full margin to margin with block text, not would become a financial nightmare.” a paragraph in sight. Part of the appeal of turning to an Email has also meant that their service agony aunt is that the writers’ anonymity has become global, and every week is protected. The fact that problems sent Sanders answers a worldwide problem. in are answered by someone as well known The agony aunt tag sticks worldwide, and and public as Sanders also makes for a Sun readers in India will email simply unique and attractive source of guidance. saying “Hello, Aunty”. Sanders also Readers also write in the knowledge operates a Facebook page, through which that they can disregard her advice if they she and her team answer and receive yet want to. “It’s empowering for them,” says more problems, and a texting service, Sanders. “They have the information, and which Saunders says “demands quite good can choose whether to act on it or not. discipline, having to answer people in 160 “Some people have a very strong characters”. This has opened the floor relationship with newspapers,” she adds. of problem solving to younger people as “It feels like a safe place to them.” well. They are much more likely to send a In the past two decades, the biggest text or an email than sit down and write a game changer for agony aunts has been paper letter. the advances in technology. The postman

Photographs: cour tesy of USE; Diedre Sanders; Lancton/ Fabulous magazine/N.I.Syndication Photogrpahy: Peter Anderson

“There’s a social responsibility to provide information in a superficial world”

Another person well aware of this technological shift is Lisa Clark, agony aunt at teenage girls’ magazine Mizz, who receives about 150 letters and emails per week. Before beginning her career as a feature writer, Clark worked as a youth worker and trained to be a teen life coach. As a qualified counsellor, she is equipped to tackle most of what adolescent life throws at her young readers. “Especially for teens, there’s still a real need to reach out to someone who isn’t their mum or their best friend at school.” The aunts find themselves in a position of great responsibility, and find that readers entrust them with their most painful secrets. “There is a responsibility, especially when we get letters from girls saying they’ve cut themselves, or that they want to look like a certain celebrity,” Clark explains. “You feel like you’re part of that world; that society that is creating the need for them to look and feel the same as each other. There’s a social responsibility on our part to provide information, in a world that is becoming increasingly superficial.” Of course, it’s not just agony aunts; there are uncles as well. Take ‘The Toxic Bachelor’, who writes for The Sun’s Fabulous magazine. Former FHM journalist Stuart Hood gives readers “advice rather than opinion” from a “man about town, who can’t be tamed by women, and can’t be tied down”. Most of the problems that he answers are sent in by women, / 39

Toxic Bachelor Stuart Hood

each week. Meet...

and Hood’s role as an agony uncle can seem rather harsh at times. Hood explains: “I feel like I’m breaking bad news a lot. I seem to end a lot of relationships. Whether they take my advice or not, I don’t know. A lot of them involve taking people back who’ve cheated on them. It’s never gentle. I’d probably say ‘Just pull yourself together’.” Basing his expertise on “being a man who lives like a man, and doesn’t sugar-coat anything” rather than direct relationship training or counselling, his role as an agony uncle is still important in that he provides answers to problems that people would feel embarrassed to ask their peers, or other family members, about. “People ask their ‘uncle’ because they don’t want to ask their parents, boyfriends, husbands or friends,” Hood explains. But with the rise of self-help forums and chat rooms (the parenting website now has over 1.3million members, for example) people are now turning to their peers for solace and advice, under the anonymous cover of internet usernames, often checking something on a forum even before they approach a doctor or a therapist. “Before it was just you, your miserable problem

and the agony aunt,” says Ironside. “Now it’s very democratic. It reflects how much things have changed.” And yet, despite their paper format, newspaper and magazine agony aunts are still eminently accessible. Not only that, but both are united in the fact that, first and foremost, they are journalists. The balance between providing advice, and entertaining reading, is a delicate one. “It has to be very readable,” says Sanders.

“We give the impor tant message that it’s not normal to have a perfect life” Although Sanders, Ironside and Clark are trained counsellors (the relationship charity Relate even used to run tailored courses for agony aunts), they all started out as journalists. And on the problem pages, there is even more pressure than usual to keep copy short and snappy. For Sanders it comes down to one thing: money. “I have to make it work for

The Sun. That page has to be compulsive reading. If you’re not the most-read page, you don’t get the budget.” Sanders and her team deftly manage the balance between information and entertainment. A case in point is the daily Photo Casebook. Appearing alongside Dear Deidre’s problem page, this shows readers’ problems played out by scantily clad models in realistic settings. “I was against it initially,” says Sanders. “I thought it was trivialising these problems. But it’s massively popular. And it has got across to readers, particularly men, who otherwise wouldn’t read about problems in print. They love it.” Sanders believes that the longevity of agony aunt pages is as much due to their accessibility as their ability to reassure. “Columns like mine give the important message that it is normal to not have a perfect life, for relationships to go wrong, and for people to ask for help.” On the other hand, Ironside’s explanation for aunts’ durability is rather less complimentary. “I think that the agony pages will live on because people want to feel that others are less fortunate than themselves. People have an endless fascination with other people’s misery.” X

A journalist’s problems page “Dear Toxic Bachelor, I reall y fancy this guy in the office. The problem is he dresses reall y badl y, his hands are always covered in ink, and his shirt is never tucked in. Whenever we have a date, he always has to suddenly run off some where to a secre t meeting, when we talk he always asks me for “the angle” and I think he may be a borderline alcoholic - whenever he has a spare minute he’s straight down the pub! Should I just give up, or do you think I can change him?

Yours truthfully, X” Dear X

is? guy like th el l-adjusted

change a w you want to ld u o w y h W uid , ob viousl y. e some liq I’m joking could leav azine on his u yo l, el W o? mag quesould you d py of Asos S o what sh eps’ leaflet and a co star t asking difficult d st soap, a ‘12 could grow a pair an u desk, or yo you real ly like me? ore do e: k li s s, you’re m n o ti miser ation p and seek m co en th give u s “no”, ates or say you should then congrat”, If he hesit than a conquest, so es “y s y too, he sa of a contact es else where. But if u fancy him How? yo it m d A . ch e. mmission ie Esquir column in k into Ern u have a co t subtle ulations, yo ut turning Harry Hac evening and sugges e o th then set ab cultural things in n morning. S imple. P la is work attire in the h changes to ’re naked… wil l if you e H ? en st W il l he li

“Dear Deidre,

talk e me? My mates barely W hy doesn’t any body lik me g lin tel h them stopping to me. It started out wit like a ful l blown shun. It’s it’s w no and s, d or their secret loi tab a to splash it across It’s the y’re scared I’m going in? aga me to k tal to get them something. How can I e. enc fid career *ahem* con really jeopardising my Yours truthfull y, X” Dear X, If your mates are losing the ir trust in you, ask yourself what you’ve don e to deserve it. Have you been a gossip? The biggest names in jou rnalism I know are actual ly brilliant at keepin g secrets bec ause the y are used to the idea of things being “on the record ” or “off the record ”. Always get that clear - wh ether talking to a contac t or a closed friend. If it’s “off the record ” don’t tell a soul. It wil l save a lot of crossed wires and heartache. All the best, Deidre


Piers Morgan vs the world / 59


Piers Morgan loves a good scrap, whether it’s with Alan Sugar on Twitter, or gun nuts on his American talk show. JONATHAN HOLMES and ED FRANKL are next on the fight card


iers Morgan is wearing a bathrobe. He’s speaking on the phone from his New York apartment, so we can’t see him, but it’s a mental image that will linger. It’s 11am on the East Coast. Later in the day he will record another episode of Piers Morgan Live, the flagship cable talk show he took over from the legendary Larry King. For now though, he’s lolling about in a white towelling robe. “It’s my Citizen Kane look,” he quips. It’s a perfect metaphor: a hardcore newspaperman swaddling himself in the fluffy and inoffensive. From the kitsch America’s Got Talent to the weepy Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, his television career has been guided by the mercenary populism he employed as a newspaper editor. Now, at the age of 48, he appears to have found the ideal mix of soft and serious with Piers Morgan Live on CNN. Is he now more presenter than journalist? “I consider myself a journalist. For the last 28 years I have been a journalist, and that is what I put on my passport.” But with guests ranging from Jimmy Carter to Charlie Sheen, and years as a judge on Simon Cowell’s talent shows, surely he has become more of a media personality? “That’s such a god-awful phrase,” he

“The skill base you need to judge dancing dogs is not dissimilar to that which you need to run a tabloid newspaper” exclaims with that trademark squeak of indignation. “It simply means you’re in the media and you’re a personality. Most people in the media have a personality, that’s why they’re in the media.” But not every journalist has judged singing grandmothers and dancing dogs. He insists that judging and journalism are not so different. “The skill base you need to judge dancing dogs, as you so Jan 1994 - Joins NotW, youngest editor of a national paper for 50 years

42 /

eloquently put it, is not dissimilar to that which you need to run a tabloid newspaper,” he explains. “You need to be quick-witted, you need to be pretty brutal, you need to be able to spot future trends and future talent, you need to be able to nurture it, promote it, market it.” Dancing dogs aside, we suggest (delicately) that he is not a serious journalist. He takes this as a compliment. “I wouldn’t want to be pigeonholed as a serious journalist. I can’t stand journalists who just seep pomposity.” Instead he admires the “agent provocateurs” who “don’t take themselves too seriously but can be very serious when they need to be”. He singles out the Guardian interviewer Simon Hattenstone and columnist Rod Liddle for their ability to change gears, and “wind people up in a very smart, intelligent and humorous way”. Liddle recently returned the favour, calling Morgan “the best interviewer in the world”. Morgan clearly considers himself one such agent provocateur. “I’m perfectly capable of doing a very light, frivolous interview,” he says, “and I’m perfectly capable of sitting down with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for an hour.” After years in light entertainment, Morgan appears to have decided to get serious. In the wake of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, he became an outspoken advocate of gun control. Morgan explains he has always been a campaigning journalist. “The reason I feel so passionately about it was when I was at the Daily Mirror, I ran a big campaign against handguns after Dunblane that was successful, and as a result there are very few shootings in Britain.” Morgan’s crusade against the American gun lobby has helped raise his profile in the States. The debut of Piers Morgan Live (previously Piers Morgan Tonight) in January 2011 gathered an impressive 2.1 million viewers, but his ratings soon slumped. By June 2012 he had CNN’s lowest prime time ratings for 21 years. But since taking his stand against gun ownership, he now vies for the network’s top-rated show. When he invited right-

wing shock-jock Alex Jones onto his show, clips of the shouty confrontation went viral. Later this year, he will publish Shooting Straight, a book about his role in the gun debate. The publisher’s blurb describes Morgan as a “modern-day Alexis de Tocqueville”, the 19th Century French political philosopher. Morgan has come a long way from writing To Dream a Dream: The Amazing Life of Phillip Schof ield. Is there not a danger that Yanks might resent a posh-boy Brit lecturing them on a very American problem? Morgan doesn’t think so. “Sometimes the best critics of a country’s problems can be people who don’t come from that country, but who love it and live in it,” he says. “They see, perhaps with a slightly fresher pair of eyes, what the inherent problems are.” However, some Americans don’t seem to appreciate his input. His outspoken comments and general bolshiness have made him a target for the pro-gun lobby and inspired more than 100,000 people to sign a petition demanding his deportation. The White House refused, but in many

April 1995 - Front page on Diana’s sister-in-law Victoria leaving detox clinic

Oct 1995 - Leaves Murdoch press to become Daily Mirror editor

Photographs: previous page, CNN; this page, CNN; The Cable Show

The many faces of Piers Morgan: interviews with Mitt Romney, the Dalai Lama, Ricky Gervais, Conan O’Brien and Alex Jones

ways Americans were simply adopting an old British tradition: hating Piers Morgan. At the same time as the gun nuts were trying to throw him out, a petition in the UK begged America to keep him. Morgan attracts more than his fair share of bitterness, although he claims it does not affect him. “I couldn’t give a damn! As you progress in your journalistic career you’ve got to have incredibly thick skin. I have the skin of a thousand rhinos, and none of it gets to me,” he says. “All I would really care about is being ignored.” Unsurprisingly, Morgan has found an ideal home with his fellow provocateurs on Twitter. He is a compulsive tweeter, with his wife Celia Walden complaining she has become a “twitter widow”. Recent feuds include Gary Lineker and Alan Sugar, with whom he bickers like an old married couple. He’s also willing to take on any passing ‘troll’, trading insults with glee. “I deliberately retweet the most abusive stuff, particularly if they have spelling mistakes.” Moreover, Twitter provides Morgan

with a captive audience. He brags about his popularity on the social network, pointing out that he “must be one of the top three or four people in Britain, and the second most followed journalist in the world”.

“I have more Twitter followers than almost every national British newspaper put together” Morgan has over three million Twitter followers. “More than almost every British national newspaper put together,” he boasts. “You can wield massively more influence now through that kind of following on Twitter than you can on any specific newspaper, which has dramatically smaller circulation figures.” Twitter lets Morgan be Morgan.

Indeed, it was instrumental in securing this interview. Going through his American publicist, XCity was initially offered a 15 minute slot on Skype. A week later, after we inquired whether he would stretch to a little more time, we were told the offer was off the table because he was now “busy with award season”. It looked as if we would not get our 15 minutes of fame. In a last gasp effort, we decided to cut out the middlemen and approach him through his favourite medium: Twitter. After careful observation of Morgan’s posts, we worked out when he was likely to be online. At the pre-arranged moment, every XCity staff member simultaneously posted an identical message imploring him to respect his agreement. It was a Twitter ambush. Morgan saw the tweets among the hundreds he receives every day, and immediately responded to one student, “OK, OK. I get the message from you and all the other students! You can have a 15 minute interview.” / 43


Clockwise from left: suave; make up; with Rebecca Brooks in 2005; editing the News of the World; laying down the law; Leveson

Morgan admits he was impressed. “You guys got me because you wore me down with that blitzkrieg of tweets which suddenly appeared in my timeline,” he says. “I thought it was very smart, and I said to my assistant, ‘They need to be rewarded, these ghastly people.’” Certainly, he is full of advice for the two young journalists interviewing him. When pushed on why his publicist asked to see our questions beforehand, he jokes that it was all an elaborate lesson in journalism. “You shouldn’t have responded! You miserably failed the first test in responding to an aggressive publicist.” We point out that we may have had our pride, but we wouldn’t have had the interview. At other points he comments on our technique, chirping in with, “You’re running out of steam, you’re going to have to get on with it.” He tells us to have “hunger in our eyes”, and to “work hard and play hard”. No matter the job, Morgan’s work ethic has always been beyond reproach. “People can mock me, they can ridicule parts of my career, but they can never say, ‘That guy doesn’t work incredibly hard.’” One gets the impression he enjoys being seen as a role-model. March 2004 – Punched by Jeremy Clarkson at The British Press Awards

44 /

Perhaps this is why Morgan gave such an awkward performance in front of the Leveson committee, where he appeared via videophone like a puffy Wizard of Oz. “Contrary to popular myth, I didn’t demand to do it remote from Los Angeles,” he explains. “My wife had just given birth to a baby. It had nothing to do with me being some primadonna.”

“I think you should wrap it up before your questions become utterly infantile”

Nevertheless, the spectacle had the air of a sullen teenager in front of the headmaster. Morgan’s boastfulness came back to haunt him when chunks of his memoir, The Insider, were read out for the committee. In one entry from 2001, he noted a “little trick” that meant “anyone can call your number and, if you don’t answer, tap in the standard four digit code to hear all your messages”. One suspects Morgan regrets sharing this particular grain of wisdom, but he claims he wouldn’t have rewritten any of the book. “I wouldn’t

regret stuff I put in my own book. I put it in there knowing on occasion that these were things I wished I hadn’t done, but they give a much more rounded picture of the kind of person you are.” But wasn’t it embarrassing having his own words thrown back at him? Apparently not. “I’m not perfect, I’ve got plenty of faults,” he says. “I’ve laid them bare along with all my biggest mistakes and biggest triumphs. I’m sure when people finished The Insider they said, ‘Well, at least he was honest, particularly about any shortcomings.’” Leveson was not so complimentary. In his report, he said Morgan’s evidence was “utterly unpersuasive” and that, when asked about the Daily Mirror, he “chose his words very carefully”. For his part, Morgan says he “enjoyed giving evidence” and “was happy to clear up a few myths that had built up about me”. Despite this, he believes the process was weighted against him. “They could have interviewed Hannibal Lecter and he would probably have got a fairer shake than I did.” Robert Jay QC is not alone in seeming to dislike Morgan. Yet it’s not clear why so many people detest him so much. He has unquestionably had a hugely successful

May 2004 - Sacked from The Mirror for printing faked photos of army torture

June 2006 - Judge on America’s Got Talent with David Hasselhoff

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career, with a cheeky interview style that can be great fun to watch. Few people irritate guests as well as Morgan. In conversation he tends to talk over you, and is quick with a sharp insult, but he is also funny and downright charming. A certain amount of professional resentment is understandable. He was the young, cherub-faced upstart, a public schoolboy who eschewed university for Harlow’s journalism course, and achieved his dream job of editing a newspaper at the age of 28. Plucked from The Sun’s Bizarre showbiz column, he helmed The News of the World for a year, before leaving for a nine year stint as editor of The Daily Mirror, where he was perhaps the most visible newspaper journalist in the country. He had a habit of blundering into controversy and humiliating come-downs, including a reprimand from Rupert Murdoch for a front-page on Princess Diana’s former sister-in-law leaving a rehab clinic, or his infamous “Achtung! Surrender” headline during Euro 96. But his sacking from The Mirror, for printing faked photos of British soldiers abusing Iraqis, banished him from the media elite. Yet, in a post-Leveson world, Morgan’s sins do not seem so unique. He may not

have been the best of a bad bunch, but neither was he the worst. Morgan is quick to defend the British press, saying he would “still back a pack of Fleet Street reporters against any reporters, anywhere in the world”. Indeed, he boasts to his CNN colleagues that Britain has the “supreme press, collectively, in the world”. His words have the nostalgic tone of a world left behind. That said, this chapter in Morgan’s life may not yet be over: about a week after our interview, several Mirror Group journalists were arrested in connection with allegations of phone hacking. Richard Wallace, Morgan’s successor as editor, was interviewed under caution. But that’s tomorrow’s problem. Tonight’s guest on Piers Morgan Live is Snoop Lion, formerly known as Snoop Dogg, formerly known as Snoop Doggy Dogg. The rapper has converted to Rastafarianism and now sings reggae. Morgan sincerely argues that this is of no less worth than his interviews with world leaders. “He has had a fascinating and varied career in the music business, from being a gangster rapper to somebody who espouses gun control.” It is the ideal story for Morgan- a serious approach to

Piers Morgan on... Jeremy Clarkson “Pot-bellied buffoon”

Alex Jones

“Utterly deluded ranting madman”

Ian Hislop “Who?”

Lord Justice Leveson “I have full respect for him and his inquiry”

a silly man, with some self-promotion to boot. Morgan has been better than his word, and given us twice the allotted time. But now he’s run out of patience, and signals it’s time to go. “I think you should wrap it up before your questions become utterly infantile, ” he groans, dressing us down in his dressing gown. Morgan may be fluffy, but he’s no soft touch. X Additional reporting: GEORGIE BRADLEY / 45


It’s the best news an editor could recieve: Will and Kate are having a baby. MATTHEW LAMBERT pays tribute to the journalists who have dedicated their lives to providing us with crucial details about him/her/them

Royal Baby in numbers


the odds of Nuts or Zoo being given exclusive rights to the first pictures of the royal baby.


the number of accounts on Twitter claiming to be the unborn royal baby. They can’t all be telling the truth...


the odds of the royal baby being born on the same day as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby. I don’t think the Mail Online would be able to take the traffic...


the number of people who had heard of South African ‘genetic counsellor’ Suretha Erasmus before she started producing bizarre images for newspapers of what the royal baby will look like.


the number of words written about the royal baby on the Mail Online. That is more words than there are in Shakespeare’s Macbeth.


the number of times per second the royal baby was tweeted about on the day it was announced.

ROYAL BABY TWEETS The Royal Baby @The_RoyalBaby Feel strange. Don’t know where I am or who I am. It’s dark, I’m naked and I seem to be in some kind of weird rubbery bubble. Am I Lady Gaga?

David Cameron @David_Cameron

Design: Dutch Holland

Royal Baby @ItsTheRoyalBaby

shit wait, the world ends in 3 weeks, and I’ve got 8 months left in my mothers womb, I’M A CELEBRITY GET ME OUT OF HERE

46 /

I’m delighted by the news that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting a baby. They will make wonderful parents.

Royal Baby @IAmRoyalBaby

You may be delighted about my conception @ David_Cameron but don’t think I haven’t read the #Leveson Inquiry.

Fergie 500-1

bookies’ odds on the baby’s first name

George 10-1

Tulisa 500-1

Diana 4-1

Elizabeth 5-1 Rafa 500-1

Royal Baby @KatesRoyalBaby

I have the hotness that is Pippa Middleton as an aunty, and the badassness that is Prince Harry as an uncle. Fuck yes. #royalbaby

Royal Baby @IAmRoyalBaby Why are there so many topless pictures of my mum on the internet? Is this normal?

The Royal Baby @The_RoyalBaby hair or chin yet. Hope that’s just a foetus thing and I’m not related to the Royal Family LOL

Stan 500-1

Kate 33-1 Victoria 7-1

Chardonnay 1000-1

When Kate Middleton was given a teddy by a member of the public, she appeared to let slip the gender of her baby. But what else could she have meant?

Oh, a teddy for my D...

...arling future son or daughter. I’m sure sh-, er, THEY’LL love it. ...ry cleaner straight away, because it’s touched your commoner hands. He’s wanted a bear since he saw that film Ted. ...og. His chew-toy is looking a bit tired. ...river, it can go in the back window of the car. / 47



Illustration: Hannah Thompson.

O T G N I M O C ” H “I’M C T I B , U O Y E P g n i RA c n e l i s e s u b a e n i l ? n s t o s i l Is a n r u o j e l a m fe

48 /


Based on comments and tweets received by interviewees


Violent and sexually explicit comments are deterring female journalists from speaking out online. HANNAH THOMPSON investigates

Photograph: Cour tesy of Mary Beard, Newnham College, Cambridge


f you knew there was a high chance you’d be threatened with rape next time you published anything, would it make you think twice before writing? What about being publicly labelled a bitch, or having your sex life scrutinised by complete strangers? This is the reality facing female journalists, writers, presenters and bloggers every day, via micro-blogging platforms such as Twitter, social networks such as Facebook, on forums, or simply in the ‘below-the-line’ comment boxes found under most online articles and blogs. It’s a problem when women ‘dare’ to write about sensitive, so-called ‘women’s issues’ like rape, but also if they stick to innocuous ones (like video games). Even though violent and sexist comments are hardly representative – one study of the comments published on the Guardian’s Comment Is Free section found that 20% of user feedback comes from 0.037% of users – it’s clear that fear of abuse threatens to stop female would-be journalists from writing in the first place. “Men get told they’re stupid, women get told they’re ugly,” says journalist Laurie Penny, well known for writing on gender issues. “Young women are being silenced. People accuse me of attention seeking. Well, duh, I’m a writer! I think I’d be fired if I didn’t attention seek!” Talking at a recent event on online abuse faced by women, organised by journalist networking group Women In Journalism, Penny added: “I get death threats and rape threats. Just recently I wrote a straightforward article, and the first comment was, ‘Maybe Sharia law should come to this country, and they could sew up your mouth as well as your c**t.’ This is stuff I get all the time. It’s about attacks on women in public space.” Many prominent editors agree that the abuse women face is significantly different to that directed at men. Helen Lewis, deputy editor of the New Statesman whose job includes moderating online comments, says, “My male colleagues get abuse, and they think that they know what it’s like. But it’s not the same type of abuse, it’s not directed at the same things, and it doesn’t tend to be at the same intensity.”

Mary Beard: “There were more f-words and c-words than I’ve seen for a long time”

In fact, it seems that any woman speaking about controversial issues in public – whether via a newspaper, magazine, or television programme – risks abuse. Cambridge professor and television presenter Mary Beard suffered an avalanche of abusive responses following a divisive statement made about immigration on BBC Question Time.

“Anticipating the abuse makes you second guess every word you write” The strongest comments didn’t address Beard’s views on immigrants. “Most of it was speculation on the size and shape of my vagina,” the Classics professor told XCity. “There were more f-words and c-words on a page than I’ve seen for a long time.” While Beard admits that men get threatening comments too, she said that “the abuse of women does seem to run on straight misogynist lines”. As co-founder of online women’s platform The Woman’s Room, Caroline Criado-Perez feels that sexist comments towards women are based around fear and a sense of injured privilege. “I have been

told that I deserve to be raped,” she says. “Some rape threats to women I know have appeared alongside their address details. The implication is that a woman’s place is not the public sphere.” But it’s not as simple as misogynistic men lashing out from behind an anonymous internet connection. Women who write about provocative issues often risk abuse from other women, too. “I know for a fact that many women are frightened of some of the scarier feminists on Twitter,” says Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett, columnist and co-founder of successful feminist blog The Vagenda. “I do think they put women off wanting to be in the public eye and sticking their heads above the parapet. That shuts down debate.” It is this shutting down of debate that marks the point at which abuse crosses over from the unpleasant to the genuinely harmful, because it risks stopping women from becoming journalists at all. “I know that several established female journalists have said that if they were young women now, they wouldn’t embark on a journalistic career precisely because of the internet,” says Criado-Perez. “From my own experience as a freelancer, I know that anticipating the abuse you will get makes you second-guess every word you write. Sometimes it makes you not want to say anything at all.” / 49


Mobile media specialist Helen Keegan agrees, and suggests that the problem may extend beyond journalism. “I feel very frightened for younger women coming into public life, whether it’s in business or journalism or industry.” she said, speaking at the same Women in Journalism event as Penny. “I want to see more women speak out without fearing any backlash.” And yet, social media expert and journalist Sue Llewellyn has said that women should “expect this kind of behaviour”. Also on the Women in Journalism social media panel, she said “If you’re going to choose some of the lightning rod topics, then you’re going to get people who don’t like it.” She advises women to choose their issues carefully, make a record of any abuse they receive, and simply ignore it. Helen Lewis, however, takes a different view. “It shouldn’t affect the topics you write about,” she says. “But I have felt, ‘Deep breath, do I really want to publish this article, am I ready…?’ Everyone says, ‘You can just switch it off, you know.’ But that’s borne of the fact that they’ve never had it happen to them.” But while everyone seems to agree that the abuse suffered by female writers is unmistakeable, it’s not certain what,

if anything, can be done. Many editors believe that new legislation is not the solution, and even journalists who have suffered incredible levels of abuse are loath to suggest putting people behind bars. Take the case of Liam Stacey. The 21-year-old student was sentenced to 56 days in jail, and became a national hate figure, after he mocked footballer Fabrice Muamba (who suffered a heart attack in the middle of a match) on Twitter in 2012. Although that specific case didn’t centre on sexism, it set a potentially significant precedent for offensive online comments.

“I‘m determined not to be bullied into silence” “You should treat internet ‘trolls’ exactly as you would somebody shouting to themselves on the train,” says Lewis. “You wouldn’t want to publicly shame them. [If someone is] stupid or drunk, and they tweet something they would be ashamed of the next day, but gets a criminal record, that’s an enormous price to pay.” There is a lack of consistency, she says, with some facing serious consequences for bad online behaviour, and others secure in

Laurie Penny: “People accuse me of attention-seeking. Well, duh, I’m a writer!”

50 /

the knowledge they’ll go unpunished. And yet, there are already guidelines designed to gauge which internet commenters are merely being “grossly offensive”, and which cross the line into “targeted harassment”. Director of Public Prosecutions Kier Starmer is adamant that prosecution should be set at “a high bar”. In fact, Richard White, owner of website Don’t Start Me Off !, which hosted the bulk of the abuse directed at Mary Beard, was not prosecuted. After Beard revealed White’s identity, however, he apologised and took his website down. So is taking away commentors’ anonymity the answer? People may be less likely to post offensive comments under their own name. Many editors believe that the solution lies in more effective online moderation and in encouraging people to give their real names. Eva Simpson, former news editor at The Times, which has a paywall, believes that the answer could be charging people to access online newspaper content. “People who are paying for it tend to want serious debates,” she says. “They don’t want to hide behind a false name.” Lewis agrees, “It is odd the way we see the internet. You wouldn’t expect a newspaper to publish a letter saying ‘Who is this stupid c**t? Why is she writing?’ Yet there’s this idea that online, people should be allowed to say whatever they want. “It can be incredibly demoralising for young writers,” admits Lewis. “Because you think that’s a real sample of opinion. But it’s important to remember that [abusers] have a problem with women, and they’re taking it out on you. People who think you’re great don’t bother to leave a comment!” Perhaps female journalists need not log off and hang up their laptops just yet. As Cosslett of The Vagenda points out, she’s had far more positive than negative reaction. “We’ve received hundreds of letters and emails that completely affirm what we do. Only a minority turn nasty.” On dealing with abuse, Mary Beard is clear. “I am determined not to be bullied into silence. Women have to have the nerve to say, calmly and firmly, ‘No. The size of my vagina has nothing whatsoever to do with this.’” X

Photograph: Cour tesy of Laurie Penny

A comment Laurie Penny received on “This is stuff I get all the time,” she says


BA in English MA in Jo u r n a li s m PhD in Making the Tea A new generation of well-qualified journalists is giving away its skills for free. ALICE HANCOCK explores the murky world of internships

Photograph and illustrations: Charlie Micklewright


lan TBH Plumptre, the Tatler office dog, was trotting back from his lunchtime walk when he met a grisly end in the revolving door of Condé Nast’s central London office. Thanks to Alan’s 2,500 followers on Twitter, news of the poor dog’s death spread fast, and with it the rumour that at the other end of his lead was - as former Tatler editor Jane Procter wrote in the Daily Mail - “some unfortunate intern”. Tatler has remained tight-lipped about both Alan’s demise and the identity of his handler, yet the sad incident has nonetheless reignited a longstanding internship debate. Is taking the office dog for its postprandial stroll suitable work for an intern at Tatler? More and more young people are finding themselves caught in a vicious cycle. They need work experience to get a job in the media but can’t afford to do numerous placements for free. Meanwhile, editors see the talented pool of willing interns as a useful way of boosting their workforce for little or no money. The result? A merry-go-round of internships, and treatment at some publications An internship at… Tatler that borders on the exploitative, as desperate “The whole week I worked at Tatler I was nameless. I was just called ‘workie’. They could not have been ruder ‘workies’ are treated little if they tried. I was sent out on regular errands to buy better than servants. cupcakes for the editor and never wrote anything. I One graduate had been called for an interview before being given the recently interned at a placement, and live in Guernsey, so I had to fly over. Only national IPC Media when I got there did the editor say: ‘You shouldn’t have paid for flights. I only wanted to see you for two minutes.’ magazine. She was “I was obviously good at collecting cupcakes though: asked if she would like they e-mailed me at the end asking me to come back for a cup of tea. “I said ‘yes’ another unpaid placement. I didn’t accept.”

Work Experience at…Haymarket


“They sat me in a dark corner of the office and gave me a list of 600 people to ring to see if they’d answered a questionnaire. No one ever spoke to me. I managed to ask for a couple of jobs from the news team, so I worked through the list when I wasn’t doing those. If I had tackled only the list it would have taken me five days. “Eventually someone from another publication took pity on me and picked up on my interest in photography. They offered to arrange for me to go on a photo shoot, but I was told I could only go if I got three quarters of the way through the list. It took so long that I never went on the shoot.” / 51

FEATURES Work Experience at…Trinity

Mirror Group

“I did work experience at a local paper, but wasn’t based inside the office. Instead, they sent me out to cover local events, with the promise of lots of bylines in the newspaper. One day, I covered a disabled rights protest at the town hall. After standing for hours in the pouring rain, listening to speeches and taking quotes from disgruntled protesters, things took an exciting turn; we stormed the cabinet meeting and confronted the councillors. “That night I sent in my photographs and filed my copy to the news team, but heard nothing back. That Friday, my photograph and story (word for word) made the front page but instead of my name, the chief reporter was credited. I received no explanation. There’s no point putting it in my portfolio now; my photo didn’t even get a byline.”

#TheDevilPaysNada campaigners target

because I thought it was just someone being kind,” she recalls. “But she took me over to the kitchen and said that if I wanted to do well in journalism, I should offer the whole office tea every hour on the hour. She then took me through everyone’s tea preferences.” Another, working at Condé Nast, was often sent out to change the staff parking permits. “The editor’s PA would summon me from across the office, and send me down to the underground car park to change the ticket on the editor’s car.” Such stories are not uncommon when it comes to Condé Nast. Although the publishing house pays £10 a day expenses and each magazine is only officially allowed two interns at a time, one journalist who interned at Vogue House last summer said that most of the publications appear to flout the rules. “They have unpaid interns as well as the ones on expenses. When I was there, An internship at…News


“Without the jobs done by interns, the magazines would grind to a halt. After working at News International for some time I was told I would have to leave, as all intern positions were now to be filled by school and university students. This meant they didn’t have to pay their expenses. I thought this was disgustingly unfair. After three years at university I had expected to have more opportunities, not fewer. “I have written to HMRC and my local MP about this, and heard nothing from the MP. I was told by HMRC that my only option was to launch a case against the places at which I have interned – which would basically blacklist me from ever getting a job.”

52 /

they had three or four interns just transcribing at any one time.” Even worse news for industry hopefuls: the fashion pack many major magazines now offer year-long placement schemes that pay in the region of £11,000 per year, despite the London Living Wage for an average 40-hour week working out at £16,446 per year. These internships, editors privately admit, have replaced junior reporter or ‘first step on the ladder’ jobs that previously cost magazines between £16,000 and £20,000 each year. But overworked and underpaid interns are starting to show signs of fighting back. In the last four months, high profile cases ‒ including a start-up politics blog, The Kernel, whose owner is facing a high court order of over £16,000 in unpaid wages ‒ have brought the young unemployed to national attention. In December 2012, a work experience placement at the New Statesman was auctioned off for £1,000, provoking outcry from media watchdogs and intern rights campaigners, while football site was investigated for using 30 unpaid interns to file match reports. In February 2013, internship activists used the popular hashtag #TheDevilPaysNada – a play on the title of the book (and film) The Devil Wears Prada, which satirises the work of fashion magazine editorial assistants ‒ to target the fashion industry for its abuse of intern labour at London Fashion Week. Subsequently, a bill on the issue was scheduled to be read in the House of Commons on 1 March.

In spite of this apparent backlash, there are few signs of improvement. The bill never made it to a hearing, and with a workforce of young people desperate for experience, hard-pressed companies see little point in changing their ways. Part of the problem is the lack of clarity around the difference between work experience and internships. Loraine Davies, director of the Periodicals Training Council, is concerned employers are not aware of this distinction. “Work experience should be a maximum of four weeks,” she says. “An intern is an employee on a fixed term contract.” But drawing up clear definitions has been far from simple. “We have to look at the tax laws to see what defines an

“Internships are a plague on our profession that has seeped in from American journalism”

‘employee’, and work back from there,” explains Davies, adding that some employers are breaking the law without realising, thereby risking heavy fines from the taxman. Perhaps as a result, some publications like the New Statesman have stopped running internships altogether and now only run two-week placements. Conscious that the publication can only pay travel expenses within London, deputy editor Helen Lewis explains the reasons behind the two-week limit. “You can sleep on someone’s sofa for two weeks,” she says, “but six weeks is pushing it.” But that still means finding a sofa in the capital. Libby Page comes from a small town outside of London, but did

Work Experience at…

a consumer fashion magazine

“My internship was for two months, and I worked long hours and weekends. During London Fashion Week and photo shoots we were expected to work from 7am11pm. Even when I got home there were still things to write up. “I spent a lot of time going around London collecting designers’ clothes, which was exhausting and all I was paid was my tube fare. It was hard work, but that’s what you have to do to get into the industry. I loved every second of it. Many of the places that offer these internships can’t afford to pay people, so cutting down on unpaid internships cuts down on the amount of experience there is to gain.”

The hirers and the firers XCity asked some industry insiders what they really think about interns

An internship in…fashion

“We have quite a formal work placement scheme because we got fed up with students sitting in the back reading newspapers and playing on the internet. The whole point of work experience is to find out what a real job is like.”

retail communication

Photograph: Gus Baker/Intern Aware

“My job was to ensure that all the clothes had pictures on the website. For the first couple of weeks I was just assisting, but then the content manager went on leave and I was asked to fill in until her replacement arrived a month later. I was responsible for sending images worldwide, and working to tight deadlines. “It was confusing for someone who had no experience in the role. I was doing a full-time, necessary job, but not getting paid for it. The head of my department didn’t even know my name. I gave it three weeks and then left. I later discovered that they were getting a paid temp in to replace me.” seven London-based internships before getting her current job at campaign group Intern Aware. She had to rely on “friends of friends of friends” and their limited hospitality. “I funded it with my student loan,” she says. “It’s ironic, the amount of money I’ve spent on working for free.” For many aspiring young journalists on work experience or an internship, the kudos of getting through the door of a company is enough to blind them to their rights. Girish Gupta, now a freelance correspondent working in Venezuela, was initially happy to be offered a placement at The Independent, until he realized that he was providing skilled labour for free. “I was producing page leads for the paper; heading out to events primarily because I was bored sat at a desk, and yet I wasn’t getting anything back except for the occasional byline. Initially it’s great exposure, but there comes a point where

bylines alone aren’t enough.” Gupta compares his experience at The Independent to time spent at Reuters. “The Reuters editors took a keen interest in me,” he says. “They also paid good expenses. I can see a clear correlation between those traits and the quality of their journalism.” If this intern culture is to become sustainable, a change of attitude is needed on both sides. Loraine Davies says that graduates must stop pricing themselves out of the market by working so much for free. “It doesn’t make sense to invest in education and then throw all those skills away for free,” she says. “It’s dangerous that there are graduates out there who don’t value their skills and abilities enough.” But few interns are comfortable asserting themselves to such a degree. One graduate, who quit her placement on a national glossy after spending long days on the floor of the fashion cupboard sorting clothes, said she wanted to remain anonymous when talking to XCity. “I still work in the industry so I’m afraid to mention my name.” With any luck, this fear will not be long-lived and employers and interns will begin to form a sustainable relationship ‒ then perhaps Alan the Tatler dog will not have died in vain. X

Vicky Breakwell, group head of news, Orion Media

“Internships are a plague on our profession that has seeped in from American journalism.”

Martin Bright, political editor of The Jewish Chronicle

“My fairly brutal message is this: don’t underestimate the amount of work interns create for a publication. Some people think you should pay anyone who comes through the door. The distinction needs to be maintained. Work experience should not be a replacement for a paid job.” Helen Lewis, deputy editor of the New Statesman

“On work experience, be aware of what is going on around you and offer to help. All the time. The worst sort of work experience person is one who shows no initiative and just waits to be given the next thing to do.” Diane Kenwood, editor of Woman’s Weekly

“I did a work placement at The Financial Times and got bylines in the paper. Sometimes if people aren’t given enough responsibility, they are left in a corner, which is dispiriting and doesn’t really help you. It just depends on where you go.” Ken Ferris, Reuters sports correspondent

“I had a good time as an intern. I was happy to be exploited if it meant getting bylines.”

Ian Birrell, former deputy editor of The Independent / 53

THE BEAUTIFUL Gabby Logan has spent her career proving she’s more than just a pretty face. But, as she tells Ellie Austin, she wouldn’t be where she is now without her feminine charms


Photograph: Bill Waters

ho is Gabby Logan? Is she the glossy-haired presenter grinning on the studio couch during the London Olympics? Or the windswept sports reporter wrapped in a hat and scarf on the touchline at the Six Nations? Or perhaps the sequin-clad Strictly Come Dancing competitor? Whichever image comes to mind, there is no avoiding the fact that, for many of us, Logan is as much defined by her appearance as she is by her ability as a journalist. Despite this, along with Clare Balding and Sue Barker, the 39-year-old is one of the country’s most ubiquitous female sports reporters. During her 18-year career she has reported on the world’s biggest sporting events for Sky Sports, ITV and the BBC. This summer, Logan was a stalwart of the BBC’s London 2012 coverage, hosting the nightly round-up show from the Olympic stadium. With such a formidable list of broadcasting achievements, does she ever tire of being defined by her looks? “I grew up with a really glamorous mum,” she says as we chat at her London office. “So it would be unnatural for me to say ‘must look dowdier’. But you don’t want to distract people from the sport,” she says, running a hand through her sleek, blonde hair.

Talking of distracting from the sport, only last week the Daily Mail dedicated an entire article to the grey bobble hat Logan wore to present the Six Nations clash between France and Wales. By the following day, @gabbylogans_hat had a Twitter account. “The BBC were up in arms about it and told me I couldn’t wear it again. But it was zero degrees and I had a cold and it’s a hat,” she says indignantly. This was not the first time Logan’s wardrobe choices have caused controversy. “A male boss at the BBC once told me that I was too glamorous and pointed to my highheeled boots. I said, ‘I’ve just come from a radio show, it’s what I wear.’” She gestures emphatically to her feet. Sure enough, she’s wearing black, heeled boots. “He said, ‘you don’t wear them when you do the dishes do you?’ Does he want me to look like I’m doing the dishes?” she scoffs. “I’m not here to look like a housewife. If you’re at home in your pyjamas you want to see something a bit more aspirational on TV. It’s right that people on prime time look after their appearance.” It is a rainy Tuesday afternoon in Chiswick, south west London, and we are sitting in a very plush, riverside PR office. Logan has recently moved to Buckinghamshire with her husband, former


“If I’d gone off and slept with the star player, people would have said, ‘See, that’s what happens when girls repor t on spor t’”

Scottish rugby union international Kenny Logan, and their seven-year-old twins. She now uses the office as her London base, and it’s easy to see why. With its high windows and state of the art sound system, it’s almost as polished as Logan herself. Her lithe frame dressed in a red and white jumper and grey skinny jeans, Logan has the youthful glow of a woman 10 years her junior. It was thanks to her good looks, and specifically her long legs, that Logan got her first big break. Six months into her first job at Metro Radio in Newcastle the boss sent her to do interviews at St James’ Park, Newcastle United’s home ground. “I didn’t understand why I was asked because there was this bloke who was about 65 or 70 who always did them,” she says. “Then the boss said that maybe if I wore one of my shorter skirts and stood on the touchline the players might notice that we wanted an interview. I used to wear quite short skirts and they’d say, ‘Oh here comes the girl with the belt on.’” She grins, and holds up her hands in mock defence. “I must say though, I was always wearing opaque tights!” As an attractive young woman commentating on the testosteronecharged world of football, Logan initially had to work hard to be taken seriously. “I had good bosses at Sky who set me straight on sport. They said, ‘It’s much more important for you than it is for a bloke that your audience know that you understand your subject matter and aren’t just doing it on a whim. Get people to believe in you.’” And that is exactly what she did. “If I’d just gone off and slept with the star player they would’ve said, ‘See, that’s what happens when girls report on sport’. But because I wasn’t interested in dating David Ginola, they were OK about it and

gave me more responsibility.” In 2003, Logan embraced her status as a sex symbol with a raunchy photo shoot for GQ. She is quick to add that by today’s standards the pictures are tame, and that despite the photographer’s best attempts she “didn’t get anything out”. However, the shoot undermined the wholesome, career-girl image that she had worked so hard to establish. “I remember the woman at GQ said they’d never had so many phone calls about a shoot before because people were so shocked that I’d done it. A lot of my peers were doing those things, and I was 29 and it was vanity,” she admits. With hindsight, she acknowledges that it could’ve spelled the end of her career as a credible broadcaster.

“On Sky Spor ts News, the girls are basically wearing a leotard whilst the bloke’s wearing a wool suit and tie”

“It was probably not the best thing to do,” she says, rolling her eyes at her younger self. “I’m just glad it didn’t turn into something. I preserved my head and realised how committed I was to sport.” One of four children, Logan was born in Leeds and was an international gymnast until sciatica forced her to retire aged 17. Her father, Terry Yorath, played for and managed the Welsh football team, meaning that much of Logan’s childhood was spent following him around the country watching matches. In 1992, her younger brother Daniel died suddenly of an undiagnosed heart Logan’s bobble hat has its own Twitter account problem. Soon after, Logan left home to study Law at Durham University where she became deputy president of her college. She describes herself as a “perfect” student. However, after graduation, she rebelled. “Suddenly I wanted to go out with a hundred men even though I had a boyfriend. I was self-centred for a while.” Unsure about what she wanted to do, Logan decided to spend a year attempting a career in broadcasting before falling back on her degree. Needless to say, her law textbooks remain untouched. After a stint on the Metro Radio

58 /

breakfast show she was scouted by Sky Sports and was soon on her way to becoming Britain’s first female superstar sports journalist. The London Olympics were an excellent showcase for established women broadcasters like Balding, Barker, Hazel Irvine and Logan herself. But why is there such a lack of younger women breaking through? “It’s rare to see a 22-year-old doing what we do because you need experience to do three hours of live television with no script,” says Logan. “It takes time to make it look effortless. Also, there aren’t many opportunities across the five major channels.” There is, however, one place where you don’t have to look hard to find female presenters. An ex-Sky Sports girl herself, Logan is scathing of the way the channel uses beautiful, buxom women such as Charlotte Jackson and Hayley McQueen as window dressing. “The girls are basically wearing a leotard whilst the bloke’s wearing a wool suit and a tie.” For a moment the beaming TV smile is dropped and I catch a glimpse of Logan the aspiring lawyer, speaking firmly and gesticulating across the table. “It’s fine if they’re given a career path, but there have never been any breakthrough women on

Photographs: Getty Images; the Guardian

“Roy, it’s time to switch to two up front”: Logan even has the ear of England manager Hodgson

Sky. We had to go to other places.” Why is it then that she and Balding, our new national treasure, have enjoyed such enduring success in a field dominated by boisterous male sports desks? Logan’s answer is immediate. “The link is that sport wasn’t something we added on as a badge when we got to 21,” she says. “We both grew up with it. It was in our blood and in our bones from very early on. If you grow up in that environment, you can’t really extricate yourself from it.” As a young Sky Sports presenter Logan was told that if she wasn’t presenting football by the time she was 27, she never would be. These days, she is adamant that ageing doesn’t bother her. Coming from a woman so perfectly preened, it’s not entirely convincing. It is, she says, “the best time to be getting old,” thanks to the ageist debate surrounding female broadcasters such as Miriam O’Reilly who, in 2009, successfully sued the BBC for age discrimination when she was dropped from BBC One’s Countryfile. “Bruce Forsyth presents Strictly Come Dancing aged 85. Having made this late entry into entertainment television I might try and flip this on its head a bit,”

she laughs. “We’ll know we’ve come a long way when an 80-year-old woman is presenting next to a 40-year-old man.” The “late entry” in question is her new role co-presenting ITV’s Saturday night celebrity diving contest, Splash!, alongside

“I got home from filming Splash! and Kenny looked like he was about to give me my P45. ‘Oh God,’ he said, ‘people hate it’” Vernon Kay. When the first episode aired in January of this year it was universally panned by the critics, who called it “an all time low” and “the most embarrassing thing on TV”. I expect Logan to jump to the defence of her new project, but she is remarkably

matter of fact. “I knew straight away the show was a technical disaster. I got home and Kenny had watched it with Twitter open. He looked like he was about to hand me my P45. ‘Oh my God,’ he said. ‘People hate it.’ I told him to calm down, but when I went to bed that night, there was a little part of me thinking, ‘If it really bombs,’” – presumably there is no pun intended – “‘I’ll just have to put it down to experience.’” “The morning after the first show my daughter came in and said, ‘Mum. I. Love. Splash!.’ And I thought, ‘That’s interesting, because if she’s like every other sevenyear-old in the country we’ve got a winner.’ They control the 7pm viewing on a Saturday night.” And sure enough, in terms of viewing figures at least, they did have a winner. The show pulled in over five million viewers for the rest of the series and will return as kitsch as ever in 2014. With her move into entertainment television firmly established, you get the feeling that Logan will be on our screens in all her glossy-haired glory for some time to come. Could she be the first female Brucie, still ruling prime time in her eighties? I wouldn’t put it past her. X / 57


Two s i d es to ever y On 12 November 2012, violence exploded again in the war-torn region between Gaza and Israel. GEORGIE BRADLEY talks to the journalists who repor ted on the eight-day conflict - from both sides of the border Ben Hartman, a reporter at the Jerusalem Post, covered events from the technologically sophisticated Israel...

Hartman files his copy from a stairwell

58 /

out to look and there would be a bizarre carnival atmosphere. It’s hard to believe, but people would talk to me even if someone’s roof had been blown off. Without fail, they would respond and talk. You had to be delicate with some people and be almost apologetic for what happened while trying to get information from them. One lady offered me food and cigarettes right after an attack. It was surreal. In that moment you drop your journalist persona and become a human being.

people assume I can’t be trusted to be an impartial source. This conflict was intimidating, but not nearly as dangerous as being in Gaza.” X

“There was blood everywhere. It smelt like death”

On the streets you got a real sense of how terrifying it was. A siren could go off at any moment. When it did you’d see people run for shelter, but people were sometimes stuck out on the streets. I’ve been in a position where I was on an unfamiliar street and had 15 seconds to find cover before a rocket landed. There were times when safety came at the expense of a good story. I never went to the Eshkol region where the towns on the border are. I heard there were mortar shells coming at you every second with no alarm and no shelter, as they’re farming communities. Some journalists would go before sunrise to beat the road blocks set up by the army. I don’t underestimate how dangerous it was in Gaza and how moving the stories were, but I was just there to present what I saw and what people said on my side. The media coverage of this conflict has always been dogged by allegations of bias. I am an Israeli citizen, so I always feel that

Photographs: Marc Israel Sellem; BBC Arabic


started out every day with a 45-minute drive to the southern communities of Israel with a cameraman from Tel Aviv. Once we were in and around the cities of Ashkelon, Estolot and Be’er Sheva, I relied on press pagers given out by the Israeli police to source my stories. Whenever a rocket strike hit a house or a building, these surgeon-like pagers would go off from different police districts. Say we were in Ashkelon and we got the message that there was a house hit in Estolot, we would call up the spokesperson from that district and they would give us the address of the house. The pager would be going off all day. On top of that, the Israeli Defence Forces created a smartphone app called ‘Tzeva Adom’ which means red in Hebrew. Every time there was a rocket siren it would send me a text. I checked my phone every two to three minutes to see where the rocket sirens were coming from and then we’d drive in that direction. Once we got to a missile hit-area, the scene was chaotic: there was blood everywhere and it smelt bad, like death. There was a strange feeling because the press, police and neighbours would come


st or y israel and gaza ...while BBC correspondent Shahdi Al Khashif recalls the demands of filming from deprived Gaza


here was more bloodshed here than in Israel. Across the eight days the total body count was five Israelis and 161 Palestinians. It was easier for the reporters to humanise the suffering in Gaza because they had access. Still, around 70% of foreign journalists reported from their hotels because of safety fears. There was no guarantee. Gaza is small, so nowhere is out of reach. I had the telephone numbers of ambulance drivers, doctors and security sources to help me get the storieseverybody knew each other. I was based up on the roof at the BBC bureau in Gaza City. When I saw smoke, I could tell where it was coming from. It’s easy for me to navigate because I know the geography I’ve been in Gaza since 1995. During most of the eight days, there was no electricity in

Al Khashif reports from a roof on a nearby air strike

the Strip. The bureau became my home because it has a generator. We had blankets and everything we needed because there was no guarentee that we could get out quickly. I spent five days inside the bureau. Not even the cameraman left the building because the bombing was so heavy during the night. In these circumstances your colleagues become your family, even if you don’t cross paths professionally. Reuters reporters shared our sleeping space in the bureau. The professional barriers were down. On the ground it was anarchy. Unlike in Israel, there are no shelters in Gaza. People were running in the streets, looking for cover and for relatives under rubble.

The only time people did normal things was in the early hours of the day when they went to the fruit and vegetable markets. The markets were open for three hours a day for people to stock up on already scarce supplies. Everybody has questions. Because people know I am a reporter they come up to me on the streets looking for answers. I get asked, ‘What will happen now?’ Children in the streets follow me and tug at my trousers and ask. Nobody believes that I don’t have that information.

“A missile killed three generations of one family” During the conflict we got our information by radio. It was the best way because electricity was unreliable and radios need little power. I would see people huddled around radios on street corners, listening and waiting to hear if there was a place for evacuation, and not just to follow who had been killed. There was one terrible story to cover involving the Al Dalu family. A missile had killed three generations. It was not easy seeing the children being brought up from underneath the ground. In that moment I was silent. I had to ask myself why I was there. But I had to get the story. It was part of the continual horror. Peace in Gaza is a far-fetched dream. The people know the truce is fragile. But when the ceasefire was announced people still went out and danced until morning. They felt there was a balance in this war compared to the last one, because people were killed in Israel too.” X / 59


The editor of talks exclusively to XCity about drugs, democracy and why The Telegraph’s not Tory. Interview by ELLIE AUSTIN

Tony Gallagher CV LIFE


Born: London, 2 November 1963 Marital Status: married with three children Interests: travel, reading, West Ham United FC, Moroccan food EDUCATION 1975 – 1982: Finchley Catholic High School, London 1982 – 1985: Bristol University, BA English 1985 – 1986: City University London, postgraduate diploma in Newspaper Journalism

Photograph: Getty


The Daily Telegraph is traditionally considered to be the newspaper of staunch middle-aged Tories. Do you think this perception still exists?


If people see us like this, they are not reading the paper. Arguably our investigation into MPs’ expenses did more

1985: Southern Evening Echo, Southampton 1987: Southwest News Agency, news editor 1988: Today newspaper, reporter 1990: Daily Mail, reporter 2006: Daily Mail, assistant editor 2006: The Daily Telegraph, head of news 2007: The Daily Telegraph, deputy editor 2009: The Daily Telegraph, editor

damage to the Tories than anyone else as so many of their claims were so egregious. Our stories caused the resignation of enterprise tsar Lord Young and David Laws, chief secretary to the Treasury, and we exposed their underhand bullying over Leveson. We have been persistent critics of the Government. Not for nothing has David Cameron been

heard referring to the “fucking Telegraph”. It’s also worth noting around 20% of our readers are Labour or Lib Dem voters.


What do you think of Leveson’s recommendations?

We agree with much of Leveson, we just don’t want it underpinned / 61


by statute. If MPs get their hands on any of this, they are so thin-skinned that they will be unable to resist applying the ratchet the next time there is a media scandal. The recent defamation fiasco with Lord Puttnam is the clearest indication you do not want these people anywhere near something as precious as freedom of the press. Leveson spent ages lambasting offences that are already covered by laws – whether hacking or contempt – but no time at all on the biggest danger, the internet. By putting it in the box marked “too difficult”, it seems to me he flunked the most difficult challenge of all. It felt like an analogue report for the digital age.


Is the public perception of journalists worse now than ever?

Have we ever been held in high esteem? Phone hacking probably hasn’t helped, but we’ve never been held in high esteem in my professional career. There is a cartoonish quality to our representation that doesn’t have much to do with reality, as far as I can see.


about went out of fashion when papers left Fleet Street. Also, most reporters need cars to get to jobs so drinking is out of the question. The only people that I see drinking at lunchtime are MPs, and even that is a rarity. Call me naïve but I have never seen drug taking. If lots of journalists are taking drugs, it’s passed me by. In any event, we’re not paragons. Lots of papers believe in marriage but I dare say many of the writers concerned are divorced.


With print in decline what should editors be doing to secure the future of newspapers?


I am not as pessimistic as some about the future. We have 60 million people a month coming to the website and our global reach has never been greater. People are now paying for the iPad edition of the paper in increasing numbers. That’s a platform The which didn’t exist three years ago and yet almost everyone will own one in the next three to five years. We just need to be alive to every revenue-making possibility while guaranteeing the quality of our journalism.

Given that a significant number of journalists drink excessively and have taken illegal drugs, why should readers of middle and top-end market publications listen to what papers have to say on these issues?



At a local level they are already folding with terrible consequences for local democracy. If the only version

I’m obviously mixing with the wrong crowd. The booze culture you talk

Do you think national newspapers will start to fold in the next five years?


Telegraph at the height of the expenses scandal

of events is provided by a council-run free sheet, that is highly dangerous. It should be remembered that some of the best stories start life on small papers. Nationally, one fears the worst for those national papers continuing to lose a fortune though I hope they all survive. Civic life would be the loser without some of our national rivals.


Why is it that, when the Guardian and The Independent are making a loss, The Daily Telegraph continues to make a profit?


Our circulation helps - it is almost the equivalent of The Times and the Guardian put together - but it is primarily because the business is very well managed. We do not indulge vanity publishing, which tends to looks great but does not cover itself financially.


To what extent will digital platforms play a role in The Daily Telegrap h’s future?


Gallagher and Independent editor Chris Blackhurst arriving at Downing Street

62 /

They are already playing a huge role. While we have a proud print heritage, the future is digital and our audience is migrating there apace. We were among the very first to have a significant internet presence, the Electronic Telegraph, but the desktop is in decline generally. The challenge now is mobile – 40% of traffic can come this way - and we have to


that’s because youngsters are increasingly working for free to get experience, presumably paid for by the Bank of Mum and Dad. That’s a worry. You want to be open to all talent, not just middle class kids who can afford to work for nothing bankrolled by their parents.


How important were your experiences at City in getting you where you are today?


Gallagher’s realm: The Daily Telegraph’s head offices in London

recognise this may make dwell time even shorter unless we get it right. Barely 30% of what we do every day makes it into print now. More than 300 of the staff are on Twitter. Henry Winter, our football correspondent, has a following greater than the combined circulation of the Guardian and The Independent.


Are there plans to introduce a paywall on

We already have a meter in place internationally. You get free access to a certain point and then we ask you to pay. Journalism is expensive but I worry we are at least five years behind the music industry in persuading people of the need to pay for content.

Q Photograph: Getty; The Daily Telegraph ; Telegraph Media G

What skills do you look for when recruiting at The Daily Telegraph?


I always say this job is better than working so what I look for firstly is hunger for the job and a passion to be the best in your field. Clarity of thought and the ability to write simply are vital. So is having a persuasive manner. If

you are treating journalism as another career choice on the university “milk round”, then it’s not for you. Academic qualifications matter less than practical skills so cuttings will always trump exams for me. And Wikipedia is no substitute for proper research. It’s a trade rather than a profession, so practicing your craft is all-important. Nobody wants identikit journalists with identical exam results. The best journalists are often mavericks and oddballs.


Bearing in mind the current popularity of undergraduate and postgraduate journalism degrees, is journalism becoming the reserve of an academic and social elite?


I would urge anyone to think hard before doing a three-year undergraduate journalism degree, as I question why it takes three years to master skills that you learn in a year with a postgraduate diploma. No newspaper that I’m aware of requires a journalism degree, nor does it confer any advantage that I’m aware of in the job market. I have never knowingly hired anyone with an undergraduate degree in journalism. If journalism is becoming the preserve of a social elite,

City was pivotal to my career because it taught me much that was essential to getting my first job: shorthand, the law, the art of writing news stories, the work placements. It was hard to get on the course, and it’s even harder now, so the cachet of City meant you were much more attractive to would-be employers. In the intervening years, as journalism is taught all over the country, City remains a great mark of quality and stands out in a sometimes indifferent field.


What are your best and worst memories of City?

I have nothing but the happiest of memories, being taught shorthand by Harry Butler and so much other stuff by Henry Clothier. It felt like a bonus year after three years of undergraduate slog elsewhere and it was wonderful being able to do something I adored. Remember, there was no guarantee of even getting a place. I also applied to do a PGCE in case I didn’t get in, so I could just as easily have been a teacher. I made some great friends at City who I still see and they taught me a lot. Very few of them had any family connection to help them into their chosen career so it was enormously encouraging to find ourselves in the same boat. X

Quick-fire round Favourite TV programme: Breaking Bad or any Scandi-drama

Perfect holiday: the lakes in Maine, USA

Favourite film: can I choose a mini series? In which case, Band of Brothers

Favourite book: The Great Gatsby

Favourite meal: anything from Ottolenghi or Moro

Favourite apps: aside from The Telegraph? Flipboard, BBC iPlayer, Sky Go / 63


T HE R E ARE SOME images you can’t forget

Tyre, Southern Lebanon: US forces build mass graves to bury the dead after Israeli airstrikes

Witnessing unspeakable suffering is unavoidable for some journalists. TERESA FITZHERBERT asks what happens when repor ters can no longer shut out the horror


arly one morning in April 2003, BBC World Affairs correspondent Stuart Hughes set off for Kifri, a town about 18 miles from Baghdad, as part of an assignment. A cameraman and correspondent were also with him. The former frontline town had been bombed a few days earlier by US fighter planes, which had forced Saddam Hussein’s men out of their trenches towards Baghdad. The young Kurdish soldier accompanying Hughes and his team had assured them the area was safe. Within seconds of arriving at Kifri, Hughes stepped out of the car and set off

64 /

a landmine that had been hidden in the grass. Thinking they were under fire from above, the Iranian cameraman, Kaveh Golestan, ran away from the vehicle to what he thought was safety. Instead, he ran further into the minefield, stepping on one landmine and falling on to another. He was killed instantly. Scared and confused, Hughes was unaware of how bad his injuries were. As he lay on the ground, he could smell nothing but explosives and burnt flesh and forced himself not to look down in case the sight of his injuries made him faint. His colleague, Jim Muir, managed

to reverse back along the path they had taken, so that Hughes could receive emergency treatment. The landmine had blown off his right heel. Five days later, he had his right leg amputated to just below the knee. Six months later, Hughes was back at work. “I never cut myself any slack. I wasn’t going to compromise at all, because going back was my way of coping,” he says. But eventually, the traumatic experience would catch up with him. In 2007, he began having severe anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, difficulty concentrating and depression. He was

Photographs: Sean Smith/ the Guardian; Jane Brown/ The Observer


diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD), which would go on to affect him for the next two years. “I think with any kind of mental health issue it’s never just one thing that causes it, it’s a combination of factors. It wasn’t as though I ‘suddenly had a problem’‒ it crept up on me over a number of years.” Hughes is not the only journalist who has suffered from trauma as a consequence of his work. It is unsurprising, when the coverage of extreme human distress is a fundamental part of a journalist’s job. Whether it is covering a war zone, the murder of a child, a domestic terror attack, a grisly trial, or collating graphic pictures from the web, journalists are often confronted by traumatising incidences that few outside the emergency services ever experience. Yet despite being exposed to human suffering, sometimes daily, the psychological impact is often overlooked by the public, editors and even by journalists themselves.

Gavin Rees, director of the Dart Centre Europe for Journalism & Trauma, says that journalists are like tightrope walkers. “They stay on target, do wonderful work and stay balanced for a long time,” he says. “But you can’t carry on walking a tightrope forever. You need to take some rest and you need to get away from the job.” Rees says there is an old fashioned view that journalists are ‘Teflon-coated’ and unaffected by their work. “There is this idea that if you’re a kind of rough, tough journalist and you rush out into the world, reporting on human destruction and misery, you expect the people in your stories to be affected by what happens to them but you don’t necessarily expect to be affected yourself.” Cat Hepple was affected more than she anticipated when she was working as the North of England correspondent for the BBC. In 2004, she was sent to Liverpool to interview the family of Ken Bigley, a British businessman who was kidnapped in Iraq by Islamist militants. Despite a high profile campaign to save him, Bigley was beheaded after three weeks. During that time, Hepple was the only journalist the family agreed to speak to. She interviewed them several times in private, including immediately after they had watched the video of the beheading. Afterwards, Hepple began to have nightmares. One night she dreamt that Bigley was alive and she had seen where he was being held captive. “I was convinced I had rung the family to tell them this,” she says. “It sounds crazy but I had to check my phone.

Frank Gardner was shot six times while reporting for the BBC in Saudi Arabia

That was when I realised that maybe that was a form of post-traumatic stress. I was having nightmares that were so vivid they genuinely felt true.” Friends and colleagues told Hepple that she was getting too close to the story, which was considered to be a journalistic weakness. She says this attitude was one of the reasons she quit her job in 2009 to become a wedding photographer. “It was thought that if you allowed emotion to come into your work, you are not able to cope and you are not strong enough. That frustrated me.”

“I was having nightmares that were so vivid, they genuinely felt true” The belief that an emotional journalist is not an effective one, or that showing vulnerability is a professional weakness, means that many journalists don’t talk about their reactions to traumatic events, sometimes to their detriment. Hepple says that internalising her emotions during her 17-year career took its toll. “If you haven’t been allowed to display any emotion, you take that emotion away with you and you bury it. That is not good in the long run.” BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner, however, far from burying his emotions, “got it all out” in a book after he was shot six times by al-Qaeda sympathisers in Saudi Arabia in 2004. The attack left him partially paralysed and dependent on a wheelchair. His colleague, cameraman Simon Chambers, was killed. Yet, nine years later, Gardner has never suffered from PTSD. He says writing a book on the incident, Blood and Sand, is one of the main reasons why. “As soon as the bullet wound in my right shoulder had healed enough, I asked for a laptop in hospital and wrote down everything that had happened.” He says he then “bored everyone who came to visit me telling them about it. I didn’t hold things back.” This, Gardner says, made it easier to come to terms with what happened. Unlike Gardner, BBC presenter Sian Williams did bottle up her emotions after spending a week covering the 2004 Pakistani earthquake. When she, her producer and a camera operator arrived in the earthquake zone in Muzzaffrabad with only fruit and nuts to eat before their supplies arrived, they were immediately / 65


Left: Ken Bigley blindfolded as he was being held hostage. Footage of his beheading was seen around the world

Right: Stuart Hughes on assignment in Iraq before he was injured by a landmine

humbled when families who had lost everything offered them rice from charity shipments. With no running water and thousands of people living in makeshift camps, Williams says “conditions got pretty nasty, very quickly”. The experience had a lasting effect on the broadcaster. “Afterwards, I didn’t want to talk about any of it. I felt guilty that I had been able to leave everyone behind after a week.” She went back to work in London and didn’t tell anyone how she felt. It wasn’t until the death of her mother that the images of the earthquake came flooding back. “I started thinking about death and realised I should have talked to others about what had happened.” Williams and Heppel are examples of how trauma is not necessarily limited to the term PTSD. While PTSD may be an extreme manifestation, there are many more reactions that should be equally acknowledged. They can include anything from flashbacks, avoidance of anything that might trigger memories of the event, or a sense of heightened irritation. Such reactions are not restricted to journalists covering events like war, high profile kidnappings or natural disasters. As crime correspondent for the Guardian, Sandra Laville has witnessed some harrowing court cases. In summer 2012, she reported on the murder of Tia Sharp, a 12-year-old girl who went missing for seven days. Her body was found in her grandmother’s loft. As a parent of young children, Laville found the case particularly difficult. “It was at a time when there were a lot of child murders. It was awful. I felt really dark for quite a long time.” Crime and court reporters like Laville often have to sit through detailed, horrific cases for weeks at a time. “People don’t

66 /

realise that when you go to a court case about paedophilia, or a child murder, it is horrible. You hear everything, but the public doesn’t see that, because we [as journalists] don’t put all the detail in.” One of the reasons that home news, however distressing, is overlooked when it comes to journalists’ mental health, is that it often lacks the obvious horrors of war and foreign reporting.

“There remains a breath-taking unwillingness to put trauma awareness right at the hear t of journalism practice” Laville thinks this shows that there is a double standard when it comes to people’s perceptions. “[War correspondents] get traumatised, drink, and have lots of relationships, but that’s not accepted if you do it in the UK,” she says. “There is something closer to home about sitting in a courtroom that is deeply traumatic. To sit, watch and investigate stories about children being murdered is a deeply traumatic experience.” The lack of attention paid to UKbased reporters is of significant concern, according to Professor Neil Greenberg, a psychiatrist who has worked with the military to develop ways of preventing traumatic stress. He explains that while war reporters are particularly susceptible to trauma, they are often more aware of the dangers. More concerning, he argues, is the trauma suffered by journalists who

are completely unprepared and whose editors and managers are unaware of the potential dangers. Those affected could be the fresh young reporter on a local paper or, as in a growing area of work, a journalist monitoring user-generated content to report on conflict and disaster. One such journalist is Markham Nolan, who works for Storyful, a company that helps newsrooms verify the best content from the social web. During the Arab Spring, he trawled through hundreds of hours of horrific footage uploaded by civilians and soldiers in the centre of the action. Nolan has seen torsos cut in half by gunfire, skulls blown open and children dying. He says that some images have lived with him. “The most graphic ones remain in your memory until something comes along to topple it,” he says. A recent example is a video from Syria, which showed corpses being mutilated with iron rods. “That was one of the most gruesome things I’ve seen in months.” Storyful realised they needed to do something, and brought in a psychiatrist for staff feeling overwhelmed. But not every news organisation is so ahead of the game. Stuart Hughes fears that many journalists are slipping under the radar. Since suffering from PTSD, Stuart Hughes now raises awareness about the psychological welfare of journalists. When he began speaking out, he was taken aback by how many colleagues and friends of colleagues confided in him. “I think there is a lot of trauma out there, not just among war correspondents, but also people who cover traumatic court cases or interview victims of violence or rape. There is a lot of untreated trauma that hasn’t come to the surfaced, and it maybe never will. It just lingers.”

Photographs: AP

Conditions deteriorated rapidly for families caught up in the aftermath of the 2004 Pakistani earthquake

But if Hughes is correct, and there are so many undisclosed cases of trauma, what is being done by news organisations to help their staff ? Not enough, according to Mark Brayne, former foreign correspondent at Reuters and the BBC, and now a psychotherapist. Brayne worked as a foreign correspondent during the Cold War, but the pressures of his job led to the breakdown of his marriage, and he became interested in psychotherapy at the end of the 1990s. He recalls: “A light went on and I thought, ‘Wait a minute, maybe there’s more to life than chasing news conferences and running after ambulances’”. He left the front line to become a producer for the BBC World Service and started training as a psychotherapist in his spare time. “I started jumping up and down at the BBC, making myself very unpopular. I really irritated people by banging on about the need for emotional and psychological support for journalists.” When the UK went to war in Iraq in 2002, the corporation finally took note and organised an urgent series of workshops on coping with traumatic situations. Things have come a long way since then. Both the BBC and Reuters now offer a programme called Trauma Risk Management (TRiM). First developed for the military, TRiM is a peer support system that teaches non-medical people how to spot the signs of distress in others.

Sian Williams took the two-day course after her stint in Pakistan, and said it was one of the most important things she has done in her 28-year career. “I’m honoured to be in a position to help anyone who has had a traumatic experience,” she says.

“If the trauma is buried, it will fester, and eat you up from inside” The BBC may be heading in the right direction, but 11 years after the first trauma workshops began, Brayne says there remains “a breath-taking unwillingness or reluctance on the part of the journalism profession to put trauma awareness at the heart of journalism”. Part of the responsibility lies with bosses and editors. Evidence shows that the biggest factor determining whether a person develops PTSD is how they are treated after the event. Even something as simple as recognition of a reporter’s work by those in authority could make all the difference to their experience. Peter Howse knows the harm a lack of consideration from bosses can cause to mental health. When he was reporting for the BBC in Iraq in 2009, a rocket came through the ceiling of his office. No one was injured but Howse and the crew had been recording on the roof only 15

minutes earlier, and would almost certainly have been killed had they still been there. Three days later, Howse walked into the television centre to drop off his flak jacket. “Not one of my bosses said a single word to me,” he says. “Not a single word. Except one of them, who asked if I wanted to go to Burma.” Howse, who was feeling traumatised from working 16-hour days under the constant threat of attack, said he went away “thinking no one cared if I lived or died. That is fantastically psychologically damaging,” he says. Diagnosed with PTSD in 2010, Howse has since set up a website on which he publishes poems about his experiences. He says that ‘dozens and dozens’ of others have contacted him with similar problems. Unlike so many other journalists affected, Howse broke the taboo, and spoke out about his feelings. He believes that until other journalists do the same, very little will change. “The feeling that you should be ashamed of being traumatised is outmoded and frankly ridiculous,” he says. Howse says trauma is a natural and sometimes inevitable consequence of journalism. “But it’s what happens next that counts. If the trauma is buried, it will fester, and eat you up from inside. Let’s take responsibility for each other. We should be open to others’ experiences as well as be honest about our own.”X Additional reporting: ELLIE AUSTIN / 67


A Tale of Two Citys By THEA BABINGTON-STITT and HANNA IBRAHEEM 1983: Based in classrooms on the

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“When the department opened they bought 14 portable typewriters - and they were all nicked!” - Bob Jones (tutor, 1979-2006) Nineteen specialisms now available including Fashion, Humanitarian Reporting and Technology

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Photographs: cour tsey of City University; Thea Babington-Stitt

Now : “U to k se t he d i ck i g i ta t he l m trac k af ixing de ter t sk he s ta b” “We learned to edit tape with razor blades, but what we didn’t have in resources we made up for in professionalism and industry knowledge” Lindsay Williams (Radio, 1983) / 69


A NEW BREED OF reporter is born Twitter has allowed news crews to step into the spotlight. ELLIE BOTHWELL talks to the cameramen, producers and editors breaking the news from news crews in the field,” says Steve Gardner, digital producer at ITV. “When producers are sent out on a story, they’re briefed not only on what the TV news bulletins expect of them, but what the online team need from them too. For breaking news ventures they can just take a picture and tweet it and then we’ve got good quality content very quickly.” Reporting, it seems, is now part of the job description for news crew members. “We’ve just got three bulletins a day, so there’s often much more opportunity to turn Twitter and our website into rolling news by tweeting,” adds Gardner. The power of tweeting is something Stuart Webb, a camera operator at

“When the repor ter and cameraman tweet it adds another level to our coverage”

As tweeted by Stuart Webb: Blizzard in Kabul – fun for some – but for the homeless begging and living on the streets it’s brutal 16 Retweets

3 Feb 12


hen Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation to an intimate group of cardinals, the Vatican wasn’t the first to break the news. Giovanna Chirri, one of the few journalists in the Vatican press room on 11 February, tweeted the story. Reporters and citizen journalists breaking stories on Twitter is not unusual. It is how we first heard about Bin Laden’s death, the Royal Wedding announcement and saw photographs of the Hudson River plane crash. But it is not just traditional print or

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broadcast journalists who are bringing us the news. Increasingly, camera operators, producers and engineers are using Twitter to provide behind-the-scenes content and to break stories out in the field. They are taking advantage of being at the heart of the action, but often with a different angle or point of view. However, are there any downsides to using journalists whose primary job is not reporting? News organisations seem to think not. “That kind of reporting is not only encouraged but in most cases expected

Channel 4, knows only too well. While in Afghanistan last year, Webb and his colleague, chief correspondent Alex Thomson, were driving through Kabul during heavy snowfall when they noticed a destitute lady with a baby begging. Webb took a shot with his iPhone and posted: “Blizzard in Kabul – fun for some – but for the homeless begging and living on the streets it’s brutal…” Sixteen retweets later, he was bombarded with messages from followers offering to make donations to help the woman survive the winter. The next day Webb and Thomson drove back to the woman with a couple of thousand US dollars. The power of Twitter as a campaigning tool in reporting is still a rare and often unintentional occurrence. Rather it is intended as a platform where crew members can add value to stories being developed by reporters.


Photographs: Stuar t Webb, Matt Freestone

Rose Hughes @RoseSkyNews Field Producer and Royal Producer at Sky News

As tweeted by Matt Freestone: Mini media scrum in Eastleigh after the by-election. @SkyNews, @BBCNews and @Daybreak all here #BehindTheScenes 1 Mar

#kate #fireman Here’s the pole she refused to go down. How could she resist?! (She was worried about crash landing) 1 Retweet

5 Mar

#kate #firemenspole. Offered a go down the fireman’s pole: Kate: “Don’t tempt me!” 15 Retweets 5 Favourites

5 Mar

#kate #queenoneday This is Claire Moss-Smith who chirped up that she’d like Kate to be Queen! Lovely lady! 8 Retweets 3 Favourites

5 Mar

#kate Meeting an elderly hospice patient: “I’m waiting for you to be queen.” Laughter. Kate: “You might be waiting a long time!” 26 Retweets 11 Favourites

5 Mar

the stories for years and years, so they add an extra perspective. Maybe while the reporter is Recently Webb was one of the few doing their piece to camera, the producer journalists in Gaza during the eight-day can put the news out.” conflict in November. He used Twitter to Rigby added that their followers like give people in the UK a sense of what it behind-the-scenes-type action, such as was like to be in such a dangerous setting. background shots from Jon Snow meeting “I tweeted a photo of our team setting off Russell Brand. each morning in our flight jackets and It is not just broadcasting companies helmets to demystify the news and provide that are encouraging crew members to a behind-the-scenes look at how we news report on Twitter. News desks at all major gather, and to say ‘This is how you operate newspapers see Twitter as an essential tool in places like this.’” not only for reporters, but also for news His Twitter reporting in Gaza gained and production editors. While reporters him a wealth of new followers including are out in the field, editors are responsible the Guardian and The Times’ foreign for tweeting the top news lines. desks and major editors at TV News Nick Petrie, social media and organisations. Webb often returns to campaigns editor at The Times, explains locations he has visited before, and his that the need to verify facts means Twitter experience gives him an advantage of reporting is not as cost-efficient as some exclusivity. He was able to tweet a picture may think. “There is a huge cost in the of a police station destroyed by an Israeli amount of time it takes to verify and stand air strike, knowing the same police station up information,” he says. “People have had been blown up four years before. made mistakes by trying to be quick rather “It adds another level to our coverage,” than right.” says Jennifer Rigby, social media producer Matt Freestone, a camera operator for at Channel 4. “You’ve got the reporter ITN, thinks using Twitter to demystify tweeting news lines and the cameraman the news rather than tweeting top lines is tweeting pictures. They’ve often been on a better way of driving interest. He tweets Stuart Webb @Worldwidewebb1 pictures of news crews Crossing #gaza #Israel border and spooky & surreal before reporting begins. 23 Nov experience – walk through a mile of no man’s land along “I wouldn’t consider wire corridor… myself a journalist,” 22 Retweets 2 Favourites he says. “I facilitate journalists by providing Our trusty old Mercedes and kit ready for the trip to the #Gaza 23 Nov pictures they need to #Israel border 1 Retweet 1 Favourite tell a story.” Yet his live 22 Nov Joy. Returned to her nor th #gaza home after threat of Israeli tweeting at the Liberal ground invasion forced her family to evacuate Democrats by-election 2 Retweets 1 Favourite in Eastleigh earlier this year was picked up by 21 Nov So many windows blown out by Israeli air strikes. In #gaza the ITV News. #ICRC hand out plastic sheeting & tape to cover holes

At Sky, Twitter is used as a broadcasting platform for tweeting news lines. “You report on Twitter as you would report elsewhere,” says Rose Hughes, a producer for Sky News. The online team publish tweets from all the crew members working on the biggest breaking stories. In February last year, a series of incidents involving Sky journalists tweeting stories that differed from information on other Sky platforms led to reporters and crews being banned from retweeting non-company tweets and ordered to check with the news desk before breaking stories. The decision riled some of Sky News’ most active tweeters. Ruth Barnett, former Sky politics producer and social media correspondent, and Neal Mann, now The Wall Street Journal’s social media editor, left Sky just weeks after the guidelines were introduced. Dan Gillmor, director of the Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship at Arizona State University, sympathises with Sky’s decision. “My main concern is whether news organisations are fully aware that they are publishing their work on platforms they do not control.” Despite Sky’s regulations, Hazel Baker, digital editor at Sky News, says Sky is often still the first to report on Twitter, and she agrees that Twitter is often the best platform for breaking a story. “One of the main reasons I tweet is to be first on a story, or if I have something new that isn’t already out there,” she says. While most media outlets encourage their news crews to use Twitter as a reporting tool, it is usually secondary to the task at hand. “I use it when I’m locked into a long-running story,” says Jim Old, field producer at Sky News. “But often I’m just too busy doing my job, coordinating the whole team. If it’s not immediate, there’s no point.” X / 71


British spor ts journalism has been labelled the “worst in the world”. SOPHIE HURCOM investigates why the big players in spor t are still largely exempt from media


hen Lance Armstrong revealed he took performance enhancing drugs during every one of his seven Tour de France victories, a handful of journalists said, “I told you so.” Now Armstrong’s cheating is common knowledge, but why did so many journalists choose to ignore the signs? Critics say the Armstrong scandal is not an isolated example, and that far too many sports reporters are cowed by powerful PRs, agents and the need to stay

The tennis world was shocked when Andre Agassi revealed in his book, Open, that he lied to the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) about taking crystal meth during his career, to escape a ban. When Agassi failed a drugs test, the ATP believed his false reasoning, withdrew their case against him and kept details of the incident hidden. However, closer scrutiny of these organisations by sports journalists could expose scandals, like Agassi’s, earlier. Jeremy Whittle, cycling journalist at

competitors in, the sports on which they report. This can make it very difficult for them to be critical. “You don’t want to kill the dream,” says Whittle. “When I first went on the road as a cycling journalist, I was completely infatuated with the sport.” Many sports journalists respond by arguing the day-to-day practicalities of their job limiting the number of investigations they can do. Social media and 24-hour rolling news mean that journalists need to be constantly reporting.

Are sports journalistS

FIFA President Sepp Blatter

72 /

The Times, agrees. “I don’t see why the same standards that apply to the financial or political world can’t apply to sport, especially as certain athletes are earning so much money,” he says. “If they are

“We’re overly patriotic. That’s a real Achilles heel in British spor ts journalism” cheating to win a sporting event that they have earned millions of pounds for, and millions of pounds of sponsorship on the back of it, they must be held to account.” But sport reporting is about more than the event, match or race. It’s about the entire narrative as well: the underdog, the rivalry, the heroes and the villains. And some sport stories, like Armstrong recovering from cancer to win the Tour de France, become so good no one wants to burst the bubble. “When really great stories happen, like the London Olympics, are you really going to get the truth about what is going on behind the scenes?” asks Whittle. “Once it became apparent the London Games were going to be a huge success, I can’t remember reading anything negative. That’s a real Achilles heel of British sports journalism I think – we’re overly patriotic.” Whittle believes part of the problem is that many journalists are fans of, or former

Jonathan Wilson, a football writer and editor of quarterly football magazine The Blizzard, says,“That kind of thing [investigations] doesn’t happen because you don’t have the time to do it. You’re constantly churning out the next piece.” Added to this high-pressure workload is a strong competitiveness in sports journalism. No publication wants to miss the scoop. With this in mind, journalists must The Times report from 2007 have access to people in sport to get the stories and build up the right kind of relationships with the people they write about. Wilson says, “We’re so hung up on quotes, that even the most banal ones make a story. What sets professional journalists apart from bloggers is access, or what is perceived to be access.” Yet this access can come at a price, especially when powerful figures in sport are able to control media coverage and prevent journalists from asking those really difficult questions. The Sunday Times journalist David Walsh pursued Armstrong for doping Photogrpahs: Getty / AP / The Times , cour tesy of the Collindale British Library

‘onside’ to get access to sports stars. So are sports journalists downtrodden and neutered, or does the fact it was a sports journalist who exposed Armstrong as a drugs cheat show they have teeth? Investigative journalist Andrew Jennings, who labelled UK sports news journalists the “worst in the world”, was part of the 2008 BBC Panorama team who exposed bribes within the football organisation FIFA. To Jennings, part of the problem for sports news journalists is that they don’t have the same investigative instinct others have. “News reporters will meet sources, they know where the information is and they go and talk to people. You don’t see that in sport because the reporters don’t know how to do it.” Following Armstrong’s admission, the independent cycling authority, UCI, has been criticised for the extent of doping within cycling. According to Jennings, sports journalists do not do enough to scrutinise the international organisations governing sport.


Lance Armstrong admitted taking performance enhancing drugs during his career

failing to tackle the big issues? for 13 years before his confession. In his book Seven Deadly Sins, Walsh explains the lengths Armstrong went to control the press. “The ‘trolls’ [journalists who criticised or speculated about Armstrong] were a small minority,” writes Walsh, “and the plan was to isolate them.” Walsh claims that Armstrong would watch journalists and note who sat together in press conferences. “He needed to know the enemy and the enemy’s companions.” Neither Walsh, nor any other journalist associated with him, was allowed near Armstrong or his team. Football managers have also been known to wield their power over sports journalists. Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson refused to speak to the BBC for seven years after it made allegations against his son, Jason, in a TV documentary aired in 2004. In 2011, Ferguson was overheard at a press conference requesting a journalist to be banned for asking about Ryan Giggs, who was then embroiled in a super-

injunction scandal. Others, such as Matt Hughes, deputy football correspondent at The Times, say journalists are not easily cowed. “I don’t think journalists would compromise their story for fear of being excluded.” Although sports journalists may develop good relationships and contacts with people in the industry, ultimately, he says, journalists’ “reputation and credibility” is more important. “In football journalism, access is so restricted,” says Hughes. “I can’t think of anyone you could accuse of being too close to the people they write about.” According to Whittle, the situation varies by publication. “Somebody who works for a specialist sports title, the survival of which is so closely reliant on access to the big names of that sport, is potentially risking everything by being blacklisted by a Lance Armstrong type figure. They could lose readers, advertisers and ultimately their jobs — and the jobs of others — by asking difficult questions. “It’s not the same for sports journalists at a national newspaper, particularly chief sports writers, who will not be so deeply immersed in one sport. Their jobs won’t be at risk if they criticise one superstar.” In big money sports, access to players and managers is usually restricted to a post-match interview or pre-game and post-game press conferences. “It’s not really an interview,” says Whittle “because there’s a whole bunch of people asking

different questions. You don’t really get to the nub of the matter.” Instead, journalists must build good relationships with clubs’ PR teams to get additional access. “Interviews are choreographed and controlled,” says Hughes. “Some PR companies demand that you submit a list of questions.” Among the criticisms, it’s important to recognise the work of dogged sports journalists like David Walsh who helped to expose Armstrong. And while journalists are under pressure to produce more content for ever more platforms, this has also led to more variety and diversity in sport reporting than ever before. Even sceptic Andrew Jennings has high hopes for the next generation of sports reporters. “They have an enthusiasm, an appetite,” he says. “They understand that it’s fun to catch the bad guys.” X

Sir Alex refused to talk to the BBC / 73

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Photogrpahy: Peter Anderson

Illustration: Unity Blott

Headline two

3 1 0 2 S G N I T S LI / 59

LISTINGS 1977 - 1981


Entries are arranged by year. We do our best to keep our files up-to-date and accurate. If you have moved job please contact the alumni office at reporter, Financial Times; freelance (Sunday Times, Asia Times, Press Gazette, Quantum Magazine); author Francesca Robinson My Weekly; Exeter Weekly News; Lincolnshire Echo; Sheffield Morning Telegraph; hospital Doctor; freelance Jon Slattery Reporter, senior reporter, Lincolnshire Echo; senior reporter, news editor, deputy editor, Press Gazette; freelance editor and publisher; blogger; freelance (Press Gazette, The Journalist, InPublishing, TheMediaBriefing) Patrick Smith Editor, Africa Confidential; freelance (Media Guardian, Press Gazette, The Journalist); external examiner, London College of Communication Steve Williams Hastings Observer; Maritime Magazine; Brighton & Hove Express; freelance Robin Wills Northampton Chronicle & Echo; BRMB Radio; residential social worker, Islington Council; the Guardian; freelance (Athens, Mumbai); BBC World Service; social worker, Tower Hamlets Council; freelance (BBC World Service)

1977 Diploma Sarah Bayliss South London Press; assistant editor, The Times Education Supplement; editor, Times Education Supplement Friday magazine; Sarah Bayliss Press & PR Terry Dignan Sheffield Morning Telegraph; Independent Radio News; A Week in Politics, Channel 4; On the Record, BBC; reporter, editor, Westminster Hour, BBC Radio 4 Nigel Dudley Middle East Economic Digest; Finance Weekly; The Daily Telegraph; chief leader writer, Middle East finance, The European; freelance (Camel Publishing) Steve Howell Redbridge Guardian; relationship counsellor Peter Kendell Western Mail; public affairs director, British Rail; PR director, European Passenger Services; PR director, Eurostar International; communications consultant; communications manager, Brent Council Susan Landau Investors Chronicle; Reuters (London); Reuters (Paris); International Herald Tribune; Masters in Translation; Africa Mining Intelligence; freelance Jacky Law South Western Star; Sutton Herald; Medical Economics; associate editor, Scrip Magazine; author Mark Newham European energy

1978 Diploma Jane Adkins (née Farrow) Assistant editor, Print Buyer and Print and Promotion; assistant editor,

NIGEL DUDLEY Job: Freelance at Camel Publishing Course: Diploma, 1977 What is your favourite memory of City? There were lots of loony moments because it was the first intake. One guy who taught us was a brilliant lecturer but had no interest in the exam, so when it came to it he said: “I’m going out for five minutes. The exam paper is here on my desk. Don’t look.” Obviously we all had a look and passed. My first experience of court reporting was straight out of a murder mystery. An Italian woman had killed her husband after calling him a “spaghetti bender and papist bastard” and hitting him over the head with a bottle. What did you struggle with most at City? They thought we should do Information Science – essentially a course for librarians. We staged a mass walk out during our first lecture. Then we were told there would be an exam. Of course they didn’t make us do it! What has been your best interview? I did an interview with Ted Heath in the early 1980s. He was a notoriously difficult interviewee but I thought I had found the way to his soul. Heath had run the Royal Artillery Football Club when he was in the regiment and I had been in their 2nd XI. So I decided to open with this when I met him. His reaction? “Oh”. Not a good start… ALICE HANCOCK

76 /

British Printer; editor, Packaging; editor, Computer Games and System Retailer; press officer, Laings Construction; Director, A head for PR; senior account director, ADPR Richard Alcock Yorkshire Evening Press; Yorkshire Post; sub-editor, business production editor, the Guardian David Brindle Coventry Evening Telegraph; Financial Times; society editor, public services editor, the Guardian Nikolaus Creutzfeldt Unknown Jaqueline Cuthill Lothian Courier Lucilla Deane Unknown Laura Dixon (née Pasternack) Richmond & Twickenham Times Pamela Glover Kentish Times; Andre Deutsch publishers; PR, church coordinator, book centre managing director, resource and communication director, All Souls Church Alex Graham Bradford Telegraph & Argus; reporter, London Weekend Television; researcher, producer, The Media Show, Diverse Productions; editor, joint managing director, chief executive, Wall to Wall Media Ian Graham Assistant editor, Electronics Today International; deputy editor, Which Video?; freelance; author Caroline Handley (née Thompson) Peterborough Evening Telegraph; Woman; Daily Mail; Sunday Express; Woman’s Own; freelance; ghost writer Askold Krushelnycky South London Press; The Sunday Telegraph; The Mail on Sunday; assistant foreign editor, Sunday Times; South Africa correspondent, Sunday Express; correspondent, The European; chief correspondent, editor, The Kyiv Post (Ukraine); senior correspondent, The Daily Telegraph; Radio Free Europe; Radio Liberty (Prague); The Independent; Chicago Tribune Adam Mayers Plymouth Evening Herald; Western Evening Mail; business editor, Hamilton Spectator; Toronto Star; TV commentator, senior editor, Mary Moloney Surrey Advertiser; Irish Times; Evening Press (Dublin) Diana Muir Yorkshire Evening Post; producer, director of factual programmes, Yorkshire Television; series producer, True North Productions; media training consultant, University of Leeds; training consulant, Thomson Foundation Ian Nash Waltham Forest Guardian; further education and business editor, The Teacher; assistant editor, The Times Education Supplement; member, The Policy Consortium; senior partner, Nash & Jones Partnership Margaret Preston Waltham Forest Guardian; freelance researcher (Weatherall Green & Smith); group publications editor, Jones Lang Lasalle; Robert Preston Association Michael Rank Reuters (Beijing,

London); translator (Trade Marks Directory Service); freelance (the Guardian, Asia Times, BBC Wildife magazine, North Korea Economy Watch) Julie Shortreed Secretary; senior information officer, University oAbertay Nicholas Tester Sounds; Schools Council; National Council for Voluntary Organisations; Fiat Auto News; Education Magazine; Report Magazine of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers; freelance; died 2000 Alan Travis Northampton Chronicle Echo; Birmingham Post; home affairs editor, the Guardian

1979 Diploma Gillian Bates South Western Star; Balham & Tooting News; media trainer and marketing officer, BBC Radio Nottingham; marketing manager, Nottinghamshire County Council; owner, GKB Marketing; columnist, Arts Professional; communications manager, City Arts Nottingham; director, Chronicle Arts Catherine Bennett Honey; The Sunday Telegraph; The Mail on Sunday; The Sunday Times; The Times; Sunday Correspondent; columnist, the Guardian, The Observer Joanna Blythman Scottish Women’s Aid; Citizens Advice Bureau; freelance (Sunday Herald, Evening Standard, The Economist); author Anne Cadwallader Reporter, Bradford Telegraph & Argus; reporter, BBC Radio Ulster; correspondent, BBC Dublin; correspondent, Irish Press political reporter, Century Radio; reporter, RTE (Dublin); northern editor, Irish Press (Dublin); correspondent, INN; Irish Echo; Irish Examiner; Christian Science Monitor Ray Chalmers Peterborough Evening Telegraph; Birmingham Post; PR, Publicity Plus; marketing director, regional director, Eversheds; director of business development, Bond Pearce Solicitors; director of business development, Foot Anstey Solicitors; head of communications, Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership Nick Fielding NALGO; Shelter; Voluntary Action; New Society; New Statesman; freelance (The Independent; The Mail on Sunday; The Sunday Times); editor, Circling the Lion’s Den blog; freelance Richard Gillespie Associate editor, The Architect; Associated Press; reporter, Washington editor, Pensions & Investment Age (New York); acting editor, Euromoney (New York); managing editor, Corporate Finance Magazine; supervisory analyst, research director, Morgan Stanley; supervisory analyst,

LISTINGS 1977 - 1981 research director, Kleinwort Benson; director of research publishing, NatWest Securities; senior supervisory analyst, JP Morgan; director of research publishing, Bear Stearns International; senior supervisory analyst, research director, Société-Générale Alastair Guild Asian Building & Construction; freelance Mark Ivory South West London Weekly; executive editor, Community Care Sara Jones Cambridge Evening News; media trainer; broadcast journalism tutor, Sheffield Hallam University; freelance media consultant (BBC World Service); teacher, University of Sheffield; communications consultant Julia Kellaway Teacher Vicki Leonard Hayes Programme, LBC; teaching; freelance (2020TV); Schools TV Michael Lloyd Heart of England Newspapers; Radio Forth; Radio Clyde; BBC Radio Scotland; BBC Radio 5 Live; freelance (BBC News Online) Janice Macfarlane Portsmouth Evening News; Prima; sub-editor, The Herald; student, community learning volunteer, John Wheatley College; student, Moray House Mairi McGhee Paisley Daily Express; Peeblesshire News & Borders Telegraph; Glasgow Court Press Agency; postgraduate studies, Strathclyde; freelance Bart Milner Offshore Engineer; teacher; freelance; online development manager, Citizenship Foundation Martin Pritchard Unknown Kate Purcell (née White) Medical News Daily; Wellcome Foundation; Kingsway PR; freelance; associate editor, British Journal of Cardiology Binda Rai (née Randhawa) Hackney Gazette; Ealing Gazette; BBC Religious Affairs; press and publicity officer, Ealing Council; The Asian; national communications manager, NHS Direct; head of communications, head of corporate affairs and communication, University of London Myra Reid Glasgow Evening Times; BBC Glasgow Barjinder Singh Sahota Worcester Evening News; Commission for Racial Equality; Sahota Solicitors; Lucy Tennyson Festival organiser, Artweek; RSPB Publications; freelance; PR consultant, Lucy Tennyson PR Ltd; yoga teacher; event organiser, Green Party; freelance writer/editor Colin Veitch Operations manager, Bank of America; management consultant, SIAR; general manager, P & O Properties; SVP Marketing; Princess Cruises; CEO, Norwegian Cruise Line Corporation Carol Ward Kilburn Times; design sub-editor, Gazette Media Company; died 2010 Sally Whitman Social worker; freelance; theatre critic; social worker Nick Wigzell North Western Evening Mail; Australian Broadcast Commission; West Sussex County Times; Bath Evening Chronicle;

Wiltshire Times; furniture maker; freelance web designer; desktop publisher

1980 Diploma Peter Aspden Cambridge Evening News; Times Higher Education Supplement; arts writer, Financial Times Nick Assinder Market Harborough Advertiser; Western Mail; Daily Mail; Daily Express; Microsoft News Service; political correspondent, BBC News Online; editor, PoliticsHome; visiting lecturer, political journalism MA, City University London; freelance (Gallery News, Time) Tina Baker Northampton Chronicle & Echo; BBC Nationwide; TV AM; BBC TV; GMTV; freelance (TV Times, UK Living, BBC Radio 5 Live); presenter, GMTV; radio presenter; writer, Woman’s Own; writer, Woman’s Weekly Linda Campbell (née Ponce) Star Telegram; The Texas Lawyer; The Washington Times; Chicago Tribune; editorial writer, Fort Worth StarTelegram; lecturer, Texas Christian University David Finlay Enfield Gazette; Aberdeen Evening Express; court reporter, United News Services (Edinburgh) Vaughan Freeman Peterborough Evening Telegraph; Newcastle Journal; The Sun; Today; freelance (The Times, Tatler, Evening Standard); magazine editing, property writer, commercial copy writer, Auto Express Marie-Theresa Frost Ealing Gazette; freelance Nigel Gabriel South Wales Argus; Celtic Newspapers; chief sub editor, Gulf Mirror (Bahrain); chief features sub-editor, Gulf News (Dubai); PR, Gabriel & Associates; director, PG Public Relations Clare Gabriel (née Standering) Northampton Chronicle Echo; Bath Evening Chronicle; Gulf Times; senior broadcast journalist, BBC News Online (Cardiff ) Sharon Golden Reporter, The Fairmont Times; press assistant to Member of Congress, US House of Representatives; reporter, US News & World Report; freelance writer/editor; director of communications, The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) Sean Hillen Belfast Telegraph; United Nations Media Center; television reporter, Scripps Howard Broadcasting (Kansas); medical and science correspondent, The Kansas City Times; editor, general manager, Bucharest Business Week; correspondent, The Daily Telegraph David Holmes Sheffield Morning Telegraph; BBC Radio Sheffield; journalism lecturer, University of Sheffield Penny Kenway Freelance radio (Aberdeen); teacher (Italy); development worker, Save the Children; head of primary strategy, early years team, Islington LEA; head of early years, LB Islington

CATHERINE PEPINSTER Job: Editor, The Tablet Course: Diploma, 1981 What is your favourite memory of City? Harry Butler, who worked at the Press Association for many years, taught us Teeline shorthand. He was incredibly strict and interspersed all the lessons with stories about his time working as a journalist. What has been the proudest moment of your career? The edition of The Tablet about Pope Benedict’s resignation. We got the news at 11am on Monday and were going to press in the evening on Wednesday. I ripped up the edition completely and started all over again. ELLIE BOTHWELL Alison LeBreton Middlesex Advertiser & Gazette; Medical News Daily; government press officer, Associated Newspapers; solicitor John Lynott District reporter, West Lancashire Evening Gazette; editor, TV Comic; Enfield Gazette; sub-editor, Bradford Telegraph & Argus; content producer,;; designer, sub-editor, Yorkshire Post Jinny McDonald-Matthews Surrey Mirror; Brighton Argus; PR manager, Sterling Public Relations; Rediffusion; GCI London; associate director, head of public affairs, development manager, assistant general manager, corporate planning, Toyota UK; special advisor, Semta Jean McLeish Southern Evening Echo; North Sound; Aberdeen Evening Express; researcher, BBC Scotland; freelance Guy Morgan Rotherham Advertiser; BBC External Services Simon Pia Freelance; The Herald; Sunday Standard; Scotland on Sunday; freelance (NUJ, Sunday Herald); diarist, The Scotsman David Poyser New Statesman; Hackney Gazette; Yorkshire Television; freelance TV producer (BBC DEF II); Open University; Royal Television Society; director, head of broadcast production, European Parliament; executive producer, London Gifted & Talented; director, educational video company; writer and audio-visual production, Poyser; consultant Julie Shrimpton Southern Evening Echo; press officer, Prudential; corporate affairs, SmithKline Beecham; communications manager, Sainsburys; teaching assistant Michael Towers Kensington Post; London Newspapers; London Daily News; freelance Zara Tracy Estates Gazette; Investors Chronicle; died 1985 Toni Turner Melbourne Herald; freelance (Nursing Times, Community Practitioners & Health Visitors Association) Anna Umbima Producer, BBC Television; correspondent, BBC Zimbabwe; presenter, BBC World Service; presenter, Everywoman; consultant, producer, BBC World Service; freelance consultant

Vicky Viotti editor, Sun Press; ethnic affairs writer, Honolulu Advertiser Anne Watson Exeter Express & Echo; Southern Evening Echo; freelance

1981 Diploma Julie Bailey Unknown Bea Ballard Radio Times; BBC; LWT; Clive James Programmes, BBC; senior producer, executive producer, creative head of entertainment events, BBC Ann Carroll BBC Television (South) Basil Comely Director, producer, The Media Show; director, producer, Moving Pictures; Barraclough Carey Productions; series producer, arts editor, arts features, BBC TV John Coulter Grangemouth Gazette; Falkirk Herald; Scotland on Sunday; Evening News (Edinburgh); died 2000 Michael Dembinski Director of communications, CBI News; classified media, general manager, Polish Cable TV; head of policy, British-Polish Chamber of Commerce Richard Evans South Wales Argus; Radio West; presenter, BBC Wales; presenter, Newsbeat, BBC Radio 1; presenter, BBC Radio 5 Live; presenter, BBC Radio Wales; journalism lecturer, London Metropolitan University Alison Fisher Writer, Surrey Mirror Nick Goodway reporter, Investors Chronicle; reporter, The Observer; reporter, London and Financial News; city reporter, Evening Standard Robin Jarossi reporter, Hackney Gazette; reporter, Radio Times; reporter, TV Times; editorial director, Satellite and Cable Guide; sub-editor, Daily Mail Tracy Jeune Dosh, Channel 4; novelist; series producer, director, BBC (Bristol); executive producer, My Life as a Child, Can’t Sing Singers; series producer, director, DIY SOS; executive producer, What Not To Wear, BBC documentaries / 77

LISTINGS 1981 - 1984 Karen Johnston Radio Northsound; BBC Radio Scotland; BBC 9 O’Clock News; BBC TV Scotland; senior location producer, NCA Scotland Carol Lamb Hull Daily Mail; Falmer and Company; Tricia Leishman Printing company David Lewis Acton Gazette; Bradford News Agency; BBC Leeds; producer, BBC Manchester; producer, BBC Radio Current Affairs; Jane Lewis (née Holland) Enfield Gazette; Bradford Star; Bradford Telegraph & Argus; senior communications officer, Bradford Council Steve Matthews Hendon Times; Radio Times; English lecturer (Pisa, Italy) Heather McGlone Western Morning News; Western Evening Herald; Daily Express; arts editor, Daily Mail Weekend magazine Jim McLean chief reporter, Glasgow Evening Times; senior reporter, Scotland on Sunday; health & science correspondent, Scottish Daily Record and Sunday Mail; arts correspondent, The Herald, Glasgow; novelist Phil Murphy Southern Evening Echo; Newcastle Journal; Yorkshire Post; Press Association; Arts Council; director of communications, assistant general secretary, Labour Party; special advisor to the Prime Minister, head of public affairs, Downing Street; BG Group Catherine Pepinster Sheffield Morning Telegraph; Acton Gazette; The Eccles Journal; The Observer; Time Out; executive editor, The Independent on Sunday; editor, The Tablet Mark Perrow Surrey Advertiser; BBC Newsnight; BBC (New Delhi); assignment editor, BBC World News Leigh Sharpe Insurance Age; The Scotsman; Financial Times; Hill + Knowlton Strategies; PR, Square Mile Communications; Lanson PR; retired Steven Walker New Statesman; Diverse Productions; social worker; principal lecturer, Anglia Ruskin University; mental health and social work consultant, Haringey Council, Essex Social Services; author; Youth Enquiry Service, Systemic Psychotherapist Gail Whitfield News agency; PR, Burson-Marsteller

1982 Diploma Coral Beadle Wimbledon News; Indian Daily Standard; London Daily News; Auckland Star; Wellington Evening Post; OUCH (New Zealand); disability and human rights activist Haro Chakmakjian Daily Star (Beirut); Deutsche Presse Agentur (Hamburg); Middle East correspondent, Agence France Presse (AFP) Michael Coren Researcher for John Pilger; freelance and columnist (New Statesman; The Sunday Times; Toronto Sun); presenter, The Michael Coren Show, CFRB radio; presenter, Michael

Coren Love, Crossroads Television Ian Cowie Kilburn Times; Morning Advertiser; personal finance editor, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph Steve Crawshaw Granada Television; senior writer, The Independent; London director, UN advocacy director, Human Rights Watch James Cusick Glasgow Herald; BBC; London Daily News; The Sunday Times; TV AM; The Independent; BBC Newsnight; London and Westminster editor, Sunday Herald; senior reporter, The Independent Peter Davies Freelance (health) Jane Dowell LAM magazine; writer, newspaper (New Zealand); researcher, website Carmel Fitzsimons Cambridge Evening News; The Observer; freelance (the Guardian Education) Harriet Gaze Nursing Times; The Link Programme, ITV; assistant producer, producer, BBC Disability Unit; producer, Mental Health Media; freelance journalist and video producer Cecil Hedigan Freelance film maker; craniosacral therapist; acupuncturist (New York) David Keen Camera Press; McGraw Hill News Service; Sociology PhD; Save the Children; researcher, Oxford University; lecturer, development studios, Institute of Development Studies; Professor of Conflict Studies, LSE Catherine Kristiansen Surrey and Merton Guardian; Unicom (Paris, Washington); Wall Street Journal Valentine Low Northampton Chronicle Echo; Sheffield Morning Telegraph; Evening Standard; The Times Fiona Mallon Bucks Free Press; Coventry Evening Telegraph; reporter, Yorkshire Post; communications manager, City of York Council; freelance PR; campaign officer, NSPCC; regional communications officer, National Trust; freelance Cathy McNab Sheffield Morning Telegraph; House Journals Agency Belinda Nenk Pulse; Extel Alex Sutherland Screen International; The Sunday Times; deputy commissioning editor, science and education, Clark TV; producer, Channel 4; controller, history and contemporary factual, Channel 5; commissioning; editor, History; freelance consultant Robert Winder Euromoney; Granta Books; freelance (The Independent on Sunday, New Statesman); literary editor, The Independent; author

Radio Richard Bailey BBC Radio Stoke; BBC Parliamentary Unit; executive editor, BBC Question Time; deputy head of political programmes, chief political advisor, BBC Emily Buchanan Freelance, producer, World Tonight, BBC; developing world correspondent, religious affairs correspondent, world affairs correspondent, BBC Everard Davy BBC Radio London; news anchor, senior broadcast

78 /

journalist, BBC Radio Sheffield, South Yorkshire & North Midlands David Heald Unknown Brian Milligan Metro Radio; Capital Radio; BBC News South East; business reporter, BBC One, BBC News 24, BBC World Bill Morris Producer, BBC Radio 4; chief assistant to controller, BBC Radio 1; head of music, BBC Radio 2; directorate secretary, project director, live events, BBC; director of ceremonies, education and live sites, London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games

1983 International Aslam Abdullah Arabia Magazine; Islamic College; editor, The Minaret, The Muslim Observer; American Islamic College; author Waheda Al-Mikdadi Health editor, Sayidaty Magazine; London correspondent, Oman Daily; freelance (Al-Sabah Daily); features editor, Al-Tadamon; freelance (Al-Sabah, Oman Daily) Demetrius Danas PR; Polis TV (Greece) WahFoon Ho The Star (Malaysia); Reuters (Kuala Lumpur); law student Rowena House (née Whelan) Coastguard, Marine Services Company; postgraduate student; Unicom; freelance (Dow Jones, Reuters, BBC); MSc, University of Plymouth Ebrahim Moosa Cape Times; University of Cape Town; lecturer in religious studies, Stanford University; associated professor, Islamic studies, Duke University Cindy Polemis Broadcast; Yorkshire Television; BBC local radio; freelance arts fundraiser Martin Portus Asian Post; ABC Radio (Sydney); arts journalist, Fairfax Press; director of public affairs, National Museum of Australia; senior policy advisor to Lord Mayor of Parramata (Sydney); executive manager, partnerships and communication, Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace, Sydney Selda Ulanclar West Sussex County Times; freelance (The Doctor)

Newspaper Sharon Binns The Practitioner Richard Bunning Diverse Productions; Future Media; creative director, ADVAL Group Tom Collins Carrickfergus Advertiser; Belfast Newsletter; Irish News; director of communications, Queen’s University Belfast Penny Farmer Tottenham Weekly Herald; Chemist and Druggist; Woman; Oxford Mail and Times; freelance (Swimming Pool Publications) Ken Ferris Euromoney; Financial Times; Reuters Financial Television; chief sub-editor, sports production editor, Reuters Sports Phil Gordon Glasgow Evening Times; Daily Record; freelance (The Independent on Sunday, The Times,

Northern Echo, Scottish Football Times, Reuters) Amanda Harlow Surrey Advertiser; Portsmouth News; language teacher ( Japan); author; English teacher ( Japan) Michael Jeffree Coventry Evening Telegraph; Benn Publications; freelance Michael Jess News reporter, The Voice; assistant producer, BBC; deputy editor/art director, Black Media Journal; media studies lecturer, Lambeth 6th Form College Angella Johnson Bristol Evening Post; The Times; London Daily News; the Guardian; Johannesburg Weekly Mail; freelance Roddy McDougall News trainee, BBC; BBC TV Sport; TV AM; head of news, Channel 4 News; head of special projects, GMTV; head of home news, ITN; PR, Trinity; editor, editor-in-chief, Cantos Mark Mitchell NME; Gloucester Citizen; West Country Agency; BBC Radio Gloucestershire; BBC News West; editor, BBC TV News; freelance photographer Justine Picardie The Sunday Times; Marie Claire; The Independent magazine; The Independent on Sunday; The Observer magazine; contributing editor, Vogue; columnist, The Telegraph; feature writer, The Telegraph magazine; The Observer; author Margaret Rooke South Wales Argus; Northern Echo; News on Sunday; Woman’s Own; freelance writer; communications manager, press officer, Liberation Foods Susan Ryan Newsfront Jon Steafel Coventry Evening Telegraph; deputy editor, Daily Mail Kevin Toolis Freelance (Force10, the Guardian, The Observer) Dorothy Wade The Sunday Times; Reporters International; The Daily Telegraph; The Sunday Times magazine; PhD in public health, University College London Sarah Wason Arts Council; The South Bank Show, Sky Arts; freelance TV producer; head of visual arts, Arts Council

Periodical Sarah Barclay Accountancy Age; London Daily News; The Independent; BBC TV; BBC Public Eye; freelance (BBC Panorama); director, The Medical Mediation Foundation Stephen Burke The National Association of Local Government Officers (NALGO); The National Union of Teachers (NUT); Association of Metropolitan Authorities; Crime Concern; Community Service Volunteers; public relations consultant; director, Daycare Trust; chief executive, Counsel and Care; director, United For All Ages Peter Cann Community Transport Quarterly; Arabia magazine; Doctor magazine; Reading Post; sub-editor, Oxford Times Andrew Davidson Argus Specialist Press; The Sunday Times; freelance (Management Today, Financial Times); business desk, The Sunday Times Peter Davies Public Finance &

LISTINGS 1981 - 1984 Accountancy; editor, Health Service Journal; senior energy adviser at the Department for International Development Sarah Davies Video retailer; freelance (Singapore) Joanna Deakin Association of Independent Producers; PR, Dennis Davidson Association; Goldcrest Film International; freelance; film script and development consultant; own radio company Valerie Dennis Unknown Nick Fletcher Electrical Review; Electronics Weekly; London Daily News; Birmingham Post; Daily Express; city news editor, the Guardian Ian Grant Publisher, editor, Newzeye; Environment and Computing Design; BBG Media; Information for Industry; freelance (GBNB); managing director, Newzeye Deborah Gudgeon Byeline, Saloman Brothers; director, Gazelle Corporate Finance Anna Healy International Broadcasting Trust; British Gas communications; Labour Party Parliamentary Press Office; Northern Ireland Office; special adviser, Cabinet Office; Carlton TV; senior consultant, strategic communications, GPC; special adviser, DETR; special adviser to Lord Macdonald, minister for the cabinet office; parliamentary assistant for MP Daniel Herbert Big Farm Weekly Imre Karacs BBC Monitoring Service; Bonn, Berlin, Budapest correspondent, The Independent; foreign night editor, The Times Fred Hunter Journalism historian; retired Jeannie McDougall Yours David Wighton Datalink; Investors Chronicle; The Daily Telegraph; financial news editor, US news editor, bureau chief, Financial Times (New York)

Radio John Alcock Radio West; freelance (Hereward Radio, GWR, BBC; reporter, Independent Radio News); producer, ITN; HTV (Bristol) Piers Duncan Political lawyer; BBC West Midlands; director, science external relations, Department of Defence Richard Ewart Severn Sound; Hereward Radio; BBC Radio; TV Leeds; BBC GMR; assistant producer, Crime Squad, Hard Cash, BBC 1; BBC 5 Live; producer, presenter, On the Line; producer, presenter, AM Newstalk; News Radio 938 (Singapore); TV & radio news producer, ABC Australia Kathryn Harvey Radio Piccadilly; BBC Radio Northampton; BBC Radio Leeds; BBC TV News (Bristol); BBC Parliamentary Unit Jeremy Lindsay GLC Press Office; barrister James Thomas World Television News; Reuters Television Lindsay Williams BBC Radio Norfolk; BBC Radio, Reuters Financial Television; executive producer/freelancer, Bloomberg

KEN FERRIS Job: Reuters Sport Course: Newspaper, 1983

What is your best memory of the university?

What advice would you give to your younger self?

We made our own newspaper which was good fun. City had a lot of good guest speakers come in. Michael Palin came in and the editor of The Observer - quite impressive really.

I grew up wanting to be a sports writer but studied economics. I got there in the end on sport. Try and pursue your dream if you can.

What did you struggle with?

What has been the best interview you’ve done?

Shorthand, I found it one of the most boring things ever, but one of the most useful and I’ve used it throughout my career. I remember having a boss I didn’t like that much and I left him a note in shorthand and he couldn’t read shorthand so he was really not happy with me.

The biggest person I’ve interviewed is Pele. I interviewed Eusébio, a big football player in the 1960’s. He played against Manchester United in the European Cup final in 1968 and played against England in the 1966 World Cup final, but he’s not as well-known these days. SOPHIE HURCOM

Television; freelance (CNBC Europe); freelance managing director (Media Coach International)

1984 International David Adams Sevenoaks Chronicle; freelance (BBC, The Times); The Economist; Latin America correspondent, St Petersburg Times (Florida); freelance; editor, Page One Media; bureau chief for South-East US and Caribbean, Reuters Atamurad Aimaq Voice of America (Bahrain) Anna Ballis Office adminstration manager, Grubb and Ellis Services Odesse Elzubeir Hamad Sudan News Agency; mass communications lecturer (Khartoum); freelance Erin Hennessey Accountancy Age; Photo District News (New York); freelance (Vancouver); KPLU Public Radio (Seattle) Keith Hong Sing Tao UK; Westminster UK; social work (China) Lai Kwok Kin Reuters (Singapore, New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur); Merrill Lynch (Singapore); managing director, Peninsula Research Malaysia; principal consultant, WeR1 Consultants Anton La Guardia South London Press; diplomatic editor (Belfast, Jerusalem, Johannesburg); African & Middle East correspondent, The Daily Telegraph; defence and security correspondent, The Economist Fuad Nahdi BBC; Associated Press; LA Times; the Guardian; Far Eastern Economic Review; director, Centre for Muslim Policy Research; publisher and editor-in-chief, Q News Duen Otsuki (née Monkolsmai) Ministry of Information (Bangkok); Sackey Schikwambi SWAPO Information Dept (Lusaka); deputy director of treaties and agreements, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Namibia) Michal Schwartz Challenge (Israel); editor, Al-Sabar (Israel) Sona Sewnundon Unknown

Ernesto Silva Bielecke Hamburger Abendblatt; DPA (Hamburg); Tribuna Alema (Hamburg); warehouse chief, Tejidos Pintex S.A Sur Gul Speen The Mujahideen (Peshawar) Soon Beng Yeap New Straits Times; postgraduate study (Hawaii); communications lecturer (Singapore); journalism lecturer, Seattle University; international communications, Starbucks Karen Zagor CBS News; Financial Times (New York); freelance, National Post (Toronto); teacher

Newspaper Guy Ashworth South Wales Argus; Coventry Evening Telegraph; Daily News (Birmingham); Express and Echo; senior editor, Citigate; communications, David Clarke Associates; communications, Key Communications; corporate communications, Surrey House; PR, HCK Communications Jonathan Bird Eastern Counties Newspapers; South London Press; Press Association; sub-editor, Daily Mirror Christopher Brooke Peterborough Evening Telegraph; Devon News Agency; writer, Daily Mail Martin Brown Freelance journalist; PR consultant; sub-editor; activist, The National Association of Local Government Officers (NALGO); PR officer, Equity Emma Burstall Plymouth Western Morning News; freelance (BSkyB, Woman, Family Circle) Ray Clancy Southern Evening Echo; Press Association; The Times; The Daily Telegraph; news desk, Mail on Sunday; director, Gotcha Press and Publicity Mark Gay Kent & Sussex Courier; Coventry Evening Telegraph; producer, The Today Programme, BBC Radio 4; business editor, Sky News; financial editor, LBC; correspondent, CNBC Europe; programme editor, Reuters Television; freelance writer and producer

Roger Hearing Birmingham Post; BBC external services; East African correspondent, BBC; foreign news, BBC radio; producer, World Television News; presenter, BBC World Service Juliana Koranteng Hackney Gazette; International Press Association; Computer Talk; AdAge Global; Business of Entertainment Alison Kreps Croydon Advertiser; Juniper; BBC; London Weekend Television; executive producer, Endemol UK Clive Lindsay Eastern Counties Newspapers; PC Business World; Dunfermline Press; The Herald (Glasgow); reporter, BBC Sport Interactive (Scotland) Barry McIlheney Westminster and Pimlico News; editor, Smash Hits; publishing director, Empire and Premiere; editor-in-chief, FHM; managing director, EMAP Metro; chief executive, EMAP Elan; consultant, McIlheneyBovis; chief executive, PPA Alison Moore Portsmouth News; BMA News Review; lecturer, Greenwich University; course leader, West Kent College; freelance health journalist, writer and editor Dermot Murnaghan Coventry Evening Telegraph; Business Programme, Breakfast programme,

ITN; breakfast presenter, BBC; presenter, Sky News ITN;

breakfast presenter, BBC; presenter, Sky News Anne Peacock Surrey Advertiser; ILR County Sound; First Edition, BSkyB; assistant producer, Watchdog, BBC One; senior producer, Any Questions, Any Answers, Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 4 Sue Rylance Lincoln Echo; Hampstead & Highgate Express; Plus Magazine; editor, TV Times; editor, group editor, TV & Satellite Week; director of IPCTX; freelance editorial consultant; commercial and editorial director, Global Listings Suruchi Sharma Freelance (the Guardian, Channel 4, Metro, 3Fox International, Newsquest North London); freelance PR officer (Israel Zohar, Resco Results) / 79

LISTINGS 1984 - 1986 Angela Smith Business Programme, Channel 4; BBC Educational TV; programme researcher, Tyne Tees TV; programme researcher, Sine Media for Channel 4; producer/director Thames TV; producer/director MTV; producer/director RTE; producer, The Big Breakfast, Planet 24; producer/ director, Tiger Aspect; producer/ director, Turn

Periodical Karina Bliss Hilal International; author Louise Bromley Medical News; General Practitioner; Bullet Communications; Georgina Brown (née Simon) Accountancy Age; The Magazine; The Independent; theatre critic, Mail on Sunday Alejandrina Catalano Contributing editor, Estates Gazette; freelance Simon Crompton Therapy Weekly; Health Service Journal; Professional Social Work; medical editor, Body and Soul, freelance (The Times); freelance health writer Stephen DiBasio Safety and Fire News; Kilburn Times Richard Evans Euromoney; presenter, BBC Radio Wales Nicholas Fisher Freelance agony uncle, writer, screenwriter broadcaster Christopher Giles Recorder Group; West Sussex County Times; sports editor, Brighton Evening Argus Ed Gorman News correspondent, freelance, sailing correspondent, deputy foreign editor, The Times; The Daily Sail Jacqueline Macdermott Entertainment & Arts Management; city desk, Evening Standard; chief sub-editor, The Observer Joanna Newson Kitchen Magazine; managing editor, BCS Publishing; freelance (Traditional Homes) Laura Phillips Freelance William Shaw Freelance (GQ, Blender); columnist, The Observer; author Elizabeth Tuley Food Manufacture International; PR, Leatherhead Foods Research Association;

ANTON LA GUARDIA Job: EU correspondent, the Economist Course: International, 1984

freelance Alexandra Watson Informatics Newsletter; Business Magazine; Aberdeen Evening Express; Press and Journal

Radio Peter Brill Sportscall, British Telecom; PR manager, Toyota GB; account manager, Avenue Communications; press officer, head of public relations, RAC Motoring Services; managing director, Net; director, Red Ferry Philippa Colton Freelance; PR; farmer Richard Cooke DevonAir; Plymouth Sound; Radio City; TV AM, Granada Television; sports producer, ITN; senior sub-editor, Sky Sports Jane Dodge BBC Radio; BBC TV (Belfast); On the Record, BBC; Midlands correspondent, Channel 4 Michael Gillings Freelance; BBC; ITN Audrey Green BBC Radio Scotland; The Today Programme, BBC Radio 4; communications, Amnesty International; internal communications manager, Cabinet Office; head of internal communications, producer, BBC; freelance Abdul Jawad Professor, Duke University Malcolm Shaw TVS; LWT; Thames TV; Capital Radio; LBC/IRN; Radio Mercury; County Sound; reporter, ITV Meridian

1985 International Farhan Bokhari Postgraduate studies (Vancouver); Pakistan and Afghanistan correspondent, Financial Times Leyla Boulton (née Ertugrul) Correspondent, Reuters; journalism fellow, Michigan University; Moscow correspondent, Financial Times

Heidi Egede-Nissen Norwegian Broadcasting; Computer World (Oslo); Daily Business News; Business Daily Muhammed Hassan Self-employed Walaa Hawari American Embassy (Riyadh); Al Nahdah Philanthropic Society for Women; Al Mnahil Centre; Al Riyad Daily Newspaper; Kulenas Arabic magazine; freelance Anwar Iqbal The Muslim (Islamabad);The Independent; Reuters; fellow, Oxford University; The News; UPI (Islamabad, Washington DC); Washington correspondent, Dawn Ghazali Khan Impact; Islamic Foundation; translator, Islington Council; part-time editor, Radio Asia; freelance journalist and translator Olga Kokkinou Cyprus Mail; Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation; Foreign Broadcasting Service of the US Shutian Li Radio (Beijing) Jonas Lihnell PR Manager, Ericsson Arop Madut-Arop editor-in-chief, Nile Mirror; press secretary, Regional President (South Sudan); deputy director of information and culture, Bahr al Ghazal Region; editor-inchief, Heritage Newspaper; director of advocacy and communication, Sudan Council of Churches; Member of National Assembly, Republic of South Sudan Kae Matundu-Tjiparuro Namibian Broadcasting Corp; media liaison desk, SW Africa Broadcasting Corp; control information officer, ministry of foreign affairs, Information and Broadcasting; special projects editor, New Era Stalin Mau-Mau Boxing promoter; Zanu-PF candidate; distribution company Donald McRae Postgraduate study; NME; freelance Kasra Naji BBC Persian Service; BBC Middle East; stringer, the Guardian, CBC Canada, ABC Australia; correspondent, CNN (Tehran) Farah Nayeri Reporter, correspondent, Time (Paris); editor, Agence France Presse; bureau chief, senior arts correspondent, Bloomberg

What is your favourite memory from your time at City?

journalist. I got the splash in The Sunday Times.

The crazy mixture of people on the international course, from an Afghan mujahid to a radical Israeli leftist.

What advice would you give to your student self now?

What did you struggle with most at City? Shorthand. It was hell breaking past 70 words a minute. And working on clunky old typewriters, how did we manage without “Delete”, “Cut”, “Copy” or “Paste” buttons? What has been the proudest moment of your career? Probably my first big break, covering the 1986 “People Power” revolution in the Philippines as a novice freelance

Read a lot, and take any opportunity to get into the field. There is nothing like reporting the world. Who has been your best interview? Probably a surreal dinner with Yasser Arafat in his semi-ruined bunker in 2004, just before his illness and death. Are you doing anything particularly interesting at the moment? Recording the euro’s dance with death in my Economist column “Charlemagne”. TERESA FITZHERBERT

80 /

News Frederic Niel Le Figaro (France); Reuters (Paris); news editor, Photosphore; news editor, Eureka Titti Nordberg Norwegian newspaper Chinye Nwosu Lagos Life Christiane Oelrich BBC German Service; DPA (Hamburg, London, Geneva, Washington) Rita Ojomoh Nigerian Television Marie Omofoma Nigerian Television Fotini Papatheodorou Postgraduate student, senior lecturer; London College of Printing Cari Reixa EFL (Spain) Miriam Sliwoski Freelance (Los Angeles, Seattle); video producer; Microsoft Press (Washington) Roshin Varghese Mail on Sunday; TV Today (Delhi) Olive Vassell Channel 4 Business Programme; National Newspaper Publishers Association; lecturer, University of the District of Columbia; Freevoice Ariana Yakas BBC stringer (Athens); researcher, Thames Television; freelance consultant Jiaping Zhang China Radio

Newspaper Tracey Allen (née Tobin) Newmarket Journal; Gloucestershire Echo; Woman Focus, MoD House Journal, training department, MoD, features editor, RAF News Ian Birrell Wolverhampton Express & Star; Hampstead & Highgate Express; The Sunday Times; Sunday Express; Daily Mail; deputy editor, The Independent Gordon Boreland Nottingham Evening Post; UK News; PR, Miles Communication Group; PR, Altisidora Peter Craig Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph; assistant news editor, Grimsby Telegraph Susan Crawford Reporter, The House Magazine; news reporter, The Docklands Recorder; feature writer, news reporter, Daily Star; feature writer, The Sun; features editor, Daily Express; deputy editor, Sunday People; freelance; author Sarah Crewe EMAP; Spalding Guardian and Lincolnshire Free Press; Gloucester Citizen; freelance Debra Davidson Newham Recorder; London News Network; LWT; features editor, deputy editor, London Today, London Tonight; producer, editor, This Morning, Granada TV; freelance Philip Daws Exeter Express & Echo; BBC Radio Devon; PR, Image Makers Elizabeth Grindrod Sheffield Star; freelance PR; deputy director, international office, University of Sheffield Thomas Gordon Director, Altisidora Tim Heritage Reuters (Moscow, London, Warsaw, Belgrade, Brussels, Jerusalem); bureau chief, Reuters Stuart Jeffries Hampstead & Highgate Express; Birmingham Post & Mail; Paris correspondent, features writer, the Guardian, The Observer

LISTINGS 1984 - 1986 Melanie Jennings (née Knight) Coventry Evening Telegraph; teaching assistant, Just Teachers; freelance copy writer, University of Warwick Justyn Jones Southern Evening Echo; Western Mail; ITN; producer; Small World Productions Donald Leggatt Freelance (The Daily Telegraph); senior broadcast journalist, BBC; editorial consultant, The Money Channel; associate editor, Cantos Communications; founding partner, Wildflower Video Communications James Meek Northampton Chronicle Echo; The Scotsman; Moscow correspondent; religious affairs editor, science correspondent, feature writer, the Guardian; novelist John Mullin Morning News; The Independent; the Guardian; deputy editor, The Scotsman; executive editor, The Independent Mike O’Sullivan Leicester Sound; Sheffield Star; broadcast journalist, BBC Nottingham, Derby; reporter, BBC East Midlands Today; reporter, BBC John Ogden Mid-Sussex Times; Dagenham Post; Sunday Sport Ed Oldfield Reporter, Western News; reporter, Camden Chronicle and Alcadian; chief reporter, South Avon Mercury and Western Gazette; assistant news editor, Western Daily Press; district news editor, deputy head of content, assistant head of design, assistant chief sub-editor, Exeter Express & Echo Rachel Royce Richmond & Twickenham Times; The Scotsman; BBC World Service Scott Smedley Croydon Advertiser; Hounslow Recorder; BBC; Channel 4 News; died 2004 Christopher Sparrow Focus; Watford Review; Hendon Times; editor, Barnet Times; editor, Walk; sub-editor, The Argus (Brighton); sub-editor, Cyprus Today; freelance Tony Trueman Bristol Evening Post; Press Association; International Relations MA, University of Cambridge; head of communications, St Mungo’s Homeless Charity

Periodical Lisa Armstrong Fitness; Elle; The Independent; fashion features director, Vogue; fashion editor, The Times; contributing editor, Vogue; fashion director, The Telegraph Lucy Ash The List; East London Advertiser; BBC South East; Eurofile, BBC Radio 4; senior broadcast journalist, BBC Gillian Bowditch Money Marketing; The Scotsman; Daily Express; The Times; The Sunday Times; columnist, feature writer, The Scotsman Fiona Cumberpatch Banknotes; Media Week; freelance (Good Housekeeping); editor, Hodder & Stoughton; freelance Elaine Fogg Wimbledon News; Hampstead & Highgate Express; freelance news reporter Rachel Gardiner (née Simpson) Marketing Magazine; The Mail on Sunday; freelance; PR Kate Graham What Diet?; You

& Your Wedding; She; Best; Young Telegraph; freelance, (Two-Can Publishing, Disney Magazine, The Sunday Telegraph); project manager, GE Fabbri; group editor, Egmont UK Joanna Grobel Director, Exact PR Norma Harris Yellow Advertiser; Social Work Paper; Printing World Vanessa Houlder Accounting; Investors Chronicle; tax correspondent, Financial Times Rustom Irani New Life; researcher, BBC Panorama; Eyewitness LWT; freelance; poet; businessman Jolyon Jenkins New Statesman; Law Magazine; BBC Radio 4; freelance producer; radio producer, BBC Richard Klein Researcher, BBC Scotland; Hornsey Journal; Thames Television; Eyewitness LWT; senior producer, executive producer, senior commissioning executive, BBC Documentaries; controller, BBC 4 Kirsty Lang Trainee, BBC; BBC News; BBC (Budapest); TV WS TV; BBC TV (Paris); The Sunday Times; Channel 4 News; presenter, The World, BBC 4; presenter, Front Row, BBC Radio 4 Audrey Mindlin ATV (Hong Kong); press officer, CVCP; communications manager, Equality Challenge Unit; freelance Andrew Moore Plymouth Morning News; ILR Plymouth Sound; Television South West; Reuters TV; Sky News Lisa O’Kelly Campaign; Studio5; review editor, writer, The Observer Sylvia Pleasant Weekend Recorder; Bristol Press & Picture Agency; Prison Service News Carmen Pryce Central Television; Tomorrow’s World, BBC; BBC Science Online; freelance (Business Traveller); intranet producer, BBC Mark Shillam Lynn News; Yorkshire Evening Press; chief sub-editor, deputy night editor, The Times Janet Simpson (née Noble) Morgan Grampian; Noble Publishing; Pavilion Publishing; Grub Smith Literary Review; GQ; Esquire; FHM; Bravo Comedy Central; documentary maker, Channel 4; columnist, Arena; freelance Emily Smyth Pulse; BMA News Review; producer, development executive, BBC Social Affairs Unit, BBC Panorama; freelance David Stewart ITN Liverpool; BBC documentaries; broadcast technical support, Red Bee Media Eric Tingley Surrey Mirror; South Wales Argus; Sutton Herald; Evening Standard; The Informer; new media contents editor, Press Association; sports sub-editor, Sunday Mirror; sub-editor, Sunday Mirror Susan Watts Computer Weekly; New Scientist; The Independent; science editor, BBC Newsnight

Radio Miti Ampoma BBC Radio Leeds; secretary, House of Commons; BBC; ITV; Channel 4; business consultant, FTSE 100 companies Elaine Arthur BBC Radio Derby; BBC Bristol

David Gibson BBC Radio Northampton; BBC Belfast; Today, BBC Radio 4; news editor, BBC Radio Kay Holmes Social Services; Insight Magazine; Hounslow Recorder; Morning Star; Unison; freelance Iain Nicholson BBC Radio Norfolk; Radio Berkshire; BBC Radio Oxford; Nicholson Associates Susanne Reber Deputy managing editor, investigative editor, CBC Radio News; deputy managing editor, NPR Investigations; senior coordinating editor, Center for Investigative Reporting Jenni Russell Trainee, BBC News; producer, BBC World Service; producer, Channel 4 News; deputy editor, BBC Current Affairs; editor, BBC Radio 4 World Tonight; political columnist, the Guardian, The Sunday Times, Evening Standard

1986 International Peter Alleyne Training and development editor, The Nation (Barbados) Linda Anazonwu African Guardian (London) Abdullah Baowain Oman Daily Observer Susan Betts Democratic Party Press Pramod Bhatnagar Indian Information Service (Delhi); Press Information Bureau (India) Leda Bouzali BBC Greek Service (London); Kathimerini (Athens); Leo Burnett PR; Onassis Foundation Bill Brown Lecturer, University of Kansas; consultant and teacher Rana Budeiri Mercantile Discount Bank ( Jerusalem) Elizabeth Camp Automobile Association; Cash Vending Systems; PR, E=MC2 Karen Dabrowska Middle East Magazine; The Immigrant; Middle East International; London correspondent, Jana News Age Hugh Davies Middle East Economic Digest; Hill + Knowlton PR; corporate affairs director, Three UK Petros Diplas Greek newspaper foundation; CEO, Kathimerini; Channel 7 TV Malin Foster Letters editor, public forum editor, Salt Lake Tribune Valerie Gauriat Stringer (Paris), LBC; Euronews (Lyon); producer and reporter, Europeans, Euronews Rizwana Hamid Freelance (BBC, Channel 4) Kyriacos Jacovides Sports editor, managing director, Cyprus Mail Lawrence Joffe Asian Trader (London); COI Press Office; freelance Sirr Anai Kelueljang Editor, Heritage; died 1999 Nicola Knipe Editorial assistant, assistant editor, Princeton University Art Museum Publications; senior writer, Princeton University Office of Development Sidonie Leone Advertising agency Neil Lewis Inter Press Service; South Africa Press Association; KZN/ Mpumalanga legal aid board

Ira Mathur Asian Trader (London); BBC Caribbean Radio; producer, newscaster, National Broadcasting; Service Radio 610; news anchor, Caribbean Communications, Network TV6; Inglefield Oglivy and Mather; columnist, Trinidad Guardian; the Guardian; documentary producer, Trinidad Express Marta Molina-Cox Spanish teacher UK schools and universities; Head of Modern Foreign Languages, British International School Shanghai Puxi, China Zodwa Mshibe Died 1987 Wolfgang Munchau Financial Weekly; European Business TV Channel; The Times (Washington, Brussels); Financial Times (Frankfurt); associate editor, columnist, Financial Times (Brussels) Colleen Murrell (née Johnson) TF1; CBC; ITN; Associated Press Television; BBC News; ABC Australia; SBS World View radio; PhD, Melbourne University; senior lecturer, Deakin University Alli Mutasa BBC Swahili Service; public broadcasting (Uganda) Abel Ayazika (Zik) Nakwagala Administrative officer, PA, Minister of Planning and Economic Development (Uganda); JFK School of Government; communication officer, project officer, UNICEF Sivagami Natesan (née Subbiah) Vice president, human resources, Shakti Solutions Kalli Plainos Unknown Sajid Qaisrani Resident editor, Pakistan Times; PTV Academy (Islamabad); Pakistan Television; director resource service, director of programming, Avrat Foundation; freelance development consultant Max Rajathurai News editor, head of marketing, PetroMin Caroline Repton Assistant news editor, Independent Television News; sub-editor, South China Morning Post; Ambitious About Autism Radwan Sammak Unknown Raka Sinha Magna Publishing; Savvy; Society (Delhi); Life Review; general secretary, Angaja Foundation Baria Slaibi Media Services Syndicate; teacher Julie Taras-Semchuk BBC Current Affairs; teacher Kristin Thorsteinsdotti Reykjavik daily newspaper; Icelandic Service Broadcasting Rukee Tjingaete PhD, African Studies, University of Leicester; The Namibian Frank van Vliet UK and Ireland correspondent, De Telegraaf ; postgraduate studies; USA and Canada correspondent, De Telegraaf Etan Vlessing Research organisation; Islington Health Authority; Jewish Herald; Canadian bureau chief, The Hollywood Reporter Prince Woboroma Postgraduate studies; Nigerian Television (Port Harcourt)

Newspaper John Brotherton Derbyshire Times; Sheffield Star; employment law consultant, AP Partnership / 81

LISTINGS 1986 - 1987 Denis Campbell Journalist, NME; TV researcher; reporter, Time Out; home affairs correspondent, Scotland on Sunday; Westminster correspondent, The Glasgow Herald; sports correspondent, social affairs correspondent, The Observer; health correspondent, the Guardian Clare Fermont Tottenham Herald; editor, Middle East Economic Digest; senior editor, Amnesty International Angus Finney Screen International; managing director, Renaissance Films; screenwriter; author; lecturer Tony Gallagher Trainee journalist, Southern Evening Echo; Southwest News Agency; news editor, Daily Mail; deputy editor, editor, The Daily Telegraph Tracey Harrison Reporter, Coventry Evening Telegraph; reporter, Daily Mail; consumer correspondent, Daily Mirror; freelance (Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Daily Mirror, the Guardian, The Sun); head of news, Twelve Thirty Eight Ltd Kate Heathman (née Roberts) Liverpool John Moores University; University of Leicester Merseyside; business correspondent, Business North West; freelance production journalist (Daily Mail); columnist, sub-editor, Liverpool Daily Post; freelance media trainer (Data TV); owner, Kate Heathman Media Consultancy; freelance business journalist (Comment magazine); senior lecturer, Liverpool John Moores University Gareth Hewett East Anglian Daily Times; National Student; Money Marketing; South China Morning Post Nick Holdsworth Coventry Evening Telegraph; Press Association; Westcountry TV; Eastern Europe correspondent, Times Higher Education Supplement; The Hollywood Reporter; Moscow correspondent, The Sunday Telegraph Jane Holligan Peterborough Evening Telegraph; Efe Agency (Madrid); London city editor, UPI; Lima correspondent, The Economist; correspondent, Business Week; the Guardian; communications manager, media relations manager, Alliance Trust Savings; editor, Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator Kate Ironside Political reporter, Reading Evening Post; correspondent, Central Press Lobby; political correspondent, Daily Express; LSE European Institute; editor, Standard & Poor’s London; political correspondent, BBC UK News; editor, Regional Unit BBC Westminster; freelance (Practical Parenting); EU columnist, Western Morning News; journalism lecturer, University of Bedfordshire Rose Lloyd South London Press; FACTS; director of volunteer services (Paris) David Mason Eastern Daily Press; Press Association; freelance Joan McAlpine Greenock Telegraph; feature writer, news reporter; The Scotsman; feature writer, columnist, Daily Record; deputy editor, The Herald; assistant features editor, The Sunday Times Scotland; journalist and commentator, McAlpine Media; MSP, Scottish National Party

Janet McEvoy European Report (Brussels); Reuters (Brussels); Agence France Presse (Paris, Warsaw) Susan Mitchell Yorkshire Post; senior producer, BBC Radio 4 Mandy Norrish Gloucestershire Echo; freelance writer, editor and photographer Sarah Poland freelance; RSPCA Kate Rankine Money Marketing; reporter (New York); deputy city editor, The Daily Telegraph; headhunter, partner, JCA Group Anthony Snape Eastern Daily Press; The Observer; Channel 4; Reuters; The European; WWF; European Commission; freelance Aileen Taylor Aberdeen Press and Journal; freelance (GMTV, BBC Radio 5 Live); reporter, producer, GMTV Katharina Tyldesley South London Press; The Late Show, BBC Newsnight Morwen Williams Croydon Advertiser; BBC South East; Northwest Tonight; news organiser, BBC; UK assignments editor, BBC Newsgathering; UK news editor, BBC; deputy UK editor, BBC Paul Wilmshurst Central Television; Claire Rayner programme, Sky TV; Channel 4; independent TV research

Periodical Mark Battersby Money Marketing; law degree; Money Management Stephen Bealing People in Pictures; director, Landmark Media Karen Brown Freelance; Euromoney Heather Harris (née Capel) Shooting Times; Country Magazine; PR, British Airways; worldwide PR director, Hyatt Hotels; freelance Simon Cartledge Pagemakers; China Daily; The Economist; publisher, Big Brains (Hong Kong) Peter DaCosta The Voice; Inter Press Service (Gambia, Harare); senior communication advisor, UN Economic Commission for Africa; independent consultant; PhD, SOAS Lindsey Darking Ealing Gazette; freelance (The Teacher, Southern Life, Southern Daily Echo, DFES); Hampshire County Council; Connexions; Learning and Skills Council; PR and screenwriter; director, Impact Writers; freelance Julia Dodds Reporter, Associated Press Dow Jones; reporter, International Financing Review; investment editor, Money Marketing; editor, Planned Savings Magazine; trainee solicitor, Eversheds; associate, Reed Smith; associate, Hill Hofstetter Ltd Susan Ellicott Reuters; The Independent; The Times; The Sunday Times; Here and Now; BBC Janet Fricker Medical Newsletter; Pulse; RCGP; freelance (Daily Mail, The Times, Lancet Oncology, Marie Claire); contributor, European Society of Cardiology Reports Sally Gethin Cosmopolitan; BBC Wales; Freight Management International; press officer, New Jersey Senator; publisher and editor, Gethin’s Inflight News Alison Gordon (née MacDiarmaid) Uxbridge Recorder; The Watford

82 /

Review; Reading Evening Post; The Mail on Sunday Izabel Grindal Futures and Options World; financial products editor, managing editor, head of news and data strategy, head of content integration, Reuters Diana Henry Researcher, Wogan show; BBC documentaries; food writer, The Sunday Telegraph; freelance (Red, House & Garden, Olive, Delicious, Real, Waitrose Food Illustrated); author; columnist, The Sunday Telegraph Janet Lawrence (née Dix) Essex County Newspapers; Electricity Board Corporate Magazine; foreign correspondent, Agence France Presse; world desk editor, Reuters Sam Lennon Folkestone Herald; Adscene; Kentish Express; Medway Today; senior reporter, chief reporter, Medway Messenger Megan Lloyd-Laney (née Jones) Precis writer, Tellex Monitors; The Economist; Intermediate Technology Development Group; manager, Appropriate Communications Project; Intermedia; director, CommsConsult; communications consultant, World Bank, UNPDP; Communications & Information Resource Centre Miranda MacAlister Penguin Books; freelance copy editor Emma Mason Reporter, Southern Evening Echo; freelance; press officer, Imperial Cancer Research; freelance PR consultant and journalist, specialising in medical sciences Glenn Moore Hayters Sports Agency; The Post; Reuters; football editor, The Independent Jason Nisse The Banker; The Daily Telegraph; Mail on Sunday; Sunday Business; assistant business editor, The Times; city editor, Independent on Sunday; director of media relations, Barclays; director, Fishburn Hedges; director, Newgate Communications John Perlman Radio 703; Weekly Mail (South Africa); Saturday Star; South Africa Broadcasting Corporation; presenter, AM Live and The Round Table, SABC3; Today with John Perlman, Kaya FM Lucy Pilkington Current affairs, BBC; commissioning editor, Challenge, Trouble and Bravo, Virgin; commissioning editor specialist factual, Channel 4 Richard Preston Tatler; The Independent; features editor, news editor, comment editor, assistant editor, The Daily Telegraph Mark Raymond User Magazine Keiron Root Planned Savings; Money Magazine; Money & Family Wealth; editor-in-chief, What Investment; consulting editor, Treasury Management International; editor-in-chief, Charterhouse Communications Sally Rowlands Marketing Magazine; The Late Show, BBC TV Nicholas Sack Photographer Lindsey Sharpe Southern Daily Echo; freelance; director, Impact Writers Ltd; freelance (Ealing Gazette, Teacher magazine, Southern Daily Echo); screenwriting MA Adrian Sibley BBC; freelance Deborah Thornton Sub-editor,

technology reporter, Building Paola Tich Independent Radio News; GMTV; BSkyB; consultant, Medialink International; manager, public relations, EMEA Joanne Waters Reporter, North Devon Journal; reporter, Southern Daily Echo; editor, Link; Wessex Regional Health Authority; news editor, General Practitioner; features editor, Pregnancy and Birth magazine, Top Sante; freelance (Yours, Marie Claire, Essentials, Red, Pregnancy and Birth, Mother and Baby); chairman, Guild of Health Writers Helen Weathers BBC Radio Devon; Evening Herald Plymouth; Richmond & Twickenham Times; Wales on Sunday; Daily Mirror; Daily Mail Louise Webster Radio Bedfordshire; World at One, BBC Radio 4; editor, 9 O’ Clock News; producer, editor, World Features, BBC; assistant editor, BBC News 24 Roy Wilkinson Freelance (Sounds, Select); Q; artist management Elizabeth Wilson Medical magazine Lucie Young Fitness; Design; freelance (New York Times, Marie Claire US, The Daily Telegraph, ES); Metropolitan Home; freelance (Daily Telegraph, House and Garden, Conde Nast Traveller, Four Seasons magazine)

Radio Maria Coyle ILR Southern Sound; BBC Radio Cleveland; Tyne Tees TV; Central television; Carlton News Rachael Davies BBC Radio 1 Jackie Garriock (née Lidgard) BBC Radio 4; BBC Parliamentary Unit; news and current affairs, BBC; BBC Radio 5 Live; studio manager, BBC Radio News Ian Gregory Euromoney; CBS News; BBC Radio Finance Unit; Swiss TV; producer, BBC World Service TV Antonia Hastings ILR Hereward; Radio ILR Southern; Sound Radio; Thames TV; Meridian TV; freelance Vidar Hjardeng Central Independent Television; Carlton; executive producer, regional programmes, ITV Central; diversity manager, ITV Claudia Josephs A Week in Politics; Journalists in Europe Scholarship; producer, Planet 24, Roger Bolton Productions; series producer, Channel 4; launch producer, The Economist, E-Vision programme; current affairs producer, BBC; freelance Michael MacFarlane Production trainee, BBC; producer, World at One, BBC Radio 4; executive editor, BBC Pamela Hiles (née Toppin) CBC (Canada); BBC Belfast; Ulster Orchestra; owner, editor, director, Hiltop Publishing Susanne Reber CBC Radio News; executive producer, CBC News Joanne Williams TV AM; BBC

1987 International Millie Adisa Concord (Lagos); freelance

LISTINGS 1986 - 1987 Katherine Arms; Reporter, CBS Fernando Rodrigues Economics editor,; editor, Variety Club; PR, National Family News (Hong Kong); freelance editor (Sao Paulo); foreign Crain’s New York Business; executive and Parenting Institute; international producer (CBS News, National correspondent (New York, Tokyo, editor, vice president, CNBC comms manager, NHS Suffolk Geographic Television); television Washington); political columnist and Digital Rosemarie Magee Birmingham Post; producer, communications consultant, features reporter (Brazilia) Michael Bennett Katherine BBC Norwich; AngliaTV Katherine Arms Production; Howard Rombough Creative Advertiser (Australia); senior account Maureen McAlpine Motherwell communications consultant, UN Review; editor, Voyager; PR director, manager, Staniforth Public Relations; Times; Greenock Telegraph; Stirling Women Campbell Gray Hotels managing consultant, Clark & District Council; international Sam Buyungo-Katwere The Star Diego Santos Director, Eltiempo. Company; managing director, Pelican marketing manager, director of (Kampala); deputy director, comms com,, PR strategy implementation, Scottish department, Bank of Uganda (Colombia) Jason Bennetto Plymouth Evening Enterprise; comms manager, East Pratap Chatterjee Accountancy Age; Linda Sills Researcher, assistant Herald; Western Daily Press; Renfrewshire Council; marketing MS (New York); freelance (Penang); producer, CBC; senior producer, Independent on Sunday; crime and PR consultant, McAlpine Inter Press Service (Washington); BBC World News; series producer, correspondent, The Independent; Communications student, Berkeley; Project BBC senior lecturer in journalism, City Andrew Napier Southern Evening Underground; KPFA Radio (USA); JohnWani Simon Radio Juba University London Echo; chief reporter, Southern Daily managing editor, executive director, (Sudan) Jennie Brookman Hull Daily Mail; Echo (Winchester) CorpWatch; Bureau of Investigative Sven Gunnar Simonsen Altaposten Bristol Evening Post; correspondent, Nicola Naylor Clinical herbalist; Journalism; freelance (the Guardian, (Norway); Verdens Gang; Nordisk Times Higher Education Supplement; travel writer; The Scotsman; author; Financial Times, The New Republic, Ostforum; Dagbladet (Norway); sub-editor, Deutsche Presse Agentur; physiotherapist The Independent) Dagens Naeringsliv (Norway); Senior Editorial Manager, Standard John Parrish Portsmouth News; Vera Eckert Metal Bulletin; University of Oslo; book review & Poor’s Enfield Gazette; Today, LWT; The Sun; commodities correspondent, senior editor, Journal of Peace Research; Farzana Cheema Croydon Advertiser freelance (Australia) power correspondent, Reuters senior researcher, International Peace Jeremy Clifford Hull Daily Mail; Golf Ben Preston Bristol Evening Post; (London, Hamburg, Frankfurt) Research Institute; Fulbright scholar, World; Derby Evening Telegraph; news education correspondent, The Times; Nada Fadda English instructor, U. C. Berkley; independent analyist, editor, assistant editor, South Wales Press Association; home news, American University of Beirut international reporter, reporting Echo; deputy editor, Leicester Mercury; deputy editor, The Times; editor, Radio Kaye Foicik PR, NHS; BBC TV; officer, UNICEF Yemen editorial development manager, Times novelist; tour director, Kaye Foicik Alhaji Tanko Ghana News Agency Connecting Communities; publishing Denise Shaw Newham Recorder; Tour Management Ulf Thorsson Analyst (Sweden) manager, Leicester Mercury; editor, health press secretary, Scottish office; Sylvester Hanga SportsScene; Workers Sebastian Usher Correspondent, Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph; freelance; Department for Education Newspaper; Life Magazine (Dar es BBC World Media; BBC World editor, The Star (Sheffield) and Employment Salaam) Service Eleanor Edwards BBC; freelance Philip Sherwell Liverpool Echo; Kelly Hawke-Baxter Financial Post Ioannis Zografos Athens News Richard Galpin Coventry Evening The Daily Telegraph; Daily Express (Toronto); postgraduate studies; Agency; Europe People’s Party, Telegraph; BBC World Service (New York); chief foreign affairs founding executive director, The European Parliament; press officer, (Dakar, Islamabad); world affairs correspondent, US editor, The Sunday Natural Step (Canada); vice-chair, European Parliament correspondent, BBC ( Jakarta, Telegraph The Natural Step International Athens, Moscow) Janice Turner Take a Break; The Sun; Mary Heaney Editor, The Lawyer; James Hamilton Surrey Advertiser The Mail on Sunday; editor, That’s Life; Newspaper co-founder, Futurelex; editor-inJudy Henry BBC Television; editor, Real Magazine; freelance, the chief, European Lawyer; editorial Channel 4; producer and director, Guardian; columnist, feature writer, director, The Global Legal Post Wall to Wall TV; MSc, Tavistock The Times ChangYong Kim Associated Press; Kevin Allison San Francisco Centre; family therapist, NHS Giovanni Ulleri Inside Housing; Dow Jones (Seoul); professor of correspondent, Financial Times; Geraldine Holden Sub-editor, BBC Radio 4; World in Action, journalism, Inje University global resources columnist, Health Service Journal; freelance Granada Television; The Big Story, Nanke Kramer Editor, reporter, Reuters (Brussels); deputy production ITV; Tonight with Trevor McDonald, correspondent, Text Agency Nanke Xana Antunes The Independent; editor, Nursing Times; chief subGranada Television; Investigate Kramer; editor and coordinator, Business Programme, Channel 4; editor, British Medical Association; Reports, PBS; Dispatches, Channel 4; Sponsoring & Fondsenwerving Business Daily; Evening Standard content editor, BBC Health, BBC Real Story, Panorama, BBC; Magazine; head of communications, (New York); business editor, deputy Parenting; associate editor, Mumsnet partner, Popkorn Films; owner, APX Group; press officer, editor, editor, New York Post; executive Christian Jenner Radio Times; PR, Genius Media communications consultant, KLM Kathryn Lainoff (née Kincaid) Senator’s press officer What has been the proudest moment What is your favourite memory from Myrto Markidou-Selipa BEN PRESTON Phileleftheros (Greece); Selides of your career? your time at City? (Cyprus) Job: Editor, Radio Times Ejor Ndifon Postgraduate studies; The joy of journalism is that you have The cheesy one is that I met my wife. Course: Newspaper, 1987 Driving off to the Bristol Evening chief executive, Granonee Nigeria endless proud moments, usually for Sophie O’Neill BBC TV; health about five seconds, when you send an Post for work experience, that sense magazine (Paris); died 1989 issue of a newspaper or a magazine of nervousness and the thrill in the Ruby Ofori Women’s Focusing; off to the printers. You think, “That’s bottom of my stomach. police press officer, UN peacekeeping bloody good” and then you move mission (Ethiopia, Eritrea); onto the next thing. It’s a fleeting Who has been your best interview? editor, All Africa; documentary production moment of joy. Also chasing Michael Clare Ogilvie-Turner Pulse; Brown, who was the largest donor to The first, last and only interview with British Direct Television; The the Liberal Democrats ever, and then George Entwistle, who was the new Province (Vancouver); senior remorselessly finding out more and director general of the BBC and reporter, CanWest; senior reporter, more about him until we revealed him only lasted 52 days. It was the first The Province; editor, Pique News as a fraud. time an incoming director had been magazine interviewed for a magazine rather Savvas Paritsis Freelance; builder What advice would you give to your than a newspaper. After many months appraisals, DEGW Architects; student self now? of courting he decided that the Radio cartoonist and film researcher; film editor; online editor, PostWorks NY; Times had an audience of broadsheet assistant professor of cinema and Get your shorthand up to 100 words readers in tabloid numbers. interactive media, DePaul University per minute. It would have made life so Prasanna Probyn Freelance much easier. (Asian Times, Hansib Publications); film researcher; marketing officer, Middlesex University; MATTHEW LAMBERT homoeopath / 83

LISTINGS 1987 - 1988 Michael Williams Freelance; New Scientist; trainee, BBC; World at One, BBC; Newsnight, BBC; foreign affairs reporter, The Today Programme, BBC Radio 4; freelance (BBC Radio)

Michael Kavanagh Financial Adviser; Marketing; Marketing Week; deputy news editor, Margaret Keenan Stroud Observer; Western Mail; editor, Drive Time News; producer, Sunday Supplement (BBC Wales) Periodical Anne Kelly Woman Options; Country Homes & Interiors; novelist; Douglas Amrine Sub-editor, Timefreelance (Ideal Homes, BBC Good Life Books; Wine Magazine; managing Food) editor, publisher, Eyewitness Travel Sharon Kelly Fulcrum Productions; Guides, Dorling Kindersley, Penguin freelance; TV producer; TV and radio Books; editorial director, Editions scriptwriter (BBC) Didier Millet Nicholas Kenton Lithoweek; Oracle Tom Aston Channel 4 Daily; Teletext; researcher, After Dark (Open Visnews; Gemini; Sunday Express; Media); BBC Radio 4 freelance; researcher, Free Tibet Helen Kitchen PR; events manager, campaign Cardiff Council; director, Toucan Joanna Bale Croydon Advertiser; Promotions; lecturer, Cardiff and Vale Daily Express; Sunday Express; College and University of Glamorgan reporter, The Times, Times Online; Keith Lockhart Freelance (The media consultant, Local Government Independent) Association; media consultant, Richard Marsh Conservative London School of Economics research department; special advisor, Neil Bennett Investors Chronicle; Department Of Health, Department The Times; city editor, The Sunday of Environment; speech writer, Prime Telegraph; PR, vice chairman, chief Ministers Political Office; director, executive, Maitland Goverment Policy Consultants; Peter Capella Freelance (the director of market access, Bristol Guardian); Swiss Radio International Myers-Squibb Pharmaceuticals; (Geneva); freelance (The Economist, independent consultant, Holdsworth the Guardian, The Times, New Communications, Fleishman Hillard; Statesman); Agence France Press director, Market Access; independent Daloni Carlisle Clinical news consultant, Government Relations reporter, Nursing Standard; news Alison MacDiarmaid-Gordon and features writer, Nursing Times; Freelance freelance features and news writer Anthony Meenaghan Eastern (Serbia and Kosovo); information Counties Newspapers; Reading delegate, ICRC; information News Agency; The Mail On Sunday; delegate, International Red Cross; proprietor, Solent News Agency contributor (Health Service Journal, Sarah Moore London Portrait E-Health Insider); senior associate/ Magazine; Harpers & Queen; writer, Salix Consulting freelance Beverley Cohen Freelance; Design Fiona Murray Birmingham Post; Week; yoga teacher Yorkshire Television; freelance; Elizabeth Coldwell Editor, adult literacy teacher, Wandsworth Forum; author and editor, Xcite Prison Books Shaun Phillips Reviews editor, Martin Cottingham Editor and press Sounds; press officer, Virgin Records; officer, head of media, Christian Aid features editor, Vox magazine; editor, News; regional campaigns manager, BlahBlahBlah; deputy editor, ZM Oxfam; marketing director, Soil magazine; features director, Esquire; Association; freelance; Media and associate features editor, The Times advocacy manager, Islamic Relief UK Susannah Price Hull Daily Mail; Melanie Fanstone Lowestoft Press Association; correspondent, Journal; Eastern Daily Press; BBC BBC (Kabul, Sri Lanka, Radio 5 Live; assistant editor, Pakistan); United Nations (New World at One, PM, BBC Radio 4; York); UN correspondent, BBC; assignments editor, Social Affairs public information officer, UN Unit; assignments editor, BBC Somalia Newsgathering Wendy Robbins Panorama, Watchdog, Camilla Finn Freelance Here and Now, Public Eye, BBC; Shirley Giles Career accountant; 20/20 Television; development Health Service Journal; The Daily executive, BBC Factual Department Telegraph Peter Smith Barnet & Finchley Press; Caroline Hinton International sports writer, Yorkshire Evening Press Financing Review; BBC TV News; Tilly Suadwa BBC External IFR; Project Finance International; Services; freelance (BBC World freelance Service) Fiona Hook Freelance; Big Issue; Nick Swingler Freelance artist, poet book reviewer, The Times, The Sheila Webb Women’s Realm; Social Independent; literacy tutor, ESOL Work Today; The Independent; Stephen Hounslow Reporter, sub-editor, Financial Times Marketing; trainee, BBC; producer, Sarah Womack Birmingham Post; senior producer, BBC World TV, Press Association; Daily Express; BBC News 24 political correspondent, social affairs Richard Johnson Marxism Today; New Media Markets; TV Guide; Radio Radio Times; New Woman; Men’s Health; The Sunday Times; freelance Dean Jones Herts & Essex Observer correspondent, The Daily Telegraph

84 /

Nana Anto-Awuakye Researcher, producer, BBC Radio; United Nations (New York); UN Radio Mission (Kosovo); senior media officer, CAFOD Sally Arthy ILR; Essex Radio; BBC Radio Essex; IRN; London News; APTV; senior news producer, APTN; senior news editor, Sky News Penelope Boreham BBC Radio Bristol; BBC Bristol; senior producer, BBC World Service Alison Dawes ILR; Hereward Radio; CNFM Radio (Cambridge); radio intake editor, BBC; assistant editor; BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Roger Few, Dr Orbis Publishing; social science researcher, University of Leicester, South Bank University; senior research fellow, University of East Anglia Owen Gay Business Daily, Channel 4; BBC Business Unit; Watchdog, BBC; executive producer, BBC Factual Department; commissioning editor, The One Show, BBC; head of factual, Icon Films Jane Grant Freelance Mark Handscomb Reporter and researcher, BBC Radio 4; BBC World Service; The Independent; documentary producer, True North Productions; senior lecturer, University of Huddersfield senior lecturer, University of Teesside Beatrice Rubens Senior producer, BBC Radio 4 Alasdair Sandford Trainee, BBC News; Newsbeat, BBC Radio 1; World at One, BBC; The Today Programme, BBC Radio 4; Europe reporter, Radio 1; reporter, Radio Netherlands; freelance (BBC, the Guardian, Paris) Dale Templar (née Hayhurst) Series producer, BBC; series producer, BBC Factual; series producer, Dragonfly Film and Television; freelance writer, Lonely Planet Magazine; executive producer, The Gamma Project Limited; trainer, BBC Academy; managing director, One Tribe TV; series producer, Zig Zag Productions Jo Whiley Researcher, WPFM, BBC Radio 4; presenter, BBC Radio 1; presenter, BBC Radio 2

1988 International Hossinali Afkhami Research fellow, Leeds University; Allameh University (Tehran) Jonathan Ames US News and World Report; editor, Law Gazette Sylvie Basley Freelance communications consultant Ferry Biedermann News editor, Society of Chemistry Industry; foreign editor, Radio Netherlands; Middle East correspondent, Chicago Tribune, de Volkskrant, Financial Times (Beirut); business correspondent, The National (Beirut); Middle East correspondent, Elsevier magazine, IHS Jane’s; feature writer, Financial Times; Europe correspondent, The National Jim Boothroyd Law Magazine;

Police Review; McGill News; author; Montreal Gazette; freelance (Canadian Geographic, The Guardian, Vancouver Magazine, Adbusters) communications manager,CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network; writer HIV/AIDS department, World Health Organisation; consultant writer, communications specialist, James Boothroyd Consulting; director public affairs and communications, David Suzuki Foundation; principal, James Boothroyd Consulting Ellen Boyle The Register Star; PR, Merseycare Corporation; Wragg & Casas; VP, Scarlett Medical Company; Sales Manager, Orthofix Karen Davis Lecturer, University of Guyana; Guyana diplomatic service; Canadian International Development; teacher, School of the Nations; communications consultant; sociology lecturer, University of Guyana Gabriella Gamini Freelance (Sri Lanka); South America correspondent, The Times; Brazilian Embassy in London; Brazil correspondent, Paris correspondent, The Times; freelance (The Times) Imran Gardezi Pakistan foreign ministry; Pakistan Embassy (Hong Kong); general media affairs manager, Pakistan International Airlines; press attaché, Pakistan Consulate (London) Angelina Grasso BBC External Services; Cambridge Community Television (Boston); scheduling editor, BBC Russian Service; community interpreter, CITAS and TheBigWord Mike Hall Freelance (Malawi); The Weekly Post (Lusaka); The Tablelander (Australia); AAP (Sydney); Bloomberg News (Sydney); bureau chief, South and Southeast Asia, Tokyo bureau chief, Bloomberg News Melinda Ham Freelance (Malawi, Lusaka); SBS Radio (Sydney); Sydney Morning Herald; publicity consultant (Mumbai, India); freelance David Irwin Airline pilot; died 1989 Valgerour Johannsdottir Radio journalist, parliamentary correspondent, deputy head of news, Icelandic National Broadcasting Service George Kouvaras Chief editor in politics, Columnist, Eleftheros Typos (Athens); Daily morning political talk show, NET television Mui Khi Lim Associated Press, Dow Jones (Singapore); Southeast Asia correspondent, Bridge Information Systems Patrick McDowell Reporter, The Associated Press (London, Paris); correspondent, The Associated Press ( Johannesburg, South Africa); news editor, The Associated Press (Bangkok, Thailand); Malaysia bureau chief, The Associated Press (Kuala Lumpur); Asia-Pacific chief editor, The Associated Press (Bangkok, Thailand); Assistant bureau chief, The Associated Press (Chicago); Southeast Asia bureau

LISTINGS 1987 - 1988 chief, The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones Newswires ( Jakarta, Indonesia) Estela Moreno-Bosketti Unknown Mojalefa Moseki The Sowetan; postgraduate studies; chief information officer, State Information Technology Agency (South Africa) Chizuko Muranaka International Television Marketing Department; production coordinator and researcher, Tokyo Broadcasting System Europe; assistant correspondent, Yomiuri Shimbun; staff writer, The Daily Yomiuri; senior research specialist, Fujisankei Communications International; managing director, Integral Media William Nyadru-Mia Parish priest (Kampala); died 1991 Fokke Obbema Quote Magazine (Amsterdam); financial reporter, media editor, Paris correspondent, chief economic editor, China and Europe correspondent, De Volkskrant Jerry Okoro PR and communications (Lagos) Jon Palmer International Financing Review; Risk Management; freelance illustrator and graphic designer, the Guardian; creative director, Textline (Munich) Gareth Pownall Unknown Christine Pulvermacher Chief editor, Swiss Quality Publications (Lausanne); managing editor, Derivamag; site editor, Gold Avenue; director communications, JT International; communication officer KM, World Health Organization; freelance communications consultant Yungjoo Rhee Unknown Chris Simpson Africa Service; stringer, BBC (Angola, Rwanda, Senegal); project co-ordinator, West Africa Radio; regional co-ordinator, Irin Radio SiuLing Tse Hong Kong Standard; South China Morning Post; employees’ benefit consultant, Manulife Financial Nicholas Vafiadis BBC World Service (Greece); chief international correspondent, foreign editor, Antenna Pay TV Maria Zaharea Avghi Radio 90.2 (Athens); Epikerotita; political correspondent, Mega Channel TV Aliaa Zayed London Oil Reports Winston Zulu Evelyn Hone College (Lusaka)

Newspaper Sarah Borchersen-Keto Associated Press, Dow Jones (Amsterdam, London); AFX News (Amsterdam and Washington); reporter, staff writer, Commerce Clearing House Jon Boyle Birmingham Post and Mail; Agence France Presse (Paris, Moscow); Reuters (Moscow, France); senior world editor, Reuters (London); desk chief, political & general news, Europe, Middle East & Africa Katharine Capocci (nee Everitt) Assistant chief sub editor, food and drink editor, The Journal (Newcastle)

Dolly Chadda Croydon Advertiser; Kentish Times; BBC World Service; Health Service Journal; editor, Physiotherapy Frontline Magazine Vivek Chaudhary The Voice; chief sports correspondent, the Guardian; The Independent Jennifer Cripps Pearl Insurance; sub editor, Peterborough Evening Telegraph; Yours Douglas Cumming Junior reporter, Hull Daily Mail; senior reporter, Blackpool Evening Gazette; editor, Rangers News; sub-editor, Scottish Daily Mail Alastair Dalton Dunfermline Press; Aberdeen Evening Express; news reporter, science and transport correspondent, The Scotsman and Scotland on Sunday Matthew Eltringham Western Morning News; The Doctor; BBC Radio 5 Live; The World Tonight, BBC Radio 4; Westminster planning editor, BBC News; programme editor, senior producer, Breakfast with Frost, BBC; assistant editor, interactivity and social media development, BBC; editor, BBC College of Journalism Suzanne Gamble (née Swan) Higher level teaching assistant, Templefield Lower School; French teacher, Bedford Lower School; Qualified as a primary school teacher, Shire Foundation (Luton) Christine Holt The Journal (Newcastle); Northern Echo; freelance (the Guardian, The Independent, Sunday Express, Monsun, Marie Claire); director, Trade Justice Movement; writer, CAFOD Rosalyn Jones Freelance Tony McDougal Western Morning News; political editor, Farmers Guardian; Farmers Weekly; senior press officer, Department of the Environment; communication officer, climate change desk, strategic communications advisor, external communications advisor, Defra Anna-Marie McFaul Reporter, Northampton Chronicle and Echo; Ballymena Guardian; deputy head of content, head of features, Irish News (Belfast); freelance (Irish Daily Star, BBC, That’s Life); freelance producer (BBC); media trainer, Nua Media; radio news producer, BBC NI Michaela Miller Animal World; head of publications, RSPCA online; web consultant; director, Mqueste Communications George Parker Western Morning News; UK news editor, Brussels bureau chief, political editor, Financial Times Pratap Rughani Production trainee, documentary features, BBC TV; New Internationalist; freelance film producer, director (BBC, Channel 4) Stephen Sheppard Northampton Chronicle and Echo; Money Week; Financial Adviser; Bridge News;; editor, Fund Strategy director, Vanburgh Financial Communications John Speck Dow Jones; economics correspondent, Thomson Reuters; landlord Daniel Stanton Birmingham Post; West Country TV; producer, London Tonight; Irish News; assistant programme editor, Channel 5 News; programme editor, ITN Caroline Sutton Newham Recorder; Daily Mirror; website producer, Channel 4; freelance (Sunday Mirror, The Mail on Sunday, Channel 4); web producer, director of web design and

editorial, 72 Dots Robert Tait Peterborough Evening Telegraph; Glasgow Evening Times; Washington correspondent, The Scotsman

Sally Trelford Airport Magazine; deputy editor, associate editor, Meetings & Incentive Travel (CAT Publications) Richard Warry Croydon Advertiser; GP; Doctor; health editor, BBC News Online; assistant editor, specialist journalism, BBC News

Periodical Simon Aldous Production editor, INTRA; Best; PR, National Asthma Campaign; head of PR, Royal Society; director of policy and public affairs, National Childminding Association; CEO, National Care Association; chief sub-editor, Building Design Helen Brown Reading Evening Post; She; BBC Sport; sub-editor, Radio Times; production editor, Cosmopolitan; production editor, Zest; contributing editor, National Magazine Company; Redwood publishing; Mother and Baby community manager, associate editor, Mumsnet Phyllida Brown Freelance (New Scientist, BMJ, WHO, UNICEF); MA, University of Exeter; freelance (New Scientist) Kevin Buckley National Student Extra; freelance football writer (, the Guardian, The Observer) Caroline Bullough Assistant editor, Furnishing; sub-editor, BSB TV Month; chief sub-editor, BBC Clothes Show Magazine; director/ managing editor, Harlyn Publishing; freelance Ed Buscall Televisual Magazine; Television Week; assistant editor, Current Affairs and Business Programme, BBC; farmer Marti Colley-IlluecanUNEP (Nairobi); freelance translator Stephen Duffy South Wales Echo; senior broadcast journalist, BBC News Online (Cardiff )

SVEN GUNNAR SIMONSEN Job: Reporting officer for Unicef Yemen Course: International, 1987

Paul Dunt Express and Echo (Exeter); press officer, Essex Police; BBC (Essex); documentary producer, BBC TV; Inside Out, BBC TV Norwich; BBC Current Affairs Jemima Gibbons Sky Sports News; Brazen Radio; ITV; creative director, MD, Interactive Knowhow; author; lecturer Nick Gibbs The Woodworker; Good Woodworking; Future Publishing; editor and British Woodworking, Living Woods, Smallwoods Richard Handford Communications magazine; Financial Times Newsletters; freelance (Financial Times, Wall Street Journal); content editor, Mobile Money Live and Mobile Health Live Christopher Histed General manager, Sky Interactive Production, BSkyB; vice president,; director of strategy and UK general manager, Silicon Media Group; CEO, Parliamentary Communications; non-executive director, Public Technology; cofounder, Publitas Consulting LLP Nigel Holtby Studio photographer; yoga teacher; photographer Ricky Kelehar Marketing Week; Campaign, BBC TV; Channel 4; producer and director, Chrysalis TV; executive producer, factual entertainment editor, BBC TV; head of factual programmes, North One Television Kathryn Kirby Lawyer Tom Loxley BBC Magazines; editor, XL Magazine; editor, Stuff; editor-inchief, Maxim; editor, Maxim Fashions; editorial consultant, IPC; associate editor, Radio Times Caroline Merz New Statesman; freelance writer, book editor; web author, editor, Content Consultants; self-employed counsellor and psychotherapist; researcher (Early Cinema in Scotland), Edinburgh University; counsellor and psychotherapist, Mind Caren Morrison (née Myers) Federal prosecutor; acting assistant professor, New York University School of Law; assistant professor of law, Georgia State University

What has been the proudest moment of your career? Professional pride for me is not about front pages or attention; they say little about quality. I feel proud when colleagues, whom I myself admire, tell me they liked my story and that I got it right. What advice would you give to your student self now? Read a lot, take chances, keep trying to do better, always strive for accuracy. And one rule I learnt from a veteran journalist: “If in doubt, leave it out”. It works every time, in contexts way beyond sub-editing. HANNA IBRAHEEM / 85

LISTINGS 1988 - 1990 Sue Nelson Freelance (the Guardian, Independent on Sunday, The Sunday Times, The Observer); student, space science and astronomy, Michigan University; journalism fellow, science and environment correspondent, BBC News; freelance (BBC Radio 4, The Sunday Times, European Space Agency); writer and broadcaster, Boffin Media David Pilling Chile correspondent, Argentina correspondent, deputy features editor, Tokyo bureau chief, Asia editor, assistant editor, Financial Times Mike Power Copy editor, Sofia Press Agency; freelance (BBC, the Guardian, The Observer, CBS, Time); editor, New Times; senior campaigns officer, TUC; communications and marketing, Unionlearn Nick Pyke Deputy news reporter, news editor, Times Education Supplement; deputy news editor, Independent on Sunday; freelance (Independent on Sunday, Times Educational Supplement, The Tablet); deputy features editor, review editor, The Mail on Sunday Caroline Smith Managing editor, Harlyn Publishing; freelance sub-editor, acting production editor, Easy Living; freelance; acting managing editor, chief sub-editor, Condé Nast Brides Robin Stummer Independent on Sunday; the Guardian; freelance (Independent on Sunday, US business press) Caroline Sweetman Shoeshoe magazine, Unicef; West Side (London); editor, Journal of Gender and Development, Oxfam UK Frances Tennyson Sounds; NME Audrey Thompson Hornsey Journal; Pulse; deputy features editor, Community Care; press officer, Tower Hamlets Council; news and feature writer, GLA; freelance Jane Tyler Redditch Advertiser; Bristol Evening Post; Wolverhampton Express & Star; senior reporter, Birmingham Evening Mail Hilary Wood Nun

Radio Carolyn Atkinson Leicester Sound; Radio Trent; BBC Radio 1, You and Yours, BBC Radio 4 Gillian Baxter BBC TV Leeds; Charlotte Blofeld ILR Radio Broadland; BBC Radio 1; Atlantic Productions; BBC Radio 5 Live; BBC Millennium History Project; project executive; BBC Learning Andrew Chetham BBC Radio Lincolnshire; BBC World Service; South China Morning Post Mia Costello BBC South East; newsgathering editor, producer, BBC South; managing editor, BBC Radio Solent; programme leader, BBC College of Journalism; freelance Jonathan Dobbs GWR Radio (Bristol); freelance (Australia); agricultural engineer, Boston Tractors Giselle Green (née Finlay) BBC Radio Cambridgeshire;

BBC Radio 4; freelance; reporter, BBC Cambridge; reporter, BBC London; producer, World at One/ PM; head of news, Siobhan Benita Mayoral Campaign 2012; media consultant Miles Harrison BBC Radio Leeds; BBC Radio Sport; rugby union commentator, Sky Sports Neil MacDonald Channel 4 Business Daily; BBC Business Breakfast and business producer, Channel 4 News Sarah Oloway BBC Radio Julie Osborne GWR Radio (Swindon); freelance researcher and producer; fraud investigator Simon Wilson BBC Radio Essex; BBC World Service; BBC Radio 5 Live; producer, BBC Six O’Clock News; senior producer, BBC (Brussels); senior producer, BBC Middle East Penny Wrout BBC South and West; BBC Radio 5 Live; BBC Radio 4; BBC South East; home affairs correspondent, communities editor, BBC London

Namibia; head of radio, Namibian Sergio Casci Lennox Herald; BBC Broadcasting Corporation; news and Glasgow; BBC Scotland; current affairs controller, corporate freelance scriptwriter; Bard & public affairs manager, Namdeb Entertainment Diamond Corporation; general Robert Cole The Independent; city manager, Allianz Insurance Namibia desk, Evening Standard; deputy Rashid Meer Died 1995 business and tempus editor, leader Xiao-Shu Meng Bromley Times; writer, The Times China News Antony Dore Bristol Evening Post; Omer Mohamed Freelance Mail on Sunday; Times Education Adam Mwakangata Stringer, BBC Supplement; education correspondent, (Tanzania) BBC Newsroom South East; BBC Ellen Nakashima Quincy Patriot London News; assistant editor, 6.30 Ledger (Boston); Hartford Courant; News, BBC; editor, London News, south east Asia bureau co-chief, BBC national security reporter, Washington Andrew Gilgrist Nottingham Post Evening Post; Design Week; Patricia Odita-Sarumi Frankcom; Menswear; editor, RJ Magazine Nigeria Merchant Bank Marie Irvine Reporter, Belfast Marketta Ollikainen IPS (Helsinki); Newsletter; trainee, BBC Bristol; freelance assistant news editor, producer, series Marlan Padayachee Freelance producer, BBC Northern Ireland; (Durban);The Sunday Times production team,, (Durban); Independent Newspapers Waddell Media Ltd (South Africa); managing editor Catherine Jackson (née Short) and publisher, GreenGold Media & Hull Daily Mail; teacher, Ackworth Communications School Ali Qassim Marketing Week; freelance Tim Jotischky Eastern Daily Press; (Spain, Latin America) executive news editor, Daily Mail; Margaret Roberts Which Way editor, Metro; editorial executive,head to Health; freelance, Consumer’s of sport, Daily Mail; deputy Association, Health News; editor, The Sunday Telegraph; head nonprofit consultant of business, deputy editor Daily 1989 Matthew Roberts Speaker, Telegraph International Parliament of St Lucia; resident tutor Tim Knowles Woverhampton Express; and head, University of the West Daily Mail; news editor, assistant Indies editor, Scottish Daily Mail Anne Augustine Westminster Jeff Silverstein Freelance (Christian John Lawrence Lancashire Evening Social Services; Microsoft; head of Science Monitor, San Francisco); Post; Yorkshire Post; reporter, night sustainability, Edelman researcher, producer; CTV editor, Wolverhampton Express; Banu Avar Avar/Onuk Productions; Barbara Smit Reporter, European assistant news editor, Daily Mail; producer, TV8; freelance Business Today; Amsterdam editor,, Daily Mail; Gladys Ayache Freelance (Paris); correspondent, The Daily Telegraph editor in chief, SPG Media global assets, Bankers Trust freelance writer; novelist Jason Lewis Home affairs Clarence Boom Unknown Kayode Soyinka Editor-in-chief, correspondent, Birmingham Post; Philippa Bourke Freelance (USA, publisher, Africa Today Daily Mail; chief investigative Japan); Japan Times Yann Tessier Sub-editor, money reporter, Whitehall correspondent, Beth Burnard Unknown desk, correspondent, Reuters (Milan, security and Whitehall editor, Mail Magali Christol Unknown Rome); correspondent, senior on Sunday; investigations editor, Sof Efuk BBC Africa Service producer, Reuters Sunday Telegraph Everest Ekong Founder, managing Sandy Trivieri (née Lafrate) Linda McLean London news director, publisher, Business in Africa Freelance; Canadian Business Life agency; freelance Beth Frankl Television Trust for Anne Vander Zijl Haague Post; HP/ Ryan Mills Sports reporter, the Environment (Boston); editor, De Tijd BV (Amsterdam) Bloomberg News; production Shambhala Publications Jenny Verster Panos; freelance (South journalist, ITV Anglia Alemu Getachew Freelance Africa); ReSource (South Africa); Natasha Narayan The Observer; The Nazi Hashmi Postgraduate studies Frameworks; Barker McCormac Independent; children’s author Alfred Hermida BBC World Service Advertising Rahiel Nasir Editor, High Fidelity; (North Africa); technology editor, Rosy Voudouri ET3 (Greece); Haymarket consumer magazines; BBC News Online SKAI TV; BBC World Service; publishing editor, What Hi Fi?; Vusi Khumalo Died 1993 Makedonia (Thessaloniki); BBC PR consultant; freelance Penelope Koufopoulou Newscaster, World Service Debbie-Sue Nicholls Birmingham Tele-City; teacher Suzi Wells Macau University; Post and Mail Franz Kruger East Cape News research, Griffith University; visiting Patrick O’Flynn Hull Daily Mail; Agency (South Africa); South lecturer, Ngee Ann Polytechnic Birmingham Post; deputy political African Broadcasting Corporation; Laurence Zavriew Senior broadcast editor, chief political commentator, senior lecturer in journalism, Wits journalist, BBC World Service Daily Express UN (South Africa); freelance, (Daily Gabrielle O’Neill Western Morning Mail, the Guardian); web editor, News; BBC Radio News; producer, Newspaper; novelist The Today Programme, BBC Radio 4; Liliane Landor Researcher, Channel BBC, The Record Europe (Brussels) 4; BBC World Service; head of Peter Allen Freelance, Daily Mail Tim Prizeman PR, Touche Ross; programmes, BBC Andrew Atkinson Associated Press; head of PR, Arthur Andersen; Evridiki Makariou, Editor, Hellenic Dow Jones; economics correspondent, managing director, Kelso Consulting Radio-Television; Lecturer, faculty Bloomberg Daniel Shaw Trainee, BBC News; of Communication and Mass Media, Matthew Brand Nuneaton Evening BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat; BBC Radio Panteion University of Athens; head Tribune 5 Live; The Today Programme, BBC of publicity department, Hellenic Beatrice Bray Western Morning News; Radio 4; home affairs correspondent, Heart Foundation; head of foreign freelance BBC News news desk, ERT (Greek public TV); Alison Cameron Press Association; Valerie Small Hospital Medicine; retired Daily Mail; freelance (Australia) GP ( Jamaica) Hilifa Mbako Communications Susan Campbell The Scotsman; Jonathan Ungoed-Thomas Eastern director, Council of Churches in freelance Daily Press; National News Agency;

86 /

LISTINGS 1988 - 1990

Daily Mirror; Daily Mail; news reporter, deputy editor, Insight; focus writer, senior news reporter, chief reporter, The Sunday Times Roland Watson Coventry Evening Telegraph; Central Press; Daily Express; Sunday Mirror; chief political correspondent, Washington bureau chief, leader writer, The Times Sarah Wilson The Scotsman; multimedia producer, ITN; journalist, Christian Aid


research analyst, Ouum; research manager, IDC Paula Hubert Design Week; BBC Leeds; Points of View, Here and Now, BBC; Channel 5 David Hudson-Wood Gloucestershire Echo; Redditch Advertiser; Daily Mail; sub-editor, Worcester Evening News; sub-editor, Berrows Worchester Journal Rebecca Jones Trainee, BBC; Anglia TV; reporter, arts correspondent, Berlin correspondent, BBC Catherine Kirk (née Beaumont) Leisure News; Nottingham Building Society; PR manager, Barclays Bank; freelance PR Sarah Knibbs Bookwatch; VSO (Cambodia); UNFPA; Save the Children Thomas Lappin Festival Times (Edinburgh); List Magazine; Scotland on Sunday; sports writer, The Scotsman; freelance Moyette Marrett Trainee, BBC; News Network (Budapest) Andrew Moore Islington Chronicle; Wigan Observer and Reporter; Lancashire Evening Post Polly Neate Editor, Community Care; executive director of external relations, Action for Children Francesca Nelson The Sunday Times; freelance Catriona O’Shaughnessy Record Mirror; Select; The Independent; Time Out; deputy chief sub-editor, Daily Express Jill Parsons The Lawyer; Bristol Mercury; Daily Mail; Mail on Sunday Mamta Patel GP; European Chemical News; Environmental Data Services; editor and co-founder, Chemical Watch Richard Pendry Freelance, TV producer Ian Pollard Public Eye, BBC producer, BBC Watchdog; died 1998 Lynn Power Freelance, (Evening Standard, Daily Mail, GMTV); Liverpool Echo; London Newspaper Group; producer, Carlton Television; features researcher, BBC Ajax Scott Music Business International; editor-in-chief, Music

Week Group Rhonda Siddall BBC Bristol; BBC Wildlife; doctor; Pulse; Blue Water Films; Channel 4 Jane Silley Video Trade Weekly Deborah Sawyer Nursing and law student; doctor; Nursing Times; teacher Andrew Thomas Packaging News; British printer; Cowise; managing editor, Tarsus Group Audrey Thompson Freelance Jim Valentine Transportation and shipping; director, Jayhawk Andrew Wilson New Woman; Mizz; 19; freelance (Daily Mail, The Sunday Times, The Independent; biographer, writer, Night and Day, Mail on Sunday David Wood Gloucestershire Echo; Evesham Journal Series; Redditch Advertiser sub-editor, Newsquest

Piers Alder Chief sub-editor; freelance writer and sub-editor; channel editor, Virgin Net; editorial director, Citizenship website; head of content,; senior copywriter, content manager, editorial project manager, Euro RSCG Circle; head of copy, Dutton Merrifield; Broadcast freelance copywriter Christine Alsford Southern Daily Echo; Bristol Evening Post; reporter, Sarah Barclay Youth Programme, social affairs correspondent, Meridian Halfway to Paradise, Channel 4; Television BBC Scotland; film maker, BBC Sarah Bailey 19; Chat; Just 17; Panorama freelance, (The Face, The Sunday Times Flora Botsford Essex Radio; senior Style, Sky, Heat); editor-at-large, Elle; producer, BBC World Service; Elle Girl; deputy editor-in-chief, Madrid correspondent, Sri Lanka Harpers Bazaar; contributing editor, correspondent, BBC; visiting lecturer, Harpers Bazaar (US); editor-in-chief, City University Red Nicholas Clitheroe Chiltern Radio; Sarah Bancroft (née Wright) The KCBC Radio (Kettering); Devonair; Independent; sub-editor, editorial sports reporter, editor, BBC production, Independent on Sunday; Midlands freelance editor and writer Jonathan Crawford Radio Aire; Fiona Beckett Today Programme, Essex Radio; BBC Essex; assistant BBC Radio 4; freelance, (The Times, editor, editor, BBC Radio 5 Live The Guardian, Decanter, Food and Rebecca Dare Sky Sports; Chrysalis Travel, Sainsbury’s Magazine); Productions freelance publisher (Beyond Baked Deirdre Devlin Specialist factual Beans); author and food journalist editor, manager of production, BBC Adrian Brown Fulcrum TV; The Claire Doole Reporter and Daily Telegraph; Agence France correspondent, BBC Radio, Presse; producer, editor, BBC World BBC World Service, BBC Service World Television (London, Ian Byrne Walthamstow Guardian; Brussels, Geneva); head of media, East Anglian Daily Times; The Sunday WWF International; director, Sun; Daily Mirror; deputy chief subClearViewMedia editor, The People; sub-editor, The Sun; Tessa Duggleby County Sound deputy night editor, Daily Mirror Tanith Carey Ilford Recorder; chief reporter, Ealing Gazette; crime KATHARINE CAPOCCI What is your favourite memory from reporter, Brighton Evening Argus; your time at City? women’s editor, features editor, The Job: Food and Drink Editor, contributing features editor and Visiting the Houses of Parliament Journal consumer editor, US editor, Daily and grabbing a quick interview with Mirror; executive editor, American Course: Newspaper, 1988 Harriet Harman. I asked if I could Media; executive editor, National set up an interview with her in a Enquirer; freelance; author week’s time, but she said: “You Sarah Courtenay Freelance need to seize your moment now!” William Dunn Editor, Liv magazine That was a valuable lesson. Martina Hall Elle; freelance TV researcher; documentary producer, BBC History Unit; freelance Who has been your best interview? producer and director Helen Halls Focus Group There have been too many to single Newspapers; Solihull News; out just one. I have interviewed a Birmingham News; Midland Weekly fair few celebs and lots of chefs in Newspapers; teacher; PR, Shell; my job as food and drink editor. The promotions officer, Redditch Sure more interesting ones include Elle Start; media and communications Macpherson, Djibril Cisse, Jonathan officer, Redditch Borough council; campaigns officer, Royal Society for Edwards and the Hairy Bikers. the Prevention of Accidents Douglas Hayward Pontefract & Castleford Express; computing; Techwire online service;

Radio; Pirate FM; BBC Radio Devon; presenter, BBC Parliament; public affairs manager, Digital UK; communications manager, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Richard Forrest Chiltern Radio; BBC World Service; senior broadcast journalist, BBC News Serena Gay BBC Essex; news reader, Deutsche Welle TV Gavin Grey Devonair Radio; TVSW; Central TV; presenter, north editor, Meridian Tonight Dominic Groves Radio Orwell; senior broadcast journalist, BBC Westminster Susan How BBC Radio Kent Emma Howard Capital Radio; BBC Bedfordshire; BBC Radio 1; news correspondent, BBC Kimberley Littlemore (nee Jenkins) BBC TV director of production, Littlefox CommunicationsLtd Sharon Maguire Channel 4 Media Show; director, Bridget Jones’s Diary; filmmaker Melanie Mauthner LBC Radio; BSkyB; IRN; Radio Fox; Oxford researcher, University of London; lecturer, Open University; novelist Lawrence McDonnell BBC Kent; BBC Radio 4; BBC (Kiev); IRN (Moscow); ITN (Moscow) Elizabeth Mead Press officer, Lord Chancellor’s Dept, Department of International Development Daniel Nathan Unknown Karen VanVuuren News, Superchannel (Germany) Annabelle Waller Freelance Beverley Webb Eurosport TV; Sky News Sean Webster BBC Radio York

1990 International Jan Herman Baas De Echo (Amsterdam); Brabants Nieuwsblad (Breda); Gooi en Eemlander

What has been the proudest moment of your career? There have been so many highlights, but as deputy editor of lifestyle magazine North East Exclusive, I interviewed lots of interesting characters and covered food and drink, as well as the occasional travel review. As food and drink editor, it was great to visit different restaurants for reviews and dream up seasonal foodie stories. What advice would you give to your student self now? Carpe diem!


LISTINGS 1990 - 1991 Sandra Baptiste Freelance Nadia Bilbassy Chief of the African Bureau, MBC TV Anne Borganetti Busisiwe Chaane Medical magazine Jennifer Caven Media manager, A4e Raffaele Dellagiacoma Colomboni Missions (Sunningale) Matroni Dikeakou Spectrum Radio; Hellenic TV; Zoofilia ke Fissiki 201; Kyriakatiki Eleftherotypia; NET/ET-1 (Athens); ERT/NET International Marta Escotet Spanish magazine; director of communications, MTV Networks (Latin America); international communications, AVINA Foundation; teaches mass communications at the University of Miami Fernanda Godoy-Fonseca Jornal da Tarde (Sao Paulo); Folha de Sao Paulo; national news deputy editor, O Globo (Rio de Janeiro) Mayssoun Hachem Radio journalist; correspondent, LCI news network; TMC Monte Carlo Abigail Haworth BBC World Service; The Japan Times; senior international editor, Marie Claire (US) Signe Hotvedt (née Arntsen) Ministry of Education; internet editor, project manager, NRK (Norway); project manager, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation Thalia Kartali Foreign news desk, ET (Greece); foreign news desk, Katherimini

Amina Khairy Sawt Al Kuwait (London); Al Hayat (Cairo) Trish Knight Chernecki UTV (Vancouver); consultant, TKC Communications; senior manager, Property Services at Carrera Management Corporation (Vancouver) Jane Kokan Freelance; Financial Times TV; video journalist and director, Cross Border Productions Kyriacos Kouros, Cyprus News Agency; deputy head of mission, Cypriot embassy (Greece); first secretary, Cypriot Ministry of Foreign Affairs; career diplomat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Cyprus); ambassador, Cypriot Embassy in Netherlands; Cypriote Permanent Representative, OPCW Pearl Lee Communications lecturer Marla Levy Writer, owner, Brave New Worlds (Vancouver) Maritza Luque de Gonzalez Metal Bulletin; Ansa News Agency (Rome); Bloomberg (Lima); teacher, English for business and English for journalists, Universidad Del Pacifico (Lima); lecturer, Universidad Del Pacifico Nicholas Lyne Time Out Guide; advertising company (Madrid); Words and Pictures; EFE (Madrid);managing editor, English language edition, El Pais; author Paulo Lyra Brazilian news agency; communications co-ordinator, Latin America, World Wide Fund for Nature; consultant, Internatio;

HELEN BROWN Job: Associate editor of Mumsnet Course: Periodical, 1988

What is your favourite memory from your time at City? We had a really old-school shorthand teacher. Some of us were a bit resentful of having to do it when we could just record stuff. But later on it saved my skin. A person I had written about as a freelancer was charged and I had to read out my shorthand notes in court. What has been the proudest moment of your career? In the early days I quit my job at a news agency. I had interviewed someone whose child had been born with her legs fused together. When I wrote the story, the agency changed it and flogged it as ‘my mermaid baby.’ I realised I couldn’t sit and interview someone face-to-face and then have my story changed so much, so I left. Who has been your best interview? I interviewed Michael Palin about trains when I was on a placement while at City. I went round to his house and he was lovely. What advice would you give to your student self now? To know that life changes and throws different things at you, things you had never thought about or prepared yourself for. ELLIE BOTHWELL

88 /

advisor, WHO; communications director, Pan American Health Organisation Andrew Marshall Tokyo Journal; freelance (Tokyo); Time Anita Mielewczyk CBC Radio; Fifth Estate; CBC TV (Toronto); producer, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; lawyer Elizabeth Mitsani Ermis Mass Media; Foundation for Hellenic Culture (Athens); press officer, Hellenic Foundation for Culture Kulbir Singh Natt Radio (Netherlands); BBC World Service; BBC worldwide Television (Hindi Department) Maria Panagiotopoulou BBC World Service; Sky TV (Athens); head of the press office for Athens and Epidaurus, Hellenic Festival SA Sofia Polhammer Nyhetsbyrab Direkt (Stockholm); Gramma; financial, political reporter and assistant news editor, Nyhetsbyrån Direkt Grazia Romani Marketing Week; Il Picolo (Italy); European Commission Geraldine Sartin Liberation Rainer Schmidt BBC World Service; Zeit; deputy editor, Der Spiegel (Hamburg); deputy editor; MAX Magazine; deputy editor, Park Avenue Magazine; editor-in-chief, Rolling Stone, Musikexpress, Sounds Samuel Serwanga Head of human resources and editorial manager, New Vision (Kampala) Elana Shap Freelance ( Jerusalem Post, Jerusalem Report,; editor, Essence Magazine; Haaretz International Herald Tribune Georgios Terzis Freelance; editorin-chief, Touristiki Chalkidiki; editor-in-chief, Maties sin T; assistant producer, Argo TV; correspondent, Greek State Radio; media programmes director, Vrije University; chair of communications, European Center for Common Ground; associate researcher, Global Governance Institute; senior associate researcher, Institute for European Studies, Vrije Universiteit Brussel Dominique Thierry Oil magazine; communications teacher (Fiji); EU and Nato correspondent, RFI; deputy head of the economic service, Radio France International; advisor, Radio Stoplus (Serbia); media programme co-ordinator; French Embassy (Belgrade); project consultant, Beta Press News Agency; project co-ordinator, Radio Television Serbia Muhammad Umar Assistant editor, sports section, The News (Lahore)

Newspaper Samira Ahmed Trainee, BBC; BBC World Service TV; BBC Newsnight; Deutsche Welle TV (Berlin); BBC News 24; presenter, reporter, Channel 4 News; freelance Matthew Bigg Press Association; Good Shepherds Mission; freelance; senior producer, sub-editor, Reuters (Ivory Coast, Nairobi, London); bureau chief, Reuters (Atlanta) Melanie Birch Bournemouth Evening

Echo; editor, Scripture Union; freelance (Christian Press) Rachel Borrill Independent on Sunday; Irish Times (London); Ireland on Sunday Yossarian Brain Coventry Evening Telegraph; Bolivian mountain guide; travel author; died 1999 Yolanda Brooks (née Day) Winchester Gazette; RSPCA publications; Cambridge Evening News; Hobson Publishing; resources editor, commissioning editor, deputy editor, Times Educational Supplement; freelance (Daily Mail) Severin Carrell The Scotsman; lobby journalist, Scotland On Sunday; home news journalist, Independent on Sunday; Scotland correspondent, the Guardian Robert Chote Economics columnist, The Independent; economics editor, Financial Times; speechwriter and adviser, International Monetary Fund; director, Institute for Fiscal Studies; chairman, Office for Budget Responsibility Naomi Coke Yomiuri Shimbun; The Daily Yomiuri (Tokyo); PhD Helena De Bertodano EFE News Agency (Spain); The Sunday Telegraph; freelance; The Times Mandy Garner Book Researcher; P.E.N. International; Enfield Gazette; social affairs, BBC News; features editor, deputy editor, Times Higher Educational Supplement; editor, Working Mums Alexandra Goodwin Eastern Daily Press Michael Harvey Press Association; Daily Mail; news editor, features editor, The Times; communications director, Bite Communications Alex Hunt Gloucester Echo; Liverpool Echo; politics editor, BBC News Online Emma Jones BBC Watchdog; producer, The Money Programme, BBC; entertainment reporter, BBC Breakfast; blogger, Huffington Post Karl Lindemann Associated Press (Warsaw, Bonn) Marianne Macdonald Yorkshire Post; The Independent; The Observer, Life; The Mail on Sunday; features, The Sunday Telegraph Vincent Moss Bristol Evening Post; Mail on Sunday; freelance (Sunday Mirror, The People, House of Commons); political editor, Sunday Mirror Heather Prentice Visnews; UPI (London); Agence France Presse (London); correspondent, Reuters (Milan); Sportswear International (Milan) Gillian Sanders Southern Evening Echo; Childline; Oxford University Press Darius Sinai Johannesburg Star; Agence France Presse ( Johannesburg, Cyprus); The European; The Independent; Esquire; editor, Gold, Escape; editor-inchief, contract publications, Condé Nast Lesley Thomas The Voice; The Sunday Times; features editor, Life magazine; features editor, Daily Express; editor, Daily Express Magazine; deputy editor, Sunday Times News Review; consulting editor, columnist, The

LISTINGS 1990 - 1991 Daily Telegraph; editor, Weekend (The Times) Alice Thomson The Times; associate editor, columnist, The Daily Telegraph Tessa Williams Lively Times; Woman’s Journal

Periodical Stephen Armstrong Media Week; Evening Standard; London News Radio; freelance (Wallpaper, The Face, Sunday Times, GLR) Simon Aughton Online editor, Angela Bell Media and Communications lecturer, West Kent College; Journalism and Communication lecturer, Southampton Solent Institute Richard Benson The Independent; The Face; contributing editor, Evening Standard; GQ; cultural consultant, The Face; freelance (The Observer, The Daily Telegraph, The New York Times, Vogue, GQ); author Karen Benveniste BBC Pebble Mill; BBC Newsround; Take Two; Fan TC; TV producer, Capricorn; series producer, BBC Crimewatch; director, Vanilla Film Production Julian Blake Inside Housing; editor, Roof Magazine; editor, London Bulletin; corporate communications manager; commission for architecture and the built environment Jane Bruton Chat; Wedding and Home; Prima; editor, Living Etc; editor, Eve; editor, Grazia Christina Bunce GP; director, Mediamedica; course leader, MA Professional Writing, University College Falmouth; head of continuing professional development at Academy of Innovation and Research, University College Falmouth Leigh Chambers Fascination; press officer, British Agencies for Adoption and Fostering; head of communications, Muscular Dystrophy Campaign; freelance PR and writing Catherine Cooper Freelance (The Sunday Times, Financial Times, Times Higher Education Supplement); senior reporter, Merger Market Robert Crampton Columnist, The Saturday Times Magazine; interviewer and columnist, The Times Sophie Davies Freelance; NHK Jules Japanese Broadcasting Corp; Just Seventeen; features editor, features director, Elle Decoration Kathryn Godfrey Nursing Times; freelance health writer and editor; clinical editor, Nursing Times Siobhan Gonzales (née Bullick) Arts reporter, BBC Scotland; features, arts and music, BBC; freelance (Brussels) Michele Hart Director, Michele Hart PR Russell Hodson Unknown Tim Hollis Citrus Publishing; Hollis Directories; Asian Sources; Electronic News; Elle Decoration; Sky TV Guide; owner, Tim Hollis Photography Sarah Jarvis (née Anderson) AA Guide to France; freelance

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90 /

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1992 International Hadyat Abiola Newswatch Tesfaye Alemu Ethiopian Geological

RAINER SCHMIDT Job: Freelance author, former editor of Rolling Stone Germany Course: International, 1990

What is your favourite memory from your time at City?

What has been the proudest moment of your career?

A lot of people were very enthusiastic about serious journalism and we had endless debates about politics with the International class. They all really knew how to party and there was a great sense of friendship.

Seeing my own books being displayed on the shelves in major bookstores. I’ve written two novels, How Much Longer (2008) and Liebestänze (2009). What advice would you give to your student self now?

What did you struggle with most at City?

Try out different kind of media – don’t stick just to one. Even after some broadcasting and internet experience I’m still a print-fanatic myself and that doesn´t really help these days.

I stayed out far too long, too many evenings, so getting enough sleep was kind of a problem. Who has been your best interview? The Dalai Lama in Dharamsala and German hard core rock-band Rammstein, in Berlin. Survey; Ethiopian Insurance Corporation Efi-Eftihia Alexandridou PR, Thessaloniki John Amoateng-Kantara Die Zeit TV; freelance filmmaker; editor, freelance reporter, ZDF TV (Germany); author; Collective Intelligence Filomena Maria Avelina Bomfim Professor, Universidade Federal de São João Del Rei Marc Bertola World Entertainment News Network; Reuters; Journalistes Associes de la Mediterranee; teacher Ian Bray Head of public affairs, Oxfam; head of public affairs, IDTG; press office, Oxfam (Oxford) Mary Brazier Press and media relations officer; press officer, foreign affairs, council of the EU Philippe Brodeur (née Greystones) News Producer, BBC London; News editor, TV3 Ireland; director,; lecturer, Entertainment Masterclass; owner, HotAir Media; Director, Aertv Chizuko Broinowski (née Muranaka) Tokyo Broadcasting Service; Yomiuri Shimbun (London, Tokyo); senior research specialist; columnist, Fuji Television (New York); Fujisankei Communications International (New York); author, freelance journalist, translator (Lausanne) Axel Bugge Bureau chief, Thomson Reuters; Associated Press (Oslo); freelance, The European; Associated Press, Dow Jones; Bloomberg; Reuters (Buenos Aires, Brasilia) Bronwyn Cosgrave The European; Zest; Cosmopolitan; Frank; associate editor, Vogue; the Guardian; author; special correspondent, Fashion File Helen DeGraaf Beursdata (Utrecht); Omroepvereniging Vara (Hilversum); Dow Jones (Netherlands) Gillian DeHaan Freelance; CNN, World Business Today; editor, Lehman Brothers Catherine Delgado Freelance; Platform; staff writer, LA Tribune Chetan Dhruve Information Systems Department, Computergram; Overseas Development Agency; MBA student, CASS Business


School; Enix Consulting; IBM; Consultant, Cisco Systems (UK, India); editor,; VP business development, Rrap Software; founder and editor, Michael Dumiak Greenville News (South Carolina); executive editor, Thomson Media; deputy editor, US Banker; freelance; writer and reporter for science, technology and business magazines (Berlin, Germany) Conleth Eleanya Unknown Frank Esser Lecturer, University of Mannheim; assistant professor, Johannes Gutenberg Universität Nina Hanssen Reporter, Arbeiderbladet (Oslo); Kenyan National Daily; freelance (Middle East); reporter, features writer, Aktuelt Perspektiv; features writer, Medieforum (Oslo) Nanna Hepke Bloomberg Business News; Reuters Financial TV Atsuko Kato Freelance (Eikoku News Services); freelance (London); NNA ( Japan); freelance translator, journalist, consultant; translator/ kimono specialist Janet Kerlin Associated Press (Boston); Brown News Service; copy editor, Providence Journal Marie-Alvere Loyau-Kennett Freelance (Paris); administrator, Sheltered Housing Project Francisco Machado Audacia (Lisbon); freelance (Toga, Zaire); priest and missionary, Catholic Mission Malia Mattoch News reporter, Hawaii TV; news anchor, KHON (Honolulu) Andrew McEvoy Executive director, Tourism Ballarat; deputy chief executive, marketing general manager, South Australian Tourist Board; director, Tourism Australia Adla Moukarzel Reporter, Flying Hands Production (New York) Stephen Percy BBC World Service; Panos; FAZ (Rome); Deutsche Welle Radio (Cologne); deputy bureau chief, Dow Jones (Mumbai, London) Richard Tompsett Baltic Times; Nation (Kenya); WENN; Haymarket Publications; WTN; senior producer, Associated Press TV News Catherine Waugh Press officer,

UN; public information officer, UN Mission (South Sudan) Peter Weekes The Advocate (Barbados); died 1995 Shiang-Tze Yeh Daily Express; financial controller, Sabah Publishing House Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)

Newspaper Kate Alderson The Times; died 1996 David Anderson Chester Chronicle; Deeside Chronicle; South Wales Echo; football writer, Press Association; boxing and football correspondent, Daily Mirror James Bethell The Sunday Times; The Independent; managing director, Ministry of Sound Media; manager, strategy and development team, head of new business, Capital Radio; campaign director, Nothing British Matthew Brace Norwich Chronicle; feature and travel writer, night reporter, news editor, The Independent; freelance (The Independent, the Guardian, The Times, The Observer, Sunday Express, Geographical Magazine) Rachel Cooke The Sunday Times; The Daily Telegraph, Style; feature writer, freelance (Evening Standard; The Observer; writer, The Observer) Amy Cooper News and Echo; Take a Break; That’s Life (Sydney); editor, B; deputy editor, Cleo; editor, Pure; freelance Ruth Davis Rex Features; Big Breakfast; Nothing But The Truth; September Films; Princess Productions; executive producer, The Weakest Link, BBC; entertainment editor, Tiger Aspect Productions Sharon Dempsey (née Copeland) Public relations manager; editor, TEC 2000; South Wales Echo; Red Dragon Radio; tutor; columnist, Irish Times health writer, Extreme Parenting; feature writer, Modern Mum; feature writer, Scottish Pharmacist; chief feature writer, Pharmacy in Focus James Gardner Agence France Presse; Intelfax; Independent Media Support; European Captioning Institute; managing director, SDI Media; French dubbing, translation and subtitling; author; researcher; head of strategic communications, Tony Blair’s Office; teacher / 91

LISTINGS 1992 - 1993 Lucy Jones Moscow News; Yomiuri Shimbun; freelance (Vladivostok and New York); Reuters (Central African Republic); broadcast journalist, BBC Online; news editor, online journalist, WFAA Channel 8 James Landale Brussels political correspondent, assistant foreign news editor, The Times; political reporter, chief political correspondent, deputy political editor, BBC News Julia Llewellyn-Smith The Times; The Sunday Telegraph; Daily Express; freelance (The Sunday Telegraph, The Sunday Times); author; freelance (The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph Christopher Lloyd The Sunday Times; Springboard Internet; Immersive Education (Oxford) Timothy Lusher Western Morning News; features editor, Evening Standard; columnist, ES magazine; editor, Guide, deputy features editor, G2, the Guardian; deputy features editor, the Guardian Natalie Meddings TV Quick; freelance (Daily Mail, Sunday Mirror, Real, Eve, Cosmopolitan, She, Marie Claire) Esther Oxford The Independent; Sunday Express; producer and reporter, Sky News; documentary maker, October Films; Mentorn Documentaries; founder of Oxford Media + Medicine Christopher Parker Liverpool Echo & Post; Daily Post; Daily Mail Weekend magazine; scriptwriter, Hollyoaks, Coronation Street, EastEnders Mark Rowe Grimsby Evening Telegraph; foreign desk, Daily Mail; freelance (Independent on Sunday) Sanjay Singhal Trainee, BBC; BBC World at One; senior producer, Newsnight, BBC; development executive, series producer, BBC documentaries Alex Smith International Financing Review; European equities chief correspondent, bureau chief (Spain), equities editor, news, television, Reuters Lucy Smy Citylines; editor, foreign desk, Financial Times; senior lecturer in journalism, Kingston University

Gillian Joseph Job: Anchor, Sky News Course: Broadcast 1991

Harriet Swain Birmingham Post; deputy features editor, Times Higher Education; freelance (the Guardian, The Independent, Times Higher Education Supplement); visiting lecturer, City University London Rajeev Syal The Sunday Times; reporter, The Sunday Telegraph; reporter, The Times Lauren Taylor Political correspondent and newsreader, news correspondent, ITN Kate Townsend Director of documentaries, Yorkshire Television; freelance director, producer, BBC, executive producer, Storyville, BBC John Verity Voice Communications; Money Marketing; personal finance reporter, The Independent; business presenter, Wake Up To Money, BBC 5 Live; personal finance reporter, BBC Tessa Walsh Yorkshire Post; International Financing Review; vice president, Reuters Loan Pricing Corporation; editor, Reuters Ben Webster Nottingham Evening Post; Irish News; The Scotsman; night news editor, transport correspondent, environment editor, The Times

Amanda Cameron (née Armstrong) Writer’s Monthly; New Kent Shopper; Reporter Series; freelance Patrick Chalmers Agence France Presse (Paris); reporter, deputy bureau chief, Reuters (Brussels, London, Kuala Lumpur); author Nicholas C Compton Western Morning News; Classic Boat; Salty Dog Media; editor, Insight City News; editor, Boat News; freelance writer/ photographer Nicholas P Compton Menswear, Arena; freelance (The Observer, The Sunday Telegraph, Independent on Sunday); features director, Wallpaper Michael Day The Doctor; Nursing Times; medical editor, New Scientist; social affairs editor, Health; social affairs editor, Daily Express; health correspondent, The Sunday Telegraph Sharon de Botte (née Beesley) British Dental Journal; Veterinary

Record; editorial manager, Medical Education Network; editorial manager (Europe), Rogers Medical Intelligence Solutions; senior editor, Health Press Nick Edwards Which Computer; Local Government Chronicle; Supply Management; International Freighting Weekly; Planned Savings; editor, Plastics and Rubber Weekly; deputy editor and features editor, editor, Health Service Journal; editor, Construction News; general manager, CRU Group Charles English Gemini; Daily Awaz; The Independent; editor, Friday Review; arts editor, the Guardian; deputy editor, Saturday Guardian Harriet Green Media Week; freelance (Daily Express, Cosmopolitan); news features editor, Campaign; associate features editor, The Daily Telegraph; features director, deputy editor, Harpers and Queen; deputy editor, Harper’s Bazaar; Family editor, the Guardian Michael Hogan More!; Microscope; Just Seventeen; editor, Sky Magazine; freelance (Heat, Time Out, FHM, Marie Claire, The Guardian, The Face); editor at large, EMAP news magazine; editor, Zoo; freelance Elliot Lane International Construction; One Lime Street; freelance (Drinks International,; news editor, deputy editor, editor, Insurance Times Harriet Lane Tatler; feature writer, The Observer; freelance Adam Legge MIMS Weekly; Care of the Elderly; Nursing Times; freelance (Nursing Times, General Practitioner, Doctor, Hospital Doctor, British Medical Journal); editor, Equinox Nursing Magazine; communications consultant; media training; freelance Miranda Levy Cosmopolitan; Daily Mail; Sunday Mirror; features editor, Glamour; contributing editor, Grazia; freelance (Daily Mail, Glamour, Eve, Parenting); editor, Mother and Baby; freelance Nyta Mann The Morning Star; New Statesman; author; freelance (The Independent); Channel 4; UK politics duty editor, political correspondent,

What is your favourite memory from your time at City?

What advice would you give to your student self now?

It was so refreshing to be amongst like minded students who were so passionate and driven. I often remember my lecturers, the wonderful John Dekker and the facetious and thoroughly entertaining Paul Needle. Where are they now?

Truly enjoy the moment. It passes all too quickly. Network and build up your contacts as much as you can so you can hit the ground running.


What has been the proudest moment of your career? Sometimes, it’s hard to feel pride when the subject is so sad. I still remember being one of the first to report on the James Bulger murder when I was in Liverpool.

Who has been your best interview? I was ecstatic when I was told to interview Luther Vandross at the Top of the Pops studios. I was on Newsbeat at Radio 1 at the time. He was my idol. I tried not to be star struck and managed to stay professional until the end of the interview, at which point I whipped out my throw away camera for a quick snap. He was so obliging and a real gent. HANNA IBRAHEEM

92 /

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94 /

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Vicky Breakwall Job: Group Head of News for Orion Media Course: Broadcast, 1994

What is your favourite memory from your time at City?

What did you struggle most with at City?

One of the first tasks I had to do was go down to Smithfield meat market and learn how to do voices – you say what you see and what’s going on around you, and then you phone your report to the radio station. Smithfield is such a vibrant place; it was a great exercise for our first go.

It was done on a shoestring in those days. I see XCity now and see you’ve got great studios and facilities.

What’s been the proudest moment of your career? Last year my Birmingham news team was nominated for a SONY award for Best Breaking News for our coverage of the riots in Birmingham in August 2011. We were the only local commercial radio station nominated in that category.

What advice would you give to your student self now? For broadcasting, getting into radio with as much experience as you can at a variety of stations is important. Also, when you’re approaching radio stations for jobs it’s important to listen to those stations and come with an understanding. Work hard and be nice to people, especially the engineers. GEORGIE BRADLEY / 95

LISTINGS 1994 - 1995 Sharon Wilkinson (née Speller) The Bike Magazine; Cycling Today; organiser, Labour Party Havering and Redbridge; antique shop and pizzeria owner Sarah Woodhead Fashion Weekly; Drapers; Menswear; channel editor,; editor-in-chief, iCircle. com; head of content, Wanadoo; consultant creative director, Digital Media Marianne Young (née Darch) The Times; Fairplay Shipping International (Singapore, London); diplomat; news department, head of African great lakes section, head of East Africa section, Foreign and Commonwealth Office; head of external political section, British High Commissioner to the Republic of Nambia

Broadcast Victoria Breakwell Senior reporter, Severn Sound; senior reporter, news editor, morning crew presenter, community manager, GWR FM, Bristol; deputy programme controller, head of news, Severn Sound; deputy programme controller, news editor, Wyvern FM; deputy head of news, group head of news Orion Media Susan Cain BBC Radio Leeds; BBC Look North Tanya Cohen Freelance (Zenith, NBC News, World of Wonders, Anglia TV); freelance producer

( Juniper TV); freelance series producer Simon Coss European Voice; The Economist; freelance (Paris) Lisa Costello Reporter, producer, LBC; broadcast journalist, BBC Three Counties (Belfast); senior reporter, General News Service; London correspondent, BBC Northern Ireland Elizabeth Davis Essex Radio; news reporter, Metro; Virgin Radio; broadcaster, Traffic Link Joanne Episcopo BBC World Service; correspondent, BBC Madrid; BBC World Service (Spain); World Update, BBC Louise Evans BBC Radio Southern Counties; freelance (National Radio); press officer, Shelter; media relations manager, British Airways Catherine Gluckstein Reuters Television; management trainee, Reuters; Barnes & Noble (New York); media management consultant Susan Haley BBC Radio Jersey Trevor Hodder Reuters Adam Holmes Reporter, producer, breakfast show, BBC Radio York Catherine Jones Mix 96 FM (Aylesbury); NewsDirect FM (London); IRN; ITN; reporter, correspondent, Channel 5 News Wendy Jones Freelance (Southern FM); RSPCA; Meridian Broadcasting; tennis coach; researcher Joanne Littlehales Severn Sound Sharon Mascall-Dare (née Mascall) BBC Radio 5 Live; Euro News; stringer, BBC; columnist, reporter (Melbourne); lecturer, University of South Australia; columnist, On The Record; BBC One Here & Now; BBC

DANIEL BELLAMY Job: Senior producer for Associated Press Television (APTV) Course: International, 1996

What is your favourite memory from your time at City?

What did you struggle with most at City?

There was a story where there had been an attack on an oil rig. We had to run from one room to another, get information from different sources and then update the ‘newswire’. It was utter chaos. I remember enjoying the total incompetence of all the students.

This thing called Quark for designing magazine pages was an absolute nightmare. I couldn’t design anything. You either got it in five minutes, or you struggle with it forever.

What has been the proudest moment of your career? I was working when 9/11 happened. I was at Associated Press, I came in a few hours after the planes had hit, and at that time no one really had a clue what was going on. To be on a massive story like that, you don’t really forget.

What advice would you give to your student self? I would try and learn as many of these new digital skills as possible. A lot of older journalists have enough trouble going on Twitter, let alone anything else. Obviously you need the basic news skills, but I would be keen to move on to the digital revolution, and to find good info from unorthodox sources. Whatever the story is, see if you can add some digital element to it. HANNAH THOMPSON

96 /

Radio Five Live Jeremy Monblat Researcher, assistant editor, editor, Public Eye; The Money Programme; BBC Panorama; BBC Four launch; producer, BBC Lisa O’Sullivan IRN; Classic FM; freelance (TalkSport, Virgin Radio, BBC London, Sky News) Rachel Ward Assistant Producer, A Week in Politics; political producer, Channel 4 News; political correspondent, Sky News; correspondent, GMTV

McClarty) Editor, Out There Magazine; editor, Diversity; publishing manager, Travel and Tourism, Struik Publishers; business manager, Capture Life; Moonshine Media Zita Lichtenberg Duluth News Tribune; Japanese TV; external affairs associate, strategic communications officer, World Bank; died 2011 Alexandra Lin Schraff Group Writing coach and English teacher Jonas Lindgren Freelance (Brussels) Victoria Llosa Intake editor, Associated Press Television News Mary Longmore Reporter, Napier 1995 Telegraph; reporter, Evening Post (New Zealand); sub-editor, The International Nation (Bangkok); Asia-Pacific desk editor, Associated Press (Bangkok); Christina Armondi Unknown freelance (New Zealand, Australia) Maria Armondi Unknown Laura Lui UPI (Zagreb); Reuters; Sebnem Arsu Producer, APTV; freelance translator, European online news editor, Reuters News Parliament Television; reporter, New York Times Serguei Lukianov Editor, Reuters (Turkey) TV (Moscow); Moscow Times; Oliver August The Times (London, producer, BBC World Service Beijing, New York) (Russia) Petroleum Argus Maxim Avdevich Moscow Times Laetitia Mailhes Freelance Sandrine Bates-Blanc Central Press; (San Francisco); San Francisco Discovery Channel; teacher correspondent, Financial Times; US Olga Betko Ranok Magazine; correspondent, Les Echos; Campaign producer, BBC World Service Manager at; (Ukraine); freelance broadcaster/ West-coast correspondent, RTS media trainer/voice-over artist (radio television suisse) Maria Benevides Head of Fazal Malik Research Student, communications, British Embassy Nottingham Trent University; (Brazil) freelance, (the Guardian, News Henriette Borch Saatchi & Saatchi; International, London); Station corporate communications manager, Manager, Community Radio Cisco Systems Station (Ascess Radio) Radio Kenneth Borgenholt Freelance Faza, Radio Dawn (Nottingham, (Denmark); reporter, TV2Denmark; UK); broadcast journalist, BBC reporter, Ritzau; reporter, editor, Network (Birmingham, Leicester, Danish Broadcasting Corportation UK); programme chair, Masters Yevgenia Borisova St Petersburg Programme in Culture and Creative Times; staff writer, Moscow Times Industries, Higher Colleges of Jayson Carcione Thomson Reuters; Technology (UAE); associate dean, acting night editor, The Irish Applied Communication Division, Examiner Higher Colleges of Technology Brian Carroll BBC; managing (UAE) director, Triple Line Consulting Karine Mayer TV producer Globo Maria Cardournie Unknown International (Brazil); freelance TV Maria Conti La Nacion Sa producer, (Sky News, Reuters TV, Ana Cordeiro London Globo International); foreign desk correspondent, Publico; reporter, news editor, Sky News Radio France International Dominique McClarty Capture Life; Suzette Ebanks Cayman Moonshine Media Broadcasting Marina Michalopoulou Planet FM; Anna Evangeli Account executive, Vradini Daily; Ethnos Daily; foreign Adventis Financial PR; senior news desk, NET (Greece); associate, Capital Link chief editor, Adesmeftos Typos Daily Emmanuel Georges-Picot Cols Bleu Kayoko Miyamoto Unknown Magazine; political correspondent, Natanya Mulholland Foreign chief of political services, Associated correspondent, The Sunday Times Press (Paris) ( Johannesburg); Times Media Christiane Groner Unknown Limited; Cape Talk; deputy editor, Kelly Hawke-Baxter Executive Fairlady; publisher, Jonathan Ball director, The Natural Step Illustrated Books/Sunbird Publishers; Kate Heathman Senior journalism freelance lecturer, Liverpool John Moores Samuel Obbo New Vision University; owner, Kate Heathman (Kampala); chief news editor, WBS Media Consultancy Television; news editor, The Voice; Virginia Hristu UNICEF directory editor, Independent Media; (Romania); Piata Financiara copy editor, deputy editor, The Sunday (Bucharest); product marketing, Monitor; editor, director, media Siveco; trade publicity officer, British consultant, Alpha Media; Institute of Embassy (Bucharest) Corporate Governance Chia-yun Hsu Unknown Hiroshi Otabe Associated Press James Kanter Business reporter, (Tokyo) International Herald Tribune; Joakim Palmkvist Sports reporter, Cambodia Daily sub-editor, reporter, Barometern; Michelle Knapp Harries PR and reporter, Sydsvenska Dagbladet publishing; FSW Group; The Writing Enzo Pelosi Unknown Group; communications manager, Dorien Pels Local radio Calgary United Way; senior media (Amsterdam); news reporter, Trouw advisor, relation and communication (Holland) strategy manager, Petro Canada Sigrun Rottmann Associated Press (Frankfurt); Latin American Maryke Kolk Freelance correspondent, Frankfurter (Amsterdam); editor-in-chief, Flair Rundschau; freelance journalist and magazine (Holland) consultant, ActionAid; broadcast Jette Kristiansen Unicorn journalist, BBC World Service and Dominique Le Roux (née

LISTINGS 1994 - 1995

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The Independent; Associated Press Productions; features writer, Bambino communications manager, St Thomas (New York) Goodies Hospital; external relations head, Angharad Lynn (née ap Gwilym) Johnny Davis Assistant editor, NHS Daily Express; freelance, (Daily Newspaper editor, The Face; freelance (The Helen Sage The Lawyer; Marketing Express, The Sunday Times, Mail on Times Magazine, The Sunday Times, Week; Sky TV; BBC Science Sunday, Prima Baby, Junior, She); Independent on Sunday Magazine); Documentaries; producer and John Aglionby Jakarta Pos; South solicitor, Buss Murton Law LLP contributing editor, (Elle, Q director, BBC Documentaries East Asia correspondent, the Rifat Malik East; freelance, Eastern Magazine); brand consultant Ursula Seymour (née Biggs) Interior; Guardian; Indonesia correspondent, Eye; Ministry Magazine Tamsin Douglas Miller Macmillan PC User; Information Week; reviews Financial Times; International John Maslen Welwyn Hatfield Times; Publishers; editor, HarperCollins; 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primary Future; Director of Communications, Lucy Bannell Daily Express; Daily Sunday; The Scotsman; The Sunday school teacher Future plc Mail; features editor, Glamour; deputy Times (Scotland) Edward Eadon-Simpkins Belgravia Stephanie Testaferrata Moroni consumer features editor, deputy Daniel Norris Senior payments Estates Gazette; reporter, The Sunday Viani (née Apap Bologna) food and interior editor, The Sunday officer, welfare rights officer, Camden Telegraph; associate partner, Finsbury Reporter, Institutional Investor; Telegraph; freelance project editor; Council Financial PR editor, International Money cook book editor Megan Nurse Assistant director, Lucy Farndon Knight Ridder Marketing; International Herald Elizabeth Baxter (née Searle) Greater Manchester Police; head Agency; Dow Jones Energy Service; Tribune; freelance Communications manager, of policy, Tameside Metropolitan Dow Jones Company; news business Sian Tichar Freelance, BBC Natwest Bank; head of internal Council reporter, chief city correspondent, World Service, BBC London Live; 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Newsbeat reporter, producer, community Mail on Sunday; publisher com; paralegal, Clifford Chance; Nina Bhagwat Kilroy; IPC; and social affairs correspondent, Simon Quicke Deputy editor and senior documentation analyst, freelance producer and director; BBC News Online; home affairs feature editor, editor, Microscope Goldman Sachs training manager, Think Bigger correspondent, BBC News Timothy Reid The Sunday Jessica Hodgson PC World; PC Sarah Brooks Producer, director, Adrian Dalingwater Researcher, Telegraph; The Sunday Times; news Dealer; Televisual Magazine; BBC Bristol; producer, Maverick Stateside News (Washington DC); reporter, correspondent, The Times Design Week; Press Gazette; Media Television; programme maker, reporter, Western Mail; BBC Online; (Washington) Guardian; media correspondent, Ideal World; series producer, RDF sub-editor,; senior Julie Stewart Edit UK Evening Standard; freelance (the Media; series producer, Ricochet; broadcast journalist, BBC John Weaver Sunday Mercury; Guardian, The Independent); Sunday series producer, Fever Media Sophia Ewen Broadcast journalist, Birmingham Post and Mail; senior Business; UK media companies Sinead Casey Unknown BBC Radio Humberside writer, Bucks Free Press; senior writer, reporter, Dow Jones Matthew Cornell Candidate Carlos Grande Deputy editor, news editor, BMA News Review; Ellie Hughes Girl About Town; assistant, Labour Party New Media Markets; reporter, desk editor, Asia deputy sports editor, freelance, (OK, Chat, Company); Tim Durrans BBC Radio Solent; Western Morning News (Plymouth); Agence France Presse Hendon Times; Heat; chief sub editor, sports editor, BBC Southern editor, Creative Business; senior Matt Wells Edinburgh Evening News; Cosmo Girl; consumer editor, Mother Counties Radio companies correspondent, marketing The Scotsman; US blogs networks and Baby correspondent, Financial Times editor, the Guardian Lee Kynaston Freelance writer, Current Affairs Inger-Johanne Saeterdal Freelance translator and editor in English, Swedish and Danish Despina Taxiarchi Sales manager, Real Consulting George Terzis Aristotle University Basis Advertising Elizabeth Thomas-Raynaud Freelance, (Van City Public Affairs); communications manager, British Columbia Medical Association; policy manager, International Chamber of Commerce (Paris) Karijn Van den Bossche New media consultant, Bartels Verdonk Impuls/ BBDO Amstelveen (Netherlands); account manager, Explainer DC; senior account manager, Bone Advertising; senior project manager, Proximity Pekka Vanttinen Nordicum; freelance (Metro, Helsinki Happens, The Daily Telegraph, Visio, Nokia, Image, Anna,, Northern Enterprise, Theatre); contributing editor, Image Publishing, Helsinki Happens; contributor, A4 Media John Walenga Indigenous People’s Business Council Andrew Webb-Vidal Plymouth Evening Herald; Bloomberg News; Latin America correspondent, Financial Times, Jane’s Intelligence Review; Columbia correspondent, Financial Times / 97

LISTINGS 1995 - 1997 Conrad Evans BBC Radio Cornwall; BBC TV (Plymouth); BBC News 24; Nokia Alison Gee Freelance (GWR, BBC Somerset, Wiltshire, Bristol); BBC Radio Gloucestershire; senior broadcast journalist, business programmes, BBC World Service Howard Gossington FT Radio; actor; writer, Direct Gov website; voiceover artist; Middle East desk editor, Agence France Presse; website content editor, Direct Gov; freelance web editor, Department for Communities and Local Government Paul Hagger Premier Radio; BBC Local Radio; BBC Radio Newsroom/ GNS; BBS Business Unit; BBC World Service; Deutsche Welle Radio; Defra Press Office; Freelance Premier Radio; freelance, (BBC World Service, BBC Radio 4 News Programmes); broadcast journalist, BBC News Channel Henrietta Harrison Freelance; producer, reporter, BBC Radio Michael Hollingdale Freelance; Swiss Radio International; UN Joanna Kelly Euronews; Babel TV (Lyon); production journalist Adam Livingstone BBC TV (Bristol); senior broadcast journalist, BBC Newsnight Rebecca Lovell BBC Radio (Cambridge); World Service Television; BBC Newsround; BBC Firstsight; reporter, assistant producer, Liquid News, BBC Three Elizabeth McCabe Assistant news editor, Sky Sports Harriet Saxton RDF TV; Reuters TV; freelance Samantha Simmonds Freelance; BBC News 24; reporter, BBC Breakfast; BBC London Alastair Wanklyn Freelance; bureau chief, Feature Story News Paul Wilson Unknown Sarah Wood Reuters TV; MSN Entertainment (USA)

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98 /

Advertising Agency; PR manager, Nord-Trondelag Theatre; information officer, Norwegian Radio Station Protection Authority; information advisor, Directorate for Nature Management Tijen Tanyel Unknown Haralambos Tsirimonakis Super Sport Channel (Athens); died 2003 Karine Vandenhove Freelance Marianne vanden Zaag Unknown Mariya Zhuk European Media Institute (Ukraine); Credit Agricole CIB (Ukraine) Diana Zileri Freelance; BBC World Service (Latin America)

Newspaper Martin Anderson Newcastle Evening Chronicle; Irish News; BBC; freelance Muniya Barua Liverpool Post; London News Network; CNN; media officer, Royal College of Nursing Melanie Bien The European; Sporting Life; personal finance editor, Independent on Sunday; press officer, head of media relations, Savills Private Finance Christopher Bunting Halifax Evening Courier; freelance, (The Independent, Times Educational Supplement, Times Higher Education Supplement) Fiona Callister Liverpool Post; news editor, deputy editor, The Lawyer; press officer, senior media officer, head of media, CAFOD Suzanna Chambers Cambridge Evening News; Press Association; Evening Standard; Daily Express; Mail on Sunday; features writer and reporter, News of the World; freelance (France) Kate Connolly Prague News; the Guardian (Prague); Germany correspondent, Berlin correspondent, The Daily Telegraph; Germany correspondent, the Guardian, The Observer Zoe Dare Hull Daily Express; arts editor, Sunday Express; freelance Anthony Dovkants Press Association; bureau chief, Dow Jones (Brazil) Susan Emmett Bloomberg TV; Weekend Money; The Times Business, Elle; deputy property editor, The Times; freelance Jack Enright BBC; BBC Radio Cornwall; BBC News (Belfast); BBC Current Affairs (Manchester); assistant producer, BBC Panorama Henry Fitzherbert Daily Express; film critic and gossip columnist, Sunday Express Peter Foster The Times; news feature writer, South Asia correspondent, The Daily Telegraph David Garfinkel Daily Mirror; The Sun; editor, managing editor, London Jewish News Amelia Gentleman Press Association; the Guardian (Moscow); deputy foreign editor, Paris correspondent, the Guardian; India correspondent, International Herald Tribune; the Guardian Graham Harvey Freelance; Cambridge Evening News; Hounslow Chronicle; sub-editor, Evening Standard Joanna Hill (nĂŠe Snicker) Le Shuttle Magazine; Derby Evening Telegraph; assistant news editor, deputy news editor, Nottingham Evening Post Andrew Holt Institutional Investor; PR Week; Portfolio International; New Hampshire Publishing; MSM International

Sri Jegarajah East; Dow Jones; Bloomberg; CNBC Asia TV; Associated Press, Dow Jones (Singapore) Stephen Lyle Channel 4; BBC Sport, Grandstand; producer, BBC sport Maurice Mcleod The Voice; freelance, (The Independent, Daily Express); director, Snow Media; director, Marmoset Media; executive editor, Engage Stuart Millar Scotland editor, The Observer; special projects, assistant deputy editor, the Guardian Fraser Nelson Scotland and political correspondent, The Times; political editor, The Scotsman; The Business; editor, The Spectator Cherry Norton The Sunday Times; The Independent; Tokyo correspondent, The Sunday Times; freelance (New York); The Times Hannah Pool Commissioning features editor, the Guardian Caroline Ryan BMA News Review; Pulse; Nursing Times; health, BBC News Online Jeremy Scott-Joynt Total Telecom; Gemini News Service; CommsWeek International; AFX News; BBC News Online; associate, Financial Services Authority; regional head of financial crime investigations, Standard Chartered Bank Ava Soe Rochdale Observer; press officer, Leeds City Council; senior reporter, news editor, Middleton and North Manchester Guardian; freelance Nicole Veash Trainee, Daily Mirror; The Independent; The Observer; press secretary, Minister for Trade; press officer, Foreign Commonwealth Office; head of strategy, consultant, Home Office Kirsty Walker Social affairs, political correspondent, Daily Express; political correspondent, Daily Mail Thomas Whitwell LineOne; Ministry Magazine; features editor, editor, Mixmag; deputy editor, The Face; editor, Fit Magazine; editorial consultant, IPC

Periodical Ronke Adeyemi Caribbean Times; Black Media Journal; Kudos; press and marketing officer, Manchester Commonwealth Film Festival; marketing executive, Romeite Media Solutions; marketing manager, University for the Creative Arts Neil Armstrong Precision Marketing; Press Association; commissioning editor, Mail on Sunday Karen Brown Unknown Emma Creamer Daily Mirror; Kilroy; Cutting Edge; Cosmopolitan; Real; features editor, Good Housekeeping Marianne Curphy Freelance, (The Telegraph, the Guardian, The Times); freelance financial reporter, (Look) Marie Dill Shoe & Leather News; deputy editor, Retail Jeweller; editor, Fashion Jeweller Kate Finnigan Film & TV Week; Now; Big!; deputy editor, J17; senior features writer, Elle Olaf Furniss Cyberia; editor, Fono; freelance, (Billboard, Music Week, i-D, Under the Radar, The Scotsman); BBC Claire Handley Press Gazette; Broadcast; Channel 4; Sky TV; Rapido TV; associate producer and director, Big Brother; Cactus TV; Talkback Productions; freelance producer, BBC; assistant psychologist, The Priory

LISTINGS 1995 - 1997 Colette Harris Editor, Here’s Health; editor, Health Plus; editor, You & Your Wedding; editor, Emap Esprit; freelance editor and writer; author; creative communications director, Atlantis Healthcare Andrew Higgins Sub-editor, deputy production editor, production editor, Weekend Financial Times Emily Humphries Good Housekeeping; producer, BBC; freelance, (GMTV, This Morning, Carlton Factual Entertainment); producer, Terry and Gaby Show; producer, The Wright Stuff; freelance Georgina Kalzoe-Card PR, London Millennium Party; Kensington & Chelsea Times; Good Hotel Guide Lucinda Kemeny Retail News Agent, Charles Barker Publishing; Precision Marketing; Accountancy Age; Teletext; The Sunday Times Business Darron Kirkby Music News Asia; Travel Trade Gazette; sub-editor Stuart Livingstone-Wallace Bahrain Tribune; Agence France Presse; editor, Bloomberg Victoria McCulloch Spirit; UPCTV; editor, Innergy; editor, Thorsons website; yoga teacher Nicholas Mcquade The Voice; Press Association; Irish Independent; The Scotsman; chief sub-editor, The Scottish Sun Jane Morris Editor, International Arts Manager; editor, Museums Journal; freelance (the Guardian, Art World; editor, The Art Newspaper) Akin Ojumu IPC; TV Times; Neon; music editor, commissioning editor, The Observer Ben Osborne Author, dance editor, dotmusic; freelance, (the Guardian, Xfm, The Independent, The Times, DJ magazine, Music Week); music content manager; BT Rich Media; head of programming, Dela Ware; director, Noise of Art Christina Pishiris Televisual; TV trade press; Televisual; C21 Media James Plouf Publisher, Marco Polo;;;;; Itrav Bronwen Roscoe SJP Publishing; Avaya; Accenture; senior strategy adviser, BBC; freelance Fiona Sandiford Teletext; Minx; New Woman; senior features writer, features editor, Cleo; freelance, (Daily Mirror, Press Association, More, B, New Woman); commissioning editor, Top Santé; freelance James Snodgrass Multimedia Magazine; Tomorrow’s World Stuff; consulting editor, Top Gear Special Projects; NME; Haymarket Alison Taor (née Laferla) The Lawyer; media liaison officer, University of New South Wales; senior manager, Allens Arthur Robinson Christopher Taylor Leisure Week; deputy editor, Media Week; director of corporate communications, head of media relations, IPC Media Catherine Tillotson Institutional Investor; Global Private Banking; FX Week; director of research, Scorpio Harriet Worthington (née Hanmer) Africa Analysis; probation officer; director, Equest Partnership

Broadcast Stephen Baker BBC Essex; Press Association; The Independent Joshua Bashett Radio City FM; BBC Newsgathering; senior

broadcast journalist, BBC; executive producer, Bloomberg Robin Brant Reporter, GWR FM; ITN News Direct; political correspondent, BBC Radio 1; correspondent, Feature Story News; political correspondent, BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat; political correspondent, Malaysia correspondent, BBC News Sally Bundock (née Jackson) Freelance; producer and presenter Bloomberg TV; presenter, BBC World business report; producer Mark Chapman Announcer, BBC; sport and breakfast DJ, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 5 Live; presenter, BBC Final Score, BBC Radio 5 Live Colette Cooney Reporter, Meridian TV; reporter, BBC; producer, CNN; BBC Northampton Radio; tutor, City University Anne Dawson Manx Radio; BBC Radio Ulster; senior press officer, Federation of Small Businesses; media manager, Barnardo’s Channah Durlacher Reporter, producer, RTL (Amsterdam); producer, 2Vandaag; AVRO Rachel Harries Channel One TV; video journalist, ITN; reporter and presenter, Meridian Emma Jefferson Freelance; BBC World Service; radio producer, news programme, British Forces Beth Jones Broadcast journalist, BBC News 24; Eurovision on Location; Liquid News; Newsround; BBC Radio 5 Live; Kiss 100; BBC News 24 Joanna Kean BBC Southern Counties; freelance (Sky TV); senior broadcast journalist, BBC Radio Louise Ann McMullen Radio 210 (Reading); newsreader, Radio Geneva Katherine Melandri GLR; senior broadcast journalist, BBC London Stephen Mort The Eagle; IRN; Southern bureau, Feature Story News Sean Napier News editor, Westsounds; freelance Rishaad Salamat Bloomberg Oonagh Smyth IFJC (Paris) Nigel Stevenson BBC Radio Stoke; producer, presenter, Bloomberg; APS Chartered Surveyors Rachelle Walton Southern Counties Radio; presenter, CNBC; freelance (BBC News 24, BBC World Service)

1997 International Rebecca Abecassis Executive editor,

HAROON RASHID Job: Editor of BBC Pakistan Course: International, 1997

RTP International; Cable News David Katz Unknown Channel; international news editor, Sarita Khajuria Children’s news, producer, SIC TV Channel 4; died 2003 Mohammed Al-Harthi Managing Rosemary Konkola Radio and TV director, editor-in-chief, Arrajol controller, ZNBC (Kitwe) Gayle Alleyne The Nation; SaunderNasia Koutra Ethnos Daily Franklyn Associates; senior sports Newspaper; attorney writer, Royal Gazette Newspaper; Annegret Loges DM magazine; medical relations officer, corporate financial editor, Der Spiegel; business communications manager, Twenty20 reporter, Norddeutscher Rundfunk; West Indies 2010; freelance; editorial, Hans Boeckler Foundation communications Manager, London Nabila Malick (née Zar) Incharge Olympics; communications manager, Publications; editor, Brides and You; Badminton World Federation columnist, The Nation; Incharge Haroon Ashraf Senior editor, The Publications; presenter, Pakistan TV; Lancet; executive editor, Nature director of advocacy, Family Planning Iben Augusten DR-Radio P1; The Association of Pakistan; script writer Marketplace; reporter, DR News; and translator; BBC World financial, foreign desk, DBC News Anna Mathews Editorial, Corporate Gerry Brahm Unknown Publishing International; senior Irene Bwire Editor, Majira on account exec, Cor; sub-editor, The Sunday; assistant press secretary to Week Prime Minister Jemma Melville News reporter, NBC Angela Chitkara CNBC America; Radio; news editor, First FM Radio; founder and Cheif Executive Officer, information officer, Agency for Public US India Corridor Information Hayden Coppin Dennis Strong Thabo Motlamelle Public Eye; Associates; marketing specialist, Chief Executive Officer, TM Media Arawak Cement; marketing manager, Solutions (Lesotho) Premix and Precast Concrete; sales Carol Nahra Head of development; manager, Cable and Wireless freelance (Stampede) Claudia Coumans School of Sebastian Naidoo Freelance (The Journalism (Utrecht); National Dutch Big Issue, OneWorld Online); Television; writer, Euroviews international news editor, Human Christine Cowern Canadian Rights News Service; managing Broadcasting Corporation; account editor, Reliefweb manager, Iris Communications; (United Nations); communications freelance specialist, UN Eric Pape Cambodia Stanislas Dembinski Reuters Daily; Newsweek Paris; freelance Alex Falkinhoff CNN Spanish; international reporter correspondent, Monitor (Mexico) Enzo Pelosi Financial Times (San Maria Falkinhoff Radio Francisco); business correspondent, correspondent monitor, Mexican Agence France Presse radio; director, The Argentine Trading E.Job Rajan Unknown Company Ltd Haroon Rashid Herald Magazine Vincent Fournier Unknown (Pakistan); Pakistan correspondent, Akiko Funamoto (née Kamimura) BBC; Reliefeweb Unit; editor, BBC Assistant manager, International Pakistan Communications School Ayako Saito Japanese-language Jennifer Furmidge Product manager, magazine JP Morgan Saiphon Sarabutra Unknown Marie Gunnarsson Hege Talsnes Information advisor, Vincent Hoberg Unknown Norwegian Radiation Protection Benjamin Holst-Olsson Freelance Authority; senior communications Kristin Hulaas Sunde Press Officer, advisor, The Norwegian Directorate Amnesty’s International Secretariat; of Nature Management editor, Save the Children; freelance Costas Tsindas Radio Institute for reporter, writer and editor; senior Cyprus editor, Amnesty’s International Jeany van der Spuy (née Haggerty) Secretariat Institutional Investor; reporter, Rosalind Isaacs Unknown International Financing Review Pirrko Juntunen Global Money Gareth Vaughan CBS Market Management; Financial News Watch; The Independent; Dominian online Post; The New Zealand Herald Chris Kaklamanis Attorney, Sissel Wessel-Hansen Nordlys Vgontzas & Associates (Tromso)

What is your favourite memory from your time at City?

What advice would you give to your student self now?

My teacher, the experienced journalist Colin Bickler. We used to have long chats with him about his worldwide experiences. It was educational and funny at the same time.

City University offers one of the best practical journalism courses in the UK, so make the most of it. I chose it for this reason and have benefitted a lot from it.

What has been the proudest moment of your career?

Who has been your best interview?

Winning the BBC World Service Best Reporter Award in 2007 for my coverage of militancy in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s tribal regions.

I have the odd distinction of interviewing most of the Pakistani Taliban leaders, including Nek Mohammad, Baitullah Mehsud and Hakeemullah Mehsud. This gave me an in-depth insight into militancy in the region. MATTHEW LAMBERT / 99

LISTINGS 1997 - 1998

News; freelance, (the Guardian, The David Lewis Highbury & Islington Revolution US; Revolution Australia; Independent, The Times, Telegraph, Express; MA, creative writing, Campaign; freelance (Evening ZDNet); professional blogger, Who’s University of East Anglia; freelance Standard); Revolution UK; deputy the Mummy; founder, copywriter; File, BBC Radio 4; editor, Broadcast Blogging Network David Brooks Senior assistant editor, Laurence Frost Press service, King’s Malik Meer Freelance, (The Face, North American editor, content Rebecca Allison L’Alsace (France); Fund; internship in press service, Arena, the Guardian Guide, Daily manager, Metal Bulletin; editor, Press Association; night news European Commission (Brussels); Express); documentary unit, BBC American Metal Market; deputy reporter, assistant news editor, the Radio 1; Ministry magazine; special editor, AMM (Pittsburgh); Guardian reporter, Radio France Internationale (Paris); business reporter, projects team, IPC; editor, Muzik; editorial vice president, American Mark Austin The Sunday Times; European Voice, Economist Group assistant editor, NME; editor, the Metal Market, Euromoney Finsbury Group; associate, solicitor, (Brussels); business writer, Guardian Guide Group Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer Associated Press (Paris); transport Matthew Mezey News editor, Penny Byrne (née Tapp) Chris Ayres Business technology, reporter, Bloomberg (Paris); French Library and information update Assistant editor and sub-editor, media business, e-business, New automotive correspondent, Reuters Lucie Morris Press Association; Green Futures; producer and York business correspondent, (Paris); European automotive South West correspondent, Daily assistant producer, SmallWorld LA correspondent, West Coast correspondent and team leader, Mail; reporter, Femail, Daily Mail; Productions; freelance, (Fitness First, correspondent, The Times; Reuters (Paris) feature writer, Daily Mail Parentwise, Angel, Farmer’s Weekly, correspondent, Monitor (Mexico) Julian Guyer Hayters Sports Stephen Morris Freelance; manager, MS Society magazine, Joanne Beaney Press officer, Agency; sports editor, Agence France Stephen Alexander Morris Physiotherapy Frontline, Sprouts Alzheimer’s Society Presse (London) Amanda Newman Freelance, Daily magazine) Colin Blackstock Freelance Mark Henderson Science Express, Independent on Sunday, Hannah Crabtree Creative (Independent on Sunday, Daily Mail); correspondent, The Times Southwark News; The Wharf; product Elements; Prince’s Royal Trust; night news editor, the Guardian Amelia Hill Glasgow Herald; The reporter, Money Marketing; Pension Raleigh International; press office, Jon Brodkin Sports journalist, the Strategy; Protection Strategy Save the Children; press officer, Guardian Scotsman; news reporter, education correspondent, The Observer Glen Owen Diary, education, The ActionAid (Brazil) Emma Burstall Novelist Chris Hughes Researcher, BBC; Times; Mail on Sunday Emma Elms Editor, TFI London; Tanya Datta BBC Documentaries; freelance (CNN, London Financial Georgina Pattinson News, features, student pages, Regradiate; senior trainee, producer, ITN News; News); Investors Chronicle; The Press Association; senior broadcast writer, B Magazine; senior features researcher, producer, BBC Radio 4 Independent; PR consultant, financial journalist, BBC News Online writer, Cosmopolitan; editor, The Jamie Doward Deputy business markets correspondent, associated Raekha Prasad The Big Issue; reporter, Graduate; deputy features editor, editor, social affairs editor, religious editor, Breaking Views the Guardian; foreign desk, Times Marie Claire affairs correspondent, diarist, The Online Livvy Fernandes Arthritis Care; Observer Andrea Hunt (née Von Der Banck) Hill & Knowlton; European PR Richard Price Liverpool Daily Post assistant editor, Baby Magazine; Andrew England Investment Week; manager, Xerox Europe; freelance & Echo; Daily Mail; senior reporter, freelance Nursing Standard, Lifebyte. Agence France Presse (Nairobi); Michael Leventhal Assistant editor, Daily Mail Scotland; general reporter, com, Total Guides; press officer, Associated Press (Nairobi); East Diary, Daily Express; Science editor, features, Daily Mail Leukaemia Research Fund; coAfrica correspondent, Financial Times Daily Express; director, Greenhill Rosa Prince Daily Mirror (Belfast, ordinator, information and press Sally Flood (nee Whittle) Staff Books; publisher, Frontline Books; Glasgow); Sunday Mirror; The officer, Nursing Leukaemia writer, Information Week; T3; founder & director, Gefiltefest Independent; reporter, political Emma E Forrest Editor, G-Club. freelance (Mobile Choice); features Jewish food charity correspondent, The Mirror net; editor, Dazed Group websites; editor, Computing; editor, EO Job Rabkin Line One;; freelance, (Dazed and Confused, trainee, BBC; BBC GMR; BBC Another Magazine, Nylon Magazine, Westminster; producer, BBC News; Intersection, Metro International); producer, specialist producer, Channel editor, Intersection; F1 Red Bulletin; 4 News freelance, (New York Times Style, City JAMES CADMAN Nandini Sukumar European news AM, Mixte); new media editor, Dazed reporter, Bloomberg and Confused; features editor, City Sophie Walker Reuters (Paris); senior AM; motoring editor, global travel Job: Head of tablet sub editor, EMEA business copy, editor, Metro International edtions, Metro trade correspondent and deputy Noam Friedlander Four Four Two; editor, energy and commodities, Spice Girls books; Manchester United Course: Newspaper, 1999 Reuters (Washington); diplomatic magazine; The Sunday Times; Daily affairs correspondent, House of Express; Haymarket; the Guardian; Commons; specialist lead writer,; freelance, (The Reuters Times, The Net,; digital editor, Time Out (London); script writer, Hewland; TwoFour Productions; The Daily Telegraph; Periodical script writer (LA); freelance, (The Daily Telegraph, the Guardian, The What did you struggle with most What is your favorite memory from your Times, She) Lucy Aitken Publications manager, Alex Gatrell Reporter, Commercial during your time at City? time at City? PPA; freelance (Total Film); Lawyer Magazine; producer, associate editor, EMAP Media; LineOne; launch editor, bun. Shorthand, and I’m sure I’m not I would say it’s probably The Bull, news editor, Music and Media; com; online editor, The Sun; online alone in that. It’s one of those things the pub that was near the campus, associate editor, M and M Europe; producer, Channel 4 News; head of world editor, Campaign; freelance video content, head of production, where it’s something new and you’re which has now changed. I particularly (Contagious, Campaign, The ITN ON; digital publisher, Harper a student and they want you in at remember they used to play Independent, Management Today, Collins nine in the morning everyday. And Portishead’s album. It’s one of those Revolution, Voyager, Eureka); Anita Hall Runners World; freelance, if you don’t like it, it’s not exactly things where youshould never go back author Attitude Howard Baker Freelance, New Emma Hayley Freelance, Neon; something you’re going to be to somewhere that you have fond Scientist; lead producer, BBC Hobsons; Arcturus Publishing; jumping for joy about. memories of because it may have Interactive Factual and Learning; Island Life; sub-editor, Spain; changed and this was one of those senior content producer, BBC; mediasolutions; Metro Media What advice would you give to your examples. We went always every Friday commissioning editor, BBC Jam Kaspa Hazlewood Media & Hannah Baldock Chief reporter, Marketing (Hong Kong); sales student self now? and at the end of a particularly tough Building; freelance (RIBA Journal, and marketing director, Arcturus day. Property Week, World Architecture, Icon, Publishing; managing director, I would say be more assertive. Think Intersection); freelance Latin Candour about what you want to do, what kind What has been the proudest moment of America correspondent, (The Dorian Lynskey Reviews editor, Business Times, The Sunday Times, Mixmag; music critic, The Big Issue; of responsibilities you want to have, your career? the Guardian, The Observer, Daily freelance (Select, Q, Mixmag, Sky, work and push yourself to make Telegraph, The Independent on Sunday, Muzik, The Big Issue, yourself known. It would be last year when we won the Icon Magazine, Intersec); freelance Evening Standard, the Guardian, newspapers award for app of the year. Celine Bijleveld Trainee sub-editor, Arena, Word, Blender, Total Film, EL Gazette (TEFL); production Empire) editor, Financial Times Business; Alison Macarthur Editor, Agenda; deputy production editor, freelance feature writer, Focus; health production editor, editor, Now; freelance Sasha Mansworth Assistant editor, HANNA IBRAHEEM Emily Booth Marketing Direct; Executive Woman; education


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LISTINGS 1997- 1998 correspondent and news reporter, senior producer, ITV Chris Brauer Virtue broadcasting, South Wales Argus; communications, Liza Booth Freelance, BBC Radio Ananova; management consultant, University Wales College; freelance 4; Palace Radiol; BBC Radio 5 Live; PricewaterhouseCoopers; (Scottish Daily Record, Sunday Mail, BBC Thames Valley; reporter, senior Smoothmedia; sociology and Edinburgh Evening News, Sunday reporter, BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat computing PhD, Goldsmiths Herald, Best); features writer, Glasgow Katie Breathwick Century 105; College, University of London; Evening Times; feature writer, presenter, LBC News; presenter, New course leader, online journalism, Scottish Daily Record; South West Direct; breakfast news, Classic FM City University News; communications, North Nick Cosgrove Labour Friends of Christiane Buehler Bloomberg Somerset Council, Arcadia Housing, Israel; Juniper Productions; senior TV (London); Bloomberg News Weston College, Wales Audit producer, reporter, BBC News (Frankfurt); Reuters Financial Office Miranda Eeles APTV; producer, News (Germany); Touristik Vicky Millar Freelance, The Scotsman; Channel 4 News; BBC (Iran); Report (Frankfurt); press officer, assistant editor, Harvill Press; book communication officer, UNICEF DeTown; press agent, Dertour; editor, associate editor, Bloomsbury Al Eykyn Sports editor, IR travel consultant, Sprachcaffe and Publishing Theo Fairley Trainee, senior Languages Plus; flight attendant, John Mullen People Management; broadcast journalist, BBC 10 Lufthansa German Airlines freelance, (Select, Mojo, The Net); O’Clock News Helen Castell Institutional editor,; production Jo Fitzgerald (née Pitt) Pineapple; Investor (London); Derivatives Week trainee, assistant producer, BBC; TV producer; freelance (Hong Kong); freelance BBC Vassos Georgiadis Bloomberg; Clare Cheung ICM; Hong Kong Faith Penhale Media Week; producer, TransWorld Sport Standard; Hong Kong i-mail; Broadcast; Guardian New Media; Jonathon Hughes Senior producer, Bloomberg LLP; associate partner, researcher, BBC; script editor, series APTN; desk editor, NBC News Troutman Sanders editor, BBC Drama; script editor, Box (Mexico City); VT editor, Cactus Marina Chichua Freelance, BBC TV; script executive, Spooks, BBC; Film; camera operator, BBC Moscow World Service Image magazine script editor, development executive, Alison Kirkham Freelance (Georgia) head of TV development, Kudos (BBC Radio, ITN, Granada TV); Stavroula Chorinou Investors Film and TV researcher, Right to Reply, Channel Chronicle; P&K Securities (Greece); Warren Pole Deputy editor, Ride; 4; producer, Tonight with Trevor equities analyst, Alpha Finance; freelance, Superbike; freelance, McDonald; executive producer, BBC investment manager, Bluehouse (Mail on Sunday, The Times, The daytime Capital; managing partner Gem Independent); freelance Suzy Klein Freelance, BBC Radio 4; Partners investigative feature writer BBC Late Review; assistant producer, Elena Cosentino Associate producer, Shaun Pye The Commercial Lawyer; producer, BBC Arts producer, CNN; freelance TV The Lawyer; freelance television Cordelia Kretzschmar News Direct; producer, BBC, Channel 4 writer reporter, ITN Radio; reporter, Luigi Del Prete Member of regional Steven Ranger Network Week; GMTV; presenter, CT FM; freelance, parliament Computing; managing editor, vnunet. (The Big Breakfast, Sky News); New Paulo Dias MBA Imperial College com; freelance; business editor, York correspondent, GMTV; reporter, Ranjeeta Dutt McGroarty BBC London Researcher, emerging markets, Vicky Rees Freelance (Haymarket Elma Maxim BBC Radio 5 Live; LSE; senior financial journalist, Publishing); sub-editor, Financial reporter, GMTV; arts producer, BBC Lloyds Shipping Economist Times; financial advisor; deputy Bridgid Nzekwu News, The Big Job Eliazer publisher, Dallas production editor, production editor, Breakfast; Channel 5; reporter, First Monthly News BBC Edition; reporter, Channel 4 News Victoria Stagg Elliott Senior Francesca Syz Editorial assistant, Siobhan O’Connor Assistant reporter, American Medical News Wallpaper; Condé Nast Traveller; producer, Pearson TV Leslie Esparza Freelance; CNN features editor, New Eden; features Steve Palmer 97.3FM News Direct; Stephanie Fontenoy French editor, research editor, contributing producer, BBC London Live; trustee, Embassy (London); international editor, Condé Nast Traveller Charity Comms; press and public news journalist, RTBF; US Anthony Thornton Freelance (The affairs manager, Social Care Institute correspondent, Daily La Libne Independent, Q Magazine); music for Excellence Belgique; finance journalist, La editor, (Music Week); Colin Paterson Freelance, (GLR, Croix; US correspondent, La Libre editor,; eeviews editor, Mentorn, BBC, Esquire, the Belgique new media consultant, NME; editor Guardian) Gidon Freeman Freelance, (the in chief, IPC Ignite Online; digital Tom Pfeiffer Editorial, senior subGuardian; Kyodo News); news editor, development director, digital group editor, Reuters executive editor, PR Week; editor, IPC Media David Shanks Researcher, LWT political and media consultant, Victoria Thornton Rees Deputy Factual Programmes; Television Lexington Communications; Production Editor, Investors correspondent, World Media (Peru) director of regulation and Chronicle; production editor, BBC government affairs, NBC How to be Better Off; production Universal editor, Financial Times; production Miki Garcia Reporter, The Examiner 1998 editor, Investors Chronicle Lourdes Garcia-Navarro Freelance radio journalist, producer, Associated Robert Waugh LineOne; International Press, Voice of America, APTN PlayStation Plus; commissioning Colombia; radio correspondent, editor, Stuff; sub-editor, Associated Press ( Jerusalem, commissioning editor and writer, London); bureau chief, NPR Night and Day; Live (Mexico) Dominic White Supply Rezwan ul-Alam Assistant Georgios Georgakopoulos Press Management; Building; street. communication officer, UNICEF officer (Greece); English section; telecoms correspondent and (Bangladesh) editor, Parikiaki; UK correspondent, connected editor, communication Mi-Kyoung Ahn Unknown Eleftheros Typos industries editor, Daily Telegraph Fareena Alam Editor, Q News Julius Gittens Senior information Martin Worster LineOne; Maria Anguita Editor, Nexus specialist, Caribbean News dance editor,; editor, Media; deputy clinical features Agency; consultant, Observer Radio; uprush (BTOpenworld); business editor, GP; Associate Publisher, Quay programme director, Caribbean director,; Books Environmental Reporters Network; author Barbara Arvanitidis Online producer, journalist and presenter, producer, ITN; assistant producer, Caribbean Today; Carib Vision/ CNN; correspondent, BBC; Caribbean Media Corporation; assistant producer, BBC Current Broadcast JPAGmedia; associate, Right Angle Affairs; producer, CNN Imaging Inc. Agnes Banda Senior feature writer, Helene Gram Multimedia producer; The Times of Zambia producer, project manager, Boxen Tom Barkley Trade reporter, Mexico Technology AS Paul Adabie Social worker correspondent, Dow Jones Kim Gurney Reporter and Nandini Banerjee Researcher, BBC Doina Basca Media consultant, news editor, FT Business; reporter, Watchdog; school volunteer director, Top Audience Community Radio South Africa; Zoe Bloomfield Trainee, BBC News; Kerry Benefield Reporter, reporter (South Africa); FT senior broadcast journalist, BBC The Shreveport Times; political Business (London); freelance South; senior producer, GMTV; correspondent, Press Democrat

Myria Hadjimatheou Reporter, Must; VAT officer, Ministry of Finance Jennifer Hanawald Bloomberg Television (Tokyo); freelance, American Chamber of Commerce journal;; The Times; freelance Jessica Hasslen Freelance graphic artist, Everglade Floridian; St Cloud State University; sales associate, Aurora Photos; freelance, the National Geographic Society; freelance documentarian and photographer Valerie Herczeg Freelance (Paris) Jennifer Irwin Bloomberg Krisztina Katona BBC documentaries; Dafur Emergency, United Nations; media and external relations, UNICEF; series producer, Tiger Aspect Nelly Kelzi Press officer, University of Western Sydney; BridgeNews (Sydney); news reporter, AFX Asia; freelance; teacher Titia Ketelaar Reporter, editor, foreign desk, UK and Ireland correspondent, NRC Handelsblad Roshan Khadivi Freelance, BBC World Service; CNN (Washington); head of Tajikistan bureau, Internews Network; regional project manager, Asia-IRIN News Outreach Radio (Kabul); regional project manager, Irin News (Afghanistan); Office of Communication & Public Information; UN (Afghanistan); chief media and external relations spokeswoman (UNICEF); communications officer, United Nations Peacebuilding Comission Natalie Knight Head of news, CCN TV6 Trinidad Birgit Kolboe Bohemen Sportspub; Nettsport; Football 247; freelance, Itaru Konno; Nippon Digital Communications; PT NNA Indonesia Delphine Liou-Brugeilles TV journalist, Bloomberg (London, Paris) Antoine Lokongo Freelance (Congo) Karen Mahabir Village Voice (New York); International Herald Tribune; Jersey Journal; crime reporter, The Bergen Record (New Jersey) Gilbert Manda Features writer, The Times and Sunday Times (Zambia); editor, Integrity News (Washington); international correspondent, Voice of America; Demand Media; Wikio Experts; financial columnist, The Washington Examiner; financial examiner, New York Life Insurance Americo Martins Dos Santos; senior producer, online editor, head of Brazilian sector, executive editor of the Americas, BBC World Service Miki McDonald Cambodia Daily; Business Day; freelance Farah Mohamed Fahmy Software developer, BBC Interactive TV Thabo Motlamelle CEO, TM Media Solutions Anne Myrjord European Free Trade Association; PhD student; European Union affairs advisor, Norwegian Embassy (London); senior executive officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Norway); embassy secretary, diplomat, Royal Norwegian Embassy Janet Ong Dow Jones (Singapore); Bloomberg (Shanghai) Agnes Phiri Director of consumer and public affairs, Energy Regulation Board / 101

LISTINGS 1998 - 1999 Bernd Radowitz Correspondent, Madeline Chambers Dow Jones Bloomberg (Brasilia); Associated (Vienna); Reuters (Frankfurt); lobby Press; freelance (Sueddeutsche correspondent, senior correspondent, Zeitung, Focus); correspondent, Reuters (London); correspondent, Dow Jones (Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, Reuters (Berlin) Madrid); Germany correspondent, Lisa Cockrell Reporter, Colchester Recharge Evening Gazette; freelance Simone Ramella Editor, Nuova Kathryn Cooper Money reporter, Cronaca; researcher, Redattore Sociale; Daily Express; deputy money editor, web editor, Carta; editor, Il Piccolo money editor, The Sunday Times Giornaledi Cremona; press officer, Janet Coull Trisic Ludgate Italian Minister of Family Affairs; Communications; press officer, press officer, AMREF Italia Onlus chief press officer, Department Anna Sansom Worth Global for Education and Employment; Style Network; freelance (Time communications specialist, Pliva Out Paris, Harpers & Queen, Radio (Croatia); press and PR officer, France International, SBS Sydney, Hertfordshire Constabulary EuroBusiness) Niall Couper Highbury & Islington Habhajan Singh Business Times; Express; Hampstead & Highgate Berita Harian (Malaysia); section Express; freelance (The Observer, editor, Malaysian Business Metro); sports reporter, sub-editor, Karin Sitalsing Freelance (Elsevier The Independent; editor, Yellow + Blue; News Weekly, Amsterdam); regional head of PR, NASUWT; press officer, news reporter, Friesch Dagblad; Amnesty International correspondent, de Volkskrant; freelance James Debens Senior news subreporter and author editor, A&N Media; freelance writer, Victoria Stagg Elliott Out There sub-editor; sports desk, Daily Mail News; Cambodia Daily; health science Jennifer Duddy Evening Herald reporter, senior reporter, American (Plymouth); London News Network; Medical News freelance (London Tonight); Somporn Thapanachai Bangkok BBC NI Post; senior reporter, Post Publishing Victoria Fletcher Trainee, The Times; Plc health writer, Daily Mail; consumer Bennett Thomas Freelance; library editor, Daily and Sunday Express; techinician, University of Calgary consumer correspondent, Evening Guillaume Thomas Institutional Standard; health editor, Daily Express; investor (London); French furniture freelance assistant, Sotheby’s (Paris); valuer, Ashley Grossman This is London; auctioneer, Thomas Auction House associate producer, NTL Interactive; Jean Van der Spuy Reporter, LFR; portal manager, head of advertising, adjunct professor, Marymount NTL; head of operations and Manhattan College planning, Virgin Media; director Joana Veleanu Art director, On Trent of product and operations, Sanona Margrethe Vika Dagens Naeringsliv Ltd Online; social performance advisor, Linsey Hakansson Assistant external affairs advisor, Norske Shell producer, Granada Group Plc Exploration and Production David Hytner Sports reporter, Daily Doreen Walton Independent Radio Express; football correspondent, the News; Newshour; senior broadcast Guardian reporter, BBC Sam Jary Reuters TV; The Sentinel William Wareing The European; (Stoke on Trent); sub-editor, Bloomberg; editor, Impact Media; Cumberland Evening News & Star; head of English, Notting Hill prep assistant winemaker (New Zealand); school Vigneron (Burgundy, France) David Wasswa Freelance; owner, Lucy Marsh The Sunday Times; Safeways Tour and Travel Daily Mail; PR Consultant, Annvil Natalie Williams Freelance; Marketing; Cornwall Energy; children’s author; communications copywriter, Xperience manager, Safer Hastings Partnership Nicole Martin News reporter, Margaret Yamoah Senior editor, media correspondent, The Daily chief editor, Ghana Broadcasting Telegraph; ssociate director, MHP Corporation Communications WaiYee Yuen Freelance producer Lucy McDonald Social affairs Nabila Zar Malick Director of correspondent, Daily Express; advocacy, Rahnuma-FPAP freelance (The Mail on Sunday); news reporter, GMTV; entertainment correspondent, Sky News; freelance media consultant; food blogger Newspaper Joseph McHugh The Wharf; Highbury & Islington Express; James Ashton Reuters;The Daily deputy news editor, Public Finance; Telegraph; media correspondent, ministerial speechwriter, Department deputy city editor, Business AM; for Business, Innovation and Skills financial journalist, The Scotsman; Lucy Miatt (née Rollin) The Sunday Daily Mail; city editor, media and Times; freelance; horse trainer telecoms editor, The Sunday Times Naga Munchetty City reporter, Matthew Barbour contributing Evening Standard; business reporter, editor, Men’s Health; copywriter, The Observer; reporter, Reuters; Imagination; freelance features writer producer, CNBC; producer, ITN; (News International) economics anchor, presenter, Bill Bows Time Out; listings, Press Bloomberg; presenter, BBC World, Association; senior editor, Platts; BBC Breakfast writer, Investors Chronicle; director, Sara Nathan Cambridge Evening BBW Communications News; news reporter, deputy TV Tania Branigan Reporter, Manchester editor, The Sun; show-business editor, Evening News; reporter, political Daily Mail correspondent, China correspondent, Clara Penn Western Morning News; the Guardian press officer, Eden Project; BBC Ian Broad Slough Observer; freelance, Radio Devon; Inside Out, BBC South (Daily Star); freelance reporter, West; freelance (The Observer, the editor, duty editor, Teletext Guardian, The Mail on Sunday) Ann Chambers European auto James Pickard Business reporter, correspondent, Reuters Western Daily Press; West Country

102 /

correspondent, assistant UK news editor, property correspondent, Financial Times Helen Rumbelow News reporter, comment writer, political correspondent, The Times Deepa Shah News editor, Eastern Eye; GLA reporter, Evening Standard; the Guardian; London Tonight; freelance; senior press officer, Department of Health; speechwriter, Department for Education Adam Sills Assistant editor, SportsDesk; sports editor, the Guardian; sports editor, The Daily Telegraph Sophie Tweedale Trainee reporter, Manchester Evening News; Daily Mail; freelance (Century FM; reporter, Granada); freelance Sharon van Geuns Daily Mail; Western Morning News; Evening Standard; Night and Day, The Mail on Sunday; features writer, Sunday Mirror; director, SVG Publicity Burhan Wazir The Observer; deputy features editor, The Times; editor, ARY (Pakistan) Eleanor Jary (née Wilson) Trainee, News and Star (Carlisle); The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent); wine industry (New Zealand); freelance sub-editor, (The Press, New Zealand);freelance journalist (Burgundy, France) Georgina Wintersgill The Wharf; Daily Mirror; features editor, Prima Baby; freelance (Best, Bella, Company) Linsey Wynton Chief reporter, Highbury & Islington Express; social affairs correspondent, Brighton Argus; researcher, producer, Meridian TV; documentaries, Granada TV; assistant producer, Tonight With Trevor McDonald; freelance (Carbon Media, Channel 4 News, True Vision)

and journalist, Leukaemia Research Fund Mike Fletcher Reporter, Leisure Week; deputy editor and senior reporter, Marketing Event; group editor, Event Magazine and RSVP Magazine; freelance (Visit London) Charlotte Greggains Law student; trainee solicitor, Crockers Oswald Hickson; solicitor, Farrer & Co Ed Grenby Commissioning editor, features editor, Maxim; editor, Sunday Times Travel Magazine Olivia Gunning Health Insurance;; newstatesman.; teacher, American Language Centre (Morocco); MA Linguistics; English teacher; freelance (Elle Decoration) Catherine Heaton Freelance (Shooting Times); British Association for Shooting and Conservation; investment management Jennifer Hicks Production assistant, production controller, Oxford University Press; senior production editor, Blackwell Publishing; senior production controller, Macmillan Publishers Limited Nina Hytner (née Chatterjee) Researcher, assistant producer, associate producer, director, BBC; producer, Strictly Come Dancing, BBC Maebh Jennings Account executive, ASE London; Focus PR; publications editor, head of communications, World Cancer Research Fund; freelance sponsorship programme manager, Eircom freelance Tess Lamacraft Features editor, Daily Mirror; Look; deputy news editor, TV editor, Closer; freelance Joanne Lewis Woman’s Realm; freelance (Chat, Woman’s Realm, Woman’s Weekly, Best, That’s Life); deputy features editor, Woman; commissioning editor, Look; Daily Mirror; deputy practical’s editor, Woman; features editor, What’s on TV Periodical David McLaughlin Editor, FHM. com; special project editor, FHM; director, junior creative director, Simon Burnton FourFourTwo; Guerilla Productions; owner, Red Amnesty International; sports desk, Rock Productions The Observer; freelance (Arena); Katy Migiro (née Salmon) Freelance sports desk, the Guardian (Nairobi); Africa Analysis (London); Justine Cadbury Barrister Christian Aid (London); OCHA Susie Chun Publishing, Strand (Kenya); east Africa correspondent, Communications; Planned Thomson Reuters Foundation Savings; deputy production editor, Annalisa Miller National News FHM; production editor, FHM Christina Moller Freelance, (Mental Bionic; production editor, Arena; Health Lawyer, Law Journal, The contributing editor, Zoo; production Guardian, Legal Action, Independent director, Elle Decoration Lawyer) Fleur Clackson Personal assistant, Chris Mooney Copywriter, DP&A; communications director, John freelance (FHM, Ministry, The Face, Frieda; freelance (Marie Claire, Vogue, BBC, Sky); deputy editor, editor, Cosmopolitan); international editorial Paul Croughton Staff writer, Heat; director, FHM, Arena; editor-inassociate editor, features editor, chief, Men’s Digital; editor, Topgear. deputy editor, Arena; VJ, MTV com UK; assistant travel editor, deputy Matthew Munday The Face; travel editor, The Sunday Times; managing editor, Arena; freelance commissioning editor, The Sunday (The Times, The Sunday Times Times Magazine Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, Idler); Elena Dalrymple (née Ghiringhelli) writer, sub-editor, The Sunday Times Junior sub-editor, acting chief Magazine sub-editor, associate editor, deputy Kerry Potter Junior writer, Heat; editor, editor, Pregnancy & Birth; Features writer, Company; reviews editor, Mother & Baby; editor, Boots editor, Q Magazine; features director, Health Club; editorial director, Elle; freelance and contributing editor, Elle Joanne Faragher Computer Business Catherine Rapley Frank; Minx; Review; Computer Wire; senior staff commissioning editor, Sky magazine; writer, Infocomony; features editor, freelance, (Heat, Daily Mirror, New Information Age; features editor, The Woman); senior editor, InStyle; New Recruiter; features editor, Personnel Woman; commissioning editor, The Today; magazine editor, editor, Times Observer magazine; freelance Educational Supplement Katy Salmon Freelance TV producer Lavinia Fernandes Professional and writer engagement and education officer, Jonathan Saul Freelance Parkinson’s UK; press office assistant (Caribbean Profiles, IFR, Reuters,

LISTINGS 1998- 1999 Corporate Africa); EMAP; Parliamentary Monitor; copy editor, London correspondent, Tel Aviv correspondent, Jerusalem correspondent, Reuters Concetta Sidoti Sub-editor, senior sub-editor, website editor, deputy chief sub-editor, Building; freelance sub-editor, RIBA Journal; freelance (The Sunday Times) Amy Sohanpaul Traveller’s Handbook; Square Meal; Traveller’s Guide to the Internet; staff writer, Wexas; deputy editor, editor, Traveller Caspar VanVark Emap Finance; production editor, Revolution magazine; freelance (The Mail on Sunday, BBC, Sydney Morning Herald, The Times, Evening Standard, Social Enterprise, Traveller) Imogen Wall Freelance (BBC World Service, The Big Issue); broadcast journalist, producer, BBC World Service; features editor, Intersection; consultant, UN development programme

Broadcast Shariq Ali BBC Thames Valley; BBC Radio 1; BBC Asian Programme Unit; BBC Consumer Unit; BBC Events Unit; Carlton TV; BBC News & Current Affairs; assistant producer, Granada Television; assistant producer, BBC Arif Ansari Freelance (City FM, BBC Radio); reporter, BBC Radio Stoke; political reporter, BBC Westminster; North West Political Editor, BBC Phil Battley Mentorn Barraclough Carey First on Five; Twenty Twenty; producer, Wall to Wall TV; actor James Blake Trainee, home affairs producer, ITN News at Ten; home affairs reporter, home affairs producer, Channel 4 News Melanie Bromley Freelance (BBC, WENN); entertainment reporter, IRN; European bureau, Us Weekly; freelance (Top Santé, New Woman, Grazia, Heat, Red, More, Daily Mirror, The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Express); West Coast Bureau Chief, Us Weekly; senior managing correspondent, E! News Alice Ceresole Assistant producer, Blakeway Productions; studio manager, The Light Surgeons; producer, Imperial Leisure; producer, The Light Surgeons Nicola Christie Freelance (The Independent); news reader, Jazz FM; producer, Sky Movies; arts correspondent, Reuters TV; freelance (The Times, The Daily Telegraph, Vogue, the Guardian, The Indepedent, Financial Times); contributor, The Ticket, BBC World Service Dan Davies Freelance (BBC GLR, BBC Essex); reporter, WENN; writer and producer, Entertainment Now, ITV; senior producer, Al Jazeera Entertainment Elspeth Daya Freelance (APTV) Craig Eason Freelance (BBC Radio Norfolk, London, Oxford); conference organiser, Lloyd’s List; journalist, Lloyd’s List Carolyn Gammon Freelance (CNN) Pia Harold Intern, APTV; The Baltimore Sun; Media Broadcast Services; ITN; researcher, senior broadcast journalist, BBC Frank Harvey The World Tonight, World at One, BBC Radio 4; reporter, Newshour, BBC World Service;

editor, producer, ITV News; freelance producer (GMTV, ITV, BBC, Sky, BBC Radio 4) Natalie Jamieson Freelance (Mercury FM, Fox FM); news reporter, Fox FM; assistant editor, Newsbeat,BBC Radio 1; senior reporter, BBC Radio 1 Emma Jordan Newsreader, 107.8 Arrow FM (Hastings) Katie Keward Channel One TV; BBC News; ITV News Channel; producer, Channel 4 News; producer, Five News; Sky Gudrun Lawyer Freelance (GLR, Five Live); broadcast journalist, BBC London Live 94.9; TV news, BBC London Mark McCleary BBC Ulster; BBC 2 Working Lunch Nicky Minter Director, BBC Newsround; The TV Consultancy Amanda Parr Trainee, BBC News; reporter, presenter, BBC Bristol Kavitha Prasad Freelance (IRN, Heart FM); production journalist, ITN News, BBC World Service; broadcast journalist Johnny Saunders Capital Gold Sport; reporter, BBC Radio 5 Live; Louise Tornehave TV3 (Sweden); London correspondent (Stockholm); David Wareham Channel One TV; Carte Blanche TV; Mauritius Broadcast Company; BBC ( Japan); picture producer, BBC Newsgathering; producer, BBC News 24; news traffic manager, BBC

1999 International Katie Anderson Reporter, The Deal; reporter, Hollywood Reporter Azamat Atadjanov Web editor; National News Agency of Uzbekistan Charlotte Beder Naestved Tidende (Denmark); press co-ordinator, Danish Industry; Move On Communications Barbara Bierling Freelance translator; writer and editor, Financial Times; Swissinfo and Swiss Radio International Esmera Bilal Oslobodjenje; media monitor and analyst, senior media analyst, UNMIBH (Sarajevo) Bente Bjorndal Freelance (Medieforum, ProgramBladet); Oslo

Sally Eyden Job: Editor, Now Course: Periodical, 2000

correspondent, AFX News; finance Reuters (Tokyo) reporter, Dagens Naeringsliv Online; Marie-Cécile Kleinveld Freelance DY Nye Medier photographer; KLM Royal Dutch Anthony Blackman Senior reporter, Airlines Barbados Advocate; Nation Ofira Koopmans Ben-Amar newspaper; public affairs specialist, (née Koopmans) Correspondent, US Embassy (Barbados) Deutsche Presse-Agentur Fernando Botero Strategic (Tel Aviv) Alternative Investments; CEO, Birgit Kolboe Sportsblikk Editorial Group Estilo (Mexico) Alpana Lath Senior feature Bagila Bukharbaeva Editor, BBC writer, chief sub-editor, Mid Day Monitoring; Associated Press Multimedia; chief sub-editor, (Tashkent) Sunday Mid-Day (India); junior Tobias Bungter Editor and assistant editor, Mid-day scriptwriter, Peter Clausen; writer Multimedia and editor, Kiepenheur & Witsch; Katrine Laursen Nordjyske writer and producer, WDR; Stiftstidende; reporter and news freelance writer, editor and graphic editor, ANR (Denmark) designer Pei-Hsuan Lee Formosa TV Carolina Chagas Jornal da Tarde; (Taiwan); PR administrator, Ultimo Segundo IG; Prima Pagina National Taiwan University of (Sao Paolo) Science and Technology Francesca De Chatel Freelance Ivette Leyva-Martinez BBC Latin Melina Demetriou Astra Radio; America (Miami); sub-editor, parliamentary correspondent Reuters Latin America; and feature writer, Cyprus Mail; head of Newspaper; press and information news and front page, Yahoo! officer (Cyprus) (Miami); founder, Estelle Doyle Freelance researcher Alison Lin Research assistant, (The Sunday Times); AMARC, Panos; National Kaohsiung Normal broadcast journalist, Inter-World University (Taiwan) Radio; freelance producer, (BBC Eugenia Maia Deputy editor, World Service, BBC Radio 5 Live); Adrenalin magazine staff producer, Outlook, BBC World Eddie Malone Football365 Service; radio producer, BBC World website; football reporter, Service Trinity Mirror Larry Fan Lawyer Supa Mandiwanzira Zimbabwe Kerstin Fischer Producer and Broadcasting Corporation; broadcast journalist, BBC Berlin freelance (Reuters TV, BBC Maurice Frank Business manager, World Service, African Business ExBerliner Communications); CEO, Mighty Georgios Georgakopoulos English Movies Zimbabwe section editor, Papikiaki Newspaper Emma Mattei The People (Malta); Alison Gibson Personal finance Adrenalin magazine; scriptwriter, writer and sub-editor, The Times; Nautvision (Los Angeles); freelance freelance scriptwriter Julius Gittens Media consultant, Dara McLeod Associate producer, producer, JPAGmedia CBC; Inside Track; freelance Christoffer Guldbrandsen TV2Sarah Murphy Freelance; South Denmark; Nordisk Film; Danmarks East correspondent, The Irish Radio; director, Danish Independent Broadcasting Company; documentary Sharif Nashashibi Copy editor, film maker, DBCorporation energy and commodities desk, Dow Angela Hachmeister NDR; news Jones; Arab Media Watch editor, AOL Germany Anna Nelson Associate producer, Ghida Hamadeh Unknown CBS News (Paris); programme Jennifer Hanawald Freelance editor,; bureau reporter and editor chief and correspondent, Swiss Karin Kamp Online and radio Radio International; reporter, WRG reporter, Swiss Radio International; FM new media editor, PBS Francois Oulai Unknown Mariko Katsumura (née Ando) Shiraz Paracha PhD, Guildhall Bloomberg TV; CBS MarketWatch, Tokyo; news reporter, Asia Business; University

What advice would you give to your student self now?

from the UK. I had to beg to get her to talk to me, not glamorous.

Don’t be afraid to ask for training. And never say never about journalism. For example, I never wanted to be an editor, I always wanted to be a features editor or on a newspaper. I could never see myself giving up writing.

What has been the proudest moment of your career?

What has been your best interview? The biggest name I’ve interviewed is Cameron Diaz. I got flown to Los Angeles in Upper Class, picked up by a stretch limo and put up at the Regent Beverly Wilshire. But then it was such hard work. Cameron Diaz was doing back-to-back interviews for Shrek and I was told she wouldn’t talk to anybody

I did an investigation on the antidepressant seroxat, which had been linked to several suicides. I received letters from people who were taking the drug and had, from nowhere, developed suicidal thoughts. They were so relived to discover that they weren’t going mad. You get to experience some amazing perks on the job, but it’s the chance to change peoples lives that will stay with you forever and remind you why you got into journalism. HANNA IBRAHEEM / 103

LISTINGS 1999 - 2000

Irene Peroni Associated Press; senior news writer, the Guardian Observer, The Times); researcher, Sunday; energy editor, The Times Bloomberg (Rome); International Lisa Baxter Evening Star (Ipswich); Amnesty International; human rights Cathy Winston (née Mayer) Herald Tribune (Milan); Italian producer, Today Programme, BBC consultant Reporter, senior feature writer, acting sub-editor, Metro (Rome); BBC Radio 4, assistant editor BBC World Luke Leitch Diary section, news deputy features editor, feature editor, Monitoring; freelance (BBC) Geraldine Baybutt Senior reporter, desk, arts reporter, Evening Standard; head of features, head of premier Katie Pisa (née Anderson) Freelance; Grimsby Evening Telegraph; senior deputy fashion editor, The Daily showbiz, Press Association features supervisor, interactive, reporter, Lancashire Evening Post; Telegraph CNN language teacher Catherine Mayer Foreign Jessica Robertson Associated Press David Brown Reporter, The People correspondent, Focus; Europe editor, Periodical (Bahamas); PR Executive, AdWorks; Ciar Byrne Private Eye; Media Time; author news director, Joy 101.9FM Guardian; press and publishing Donna McConnell Assistant (Bahamas); chief operating officer, correspondent, Media Guardian; arts channel editor, TV & Showbusiness, Pyramid Marketing Services and media correspondent, Daily Mail Elisabeth Attwood Assistant editor, Gibril Samura Sierra Leone High The Independent; freelance, (the Gabriel Milland Freelance reporter, Health Matters; chief sub-editor, Commission; MA, International Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The The Sunday Times; news reporter, features editor, Pregnancy & Birth; Relations, University of Warwick Lady, Press Gazette) foreign editor, Daily Express; head reporter, Alice Springs News; Helin Sari Freelance (NTV, CNN); James Cadman Production trainee, of press, Policy Exchange; head chief sub-editor, FOXTEL magazine; research assistant, PhD, International PA News; sub-editor, Pagemasters; of news, Department for Education chief sub-editor, Pregnancy & Birth Relations, Yildiz University; research duty editor, Teletext; senior news Emma Morris Daily Mail; Leo Bear Freelance sub-editor assistant, Yildiz Technical University; sub-editor, deputy night editor, head sub-editor, staff writer, Ski and (Property Week, Travel Trade Gazette, lecturer, Yildiz Technical University of tablet editions, Metro Snowboard; Daily Mail; feature Daily Mirror, FBX magazine, BBC Olivier Shaw-Latimer Producer, Shamim Chowdhury Daily Express; writer, Kitchens; freelance, (Daily Worldwide); deputy editor, Disney Compuserve, AOL Europe; editor, London Tonight; BBC Choice; Mail, She, Snowboard); features Bigtime/Comic; freelance, (The Vodafone UK deputy foreign editor, Sky News editor, Kitchens, Bedrooms & Sunday Times, Viva, DreamWatch, Daniel Sheldon Media planner and Jonathan Clements Graduate Bathrooms; style writer, Living TV Hits, Eve, Total Film, OK!) buyer, Universal Mccann trainee scheme, staff reporter, night Etc; chief sub-editor, Health and Shaoni Bhattacharya Trainee, Vedat Spahovic Freelance; Deutsche news editor, showbiz editor, crime Fitness Daily Express; Pulse; deputy online Welle (Balkans) correspondent, Daily Mirror Joseph Mouzo St Albans Observer; editor, news editor, New Scientist; Sofianni Subki PanPac Media; Life Indira Das-Gupta Evening Standard; online multimedia editor, Agence freelance (New Scientist, The Mail & Times; New Straits Times; senior senior news reporter, Third Sector; France Presse on Sunday, Psychologies) writer, The Malaysian Reserve PR and communications manager, Sherna Noah General reporter, Ursula Biggs Freelance (PC Advisor) Jonathan Summerton Swiss Radio Back Up showbiz, arts & media correspondent, Jeanette Blair Freelance International; Eurosport (Paris); Finian Davern Freelance (The Press Association; The Independent; (International Freighting Weekly, presenter, Radio France International Independent); news, Metro; Travel news reporter, Press Association New Scientist, Psychologies) Natasha Szaniecki XPress PR Trade Gazette; reporter, Metro Ben Perry Online, newsdesk, head Tracey Boles Money Marketing; Agency and Innova Group (Miami) Guy Dennis Reporter, The Sunday of English language business desk, finance writer, The Observer; Grace Tagoe Presidential Times; reporter, Bloomberg; city news Agence France Presse transport editor, chief reporter, The correspondent, Ghana Broadcasting desk, Daily Mirror; business reporter, Karen Rice Edinburgh Evening Business; business reporter, The Sunday Corporation; special correspondent, The Sunday Telegraph News; education correspondent, Times Radio Ghana; director of James Diamond Cambridgeshire Scotland on Sunday; author; Dominic Brookman Sub-editor, communications, Judicial Service Times investigative reporter, What’s Online; senior publisher, of Ghana Peter Elliott News editor, Crosby Edinburgh Herald & Post Paragon; editor, Internet Made Easy; Samantha Tonkin Web editor, Herald; news officer, Liverpool City Mark Sellman Assistant head of editor, Internet User; editor, Buyer Swiss Radio International; Associate Council news, Times Online and Online Seller; homepage editor, Director Communications, World Dominic Fifield Football reporter, Meera Selvananthan City desk, MSN UK and Online Seller; Economic Forum; lead, Social Media, the Guardian; The Daily Telegraph; CityWire; content producer, AEG Europe Pharmaceutical Division Stephen Foley Market reporter, European correspondent, The Huria Choudhari News editor, Monika Unsworth Irish Times; press investment column, North Business; freelance (The Independent, Public Sector Newspaper; freelance officer, NI Civil Service American business reporter, The New Zealand Herald); reporter, (Evening Standard, the Guardian, Nadege Vancauwenberghe Unknown Independent; markets correspondent, The Associated Press Travel Trade Gazette, Daily Express, Jonathan Waddell Special assistant, Financial Times (New York) Deborah Sheldon News of the Marketing, LGC, Music Week, Minister of Environment (Canada) Dipesh Gadher News editor, World; National News Agency; Nursing Standard, NTL, David Wasswa Associated Media Eastern Eye; news reporter, transport Daily Mirror Virgin Media); producer, BBC News Services correspondent, media correspondent, Zoe Smith Belfast Telegraph; Online Rebecca Webb Reuters (Wellington) deputy news editor, The Sunday freelance sub-editor (Australia); Claire Coe (née Smith) The Erica Wells The Tribune (Bahamas); Times sub-editor, The Age (Melbourne); Lawyer; deputy editor, Legal Business; managing editor, The Nassau Guardian Katherine Griffiths Daily sub-editor, reporter, Sydney Morning writer and researcher, Claire Legal Hao Wu Radio Guangdong; Express; business reporter, banking Herald Jane Crowther Staff writer, news International Development Centre; correspondent, Wall Street Michelle Stanistreet News desk, editor, Flicks Magazine; movies translator; community settlement correspondent, The Independent; features writer, books editor, Sunday editor, Sky Magazine; freelance counsellor, ISS settlements services; banking editor, The Times Express; deputy general secretary, (Total Film, The Yorkshire Post, Men’s citizen service officer, Service Canada Nerys Hairon The Wharf; Meat general secretary, National Union Health, First Magazine, Company, Trades Journal; senior reporter, acting of Journalists Sky, Sky Movie); associate features clinical features editor, assistant Sarah Toyne Finance writer, The editor, editor, Total Film Newspaper practice editor, Nursing Times Sunday Times; business reporter, Emma Dent (née Forrest) Leisure Tom Kelly Reporter, Press BBC Week; Building; features reporter, Association (Dublin, London, New Tim Webb Sky News Online; energy Construction News; senior features Esther Addley The Australian; York); reporter, Daily Mail reporter, Sunday Business; business reporter, features editor, Health features writer, deputy features editor, Anthea Lawson Freelance, (The correspondent, The Independent on Service Journal; editor, L; freelance Ben Falk Associate producer, The Movie Chart Show and BBC Films Serena Kutchinsky What has been your best interview? What was your favourite memory at Online; Los Angeles producer, The City? Movie Chart Show; development producer, Scream Films; Job: Digital Editor, The Sunday John Cleese. I had to go to Hollywood correspondent, Copenhagen to interview him. He was I got to interview Howard Marks (the Times Magazine entertainment and lifestyle features so wonderful and a real pleasure to writer, Press Association; freelance Course: Newspaper, 2002 cannabis dealer and novelist). The talk to. night before I went to watch his live entertainment writer (Sky, The Huffington Post UK) show. He had got really wasted and Jennifer Farrar (née Currie) What advice would you give to your started to interrogate me after the Times Higher Educational Supplement; show in front of a big group of people student self now? Schoolsnet; deputy editor, Lawyer and demanded that I did the interview ZB; English teacher Jill Foster Commissioning Try and learn how to use video and there and then. features editor, Daily Mirror; a camera, shoot and edit. Creating a commissioning editor, associated video is as much a journalist process What did you struggle with at City? editor, Femail, Daily Mail; features as writing an article. commissioning editor, Daily Mirror; freelance Shorthand. It’s one of the most boring Rachel Hamada Munro Sub-editor, things I’ve had to study. EL Gazette; production editor, ZDNet; Edinburgh Evening News; senior journalist, assistant editor, GEORGIE BRADLEY

104 /

LISTINGS 1999 - 2000 Holyrood Magazine; editor, Mambo Comedy Awards; researcher, BBC Georgia Webber David Paradine PhamTran Dinh News assistant, Magazine; freelance travel and Entertainment; assistant producer, Productions; Calendar News; Vietnam Economic Times; Reuters cultural journalist BBC Specialist Factual; assistant reporter and newsreader, Yorkshire (Hanoi); communications and Tamsin Hargrave Production producer, director and producer, TV; reporter, Sky News; broadcast external affairs co-ordinator, BP editor, Nintendo Magazine; CBBC; producer, BBC Children in journalist, GMTV; broadcast Exploration & Operating production editor, Smash Hits; chief Need; director, BBC Children in Need; journalist, BBC News 24; reporter, Company (Vietnam); marketing sub-editor, Cosmo Bride; chief subdirector, BBC The One Show Granada TV manager, ANZ Bank (Vietnam); editor, Top Santé Jenny Wood Features assistant, Ceri Whitby September Films; branch manager, Philips Kathryn Jackson Screenwriter and Wedding Day; writer and sub-editor, assistant producer, Celador Electronics Singapore producer, Heart Beat Productions; Real Health & Beauty; feature writer, Saritha Wilkinson Television Lely Triana Djuhari Associated freelance, screenwriter, Nightingale deputy features editor, Company producer, Rockchopper TV Press; communication specialist, Films Clare Zinkin (née Lister) Project Esme Wren Producer, BBC Unicef East Asia Pacific Simon Jeffery Trainee journalist, editor, senior editor, Dorling Newsnight Julie Donnelly State House chief reporter,; story Kindersley; freelance editor Bureau; North Carolina Public producer, the Guardian Radio; Feature Story News Pete Jenson Parliamentary Review; (Washington DC); producer, PBS; 2000 Revolution magazine;; healthcare reporter, Boston Business Broadcast International Sunday People Journal Selina Julien New Nation; showbiz Laura Dowrich-Phillips Internet writer, showbiz editor, assistant editor, editor, Trinidad Guardian; freelance Now Andrew Bailey Press officer, writer (Fretwork Publishing) James Keighley Travel editor, Open Middlesex University; broadcast Annex Achieng News editor, Kenya Luz Echeverri Film project, author Interactive; content editor, Sky journalist, Radio City (Liverpool); Broadcasting Corporation; Corporate Farrah Esmail Rogers Television; Interactive; freelance (Online News morning news editor, Century Broadcast magazine; freelance; public news writer (Ontario); anchor, Al Reader,, The Wall Street Radio (Manchester); head of news, relation executive, Lindsell Jazeera and Quatar News Journal Europe); copy editor, Dow Virgin Radio UK; head of interactive Marketing; editor-at-large, Sheeko Dinah Gardner Freelance (Beijing) Jones content and news, Absolute magazine; foreign correspondent, The Alison Gibson Journalist and Derren Lawford; music Radio; head of news, sport and East African Newspaper; owner, sub-editor; freelance journalist, BBC Radio 1; Radio 1 entertainment, Virgin Radio Gigicucina Lilian Githungo Court reporter, Newsbeat; presenter, BBC1 Xtra UK; head of news and Breakfast Sahar Al-Amri The Saudi Research Nation Newspaper; humanitarian News, TX Unlimited; BBC Watchdog news presenter, Absolute Radio & Publishing Company affairs officer; UN (Somalia) Chris Leadbeater Music editor, This Zoey Bird Producer, Channel 5 Caroline Al-Faraj Managing editor, Anne Harenberg FT Marketwatch; Is London; senior writer, Cut; News; presenter, At The Races Al Rai Newspaper ( Jordan); Jordan reporter, N-TV, CNN Germany FHM; thisistravel; Daily Mail; Mark Cotton Commodities Times; Defence News Weekly; Tom Hennigan Screaming Media; freelance, The Independent, Daily reporter, Bridge News; lead markets manager and editor, US Dubai TV; freelance (CNBC Europe, London); Mail reporter, AFX Paris & New York; manager and editor, CNN (Dubai); freelance (Buenos Aires); Sao Paolo Lucy Maggs Reporter, editor, Third Presenter, efdex TV (Paris); Markets chief operations director, Arabic correspondent, The Times Sector; communications manager, reporter, CBS Market Watch; editor, CNN Gisela Henriques Activa Magazine Crisis; account director, Geronimo PR manager, Jupiter Asset Michael Andindilile, Dr Chief Merete Jebsen (née Bergeland) Communications Management sub-editor, Daily News (Tanzania); CNN (London) Sara Manuelli Freelance (Country Sarah Deech Producer, BBC PhD, Fordham University; teaching Mamiko Kawamoto Screen Homes & Interiors); features editor, 10 O’ Clock News; senior producer, fellow, lecturer, University of Dar es International; talent agent, Yoshimoto Design Week; freelance journalist BBC 3 News; senior producer, BBC Salaam; associate dean and senior Entertainment USA; senior executive and press officer, Interaction Design News 24; senior broadcaster, BBC lecturer, School of Journalism and international development and Institute; writer, Via della Trinita dei News TV Mass Communication, University of marketing, Yoshimoto Entertainment Pellegrini Paul Egan Producer, efdex TV Dar es Salaam USA Inc. Elizabeth Michaelson Freelance Hilary Fox Entertainment reporter, Maria Anguita Mark Allen Group; Ragnhild Kjetland Editorial (, Shoot!); staff writer, BBC Radio 1; freelance broadcast editor, British Journal of Midwifery; assistant,; associate editor, Skin Cancer journalist; senior reporter, Unique freelance (Madrid) pharmaceutical/chemical Foundation Enterainment News; TV chief Farhod Arziev National News correspondent, AFX News; Hubeena Nadeem Revolution writer, Associated Press Agency of Uzbekistan; senior freelance (Norway); Dow Jones; magazine; senior feature writer, Entertainment reporter, international affairs, News technology/media reporter, Asian Woman, Asian Bride; Carolina Gasiorowski Content Agency (Uzbekistan); deputy clinical Bloomberg contributor, Asian Home, Asian provider,; senior features editor, GP newspaper Yannis Krontiras Military service Fashion and Beauty; writer, Newsquest sports reporter, Al Jazeera English Jacopo Barigazzi Assistant producer, Christine Lai Vice Executive Media Group; senior reporter, Inside Farhana Haider Broadcast journalist, CNBC Europe (London); business director, China Times Housing BBC TV News; South East Asia reporter, Reuters (Milan); business Katarina Limkjaer Screaming Sarah Obermuller-Bennett regional editor, BBC World Service reporter, Adnkronos; special foreign Media; CNN (Norway) Unknown Mark Jacques BBC Breakfast with correspondent, Newsweek; chief Anouk Macchetti Bloomberg TV Vanessa Pawsey People Management; Frost; broadcast assistant and reporter, editor, Linkiesta Kennedy Makambira PR Director, The Lawyer; writer, European Legal BBC Ulster; freelance, reporter, Mallika Basu Assistant editor, Prince Edward Centennial; sport Business; writer, finance editor, news BBC Wales; broadcast assistant and Financial Publishing International; correspondent, BBC World Service editor, Legal Business freelance, BBC account executive, consultant, sports marketing executive; sports Edward Reeves Sub-editor, Car John-Paris Kent Channel 5 News; Gresham PR; senior account coach Magazine; deputy chief sub-editor, showbiz reporter, Sky News manager, Hill and Knowlton; Glaieul Mamaghani News assistant, GQ; freelance sub, TV columnist, Merriem Matthew Dubai TV; director, corporate, management Digital Business Globe; Reuters Esquire; editor, Ford magazine; copy Swiss Radio International; reporter board, The Communication Group (Paris) editor, House & Garden, Brides (Zurich) plc; senior associate director, MSL Nonofo Mankhi MA Television, Joel Rickett News editor, deputy Sonya Mayet Bloomberg TV; BBC London Westminster University; secondary editor, The Bookseller; editorial Business Unit; broadcast journalist, Christina Blaagaard Reporter, school teacher; educational director, Penguin books BBC News 24; broadcast journalist, TV2 (Denmark);; broadcaster Estelle Shirbon Ha’aretz (Israel); BBC World Service; freelance editor, news agency, Newspag; Nicole Mannix Contributing Agence France Presse; Reuters screenwriter editorial project manager, Berlingske writer, Maranatha News; (Paris, London, Italy, Madrid, Matthew Neylan All Out Media contributing writer, Nigeria) Productions; press officer, Local Andreas Bondevik Reporter, David Smyth Editorial assistant, Government Information Unit; Norwegian Broadcasting Mpho Mantjiu Reporter, music critic, arts desk, The Daily senior press officer, Mayor of Corporation; producer, NRK, Smart Bureau; Sunday Tribune Telegraph; chief rock and pop critic, London; account director, director, National Commercial Radio; US Johannesburg (Zimbabwe;) Evening Standard London Communications Agency stringer, Norwegian News Agency; researcher, writer, Laing & Buisson; Zelda Turner Assistant editor, Anna O’Neill Broadcast journalist, Europe correspondent, Norwegian producer, Poppylands Productions; editor, Penguin Books; non-fiction BBC London; BBC Essex; radio News Agency production journalist, The Times commissioning editor, Hodder & reporter, BBC London weekend Christina Charalambous Cyprus Ulrica Marshall; restaurant Stoughton Barbara Serra Today programme, News Agency; public image reviewer,; Jane Verhelst Freelance BBC Radio 4; broadcast journalist, consultant, Epopsis derivatives section, International Sarah Wakely The Net; Songlines; BBC London Live; reporter, Sky Communications Financing Review; freelance sub-editor, production editor, AutoCar News; newsreader, Al Jazeera Hopewell Chin’ono African Helly Minarti Jakarta Post; head magazine; deputy editor, Practical Julian Shea Broadcast journalist, producer, ITN; nieman journalism of arts, British Council ( Jakarta;) Motor Home BBC Ceefax sport; broadcast fellowship program, Harvard Asia fellows; programme Sarah Warwick Editor, Family journalist; BBC sport website University development manager, History Monthly Karishma Vaswani Broadcast Natacha Crnjanski Reuters (Paris); Cohort 5; Kelola foundation; Louise Wilson Researcher, BBC journalist, CNN Singapore news editor, Travel Security Services; freelance, (Jakarta Post, Tomorrow’s World; production Bureau; business correspondent, regional information manager, International Arts Manager secretary, Comic Relief, Net BBC World News (Mumbai) International SOS magazine) / 105

LISTINGS 2000 - 2001 Maria Ntavou Reporter, National Greek Television; communications consultant, Organising Committee for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games; communications manager, Hellenic-American Arts Centre; account director, Solid PR Agency; account director, Solid Digital Agency Oyvind Nyborg Dagsnytt NRK, Norwegian Broadcasting Corp Lise Olaussen Aftenposten (Norwary); NRK Dagsrevyen; MTV; political reporter, Aftenposten; political reporter, Kanal 24; reporter, political reporter; Daily Dagsavisen (Oslo) Angeline Ong TV producer and reporter, CNN (London); presenter and producer, Reuters Zak Osman Founding Somali newspaper; freelance Charlotte Pearson Newsweek International; Reuters (London) Bruno Pires-Saboaa Freelance Zehra Raza Freelance; Regeneration & Renewal; researcher, World Rate & Data; writer and editor, Audit Commission; researcher, editor, Pakistan High Commission; community projects manager, Tameer Microfinance Bank (Karachi); teacher Tatiana Reis Intern, New Statesman; commercial lawyer; editorial co-ordinator, Impact Media; Portuguese TV channel; Portugal Diario; event manager, Silva Carvalho Catering Denise Resende News editor, foreign correspondent, NetDoctor; freelance, Latin American correspondent,; beauty and fashion editor, AnaMaria (Brazil) Azer Sawiris Al Ahram correspondent, Scandinavia; TV Presenter, Kuwait News Agency; editor-in-chief, Nile News TV (Egypt); Scandinavia correspondent, Central News Sector; financial correspondent, Egyptian TV; correspondent, AFX News Joao Tordo Freelance Roula Tsoumita InterClubNet; European football analyst, Premierbet; PhD, sports and media management; European football analyst, Blue Lizard Dominic Tunon Assistant producer, AOL Europe; online consultant Ruwan Wijewardene Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka); PA, Wijeya Newspapers (Sri Lanka); executive director, RS Printek; director, Freudenburgh Training Company Saskia Wirth Freelance; Marketwatch; Financial Times; press officer, Comic Relief; publicity manager, Christian Aid; ITV News; publicity manager, Channel 4 Eylem Yanardagoglu Freelance; teaching assistant; sociology research student, City University; assistant professor, Bahcesehir University; researcher, University of Westminster Helen Yates Online journalist, Financial Publishing International; deputy editor, UK Excellence Magazine; freelance insurance journalist (Helen Yates Media) Amelia Zaher Reporter, Exhibition Bulletin; freelance (Diving Magazines)

Newspaper Jim Bruce-Ball Sports reporter, the Guardian; football editor, deputy sports editor, The Sunday Telegraph Sarah Bruce-Ball (née Gerlis) Stock markets reporter, UK Invest.

com; deputy news editor; broadcast journalist, BBC Radio 4 Julia Cahill Reporter and feature writer, senior reporter, deputy news editor, The Lawyer; news editor, deputy editor, Estates Gazette James Clench Trainee, assistant news editor, news reporter, The Sun Pippa Crerar The Scotsman; The Mirror; Press Association; Daily Record; political correspondent, Evening Standard Elizabeth Crudgington Chief reporter, Kent Regional News James Daley Investment reporter, Money Marketing; freelance, (The Times, Sunday Business, The Sunday Telegraph); business correspondent, The Business; money desk, The Sunday Telegraph; business and personal finance reporter, personal finance editor, The Independent; money editor, Which? Graham Diggines Edinburgh Evening News; reporter, The Sun; assistant editor, Soldier magazine; editor, The Sharp End Laura Elston News desk, royal correspondent, Press Association David Fickling Metro; Sydney correspondent, the Guardian Oliver Finegold Camden New Journal, The Watford Observer; news reporter, Evening Standard; media relations manager, Westminster City Council Jodie Ginsberg Reuters (South Africa); chief correspondent, bureau chief, Reuters Emma Gosnell Deputy editor, The Sunday Telegraph Review Will Green Surrey Mirror; chief reporter, Rail News; transport correspondent, political correspondent, Yorkshire Post Faisal Islam Economics correspondent, The Observer; business reporter, economics editor, Channel 4 News Sam Lister Trainee, staff reporter, health correspondent, The Times Martel Maxwell Trainee, showbiz reporter, The Sun; showbiz editor and columnist, The Scottish Sun; freelance columnist, broadcaster and novelist; entertainment reporter, Sky News, This Morning, ITV; author; freelance Louisa McLennan Intern, The Australian; reporter, Yellow Advertiser, news writer, entertainment editor, student editor, Times Online Dan Milmo City desk, Daily Mail; Media Guardian; city desk, The Guardian; media business correspondent, The Guardian James Palmer 21st Century, China Daily (Beijing); foreign desk, special project editor, The Independent; deputy chief sub, The Sunday Times Magazine Rosalind Ryan Trainee, Financial Times;; health writer,, Daily Mail; freelance; reporter, au; reporter, Guardian Unlimited; deputy editor, Healthy magazine; freelance Ben Sheppard Trainee, news reporter, Daily Express; freelance (Athens) Laura Smith Reporter, Nottingham Evening Post; reporter, The Evening Standard; The Guardian; Freelance communications consultant, (The Guardian, The Independent, Marie Claire) Julia Snoddy Business desk, The

106 /

Guardian; business desk, The Independent on Sunday; freelance, (Sky News); business producer, BBC Radio 4 and 5 Preety Taneja Rochdale Observer; Manchester Evening News; guardian.; The Observer; Financial Adviser; freelance, Evening Standard, BBC Radio; Children’s Express Andrew Tongue Financial News; sports desk, Press Association; personal finance reporter, Financial Times; recruitment; field ecologist, RPS Group Lucy Warwick-Ching Trainee, personal finance reporter, editor,, Financial Times; business reporter, Financial Times; consumer industries reporter; editor, FT.Com Bob Williams Trainee, Daily Express; freelance, (Daily Express, The Guardian; Wicked Whispers); Daily Mail; football writer, The Mail On Sunday; reporter, thelondonpaper; Scottish sports editor, The Daily Telegraph Charlotte Williamson ES Magazine; researcher, The Sunday Telegraph Magazine; freelance, (Elle, Harpers & Queen, The Observer); commissioning editor, editor, news review and comment, The Sunday Telegraph

Periodical Michael Bird In-Store Marketing; Independent on Sunday, Design Week; deputy editor, Bucharest Business Week; associate editor,; editor, The Diplomat Hannah Booth Deputy news editor, features editor, Design Week; Zitty Magazine; deputy editor, editor, Space, Guardian Weekend Chris Brock The Lawyer; reporter, New Media Creative magazine; associate editor, eDesign Magazine; columnist, Nervous Room; editor, Mulberry Publications; editor, Tileywoodman; Chris Brock Photography Abigail Cattell Editorial assistant, Wilmington Publishing; features writer, Frontier; sub-editor, Wanderlust; copy writer, Virgin Holidays; travel writer, Teletext Holidays; freelance, deputy editor, Marks and Spencer; global editor, Aviva plc; editorial senior manager, Coca-Cola Enterprises Martin Clark Records assistant, defocus; Dotmusic; Straight No Chaser; freelance, G2, The Face, Jockey Slut, Ministry, Hip Hop Connection; A&R consultant; news editor, Knowledge Magazine; uploader,; content manager, community manager, Yahoo Europe Isabel Connet (née Pitman) Presenter and reporter, local French radio; freelance, (Country Homes and Interiors, ES Magazine, Time Out, French newspaper); teacher; English teacher, French/English translator (France) Suzy Cox Staff writer, mixmag. net;; Staff writer,; celebrity writer, Mizz; senior writer, 19; senior writer, Cosmopolitan; features director, Grazia; associate editor, Fabulous; deputy editor, Cosmopolitan Sally Eyden Trainee, feature writer, acting deputy features editor, Daily Express; entertainment editor, Night & Day, The Mail on Sunday; health editor, Daily Express; showbiz

editor and columnist, Reveal; editor, Fabulous; editor, Now Leon Forde Freelance, (Flipside, The Face, The Guardian); assistant features editor, Screen International; film columnist, The Mail On Sunday; deputy features editor, features editor, Screen International; freelance, (Screen Daily) Adam Gold Freelance, WHSmith guides, The Itchy Guide to London, Waitrose Food Illustrated, Private Eye, Rough Guides, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, FHM, InStyle, Sugar, More!; video editor and feature writer, AOL’s film channel; web editor, Zoo associate editor, editor-in-chief, Men’s Digital, Bauer Media; launch publisher,, Bauer Media, O2; digital business manager, Men’s and Entertainment (Empire, FHM, Kerrang!, MOJO, Q and ZOO), Bauer Media Lucy Gordon Aura magazine; Travel Trade Gazette; assistant producer, Tiger Aspect TV; assistant producer, Granada TV; freelance assistant producer, BBC factual Justina Perry; freelance, (, National Magazine Company); editor, London Supplement, Junior Magazine; group account director, G2 marketing; client director, Geometry; director, Baby Mama Bliss Anne-Celine Jäger Freelance, (The Times magazine, Daily Express, Daily Mirror, Evening Standard,, The Observer, the Guardian, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph magazine, Die Zeit, Neon, Wallpaper) Christian Koch Freelance, (The Face, Muzik, Campaign Media Business, Dotmusic, Mondo, Limb by Limb, World Entertainment); showbiz journalist, World Entertainment News; senior writer, Smash Hits Commercial editor, FHM; freelance (Evening Standard, the Guardian, Q, Metro, Stylist) Victoria MacCallum Senior reporter, features writer, Law Society Gazette; Press officer, 10 Downing Street; senior press officer, Department of Health; chief press officer, Foreign Office; Communications, 10 Downing Street; Head of Communications, Cabinet Office Sarah Mason Editorial assistant, Pharmacy Magazine; senior interactive editor, Monkey TV; assistant production editor, The Wardle Agency; assistant editor, Fabulous; freelance journalist; production editor, First Magazine; assistant editor, Fabulous Andy McCue Freelance (netbeat. com, Terrorizer, Kingsize, Kerrang!); senior reporter, VNU News Centre; deputy editor,; freelance, (CBS Interactive UK,,; editor, Climber Magazine; freelance Kate McGeown Researcher, BBC Science Online; broadcast journalist, BBC News Online; reporter, BBC News Asia Pacific, broadcast journalist, BBC; editor, Asia/Pacific website; radio reporter, BBC World Service; Philippines correspondent, BBC Eve McGowan News reporter, Richmond Informer; freelance, (Cosmopolitan, Metro, The Sunday Telegraph); writer, deputy property editor, The Mail on Sunday; freelance, (Daily Mail, Metro) Rebecca McQuillan Reporter, features writer, deputy features editor, The Herald (Glasgow) Daniel Melunsky Writer, Mobile Magazine Caroline Millington Writer, Smash

LISTINGS 2000- 2001 Hits; freelance, (TV Hits, Mizz, Inside Soap, All About Soap, Blush, OK!); deputy showbiz editor, More!; writer, senior features writer, Star; travel editor, New; travel editor, Star; showbiz editor, Woman’s Own; assistant editor, Now Zoe Murphy Assistant editor, AOL News Channel; broadcast journalist, BBC News Interactive, world desk Katie Reich-Storer (née Reich) Freelance (Woman’s Weekly, the Guardian, The Observer, Tesco. com); editor,, Citrus Publishing; assistant editor, deputy editor projects, ABTA magazine; special projects editor, Absolute Publishing; associate editor, ABTA magazine; editor, Spa Secrets Magazine, Absolute Publishing Susan Riley TV Times; Soaplife; features writer, features editor, Mizz; features editor, features director, Sugar; features director, More!; deputy editor, acting editor, Stylist Paul Rincon Reporter, Construction News; freelance, (Empire Online, Broadcast,; senior staff writer, PC Advisor; science reporter, senior broadcast journalist, BBC News online Gerard Russell Web editor, interactive media editor, digital communications editor, uk Nic Scott Freelance, (OK!, Hello!, Citrus Publishing, Forward Publishing, 7 Days, consumer magazines);production editor, Junior; freelance Ben Spriggs Freelance (Freeserve, Fashion Weekly, Menswear); copy editor, deputy chief copy editor, InStyle; news editor, Living; homes editor, ELLE Decoration; associate editor, Sunday Times Style magazine Jon Webdale Reporter, New Media Age; freelance, (the Guardian); commissioning editor, Interactive TV; senior reporter, C21; editor, Future Media Ben Westwood Assistant travel editor, Electronic Telegraph; acting online travel editor, travel journalist, deputy travel editor, The Daily Telegraph; manager, Travel PR; lecturer, Universidad Espiritu Santo; freelance travel author, Rough Guides Sarah Willcocks Editorial assistant, Literary Review; freelance (The Independent, The Scotsman, The Moscow Times, Literacy Review, The Erotic Review, Time Out, The Oldie, The Stage) playwright; freelance

Broadcast Lee Baker Kick FM; broadcast journalist, BBC Wiltshire Sound; independent music producer Mike Bovill Freelance sport reporter; reporter, sports editor, City AM; producer, Sky News; Head of content and rugby show presenter, talkSPORT Radio Katherine Boyle Hereward FM; newsreader, producer and presenter, BBC Three Counties Radio Alex Bushill ITN News; trainee, BBC News; broadcast journalist, BBC Spotlight; reporter, BBC; newsgathering; freelance reporter, BBC News 24; BBC London; south west correspondent, BBC News Nick Cavell Assistant producer, TalkSPORT; news editor, Sanyu Radio (Uganda); producer, African

Ewan Petrie

What is your favourite memory from your time at City?

What has been the proudest moment of your career?

The week we had of internet radio. We each had to do our own segments and bulletins on the hour, with programmes in between. It was just great fun to have the whole class pulling together as a team. It was really intense, and at the end of the week we had a fantastic night out!

Being at the centre of a massive media story like the Raoul Moat shootings. Stories like that are intense and the hours are long, but when you step back at the end of it and think about what you’ve been involved in, it’s fascinating and satisfying.

What’s been the most interesting thing you’ve done in your career?

Job: BBC Scotland Course: Broadcast, 2001 Sports, BBC World Service David Cheng Reporter, News Direct 97.3FM; researcher, producer, BBC Business; broadcast journalist, BBC Business & Economics News Ellie Crisell Reporter, presenter, Channel 5 News; presenter, BBC Newsround; senior broadcast journalist, BBC Jatinder Dhillon Trainee, BBC News; broadcast journalist; field producer, BBC Network News; reporter, CBC Radio (Toronto) Abbie Dobson Broadcast journalist, producer, BBC Six O’Clock News Kate Evans Broadcast journalist, BBC News 24; freelance producer, ITN; producer, Channel 4 News Tannaz Fazaipour ITN Digital Radio Channel; producer, ITN News; producer, Powerhouse at ITN; reporter, First Edition, ITN; producer, Channel 4 News Shona Fraser Euronews; broadcast journalist, BBC Radio 5 Live; associate producer, RTL (Germany) and MTV Melanie Grant Online producer, broadcast journalist, television pundit, UKTV and BBC 1Xtra; interactive editor, The One Show, BBC; editor, BBC London Nina Harrison-Bell (née Harrison) Producer, ITN; Partner, h2glenfern (Investor Communications) Will Inglis 106 CTFM; LBC; Power FM; Kick FM; news editor, Kick FM; freelance, (BFBS, CBC TV, GWR, Jazz) Julie MacDonald Broadcast journalist, Radio 5 Live; producer, LBC; broadcast journalist, Liquid News, BBC 3; freelance reporter, GMTV; news anchor, Al Jazeera Gareth Mason Broadcast journalist, RTE Westminster; sub-editor; contributor, Irish National Radio; freelance Zonia Mason Trainee, BBC News (Tunbridge Wells); producer, presenter, reporter, ITV Meridian East Esther McWatters Researcher, BBC Newsnight; researcher, BBC, Kenyon Confronts; current affairs producer, BBC Radio 5 Live Ben Moore Broadcast journalist, ITN Radio; trainee, BBC News; video journalist, BBC North; Bradford reporter, BBC Yorkshire; TV reporter, BBC South Keme Nzerem Producer, ITN;

I was a producer for Channel 4 when the Crossbow Cannibal story broke [serial killer Stephen Griffiths was convicted of the murder of three women in 2010]. It’s very satisfying to work on big media storms like that. producer, Channel 4 News Juliette Parkin BBC Three Counties Radio; presenter and reporter, BBC South East Pritha Sarkar Broadcast journalist, senior sports correspondent, Thomson Reuters Victoria Scott (née Milne)Senior broadcast journalist, BBC News; presenter, QF Radio; reporter, Monocle 24;columnist, Telegraph Expat; editor, Doha News; freelance multimedia journalist (Doha, Qatar) Anton Sensky BBC Solent 96.1FM; BBC Inside Out, BBC South Today; producer, BBC Sport; senior producer, sport, Al Jazeera English; freelance producer, (BBC, ESPN, IMG, S & V, SIS, BT CSI, Eurosport, HBS, OBS) Avi Silverman Print journalist, Bale Net; MA, International Relations, Cambridge University; policy manager, Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile Katia Tanousis Freelance, BBC Radio Suffolk; assistant producer, Grand Designs Tori Taylor BBC News South East; broadcast journalist, BBC London; senior producer, SPJ; Network News Stuart Tinworth Q103; newsreader, FOX FM; BBC Oxford; video journalist, BBC South Today Katie Walmsley Associate producer, ITV, Channel 4;reporter, producer, CNN; reporter, Associated Press; produce, reporter, Thomson Reuters; producer, reporter, writer, ABC News; producer, reporter, CNN Suzannah Wander Broadcast journalist, BBC; researcher, Channel 4; researcher, Thames Television; producer and director, South Bank Show, ITV Camilla Wilkinson Newsreader, Active FM (Romford) Claire Winter Researcher, ITN Picture Agency Alex Arampatzis Political analyst;

2001 International Dehavilland Information Services; CEO, WIN; owner, Arampatzis Media Malene Arboe-Rasmussen Public relations officer, UEPG, European Aggregates Association (Brussels);

What advice would you give to your student self now? Don’t be afraid to experiment, this is the time to make your mistakes. Enjoy it, for goodness sake! It’s only a year!

HANNAH THOMPSON desk officer for the Nordic countries, United Nations Regional Information Center (Brussels); information and communication officer, Food and Agricultural Organisation (Banda Aceh, Indonesia); public relations officer, Clr Public Relations (Copenhagen, Denmark); senior media officer, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide (Brussels); multimedia co-ordinator/assistant web editor, information/liaison officer, NATO ; freelance journalist ; communications officer, NATO Marie Barraud News analyst, Dehavilland; reporter, Groupe Afrique; foreign correspondent, La Croix; RFI radio Sophie Besse Agence France Presse Elisabeth Brun Reporter, NRK P1 (Norway); Kulturnytt; NRK P2; documentary director, NRK Andrea Cairola Freelance (Italy); programme specialist for the UNESCO Division for Freedom of Expression, Democracy and Peace of the Communication and Information Sector; communication and information adviser, UNESCO Office Beijing Sonila Cela Researcher, BBC documentaries Andrea Crossan Producer, BBC London; senior producer, The World; radio news producer, BBC Boston Zeynep Demirbilek Managing director, Pearl Linguistics Peter Dinkloh Correspondent, Bloomberg (Frankfurt) Gustavo Arnizaut Duarte TVE; communications manager, Proklima; freelance journalist, Information and Development , 4 Saints; Media specialist and project manager, GIZ Proklima Montreal Protocol Unit, HEAT GmbH (Frankfurt/Brasília); Communications Consultant, UNEP (OzonAction branch, Paris, Panama) Minelle Fernandez Communications officer, Commonwealth Secretariat; Colombo correspondent, Al Jazeera; director, Media Matters Violet Gonda Producer, presenter, SW Radio Africa James Gooder Reporter, The Independent on Sunday; Reuters; speechwriter, World Business Council for Sustainable Development; online journalist, Al Jazeera; deputy editor, Argus European Electricity Report / 107

LISTINGS 2001 - 2002 Miriam Gressli Producer, MTV Diego Santos Sports foreign Standard; freelance (Mail On Sunday, News (Norway) correspondent, El Pais; news editor, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Michelle Hakata Sub-editor, New Associated Press;; Telegraph); account manager, Ian African; customer services advisor,; Monk Associates; literary agent, programme executive lastminute. Payal Sharma Unknown Hunter Profiles com, Commonwealth Business Muriel Signouret Freelance Scott Hussey Newsflash Press Agency; Council; features editor, Africa (Eurostar Magazine, Telerama, The Scottish Sun Practice; consultant, HMD Applications); La Lettre du Cercle; Roland Jackson Multimedia editor, Marianne Hartz-Thomas Media editor, Société Textuel Magazines; business reporter, Agence France officer, UNEP (Arendal); examiner, reporter, Le Nouveau Detective; The Presse teacher, Læreanstaltenes Fælles Magazine Aidan Magee Agence France Presse; Formidlingskursus; partner, Elisavet Sotiriadou Freelance (BBC head of London office, The Wardle Livingwords Communications; senior News 24, BBC World Service, Agency; football writer; Manchester communications advisor, Operate Sveriges Radio) correspondent, News of the World Communications Maria Stammati Assistant editor, Ashok Malhotra PhD, Indian Emma Kambangula Personal (Milan); assistant editor, history assistant, Southern Africa deputy editor,; Helen Williams (née McCormick) Broadcasting Association; executive editor, Condé News reporter, features and (Windhoek); executive director, Nast interactive supplements editor, Mortgage Cancer Club of Namibia Serena Sterling Assistant editor, Strategy; deputy features editor, Joseph Kithama African Medical contributing editor, Spirituality & Contract Journal; acting features and Research Foundation; bureau Health; PhD, clinical psychology; editor, Personnel Today; acting features chief, East African Procurement freelance (Spirituality & Health) editor, Contract Journal; deputy News; lecturer, Dar es Salaam Corinne Touze Radio Mediterranee features editor, Estates Gazette; University Internationale; freelance (Radio content editor, Personnel Today Sara Lomberg Editor, reporter, Europe 1, Radio Orient, Europe 1 Luisa Metcalfe Freelance (Hampstead Ticker News Agency; reporter, France, Radio Canada, Radio Suisse & Highgate Express); trainee, Daily Dagens Media Forlag; reporter, Romande); news anchor, writer, Express; feature writer; Sebastian Lopez Unknown Radio Mediterraneé Internationale Sunday Express; food editor and Kristine Lowe Freelance; columnist, Vanessa Viola Market reporter, articles editor, OK! Magazine USA; ABC Nyheter; online reporter, Argus Media; oil broker, E A Gibson deputy women’s editor, Daily Express;; founder, Norway’s Shipbrokers acting women’s editor, Daily Express; Online News Association Dan Wallis Foreign desk, The acting health features editor, Daily Marta Machado-Gooder Times; intern, Reuters (Nairobi); Express Programme administrator, Reuters deputy foreign editor, PA; Laura Milne Trainee, feature writer, Foundation; freelance (Al Jazeera Tanzania correspondent, Uganda health features editor, Daily Express Meilyr Morgan Aylward Marine English); CNN Africa; project cocorrespondent, Reuters Publishers; current affairs journalist ordinator, Reuters Foundation Barry Wilkinson Cricket and researcher, HTV; Welsh Isaac Massaquoi Senior news editor, correspondent, Caribbean language policy officer; Duke of head of news and current affairs, Broadcasting Corporation Edinburgh Awards Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service; Jane Mulkerrins News reporter, The lecturer, programme co-ordinator, Newspaper Sunday Times; features, Daily Mail; University of Sierra Leone freelance, (The Sunday Times, The Brian McGee Editor,; Times, Cosmopolitan, the Guardian) reporter, Bloomberg Kate Allen Reporter, PA Digital; Laura Newland (née Borg) Trainee, Elodie Mialet France 3 (Bordeaux); chief feature writer, Building; feature Press Association TV reporter, Sante Vie; freelance writer, Inside Housing Magazine; James Nursey Sports reporter, The (Match TV, France 5, Canal J); TV editor, Social Housing Argus; sports writer, Birmingham reporter, M6 (France); freelance Simon Baker Trainee, regional Post; freelance, sports reporter, Daily (France 2) reporter, Press Association; news Mirror Charalampos Nikolakakis editor, Times Higher Education Dan Rookwood Health and fitness Press officer, Ministry of Rural John Bingham News trainee, editor, Maxim; sports desk, guardian. Development and Food reporter, chief reporter, Press; commissioning editor, style Zandi Nkuta The Sowetan; online Association; news reporter, social director, Men’s Health; freelance (the reporter, Reuters; spokesperson, and religious affairs editor, The Daily executive mayor of Johannesburg Telegraph Guardian, Maxim, Four Four Two, Zest Magazine); health and fitness Ingvild Paulsen Rogalands Avis; Harcharan Chandhoke editor, Maxim Stavanger Aftenblad; freelance Nottingham Evening Post; Channel Natasha Salari Features, The Mail on (Dagens Naeringsliv) 4 Cricket magazine; assistant news Sunday; reporter, Community Care Angela Pok Editor, PG Lim Private editor, Daily Mail Rebecca Smith Sunday Express; Ltd (Singapore); co-managing Neil Chatterjee Energy desk, senior features trainee, news reporter, The editor, consulting editor, Aerobics and energy correspondent, deputy bureau Mirror; reporter, The Sunday Mirror Fitness Association of America; editor, chief, Reuters (Singapore) Annabelle Steggles Trainee, news Business Wire; PA to CEO and Team Helen Fretter Health news reporter, reporter, The Scottish Sun; Sunday Administrator, London Sustainability Netdoctor; sub-editor, deputy editor, Exchange; senior executive, Yachts & Yachting magazine Mirror; news reporter, The Scottish Sun corporate communications division, Herpreet Kaur Grewal Thomas Teodorczuk Political National Council of Social Service; Home news reporter, The Times; researcher, Londoner’s Diary, Evening communications officer, Society for reporter, London Voice; reporter, Standard; deputy editor, Wicked the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Eastern Eye; freelance (Guardian Whispers; reporter, Daily Mail; arts (Singapore) Society); reporter, Regeneration & reporter, Evening Standard; freelance Miguel Rato Press advisor, Renewal; freelance (the Guardian, The Rachel Williams Reporter, North Portuguese Minister of Economy; Observer) American correspondent, US bureau executive director, Ogilvy PR Charlie Hamilton Reporter, Press chief, Press Association; features writer, (Lisbon); deputy director, Diario Association; senior reporter, The the Guardian Economico; partner and founder, National (Abu Dhabi); assistant news Alex Wynne Cosmedias Cupido Comunicacao; managing editor (National desk), The National; International; information manager, director, Ogilvy and Mather English desk editor, Courrier deputy editor, Beauty Business News; Scott Reeves Assistant news editor, International (Presseurop) deputy editor, Cosmetic News Weekly; Channel 4 News, ITN; researcher, Kate Haywood Commodities freelance (Women’s Wear Daily, BW John Kay’s Financial Times column; reporter, Reuters; deputy editor, Confidential) producer, Powerhouse, Channel 4; Telecom finance; IFR; senior reporter, producer, Channel 4 News Thompson Financial; reporter, The Wall Friedel Grant (née Rother) Street Journal, Dow Jones Periodical Freelance (Financial Times radio, Matt Hughes Freelance (The Times, Associated Press Radio); financial The Guardian, The Observer, uefa. Matthew Adey Freelance (Maxim, reporter, Financial Times; financial com); sports writer, sub-editor, Wax, TNT, SX); deputy editor, reporter, Reuters; PR and editorial, The Observer; sports Docklands Magazine; Islington assistant, Europeana reporter, Evening Standard; football Magazine; editor, Key; writer, Sky; Shirin Sadeghi Producer, reporter, correspondent, The Times English teacher, Loustan School BBC World Service; producer, Humfrey Hunter Trainee, The Sun; Chei Amlani Reporter, Red reporter, Al Jazeera English; news desk assistant, The Sunday Pepper magazine; freelance writer columnist, Al Jazeera Times; news reporter, Evening

108 /

(Squaremeal food); sub-editor, deputy sports editor, sports editor and London Olympics correspondent, Al Chan Civil servant, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister; civil servant, Department for Transport; FOI compliance officer, TFL Marissa Charles Food critic, Camden New Journal; Zest; editorial assistant and writer, Good Housekeeping; freelance (Pride, Closer, Zest); features reporter, Splash News & Picture Agency; freelance (Marissa Charles Media) Catherine Clarke Freelance, Menswear staff writer, assistant editor, deputy editor, editor, AnOther Magazine; freelance (Dazed & Confused, the Guardian, Time Out, Arena Homme Plus) Matthew Cottingham Feature writer, Property Week; investigative reporter, BBC 5 Live, assistant producer, BBC Panorama; assistant producer, BBC Current Affairs; director, BBC Watchdog Sarah-Jane Cutting Editorial assistant, production editor, Australian Business Online; editor, WorkplaceInfo; Australian Business Sophy Dale Sub-editor, Computer Weekly; sub-editor, VNUnet. com; sub-editor, senior sub-editor, Computing Rebecca Evans Reporter, chief reporter, news editor, Inside Housing; deputy editor, Health Service Journal; deputy editor, editor Construction News Mernie Gilmore Freelance (Company); commissioning editor, Your Life; reporter, columnist, features writer, women’s editor, Daily Express Ben Grant Deputy editor, The Drinks Business Jessica Gunn Writer, reporter, deputy restaurants and bar editor, deputy news editor, Caterer & Hotelkeeper; freelance (the Guardian); features editor, BBC Online; features editor, Olive Phil Hebblethwaite Freelance (Men’s Health); junior editor, assistant editor, Adrenalin, Bogey Magazine; editor, publisher, The Stool Pigeon Dominique Hines Freelance (Marie Claire, Your Life); 3am, Daily Mirror; freelance (Pride, Daily Mirror, TV Times, Closer); celebrity reporter, Reveal; showbiz reporter, Daily Mail; Daily Star; New; news editor, Heat Claire Garcia (née Kilner) Development trainee, 12 Yard; administrative officer, The Refugee Council; communications officer, Renewal; equality & diversity coordinator, Ealing Primary Care Trust; freelance, PHAM Magazine; advice and information manager, BME services; policy & planning manager, General Medical Council Ellie Levenson Reporter, The Lawyer; travel writer, Netjetter, the Guardian; editor, Fabian Review; freelance (New Statesman, the Guardian); press officer, End Child Poverty; freelance (New Statesman, the Guardian, The Observer); lecturer, Goldsmiths College, University of London; author, freelance Fiona Macdonald Sub-editor, feature writer, features editor, editor, home and commuter, Metro Debbi Marco Features assistant, Your Life; freelance (Channel 4 Website, Men’s Health); trainee, Daily Express; assistant women’s editor, Bella; celebrity features editor, Full House; freelance Louie Purday Feature writer, Take

LISTINGS 2001 - 2002

a Break; features editor, Full House; Abi McLoughlin Associated Press; Nouna Andersson Editor, Fastcheck editor, The Gleaner; editor, The Star freelance BBC Newsnight Review; producer, Travel Guides (Sweden) Emily Gray Unknown Heather Sadtler PA to editor, writer, BBC Newsround; producer, BBC Vilma Anusaite Freelance (ABC Harun Ma’ruf Hassan Trainee, BBC; GQ Sportsround; assistant producer, News); UK correspondent, Newspaper director, Somali Media Centre Annabel Short Freelance (The Newsround and Sportsround; producer, LT; freelance assistant producer Alex Holliday Associate, Thomas Ecologist, Faber & Faber); corporate The World Tonight, Radio 4; assistant (ABC News) Asad Asad UK Gold Weisel social responsibility consultant, producer, Watchdog and Rogue Traders Circular; Asian Telegraph; publisher, Heather Hugley Administrative Context; senior researcher, head Shahab Mossavat Producer, BBC editor, Okhla Times assistant, KSTP-TV of program, Business and Human Six O’Clock News; Reuters (Iran); Neeraj Bali Freelance producer Elena Rathgeber Freelance; research Rights Resource Centre (USA) medical student, University of (NHK Japan); editor, Saday-eanalyst, Romeike; researcher, Geoffrey Spiteri The Independent London; freelance (Middle East) Jawan Radio Network; trainer and International Institute for Strategic on Sunday; reporter, Barclays Globe; Melanie Parry Researcher, BBC field producer, Internews Network Studies; research assistant, publisher, News Digest Radio 4; researcher, World at (Sri Lanka); public affairs and Independent Conflict Research & Amy Taylor Community Care; One, BBC Radio 4; BBC news outreach officer, local governance Analysis freelance sponsorship scheme; producer, BBC and community development project Matiullah Jan Reporter, The Frontier Daniel Thomas Freelance, feature News 24; broadcast journalist, BBC (Afghanistan) Post Daily; associate editor, News writer, Medeconomics staff writer, Six O’Clock News Amba Batra Bakshi Senior reporter, Network International; news reporter, GP; senior financial markets Ewan Petrie Reporter, Scottish TV Indian Express (New Delhi); senior Pakistan Television; media law reporter, Thomson Financial; and Central; reporter, Real Radio reporter, Indian Express (Bangalore) advisor, Internews (Pakistan); senior reporter, Marketing Week; assistant Glasgow; reporter, newsreader, Radio Elisabeth Behrmann Market correspondent, Dawn News TV news editor, Property Week; Wave 102 Dundee; BBC Politics reporter, Dow Jones; commodities Brjánn Jónasson Freelance (Live property correspondent, telecoms (Millbank); production journalist, industry reporter, Bloomberg News Science); Morgunblaðið; Frettabladid correspondent, Financial Times Scottish TV Ginanne Brownell Researcher and Charlotte Kan Business reporter, Gaia Vince Freelance (the Guardian, Sohail Sahi BBC Southern Counties; producer, CNN; editorial manager, Standard and Poor’s Marketscope; Pink Ribbon magazine, Focus, The sports reporter, BBC Solent; Newsweek (London) TV reporter, Bloomberg; freelance Times, Build It Magazine); writer, football reporter, BBC Radio 5 Live; Ratchada Chitrada Producer, Gulender Karabiyik Editor, ATR New Scientist; editor, Ergo; news breakfast sports reader, Adil Ray AsiaWorks Television Communications editor, Nature; freelance Show, BBC Asian Network; football Milly Clark Advertising, OK! Peter Kimani Writer, senior writer Natalie Williams Freelance subcommentator, BBC Local Jelena Culum Press office assistant, and columnist, Daily Nation (Kenya); editor, GQ, Metal Hammer; columnist, Nishita Sharma Presenter, producer, City University; press officer, Crisis; senior associate editor, The Standard sub-editor, 21st Century School Aliot Asian Arts show, Break FM; PR assistant, City University; sales Group, doctoral candidate, University Edition; editor, thewalk; editor, freelance, (BBC World Service) and marketing manager, Emerging of Houston HH&A, Far Beyond; freelance Laura Sheeter BBC Northampton; Markets; PR and marketing manager, Lila Kountourioti News presenter, (GQ, iTouch, T3); communications stringer, BBC Baltic (Riga); broadcast Home-Deq; information officer, Alter Channel (Athens) manager, Safer Hastings Partnership; journalist, BBC newsgathering; Ealing, Hammersmith and West Julian Kramer Editorial assistant, communications consultant, Hastings freelance reporter and producer (New London College Classic Photographic Services; Community Trust York) Limin Dai Deputy director, 21st editorial assistant, Open Democracy; Anna Thomas Presenter and Century Weekly PPC manager, Kaplan International reporter, Granada; news reporter and Nadia Damouni Reporter, Credit Solana Larsen Editor, Conflicts Broadcast presenter, GMTV magazine; freelance (New York Sun, and Media; commissioning editor, Louise Tickle BBC World Service; New York News Network); financial director, Open Democracy Suad Ali Unknown Everywoman reporter, Financial Times; financial Charlotta Larsson Freelance Claudine Altmann Jazz FM; Jonathan Wald News assistant; reporter, dealReporter Celia Li News presenter, Phoenix broadcast journalist, Bloomberg assignment editor, CNN (London, Sasha Damouni Reporter, New York Chinese News Radio; news editor, Talksport New York) News Network, The Star ( Jordan); Constance Libert Communications, Gurvinder Aujla Broadcast Monica Zilouf Freelance producer reporter, assistant editor, Merger Weber Shandwick; press journalist, Club Asia; broadcast (ITV News) Market; global editor, Pharmawire; department, Euro RSCG; press and journalist, BBC 1Xtra; broadcast healthcare reporter, Bloomberg communications advisor, Minister of journalist, BBCAsian Network News Foreign Affairs Lucy Boast Producer, broadcast Perrine Faye Commodities Kwangu Liwewe Reporter, Malawi journalist, BBC reporter, Agence France Presse; Media Women’s Association; co2002 Vanessa Buschschlüter Researcher, correspondent,; head ordinator, PAMODZI; freelance, International trainee broadcast journalist; of physical reporting, deputy chief (Positive Nation Magazine) (London); Washington producer, broadcast correspondent, FastMarkets Ltd MA, human rights, ULU; cojournalist; BBC World Service; Camille Fournier Elle (Paris); ordinator, PAMODZI Washington reporter and producer, Sherine Abdel-Razek Reuters; psychology student Fernando Lucena Associate BBC; Americas editor, BBC World economics journalist, Al Ahram Jessica Frommer Freelance producer, undercover reporter, Service Weekly; head of economy desk, Al (Cambodia); managing editor, Dispatches; Current Affairs, BBC; Rebecca Dimyan Reporter, BBC Sharouk (Cairo) Institute of Cambodia producer, Electric Sky Productions; Radio Wales; reporter, producer, BBC Akram Al-Hendi Presenter, Dimitra Gaidatzi Senior fashion producer, director, Fernando Lucena Radio 5 Live researcher; translator, UN; presenter, writer, Vogue (Greece); freelance, Films Hilary Fraser Sales manager, Yemeni Satellite Channel; teacher, Financial Times; Katherimini; UK Mukela Mangolwa Senior producer, IdeaGlobal; consultant, Rogen Specialized Institute (Yemen); head Vogue; The Daily Telegraph; People Zambia National Broadcasting International; consultant, Fraser of English news and programs Joanna Gasiorowska Senior sports Corporation; information education Communication department, Yemeni TV presenter, Al-Jazeera English and communication specialist Victoria Holden Broadcast Linda Charles Ambrose, Prof Dwayne Gordon Reporter, Jamaica David Manley Marketing assistant, journalist, BBC current affairs Secretary, Clapton Football Club; Herald; reporter, The Gleaner; news Universal Studios; product manager, Leigh Jennings Unknown adjunct Professor, Monroe College editor, entertainment editor, The Star; Rockstar Games James Josephs Broadcast journalist, BBC Surrey and Sussex; production journalist, ITN, Setanta Sports What advice would you give to your What is your favourite memory from ELISHA SESSIONS News student self now? your time at City? Ragnhild Kjetland Pharma and chemicals reporter, AFX News; Job: Content producer, BBC 1 City gave me the confidence to banking reporter, Dow Jones In a university environment, it’s Newswires; technology reporter, great to get the knowledge from the produce interesting, exciting stories Course: International, 2004 Bloomberg; photographer instructors. But in the real world there on a par with anything else in the Jude Landau Producer, Feature Story are no rules, no one telling you what news media. I liked the feeling of News; freelance producer (NTR); trainee hypnotherapist to do. If you want to write a story teamwork and people pulling together Jonathan Leleu Producer, Sky News; about something you can do it. It’s a to produce something. senior producer, BBC Six O’Clock case of going ahead and doing stuff News, BBC Breakfast even if you don’t have the job. If you What was something you struggled Benjamin Lowings News reader, Radio New Zealand International; do, then I really do believe things will with? broadcast journalist, BBC World fall into place. Service Vox pops were very difficult at first. Christina Mackay Freelance It’s hard to throw yourself out broadcast journalist, BBC Naomi McCafferty Broadcast there; there’s a sort of fearlessness journalist; BBC Northern Ireland; required which can be difficult to political broadcast journalist, SOPHIE HURCOM master at the beginning. BBC / 109

LISTINGS 2002 Alexandro Martello Economics Caribbean Travel Magazine; PR and press reporter, Portal G1 Sarah Pozzoli Lettera Finanziaria; director, Rising Star Media; Joana Mateus Producer, Press freelance, (La Repubblica, Valori, programme manager, Frontline Club Association TV (London) Capital, e-gazette) (Italy); economic Ian Talley Power and gas reporter; Richard McColl Newsweek; feature editor, ItaliaOggi; financial editor, Norway correspondent; energy policy writer, WWF; freelance, (The A&F of La Repubblica; editor in reporter, Dow Jones Daily Telegraph, The Independent, chief, (first Italian Zoe Telegraphou News editor and Newsweek); freelance (Adventura parenting website), Gruner and Jahr presenter, Astra Radio Travel, Costa Rica); Global Travel Mondadori Rawle Titus Reporter, Nottingham magazine (UK); freelance, BBC Synnøve Prytz Berset Skarland Press Evening Post; editor, weekly paper; Online, Global Traveller Magazine AS anchor, sports show; talk show USA; author, The Michelin Dong-Fang Qiu Executive editor, host; PR officer, National Disaster Green Guide to Colombia; Management Agency; freelance CCTV news freelance contibutor and defence Natasha Twal Freelance (Jordan Ganapathi Reddy Freelance, deputy correspondent, Diologo-Americas Times); media researcher, Arab manager, William Hill, (India) (Colombia) Advisors; reporter, Jordan Daily Martin Ritchie Freelance, BBC Nathalie McDermott Freelance, Times; Al Jazeera Online, The Scotsman; correspondent, BBC Radio 5 Live; freelance trainer, Tom Watson Jane’s Sentinel Security The Russia Journal (Moscow); City University; project officer, Radio Assessments; researcher, BBC News; reporter, Western Gazette reporter, for Development; managing director, October Films; assistant producer, Metal Bulletin On Road Media Current Affairs, BBC; producer, Yenia Rivarola Medina MA, global Mike McIlvain Feature editor, director, Tiger Aspect; assistant journalism, University of Orebro Laredo Morning Times; interim sports producer, BBC Rocio Rodríguez-Fernández Project editor, Copperas Cove Leader-Press; Sandy Wilheim Broadcast assistant, manager (Spain) managing editor, Belton Journal; BBC World Service; content Roee Ruttenberg Production reporter, LareDOS; adjunct professor, partner, associate, strategic partner assistant, associate producer, ABC Texas A&M University; lecturer, development manager, Google News; assistant news editor, Al United International College Ashley Williams Assistant reporter, Jazeera (Washington); freelance (Tel Pilar Medrano-Dell Unknown Aviv) reporter, People; editor, ESPN Anthony Mills Sub-editor and magazine; senior editor, O, The Oprah Aliza Samorly Unknown writer, Middle East Reporter; Magazine Hirotada Shimura Unknown contributor, executive; journalist, Christina Wu Copywriter; Shaimaa Shobokshi Unknown producer, Beirut Media Centre; freelance Anastasia Siniori MA public correspondent, CNN (Beirut); Nicole Young Associate, CBS News, relations, Cardiff University; Apofasi Freelance, (CNN, Sky News); press 60 Minutes (Greece); K magazine; Kathimerini, freedom and communications Heng Yue Unknown media PhD student, Westminster manager, International Press Institute Bertrand Yvernault Reporter, La University (IPI, Vienna, Austria); deputy Montagne (Montluçon, France); Maria Sitaras-Yiangou Lecturer director, International Press Institute Le Journal de l’lle (Saint-Pierre, La and managing director, evening (IPI, Vienna, Austria) Réunion); La Montagne (Clermontschool; programme manager in Edetaen Ojo Executive director, Ferrand, France); Le Journal du Centre media; lecturer; teaching and learning Media Rights Agenda (Nigeria) (Nevers, France) inspector Dora Papagianni Unknown Irene Zournatzi Vogue (Greece) Fiona Skenderlis Freelance, Theodoulos Papavassiliou Lecturer; (Nation277 TV); post-production; newspaper editor; chief editor, manager, artist management and Weekly Newspaper music production company; TV Renee Louise Paul (née Chow) project manager; post producer, TV control room, ABC News; film and TV, production director, UK correspondent, Associated Kirsti Adair Trainee reporter, Cinematic Soundscapes Press Radio; correspondent, BBC Liverpool Echo; current affairs, ITV Marina Suponina Deputy editor, West; broadcast journalist, BBC Look East; associate producer; BBC Newsround ELODIE CUZIN Rebecca Barr Reporter, Money Marketing; reporter, European reporter, US technology Job: Associated Foreign Press transport reporter, Bloomberg Katrina Baugh Features and news, Course: International 2003 Fund Strategy; reporter, professional adviser, deputy editor, SM international; editor,, What has been the proudest moment Incisive Media; editor, Investment of your career? Week, Incisive Media Stefania Bianchi Freelance; reporter, Africa Analysis; EU correspondent, I feel glad that I was able to InterPress News Agency (Brussels); follow the birth of the indignados copy editor, transport and real estate movement in Spain right from What is your favourite memory from reporter, Dow Jones Adam Blenford News reporter; the first day in Madrid. Not many your time at City? Evening Standard; freelance journalists, myself included, foresaw ( Jerusalem); senior broadcast that a demonstration organised by I met journalists from around the journalist, BBC social network groups and small world, some of whom are still Daniel Bushell HTTP Technology; business presenter, RT; host, The civilian organisations would turn out good friends of mine. I felt very Truthseeker, RT to be so big. fortunate to have been able to Riazat Butt Reporter, fashion attend a conference with the Russian editor and feature writer, Manchester What advice would you give to your journalist Anna Politkovskaya as a Evening News; religious affairs correspondent, the Guardian student self now? guest. Gemma Calvert Feature writer, News of the World I would have paid more attention What were your experiences of Emma Clipp Reporter, Harrow when one of our teachers, Adrianne internships during your time at City? Observer; sub-editor, chief sub-editor, Metro; sub-editor, Daily Mail; deputy Blue, told us than most of us night editor, Metro would end up working as freelance My time at The Sunday Times Angharad Couch Reporter; journalists. I did not really know what during the Iraq war in 2003 was Bloomberg; financial PR advisor, the reality of journalism was then. particularly interesting. I was in Citigate Dewe Rogerson Anna Davis Reporter, education the newsroom when it broke that reporter, Reading Evening Post; weapons instructor David Kelly had reporter, Evening Standard died – news that shocked Britain. Monidipa Fouzder Senior reporter, ED FRANKL Buckinghamshire Advertiser,

110 /

Buckinghamshire Examiner; subeditor, senior sub-editor, Trinity Mirror; sub-editor, The Law Society Sam Green News and sport reporter, sub-editor, Western Daily Press; sports sub-editor and football writer, The Daily Telegraph; freelance sports sub-editor and football writer, Olympic News Service (Vancouver Winter Olympics); freelance Angela Henshall Features writer, politics reporter, Money Marketing; senior staff writer, Global Investor; oil market reporter, energy reporter, Dow Jones; The Wall Street Journal Wesley Johnson Trainee reporter, North America correspondent, home affairs correspondent, Press Association; home affairs correspondent, The Daily Telegraph Jon Kelly Trainee, Daily Mirror; broadcast journalist and reporter, BBC News Online; senior broadcast journalist, BBC News James Kilner Editor, Almati Herald (Kazakhstan); reporter, Reuters Serena Kutchinsky Editorial assistant, Food & Travel Magazine, digital editor, The Sunday Times Magazine Gareth Law Trainee, The Sun; sports reporter, The Scottish Sun Harry MacAdam Reporter, feature writer, The Sun Roddy McDougall Editor-in-chief, Cantos Natasha McDowell Nature magazine Rebecca Meehan Reporter, Bloomberg; anchor, CNBC Caroline Meehan Freelance (Financial Times); reporter, Financial News; medical student, University College London Shafik Meghji Trainee, Evening Standard; freelance news and sports journalist; novelist; writer, Rough Guides Ryan Mills Sports reporter, Bloomberg; production journalist, ITV Anglia Sonia Oxley Trainee, senior subeditor, sports desk, Reuters Lilly Peel Reporter, Brighton Argus; associate director, Perfect Relations PR; The Statesman (Kolkata); features editor, Panos (London) Emma Pryer Trainee, 3am (Daily Mirror); news and TV reporter, The People; reporter, Bizarre The Sun; news and celebrity editor, More; travel columnist, The Sunday Telegraph (Sydney) showbiz reporter, The Sun Louise Redvers Trainee, health reporter, chief reporter, Evening Chronicle; news editor, Aberdeen Evening Express; freelance reporter (BBC, AFP, Monocle, the Guardian, The Economist, the EIU, The Africa Report, The Mail & Guardian, Africa Confidential, South Africa); freelance journalist, South Africa Rachel Richardson Showbiz reporter, News of the World (Scotland); feature writer, TV reporter, TV editor, showbiz editor, News of the World; associate editor, Fabulous, The Sun Ryan Sabey Reporter, News of the World; reporter, The Sun Mark Scodie Peterborough Evening Telegraph; Jewish Chronicle; trainee solicitor; associate, litigation and dispute resolution, Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP Sam Sheringham Trainee, Press Association; sports reporter, Bloomberg News; Setanta Sports News; BBC Sport Interactive Nyree Stewart Senior reporter, Investment Advisor Christopher Tryhorn Trainee, The Times; city correspondent, Media Guardian

LISTINGS 2002 Andrew Walker Reporter, Camden New Journal and Islington Tribune; MA, development studies, SOAS; Daily Trust (Abuja, Nigeria); reporter, BBC News Online Victoria Ward Trainee, China Daily; Trainee, Ireland correspondent, US correspondent, Press Association; news reporter, Daily Mirror; senior news reporter, The Daily Telegraph Georgina Wykes PR and marketing officer, Spelthorne Borough Council

James Knight Editor, Web Watch; Cook Publishing; freelance, copy Juniper TV, Channel 4; head of The Sunday Times; Food & Travel editor and journalist, Business Review development, Mentorn (Oxford); magazine; Bradt Travel Guides; Magazine researcher, Brook Lapping; freelance freelance, (Reuters, The Economist, The Matthew Thompson Trident TV current affairs producer Sunday Times, BBC Online, African Communications; account executive, Antony D’Angelo Freelance (City Business, Africa Investor) journalist, account manager, Citigate AM); associate producer, football Laura Kyle Copy editor and host, Publishing reporter, senior producer, associate China Radio International; copy Daniel Uglow Staff writer, Motor producer, TalkSPORT editor, China Central Television Caravan magazine; features reporter, Oliver Dearden Kick FM; broadcast International; freelance, That’s Travel Trade Gazette, freelance travel journalist, drive time presenter, BBC Beijing, Beijing Review, Metrozine; writer (Australia); managing editor, Radio Wiltshire and BBC Radio copy editor, reporter and voice Travel Weekly Australia Swindon; senior broadcast journalist, over, China Central Television Eleanor White Listings editor, BBC Radio 5; producer, Morning International; producer, Al Jazeera Galaxy Out There; freelance Edition, National Public Radio Periodical (Kuala Lumpur) (Catchline news and features agency, Washington DC Darren Lazarus Staff writer, Cosmetics International magazine, Jodie Fielder Sports broadcast Laura Atkinson Editorial assistant, Faversham House Group; deputy More, J17, The Bookseller); assistant journalist, BBC Radio Kent; TV arts and style editor, Independent news editor, senior reporter, reporter, editor, Community Practitioner and journalist, BBC Look North; senior Magazines; freelance, More, The Estates Gazette; deputy online Editor, Mental Health Nursing; lifestyle broadcast journalist, BBC North Sunday Times, Sneak; features editor, Financial News; online editor, editor, ITV teletext; health writer, West Tonight Sneak; deputy news editor, news Financial News feature writer, The Sun; freelance Kate Fisher BBC 3; freelance (Radio editor, Heat; features editor, Grazia; Kerry McCarthy Freelance features editor, journalist 1, 1Xtra, BBC London); reader, features editor, Style Magazine, The writer (More, New Woman, Men’s Peter Wilson Freelance (Ski reporter, Beacon FM; broadcast Sunday Times Health, J17); feature writer, The guide, Telegraph Weekend, Telegraph journalist, BBC Coventry and Mark Beveridge Reporter, Housing People; features editor, acting associate Motoring, Ski and Board, Metro, Warwickshire; broadcast journalist, Today; researcher, International editor, Woman’s Day (Australia); Rugby World, The Field, The Daily BBC Midlands Today Criminal Justice associate editor, Glamour (Australia); Mail); assistant editor, Mazda Adam Fleming Presenter, reporter, Celeste Biever Intern, Red Herring; acting associate editor, Woman’s Day; magazine; writer, BAR Pure Racing, BBC Newsround; political reporter, technology news editor, deputy news wellness/careers editor, Marie Claire; motoring supplements; editor, BBC editor, New Scientist freelance (Pacific Magazines) MoneyPlus, feelFord, section editor, Jenny Gimpel European news editor, Tim Bradshaw Assistant, Lucas Ruth McCarthy Editorial assistant, Fabric magazine; editor, Forward,; press officer, Country Land Alexander Whitley; intern, Elle; Global Listings; freelance (Bella, editor, Specialist and Business Association; media staff writer, senior staff writer, More); PR executive, Rocket PR; Adam Withrington Writer, subrelations manager, University College Information Age; companies editor, beauty writer, Hairflair & Beauty; editor, HOT magazine; staff writer, London Investors Chronicle; Digital media commissioning editor, Full House; Harpers-on-Trade; sports sub-editor, Kirsten Hills Assistant producer, correspondent, Financial Times; San news and features editor, Take 5 Telegraph Online; contributor, BBC Current Affairs; reporter, Francisco correspondent, Financial (Sydney) Flavour; news reporter, drinks ITV Central South; journalist, ITV Times Laura McCreddie Freelance (Asda editor, head of features, the Publican Central West Tom Campbell Sub-editor, Press Vitality, Zembia); features director, communications, Carlsberg UK; Rachel Horne (née Gibson) Runner, Association WeatherCentre; subYoga; deputy editor, Salon Therapist; Accolade wines BBC Breakfast with Frost; researcher, editor and reporter, production editor, managing editor, Professional Beauty Kate Woodward Wire editor, World BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat; breakfast Regeneration & Renewal and Retail Jeweller Entertainment News Network; ITV radio reporter, BBC Essex; presenter, Manfreda Cavazza Freelance, (The Iain Noble Assistant editor, Marine soap column; freelance (Inside Soap, BBC Newsround; reporter, BBC Independent on Sunday; Reuters Engineers Review; deputy editor, All About Soap,, Sugar, Sun Working Lunch Health;; writer and Landrover World; sub-editor, Pick TV magazine, Soaplife, Closer, Reveal, Sonja Jessup Senior broadcast sub-editor, AFX News; news reporter, Me Up; sub-editor, Zoo Weekly What’s on TV; news editor, Inside journalist, Hereward FM; broadcast Retail Week; business correspondent, (Sydney); sub-editor, NW magazine Soap) journalist, BBC Essex, BBC Look Sunday Express (Sydney); deputy chief sub-editor, East; broadcast journalist, BBC Victoria Chow (née Worsley) SubNW magazine (Sydney) London TV editor and feature writer, The Stage; Olivia Richwald Freelance (China Julie Kangisser (née Hayman) Broadcast freelance, Health & Fitness, Women’s Daily, The Sun Online; education Broadcast journalist, BBC TV News Health; features sub-editor, Metro; reporter, Evening News, Norwich); Planning, BBC News 24, BBC freelance copy editor and proof reader reporter, Northern Echo; video London News; network producer, Michael Deacon Sub-editor, More; journalist, BBC Yorkshire Munier Abdalla Broadcast journalist, BBC TV News; communications junior writer, J17; reviews editor, Zoo; Gregor Ridley PR account executive, Downtown Radio, Cool FM consultant, Fishburn Hedges feature writer, The Sun Online; TV senior account executive, account Edward Adams Freelance (IRN, Anna Lee Broadcast journalist, features editor, The Daily Telegraph; manager, Colette Hill Associates LBC sports); broadcast journalist, presenter, BBC Radio Cleveland; parliamentary sketch writer, The Daily Stephen Russell Marketing PR, multimedia producer, head of reporter, BBC Radio 5 Live; senior Telegraph copywriter, City and Islington production, ITN ON broadcast journalist, BBC Radio 1 Priya Elangasinghe Staff Writer, College; sub-editor, Big Issue Adnan Ahmed TV producer/director, Newsbeat; production assistant, (Scotland); freelance (Sunday Herald); Steadfast TV; researcher, Juniper TV; Kasia Madera Broadcast journalist, Carlton Television; freelance (Q, staff writer and web master, Big Issue Wall to Wall TV; production runner, BBC News; BBC Asian Network; Ink, Seven, TOTP, Girl About Town, (Scotland); freelance (Oz Magazine, Diverse production; Forbidden Fruit; senior broadcast journalist, presenter,, Bleedmusic, Smash Citysearch, DNA, Artisan, Fairfax shooting assistant producer, Who BBC News; presenter, BBC News Hits, Zoo) Community Network, Citysearch, Rules The Roast; director, Mirror Channel and BBC World Abigail Frymann Creative project Time Out, Melbourne) Signal Manoeuvre; assistant producer, Joel Mapp Broadcast journalist, manager, Tearfund; web editor, Elena Seymenliyska Freelance Talk Back Family Silver; associate Radio Suffolk; video journalist, BBC Tearfund; foreign news editor, The (The Bookseller, The Daily Telegraph, producer, Associated Press online; Spotlight TV; Northamptonshire Tablet; online editor, The Tablet; Belgravia Magazine); sub-editor, assistant producer, BBC; producer, reporter, BBC Look East freelance reporter, Mail Online The Daily Telegraph; book reviewer, director, Steadfast TV Christopher Mason Trainee, Dafydd Goff Sub-editor, In Style; the Guardian sub-editor, arts & Eve-Marie Akers BBC World ITN; BBC Radio 5 Live; Radio writer and sub-editor, The Month, The books, The Daily Telegraph; freelance Services; BBC TV London Newcastle; political reporter, Europe Sunday Times; music editor, Times editorial consultant Anna Bailey Presenter and producer, correspondent, BBC; political Online; online music sub-editor, the Graham Smith Freelance (France Liberty Radio; freelance broadcast correspondent, BBC Guardian magazine, Investis, World journalist, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio Rhiannon Mills Northants 96; Naomi Greenaway Staff writer, Entertainment News Network); 1xtra, Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio breakfast news reader, GWR; deputy M Celebs, Sunday Mirror; features wire editor, editorial special events 4, BBC World Service; newsreader, news editor, Northants 96; news editor, associate editor, assistant manager, Los Angeles editor, World Club Asia Radio; reporter, BBC trainee, ITV; ITV Yorkshire editor, Glamour (South Africa); Entertainment News Network; news Radio 4 Sarah Mills Reporter, presenter, freelance (Daily Mail, Sunday Mirror, editor, online editor, MailOnline Edward Baran Broadcast journalist, CMJE Newstalk Radio; senior Glamour, Top Sante, Woman&Home) Chloe Stothart Reporter, finance ITN Radio; reporter, producer, reporter, Rawlco Radio Gareth Jones Freelance, University editor, deputy news editor, Housing Calendar News (ITV Yorkshire); Rachel Muir Assistant producer, of Cambridge, BBC Worldwide, Today; freelance (Children, Now, news reporter, presenter, North East (BBC Newsround, Boys & Girls: Electoral Commission, Footstep New Star, Young People, The Guardian, Tonight (ITV Tyne Tees); freelance Sex and British Pop, The Princess & Productions; freelance, product Third Sector) Melissa Barham News editor, Kestrel Panorama; ITV); Daily Mirror development manager, Dr Foster Deborah Stowe Copy editor, FM; drive time newsreader, BRMB; Jonathan Norman Sports producer, Research reporter, Bucharest Business Week; freelance (The Eagle); reporter, ITV Talksport Radio; producer, IMG Victoria Kennedy Reporter, freelance (Business Review, Vivid, Granada Media; cricket reporter, LBC & Catchline News; showbiz reporter, Holidays in Romania, New Bucharest Sian Bundred Associate producer, Setanta Sports News; broadcast Daily Express; celebrity writer, Reveal Express, Vivid, The Daily Telegraph, Lion TV, Channel 4; producer, Radio journalist, BBC Radio 5 Live; magazine; features writer, assistant Bucharest in Your Pocket, The Times, 5 Live; associate producer, Be Good freelance (IME Media); freelance features editor, Daily Mirror; deputy The Independent); journalist, Business Films, Channel 4; associate producer, broadcast journalist; football editor, Now Review (Bucharest); author, Thomas BBC Millbank; associate producer, commentator, UEFA / 111

LISTINGS 2002 - 2003 Jessica Parfitt Production coAmandine Cauchy Freelance, Le ordinator, BBC Monde; internet editor, Groupe Alain Georgia Peters Freelance (Metro, Ayache (Paris); web project manager, Unique, BBC 7); breakfast show coCentre national de documentation host and news editor, Radio Static; pédagogique (France); web journalist, breakfast show host, 107 Star FM; producer, LBC Gabrielle Chatelain Radio France Jim Reed Assistant producer, CNBC International; freelance (TF1); Europe; reporter, BBC Newsnight; CBC; producer, Associated Press; reporter, BBC Radio 4 TV reporter, Agence France Saria Rees-Roberts Freelance Presse (BBC); press officer, Amnesty Victoria Chimbwanda (née International Massimo) Acting editor, The Voice Nishita Sharma Reporter, presenter, (Botswana); sub-editor, deputy editor, features writer, Wish Hard Global TV Listings; communications, Production Company Havering Council; communications, Ann Smith BBC Radio Essex; Commonwealth Secretariat; broadcast journalist, production Jana Ciglerovß Chief editor, Elle journalist, ITV Border (Czech Republic); presenter, Radio Yean Tang Unknown Express & Czech TV; editor, Amanda Walker Breakfast reporter, MAFRA drive time reporter, LBC 97.3 and Ryan Coopamah Writer and subHeart 106.2; news reporter, LBC editor, senior journalist, editor, Brave Radio; reporter, ITV Border; US New Words; head of communication, correspondent, Sky News The Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd Elodie Cuzin Freelance; online editor, Discovery Channel; freelance 2003 (Spain), Le Monde, Libération, L’Agefi, Rue89, Le Télégramme, Statégies, Les International Inrocks, Marianne; Agence FrancePresse Veronique Deiller Freelance, Acteurs Baptiste Aboulian Freelance (20 Publics; news assitstant, Canal Minutes France SAS); managing Plus; Le Journal des Femmes; section editor, Ignites Europe editor, Psychologies; editor-in-chief, Tareq Al-Arab Correspondent, Deutsche Welle; financial journalist, Yanik Delvigne-Jean Nurse Financial Times; deputy head of press, (Canada); freelance (Ecuador) German Embassy London; senior Skye Docherty News, motor communications consultant, Siemens supplement, The Sunday Times; Fareena Alam Editor, Q News; researcher, reporter, producer, Insight freelance SBS TV (Australia) Anna Albien Unknown Eduardo Escorial Writer, Antena Vilma Anusaite Freelance assistant 3 Television; screen writer, director, producer, ABC News London; Endemol TV (Spain); director, associate producer, producer, creative director, Zeppelin TV director, CNBC; writer, Bon Vivant Behzad Farsian Stringer, The Daily Concierge Telegraph (Iran); freelance; owner Tunde Asaju Chief press secretary, and managing director, AutoGlass President of Nigeria; head of press Middle East and public affairs, British High Mathieu Fournier Associate Commission (Abuja) producer, CBC Toronto; journalist, Zalina Azman Managing director, researcher, public affairs, Télé Quebec; Maxmedia Sdn Bhd Ludicatif Present, CBC; journalist, Neha Bal Reporter, Dow Jones presenter, Radio Canada Mark Bhagwandin News editor, Jennifer Furmidge Executive editor-in-chief, Guyana Broadcasting director, J.P. Morgan; senior associate Corporation; website moderator, challenges consulting, Challenges MSN; senior education and media Worldwide officer, LIFE Dwayne Gordon Editor, The Jamaica Ruben Bicho TSF Online; reporter, Star Jornal de Negocios; Reuters (Lisbon); Sergiy Grytsenko Sub-editor, BBC deputy editor, Economico TV Monitoring (Kiev); communications Daniela Bluth Goldfarb cultural co-ordinator, counter-trafficking pages, Trés; reporter, editor, chief subprogramme; Caritas (Ukraine); senior editor, Galeria; media expert, European Commission Eva Rey Botana Correspondent, delegation to Ukraine; media and Basque Country Radio (London) communications officer (Ukraine), Semanario Busqueda Freelance United Nations Development Nikolaos Broumas National service; Programme; press advisor, account manager, Proximity ZZ European Bank for Reconstruction Greece; account manager, Rascal and Development S.A.; account manager, OgilvyOne Silvia Guzzetti Freelance (Avvenire, Worldwide (Athens) Famiglia Cristiana, Club 3, Letture); Laura Brown PR assistant; The Italian teacher, University of Documentary Channel (Toronto); Leicester press officer, Bush Branding Samantha Hays Managing editor, Marketing (Australia); freelance ISO & Agent associate producer, Metro Morning; Christine Hoffmann Freelance; associate producer, CBC Radio associate editor, Getty Images Toronto Jan Hromadko Intern; European Olga Budarova Broadcast assistant, commission (Berlin); translator; BBC Radio 4; freelance reporter, Dow Jones

112 /

Heather Hugley Administrative assistant, KSTP-TV Helena Iveson Copy editor, China Daily; China Central Television; newsreader, anchor, CCTV International Jingjing Jiang China Business Weekly Marit Borud Kamark Advisor, Norwegian Confederation for Business; freelance (Eva, HSMAI travel business, Insero, Hotell Restaurant OG Reiseliv); research associate, Korn Ferry (Norway) Njoki Karuoya Correspondent, Nation Media Group Ruhi Khan UK correspondent, Hindustan Times; senior correspondent, Mumbai Mirror, Times of India; principal correspondent, NDTV; editor, Newsletter: Life & Times, 5E Ltd Sunanda Kumar Senior sub-editor, reporter, Jeremy Landor Unknown Leslie Ann Lee Freelance, BBC Forward Maisokwadzo Communications officer, Mediawise; co-ordinator at EJN Dalia Martinez Freelance Joana Mateus Diario Digital and Diario Economico newspapers (Portugal); Vogue (Portugal); Atlantico Magazine; reporter, Associated Press Isaiah Mbuga Media consultant; talk show host; radio station manager; media marketing and promotions, Employment Forum UK; communications consultant, Promoting Media; lecturer, Uganda Christian University; Uganda Communications and Advocacy Specialist, Research Triangle International Yan Mei Casual producer, BBC Chinese service; research fellow, marketing and business strategy, University of Upminster; London coordinator, external relations executive, China Policy Institute; program coordinator, Stanford Graduate School of Business Elodie Mialet Freelance, France 2; broadcast journalist, France TV; producer, Canal Plus (France) Sara Yasmine Mohamed Assistant manager, corporate communications, CIMB Investment Bank Sandra Nyaira Reporter, Daily News (Zimbabwe); website editor, coeditor, Zimbabwe Journalists, Voice of America Alan O’Sullivan Reporter, Trinity Mirror South; banking correspondent, This Is Money, The Mail On Sunday; reporter, The Daily Mail Filipa Parreira Reporter, sub-editor, Lusa news agency (Portugal) Alicia Peyrano Researcher, reporter, Time Out; producer, Waddell Media Isabelle Porter Freelance reporter, La Gazette des Femmes; cultural correspondent, Le Devoir (Montreal) Doreen Rietentiet Producer, Deutsche Welle; external relations, TV21/CNBC (Germany); PR consultant at DRW Eco (Germany) Matthew Robinson Radio B92 (Serbia); Balkans correspondent, Reuters; South Caucasus correspondent, Reuters; Balkans chief correspondent, Reuters

Maria Sarafoglou International News Department, NET and ETI; news anchor, ERT (Greece); political correspondent/ news anchor, Mega TV Nicola Scevola Scriptwriter, travel documentaries, Rai (Italy); freelance (Vogue, SkySport24, Reuters) Patrick Schleisman Unknown Amanda Scott BBC Focus on Africa; CNN International; web editor, news editor, NBC 10 News (Philadelphia) Sunil Shetty Kuwait News Agency; United News of India; Sunrise Radio; Associated Press Television; project manager, National Radio Monitoring; TV correspondent, Zee News Kabul); vice president, business development, NSP Company Shamillia Sivathambu Reporter, Euromoney; staff writer, Incisive Media; vice president, corporate communications, PIMCO Tor Ketil Solberg Freelance; music reviewer, case handler, vocational rehabilitation; advisor, EURES (Norway); course Instructor, Folkeuniversitetet Jugoslav Stojanov Industry analyst, Automative Carolina Stupino ANSA Gonzalo Suarez Redondo London correspondent, La Razon; freelance, (MTV magazine, Capital, Fortuna Sports); reporter, La Razon (Madrid); reporter, El Mundo newspaper (Cronica - Sunday Features supplement) Kiryl Sukhotski Host, BBC Russia Ian Talley Energy policy reporter, international finance reporter, Dow Jones Newswires Yogita Tahilramani Political and security analyst, Hill & Associates ( Jakarta) Emre Temel Producer, BBC World Service (Turkey) Luciana Teshima Unknown Line Hassall Thomsen Freelance, The Independent (US and Danish publications); press department, ITV News; PhD in Newsroom Studies, Aarhus University; journalism lecturer, Aarhus University Arturo Torres Unknown Julien Toyer Freelance; EU correspondent, Thomson Reuters; senior correspondent, Reuters News (Spain) Johanna Treeck Sports reporter, Barometern; financial reporter, local reporter, night reporter, crime reporter, Sylsvenka Dagbladet (Sweden); journalist, production manager, Chambers & Partners; senior correspondent, Thomson Reuters; senior European Central Bank Correspondent, MNI News/ Deutsche Boerse Group Admore Tshuma, Dr The Children’s Mutual; PhD, Lecturer (Poverty and International Development), University of Bristol Rosalind Tunnicliffe Freelance, Associated Press Radio Christine Wambaa Reporter, bureau chief, East Africa correspondent, SABC, Nation Media Group (Nairobi) Isabell Witt Freelance, Common Ground Radio, USA and German broadcasters; copy editor, Business

LISTINGS 2002-2003

Wire; equity market reporter, Standard and Poor’s MarketScope; credit reporter, Standard & Poor’s LCD; credit reporter, Bloomberg; credit reporter, Thomson Reuters Fabienne Wydler Proofreader, Merrill; spokesperson, humanitarian aid (Switzerland); media coach, Patrick Rohr Kommunikation Yacine Yala Reporter, Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (Beirut); HR and administration director, CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre Algérie Jennifer Zausch Senior producer, Associated Press Television News

Newspaper Kerry Beadling Entertainment reporter, Grimsby Evening Telegraph; senior reporter, Coventry Telegraph; head of communications, UHCW NHS Trust Emily Beament News trainee, general reporter, environment correspondent, Press Association Kara Bradley Reporter, Bromsgrove Standard; deputy editor, Coventry Observer; editor, Worcester Standard; account manager, Central Office of Information; communications officer, Amey Jaymes Bryla Trainee sub-editor, Press Association; sub-editor, The Daily Mail; sub-editor, The Sun Timothy Burroughs China Daily Margaret Clothier Reuters (Russia) Thomas Collomosse Sports reporter, Press Association; sports reporter, cricket and football correspondent, The Evening Standard Lorraine Cushnie Market reporter, MTN-I; The Lawyer; online editor, Asiamoney Anna Farley News reporter, Press Association Jane Fryer GQ; trainee, feature writer, Daily Express; staff feature writer, Daily Mail John Harrington Senior reporter, deputy news editor, Morning Advertiser Meyrem Hussein Reporter, Ipswich Evening Star; reporter, Islington Gazette Caroline Iggulden Feature writer, features editor, The Sun; features editor, News International Mark Meadows Sports writer, European stock market correspondent, sports sub-editor and reporter, Reuters Brian Moher Staff writer, Reuters; Self-Fly Safaris (South Africa) Caroline Muspratt Reporter, Financial News; business reporter, city reporter, The Daily Telegraph, business reporter, Sunday Express; investment writer, Capital Group; senior investment writer, T. Rowe Price Sachin Nakrani News reporter, Harrow Observer; senior reporter, The Wembley Observer; chief reporter, The Eastern Eye; news editor, Ealing Gazette; sports reporter and subeditor, the Guardian Arabella Newnham Cambridge Evening News; television

production co-ordinator, writer and producer (USA); researcher, BBC Svenja O’Donnell Reporter, economy and politics correspondent, Bloomberg News Sarah Ogden Senior marketing executive, Improve; Campaign manager, communications manager, Aviva Lisa Parry Reporter, Grimsby Evening Telegraph; freelance, Times Educational Supplement Kiran Randhawa Reporter, Daily Mail; senior reporter, Evening Standard Chloe Rhodes Features assistant, commissioning editor, The Daily Telegraph Matthew Roper Feature writer, The Daily Mirror Jessica Shepherd Reporter, The Birmingham Post; reporter, Times Higher Educational Supplement; education correspondent, the Guardian Primrose Slater (née Skelton) Reporter, News of the World; deputy women’s editor, Emirates Today; life editor, Emirates 24/7; deputy editor, Arab Media Group; editor, Online Editor, Motivate Publishing (Dubai); Bobby Stansfield Trainee, The Sunday Mirror; News reporter, The Daily Mirror ; Press officer, Department for International Development; Private secretary, Department for International Development; Mark Stevenson Reporter, The Scottish Sun; news reporter, The Sun Steven Swinford Western Daily Press; reporter, The Sunday Times; deputy news editor, The Daily Telegraph Louise Thomas Reporter, assistant news editor, WMN; assistant editor, Daily Mail

Periodical Anushka Asthana Reporter, education correspondent, The Observer; political reporter, chief political correspondent, The Times Antony Barton Assistant editor, deputy editor, Electrical Review, Electrical Times; news editor, Supply Management; freelance travel writer Julie Bieles Technology reporter, Plastics and Rubber Weekly; freelance (Chemical Weekly, Host City, Eureka, PRW, City Asset Management) Sarah Bush Editor, senior editor, Vodafone Live!; category manager,; channel manager, Shopping MSN UK; senior product manager, Microsoft Nick Clark Freelance, staff writer, section editor, Financial News; reporter, arts correspondent, The Independent Caroline Corcoran Commissioning editor, MORE; acting deputy editor, Sugar; editor,; freelance Adrian Cornell Citigate Publishing; editor, Bulb magazine; trainee subeditor, sub-editor, The Daily Telegraph; teacher Joanna Grobel de Mille Reporter,

The Grocer; reporter, Convenience Store; feature writer, The Morning Advertiser; Lime PR; director, Exact PR Anthony Dhanendran Journalism teaching assistant, City University London; staff writer, reviews editor, Computeractive; senior content producer, BBC Worldwide Maria Englund Correspondent, Dagens Nyheter and Goteborg Posten; feature writer, Expressen; freelance; CEO, Asia at Better Business International PR and branding consultant, Inema PR; co-founder and director, Style by Asia Paul Isaacs Freelance critic; writer, Eye Weekly; freelance (Toronto) Vanessa Jolly Features researcher, Daily Mail; assistant editor, The Sunday Times; families and sexes editor, The Times; deputy editor, Times2 Anna Kierstan News and features writer, Drapers; freelance editor, Worldwide Helen King (née Down) PR manager, The Mill; copyrighter, consultant, Treacle PR Rebecca King Researcher, food and interiors, The Saturday Times Magazine; senior writer, The Sun; Femail commissioning editor, Daily Mail Chris Lines Editor, Host City; deputy editor, Gambling Online magazine; editor, Gambling Insider Jonathan Lipsey Deputy editor, editor, Men’s Fitness Alex Marshall Freelance reporter, China Daily; freelance (Flux, Vision China Daily, Stool Pigeon) Kate Maxwell deputy health editor, Daily Mail; senior editor, contributing editor, Condé Nast Traveller (US); editor-in-chief, Jetsetter Andrew Morris Freelance ( Jack, Mojo, GQ, Dazed and Confused); features editor, arts editor, editor, Lisa Murch Freelance (The Sunday Telegraph, Ubiqus) Sean O’Connell Senior manager, AOL, European director (shopping, travel and games), AOL; MBA student, London Business School; director of integrated advertising solutions, Telefónica Rose Parfitt Writer, Your Life!; research executive, Voodoo; freelance, (Your Life!, Blues & Soul, Mix, The List, Dr. Foster); PhD, School of Oriental and African Studies Caitlin Pike Editor, Mid-Sussex Matters; editorial assistant, reporter, Press Gazette; freelance Peter Robins Sub-editor, Nottingham Evening Post; production journalist, The Daily Telegraph; production editor, The Spectator Charlotte Ronalds Assistant editor, Junior Education; deputy editor, Child Education; freelance travel writer Hayley Shedden Features assistant, Mother & Baby; features assistant, Hello!; celebrity writer, Woman; brand solutions editor, BBC Worldwide; creative solutions editor, Immediate Media Company Ltd Sebastian Skeaping Piano tuner and

restorer, Thornhill Pianos John Stepek Writer, Sunday People; finance (Teletext); website editor, deputy editor, editor, Money Week Natalie Stevenson Features reporter, Property Week; technology editor, deputy features editor, Retail Week; teacher Rachel Tompkins Features, Take a Break; senior writer, deputy features editor, Pick Me Up; features editor, Pick Me Up and Chat Esther Walker Book researcher, Time Warner; reporter, Londoner’s Diary, the Evening Standard; features writer, The Independent; freelance (The Times, The Daily Mail, The Evening Standard, the Guardian, Easy Living and Tatler); author Charles Williams Reporter, Property Week; business writer, editor; Trident Communications; editorial manager, British Red Cross; head of external affairs, Business in the Community

Broadcast Candice Allen-Olsen BBC Radio Kent; reporter Sky News; producer, Grace Productions and Ministry of Culture; producer, Lunchtime Live with Kay Burley, Sky News; internal communications manager, ArcelorMittal Kate Atkinson Reporter, producer, ITV local news; assistant programme editor, ITN Claire Bridge Online journalist, Sky News; broadcast journalist, 2-Ten-FM (Heart Berkshire) Jonathan Bithrey Freelance (BBC Radio Solent, BBC Hereford and Worcester); broadcast journalist, BBC Radio Jersey; business reporter, BBC World Service Abigail Brown Researcher, The Sharp End, Ten Alps, Brook Lapping; producer, Julian Worricker Show, BBC Radio Five Live Peter Denton Broadcast journalist, Mix 96 Aylesbury; drive time presenter, Mix 107 Edith Djin Reporter, Mail on Sunday; PR account executive Claire Duff Researcher, associate producer, Channel 5 Ayesha Durgahee wwFreelance, (BBC Radio 1Xtra News); associate producer, CNN International Alison Earle Trainee broadcast journalist, London Tonight; broadcast journalist, showbiz reporter, ITN; freelance producer and reporter (CNBC, BBC News, Getty) Ian Edgar Transmission controller, BSkyB Adam Fleming Presenter, reporter, Newsround, BBC; political correspondent, BBC News; reporter, Daily Politics Rachel Fowell Broadcast journalist; BBC Lincolnshire; senior press officer, Department for Transport / 113

LISTINGS 2003-2004 Claire French Unknown Elizabeth Hill Bulletin journalist, RI:SE, Channel 4; news editor, ITV London News Naomi-Jayne Holland Newsreader, Downtown Radio; newsreader, BBC Ulster David Jerman Freelance reporter, (BBC Radio Lincolnshire, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire); sports producer, BBC Radio Lincolnshire Loveday Kitto Broadcast journalist, BBC Lincolnshire; video journalist, BBC Look North Christopher Landau Freelance radio journalist (BBC); reporter, BBC Radio 4; postgraduate student, Oxford University Adrian Larkin Freelance radio journalist, BBC; reporter and news reader, Virgin Radio; music journalist, senior music journalist and digital producer, BBC 6 Music, Radio 2 Robert Lawrence Assistant editor, multimedia newsroom, BBC Helen Ledwick Broadcast assistant, BBC; assistant producer, Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 4 Benjamin Lowings Web producer, Fairfax Interactive; news reader (Europe correspondent), Radio New Zealand International Theo Luke Content partnership associate, YouTube, Google Rachel Lynch BBC Nina Manwaring BBC Nottingham; The Today Programme, BBC Radio 4 Julius Mbaluto Attachments (Carlton TV, Alamo); freelance Darren McKenzie Researcher, Radio Birmingham; Radio New Zealand; BBC WM; Senior broadcast journalist, BBC Radio 5Live Francis Mensah Runner, The Wright Stuff, Channel 5 Lorna Milton GWR Group; reporter, BBC Three Counties Radio Ramita Navai Reporter, Channel 4 Tom Parker Reporter, BBC Radio 4 Josephine Parry Unknown Kawser Quamer Trainee, presenter, reporter, producer, ITV West; Channel 5 News; senior broadcast journalist, duty producer, BBC Hayley Radford Producer, Time Out digital radio service; presenter, producer, The Gallery, Channel 4; presenter, Bizarre podcast, The Sun Luke Robinson Freelance (The Sunday Times, BBC); media officer, House of Commons; head of media, Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts Max Rushden Reporter, Radio Cambridge; breakfast reporter, BBC London; presenter, BSkyB Oliver Rogers Broadcast journalist, film-maker; BBC Look East; action desk producer; BBC Essex Peter Thackrey Teacher, Haberdasher’s Aske’s School for Boys Daniel Whitworth Producer, LBC; freelance (BBC Sheffield and York); reporter, BBC Radio Sheffield, BBC London, Radio 1Xtra, BBC Radio 1 Mark Worthington Television news producer, Tokyo Broadcasting System; BBC Belfast; reporter, BBC Newsline; senior broadcast journalist, BBC NI, east of England reporter; BBC

2004 International Rasha Abu Baker Freelance, Emirates Today; programme analyst, UNDP (United Nations Development

Programme); national reporter, The National (Dubai) John Odey Aduma City Business College; editor, Despina Afentouli, DR Guest production assistant, research, Channel M TV (Manchester); editor, correspondent, The Greek Art Hosting Portal (London); presenter, correspondent, features production, L.G.R. (London Greek Radio); project assistant, R.F.D. (Radio for Development, London); radio news editor, e-news editor, BBC Greek (London); teaching, Greek Schools of Apostle Varnavas (London); editor, CNN Business Traveler (London); guest production assistant, research, PR, CNN (London); script, editor group, Ant1 TV (Athens); correspondent, interviews, editor, Tourism Market; scriptwriting, editorial team, Ant1 TV (Athens); author; journalist, special advisor, Economist magazine (Athens); Professor of Journalism, University of Wolverhampton; Professor of Journalism, College of Professional Journalism (Athens) Natalya Baigozhina Foreign editor, Express-K; creative director, Gorod Roddy Batchasingh Reporter, Trinidad and Tobago Express; senior lecturer in communication and journalism, College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago Motez Bishara Investment manager; freelance reporter Cecile Bridel Communications, Consumers International; communications, motherbridge. org; communications officer, Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative Rory Byrne Freelance (Irish Times, The Sunday Business Post, The Sunday Telegraph); radio/TV correspondent, Voice of America; associate producer/ cameraman, APTN (Associated Press Television News) Veronica Cancio De Grandy Freelance; community manager, European University Maya Canfield Unknown Sara Carbone Editor, Hodder Murray Publishing; editor, Child Poverty Action Group; communications; editor, Bliss; corporate communications officer, Institute of Physics Kabir Chhibber Reporter, Bloomberg Elizabeth Choppin Desk assistant, The Independent; reporter, Disability Now; editor, Onoffice magazine; editor, ALTO magazine Charlotte Coulon Case worker, Refugee Council; Eurovision editor, deputy news editor, APTN (Associated Press Television News) Stephen Cummins Co-founder, founder, Understated Production; editor, NME Ireland; contributor, Irish Independent Enda Curran Reporter, sport news desk, UK equities; european equities desk, AFX UK; money and policy reporter, Dow Jones / The Wall Street Journal; economics and politics reporter, The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones (Australia) Khushnuma Dadachanji Assistant producer, special projects, senior writer, Hindustan Times; freelance (CNBC, The Times of India) Jerome Demare Intern, Lewis PR; marketing and communications, PR executive, Olympus UK Felicity Devonshire Freelance (Insight News Television Limited) Peter Eisenberg Producer, eurovision editor, intake editor, deputy news

114 /

editor, APTN (Associated Press Konstantinos Koulaxis MSc, MRes Television News) European Politics and the European Stella-maris Ekpene Producer, Union, Birkbeck College (London); Radio Nigeria; senior marketing UK correspondent, Adraxe (Greece) and communications officer, Positive Sarin Kouyoumdjian-Gurunlian People magazine; director, Ardyss MA in Political Studies, American International; PMO analyst, tesco. University of Beirut; press manager, com Marcus Evans Hamed Eqbal Development Wilfredo Laboren Unknown committee, Fresh Media; national Shrikesh Laxmidas Impact Media public information officer, Group; documentary producer, communications officer, UNDP Gulbenkian Foundation (Portugal); (United Nations Development reporter, Angola correspondent, Programme) Kabul treaty reporting Reuters and language expert, (CEDAW) Stephanie Lochner Project assistant, Committee on the Elimination of Radio for Development Discrimination against Women Kevin Massy North America Zaida Espana Editorial foreign desk correspondent, associate editor, AKA assistant, The Independent; european TV; associate editor, CBS Interactive; equities reporter, loans correspondent, reporter, The Economist; assistant energy correspondent, Thomson director, The Brooking Institution Reuters Olivia McGill Writer, Indymedia Maria Galvez-Penttinen Trade Ireland; online journalist, Al Jazeera finance, BBVA English (Qatar) Maya Garg Assistant producer, Viviana Mendoza Media and producer, Al Jazeera International; audiovisual programme, Amnesty producer, Al Jazeera English; International producer, Riz Khan, Al Jazeera Chryssa Michalopoulou Unknown International Vaishali Mishra Media officer, Andreas Grigo Executive producer, Commonwealth Human Rights Mephisto 97.6 (Leipzig); news editor, Initiative Sputnik (MDR Radio); freelance Arnau Monras Writer, MediaPro; editor (MDR & WDR, Germany); freelance trainee, Electronic Media School; Felipe Moreno Sub-editor, RS editor, RBB Public Radio; advisor Components; communication advisor, and lecturer, German Development Minister of the Interior, Chilean Service, Royal University of Phnom Government Penh Aidan Muller Communications Naomi Gunasekara Sub-editor, officer, Judicial Appointments feature writer, The Sunday Leader Commission; equality schemes editor, (Sri Lanka); researcher, Aloka Films; Department for Constitutional student, International Development Affairs; e-comms officer, Office for Law; The Sunday Times (Sri Criminal Justice Reform; digital Lanka); announcer and translator, engagement advisor, UK Ministry of BBC Sinhala; partner, Jade Law Justice solicitors Yoriko Nabeta Producer, researcher, Kashish Gupta Reporter, NDTV TV Asahi (New Delhi Television Limited) Dean Naidoo Reporter, Taneli Heikka Political entertainment writer, feature correspondent, Aamulehti (India, writer, sub-editor, Sunday Tribune; Finland) chief sports sub-editor, The Star; James Herron Market reporter, sports editor, Sunday Tribune; Platts; reporter, oil and gas reporter, sports director, Independent EMEA Energy News; editor, Dow Newspapers; senior lecturer in Jones Newswires and The Wall Street journalism, Leeds Trinity University Journal College Luminita Holban Director, The Thuy Quynh Nguyen PR; Mihai Eminescu Trust Transerco Katharine Houreld Freelance (The Daphne Papadopoulou Field Sunday Times, The Sunday Telegraph, assistant and interpreter, Kids Eye Reuters, The Times, Africa Confidential, View of Greece; freelance (Financial Marie Claire); East African Daily); online journalist, Daily correspondent, Associated Press; Express; journalist, researcher, Greece Afghanistan/Pakistan correspondent, Overview Reuters Emily Persse (née Gordon) Sukaina Jaffer Freelance Freelance Saira Jaffer Freelance (Associated Ilgin Pinar Assistant director, Babar Press, CNN) Ahmed documentary; freelance Sofia Kannas Freelance (Cyprus Mail, (CNN, Turk TV) Pseka); press assistant, Office of the Mathoo Pokane Freelance President of the European Parliament Andrea Powell North County (Brussels); editor, UK Ministry of Times Justice Loriane Sena Waite Production Chie Kawada Research analyst, manager, CineLook; account Sumitomo Mitsui Banking manager, Decipher, Inc Corporation Elisha Sessions Web developer, Lesley Keene Press co-ordinator, NASDAQ; web developer, Oglivy Kodimedia; analyst, Bloomberg Interactive; editorial producer, Major Businessweek; reporter, producer, League Baseball Advanced Media; Bloomberg producer, presenter, Resonance FM; Tania Khadder Summit producer, webmaster, Red Bee Media; content Marcus Evans producer, BBC Trine Knudsen Translator, researcher, Sajidhussain Shaikh Freelance (the BBC GMR; freelance (Kanal 24, Guardian, BBC Wildlife magazine); NRK Norway, Kommunikasjonshuset The Times of India Renomme) Christopher Sheppard Marketing Harshita Kohli Freelance and public relations assistant, Chelsea (Worldwide Plus, Bombay Times, Pictures (New York); freelance (US India Tourism Office, BBC Esquire); PR writer, Fiore World Service); BBC Radio 4; Associates; copywriter, J Walter entertainment editor, Hill Road Thompson New York; freelance Media; entertainment reporter, BBC (Dunne Public Relations); Port Asian Network Magazine

LISTINGS 2003-2004 Mohini Suchanti BBC World Service (Mumbai); Business India magazine; communications manager, TiE Inc Oystein Samson Tjentland Head of research, senior consultant, EWK International; senior research associate, Maven Partners Shu Chun Trainee solicitor, James Tsang & Co; paralegal, Fragomen Yoko Toda (née Kono) The Asahi Shimbun Catherine Townsend Features, The Independent; freelance (Daily Mail, The Times, Grazia, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, New York Post); columnist (The Independent, Marie Claire, Fabulous); author Despina Trivolis Editor, Lifo Gina Valcke Market research Rui Videira Presenter, producer, BBC World Service; Bloomberg; chief reporter, FT Business Investment Adviser; Dow Jones News Wire Josefine Volqvartz Journalist, Al Jazeera English Dan Wang Unknown Chao Yan Xinhua News Agency Qin (Yvonne) Yang Unknown Ting Zhu Page editor, 21st Century China Daily; analyst; reporter, Bloomberg

Newspaper Mohammed Abbas Trainee reporter, Cairo general news corresponent, Islamic finance correspondent, Baghdad general news correspondent, London money political general news correspondent, Reuters Kevin Allison; San Francisco correspondent, Financial Times; investment banker, UBS; global resources columnist, Reuters Rachel Belton Freelance; feature writer, Evening Standard Jon Boone Education correspondent, Wall Street correspondent, Afghanistan correspondent, Financial Times; freelance (Afghanistan correspondent, the Guardian) Daniel Box Business section, The Sunday Times; news reporter, The Australian; author; freelance Thomas Braithwaite Energy Trade; Washington correspondent, US banking editor, Financial Times Heather Browne Feature writer, The Sun; English teacher Michelle Fyrne (née Byrne) Online journalist, Associated New Media; entertainment section editor, This is London (; section editor, Time Out (Dubai); editor,; director, SoPublishing Robbie Collin News of the World; film critic, The Daily Telegraph Catherine Devlin Sub-editor, medical correspondent, The Daily Telegraph Matthew Falloon Graduate trainee, politics and economics correspondent, Reuters Neil Fisher Editorial assistant, classical music writer, classical music opera and dance editor, deputy arts editor, The Times Samantha Haque Reporter, Finance Week; reporter, Channel 4 News; producer, ITV News; producer, ITN Jens Harder Sub-editor, 21st Century


Job: Deputy Editor, New Statesman Course: Newspaper, 2005

Who has been your best interview?

What is your favourite memory from your time at City? One of my tutors used to smoke Silk Cut cigarettes out of the window in her office. You’d walk in and she’d offer you one – it was great. One coursemate was too poor to afford fags. He would say: “I need to talk to you about the course”, and they’d go and have a Silk Cut together. What has been the proudest moment of your career? The guest edit of the New Statesman by Jemima Khan. That gave us lots of news. We also had Hugh Grant going undercover to record Paul McMullan in the News of the World, which was a bit nervy legally. It was intense but it was a massive success.

I did a fantastic interview with a biologist, who discovered an important fossil about when animals walked on land. She took me around the museum and poked this millionsyear-old fossil she had discovered, and a bit of it fell off. She put it back on with Blu Tack. What advice would you give to your student self now? Treat going to City like a job. It’s designed to transition you from the warm water of university to the cold ocean of the jobs market. Journalism is changing, and you’ll be expected to be good at everything. Suck up as many skills as you can – you never know where your career will take you. HANNA IBRAHEEM

China Daily; media correspondent, Argus media group Amy Iggulden Trainee sub-editor, reporter, The Daily Telegraph; news editor, Evening Standard; assistant editor, Mail Online; assistant editor (News), Evening Standard Soriebah Kajue Sports trainee, Press Association; freelance (Skysports. com, Daily Mail, Sunday Mirror, The Voice) David Marley Reporter, Nottingham Evening Post; deputy news editor, news editor, Times Educational Supplement Michael McGrath Sports journalist, football reporter, Press Association; football reporter, The Wardle Agency Robert Nutbrown Sub-editor, Teens Junior Edition, 21st Century China Daily; defence industry analyst, Visiongain Ltd Tariq Panja Manchester Evening News; reporter, Associated Press; football correspondent, Bloomberg

Periodical Daniel Drillsma-Milgrom Business desk, The Sunday Times; political editor, deputy editor, acting editor, Local Government Chronicle; principal policy and project officer, London councils Richenda Evans-Freke Consultant, Corven Sam Peters Trainee, PA sport; sports writer, Hayters Teamwork; rugby union and cricket correspondent, News of the World; media and PR director, Row2Recovery; sports writer, The Mail on Sunday Rachel Porter Feature writer, Daily Express; feature writer, Daily Mail; freelance (Daily Mail, Daily Express, the Guardian, The Independent, Metro, Grazia, Stylist, Fabulous, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Fitness) Thomas Price Reporter, Daily Express; reporter, Daily Mail Jerome Starkey Trainee news reporter, The Sun; Sada-e Azadi (Afghanistan); Afghanistan correspondent, The Times; Africa correspondent, The Times Vandna Synghal Financial writer, Times Online; reporter, Bloomberg; researcher, Chatham House; communications manager, National

Campaign for the Arts; researcher, The Independent on Sunday; freelance Sebastian Burford Freelance (Big Issue, Jockey Slut magazine, i-D, The Stool Pigeon, Time Out, Music Week, Metro, Good For Nothing, Media Guardian); PR, Island Records; head of Digital PR, Anorak London Ben Cardew Trainee reporter, CMPi; Printing World; reporter, news editor, Music Week; freelance Lucy Cohen Researcher, Divers Production; freelance assistant producer (Blast Films); freelance documentary director and producer Anna Cook Feature writer, Closer; features writer, editor, Northern and Shell; commissioning editor, features editor, Woman’s Own Fiona Cowood Senior features writer, B magazine; features editor, Bliss; features director, Cosmopolitan Helen Costello Deputy editor, Condé Nast online; deputy editor, Every Living website; freelance Simon Crawshaw Pulse; trainee, CMPi; reporter, Cabinet Maker; senior analyst, RAB Capital; associate fund manager, RAB Capital Jonathan Dean Production assistant/ stage writer, news editor, features editor, Total Film; online culture editor, The Sunday Times Ash Dosanjh Trainee, CMPi; writer, Music Week; reviews assistant, NME; freelance Bruce Douglas Editor, Latin American Newsletters; broadcast journalist, BBC World Service; broadcast journalist, BBC World TV; senior broadcast journalist, BBC Radio 4 Richard Fisher Reporter, The Engineer; feature editor, deputy news editor, careers editor, New Scientist Murray Garrard Features journalist, Daily Express; communications officer, TCEB (Thailand); editor, Lifestyle + Travel (Thailand); editor, Time Out (Bahrain); editor and co-publisher, Ink (Singapore); communications officer, Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (Switzerland) Yasmine Gibson The Observer; researcher, Channel 4; sub-editor, editorial assistant, feature writer, Grand Designs; sub-editor, freelance,

health columnist, OK! Michael Haydock Sub-editor, Legalese; sub-editor, The Bookseller; production journalist, Trinity Mirror Group PLC; production editor, The Week Kaye Holland Broadcast assistant, BBC Sport online; features editor, Fresh Direction; deputy editor, Time Out (Middle East); editor, RealLIFE (Cayman Islands); London online city editor, Haute Living Magazine; editor, CD Traveller Ria Hopkinson Sub-editor, The Bookseller; production editor, Charlton Athletic Football Club; online freelance football writer, The Telegraph; production editor, The Art Newspaper Martha Housden Researcher; freelance (the Guardian, The Observer); producer, Maverick TV Benjamin Hunt Sports reporter, Hayters Teamwork; Wardle Whittell Limited; Formula One correspondent, The Sun Christopher Kanal Freelance (Financial Times, The Sunday Times, The Observer, Metro, Wallpaper); editor, the LEAF review; editor, Progressive Digital Media  Eleanor Keymer Armed Forces research analyst, armed forces editor, features editor, IHS Jane’s Simon Kurs Commissioning editor, The Sunday Times; features editor, Arena; deputy editor, Shortlist; editor, easyJet Traveller Tom Lamont Food writer, freelance, deputy editor, Time Out; editor, Time Out Student Guide; London for Londoners; commissioning editor, The Observer New Review; contributor, the Guardian Roland Lloyd Parry Staff writer, Bulletin (Brussels); thefirstpost.; english desk, Agence France Presse; freelance (The Art, Paris); America desk, Agence France Presse (Washington); reporter, Agence France Presse Madrid)  Oliver Mann Freelance (The Observer, the Guardian); consultant systems editor, The Observer; visiting lecturer, City University; freelance designer Stuart McGurk Freelance (The Times, The Observer, Time Out, GQ, Maxim, the Guardian, Total Film,); film and TV editor, thelondonpaper, senior commissioning editor, GQ / 115

LISTINGS 2004 - 2005 Kit McHenry Department for Education and Skills; assistant policy and bill manager, DfES Vikki Miller Senior reporter, Building; assistant editor, Regenerate; reporter, The Sunday Telegraph; development, assistant producer, Dispatches, Channel 4; current affairs producer, Channel 4, BBC Claire Sparks (neé Mitchell) Editorial assistant, web editor, Country Living; content producer, BBC Lifestyle; editorial manager,; web editor, Hji; senior editor, Lifestyle Group Ellie O’Mahoney Feature writer, deputy features editor, Good Housekeeping; commissioning editor, ES magazine; contributing editor, associate features editor, Marie Claire; lifestyle editor, associate editor Fabulous Eleanor Snow Freelance (The Independent, Big Issue, Housing Today); freelance content editor (Latoral); feature writer (Housing Today); content editor, Lateral; web manager, Muscular Dystrophy Campaign; freelance digital content producer and project manager; consumer rights digital producer, Which?   Sonia Soltani Graduate trainee, CMPi; technical writer, Building magazine; deputy supplements editor, Travel Trade Gazette; supplements editor, commissioning editor and writer, Absolute Publishing Ltd Mienke Steytler Events manager, IQPC; writer, Corporate Citizenship Briefing; researcher, Homebrew Films; production manager, iMaverick (South Africa); researcher, Good Governance Africa  

Laura Fogg BBC Science & FM; Kick FM; deputy news editor, Emma Pyne Researcher; ATIT Environment Unit; BBC Radio news editor, Essex FM Productions; producer, Sam Brick Five Live; The Today Programme; Jamie Smith Trainee reporter, Productions You & Yours; BBC Radio 4; BBC producer, ITV Central; trainee Anna Richey Intern, CNN; Radio Lancashire; Imagine FM; producer, Channel 4 News; cofreelancer; researcher Reading107; BBC Radio Berkshire; ordinator, REVEAL Scotland Natalie Shelton Production manager, BBC Radio Cambridge; reporter, Kerry Taylor Win FM; Kestral FM; Richard Sambrook Productions; Channel M TV; BBC Radio Stoke, freelance; SGR Colchester; Essex production co-ordinator, Objective BBC Countryfile; communications FM; press officer, Home Office productions   and liaison manager, The University Emike Umolu ITN Multimedia; Annabel Solomon Trainee of Auckland director, Embellie Ltd; presenter, researcher, BBC; researcher, BBC Rose Foley Broadcast journalist, ITV producer, Al Jazeera English Crimewatch Central South; broadcast journalist, Hugo Ward BBC Radio 5 Live; Daisy Thirkettle Researcher, UK BBC Scotland; advocacy officer for producer, Sky News; producer, Food; Prospect Pictures   girls’ education in Rwanda   director, Raw Cut TV; producer, Halo Emma Thomas Acquisitions; Cristo Foufas Presenter, Purple Films; producer, director, October Community Channel; reporter, Radio; researcher, Big Breakfast; Films   ITV   presenter and producer, The Dating Antony Whincup Freelance, GWR, Amy Youssefian Reporter, CNN Channel; freelance reporter, presenter, CNN LBC   Helen Fry Freelance (ITV, BBC 2005 Election Programme, Time FM); TV CAJ political researcher, Sky News; International producer, BBC Newsround   Chloe Gott Researcher, Leopards Emma Ashcroft Freelance Films; assistant producer, Crunch Claire Burton Freelance; showbiz Samantha Alleyne Senior reporter, TV; assistant producer, Lion TV; reporter, ITN Multimedia   Stabroek News agent, KBJ Management   Edward Cowley BBC Moscow Ali Amar Co-founder, Le Journal Ben Gray Freelance (IRN, BBC Robert Dersley BBC Hebdomadaire; consultant, Doha Radio 5 Live, Sports Broadcasting Breakfast; planning editor, Five Centre for Media Freedom; Morocco Company); text producer, BBC News News   correspondent Slate Magazine 24   Daniel Glyde BBC Breakfast; Spencer Anderson Assistant editor, Benjamin Green Producer, Early assistant producer, BBC TV sports JEC Composites Magazine; deputy Breakfast Show, LBC 97.3; senior news; assistant Producer, director, editor, Financial Times; senior multimedia producer, BBC Sport interactive   reporter, Thomson Reuters IFR Ihuoma Izundu Freelance (Virgin Rose Gretton Researcher, reporter, Ruben Andersson Researcher, Radio, Sky News Radio, BBC producer, Sky News   Reuters NewsAlert   London 94.9, ITN, Radio 1)  Claire Heffron Reuters Television Catarina Anjos Gifty anti news Bethan James BBC Radio Cymru; (London); Multimedia producer, reporter and presenter, Ghana Five News; reporter, producer, Times Online; broadcast journalist, Television News presenter, BBC Wales Political Russia Today (Moscow); producer, Giulia Ascoli Administrator, Unit director, Press TV Documentaries; Victoria & Albert Museum; personal Nicola Jones Reporter, Central News CNC World reporter and producer, assistant, Victoria & Albert Museum; South Xinhua News   personal assistant, capital campaign  Julius Mbaluto London Olivia Hill Reporter, ITN coordinator; editorial assistant, correspondent, NTV; editor, Africa Katie Inman Political Design Museum   Broadcast Exclusive News; freelance broadcast researcher; BBC Politics Unit Jerome Bonnard Freelance (film journalist, BBC World Service; (Southampton)   maker); TV video reporter, France London correspondent, News Punch Emma Ketteley Freelance; assistant 24 (France); TV reporter ITELE, Lucrezia Millarini Freelance (Time producer, Blakeway Productions Canal Plus (France); freelance (TV Harry Anscombe Broadcast FM); head of music, ITN ON; Julia Kirby-Smith Researcher, Sky investigation journalist)    journalist, reporter, ITN; digital entertainment correspondent, ITN News Business Unit; producer, Jennifer Bragg Russia Today TV; producer, The Economist; presenter London Tonight   Channel 4 News line producer, The Stream, Al Jazeera and producer, Channel 4 News; Charles Murray Freelance (Time Tom Lumley Researcher, BBC English   managing director, Beagle Media FM); assistant producer, BBC Westminster; producer, BBC Katarina Brkic Freelance Emma Bondor Trainee researcher, Newsround Newsnight; senior broadcast Magali Brutel Freelance, Marche à Channel 4; senior researcher, Witness; Katherine Murrells Sports reporter, journalist, BBC World News Londres; french teacher, media planning producer, Amnesty sub-editor, the Guardian; BBC; Alex Micklewright New media International School of International    Talksport; LBC journalist, ITN   Luxembourg Helene Cacace Researcher and Moronke Owoborode Filmmaker Elena Mourey Researcher, The Morgane Campioni Le nouvel reporter, BBC 3 News; producer, Josephine Parry Journalist, OBE; Wright Stuff; Objective Productions; Observateur director, More4 News presenter, Choice 107.1 FM; 12 Yards Productions; assistant Tom Cheal Producer, LBC News producer, CSV Action Desk; BBC producer, TDD productions; Priyanka Chaturvedi Junior 1152; broadcast journalist, Heart and Radio Berkshire   development researcher, Leopard associate producer, CNN; IBN; LBC; political correspondent, Global Robert Ridgwell BBC Radio Films; CTVC; assistant producer, advocacy and communication Radio News   Bristol; BBC World Service; BBC Betty Television   specialist, UNICEF   Lucy Collingwood Assistant Radio 4 Food Programme; editorial Beverley Munoz News journalist, Sapna Chowdhary Correspondent producer, BBC Radio Drama trainee, reporter, Sky News; producer, CNN   and producer, Al Jazeera  Stephen Douglas Reporter and BSkyB   Janelle Oswald Columnist, The International; freelance (Al Jazeera producer, Border TV; north of Oliver Rogers Producer, BBC Voice; assistant editor, New African English)        England correspondent, ITV News Thea Rogers Producer, Sunday AM; Woman; showbiz reporter, BBC Jennifer Cunningham Reporter, The Clair Duff Researcher, Channel 5; producer, BBC Newsnight   Radio London; presenter, PlayVybz Record     associate producer, Milkshake! Max Rushden Presenter, BBC Radio Radio   Annie Evangeli Editor, Exodus; Ian Edgar BBC Night Network; Cambridge; broadcast journalist, Jenny Parks Political researcher, account executive, Adventis Group; BBC Radio (Sheffield, York, BBC London; The Late Show, Jonathan Dimbleby, BBC Radio 4; senior associate, Capital Link; Humberside, Cleveland); Network TalkSport; presenter, Soccer AM; producer, BBC Question Time; marketing officer, FTSE   Director, BBC TV; transmission presenter, BSkyB   freelance producer (BBC)   Miriam Fawaz News desk controller, BSkyB  Saba Shaukat BBC News 24 James Pozzo Researcher, Politics assistant, London Tonight, ITV Tom Esslemont Reporter, BBC (Business Today, World Business News, Show; researcher, Channel 4 Political News  Radio Essex; reporter, BBC World Breakfast); broadcast journalist, Awards; question writer, The Weakest Maria Galvez Penttinen trainee, Service Economics & Business Centre, BBC Link; news researcher, Richard trade finance, BBVA   Annabel Falk Newsbeat, Radio 1; News; management consultant and Judy; film researcher, assistant Gina Gavala Reporter, Ethnos freelance   Jessica Shiddell Freelance, Kestrel producer, Have I Got News For You Newspaper; reporter, Beautiful World

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LISTINGS 2004 - 2005

In The Morning; reporter, War Zone, Society at Eight O’Clock, Mega Channel Giulia Gencarelli Web project manager, Aegis Media Gareth Gore Staff Writer, Incisive Media; Madrid correspondent, Bloomberg News; senior reporter, associate editor, Thomson Reuters   Dana Gornitzki Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; freelance; creative handler, MIEN Svetlana Graudt Editor, Russian newspaper (London); deputy editor, Pulse UK; copywriter, Staff Creative   Daniela Gross De Almeida Freelance, Connaught Tribune; researcher, Magma Films; freelance, BBC Brazil; volunteer, UN Portuguese Radio; video producer, Direct Video Tours; interpreter and translator; director, editor, camera operator, producer, Mully Productions Mahtab Haider Lecturer, Brac University; senior assistant editor, New Age (Bangladesh); communications manager, UNDP Bangladesh Matthew Hall Editor, The Windsor Times; managing editor, Sonoma West Publishers Judy Terrell-Hamilton (née Hamilton) News director, Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas; Nassau Guardian; corporate communications manager, Public Hospitals Authority - Bahamas Ministry of Health Ruth Hetherington Russia Today TV; producer, France 24 Alexander Holliday Marketing manager, Philips Electronics Radek Honzak Deputy foreign editor, Lidové Noviny; Europe correspondent, Hospodarske Noviny; spokesman, Czech representative to EU; communication officer, European Commission   Roza Ibragimova Russia Today TV; broadcast journalist, France 24; senior producer, reporter, writer and line producer, CCTV America Ivi Imamoglou Staff reporter, The London Planet   Atsuko Iwasaki Freelance; director, NHK ( Japan) Thomas James Book promoter; freelance investigator (CHF International, New York); editor, Sewage Treatment Weekly Amanda Janis Business editor, reporter, newspaper (California); senior editor, PEI Media   Anne Kaiffer Unknown Daniel Kalinaki Uganda bureau chief, The East Africa Shyaka Kanuma Media and information consultant, UNHCR (Kigali); executive editor, chief editor, The Rwanda Focus   Lars Karlsson Broadcast journalist, Russia Today TV; presenter, France 24 Lucy Kearney Associated Press (Bangkok); editor, head of bureau, Associated Press TV News (Beijing) Rashi Khilnani Associated

Press Suzanna Koster Correspondent, Trouw (Netherlands) Robert Kyei Gyau Freelance  Jessica Le Masurier Correspondent, Russia Today TV; news reporter, Sky News   Francesca Liberatore Reporter, The London Planet Weitao Liu World news editor, The London Globe; deputy editor, China Daily Konstantina Marneri Client services manager, Electronic Solutions SA  Feroza Mehta (née Master) TV News Reporter, Citytv; freelance reporter Elaine Mills Freelance   James Mills Unknown Ljiljana Mitevska The London Globe Gillian Murdoch Beijing reporter, copy editor, 21st Century   Odamah Musa Translator; freelance assistant documentary producer; broadcast journalist, Business and Economics Unit, BBC Radio Harun Najafizada Producer, reporter, BBC Persian TV; head of Afghanistan Bureau, BBC Persian TV   Pendael Omari BBC Media Action Tanzania    Abdi Osman-Adan London correspondent, Nation Television (Kenya); freelance reporter (Sky News)   Pimmi Pande-Jones Freelance Writer, various publications; freelance TV producer; founding director, Ethique Ltd; Owner, Vocalise Ltd   Radhieka Pandeya Trainee journalist, India Today magazine; reporter, HT Mint   Emilie Reymond Researcher, Blakeway Production; journalist, Haymarket   Rachel Romano Assistant editor, Rise Magazine; author; Metrovox Malgorzata Romanowicz Freelance business writer, Entreoom (Paris); assistant producer and translator, Radio Catholique Blessing Ruzengwe PhD student, Roehampton University Precksha Saksena Conference producer and contributor, Telematics Updates Maria Salvador Unknown Gwladys Savery Freelance  Martin Stabe Online reporter, Press Gazette; online editor, Retail Week; interactive producer, Financial Times  Ikuko Tatsuta Editor, LondonZok Lea Teuscher Temporary staff, The Independent; sub editor, Wallpaper Nina Tietzel Freelance (APTN); staff news producer, APTN London; foreign editor/producer, Network Ten Sydney; freelance producer (APTN Sydney bureau); freelance reporter and producer (SBS World News Australia) Hjalmar Tjan Freelance   Sara Trioni Freelance   Lucie Tvaruzkova Reporter, Tyden Nicholas Underdown Freelance report writer and researcher Joost Van de Loo Freelance; strategic

planner, LEMZ Wei Xing MSc international relations, London School of Economics   Ipek Yezdani Freelance journalist and producer (APTN Turkey); diplomatic correspondent, Milliyet; reporter, TRT Turk   Giselle Zado-Wasfie Associate editor, URB Magazine    Weiling Zou TV reporter; Europe TVB

Jonathan Parker Reporter, The Lawyer Gary Payne Sports reporter, The Sun (Scotland) Aisha Phoenix PhD student, Goldsmiths University of London media and advertising reporter, Bloomberg   Daniel Pimlott Companies reporter, economics reporter, Financial Times (New York); project Manager, Afghanistan Stabilization Initiative (ASI) Laura Roberts Reporter, The Scotsman; news reporter, showbiz Newspaper reporter, Daily Mail; news reporter, The Daily Telegraph; news reporter, Evening Standard; media consultant, Devika Bhat Researcher, foreign Ketchum Pleon desk, home news reporter, The Times; Genevieve Roberts News reporter, writer, assistant foreign news editor, features writer, The Independent; Times Online freelance (The Independent, Sophie Borland Reporter, The Mail International Herald Tribune, the on Sunday; features writer, Daily Mail Guardian, McCann Erickson); Daniel Box Freelance; author Paris-based freelance foreign Sri Carmichael Multimedia correspondent (The Independent, journalist, reporter, Press International Herald Tribune, the Association; consumer affairs Guardian, Monocle, Agence France reporter, royal reporter, Evening Presse (AFP), Radio France Internationale (RFI)); freelance (The Standard; trainee barrister, Hardwicke Independent on Sunday, Psychologies, Building International Herald Tribune, the Mark Cobley Graduate trainee, fund Guardian)   manager correspondent, Financial Christopher Roberts Production News trainee, sub-editor, Daily Mail Katie Davies Reporter, Hampstead James Rose Graduate trainee, CMPi and Highgate Express   reporter, Building Design Anna Davis Education Suruchi Sharma Freelance correspondent, Evening Standard production journalist,; Helia Ebrahimi Reporter, leisure senior reporter, Newsquest; author; correspondent, women’s editor, The freelance (Metro, 3Fox International, Mail on Sunday; chief correspondent, Newsquest North London); freelance Financial Mail Women’s Forum television researcher (Drugs Live: (; reporter, The Daily The Ecstasy Trial, Channel 4); Telegraph freelance PR officer (artist Israel Andrew Gill Sports journalist, Zohar and fitness company Resco BskyB; deputy social media and Results) communities editor, BskyB Joseph Sinclair Multimedia Anna Hodgekiss Graduate trainee, journalist, general reporter, Press CMPi; reporter, Pulse; senior reporter, Property Week; associate Association editor, Good Health, Daily Mail  Claire Vivyan Multimedia Ali Hussain News reporter, The reporter, Press Association; Sunday Times   broadcast journalist, BBC News; Laura King Racing Post; deputy global head of social media relations, editor, editor, Race Week (Dubai); Ernst & Young deputy editor, Equestrio   Damon Wake West Midlands Helen Lewis Trainee sub-editor, reporter, Press Association; Daily Mail; assistant editor, deputy video journalist, Press Association editor, New Statesman (London); showbiz, arts and Rob Ludgate Reporter, The Mail on media correspondent, general Sunday; documentary filmmaker reporter, Press Association  Chris Marshall Reporter, Aberdeen (London); editor, Europe-Africa Press and Journal; education newsdesk, Agence France-Presse correspondent, The Scotsman (Paris); editor, Asia-Pacific Donna McConnell Sub-editor, The newsdesk, Agence France-Presse Independent; freelance (The Observer (Hong Kong); Pakistan-Afghanistan magazine, The Times); online news correspondent, Agence France-Presse reporter, Daily Mail; columnist, Sarah Weaver Graduate trainee, Pride   reporter, Express newspapers; Haili McHugh Reporter, News of the producer, BBC News; World; reporter, The People producer, Juniper Productions; Gary Meneely Reporter, The broadcast journalist, BBC Breakfast; Sun press officer, The Insolvency Sebastian Morton-Clark Freelance Service (The Sunday Times, The Observer) Alan White Freelance reporter Aaron Pan General finance (Private Eye, the Guardian, reporter, Bloomberg News (Hong The Times Literary Supplement); Kong, London); senior reporter, researcher, Mock the Week Asiamoney; public relations manager, developer, Free at Last TV; Mayer Brown JSM; corporate freelance (The National, Aeon communications manager, Nomura, Magazine, New Statesman) Asia ex-Japan Pan Yuk Reporter, Financial Times / 117

LISTINGS 2005 - 2006 Rebecca Miles Staff writer, Daily The Association of Train Operating Sky News Mail; Ski and Snowboard; editor, Companies; editor, Xinhua News Thomas Knapp Property developer; website editor, Agency; freelance writer and broadcast journalist, The Radio; freelance sub-editor (specialising in beer & Network; broadcast journalist, Radio Amy Abrahams Freelance (She, Sarah O’Meara Freelance, The brewing)   Works; media assistant, NZ Football; Conchango, ThreeWeeks, Caterer and Independent; feature writer, Cambridge  Nicola York Feature writer, media and web producer, Football Hotelkeeper, Time Out, The Big Issue); Evening News; deputy features news reporter, Money Marketing; Federation Australia deputy chief sub-editor, Star/OK! editor, Press Association; acting senior associate and editor of Meredyth Lewis TV journalist, Hot Stars; deputy chief sub-editor, lifestyle editor, The Huffington Post global marketing strategy, Cicero London Tonight Glamour UK   Consulting; editor, Global Financial Suzanne Levy Unknown Flora Bagenal The Sunday Telegraph Elaine Okyere Editorial assistant, Strategy Christine Liu TV journalist, Russia magazine; foreign desk, The Sunday junior sub-editor, Cosmopolitan Today; TV journalist, London Tonight Times; producer, Channel 4 News; Bride; freelance (the Guardian,  Elizabeth McCabe Broadcast Broadcast freelance (Reuters, The Sunday Star magazine, Metro); reporter, assistant, BBC; assistant news editor, Times) The Harrow Observer; broadcast Sky Sports   Adam Benzine Graduate trainee, journalist, BBC Radio 1, BBC Emma Baker TV journalist, Lynoon Musafer Newsroom CMPI; senior reporter, factual London and BBC News   London Tonight; production assistant, BBC News 24; broadcast editor, C21 Media; associate editor,  Zoe Paxton Books assistant, journalist, correspondent, ITV journalist, Business and Economics Realscreen   The Times; press officer, Home Anglia Unit, BBC   Victoria Bentley (née Heath) Office; chief press officer, Cabinet Paul Barber Freelance, BBC Radio Maryam Nemazee TV journalist, Reporter, sub-editor, China Daily Office; deputy head of news, The Merseyside; TV reporter, Channel M Russia Today; news anchor, Aljazeera (Beijing); assistant editor, editor, Department for International Marianne Barriaux Reporter, City English; news anchor, Bloomberg Caravan; senior editor, Caravan and Development   AM; business reporter, Guardian Television   Motor Caravan   Thomas Pearmain; Freelance Group; correspondent, deputy  Charlotte O’Brien Freelance radio Jonathan Clegg Staff writer, GO; (Touch Africa Confidential, The Africa news editor, social media editor, journalist (Virgin Radio, Time Play; sports editor, Wall Street Report)   Agence France-Presse (AFP) 106.8FM); news editor, Global Radio Journal   Monisha Rajesh Features assistant, Nicholas Beake Broadcast journalist, Chris Page Freelance journalist, Miranda Collinge Editorial She; chief sub-editor, Little White Lies; BBC Radio Bristol; home affairs BBC Radio Ulster; senior broadcast assistant, arts editor, features editor, freelance (ID, Square Mile, TIME, the reporter and producer, BBC; journalist, BBC Northern Ireland Esquire    Guardian); author; freelance reporter, newsreader, BBC Radio 1, Geeta Pendse Broadcast journalist,  Jen Crothers Freelance; editorial Adrian Sandiford Freelance (Proms); Newsbeat; reporter, BBC London TV BBC Breakfast   assistant, sub-editor, Period Home back section editor, Little White Lies; News   Rhona Pinkerton Radio newsreader, and Traditional Living; newswire sub-editor, Latin American Journal; Jacob Brown Freelance (Australia); kmfm; video editor, Kent Messenger editor, World Entertainment News staff writer, 21st Century China Daily broadcast journalist, Time FM; Krishan Ramakrishnan Broadcast Network; news reporter, features (Beijing); features editor, editor, assistant producer, Channel 10 journalist, BBC Economics and writer, Heat editor at large, Time Out (Beijing) News journalism lecturer, National Business Unit; press officer, British Colin Crummy Reporter, Laura Silverman Trainee sub-editor, University of Samoa    Retail Consortium   Press Gazette; assistant editor, Daily Mail; Arts writer, The Times; Danielle Codd Broadcast journalist, Laura Shirley Radio journalist, Attitude content editor, The Daily Telegraph; Wish FM; broadcast journalist, Capital Gold London   Kelly Ellis Features writer, acting assistant iPad production editor, The newsreader, BBC Radio Humberside Rebecca Spong Freelance radio deputy features editor, Full House; Daily Telegraph Matthew Cole Sports reporter, BBC journalist, kmfm; editor, Exporta commissioning editor, senior Toby Skinner Freelance, Collings Kent; line editor, reporter, Club Call; Publishing; trade, transport commissioning editor, Ebury Press Sport Agency; editor, Time Out presenter/newsreader, BBC Radio and logistics editor, MEED  Jamie Fullerton Deputy editor, (Shanghai) Kent    Laura Sullivan Trainee, Channel 5 Caravan; staff writer, Loaded; reporter, Laura Topham Columnist, Evening Sarah Dembitz Media PR executive; News; reporter, presenter, producer, assistant news editor, news editor, Standard; freelance (New Woman, event manager, Incredibull Ideas ITV West News; assistant press features editor, NME Daily Mirror, Cosmopolitan, Evening Reuben Easey TV journalist, Russia officer, Clarence House; press officer, Richard Heap Graduate trainee, Standard); features writer, The Daily Today; TV journalist, France 24 Clarence House   United Business Media; assistant Mail; freelance   Marcus Edwards Freelance (Channel Amanda Thompson Runner, editor, Property Week; research Anna Wakeford Editorial assistant, 4 News, BBC Radio Derby); receptionist, Darrall Macqueen; manager, Sunday Times Fast Track; Smash Hits; freelance (Bliss); site Midlands researcher, Midlands executive assistant, TBWA; brand community editor, UBM’s Future editor,; web manager, producer, home affairs producer, management executive assistant, Cities   Dorothy Perkins; international Channel 4 news   executive support coordinator, Martin Hemming Sub-editor, The platforms manager, Marks & Spencer Georgette Ginn Broadcast journalist, NSPCC   World of Interiors; sub-editor, travel Charlotte Walsh Graduate trainee, BBC Radio Essex Michelle Uwins Broadcast assistant, writer, assistant travel editor, The CMPi; news reporter, Travel Trade Amanda Haire Financial reporter, BBC World Service Radio Sunday Times   Gazette; online editor,; breakfast news producer, Sky Hugo Ward Freelance (Five Live)  David Jenkins Sub-editor, Zone communications officer, Battersea News   Victoria Whall Freelance publishers; freelance (Time Out, Dogs & Cats Home   Adrian Hieatt News assistant, ABC (Washington D.C.); stringer, BBC Empire); deputy editor, Little White Helen Warrell Freelance reporter News (London); newsroom assistant, (Mongolia)   Lies; staff writer, Time Out; reviews (Institute of War and Peace BBC News 24; assistant, Hardcash Erica Witherington Broadcast editor, Little White Lies   Reporting); Sander Thoenes Fellow; Productions; broadcast journalist, journalist, BBC Breakfast   Naomi Leach Researcher, Many interactive reporter, Asia page Virgin Radio   Rivers Films; development assistant editor, UK news reporter, political Summer Hurwitz Freelance (ITN, TV CAJ producer, Oxford Film & Television; correspondent, Financial Times CNN); broadcast journalist, CNN assistant editor, IPC Media; freelance Sarah Warwick Assistant editor, International; Olympics producer, travel journalist, Time Out (Cyprus); editor, Family History Monthly; BBC Thomas Adamson-Coumbousis columnist and Feature Writer, Cyprus freelance travel writer (TNT Nabeel Irshad Freelance journalist, More4   Mail; TTG MENA & TTG MENA Magazine, Tiger Tales, South China BBC Radio 5 Live; broadcast Imogen Anderson Researcher, BBC Luxury    Morning Post, Kindred Spirit); deputy journalist, BBC Three Counties; Governance Unit; producer, BBC Lottie Lumsden Junior writer, Cosmo editor, H2Open; deputy editor, easyJet Citigate Public Affairs; account Annabel Archer Broadcast journalist, Girl; showbiz writer, Closer; showbiz magazine   executive, Weber Shandwick ITN Multimedia; producer and reporter, News of the World; news Emily Wright Graduate training Worldwide; special adviser, senior writer, CNN International writer, assistant news editor, Grazia scheme, Cmpi; reporter, Building political adviser, head of political Wale Azeez Producer, Al-Jazeera; Ben Machell The Yorkshire Post; Magazine; reporter, Travel Trade research, The Conservative freelance producer (BBC World freelance (Mojo, Time Out, The Gazette; features editor, Building Party; management consultant, Service and BBC News); freelance Knowledge, T2, The Times); feature Magazine; features and comment Price Waterhouse Coopers writer (Bloomberg News); freelance writer, The Times   editor, Estates Gazette; freelance Consulting online ethnographer (Push); founder, Laura Markey Freelance features (Evening Standard Homes & James Isola Broadcast journalist, CanVerse   writer, The Lawyer   Property and TTG Luxury) senior producer, Bloomberg TV; Helen Babbs Writer, Time Out; Christina Martins (née Franks)  Nick Yates Graduate trainee, director, Cubitt Consulting  freelance writer, assistant producer; Graduate trainee, CMPi; novelist; Cmpi; features writer, The Publican John Jelley TV producer, executive author; editor, Animations Online; copy editor, Steak UK Morning Advertiser; media officer, producer, commissioning executive, writer, the Guardian/Observer


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LISTINGS 2005 - 2006

Jenny Berglund Freelance researcher; What advice would you give to your consultant, Cambridge Strategy MIRANDA COLLINGE What is your favourite moment from student self now? your time at City? Centre Zoe Brooker Co-ordinator, Teacher TV news; researcher, Brook Lapping To be brave and put yourself out Job: Features Editor, Esquire David Roper’s entertainment classes Productions; production manager, there. Getting yourself known is were brilliant. He let us be rude about Course: Magazine, 2005 Many Rivers Films   important. That’s what City is great celebrities – even though we had Alistair Bunkall Freelance; reporter, for. Take advantage of the contacts never met them and probably never Defence correspondent, Sky News and keep yourself in circulation. It’s would. I interviewed Christopher Emily Burns Broadcast assistant, the best way to get ahead. Biggins. I tracked him down to the BBC Breakfast   stage door of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Sunita Butterworth Self-employed What did you struggle with most? Serge Cartwright Researcher, Brook What has been the proudest moment? Lapping Productions; Russia Today (Moscow); journalist, Associated I’m not a natural news writer. It was Press; Sky News   useful to learn but I haven’t really I’ve done a few cover stories for Kristina Cooke Correspondent, used it in my subsequent career. But Esquire recently which I’m proud of. Reuters (London); investigative Lionel Messi was a good one, although then you never know which avenue reporter, Reuters   you’ll go down. The coroner’s court it was more a case of shaking his Jennifer Evans Freelance hand than actually speaking to him. He was hard as well. And all the deaths documentary researcher (Tiger were scarily mundane. I think one is enigmatic. He doesn’t say much. Aspect); researcher, Unreported World; of them was a guy falling over his assistant producer, Late Edition, dishwasher. BBC; shooting assistant producer, 30 Minutes, The Insider, Channel 4 Benjamin Farey Energy markets ALICE HANCOCK reporter, Heren Energy   Ben Gallagher Researcher, The Wright Stuff   Milton Bragatti Unknown Gazette; special projects editor, Safura Rahimi Co-founder, Osama Javaid Researcher, Brook Lola Constantini Freelance Emap Stylehopper Inc   Lapping Productions; United Rebekah Curtis Reporter, Thomson Thedoroa Kermeliotis Unknown Ahmad Shuhaib Sharif Radio Nations University; producer, senior Reuters; sub-editor, Thomson Reuters John Kjorstad Renewable energy producer, BBC World Service duty editor, Dawn News (Pakistan); Foundation   reporter, features editor, Infrastructure (Afghanistan)   broadcast journalist, Al Jazeera Brenda Da Silva Marques Unknown Journal   Neha Singhwi Unknown   English   Victoria Darves-Bornoz Researcher, George Kyriakos Production editor, Alessandro Speciale Freelance, Jennifer Marcus Brighter Pictures, Yalla Films Financial Times Al Jazeera International (Italy); Endemol; teacher   Iryna Demchenko Unknown Yumei Liu Unknown   Vatican correspondent, ASCA News Julie Maritz CNBC Europe; TV Clara Denina Correspondent, Yu Liu Editor, overseas editing Agency   producer, Carte Blanche FastMarkets Ltd   centre, China News Service   Diana Davis (née Stech) News Francis Miles Researcher, Zenith Javier Espinosa Freelance (The Halima Migari Unknown   assistant, intake client producer, North Observer, The Times); editor, Diarios Aikaterini Maltezou APTN; editor, PEXNetwork. Ranadeb Mitra Researcher, de la Guerra (Spain); multimedia Correspondent, Reuters (Athens) com   Dispatches, Channel 4   reporter, The Wall Street Journal Maayan Manela Editor, Calcalist Uzma Sulaiman Information officer, Catherine Norris Trent The Dimbleby Europe; sub-editor, Timesonline; Megan McCormick Unknown Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies Programme, ITV; journalist, France freelance (foreign desk, the Guardian, Thomas Muirhead Sub-editor, and Research   24   The Observer); online producer, Hilton Hotels   Carlo Svaluto Moreolo Reporter, Archna Pandya Assistant producer,; markets reporter, Zipporah Musau Managing editor of Infrastructure Journal; reporter, Central TV (Birmingham); features writer, The Wall magazines, The Standard Group Shares Journal; freelance (Investment David Peter Researcher, BBC Street Journal   Catherine Neilan (née Herne) and Pension Europe, IPE); Current Affairs Thomas Fessy BBC World Service; Reporter, news editor, Investment consultant, African Development Nazanin Sadri Newsdesk journalist, Congo correspondent, BBC Advisor; senior reporter, The Bookseller; Bank; Al Jazeera International; producer, Al James Fontanella-Khan Online deputy news editor, Broadcast; news account and copywriter, Openview Jazeera English journalist, World Desk; India editor, editor, Drapers     Ahmed Taha Freelance Shiv Sharma Broadcast journalist, Aliyu Odamah Musa PhD (NBC News) Russia Today (Moscow)   Jennifer Forsyth Assistant producer, researcher/part-time tutor, Liverpool Sumaa Tekur (née bangalore) Toby Strutt Assistant producer and Dr Keith Ablow Show, Warner Hope University Assistant editor, Daily News and researcher, ITV; assistant producer, Brothers   Jyotika Oberoi UK media Analysis; editor, CEB Iconoculture Mentorn; researcher and assistant Omar Fouad Researcher, Al representative, India Today   (India) producer, BBC; producer and Jazeera Deborah Odumuyiaw Freelance Judy Terrell News director, director, Two Four; development Carolina Galvani Campaign editor and reporter, efinancialcareers. Broadcasting Corporation of the producer, Arrow Media; DV director, manager, Humane Society com; University of the United Bahamas; associate editor, Special Edition Films International   Nations; international online editor, The Nassau Guardian; Svetlana Graudt International production officer, Amnesty VP corporate development and copywriter, Start Creative   International marketing, Bahamas Supermarkets Padraic Halpin Sports desk, Chitra Panjabi Staff writer, BC Ltd; corporate communications 2006 Reuters Entertainment Magazine (Hong manager, Public Hospitals International Marie-Christin Hansen Senior Kong); development manager, Authority/Bahamas Ministry of industry campaigns manager, EMEA Sewall-Belmont House & Health at Oracle   Museum Jennifer Trak Freelance, fashion Gulden Banu Aktas BBC Irshadul Haque Unknown   Konstantina Papanikolaou intern, NW magazine; junior fashion World (Turkey); press officer, Stanislava Ivancheva Features coJournalist, and SKAI editor, IPC Media TOBB University; journalist and ordinator, Impact Media Group; Rama Parajuli Chief sub-editor, Gabriela Vieru Freelance (BBC communications director, ETUC; correspondent, Press TV   Kantipur (Nepal)   Romanian service); editor, Pearson communication director, UNDP; Frank Johannsen News reporter, Amra Pasic Researcher, deputy news Education; online content manager, corporate communication generalist, dpa-AFX news agency; news editor, Al Jazeera English LexisNexis   Alacergold Company   reporter, Leipzig Volkszeitung Isel Pizarro Freelance studio Taslima Viljoen Senior TV news Ali Amar Freelance   Haider Kadhum Freelance producer operator; text manager, Follett reporter, South African Broadcasting Charlotte Angela Researcher, Al (APTN)   Higher Education Group; Corporation   Jazeera International   Anne Kaiffer Broadcast media editorial assistant, Oxford University Kimberly Vlach Assistant editor, Catarina Anjos Unknown (Luxembourg)   Press; text manager, Rosemont WUSF (NPR member station) and Jessica Au Unknown   James Kenny Freelance reporter, The College; personnel and content Sarah Barden France 24   Irish Post; senior reporter, Business, development coordinator, Nkosazana Zuma MA student, Diego Bivero Unknown   Financial Times; reporter, Estates The Saylor Foundation SOAS; researcher, G3 / 119

LISTINGS 2006 - 2007 The Scotsman, Suffolk magazine, Mail; news reporter, 7 Days Professional Beauty); senior editor, Andrea Leebody Fashion and beauty Newspaper   assistant, Love It!; junior writer, Pick Marina McIntyre Trainee sub-editor, Me Up; film content editor, Orange. The Sun; deputy production editor Issam Uddin Ahmed European (web), the Guardian   Jo Mattock Freelance, junior staff Science Foundation; staff reporter, Rachel O’Brien Press Association writer, John Brown Citrus publishing; Dawn (Pakistan); Pakistan John O’Doherty Financial Times reporter, Dive Magazine correspondent, The Christian Science Isabella Piasecka Metal Bulletin Leah Milner Reporter, Mortgage Monitor; desk editor, Agence France Emma Rowley Press Association Strategy; reporter, news editor, Money Presse   Robin Stringer Bloomberg; Marketing; money reporter, The Times Kelly Allen Daily Express; deputy breaking financial news editor, editor, Paul McNally Senior sub-editor, news editor, Look; news editor, Star  Bloomberg News   news editor, Press Gazette; reporter Heidi Ancell Travel Trade Gazette Richard Suchet Sky News   and sub-editor, The Connexion; Emily Ashton Political reporter, Carlene Thomas-Bailey Wandsworth freelance   Press Association   Borough News; staff writer, Guardian Sorrel Neuss Intern, 21st Century Eleanor Barham Research, LSE guides, the Guardian   China Daily; editor, News Briefing Andrew Barker Construction News Stephen Wilkinson Sub-editor, Central Agency; freelance   Alex Barker Financial Times   Brentwood Gazette; Essex Chronicle Amanda Nicolas (née Smith) Laura Barnett Daily Telegraph; Media Group Editorial assistant, assistant producer, commissioning editor, arts, the UKTV Food online; website Guardian   producer, Good Food Channel; Magazine Ruth Barnett Press Association; digital editor, Channel 4 Food social media correspondent, political Eimear O’Hagan Graduate Trainee, reporter, Sky News; head of comms, Tessa Andrews Project worker, Daily Express; writer, Femail, Daily SwiftKey   St Mungo’s; homeless prevention Mail; senior features writer, features Catherine Boyle The Business; centre manager, Southdown editor, contributing editor, Fabulous business reporter, reporter, The Times Housing Association; area manager, Magazine; freelance writer and editor Christopher Bryant 21st Century/ St Mungo’s Homeless Charity; Hugh Reilly Editorial assistant, China Daily; Berlin correspondent, management consultant, Hay Group commissioning editor, theatre and Financial Times; central and eastern Caroline Atkinson (née Tosh) comedy, thelondonpaper; acting editor, Europe business correspondent, Reporter, Institute for War and Peace London Planner Magazine; web editor, Financial Times; Frankfurt Reporting; editor, Christian Aid campaigns and youth web editor, correspondent, Financial Times Thomas Atkinson Editorial Unicef UK   Andrew Bryson Sunday Express; assistant, thelondonpaper; freelance Nicki Saunders Features editor, BBC Business & Economics Unit; (Little White Lies, The Stool Pigeon); Frontier; The Engage Group   producer, BBC   arts and entertainment editor, Alistair Smart Features assistant, Simon Cable Daily Express   thelondonpaper; editor, Hot TV Seven; arts editor, The Sunday Alexander Carnwath Wandsworth Magazine, The Daily Star Telegraph   Borough News Mark Bridge Freelance (The Times, Daniel Stewart Architectural Frank Dalleres Sports editor, City The Sunday Times); reporter, personal correspondent, Building; assistant web A.M.   finance writer, The Times editor, senior editor, The Week (US James Doughty Unknown   Laura Canning Feature writer, Daily edition)   Helen Dowd Daily Express   Ireland; novelist and creative writing Katie Toms Editorial assistant, The Emily Dugan Freelance (The Stage); tutor; news, features, North Belfast Observer Review; freelance; press Reporter, The Independent; reporter, News, Andersontown News; freelance; officer, Southbank Centre   The Independent on Sunday   features, Siam Map; Content Daniel Trilling Freelance writer, David Firth Trainee sub-editor, manager,   researcher (Plan B, New Statesman, features sub-editor, The Sun Sophia Cottier Staff writer, Fusion; Bad Idea, Bremner, Bird and Fortune); Sharon Flaherty News reporter, freelance (H2B Journal); research deputy arts and books editor, assistant deputy online editor, Financial Times assistant, Pye Tait; editorial assistant, editor, New Statesman Business; head of content and PR, Professional Beauty   Katy Ward Editorial assistant, Laura Fergusson Freelance (New Teachers   Tom Harper Reporter, Sunday Zealand); writer, researcher, Gemma Ware Feature writer, Telegraph; reporter, Mail on Sunday; Futerintech; freelance (Dominion reporter, Professional Fundraising; investigations reporter, Evening Post); writer, Redhouse Lane editorial assistant, assistant editor, Standard Communications   The Africa Report (Paris)   Ryan Harrison Pensions Week Eleanor Goodman Graduate Wesley Yin-Poole Trainee reporter, Nico Hines The Australian; The trainee, CMPi; news reporter, Cmpi; deputy editor, VideoGamer. Times Online; Washington reporter, Building; freelance (Rock Sound); com; news editor, The Times chief sub-editor, production editor, Tom Young Writer, Computing Kerry Hopkins PR account director; Bizarre   Magazine; shipping/freight reporter, associate director, KTB associate Gareth Iacobucci Intern, CMPi; Argus Media director, Ogilvy; Broadcast director, The Publican; news reporter, Pulse; Hopkins Communications   reporter, British Medical Journal Broadcast Rhiannon James The Sunday Time, Philippa Jacks Features reporter, property section features editor, managing features Urmee Khan The Guardian; assistant editor, Travel Trade Gazette   Thomas Almeroth-Williams PhD commissioning editor, G2; digital Ellen E Jones Editorial assistant, student, University of York and media correspondent, Telegraph Esquire; freelance film reporter (the Kate Arkless Grey Freelance Media Group   Guardian, The Times, The Sunday reporter, producer, Jeremy Vine Show,   Times, Total Film, Little White Lies, BBC Radio 2; LBC 97.3; freelance Andrew MacDowall Oxford NME, Esquire, thelondonpaper); broadcast journalist, social media Business Group; editorial manager, Hollywood correspondent    consultant; editor, Audioboo   OBG (Bucharest and Sofia); analyst Lee Jones Reporter, Mortgage William Barkway Radio newsreader, and columnist, OBG; freelance Strategy; mortgage reporter, features Invicta FM, Classic Gold; correspondent, analyst and consultant writer, Money Marketing; copywriter, production journalist, group internal (FT, CS Monitor, Business New Wells Fargo Bank; PR specialist, One communications manager, ITV; Europe, Independent, Oxford Business Simple Plan (Minneapolis)   consultant, Able and How   Group, commercial clients (Serbia, Neon Kelly Staff writer, previews Hannah Barnes Broadcast journalist, Bulgaria)   editor, Little White Lies; freelance newsreader, Mercury FM   Sara McCorquodale Sutton (Promo, Caravan, Time Out);   Ben Bland Freelance; reporter, Guardian; freelance (the Guardian, Mishaal Khan Writer, Femail, Daily presenter, Channel M (GMG

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Media); political reporter, BBC Essex/Look East Paul Burge Freelance reporter (BBC Radio Oxford); correspondent, FSN London Bureau; reporter and video journalist, Agence France-Presse; TV reporter and video journalist, Bloomberg News; freelance TV producer and presenter (PharmaTelevision LTD); journalist and desk editor, CNN; TV reporter and video journalist, BBC News; multimedia journalist and producer, Telegraph Media Group; managing editor and media analyst, PRIME Kathleen Byrne Freelance   Lucy Clark Freelance (Sky Sports News, BBC Radio Norfolk); broadcast journalist, BBC Radio Norfolk Elisa Colton Freelance (BBC Radio, Cumbria); reporter, BBC Newsgathering; Broadcast Journalist, BBC Radio 5 live   Christina D’Costa Business producer, news producer, Sky News Tolu Doherty Unknown   Gamal Fahnbul Production journalist, ITV Granada; reporter, Sky News Rachel Foley Multimedia journalist, BBC Jersey; presenter, BBC Spotlight (Channel Islands); broadcast journalist, BBC North West Tonight; broadcast journalist, senior broadcast journalist, BBC Breakfast   Adam Fowler Freelance reporter, (Ridings FM, Yorkshire); reporter, ITV (Yorkshire)   Laura Francis Radio reporter, newsreader, KL FM (Norfolk); researcher, BBC Wiltshire; broadcast journalist, BBC Radio Gloucestershire   Seth Goolnik Development producer, Raw Television   Davina Hagan Broadcast journalist, TV Border   Jamie Harvey Trainee multimedia journalist, ITN; director, managing partner, Addiction Innovation director, Falcon Scott   Nashreen Issa Trainee TV journalist, reporter, ITV Meridian   Amanda John Unknown   Becky Johnson Radio reporter and newsreader, Fox FM (Oxford); reporter and presenter, ITV Central Lillian Kennett Researcher, Dispatches (Channel 4) Rosalind Levine Producer, Global Radio; Poppyfield Productions Naomi Lloyd Broadcast journalist, The West Country Tonight, ITV Alexander Maple Unknown   Sarah Marshall Broadcast journalist, multimedia reporter, KM Group; senior reporter, Eastbourne Herald; freelance newsreader, kmfm radio; multimedia journalist, Kent Messenger Group; senior reporter, Johnston Press; freelance; technology correspondent, technology editor, training manager,   Selena Masson Researcher, Lexis Nexis Rowan McKinnon Researcher, BBC Scotland; broadcast journalist, BBC News Channel; multiplatform producer, BBC Current Affairs; columnist, MyStreetChic; stylist, Style Eyes; fashion stylist and writer, West London Living; digital editor,

LISTINGS 2006 - 2007 Ernst & Young Leticia Camargo Unknown John O’Donoghue Unknown   Golnar Motevalli BBC World Laëtitia Chaucesse Freelance Barbara O’Donovan Editor, Metal Service (Crown Media); Saarlandischer Bulletin   Joanna Newsholme Part time Rundfunk, Deutsche Welle; freelance Toni Oyry Head of European student, City University   (France Bleu Pays d’Auvergne); marketing, financial company; Chetan Pathak Broadcast journalist, media trainer, NetCast Productions; communications consultant, Reuters; BBC Radio Stoke; presenter and communication officer, Duo Al-Jazeera English; project manager, reporter, BBC Asian Network; Népenthes; communication Shankaboot; producer, film-maker, presenter, BBC Three Counties Radio officer, Quatuor Arc&Fact; consultant, Beirut Ayden Peach Radio reporter, Time communication officer, Company Akshata Pai Unknown   FM; freelance researcher, GMTV L’Auvergne   Simeon Paterson Freelance broadcast Miriam Rowe Assistant editor, Nadine Clarke Lead producer, Blue correspondent   Cineflix; freelance editor, BT Vision; Barracuda; content editor, social Cristina Pittelli Media assistant, The offline editor, Zone; MCR assistant, media producer, Draftfcb   Stroke Association   catch up television editor, ITV Rowenna Davis Freelance (The Eric Polaud Unknown   London Studios Independent, New Statesman); features Wenjing Qin Unknown Vishva Sodhi (née Samani) writer, the Guardian; councillor for Sacranie Sacranie Unknown Broadcast journalist, BBC Radio Lane ward; Southwark Council Melissa Saic Unknown Stoke; Broadcast journalist, BBC Daphne Dimopoulou Unknown   Amiko Sato Tokyo MX News London TV; freelance reporter; Quoc Do Unknown   Daniela Silberstein Stock market communications Ofoicer, VSO Helen Dritsa Owner reporter, Bloomberg News (Zurich); Jagjeet Singh-Sohal ITV Regional Judith Enriquez-Sarano Media manager, Les Mills, Swiss Academy News; Author & Filmmaker, Dot officer, Oxfam of Fitness and Sport Hyphen Productions; Producer, Sky Natalia Farr Lantero Training officer Takeshi Sobukawa Unknown News (communications), Pivotal Namrata Tanna Director, Kathryn Stapley Egypt Mona Hussain Unknown   Imageworks Productions; correspondent, France 24   Daniele Ihns Euromoney communications, Concern India Kim Townsend Freelance (BBC); Institutional Investor; media and Foundation; co-founder & Mumbai Brixton Prison; community outreach corporate communications, IBIO; lead, Creatives Against Poverty manager, Media Trust   Fraud investigation, Ernst & Young; Suma Tekur Assistant editor, Daily Alex Waez Music promoter   FIFA World Cup, Coca-Cola Co   News & Analysis (Mumbai) Chloe Walker Reporter, BBC Azlira Jamaluddin Fashion Ahmed Tweirsh Unknown Essex; Drive producer, ABC NSW; and beauty writer, Marie Claire Smriti Vidyarthi News anchor, Afternoons radio producer, 702 ABC (Malaysia); defence alumni officer, Nation Media Group; Sydney; Drive producer, BBC Radio Australian High Commission Yulianna Vilkos Deputy editor, 5 live Amy Judd Reporter, community Debtwire Emmet Ward Editorial assistant, manager,; sports David Wall Unknown Teachers   editor, Maple Ridge Times (Canada); Sabine Wolf Unknown Isabel Webster Broadcast journalist, online web producer, Global BC Aylin Yazan Foreign affairs, CNN BBC Bristol; west of England Angelica Jung Woo Writer, presenter, TURK; Washington DC reporter, correspondent and presenter, Sky KBS World Radio; production CNNTURK; producer, Al Jazeera News coordinator, Cartoon Network Turkey Europe; programming scheduler, Gaini Yussupova Unknown Disney Channel   Giselle Zado-Wasfie Author; TV CAJ Georgios Kallinis Unknown freelance (VIBE, Vice, Black Book, Natalia Kannas Press officer, Teen People, CosmoGirl); editor, Chloe Corbin Freelance producer; Leonard Cheshire Disability   URB press officer, Survival International Vasileios-Vlasios Katsardis TV Kate Chambers Producer, Frost Over producer   Newspaper The World, Paradine Productions; Loan Khong Sub-editor, Tuoi Tre; broadcast journalist and producer, founder, New Media Company; BBC News   reporter, Ba Ria Vung Tau (Vietnam) Nicholas Francis Managing director, Ronley Kirwan Freelance, (BBC Sarah Bloch Press Association; creative director, Casual Films World Service); media and multimedia journalist, The Times Limited   communications, Demos; corporate Thomas Calverley Trainee subJames Martin Sports business communications assistant and editor, sub-editor, Daily Mail writer, Electric Word Group; trainee researcher, Pearson Plc; press Julian Cheatle Trainee sub-editor, reporter, Trinity Mirror North West; assistant, Which? communications The Sun   freelance, (Jewish Chronicle); freelance  and education researcher, Pearson Max Colchester News assistant, Aikaterini Maltezou Athens UK reporter, The Wall Street Journal   correspondent, Thompson Reuters Miyako Kobayashi Freelance Jeananne Craig Press Association   translator, (MK Translation); Laura Crowley Decision News executive assistant, Nintendo; private Media; communications and media 2007 English teacher   officer, WaterAid   Neha Kumar Associate director, Kate Day Communities editor, The International SPARX International Daily Telegraph   Dan Liu Unknown   Alex Delaney Chair, British Youth Mario Alemi Head of business Ajay Menakuru Unknown   Council; community outreach intelligence, aNobii; head of data Alyssa Morrisey Education editor, manager, Media Trust   products, Mopapp   Piedmont Post (California); editor and Elena Egawhary Freelance (New Jacques Aristide Broadcaster, Voice publisher, The Hercules Express   Statesman, the Guardian, The of America   Alice Moura Online editor, Time Independent); BBC Panorama   Mattia Bagnoli Freelance (La Out, (Rio de Janeiro); CNN; founder, Jane Fulcher Digital editor, Show Stampa); correspondent, ANSA Media   Joanna Barrett Communications Shadha Muheissn Baghdad Alistair Gray Bloomberg News; manager, RedR UK; climate change correspondent, BBC   insurance correspondent, Financial press and communications officer, Nadia Nanji Equity reporter, Dow Times  CARE   Jones; news assistant, CNBC; Fiona Gray Reading Evening Post   Lauren Bedsole Producer, FOX communication specialist, Nestle David Green China Daily; freelance Business Network Professional (China); correspondent, Market Ambika Behal Producer, Bloomberg  Omid Nikfarjam Unknown   News International editor, Beijing Cai Julian Bohne Freelance (BBC)   Jyotika Oberoi UK media United Consulting; editor, The World of Boudet Boudet Unknown   representative, India Today   Chinese

Chris GreenThe Independent Elizabeth Gyekye Materials Recycling Weekly; news editor, Packaging News Peter Hutchison The Daily Telegraph; The Independent   Clementine Jackson-Stops Scriptwriter, researcher, CNBC   Chloe Lambert Wandsworth Borough News; The Times   Rosamund Lavan Online business writer, The Times   Felix Lowe The Daily Telegraph   Thomas Lowe Press Association   Andrew Macaskill Shifts, Times Online; China Daily   Richard Milne European business correspondent, Financial Times   Ronan Murphy Business, Press Association; assistant editor, Satellite Finance   Rupert Neate City reporter, The Daily Telegraph; business and finance reporter, the Guardian, The Observer Anh Nguyen The Engineer; features editor, Computerworld UK   Cordelia O’Neill Press Association; The Scotsman   Dominic O’Neill Euromoney   Alex Ogle Freelance (New York); Americas desk editor, Agence France Presse (Washington DC); Asia Pacific desk editor, Agence FrancePresse (Hong Kong) Laura Oliver Reporter, editor,; community coordinator, the Guardian   Celia Paul Press Association; The Independent; The Scotsman Rachel Rouse Daily Express; account executive, Tetra Strategy   Helen Roxburgh Estates Gazette   Jessica Salter The Daily Telegraph   Ravender Sembhy Freelance (GG2 Life); freelance (Scotland on Sunday, Sky Sports, New Media); business reporter, Press Association; business correspondent, Sunday Express   Harriet Shawcross Press Association; assistant producer, BBC Newsround Josh Spero Arts blogger, the Guardian   Rosalind Stewart The Guardian   Joanna Sugden The Times   Jon Swaine Reporter, The Daily Telegraph; New York correspondent, Washington correspondent, The Daily Telegraph   Judith Townend The Australian; Al Jazeera English; senior reporter,; PhD student, City University   Brian Turner Capital markets reporter, Financial News; Dow Jones Andrew Wander Freelance, (The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Observer); emergency media manager, Save the Children   Pamela Welsh Salford Advertiser; senior political reporter, MEN Media Alice Wright Features writer, Medavia  

Magazine Charlotte Bailey The Bookseller; editorial assistant, Weight Watchers / 121

LISTINGS 2007 - 2008 Lalayn Baluch Reporter, The Stage; Marketing; reporter, Building Design; freelance features writer news writer, Commonwealth Henry Barnes Multimedia Secretariat; deputy editor, Global production assistant and film & Financial Strategy   music blogger, the Guardian   Georgina Hobbs Intern, CMPi; Catherine Bennion-Pedley Features freelance (Little White Lies); account assistant, senior features writer, executive, senior film publicist, Company; entertainment editor, More!  Substance001    Melanie Bezalel Writer, BBC Jessica Holland Editorial assistant, Magazines; reporter, The Jerusalem thelondonpaper; acting assistant books Post; researcher, assistant producer, editor, The Observer; senior writer, Fresh One Productions Urban Junkies (London)   Olivia Boyd Graduate trainee, Matthew Hussey Staff writer, CMPi; senior reporter, reporter, ShortList; news editor, editor, T3; Building assistant editor, deputy tech blogger, The Huffington Post; editor, Chinadialogue   contributor,; columnist, Stuart Brumfitt Freelance (i-D, Business Weekly   ACNE PAPER, BEAT); contributing Simon Jennings Features writer, editor, Wonderland; assistant editor, China Daily; international justice Attitude   reporter, Africa editor, Institute for Victoria-Anne Bull Reporter, Daily War and Peace Reporting   Mail   Fiona Kerr Staff writer, deputy Laura Chubb Reporter, People supplements editor, Brides    Management; books and film editor, Joanna Kerr Project manager, Algiz Time Out (Dubai); travel editor, Media   editor, TNT Hugh Montgomery Editorial Richard Clare Online sports reporter, assistant, The Observer Review   The Daily Telegraph; writer, Match of Alex Olorenshaw Sub-editor and the Day   web production assistant, sub-editor, Timothy Clark Freelance editor, deputy night web production editor; the Guardian   Aaron Davies Digital manager, web Zoe Smeaton Reporter, news editor, consultant and journalist, Redactive Chemist & Druggist   Media   Kay Smith Writer, features editor, Gwynne Dixon Staff writer, Touch   Laura Swinton News editor, Shots Claire Dodd Contributor, DVD Luke Tebbutt Online production Monthly; freelance (the Guardian, assistant, the Guardian; features thelondonpaper, Building); graduate editor, Grand Designs; freelance trainee, CMPi; freelance (Travel (Living etc, Icon); sub-editor (part Trade Gazette); features writer, time), WGSN   deputy features editor, The Publican Matt Turner Journalist, Engage beauty news editor, myfashionlife. Group; online reporter, capital com markets reporter, Financial News; Nicholas Duxbury Reporter, senior mergers and acquisitions reporter, finance reporter, Property Week; Financial News   deputy features editor, news editor, Caroline White Games editor, The Inside Housing   Times   Catherine Everett Editorial Josh Widdicombe Freelance (the assistant, Cosmopolitan; features and Guardian); staff writer, sports desk, health assistant, Good Housekeeping; The Jewish Chronicle; editorial commissioning editor, LOOK assistant, arts desk, thelondonpaper; Holly Falconer Picture editor, night editor and reporter, sports editorial assistant, DIVA; editorial section, sub-editor, the Guardian; assistant, Gay Times; photographer stand up comic   Mary Fitzgerald Assistant editor, Anna Winston Graduate trainee online editor, senior editor, Prospect; CMPi; reporter, Building Design; freelance (The Observer, the Guardian, editor,; digital New Statesman, Sight & Sound); consultant, head of digital, Building editorial campaigner, Avaaz   Design   Lucy Foster Staff writer, news Louis Wise Freelance writer, editor, features editor, associate editor, production assistant, the Guardian; ShortList; features editor, Culture (The Sunday Times); online Stylist   culture planner, The Sunday Times Clare Geraghty Features assistant, Elle; features assistant, You (The Mail Broadcast on Sunday)  Thom Gibbs Graduate trainee, CMPi; Travel Trade Gazette; sports Brandice Alexander Broadcast writer, content editor, The Daily journalist, BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat Telegraph Leigh Shaerf (née Gower) Lila Allen Multiplatform Editorial assistant,; producer, BBC Radio Current assistant lifestyle producer, web Affairs producer, UKTV; senior shows editor,  Emma Boon Broadcast MTV   journalist, CN Radio (Rugby FM, Catrin Griffiths Editorial assistant, Warwickshire); broadcast Journalist, feature writer, features editor, Global Radio (Heart/Gold, Suffolk Saturday (Daily Express)    and Essex) campaign Director, The  Eleanor Harding Freelance TaxPayers’ Alliance public affairs, (Building); senior reporter, Brunswick Group   Wandsworth Guardian; reporter, Daily Chris Broughall Freelance (9ITN); Mail   broadcast assistant, account executive, Will Henley Features writer, Money Weber Shandwick  

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Mariam Caulkett (née Abu-Hejleh) Freelance (BBC Asian Network, BBC Radio London, BBC News online); researcher, BBC 2 current affairs; multiplatform researcher, BBC Watchdog Harry Crawford Broadcast journalist, 2CR FM; presenter, reporter, BBC Radio Solent   Joe Crowley TV presenter, BBC Inside Out South   Ellie Davis Broadcast assistant, assistant producer, BBC 6 Music   Nick Drake Unknown   Luke Ellis Text producer, BBC News 24; broadcast journalist, BBC Radio Humberside, Look North (Hull); media co-ordinator, BBC Newswire; researcher, BBC; operator, BBC North TV News   Clare Fernyhough Reporter, ITN   Eleanor Garnier Broadcast journalist, Leicester Sound; political reporter, BBC Radio Leicester; video Journalist, BBC East Midlands Today   Louise Goss Broadcast journalist, ITN; freelance (Sydney)  Charlotte Grant Assistant news editor, ITV News; Reporter, ITV Central;   Martha Housden Head of development, BBC Three   Joe Inwood Assistant producer, BBC London Politics Show; video journalist, BBC; reporter, Video Journalist, BBC Look North (Yorkshire)   Sukhjeet Johal Unknown   Sabina Khalid Project co-ordinator, Global Radio; assistant producer, Stardoll   Joanna Lester Freelance; news assistant, assistant producer, freelance assistant producer (BBC Sports News); media officer, Harlequins Rugby Club; producer and video journalist, Associated Press TV News (Sydney); producer and video journalist, Associated Press (Australia)   Cordelia Lynch Trainee, reporter, ITV   Fiona Macpherson Freelance (Ivel FM, Fire FM); broadcast journalist, BBC News   Ada Oraedu Researcher, Maverick Television; materials co-ordinator, All3Media International Susannah Orchard Freelance; producer, Five News; BBC News 24; ITN On; BBC London Radio; Producer, BBC Breakfast   Julian Perkins Breakfast news reader, Radio Jackie   Dom Reynolds Producer, ITN Sam Rigby Freelance broadcast journalist; news editor, Time Radio; Broadcast journalist, BBC; Brewer   Gil Roberts Broadcast journalist, BBC Breakfast; BBC South East Today   Katie Rowlett Broadcast journalist, BBC Midlands Today (Birmingham); freelance (BBC Hereford and Worcester, BBC Nottingham, BBC WM); BBC East Midlands Today Ben Samuel Researcher, Who Do You Think You Are?; associate producer, Twenty Twenty Television; associate producer, Silver River TV; television producer, BBC History   Colletta Smith Production journalist,; producer, researcher,

BBC Politics Show North; broadcast journalist, BBC Northern Ireland; Dino Sofos Freelance (PM, Women’s Hour, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5 Live); broadcast journalist, BBC Radio Sheffield; producer, BBC Radio 5 Live; senior broadcast journalist and political producer, BBC Radio 5 Live Shona Somerville Freelance (ITN, ITV News) Kathryn Stanczyszyn Breakfast reporter, XFM South Wales; freelance (BRMB, Kerrang!, BBC Radio 2, BBC West Midlands); broadcast journalist, BBC; breakfast newsreader/reporter, BBC WM; London breakfast reporter, Global Radio (LBC, Classic FM, Heart, Capital) Hermione Stephenson Output producer, ITV News   Simone Stewart Unknown Sarah Walton Broadcast journalist, BBC Radio Newcastle; BBC Politics Show, North East and Cumbria; BBC Midlands Today; reporter, BBC Newcastle   Matthew Warren Unknown   Katy Watson Radio producer, The Today Programme, BBC Radio 4; BBC Radio 5 Live; freelance (Prison Radio Association, The Sun); freelance producer (Electric Radio, Brixton); presenter, Time FM; Middle East business reporter (Dubai), BBC   Adam Westbrook Freelance newsreader (Oxford FM 107.9); broadcast journalist, news gathering, 102 Touch Radio Midlands; freelance multimedia journalist; online journalist, studio.fu; freelance multimedia producer; journalism lecturer; founder, director; video.fu Siobhan Wornell Broadcast journalist, Sunrise Radio and TV; freelance (BBC, BBC Radio 4)   Pascale Yasmine Captioner, BBC Parliament; freelance (BBC, Associated Press TV News)  

TV CAJ Warda AlJawahiry Channel 4 news; TV producer, Thomson Reuters (Dubai bureau) Social Entrepreneur (Cairo, Egypt) Roshni Amin Runner, Richard & Judy, Cactus TV; video journalist, researcher, Brook Lapping Education; freelance producer (ITN)   Perjit Auja Production assistant, Catch 21 Productions   Charlotte Banks Senior account manager, MRM   Radha Bedi Freelance (BBC Asian Network); broadcast assistant, BBC; Associated Press (Delhi)   Michael Blair Broadcast assistant, BBC; producer, Sunrise, Sky News Joanna Blundell BBC News; producer, Al Jazeera; senior Producer, Al Jazeera (Doha, Qatar)   David Brookes Unknown   Anna Cavell South Sudan correspondent, Al Jazeera   Celine Chan Unknown   Raykhon Demytrie Field producer, Reuters; producer, BBC World TV; Central Asia correspondent, BBC   Fred Fenoulhet Producer, Sky News;

LISTINGS 2007 - 2008 broadcast assistant, BBC News 24; newsdesk producer, GMTV; 2008 producer, Channel 5 News, ITN   International Megan Gerrie Producer, presenter, Premier Radio; producer, reporter, Premier TV   Natalie Hall Senior account Salam Abdulmunem executive, Kaper   Communications officer, UNICEF Emma Chandra (née Jenkinson) (Iraq)   Russia Today; producer, reporter, Ibrahim Adwan Reporter, editor, BBC London; producer, BBC 6 & producer, Reuters TV (London) BBC News Lei Ai Unknown Rhiannon Jones Producer, presenter, Harriet Alexander-Orr Foreign Start Your Business TV; freelance affairs reporter, The Sunday Telegraph copywriter (The Hallmark Channel, Carlos Aparicio Freelance (World NBC Universal)    Investment News); CMC Markets Jordan Kenny Russia Today   Fidan Baguirova Fashion writer; Sadia Khan Producer, More 4 novelist News; researcher, Halcyons Heart Edward Bally Broadcast journalist, Production Company; assistant BBC World Service; assistant producer, Al Jazeera (Doha)   producer, Associated Press Television Kamali Melbourne Trainee, ITV; Network; producer, United Nations; producer, Channel 4 News ITN   video consultant, UNICEF Hannah Mitchell Senior Celebrity Larissa Belyaeva Unknown Liaison, British Heart Foundation   Cecile Bonneau Broadcast journalist, Mary Nash October Films   M6 Metropole Television (France) Clara Nissen Production assistant, Lisa Botter Staff writer, Criticaleye Juniper Communications; editorial David Calonico Unknown assistant, BBC Proms   Ana Cavalcanti Freelance; teacher Lucas Ochoa Head of Development, Mann Chung Unknown Pulse Film; head of film, Pulse Federica Cocco Web editor, Wired; Films  Europe editor, Demotix; editor, Tom Rayner Home affairs producer,; freelance (The Times, Sky News; field producer, Sky News Wired, Channel 4, the Guardian, (Egypt, Libya); deputy executive Nieman Reports, La Letura; Il producer, politics, Sky News; Corriera Della Sera,The International Middle East editor, Sky News Festival of Journalism, The European ( Jerusalem); Middle East bureau Centre of Journalism, VRL Finacial chief, Sky News ( Jerusalem)   News); writer, researcher, Full Fact Natalie Rose Development Sebastian Cure Musician; freelance researcher, Twofour Broadcast   (US News, Louisa Sellon Producer, What If Sarah Dahan Brain Magazine; Metro; Innovation   AlloMusic Bushra Siddiq Assistant producer, Daniel Sunday Journalist, (Nigeria) BBC Panorama; assistant producer, Julia de Laurentiis Contributor, ITV Studios; assistant producer, BBC Azure, This Magazine, The Walrus, Dispatches; assistant producer, BBC Torontoist and Delicious; blogger, Panorama   Shameless Tim Stokes Researcher, Channel 4; Solange Deschatres Co-Director, broadcast assistant, BBC Breakfast   Industrial solutions; freelance Nicholas Westwood Development (Plan-B magazine, St.Louis Beacon); and production researcher, ReefTV co-director, producer, encompass Xinmin Yan Writer, Outside; TV entertainment LLC; content producer, Travel Channel; China manager, Sandler Partners; marketing Representative, OC Sport Group   manager, inMarket; freelance, creative marketing consultant and strategist Marie Dhumieres Reporter, Erasmus The Beirut Daily Star; Belgrade correspondent, Le Courierre Des Bakyt Azimkanov Global Debt Balkans  Capital Markets Reporter (IFR), Antonio Fabrizio Reporter, VRL Reuters; freelance Managing Director Financial News; Leasing Life; (Communications Central) European reporter, InfraNews/ Dan Clifford Chief Copy Editor, Mergermarket (Financial Times Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Group) Review   Charlene Ferguson Senior news Alvino Mario Fantini Editor, editor, producer, radio anchor speechwriter, OPEC (Vienna); and field reporter, Broadcasting Secretary General, The Hayek Corporation of the Bahamas Institute; editor-in-chief, The Camille Fevrier Freelance, (Le European Conservative Monde, France 24, The Sunday Times) Christian Hudtwalcker Pinilla Jing Fu Chief Brussels correspondent, Unknown   China Daily Arthur Patnaude Reporter, Dow Nathalie Gentaz Journalist Jones Newswires   (France 24, Agence Française de Khatira Shikhiyeva Unknown   Développement, ActuaLitte, TV 5 Martina Topic Research fellow, Monde) Faculty of Political science, University Phivos Georgiades Unknown of Zagreb   Anastasia Georgoupli Unknown Renfeng (Frank) Zhao Research Maria Gili Hanisch Unknown Fellow, Oxford Institue for Energy Ahmet Gormez Diplomacy and Studies; Director, Kreab Gavin defence correspondent, ATV Anderson (Turkey)


Job: Arts and entertainment producer, Sky News Course: TV CAJ, 2007

What has been your best interview?

What has been the proudest moment of your career? Producing the Oscars coverage for Sky and going to LA. It was overwhelming but brilliant. What is your favourite memory from your time at City? The studio stuff was always ridiculously funny. We had brilliant training, but back then our news judgment was skew-whiff. Some of the stuff we did was complete garbage. But I met two of my best friends at City, and that’s the main thing.

Brad Pitt was cool. As a producer, I work with our correspondent so we interview famous people quite regularly. Most of the time there is too much going on, but every now and then, like when I was interviewing Brad Pitt, you just pause and think “Wow, you’re Brad Pitt!” What did you struggle with most at City? Media law. I did fine, but it’s such a drag. But you have to do it. I come up against legal stuff all the time. There are tiny little things that are really important. TERESA FITZHERBERT

Syed Hamad Ali Freelance Llana Hart Editor, writer, The Jerusalem Post; marketing project manager, Begin-Sadat Centre for Strategic Studies; pr manager, NICE systems Iman Hassan Unknown Jonathan Heffer Unknown Inutu Himanje Head of television operations and production, Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (Zambia) Vina Hiridjee TV correspondent, TV5 Monde, Trace TV; ARTE; owner, production company (Bangkok); founder, L’Oeil Nomade Productions Juliana Holanda Science and environment journalist Olivia Hottat Unknown Isabella Iliaskou Unknown Jaclyn Jacobsen Junior editor,; reporter, managing editor, Central Asia Newswire Cristina Jaleru Freelance (Assosciated Press Televison Network) Rashi Khilnani Host, Indo-Canadian report; presenter, Radio Canada International George Kyriakos Chief business sub-editor, Financial Times Zoe Lamazou BBC Africa; France 24; TV5 Monde; blogger, Sarah Leduc Journalist, France 24 Josephine Hojean Lee Desk assistant and Production Assistant, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams (New York) Xiaoxun Lei Bureau chief, China Daily (Xinjiang) Dan Liu Unknown

Anouk Lorie Founder, editor, Natalia Lutz Unknown Michael Makau Unknown Marie Mathieu ARTE Joseph McCullogh Unknown Camilla Menezes Foreign correspondent, Deutsche Welle radio; press officer Aindrila Mitra Time and Style editor, The Times of India Coralie Modschiedler Copy Editor, World Travel Guide; acting editor and commissioning editor, World Travel Guide; special projects editor, World Travel Guide David Mugonyi Deputy news editor, Nation Media Group Elizabeth Mupfumira Corporate communications manager, Native Investments Africa Group; communications officer, United Nations Development Program (UNDP); media specialist, UNICEF Shannon O’Meara studio assistant; content editor, (New York); reporter/producer, The Daily (New York); digital media consultant, News Corp; freelance multimedia journalist; writer/editor, Billabout. com; digital content consultant, Viktoria Peitchev Unknown Eric Polaud Unknown Angeliki Psaila Trainee, To Vima (Athens) Cristina Ranieri Unknown Tony Renda Unknown Michel Rose Reuters Matthieu Serpaggi Journalist, United Nations; channel co-ordinator, Discovery Communications; content / 123

LISTINGS 2008 - 2009 operations manager, Discovery communications, (Southern Europe) Victoria Serpis Unknown Mypho Smart Unknown Deborah Sterescu Deputy editor, trade journal; The Times; The Independent; The Economist; equities journalist, Proactive Investors, online Iselin Stronen PhD student Ahmed Tweirsh Unknown Rosalind Upton Unknown Yana Uralskaya Fashion columnist, New Style; international fashion correspondent, Vogue Russia; social life correspondent, Russian Hour TV (London); New Style Rachel Walsh Staff writer,; deputy editor, Executive Compensation Briefing Marco Woldt Freelance (CNN) Duncan Woodside Freelance (IHS Janes); freelance producer (France 24 TV, Agence France Press TV); East Africa Correspondent, France 24 TV (English) & Producer, France 24 TV (French) Xinmin Yan Media manager, Volvo Ocean Race (China); China representative, OC Sport Group Tamara Zein Unknown Joseph Zeitlyn Freelance; assistant editor online, Dhaka Tribune

Newspaper Ashley Armstrong City reporter, City AM; senior reporter, Credit Today; Reporter, Financial Times Group Benedict Bailey Reporter, Associated Newspapers (Daily Mail, The Scotsman); online reporter, Evening Standard Katherine Baker The Publican; Personnel Today Lucy Barton Unknown David Bartram Entertainment editor, China Daily; freelance (China Daily, the Guardian, The Australian, Global Times, The Independent, When Saturday Comes) Esther Bintliff Graduate trainee, assistant Europe editor, Financial Times Matthew Bolton Lonely Planet magazine Jonathan Browning Bloomberg News (London) Kaya Burgess Graduate trainee, music critic, feature writer, reporter, The Times Gurminder Chahal Sales Promotion; Promotional Marketing magazine; Marketing Week Kevin Coulson Sub-editor, journalist Daily Mail Kevin Crowley UK finance reporter, Bloomberg (London) Alexander Davis Markets reporter, ICIS; markets reporter, ICIS Pricing Christopher Dean Sub-editor, Daily Mail; assistant night editor, Daily Mail Kara-Jane Dolman Deputy features editor, Evening Standard Peter Dominiczak Reporter, Evening Standard; Thomas Drew Unknown  James Edgar Journalist, Press Association Sonia Elks Reporter, Colchester Evening Gazette; reporter, Central News Agency; reporter, Metro;

journalism fellow, Alfa Fellowship, Reuters (Moscow) Nicola Evans Editorial Assistant, BBC Food Online; news and online editor, Square Meal Alan Gardner Freelance (Guardian.; freelance sports journalist; assistant editor, Jasmine Gardner Features assistant, writer and researcher; feature writer, Evening Standard Eleanor Green Energy markets reporter, Argus Media Laura Harding Reporter, Press Association Josh Loeb The Friday Times (Lahore); theatre editor, Camden New Journal James Lloyd Reporter, The Sun Charlotte McCathie Journalist, Press Association; broadcast journalist, BBC Ronan Murphy Assistant editor, SatelliteFinance Rachel Rickard Straus Correspondent, The Times of India Tessa Roberts London Jewish News; freelance; teacher Elizabeth Robinson Multimedia journalist, Press Association; digital producer, ITV News Fay Schlesinger Manchester Evening News; trainee reporter, Daily Mail; reporter, The Times Andrew Shepherd News reporter, South West News Service, Masons News Katharine Slowe CEO, Middle East (Dubai) Kiran Stacey Reporter, political correspondent, Financial Times Nicola Trup The Australian; freelance (The Independent); deputy editor, Absolute Publishing Kylie Walker China Daily Patrick Whyte Editorial assistant, Africa Investor; multimedia journalist, the Guardian; reporter, Evening Standard; assistant sports editor, The Huffington Post; news reporter, Travel Trade Gazette

Magazine India Aldridge Intern, Purple PR Gemma Aldridge Feature writer, First Features Press Agency; feature writer, Love It! James Ball Senior reporter, The Grocer; Bureau for Investigative Journalism, City University; reporter, Wikileaks; The Wall Street Journal, data journalist, the Guardian Chloe Saxton-Peel (née Batt); intern, Marie Claire; senior fashion editor,; senior editorial manager, AlexAndAlexa; freelance Emily Benammar Sports online editor, The Daily Telegraph Murieann Bolger Intern, CMPi; correspondent, Insurance Times Katherine Calder Analyst, section editor, Latin News Jennifer Campbell Freelance (The Sunday Times, The Big Issue, Daily Express, The Herald, The Perthshire Advertiser); writer, editor,; freelance charity copywriter (Action aid, WWF, Bowel Cancer UK) Abigail Challenor Sub-editor, staff

124 /

writer, Daily Mail; ski & snowboard Rebecca Clark Editorial assistant, Gannett Pacific Publishing; event coordinator, Hotel San Carlos; events preview writer, Arizona Republic; public relations, Phoenix Suns (NBA) Jon Cook Editorial assistant, James Pembroke Publishing; editor, Atmosphere magazine; founder, editor, Trap Victoria Gallagher Junior reporter, reporter, The Bookseller; senior reporter, Drapers Tom Goodwyn Freelance (NME, Shortlist, Loud & Quiet, Fresh Direction) Sophie Griffiths Reporter, Building magazine; news reporter, Travel Trade Gazette; deputy news editor, Travel Trade Gazette Lucy Halfhead Editorial assistant, Grazia; features assistant, Marie Claire; contributing features and travel assistant, Harper’s Bazaar Sophie Haydock Freelance (The Guardian, Big Issue, Ecologist); arts editor and staff writer, Leeds Guide; sub-editor, The Sunday Times Lucy Higgins Senior sub editor, Candis; freelance sub-editor, More!; senior sub editor, Computeractive, British Journal of Photography Tom Howard Staff writer, FHM. com; associate editor, FHM Caomhan Keane Theatre editor, Totally Dublin; critic, Irish Theatre Magazine; freelance (The Irish Times, Irish Examiner); columnist, The Sunday Independent; senior theatre writer,; reporter, NewsFour Katherine Levy Features assistant, The Saturday Telegraph magazine; features assistant, Harpers Bazaar; reporter, Haymarket Publishing; reports editor, Campaign; media editor, Campaign Kate Livesey Freelance Christopher Lo Senior features writer, NRI Digital Morag Lyall Freelance subeditor, production editor, Engage Publishing; freelance copywriter, Pine Solutions; Life Lasting PR Jodie Mablin Writer, Black Card; features assistant, You; sub-editor, Global Legal Group Chloe Markowitz Reporter, PR Week; reporter, The Jewish News Tim McAtackney Intern, CMPi; press, Crown Prosecution Service Maisie McCabe Editorial assistant, reporter, Media Week; Reporter, Brand Republic Group; freelance (The Independent, Evening Standard); news editor, Campaign; news editor, Media Week Andrew Mickel Features writer, Community Care; freelance (Occupational Therapy News, Community Care, the Guardian); Lydia Mossahebi Online producer, Channel 4 Kirsty Nutkins Junior sub editor, Company; freelance (Look, More!, Bella, Take a Break, Elle Decoration, Inside Soap, Stylist, TV Choice, The Guardian, The Sunday Times); editorial assistant, writer, senior features writer, Daily Express Saturday magazine Sarah Riches Features writer, Real People; author, London Almanac 2010

Robyn Rosen News reporter, Hampstead & Highgate Express; reporter, Jewish Chronicle Brian Semple Reporter, The Friday Times (Lahore); intern, Prospect; media relations officer, Rethink Mental Illness Benjamin Sillis Editorial assistant, Republic Publishing; reporter,; associate editor, Republic Publishing Jenny Stocks trainee writer, Femail, Daily Mail; features writer, Femail, Daily Mail Ruth Styles Editor, Beauty Health and Wellness (Dubai); green living editor, The Ecologist Georgina Terry Freelance (, Time Out); TV reporter, BSkyB; reporter, Miranda Vinall Freelance Audrey Ward Reporter, features writer, Screen International; assistant editor, Sunday Times News Review Georgia Warren News reporter, The Sunday Times Victoria Watts Freelance (Body & Soul, The Times); intern, CMPi; freelance (Oh Comely magazine, British Red Cross) Laura Whateley Editorial assistant, The Times Money

Broadcast Kerry Alexandra (née Moore) News Library assistant, Sky News; broadcast assistant, BBC; researcher, BBC Elections Team; researcher, BBC user generated content desk Helen Allman Freelance producer, staff, Associated Press TV News Gemma Ashcroft Scriptwriter, Trafficlink, Global Radio Stations, BBC South East Katie Baneth News Producer, Sky News; chief Sub, Jeff Randall Live Ivor Bennett Correspondent, Russia Today (Moscow) Alan Bone Editorial assistant, Sky Sports Cricket Rebecca Bowring Freelance broadcast journalist; broadcast journalist, France 24 Paul Brand Reporter, news editor, ITV Wales and ITV Fast Track Alexander Brandice Unknown Eleanor Bury Trainee, BBC Production; BBC Drama (London); factual department, BBC Wales Rebecca Butler Unknown Olivia Case Broadcast journalist, GCap Media; producer, BBC Radio 5 Live; filmmaker, Case Productions Emily Dollman Unknown Will Edwards Planning editor, Channel 5 News; broadcast journalist, France 24 Phoebe Frieze Quest Means Business, CNN Sophie Glass Freelance broadcast journalist (BBC) Marie Hagen Production assistant, IBall TV Dan Johnson Reporter, Toby Foster Bigger at Breakfast, BBC Radio Sheffield; Moneywise TV; Interactive Investor Anna Jones Producer, Sky; broadcast journalist, BBC Look North Zoe Kalus Broadcast journalist,

LISTINGS 2008 - 2009 BBC; producer, BSkyB Edward Knowles Production journalist, Setanta Sports News; producer, SkyNews Jack Lamport Guest booker, BBC Breakfast Kevin Larkin Freelance; producer, BBC News Ana Lockerbie Captioner, researcher, BBC Parliament Ramzan Karmali Senior broadcast journalist, BBC Richard Martin Broadcast journalist, BBC Essex Sasha Nicholl Unknown Sarah Olaifa Assistant producer, You and Yours, BBC Radio 4 Julian Perkins Breakfast newsreader, Radio Jackie Zohaib Rashid Web editor, Operation Black Vote Gilly Roberts Broadcast journalist, BBC South East Today Alex Sergent Economics and business researcher, BBC; content producer, BBC Radio 5 Live; producer, manager, Catch21 Productions; researcher, BBC Sumit Sharma Founder, editor, Hip Hop Chronicle UK Lorna Edwards (née Shaddick) Video news producer, ITN Online; part-time intern, PoliticsHome; broadcast journalist, ITN; broadcast journalist and presenter, France 24 Jimmy Tam Production trainee, BBC (Newsround, You and Yours, Dragons’ Den, The One Show); assistant producer, Newsround Emily Tolloczko Freelance (Global Stations, Tindle Radio South); broadcast journalist, Newbury Sound; broadcast journalist, Celador Radio Letitia Valentine Reporter, newsreader, Swansea Sound; The Wave programme; company director, Surviva Ltd; self-employed Mel Wallis Unknown David Weinstein-Linder Intern, producer, Bloomberg TV Lara Whyte Junior producer, ITN Consulting; producer, ITN Productions; freelance web producer (ITV); consultant, project manager, The World Development Movement Neil Wolfson Freelance researcher Clare Woodling Breakfast news reporter, The Coast 106FM; broadcast journalist, Celador Radio; broadcast journalist, BBC Radio Oxford

TJ CAJ Hyder Abbasi Text producer, Al Jazeera Georgina Andrews Unknown Osman Baig Broadcast assistant, BBC; producer, Sky News; producer, Al Jazeera English (London); programme Producer, CNN Estelle Bingham Unknown Edmund Caldecott Unknown Yao Chin Unknown Sotira Christodoulou Unknown Simon Dedman Associate producer, CNBC; freelance (NBC News International, Al Jazeera English, ITV News London); field producer, BBC News Anne Faber Assistant producer, Associated Press

Jacob Greaves Broadcast journalist, Russia Today (Moscow) Max Hall Broadcast journalist, BBC Newsnight Alexis Hood Current affairs programmes, The One Show, BBC; development producer, ORTV; Joe Kassman-Tod Postgraduate studies Samuel Kingsley Researcher, BBC Panorama; Channel 4 News; Bureau of Investigative Journalism, City University Lewis Lintern Video editor, TVC Annabelle Lupton Freelance producer, BBC Breakfast; content producer and online reporter, ITV Matt Margrett Assistant producer, World Media Rights Caroline Marsden Assistant producer, Hardcash productions Claire McCready Unknown Memona Mirza Broadcast journalist, researcher, BBC Nicole O’Callaghan Assistant producer, Thomson Reuters; AV Editor, Bloomberg Atish Patel Broadcast journalist, Russia Today; producer, Reuters Tom Peck Reporter, The Independent Antonia Peulevé Unknown Laura Priestley Assistant news editor, international sales desk, ITN; shifts, producer, Setanta Sports News; producer, Pendragon Productions; teacher and director of studies, MPW College Olivia Rowlands Producer, BBC World News Katherine Sheppard Library counter assistant, Hertfordshire libraries Christopher Simpson Unknown Genevieve Smith Project coordinator, The Media Spot Mesha Stewart Unknown Kate Stroud Human resources officer, Jessica Watts Researcher, assistant producer, Raw TV Mariam Zaidi News anchor, Dawn News TV (Pakistan)

Erasmus Isis Caroline Malta Almeida Soft Commodities reporter, Bloomberg News Bamrung Amnatcharoenrit Unknown Yining (Bonnie) Cao Unknown JoAnn De Luna Reporter, Euromoney; digital reporter, Direct Marketing News Emily Drew Writer, producer, CCTV America Maren Naess Olsen Community reporter, Morgenbladet; feature reporter, Dagens Næringsliv Alongkorn Parivudhiphongs Lecturer, Chulalongkorn University Emily Tan Insights editor, Campaign Asia-Pacific Ye ( Juliet) Zhu Manager Asia Pacific, ABI Europe Marketing Public Relations (Singapore)

2009 International Emilie Arlet Digital cinema


Job: Broadcast Journalist, BBC Radio Oxford Course: Broadcast, 2008 What is your favourite memory from your time at City? I loved making the TV packages. I remember one report from the Museum of the Order of Saint John; I did a piece to camera from the crypt. I was wearing a wartime nurse uniform and was crouching by one the stone bodies entombed in there. I suppose it was intended to bring the story to life, but it was really very silly. What has been your best interview? Recently I interviewed Chris Huhne. I found him very charismatic: brimming with confidence and committed to bringing green technology into everyday life. It was truly disappointing to learn he’d lied in court and been dishonest in the past.

What is something you struggled with at City? Learning all the law stuff took a lot of time on some hot sunny days, but I found the solution – revising with a cake from Paul at Lincoln’s Inn Fields. What advice would you give to your student self? Go to as many extra talks and media events as you can, and introduce yourself to people. One of the most powerful speeches I have ever heard was given at a Media Society debate at Broadcasting House by BBC Radio Four presenter Nick Clarke’s widow. She gave such a meaningful insight into the world of broadcasting, and also into loss and grief. SOPHIE HURCOM

production and client services assistant, Technicolor Digital Cinema (London); freelance (ARTE); interactive production manager, Darjeeling; production manager Helga Arnardottir Stöd 2 Francois Aulner Radio 100,7 (Luxembourg Public Radio) Razan Baker PhD, Sport Sciences, Brunel University Claire Barthelemy Freelance correspondent, d’Lëtzebuerger Land; freelance (iPad production, the Guardian); digital content curator and researcher, International Herald Tribune Eleanor Bell Election observer, The Carter Center; researcher, Sigrid Rausing Trust Marieke Breijer Reporter, Law Business Research Jose Calatayud Jimenez Central and East Africa correspondent, Efe (Nairobi); Subsaharan African correspondent, El País; India correspondent, International Reporting Project Camila Canocchi Web journalist, This is Money and Mail Online Mary Colombel Assistant producer, France 24 Emanuele Comi Assistant producer, Evans Woolfe Media Sunday Daniel Deputy editor, Leadership Newspaper Karen Daly Business development executive, Field Fisher Waterhouse; EMEA Marketing Manager, Fragomen LLP Frederick Dawson Editorial assistant, Boston & Hannah

publishing; freelance Ludovic De Foucaud Reporter, France 24 Gabriele Discepoli Reporter, Radiotelevisione Italiana Jessica Donati-Bourne Freelance, Reuters Nora Fakim Morocco correspondent, BBC Worldwide Sandra Fernandes Unknown Anna Fortune Unknown Nelly Gocheva Writer, researcher, Monocle Melanie Gouby International Criminal Court correspondent, Institute for War and Peace Reporting Eastern Congo; multimedia producer, Institute for War and Peace Reporting; Eastern Congo correspondent, Associated Press Seher Hussain South-east Asia Reporter, Reuters Estella Hung Editorial assistant, Kyle Cathie Ltd Sarah Jones BBC Arabic; ITN Washington bureau; freelance international assignment editor, (CNN); Gulf News; online reporter, Channel 4; publisher PS Bearing Witness; Sarah Jones Reports Maud Jullien Producer, BBC Afrique Fatmata Kamara Producer, SLBS/ TV (Sierra Leone)   Kavita Kanwar Sub-editor, NDTV Jaswinder Kaur Freelance Writer and Editor   Kedrick Keys Unknown   Bobir Komilov Senior editor, National Television and Radio Company of Uzbekistan; head of the Information Office, UN / 125

LISTINGS 2009 - 2010

Mizuho Kondo Online business Tribune (Karachi); writer, Financial Times; MA Sociology and reporter, The Sunday Telegraph development assistance, Square Enix; Contentive Anthropology, Concordia University Katherine Evans The Independent project Coordinator, Square Enix Sheena Rossiter Online content Stefano Zoja Freelance videomaker Katherine Faulkner Manchester Reuben Kyama President, One editor, International Fund Investment Evening News; assistant news editor, World Public Relations and founder member, Not On the Daily Mail   Newspaper Effrosyni Kyriazi Unknown   Wires; the Berlin Project   Patrick Galey Correspondent, The Antonio La Cava Unknown   Britni Salazar Administrative Daily Telegraph; senior reporter, Neha Lall Freelance; public relations, assistant, University of Chicago   Katy Barnato Credit magazine, Daily Star (Beirut); Beirut and Cairo Jet Airways; Editorial board, Jet Priyal Sanghavi Community and Incisive Media; business Reporter, correspondent, Daily Telegraph; editor Wings magazine   content manager, Nex-Sales   Credit Magazine; freelance business and social media coordinator, AlKwame Laurence Digital editor, Karolina Schismenou Unknown reporter; assistant editor, CNBC Monitor (Beirut); reporter, Foreign assistant sports editor, Trinidad Hetal Shah Associate, Viacom London   Policy Magazine Express   Consulting (Mumbai)   Emma Barrow Features writer, News Hattie Garlick Online comment Helen Livingstone News editor, Muhammad Shah East Africa of the World; researcher, Twofour editor, The Times; blogger, Free Our Deutsche Presse Agentur (Berlin) producer, BBC Nairobi   Group; features writer, The People; Kids   Victoria Luckie Partner, Mad Lulwah Shalhoub PhD student and newsdesk reporter, ITV   Shona Ghosh RMM (social media Monkeyz reporter, University of Westminster, Alison Battisby Community consultancy); senior reporter, Nawar Mahfoud Unknown   BBC Arabic   publisher, Dalston People; SEO, social StrategyEye   Emiliano Mellino Reporter, Latin Abhilasha Sihag Officer, Media and media executive, Harvest Digital; Nicole Green Editor, MADE; Lawyer; reporter, dealReporterl   Political Advocacy; assistant editor, head of social media, Croud; freelance consultant, Seven Hills   Michael Mumo Editorial director, Asian Age; ESPN Star Sports; social media consultant, Alison Michael Haddon Web copy editor, Capital Group (Nairobi)   communication officer, Indo-Global Battisby Consulting   property and support services Elizabeth Mupfumira Media liaison Social Service Society   Katrina Bishop Dow Jones; business reporter; banking reporter; agriculture specialist, Unicef   Ishveen Singh Intern, Institute of producer, Sky News   reporter, Dow Jones   Yoletta Nyange Researcher, INSI, Cultural Diplomacy (Berlin); project Nathan Bleaken Ministry of Caroline Henshaw Online copy The Reuters Foundation   manager, Ishveen Singh   Defence   editor, reporter, Dow Jones; reporter, Edward Nyman Unknown   Spriha Srivastava Foreign James Bray BBC Panorama; Watchdog; Australian Associated Press; reporter, Morten Øyen Jensen correspondent, Vox Africa TV Rogue Traders; Storyville; BBC The Wall Street Journal   (Denmark) (India); BEI Media; online editor, Newsnight   Benjamin Hewitt Western Morning Maresa Patience Freelance (Munich) Project Finance International   Laurence Cable Sub-editor, Future News; freelance (NME, The Joyce Paul Freelance (Dubai)   Amy Stillman Freelance multimedia Publishing; staff writer, MacFormat Quietus) Jonathan Payne Weekend news journalist; correspondent, Brazil & Tap!; freelance technology writer; Alice Hutton Reporter, The editor,; commisioning Confidential   Marketing & Communications, IPL Cambridge News; senior reporter, editor, Columbus Travel Media; Annabel Symington Founder and David Christopher The Daily Camden New Journal freelance, Daily Express; freelance (The reporter, NewsExchange Americas; Telegraph; SEO manager, OPUBCO Daniel Igra Reporter, Financial Independent); Arsenal correspondent, reporter and director, The Guarani (Oklahoma)   Times; legal associate, Reuters Project (New York)   Morwenna Coniam Reporter, Christopher Jefferies Online Philip Pond Creative director, Wopic Balint Szlanko Financial Times   Bloomberg News (London); copywriter, ExamFox; correspondent, Media; founder, Ten5Two; course Nicholas Thompson Content editor/ editor, Bloomberg News (Hong Adfero; editor, Caravan Times; coordinator, RMIT University; copywriter, Koodos; writer, Tank Kong)   editor-in-chief, StantonPace; editor, PhD; researcher and lecturer, RMIT magazine; assistant producer, CNN; Chris Cutmore the Guardian; sport Motorbike Times University   digital producer, CNN International reporter, Daily Mail   Lara King Community publisher, Kate Puhala Chicago Music Examiner; Myrto Tsavalou Unknown   Clare Dickinson News editor, Hedge Berkhamsted People; news sub-editor, project and media manager, Rebecca Kelly Van Der Kwast Reporter, Funds Review   Daily Mail Jean Catering   Radio Nederland Wereldomroep; Abigail Edge Digital publisher, Elizabeth Kirkwood Assistant editor, Romany Reagan Research editorial staff, OBJEKT International Northcliffe Media; digital Aeon Magazine   assistant, Greenbang; Global Editor, Dominque Van Heerden Freelance publisher,, Patrick Loughran The Times   ExchangeWire; production assistant, digital producer, Associated Northcliffe Digital; Benjamin Martin Reporter, Lisa Reinisch Abu Dhabi Film CNN International; group online editor, Midland News Bloomberg News; city reporter, Daily Festival; editor, Brownbook Report Alex Wood Data journalist, BBC; Association Telegraph (Dubai); Special Projects Editor, Al co-founder, Not on the Wires; video Josie Ensor Reporter, Daily Beth Mellor Reporter, Bloomberg Bayan producer, web editor, International Star (Beirut); freelance (Jewish News (London); Reporter, Kashif Riaz Reporter, Associated Fund Investment; producer, Chronicle); freelance reporter Bloomberg News (New York)   Press (Pakistan) Bloomberg (London)   (Middle East Educator); Middle East Simon Neville News reporter, Saleha Riaz Sub-editor, Express Xue Zhao Assistant journalist, correspondent, The Huffington Post; Yorkshire Post; city reporter, online reporter, showbiz reporter, Daily Mail; business reporter, the Guardian Victoria Raimes Reporter, Edinburgh Evening News   What advice would you give to your What is your favorite memory from MATTHEW BARDO Alex Ralph Reporter, The Times   student self now? your time at City? Matthew Robinson Online content developer, entertainment reporter, Job: Assistant producer, You need to be willing to go further Working through the night with three Broadcast; social media executive, BBC Panorama very good friends on our seven-minute than anyone else if you want to get MacLaurin Media; editor, Course: Investigative, 2009 long final project. But the generally the job. When everyone else has gone WideWorld Magazine; account executive, Champion home for the night, you need to still be great crowd sort of made my time Communications; Limelight Public there, working away at whatever you there. Relations can in order to impress them. Faaez Samadi Freelance (The What has been the proudest moment Independent); news editor, Global What has been your best interview? of your career? Competition Review Oliver Shah Freelance (Daily It was probably interviewing the EU It was probably the slightly surreal Express, The Sunday Times); reporter, agricultural commissioner in Brussels. experience of winning an award for City AM; business reporter, Sunday It was particularly amazing because the best current affairs programme in Times Saadeya Shamsuddin Unknown it contrasted with characters such as the north-east and Cumbria. The film Etan Smallman Trainee sub-editor, the tenant farmers struggling to get by had been made in the winter before news sub-editor, Daily Mail; freelance without the agricultural subsidy back Southern Cross went bust and it (Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Metro, in Scotland. concerned the quality of care in some The Times, Evening Standard) of its homes in the Newcastle area. Thomas Stubbington Bloomberg Iain Withers Freelance; reporter, DANIEL ZUIDIJK UBM; reporter, Building magazine

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LISTINGS 2009 - 2010


Lies magazine; assistant editor, broadcast assistant, BBC News; web KM Group; newsroom journalist, National Geographic Green; ITV Meridian; production journalist, producer, The Andrew Marr Show, Joanna Abeyie Editorial assistant, deputy editor, HUCK; editor, POC; BBC London Tonight (ITN) Radio Times; Cosmopolitan; staff deputy editor, The Church of London Amy Pickerill Press officer, HM Esther Boateng Reception, Curtis writer, Virgin Media Electric Treasury   Nick Johnstone Freelance (New Brown (literary and talent agency) magazine; director, Shine Media Natalie Powell Assistant producer, Media Age, Clash); senior online Gareth Bebb Freelance broadcast Mandy Barder Intern, Delightful France 24; producer, Sky News   reporter, deputy news editor, Property journalist, (BBC Radio 5 Live); Media; digital co-ordinator, Melanie Ralph Intake editor, Week assistant producer, Watchdog;; underwriting Bloomberg LP; broadcast journalist, Anna-Marie Julyan Food and drink interviews producer, Sky News; assistant, Pembroke Managing BBC Breakfast   reporter, The Grocer; digital editor, The researcher, journalist, producer, BBC Agency Makez Rikweda Editing assistant, Artful Diner; digital editor, Seven Toby Clarke Researcher, Endemol; Daniel Bennett News reporter, France 24 News Channel   George Kiley Agriculture investment digital producer, Inclusive Digital; reviews editor, Focus Julia Ross Production co-ordinator, consultant, new business manager, Conor Culkin Freelance, (Evening Martina Booth Freelance (Press researcher, BBC   FC Business Intelligence Echo, Irish Examiner, Newstalk 106Gazette); editorial, New Civil Harsha Sharma Fellow, Tony Blair Ruth Lewy Editorial assistant, 108 (Ireland), Cork 96FM) Engineer; Royal Society of Arts Foundation; board Member, World Weekend, The Times; features Smita Chandrashekar Journalism Jess Bowie Assistant editor, Faith; digital communications, assistant, commissioning editor, Trainee Scheme, BBC; press officer, National Geographic Green; assistant Portland Communications   Saturday, The Times Zoological Society of London   correspondent, Jiji Press Jennifer Shaw Graduate trainee, Kirsty McGregor Section editor, Holly Ellyatt Broadcast assistant, Duncan Brown Researcher, Freemantle Media; researcher, Community Care Somethin’ Else; online and video assistant web editor, The Week; staff, Talkback Thames; researcher,  Charlotte Middlehurst producer, Inclusive Digital; Assistant Roy Stewart MP; freelance; web development assistant producer, Editorial assistant, New Statesman; News, CNBC   developer, Hogarth Worldwide; Boundless Productions   reporter, Incisive Media; senior writer, Basmah Fahim Reporter and director, Unreal City Audio; freelance Adam Sich Production assistant, features editor, Time Out (Shanghai) producer, Reuters   web developer online content producer, reporter, Sally Newall Freelance (The Jo Fahy Drivetime William Daunt Campaign officer, producer, ITN   Independent, Daily Telegraph); diary broadcastjournalist, Hertbeat Climate Week; Zulu Winter Victoria Sill Intern, EU Radio reporter, acting online lifestyle editor, FM; broadcast assistant, City Nicola Davison Staff writer, Time Nantes; researcher, broadcast The Daily Telegraph; freelance Broadcasting; freelance broadcast Out (Shanghai) journalist, home affairs producer, Rachel O’Neill Staff writer, China assistant (BBC); broadcast journalist, Stephen Eddie Sub-editor, Business BBC London TV; producer BBC Daily   World Radio Switzerland; Zürich Monitor International; content editor, Rhian Owen Diarist, The Daily World News   correspondent, broadcast journalist, Health Service Journal Talitha Smith Production Telegraph; freelance (What’s On Stage, presenter, World Radio Switzerland, Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith management assistant, BBC; Sugar, The Big Issue)   Swiss Broadcasting Corporation Editorial assistant, Popbitch; reporter, shooting researcher, Escape to the Sophie Payne Events assistant, Sarah Fleming Unknown Marketing Magazine; reporter, PR Country, Boundless Productions; Cosmopolitan; freelance; sub-editor, Lyndsey Giles Unknown Week casting researcher, Four Rooms, Good Homes Thomas Greaves Junior assistant Joanne Ellul Media executive, Boundless Productions Camilla Pemberton Reporter, beat producer, European Tour Gorkana; editorial assistant, Retail Jessica Westlake Freelance radio editor, Community Care Productions; assistant producer and Week and Drapers; reporter, Money producer (Global Radio); researcher, Ali Plumb Writer, Empire reporter, European Tour Productions Marketing CNN International   Tom Reid DJ and music producer; & Golfing World, IMG Priscilla Eyles Assistant editor, Catch James Willliams Broadcast assistant, Presenter, BBC Radio 1 Juliet Hofmann Unknown 22; customer services administrator, BBC Wales Cymru   Jennifer Ruby Freelance arts and Joanna Impey Broadcast journalist, Publications International; freelance, entertainment writer, Daily Mail EU Radio Nantes (France); staff (Sound Screen, Little White Lies, Claire Rutter Editorial assistant, reporter, Deutsche Welle Radio; TV CAJ Soundblab, Don’t Panic); Online Hotel Designs; editor, TaleTela; editor, Europe Reporter/Editor, Deutsche writer, Consortium of LGBT EntertainmentWise Welle Radio Voluntary and Community Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore Staff Henry Jones Unknown   Rudabah Abbass Unknown   Organisations Antonya Allen Assistant news editor, writer, associate editor, books Holly Jones News reporter, Town Phoebe Ferris-Rotman PoliticsHome; assistant producer, editor, Time Out (Beijing); freelance 102 FM (Ipswich)   Communication assistant, Gorilla CNBC   (Huffington Post, The Guardian, Nisha Joshi Freelance broadcast Organization; communications Masha Akbarzadeh Unknown   The Independent, New Statesmen, journalist, BBC Newcastle; Officer, The Prince’s Youth Business James Allnutt Freelance researcher International Herald Tribune) broadcast journalist, BBC Asian International; Marketing Executive, and AP (BBC, Blast Films, Shine John Sunyer Staff writer, Time Network; video journalist, reporter, Steel Business Briefing; writer, TV, Nutopia) Out (Shanghai); life & arts editor, Sky (Tyne and Wear)   Spotted by Locals; field marketing Charlotte Bingham Sky News Financial Times Alexandra King Video journalist, manager, Platts Georgina Brewer Royal Producer, Kagem Tibaijuka Assistant, United Nations; Abigail Gliddon Freelance (Little Specialist Schools and Academies James Labous Unknown   ITV news White Lies, Total Politics, the Trust; owner, KT & Co (outsourcing Zahid Lalami Unknown   Natalie Campbell Co-founder and Guardian)   director, A Very Good Company company, Tanzania) Katie Lamborn Freelance, BBC Rosie Gogan-Keogh Freelance, Jennifer Conway Unknown    Cian Traynor Contributing editor, Essex; multimedia reporter, kmfm (South China Morning Post, Tatler Oliver Costamagna Broadcast The Stool Pigeon; writer, Irish Times and Kent Online   (Hong Kong), Time Out (Hong journalist, Sky News; researcher, Lauren Vanderkar Editorial assistant, Kate Lawrence Researcher, Channel Kong), Luxe City Guides, Totally producer, Channel 5; presenter, Pure Beauty; deputy editor, Lighting; 5 News; media production assistant, Dublin, Two Tube); assistant editor, Espresso Education/Channel 4 broadcast journalist, Sky Italia   researcher, BBC; researcher, Silver Home Journal; deputy editor, Learning    Rayhan Demetrie Central Asia Research Productions (Myanmar)   Andrew Leitch Project Manager, correspondent, BBC News   Adam Welch Editorial assistant, Christopher Hall Assistant Leicester Comedy Festival;   Vicki Ferrar Broadcast journalist, Dazed & Confused; editor, Wonderland commissioning editor, Live, The Mail Faarea Masud Broadcast journalist, Latin America producer, Associated Jesse Whittock Senior reporter and on Sunday   BBC World Service (Bangladesh); Press   section editor, C21 Media; features Hannah Hudson Freelance (BBC, broadcast journalist, presenter, BBC Alexandra Fowle Unknown   reporter, Travel Trade Gazette News of the World); editorial assistant, Coventry & Warwickshire   Alexander Frangeskides News Natalie Woolman Editorial assistant, features assistant, writer, Tesco Darren McCaffrey Producer, Sky assistant, CNBC Guardian Media; reporter, The Stage; Magazine News   Nick Gilbert Intern, CNN; Production Talent Pool, BBC Katie Jacobs Staff writer, Haymarket Steph Millar Unknown   production assistant, ITN; media Network; features editor, HR Archie Onobu Unknown officer, Druglink; researcher, Broadcast Magazine Rose Palmer Broadcast journalist, Blakeway productions    Gabrielle Jaffe Freelance (Travel, The Russia Today; research and Rebecca Greig Reporter, Adfero; Sunday Times); deputy editor, Time communications officer, University researcher, BBC;producer, researcher, Jack Aldwinckle Assistant producer, Out (Beijing) College London    Al Jazeera English   France 24 (Paris) Isabel Janner Editorial assistant, Victoria Park Researcher, Press Gayan Gunaratne Unknown   Lucas Atkin Assistant producer, features writer, Take a Break Association; production management Simon Keating Video journalist, SkySports  Shelley Jones Writer, Little White assistant, The One Show, BBC; MD, Bitesize Films Ruth Banks Multimedia journalist, / 127

LISTINGS 2009 - 2010 Sally Lockwood Researcher and Robin Kawakami Web editor, The producer, general election unit, ITN; Wall Street Journal output producer, ITN; producer, ITV Kseniya Oksamytna Erasmus Daybreak; reporter, ITV Central; Mundus Joint Doctorate: reporter, ITV Daybreak Globalisation, the EU, and Hannah Macinnes Unknown   Multilateralism Tobias Mews New media officer, Fuchun (Frank) Tang China metals Central Office of Information; analyst, North Square Blue Oak adventure sports journalist Jigme Thinley Chief editor, Bhutan and filmmaker, Tobias Mews Broadcasting Service Corporation Productions   Zijing Wu M&A reporter Edward C Prior Producer, BBC Breakfast   2010 Nitya Rajan Unknown   Amy Salem Broadcast journalist, International BBC Wales Kate Collins Freelance (AP TV News); media coordinator, BBC Adwan Adwan Premier League News; foreign affairs analyst,     reporter, Abu Dhabi Sport TV Emma Ward Unknown   Nefeli Agkyridou Segment producer, Giles Winn Unknown   Bloomberg TV Nabeela Zahir Assistant producer/ Kanika Ahuja Unknown researcher, Channel 4, Waddell Yass Ajang Unknown Media, September Films; Olamide Akintobi Project manager, producer, Newsnight, Channel 4 News; producer, Hi-Media Group (Nigeria); broadcast journalist, BBC freelance presenter (Television World Continental); sub-editor, Nigerian Entertainment Today Chiara Albanese Reporter, FX Week Investigative Arzu Aliyeva Unknown Arash Anghaei PhD student, Pakinam Amer Intern, Hardcash innovation studies, University of the Productions; Al Masry Al Youm East London (Egypt)   Kathrine Anker Team member, George Arbuthnott Intern, Not On The Wires; features editor, Associated Newspapers; foreign Archant Imaging correspondent, The Sunday Times Morade Azzouz TV producer, Matthew Bardo Investigative Thomson Reuters researcher, Inside Out, BBC South Stefanie Bainum Unknown Eve Critchley Information officer, Elizaveta Belozerova Web manager, HemiHelp   presenter, French Radio London Alexandra Dimiziani Unknown Priyanka Boghani Writer, Edipresse Sara Firth Broadcast journalist, Asia; freelance (CNN) Russia Today (Moscow)   Paola Bonfanti Reporter, B2B George Grant Intern, researcher, The Marketing; editor, freelance reporter, Henry Jackson Society; deputy editor, BE-MA (Milan) Libya Herald; Libya Correspondent, Lana Boone Intern, Channel 4; desk The Times editor, NBC Sarah Hiddleston Unknown   Anna Brunetti Asset management Victoria Hollingsworth correspondent, Investment Week; Co-producer, Starsuckers, Channel 4 Italy correspondent, Incisive Media; Lucy Jordan Intern, editorial research financial services reporter, Mlex assistant, Village Voice; reporter, Market Intelligence Cambodia Daily; freelance (Jetsetter, Sakshi Budhraja Unknown GlobalPost, The Independent); senior Anelise Chagas Unknown reporter, The Rio Times   Indu Chandrasekhar SEO executive, Balihar Khalsa Reporter, Mobile Telegraph Media Group Magazine; senior reporter, Broadcast Jessica Chesko Intern, Travel, The Oliver Laughland Intern, The Sunday Times; reservation sales agent, Observer; BBC; researcher for Apple Vacations investigative journalist Stephen Grey  Heather Christie Investment Anna Meisel Freelance researcher communications analyst, BlackRock (BBC Inside Out)   Ayesha Chundrigar Freelance (Asian Rebecca Pritchard Reporter, Legal Express, MenuOne); social media Business   researcher, Cision Emma Slater Unknown Sergio Colombo Art director, 30G; Jigme Thinley Chief editor, Bhutan freelance (Il Fatto Quotidiano, Broadcasting Service Corportation Rome); journalist, Lettera43 (Milan) Elinor Zuke Staff writer, Labelling Jaime Concha Associate editor, Business Magazine; reporter, senior International Coal, Platts reporter, The Grocer; news editor, Kelly Cregg Unknown Harpers Wine & Spirit   Milenna Da Unknown Allya Davidson Researcher, assistant producer, Clover Films Erasmus Flora Desponts Unknown Rijuta Dey Editorial assistant, Arush Chopra Senior analyst, The associate editor, IntraFish Media Asian Banker; sales and product, Athina Dimitrakopoulou Press Duxton Asset Management   officer, National Bank of Greece Larissa Haida Media Relations, Hau Dinh Freelance producer, Morgan Stanley   cameraman, fixer (AP Television, Srinivasan Jagannathan Chief news Bloomberg Television, Australian editor, The Hindu Business Line   Broadcasting Corporation, CNN,

128 /

CCTV) Nidhi Dugar-Kundalia (née Dugar) Sub-editor, Kindle Magazine (Kolkata, India); freelance Jorge Estevao Content editor, BetClic; web producer, Queen Mary University of London Niklas Fagerström Reporter, Finnish Broadcasting Company Lorena Fernandez Abdo Freelance Elisabeth Fischer Online feature writer, Progressive Digital Media Group; reporter, IntraFish Media Daniele Fisichella Community involvement officer, station manager, Peterborough FM; project manager, EU project ‘VINTAGE’; freelance UK correspondent; lecturer, University of West London; international producer, TalkSPORT Maria Furtado Unknown Federico Gatti Researcher, Bureau of Investigative Journalism; co-founder, L’Indro (Italy); presenter, Massimo Ascolto Radio (London); Middle East correspondent, conflict reporter, London correspondent, Mediaset Maral Gholampour Khoob Andish Daily Newspaper; marketing manager, Azad Training Company; creative producer, Marjan Television Network; member of directing panel, Ivaz Company; activTek Hanna Hauck Trainee, DAPD News Agency Natalie Higashi Digital editor, Sedai Legacy Project (Toronto); freelance (CBC, Toronto); founder, managing editor, Moringa Media (Toronto) Meredith Humphrey Staff writer, Audience Media; journalist, IQ Media; community moderator, Spotify Anthony Johnston Copy editor, proofreader, Metro International Hitani Kaur Lifestyle writer, India Today Group Dominic Kavakeb Freelance (Al Jazeera) Atiya Khan News anchor, senior reporter, Times Now Nimra Khan Unknown Marina Kim Executive Director, Pomp magazine Soo Kim Contributing writer, Suite 101; travel copywriter, Bluepost Digital; health and lifestyle writer,; news writer, ThirdAge; digital content editor, Daily Telegraph travel Alexey Kovalev Freelance Katharina Kruppa Communications manager, Evonik Industries AG Quentin Leboucher Video journalist, Agence France Presse Lillian Leclair Writer, photographer,; correspondent, Jetsetter. com; freelance, (The Times, New York Times) Johannes Ledel Karreskog Head of editorial and social media, Livestation Geraldine Lennon Unknown Andre Lewis Freelance (Current TV, Canarsie Courier); intern, CBS Radio; post-production intern, Linton Media (New York); freelance videographer (Sitka Conservation Society, Alaska); tribal recruitment, multimedia producer, SEARHC (Alaska); education video production intern, Democracy Now! Productions; freelance photographer (News 12 Networks) 

Meng Liao Vice president, global markets group, Bank of America Alice Lin Copy and content writer, Party City Heng Lu Ethnography researcher, GMRA Ltd Michele Martinelli Writer, The First Pint; social media executive, Jam @ Engine; PR account executive, Platform PR; content executive, 4C Associates Rachel McGovern Reporter, Euroweek; reporter, Debtwire Pankti Mehta Feature writer, Hindustan Times Mandana Mofidi Freelance associate producer (CBS, ABC News, PBS) Zahra Moloo Intern, (Al Jazeera English, BBC Focus on Africa, VOX Africa TV); reporter, producer, IRIN News; freelance; independent radio documentary producer; humanitarian reporter/producer Noha Morgan Freelance producer Ana Muhar London correspondent, Jutarnji list Samson Mujuda Deputy High Commissioner, Zambia High Commission (Namibia); senior writer, GoldOcean Communications Sneha Mundhra Senior writer, Gold Ocean Communications India Private Ltd Saad Mustafa Sub-editor, Allainet; associate producer, Express media group; sub-editor, Daily Times; senior communications officer, Department for International Development, Pakistan Carlo Nassetti Writer, The First Pint; video editor and reporter, Spectacle; editor and marketing assistant, Editorial Fundamentos; editor and marketing assistant, Demipage Services; ebook and digital products manager, Ediciones Turner Ijeoma Ndukwe Freelance (ITV, BBC, Channel 4) Emma Nilsson Production staff, video editor, Betfair; TV listings editor, Red Bee Media Yoletta Nyirakanyange Unknown Kirstine Nystrom News production intern, Bloomberg; producer assistant, SBS Broadcasting; web producer, CBS TV Victoria Onofreiciuc Unknown Fidelis Onyedikam Ilonka Oudenampsen News reporter, deputy editor, Perspective Publishing Kinga Papp Account manager, Collective; content manager, MediaCom Maria Pappa financial reporter, Star Channel; Athens News Agency Kyriakos Penintaex Unknown Melesiana Phiri Trainee journalist, TV presenter/producer, reporter, assignments editor, Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation Sunniya Pirzada Freelance (Al Jazeera English, Qatar) Anna Pitton Freelance (The Periscope Post, Closer, The First Pint, Cibus Daily, Insurance Insight,; reporter, marketing manager, Assinform/Dal Cin Editore; reporter, Messaggero Veneto (Italy); marketing services operator, Silca S.p.A. Afsaneh Rafii Unknown Martina Reinstadler Social media

LISTINGS 2009 - 2010 researcher, Cision; presenter Teleradio Vinschgau (Italy); journalist, hds Unione (Italy) Anna Reitman, Correspondent, FastMarkets; editor, The International Resource Journal; freelance (Automated Trader, Financial News (Dow Jones), Global Investor Magazine, Euromoney); Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum Magazine Marcia Reverdosa News producer, RedeTV (Brazil); international broadcast sales, Casablanca Online Elizabeth Ridgeway MPhil, Cambridge University Rémy Philomene Unknown Samar Saleh Relationship manager, National Commercial Bank Priyanka Salve Social media research intern, Cision; web and news assistant, Bauer Publishing; editorial intern, Pageant Media; online journalist, Start Intelligence; reporter CapitalStructure Limited Fiona Sinclair Scott Interactive desk, Financial Times; assistant to Prof Eric Hobsbawm; reporter, EMAP; deputy editor, Claire Sergent Unknown Megha Shah Unknown Ayesha Shahabudeen Freelance Valerie Siebert Music reporter,; freelance (NME, The Quietus, UNCUT magazine); staff writer, Haymarket Dustin Silgardo Sub-editor, Circinfo; senior staff writer, deputy editor, Man’s World Magazine Alissa Smith Writing intern, The Centre for Women and Families; reporting intern, Virginia Statehouse News; reporter, Wisconsin Reporter; reporter, Daily Voice Nektaria Stamouli Financial reporter, Dimokrati; Athens correspondent, The Wall Street Journal Julie Stewart-Binks Freelance (CBC, Canada); reporter, The OHL Tonight; programme assistant, writer, CBC Sports; reporter, anchor, Fox Soccer Report; sports anchor, reporter, CTV Siri Svendsen Freelance; communications advisor, Jernbaneverket (National Norwegian Rail Administration) Karolina Tagaris Staff writer, Associated Press (Athens); correspondent, Reuters Victoria Taylor Production assistant, Coco productions; researcher, The Consumer Show, RTE (Ireland); sports researcher, Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012, LOCOG; researcher, The Graham Norton Show, So Television Shawn A Thomas News producer, part-time anchor, talk show host, ABS radio and television (Antigua, Barbuda); producer, host, The Journal, ABS TV Agnes Valdimarsdottir Correspondent, Agence France Presse (Iceland); flash quote reporter, Olympic News Service; reporter, news editor, RÚV (Iceland’s State Broadcasting Service); reporter, producer, MonitorTV; fan community manager, LazyTown Entertainment Lena Vazifdar Associate editor, George Media; associate editor,

Revel (New York); photo editor, (New York); staff writer/reporter, 33 Universal Ines Ward Production coordinator, Quicksilver Media; researcher, WagTV; researcher, Love Productions Aoife Yourell Podcast producer, managing editor, The First Pint; digital producer, Sky News Polina Zamorina Freelance Alexandra Zeevalkink Digital content manager, KFTV, Wilmington Media; founding editor, DocGeeks Sarah Zerback Trainee, Deutsche Presse-Agentur Yinou Zhou Unknown

Newspaper Olivia Alabaster Sub-editor, reporter, The Daily Star (Beirut) Francesca Angelini Reporter, Bloomberg News; foreign desk, The Times; news review, The Sunday Times Tomaaar Brooks-Pollock Reporter, Central Office of Information; reporter, Manchester Evening News Szu Chan Researcher, FT Weekend; reporter, The Daily Telegraph Lauren Evans (née Cockbill) Women’s Tennis Association; social media coordinator, researcher, BBC Caroline Crampton Total Politics; web editor, New Statesman Marion Dakers Reporter, deputy news editor, City AM Lucinda Dunseath Freelance (Evening Standard, Guardian, Inside Housing, Travel Trade Gazette) Penelope East Project manager, outreach worker, CEMVO Rhiannon Edwards Daily Express; Brooklyn Brothers; education desk, The Times; editor, The Spread Magazine; features writer, deputy features editor, Hampstead and Highgate Express; commissioning editor, Telegraph Media Group Peter Evans Intern, Bloomberg News; reporter, Dow Jones Newswires, Wall Street Journal Emma Gatten-Mackinder Daily


Job: PhD student at Auckland University and freelance journalist Course: Science, 2010

Star Damien Gayle Freelance (Daily Express); science and tech reporter, MailOnline Patrick Gower Reporter, Construction News; Property Week; Bloomberg News Georgia Graham Junior reporter, The Hampstead and Highgate Express; reporter, The Camden New Journal; news reporter, The Sunday Times Rob Hastings Reporter, feature writer and editor, The Independent Gregory Heffer Sub-editor, Goal. com; freelance (Running Magazine); freelance (Express Newspapers) Gregor Hunter Business reporter, The National (Abu Dhabi) Tom Jackson Managing editor, Christopher Kay Reporter, Bloomberg News Soraya Kishtwari Shifts, The Observer; lobby assistant, The Times Jennifer Lipman Comment editor, The Jewish Chronicle Anna Meisel Researcher, BBC Arron Merat The Daily Star (Beirut);Time Out (Beirut) Ralph Miller Video interviewer, Winkball; freelance feature writer (Evening Standard); producer, Sky News Richard Partington Reporter, City AM; chief online reporter, Financial News Alice Philipson Reporter, China Daily; news reporter, Telegraph Media Group Alexa Phillips Editorial assistant, The Independent; Greenpeace International, Amsterdam Sarah Rainey Graduate trainee, The Daily Telegraph; Press Association;The Belfast Telegraph; features writer, The Daily Telegraph Alexander Ralph Graduate trainee, reporter, The Times Alexander Richman News subeditor, Evening Standard; Daily Mail Dina Rickman Intern, PoliticsHome; shifts, Daily Express; assistant politics editor, The Huffington Post UK; associate editor, The Week Hannah Roberts Bloomberg; trainee

reporter, Daily Mail (Glasgow); secondment, MailOnline Arj Singh Press Association; Brooklyn Brothers; news reporter, Press Association Emma Slater Bureau of Investigative Journalism John Stevens News reporter, Daily Mail Judith Townend Reporter, Martina Van Der Meer Writer, Cult Beauty; information and media assistant, One Plus One Alexander Walters Digital development, Financial Times Lydia Warren Trainee reporter, Daily Mail; senior reporter, MailOnline

Magazine Cathy Adams Staff writer, Money Observer; blogger, Square Mile content editor and reporter, City AM Dolly Alderton Freelance; story producer, Made in Chelsea, Summer Haze Jennifer Allan Reporter, electricpig., Republic Publishing; online editor, The Wire Magazine Sarah Baldwin Assistant, features editor, deputy editor, Grand Designs Jessica Baron Sub-editor, Building; digitial content manager, Pulse Elinor Block Business media group executive, Periodical Publishers Association; online editorial assistant, Shortlist Jessica Blunden The Engage Group; Practical Law Company; marketing communications executive Eleanor Broughton Features writer, Progressive Digital Media; assistant features editor, Pulse, UBM Nicholas Carvell Social media and fashion writer, Mr Porter Hollie Clemence Jane’s Police Review; freelance (The Week); freelance (The Sunday Times); fashion, Guy Ferneyhough Reporter, TelecomFinance; Press Association Jonathan Garrett Sub-editor, Property Week; business editor,

What is your favourite memory from your time at City?

What advice would you give to your student self now?

I have honestly never met a nicer group of people than the science journalists in my year. We all became like a big, eccentric family, with Connie St Louis, our wonderful course director, as the mother hen!

Freelance more! I think having a range of published articles before you graduate is really good to have on your CV, and your time at City is great for getting in that little bit of extra, ‘real world’ practice.

I hear the other courses called us the ‘science crazies’. Apparently we were always up to something odd!

What has been the proudest moment of your career?

What did you struggle with most at City? The Science Journalism course was brand new the year we started. It was a case of seeing what worked and what could be improved. It certainly made things interesting at times!

It’s a bit cliché, but nothing beats seeing your byline in print for the first time. Or your first front page story... I’ve returned to academia for a spell, and am doing a PhD at Auckland University. I was beside myself when my thesis proposal was accepted. CHLOE CANN / 129

LISTINGS 2011 Caroline Gosney Digital editorial assistant, Cedar Publishing; junior content editor, Cedar Communications; global digital editor, Story Worldwide Mike Kielty Reporter, TelecomFinance, Press Association; junior reporter, dealReporter Lisa Kjellsson Freelance; sub-editor, Haymarket Anna Leach Writer, Time Out (Shanghai); Asia and Australia correspondent, Gay Star News David Matthews Reporter, Building; reporter, Times Higher Education Supplement James McIrvine Freelance; feature writer, Sports Direct catalogue, VW Vans, Motor Racing Ezine (Haymarket Network) Helen Nianias Sub-editor, Architects’ Journal; sub-editor, Fabulous, The Sun on Sunday Jasmine Phillips Junior reporter and sub-editor, Forward Group Jessica Pike Editorial assistant, Riviera Maritime Media; staff writer, The Chartered Quality Institute Elizabeth Pook Paid internship, Grazia; reporter, PRWeek; junior writer, Stylist Alexandra Saggers PR consultant, Seven Hills Moya Sarner Features and health assistant, Good Housekeeping Magazine; features and health writer, Good Housekeeping Magazine Rebecca Seales Freelance, The Sunday Times; news trainee, PoliticsHome. com; reporter, India editor, MailOnline Estella Shardlow Editor,; freelance (Luxury Society, GQ, Conde Nast Traveller); assistant editor - retail, Stylus Sarah Simpson Freelance (The Publican); editorial assistant, Delicious Rachel Smith Junior editor, Class magazine; editorial assistant, Reader’s Digest; online editor, India Sturgis Editorial assistant, Life&Style and Femail, Daily Mail; feature writer, Femail, Daily Mail Daniel Tapper Staff writer, Waitrose Kitchen Clare Vooght Editorial assistant, Matchbox magazine; staff writer, TNT magazine; sub-editor, British Journal of Photography and Computeractive Jonathan Watson Sub-editor, production assistant, The Stage

Broadcast Jessica Banham Unknown Amy Blackburn Freelance Tom Calverley Producer, ITV News Helena Carter Unknown Lucie Charlton Producer, BSkyB Rachael Church Unknown Sarah Collinson Researcher, reporter October Films; researcher, assistant producer, digital producer Blakeway Productions Tom Croasdell Freelance broadcast journalist Liz Emmett Account manager Carat Enterprise Marvin Farquharson Unknown Sean Farrington Reporter, BBC

News Steve Gardner Web producer, ITN; social media producer, producer, ITV News Hannah Gibbons Researcher, Hat Trick Productions; assistant producer, This Week Helen Glancy Parliamentary assistant, House of Commons Jason Grant Freelance (Media for Development); facilitation and story telling, Forgiveness Project Benjamin Guy Researcher, October Films; freelance broadcast journalist (BBC World Service) Noreen Harewood Freelance broadcast journalist (Radio Jackie 107.8) Antonia Harrison Press officer, Wild Card PR; Antonia Harrison; account manager, Eulogy! Hind Hassan Sky News International Victoria Holland Broadcast journalist, BBC Radio Derby; broadcast journalist, BBC South East Today Daniel Howells Freelance broadcast journalist and producer, ITN Joanna Impey Broadcast journalist, reporter, editor, Deutsche Welle Ruth Jacob Croydon TV; freelance ( content assistant, IMAYLOVA Robin James Online producer, Sky Living; digital and social media executive, NBC Universal Corine Jess Marketing manager, Harrow College Aled John Producer, assistant news editor, ITN Caitlin Kennedy Unknown Kate Lawrence Media production assistant, Espresso Education/ Channel 4 Learning Katy Lee Reporter, Agence FrancePresse Christina Macfarlane Unknown Faarea Masud Sunrise Radio/ Litt Corporation; broadcast journalist, BBC News Francesca Mcleod Unknown Steffan Messenger BBC Wales Felicity Morris Development researcher, Raw Television Datshiane Nayanayagam Unknown Olivia Paterson Presenter/producer, ITV Anglia Nicholas Reed-Clarke Business broadcast journalist, BBC News John Regan Freelance producer (Sky News) Oliver Regan Freelance sports journalist (Sky Sports News, BBC, ITN) Julia Ross Investigative researcher, Inside Out, BBC Jennifer Shaw Fremantle Media Adam Sich Production assistant, online content producer, ITN Jessica Stevens Unknown Charlie Thomson Senior Planner, Sky Sports News Frances Tilson Unknown Ayshah Tull Production trainee, assistant producer, BBC News Micky Van Praagh Researcher, BBC; freelance, producer (Endemol UK) Timothy Wallace Financial journalist, Treasury Today; banking reporter, City AM Robert Watts Newswire writer, Writing Solutions Limited

130 /

Joanne Whalley Unknown David Wilkinson Assignment Editor, CNN Rebecca Williams Broadcast journalist, BBC

TJ CAJ Mahsa Akbarzadeh Unknown Sophie Clayton-Payne Freelance assistant producer Kathryn Collins Unknown Stephanie Constantine Freelance broadcast journalist Jennifer Conway Unknown Catherine Corrett Freelance documentary filmmaker Vicki Ferrar Editorial planner, APTN Direct Alexandra Fowle Unknown Nicholas Gilbert Researcher, Blakeway Productions James Greene Unknown  Gayan Gunaratne Unknown Caitlin Hanrahan Unknown Rebecca Hayman Assistant producer, Goodness Media; assistant producer, October Films Jamil Hussein Unknown Samuel Hunt BBC World; assistant producer and interview producer, Al Jazeera English Caroline Ingvarsson Production coordinator, Flood Projects (Australia) Sam Kirby Unknown Kelly Kerruish Unknown Josephine Kime Researcher, Channel 5; freelance broadcast journalist James Martin Freelance Camilla Millard Unknown  Goldie Momen-Putrym Unknown Richard Mylles Unknown Jon-Paul Phillips Unknown Stephanie Prentice Entertainment reporter and producer, ITN Emily Purser Producer, Sky News  Alison Rogers Unknown Karen Santi Unknown Anneka Sharpley Producer, Sky News Poppy Tullo Producer, Quintessentially Television Ruairidh Villar TV producer and reporter, Thomson Reuters

Investigative Julia Bradshaw Financial advisor, Financial Times; companies writer, Investors Chronicle, Financial Times Rebecca Buchan Reporter, The Press and Journal, Aberdeen Sarah Clark Filmmaker (Lebanon); researcher, Brook Lapping Productions; producer Norma Percy/ Brook Lapping Independent TV production company Claire Cooper Media and communications officer, SANE; press officer, Crisis Ross Halliday Documentary filmmaker; marketing communications and video production, INTERPOL Matthew Holehouse Reporter, assistant news editor (online), The Daily Telegraph Carisma Kapoor Unknown Billy Kenber Graduate trainee, The Times; news reporter, The Times Laura Klompenhouwer Filmmaker

(Lebanon); intern reporter, NRC Handelsblad (National newspaper); reporter, Novum Nieuws Pierre Kley-Gomez Unknown Nicholas Lancaster Business development executive, Create Digital Media Simon Lewis News reporter, Nursing Times; reporter, Health Service Journal; associate editor, The Cambodia Daily; business editor, The Cambodia Daily Lidija Liegis Bureau of Investigative Journalism; Europe deputy editor, Chambers and Partners Tim Maynard Researcher and runner, assistant producer, ITN Luke Oakeshott Intern, Lord Mayor’s Office; researcher, Transnational Crisis Project Natalie Peck Freelance reporter; PhD student, City University Conrad Quilty-Harper Data mapping reporter, interactive news editor, The Daily Telegraph

Science Caroline Azad-Andish Contributing writer, Elements Tushna Commissariat Freelance; reporter, Physics World Jennifer Green Web content manager, ITV Julius Goldthorpe Online content manager, Cashy (Dubai) Aine Gormley Unknown Grace Howe Contributing writer, Elements Laura Husband National Geographic Green; writer, EggMag; website editor, King Lion Media Publishing;deputy online magazine editor, Progressive Digital Media Louis Jagger Contributing writer, Elements Charlotte King Junior scientific writer, Euro RSCG Life Medicom; copywriter, Cherry Advertising Hannah King Researcher, Lab UK, BBC Joseph Milton Intern, Nature; Australian Science Media Centre Smitha Mundasad Reporter, BBC News Christine Ottery News editor, MRW Smitha Peter Researcher, Survival International Achintya Rao CMS Science Communicator, CERN Ian Randall Editor, ALICE Matters, CERN; communications coordinator, European Physical Society; PhD student, University of Auckland Paul Rodgers Production editor, business, The Independent; business and science editor, Jamaica Observer Tiffany Stecker ClimateWire (US) Gulnura Toralieva Head of journalism and mass communications, American University of Central Asia Gozde Zorlu World Health Organisation; associate communications officer, Frontiers

Erasmus Zhiping An Editor, XInhua News Agency Matthew Caruana Galizia Labs developer, Financial Times; developer,

LISTINGS 2011 Assanka Roman Chlupaty Founder, Editor-in-Chief, GlobeReporter. org; London correspondent, Christina Dillmann Copywriter, writer, Fabric Interactive; communications director, Exit Poverty Matthew Caruana Galizia Labs developer, Financial Times; developer, Assanka Emma Godfrey Unknown Andrew Hercules Communications Co-ordinator, University of Toronto Scarborough Guilherme Kfouri Team Leader Biofuels and Gasoline Blending components, Platts Matilde Mereghetti European reporter, ICIS; project director, Global Business Reports Bunly Meas National Communication Officer, Climate Change Adaptation, UNDP Kimberly Peterson Associate news editor, European Union energy policy, Platts Isabella Cota Schwarz Stringer, Reuters (Costa Rica); online subeditor, Thomson Reuters Sakshi Sharma Senior Reporter, Infrastructure Journal Weiyi Wu Unknown Beibei Yin Freelance Journalist (Financial Times Chinese)

2011 International Jessica Abels Editorial assistant, Alison at Home; digital Communications Officer, Prisoners Abroad Michelle Abrego Regulation and politics reporter, New Model Adviser (Citywire) Carol Acquaye Chief editor, Ghana Broadcasting Corporation Monica Ainley Unknown Ole Kristian Alsaker Video producer, the Guardian; output editor, Ruptly Laila Ali Researcher, The Times; guest producer, BBC World Service; features writer, Al Jazeera English; freelance (the Guardian) Najah Alotaibi Alosaimi Asharq Alawsat newspaper (London) Samah Altaweel Anchor, broadcast journalist, Deutsche Welle TV Anna Anderson Unknown  Tom Barfield Site editor, community manager, Demotix; freelance (Daily Telegraph, Times Higher Education); features intern, CNN Habiba Basiony Foreign desk, Sky News Beatrice Bedeschi Associate editor, Platts (European Gas Markets) Nathalie Biancheri Unknown Clémentine Blayo-Nogret MA in translation, subtitling and dubbing for cinema (Nice, France) Maria Bleeg JydskeVestkysten (Denmark); freelance (Dagbladet Børsen) Caroline Bodin Reporter and video reporter, Al Jazeera English; video reporter, AFP Press Agency; editor, French Cinema London Ltd; radio reporter, Accents d’Europe, Radio

France International; video reporter & TV correspondent, French Production Ltd Alessandra Bonomolo TV researcher, BBC, Discovery Channel; freelance (L’Espresso, La Repubblica, Corriere della Sera, Vanity Fair) Alexandra Botines-Mora UK correspondent, Mundo Deportivo newspaperMarianne Bouchart Web producer EMEA, Bloomberg News Viola Caon Sub-editor trainee, Arabs Today; freelance (, The Observer) Chiara Caprio London correspondent, Vita magazine; freelance (Al Jazeera, Corriere della Sera, Il Fatto Quotidia); video producer, Vice Media Marine Casalis Correspondent, France 24, RFI, Tribune de Genève, Radio Vatican (Tunisia, Libya); videojournalist, France 24; correspondent, France 24, RFI, Le Temps (Libya) Paloma Casillas Baldres Press officer, Spanish Senate Arianna Catti De Gasperi Speaker, Vatican Radio Adam Chidell Researcher, The Times Carlotta Comparetti Freelance journalist, blogger, E-Il Mensile; online communivations department, junior consultant, Transparency International; freelance (La Nouca Sardegna) Alexander Court Digital producer and editor, Bloomberg TV Sara Custer Copy editor, writer, BCN Week; editorial intern, The Oklahoma Gazette; reporter, RHS Chelsea Flower Show; editorial intern, Pageant Media; reporter, The PIE News Muhammad Darwish Freelance (TV news)  Ruchita Daswani Intern, News International  Mirjam de Jong Director of corporate film (Amsterdam) Alessandra Stefani de Medeiros Reporter, Record TV; freelance (Vice, Perform, KissBank, 12speak, Rede Record) Marleen De Rooy Web editor, Het Financieele Dagblad newspaper; business editor, NOS Angeliki Delagrammatica Unknown Caroline Demopoulos Freelance foreign correspondent (Radio France Internationale); video journalist, Olympic Broadcasting Services; assistant news editor, video journalist, ITN Source Boyana Draganova Guest writer, Zaina Erhaim Unknown Nikolaos Fatsios Unknown  Mimi Flemming Post production assistant, Vice Media Veronique Forge Freelance, (French Media, L/onTOP magazine) Fabio Forin Intern, Grain Media; freelance (European Journalism Centre) Mathilde Forissier Freelance (Altermind) Lorenza Frigerio Blogger,; photojournalist, Demotix Annabel Fuller Head of media and communications, The Mediterranean Boutique Hotel and

Conference Centre ( Johannesburg) Amira Galal Unknown Riccardo Ghia EMEA industrial correspondent, Mergermarket Anna Gorszynska Reporter, Academy FM Sakshi Ambra Guarnieri Freelance; PhD student, SOAS, University of London Rachel Hall Intern, Thomson Reuters; intern, The Argentina Independent; intern, Financial Times Katharine Helmore Press and publicity officer, Quartet Books; freelance (The St. Petersburg Times) Sara Hemrajani Television news associate, Bloomberg; freelance broadcast journalist; assistant producer, Bloomberg TV (London) Tim Hilhorst Editor, Schiphol Magazine; editor, Amsterdam Magazine; keyword editor, ReachLocal Elizabeth Holliday Intern, The TaxPayers’ Alliance; assistant producer, Channel 4 News; reporter, KOAM-TV Zoe Holman Intern, Institute of War and Peace Reporting Vincent Huck Staff writer, Pageant Media Petros Iliadis Press officer, Fleet dispatcher, LOCOG Noemi Ivicsics Sub-editor, reporter, SUP&Cup Magazine; editorial intern, Schön! Magazine; fashion writer, Unicorns Unleashed Babbals Jamwal Freelance documentaries researcher (ITN Productions) Mridulika Jha Reporter, Dainik Bhaskar; online media consultant, Greenpeace India Aaarti Jitender Associate Producer, Bloomberg TV (Hong Kong) Ole Kaemper Freelance editorial assistant, (ZDF); freelance, (Deutsche Welle); trainee, N24 Television Saeed Kamali-Dehghan Correspondent, the Guardian Jelena Kensborn Unknown Fawad Khurshid Senior producer, current affairs, Capital TV (Pakistan) Carmen Ka-Man Kong Sub-editor, MouthLondon; editor, Europe & Me  Marco Leitão Silva Freelance radio producer (BBC World Service) Fangchao Li Page editor, 21st Century China Daily Austin Lindberg Online news editor, Car and Driver magazine (USA) Jonathan Lopez Research analyst, Intierra; reporter, Capital Structure Dalia Lourenco Communications trainee, European Commission Representation (Lisbon); communication officer, DG-MARKT; consultant; World Health Organization Megan Lucero Story producer, The Times Kabeer Mahajan Freelance (CNN) Carlos Martin Tornero Graduate scheme, VRL Financial News; voiceover artist, translator, Aparat Media Amit Masram Consultant, Towers Watson Singapore; analyst, ITV Sports; HR Manager, Infoplus Technologies UK Ltd,; freelance

cricket writer Niall McDonald Text producer, Sky News Muazzin Mehrban Communications executive, Pfizer; public relations associate, Aramco Overseas Company Gianlucia Mezzofiore Online journalist, International Business Times UK Hamza Mohamed Freelance (Sub-Saharan, Africa) Anuradha Mojumdar Assistant editor, BroadcastPro Middle East (CPI Dubai); lead analyst, Pelucid/Startup Intelligence; head analyst, Gorkana Lillo Montalto Monella Reporter, Argentina Independent; freelance (Linkiesta and Metro) International) Eugenio Montesano Freelance (Associated Press TV) Nishit Morsawala Editor, Arabs Today Anastasios Mpulassikis Communications executive, Eurosif Zayn Nabbi Associate sports producer, CNN International Reem Nafie Journalist, Economist Intelligence Unit; freelance reporter, Arab issues; freelance Documentary translator, Al-Jazeera English, OR Media, Ultramarine Films Shuhei Nakayama Researcher, Euromoney; production and technical personnel, Fourex Sarah Noorbakhsh Runner, researcher, production coordinator, Don Productions Ltd Nicole Ocran Arts and literature correspondent, Entertainment News Olushola Ojikutu Freelance; contributor Times LIVE Sella Oneko German language press editor, Kantar Media Intelligence Annika Ostman Assistant producer, ITN; communications manager, Njema Helena; communications specialist, The World Bank Eunae Park Deputy director, Planning and Cooperation Team, National Assembly (Seoul) Maite Perez De Nanclares International relations researcher, University of the Basque Country Maria Petchenikova London correspondent, BTV (Bulgaria); manager public relations, Kauza Communications Katie Poole Community manager, KashFlow Akshata Rao Assistant producer, Bloomberg TV Meredith Ross Social media marketing coordinator, Lushli Silvia Rothlisberger London editor, Express Media International Massimiliano Santalucia Assistant librarian, Mediateca Santa Teresa; blogger, France24 Kira Savcenko Unknown Rosanne Scammell Unknown Melanie Siekhaus Unknown Bongani Siqoko Deputy editor, Daily Dispatch (South Africa) Catinka Sjoberg Producer, Mindpool Creative Film Tineka Smith Reporter, Computer Business Review; reporter, Progressive Digital Media Amishta Sohoraye Unknown ennifer Spain Account manager, LinkShare Corporation / 131

LISTINGS 2011 - 2012 Anja Strejcek Reporter, News21 Silvia Suarez Reporter, Lottarox Agency Saravanan Sugamaran Head media analyst, Gorkana Roland Sylvester Unknown Devika Tandon Freelance (Al Jazeera English in Delhi) Priya Thakral Screenwriting, London Film Academy Julie Hornbek Toft News reporter, Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten Eric Van Den Berg Markets reporter, Lloyd’s List; Internet Coordinator,PowNed Gemma Van Der Kamp Freelance (Holland); editor, RTL iPad app Caroline Van Soelen Freelance radio editor (Lives on Record) Polina Vezhan Procurement consultant, AnyVisa Ltd Jenna Voigt News reporter, Financial Times Karin Wasteson Trainee, Metro International; Nordic reporter, Incisive Media Elizabeth Wolfe News producer, NBC Lantian Xu Unknown Yinuo Zhou Anchorwoman, HK Satellite TV; news broadcaster HKSTV

Newspaper Steve Anderson Online editorial, The Independent Christopher Barker Freelance (London Restaurant Guides) Benjamin Bryant Trainee, The Daily Telegraph Ellie Buchdahl Freelance (the i newspaper); foreign sub-editor, 21st Century China Daily (Beijing) Martin Caparrotta Executive editor, The Sport Review Thomas Clarke Trainee sub-editor, Daily Mail; sports sub-editor, Daily Mail Laura Cox Trainee reporter, Daily Mail Sam Cunningham Trainee reporter, Daily Mail Joseph Dyke PoliticsHome; The Independent; freelance (Press Association, Lebanon) Ben Edwards Unknown Emily Fairbairn News trainee, feature writer, The Sun David Goodman Unknown Francesca Holloway Freelance (The Times) Edward Kemp Reviews editor, All Out Cricket magazine James Lachno Freelance (The Daily Telegraph, The Line of Best Fit, Notion) Charlie Lankston Reporter, Telegraph Media Group; editor, ArchLevel Report; freelance writer (WITH PR) features assistant, Diary reporter, Mail on Sunday Mario Ledwith Trainee reporter, Daily Mail Katie Linsell News reporter, Bloomberg Caitlin Morrison Reporter, Insurance Age Sarah Morrison Reporter, The Independent on Sunday Oliver Nieburg Unknown Liam O’Brien Freelance (The Independent, Daily Mail, the i

newspaper) Lucy Osborne Scottish Daily Mail Michael Pope Unknown Rajvir Rai Trainee reporter, Daily Mail Alexander Sharp Runner, reporter, Eurosport; reporter, Wardles Agency; freelance Emine Sinmaz Trainee reporter, Daily Mail Patrick Smith Bureau of Investigative Journalism Jenny Stevens Freelance (The Independent); deputy news editor, NME Alex Webb European transport reporter, Bloomberg (Frankfurt) Holly Welham Foreign expert, 21st Century China Daily; news reporter, FE Week Ben Whitelaw Communities editor, The Times Helena Williams News assistant, International News Safety Institute Catherine Wylie Trainee news reporter, Press Association Charlotte Young Trainee sub-editor, Daily Mail 

Magazine Dipal Acharya Intern, Condé Nast Traveller; features assistant, ES Magazine Kathryn Balls Editorial intern, FHM; freelance (Mandrake, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph) Charlotte Barnes Editorial assistant, planner, Redwood Publishing Jordan Bassett Sub-editor, web producer, PrintWeek Joseph Brothwell Intern, Love It! Ianthe Butt Editorial assistant, British Airways High Life and Business Life Katherine Button Media assistant, HS2 Ltd Sophie Caldecott Editorial intern, section editor, Source Intelligence magazine (Ethical Fashion Forum) Sophie Charara Staff writer, Stuff magazine Clare Conway Intern, freelance researcher, editorial assistant The Sunday Times Magazine Elizabeth Davis Editorial assistant, staff writer, BBC Music Magazine Alys Denby Trainee sub-editor, Daily Mail Emma Dibdin Freelance (Total Film, Little White Lies, Shots and Film3Sixty, the Guardian); Jazz FM Elizabeth Galvin Trainee sub-editor, Evening Standard Jemima Johnson-Gilbert Editorial assistant, reporter, Square Meal Venues & Events magazine; Production assistant and writer, Pomp Magazine Aleeza Khan Bradner (née Khan) Editor-in-chief, ION Magazine (Canada); Freelance  Michael Klimes Editorial assistant, Institute of War and Peace Reporting; assistant correspondent, Jiji Press Helena Lee Lifestyle writer, City AM; fashion assistant, features assistant, Harper’s Bazaar Katherine Lough Editorial assistant, August Media; Going Out online editor, Evening Standard

132 /

Stevie Martin Freelance (The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail); comedy editor, Fest Magazine; freelance (XOJane, LSC Publishing); staff writer, Daniel Masoliver Writer, FHM Sophie Monks Kaufman Writer/ Researcher, Endemol Nicola Osman Intern, features writer, Woman Rakesh Ramchurn Editorial assistant, Architects’ Journal ; news writer, Architects’ Journal Jennifer Roper Features writer, Print Week Ian Steadman Junior writer, wired. co.ukunior staff writer, Wired Helen Stuart Intern, freelance showbiz writer, Woman’s Own Miranda Thompson Junior writer, editorial assistant, August Media; staff writer, IKEA FAMILY live Harriet Thurley Features writer, That’s Life! Andrew Tweddle Project assistant, The Church of London; project manager, The Church of London Olivia Wakefield Intern, ES Magazine Sophie Wilkinson Writer, G3 Magazine; freelance (NME, heatworld, District MTV, the Guardian); writer, GoThinkBig

Broadcast Sheun Adelasoye Writer, WhoisthatgirlUK Philip Allen Unknown Emily Archer Researcher, Walker George Films; researcher, DSP (Darlow Smithson Productions) Ellen Arnold Campaign producer, Tiger Aspect Productions Vanessa Baffoe News trainee, ITV Caron Bell Traineeship, ITV News; newsroom journalist, ITV West and Westcountry Rebecca Bell News assistant, CNBC freelance producer, Sky News Harriet Bird Project manager, Rich Mix; researcher, Landmark Films Samuel Bradley Unknown Harriet Bradshaw Editor and reporter, Alexandra News; broadcast journalist, news reader, Radio Jackie Robert Carragher Unknown Gauhar Chohan Unknown Toby Coaker Unknown Emily Craig Freelance researcher (Talkback Thames); investigative researcher, BBC Current Affairs Chris Creegan Producer and director, Sports Tonight Live; producer, Sky Ross Cullen Text producer, world news producer Sky News Clare Davis Video producer, Tesco Alex Dibble Newsreader, Radio City 96.7 FM Liverpool Laura Ewen Intern, PR Matters Catherine Farnsworth Unknown Umar Farooq Editor, NUFCfans.; TV producer, Sports Tonight Hanna Flint Blogger, Flint Says; content and social media executive, Cherry London; film blogger, The Huffington Post; assistant producer, LBC Radio, Global Radio Philip Georgiadis Researcher, The 10 Group; reporter, Dow Jones Newswires/Wall Street Journal

Claire Gilmore Production assistant, Quicksilver Media; executive, Cambridge University James Glynn Broadcast journalist, BBC World Service Julia Greenaway Unknown Michael Greenfield Graduate scheme, Sky News Lucy Hewitt Video producer, Future Publishing Vanessa Holland Logistics co-ordinator, Deloitte Riaz Jugon Features producer, journalist, Community Channel Anisa Kadri Freelance broadcast journalist (Peak FM); broadcast journalist, Tindle Radio; community publisher, Associated Northcliffe Digital; freelance broadcast journalist Linzi Kinghorn Broadcast assistant, BBC Radio London; project manager, Vox Pops International; broadcast journalist, JACK fm/The Breeze (Celador Radio) Alexandra Lawton Presenter, 106.5 Riviera Radio Emily Lingard Public relations assistant, ITV London; editorial assistant, The Sunday Times; broadcasting assistant, BBC Leeds; account administration assistant, WITH PR; creative producer, Photosound; producer, All About Brands Plc Ruth Maclean Reporter, The Times Kirsty Malcolm News assistant, STV News; video journalist, Scottish Television Fiona Marley Paterson Junior researcher, Maverick Television; assistant news editor, ITV; broadcast assistant, BBC News Kirsty Mcquire Freelance arts writer (The Londonist, The Hackney Citizen, Amelia’s Magazine) Francesca Oldham Runner, Princess Productions Jessica Parker Production assistant, BSkyB; freelance newsreader (Andover Sound Ltd & West Berkshire Radio Ltd); producer, Global Radio; broadcast journalist, Passion Radio Oxford Ltd Joseph Pike Producer assistant producer, LBC Isabel Sutton Researcher, Studio 9 Films; producer, BBC World Service; producer, Just Radios Rosanna Tennant Guest producer, Sky News; PR, marketing and communications assistant, Oliver Sweeney Sophia Thompson Production secretary, production runner, Princess Productions; gallery researcher, The Garden Productions Lucy Towers Press officer, The Gorilla Organisation; freelance broadcast journalist (Reuters) Hugo Williams Broadcast journalist, BBC Radio 4; radio producer, BBC World Service Francesca Wilski Account executive, DDB UK; account manager, Euro RSCG London Natalie Wright Reporter, BBC Gloucestershire; freelance (Sky News)

TJ CAJ Olivia Bolton Video news producer,

LISTINGS 2011 - 2012 The Daily Telegraph Anna Bucks Freelance TV journalist and researcher; freelance assistant producer (current affairs and documanteries) Joshua Cheesman Office manager, Pentacle The Virtual Business School Jil Dallmayr Editorial intern, Gala magazine; editor, Chesamel Communications; media consultant, MYO Swimwear Rachael Davies Freelance (Firecracker Films, Prospect) Helen Doyle Freelance producer (Sky News) Thomas Ellis Unknown Sandra Gathmann Gonzalez Video journalist, Feature Story News Harriet Hamilton Assistant news editor, ITV News (Washington DC) Abigail Harper Unknown Caroline James Freelance (Associated Press Television News, Sky News) Ian Kearney Producer, Sky News Hannah Keep Researcher, ITV; researcher, BBC Nicholas Kwek Unknown Georgina Leggate Newsroom journalist, ITV West; producer, Daybreak, ITV Natasha Malcolm-Brown Reporter, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire; papers producer, The Andrew Marr Show, BBC One Pinar Sevinclidir Researcher, BBC

Investigative Shaima Al-Obaidi Unknown Thomas Boadle Senior researcher, Tessa Mayes Productions Ltd; Interviews producer, Sky News Dawn Burrows Unknown Mike Doherty Reporter, Travellers Times Magazine; media officer, Irish Traveller Movement in Britain Janine Fotiadis-Negreponte Freelance (Haymarket) Sam Francis Researcher, BBC Parliament Jake Lofdahl Editorial assistant, Perform Group Katherine Loweth Unknown Dale Mcewan Reporter, The Lawyer; reporter, Kurdistan news agency Sebastian Payne Data reporter, The Daily Telegraph; online editor, The Spectator David Pegg Researcher, October Films Jasper Piddock Reporter, Mobile News Riah Pryor Editorial assistant, The Art Newspaper Alice Ross Bureau of Investigative Journalism Sarah Stewart Business reporter, Property Week Jamie Thunder PhD student, City University London; researcher, Westminister Education Forum

Science Jennifer Appleton Unknown James Brooks Science editor, BioNews, Progress Educational Trust Rebecca Hill Genetics editor, Progress Educational Trust

Michael Jones Assistant PR officer, Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research; PR & Marketing Officer, Redbacks Baseball & Softball; Media Manager GB Lions (voluntary), Great Britain Baseball; Research Communications Assistant, Imperial College London Fareha Lasker Medical PR executive, Cohn and Wolfe Ann-Kathrin Lindemann Research assistant, University of Hohenheim Richard Masters Web content manager and designer (Singapore) Abigail Millar Features writer, Progressive Digital Media Debora Miranda Digital research officer, Alzheimer’s Society Louise Ogden Web editor, British Science Association Lorna Powell Freelance medical journalist John Serle English editor, AK News Djuke Veldhuis Editor, ResearchSEA

Financial Tanya Ashreena Writer, Pensions Week, Financial Times Odette Berg Producer, Bloomberg TV Emily Blewett Reporter, Citywire Manoah Esipisu Acting head of press, Commonwealth Secretariat Jennifer Francis Writer, Debtwire; writer, Financial Times Ranjana Gupta European LNG and Gas reporter, Energy Intelligence Satheesan Kanady deputy business editor, The Peninsula newspaper (Qatar) Huaiyuan Lu Researcher, FT, China Confidential Miyuki Seguchi Market reporter, Dow Jones Newswires and The Wall Street Journal Darshini Shah Unknown Maria Sovago Unknown Conor Sullivan Trainee production journalist, Financial Times Danwei Zhang Freelance (BBC); business developer, SkyHi Media

Political Elizabeth Bates Researcher for John Kay, Financial Times James Bloodworth Reporter, Chemist and Druggist; blogger, The Independent Andrew Bradley Marketing and Research Executive, BritainThinks; broadcast Journalist, BBC Rosanna Cobb Research assistant for Simon Hughes MP Matthew Foster Parliamentary analyst, DeHavillard; Home Affairs reporter, ForesightNews Nada Issa Al Jazeera English Tonje Iversen UK correspondent, Norwegian radio Panagiotis Katsaras Unknown Alexander Lawson Communications and policy assistant, news reporter, European Disability Forum Sam Macrory Political editor, The House Magazine


Job: Digital Analyst, Bauer Media Course: Interactive 2012 What has been the proudest moment of your career? I started at Bauer before I finished at City, and managed to get a permanent contract. I’ve felt very proud to have found my feet and to have the opportunity to work on a national brand. What advice would you give to your student self now? Don’t worry! Everything will work out in the end. If you think less about things and just do them, it’s more beneficial. Fahim Malyar Head of communications, President Hamid Karzai Daniel Mcclendon Unknown Konstantinos Memmos Client executive, Advocate/BursonMarsteller Daria Orlova BBC World Service Pavlina Papashimova Communications assistant, Murphy Group Paul Prentice News and features writer, Rail magazine Andrew Richards Unknown Sofya Shahab Contributor, Ctrl.Alt. Shift Andrew Tarrant Office of Gregg McClymont MP, Shadow Minister for Pensions Amie Tsang World newsdesk, Financial Times

Erasmus Miko Cara Schneider Corporate Responsibility Co-ordinator, Lakehouse; internal Communications Officer, Family Mosaic Ying Diao UK correspondent, China Daily Vitaly Pojarsky Unknown Stephen Robert Morse Creative Team, Belinda Lopez Features Executive Producer of All the Best, FBi, Community Broadcasting Association of Australia Namitha Jagadeesh Reporter, Bloomberg; staff writer, Mint (HT Media Ltd) Sarka Halasova Credit and fixed income reporter, Dow Jones Newswires, Wall Street Journal Frederik Fischer Co-Founder, CEO, Tazaldoo; co-Founder of MundusMedia

2012 International Olajumoke Akiyode Unknown Sophie Anmuth Unknown

What is your favorite memory from your time at City? Production week. It was a proper taste of what it would be like to work in a newsroom and be managing stories or websites. For one story, about the Eastenders actress Gemma McCluskie, we managed to get more media coverage than even some of the national papers. That was amazing. SOPHIE HURCOM Katherine Anker Features editor, Professional Photographer magazine, board member;, freelance writer (Politiken) Teodora Barzakova Runner, BBC World Service, Al Jazeera English, GRN Live; Freelance (BBC World Service) Andreas Baumann Mandag Morgen, Copenhagen Michele Bertell Video journalist, Alanews, video reporter, La Repubblica (Italy) Birce Bora Freelance, BBC World Service (Turkey) Clea Broadhurst Live correspondent, RTL-TVI; correspondent, Outlook (BBC World Service); journalist, French-Cinema London; freelance producer, TF1 Laurens Cerulus Freelance (The Independent, BBC, Monocle and Monocle 24, European Voice, Deutsche Welle, De Morgen, Mo*) Carlo Cerutti Thompson Reuters, Class NBC, Sky Min-Huei Cheng Unknown Nicolette Christian Freelance Helena Da Rocha Alves Unknown Marina Daras Freelance (The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, VRL Financial News, Retail Banker International) Simon Day Unknown Sara Delgrossi Trainee, European Parliament Ceren Deniz Intern, Hurriyet Media Towers Elena Dimama Egnatia TV (Greece) Eva Dumontet Unknown Steve Ercolani Reporter, The Tico Times; contributor, Al Jazeera France Ewen London correspondent: freelance producer, Radio Luxembourg Lisa Fernandez Staff photographer, The Des Moins Register Chiara Francavilla Somalia analyst, ThinkAfricaPress; reporter, The Covered Bond Report Jeanny Gering Unknown Rajni Gill Unknown Demelsa Gonzalez Ruiz: Unknown Reena Gurung Unknown / 133

LISTINGS 2012 Hanna Hauck Traineeship, German news agency DAPD Jo Healy Assistant producer, CNN; sports journalist, DWM Ivana Hindi Freelancer, BBC World Service Kristy Hutter Unknown Leonard Ibekwe Unknown Christiane Imdahl Unknown Snigdha Jain CMO of Social Media Marketing, M.K. Gupta Tax Classe Mridulika Jha Unknown Mikita Jhaveri Editorial, GQ India Qian Jia Unknown Dietlind Kendler Unknown William Kennedy Unknown Ntonia Kokkinou Unknown Kristian Krohg-Sørensen Ekko NRK Luisella Lastilla Unknown Anne Laurent Freelance Brian Leli Unknown Victor Lepoutre Unknown Audrey Letendart Unknown Chris Liakos Reporter, Hellenic TV; Wealth Insight; VRL Financial News; freelance, CNN Jenny Liljefors Soffel Freelance (Escape 360, CNN) Felix Lill Freelance sports journalist Tatiana Lima Unknown Jinmei Liu Unknown Melissa Paige Long Unknown Julia MacFarlane Freelance field producer and camera operator (Lebanon); freelance broadcast journalist (BBC World Service) Maria Malygina Unknown Meghan Mardon Intern, Dash Michel Martinelli Unknown Vittorio Mauriello Intern, CRC Radio Anastasius Mpulassikis Unknown Damini Nath Sub-editor, The Hindu Sheila Navaratnarajah Unknown Tamara Novoa Alonso Unknown Artur Osinski Assistant producer, runner BBC; intern CNN Hege Otterholm The Time Space Continuum Source Emmanuil Papavasileiou Intern, The Times, The Sunday Times; intern, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism Lizette Pellikaan Unknown Hazel Pfeifer Freelance contributor, Monocle 24; Planning Intern, CNN Joëlle Pouliot Freelance (The Montreal Gazette, QMI News Agency) Claire Read BBC Arabic, Cairo Nargiza Ryskulova: Runner, The Daily Telegraph Javier Sauras: Freelance Camilla Schick Freelance (Israel); journalist, The Jerusalem Post Laurene Senechal Freelance (Radio France Internationale, Africultures, Iona Serrapica Newsdesk intern, CNN Prerna Sethi Reader interactivity editor, Gulf News (London) Sara Siddiqi Unknown Tnieka Smith Computer Business Review Berza Simsek Unknown Bjarke Smith-Meyer Trainee, European Parliament Joe Stohlman Unknown Rizwan Syed Unknown Judith Ugwumadu Researcher Jette Van Exter Unknown Mary Vandorou Unknown

Yawen Wu Unknown Karin Wasteson Unknown Zoe Wu Unknown Xiaojun Yan Unknown Monica Zhang Unknown

Newspaper Jessica Abrahams Bloomberg; Prospect Tristan Barclay Metro, sub (iPad edition); Sunday Times; Times; The Tab Susannah Butter Evening Standard Thomas Clarke Quintessentially; LOCOG; Milestone GRP Kathryn Dobinson Content coordinator, the Guardian Josephine Forster Bloomberg; sub, Daily Mail Rachael Getzels Hampstead & Highgate Express Olivia Goldhill Media Wales; The Telegraph Tom Goodenough The Sun Ruth Halkon Freelance; sub-editor, N London Newspapers series Charlotte Henley Cohn & Wolfe Clare Hill The Drinks Business; freelance (Sunday Times); Commwealth Broadcasting Association Alexander Horlock Sports reporter, MailOnline; Daily Mail Sarah Johnson Freelance (Sunday Times, Metro, Daily Mail) Rebecca Lewis MailOnline; Yahoo News Georgina Lindsay-Watson Metro; sub, iPad edition Bianca London MailOnline Laura MacKenzie CNN; Truthloader, ITV Sarah Marsh China Daily; the Guardian Jaymi McCann Evening Standard; reporting scheme, Daily Mail Simon Murphy Reporting scheme, Daily Mail; Mail on Sunday Jack Rivlin Evening Standard; The Tab Radhika Sanghani Press Association; Liverpool Echo; The Telegraph Kara Shadbolt Coutts Sarah Smyth Evening Standard; reporting scheme, Daily Mail Heather Spurr Politics Home James Titcomb City AM Emily Wight Content coordinator, the Guardian Martin Williams Freelance (the Guardian, Private Eye); the Guardian Rhiannon Williams The Scotsman; The Telegraph

Magazine Thomas Allsop Reporter, Print Week Hannah Bass Online journalist, Woman’s Weekly Jennifer Bowden Researcher, The List; f­­reelance (the Guardian, The Scotsman, Scotland on Sunday); reporter/entertainment editor, Dunfermline Press Erica Buist Travel editor, Citizen TV (Koh Samui, Thailand) Madeleine Cuff Staff writer, assistant editor (consumer trends), Stylus Madlen Davies News intern, Pulse Eleanor Donajgrodzki Hospitality and leisure researcher, food, beverage and hospitality researcher, Stylus

134 /

Pete Ellender Production sub, Incisive Media Emma Featherstone Unknown Vesela Gladicheva Trainee reporter, MLex Market Intelligence (Brussels) Eleanor Griggs Unknown Sophie Haslett Freelance fashion writer, Stylist Sophia Heath Intern, CNN (Sports) Nadia Khomani Editorial assistant, homes pages, The Daily Telegraph Jessica Lambert Features intern, Evening Standard Hugh Langley Intern, China Daily, 21st Century Helen Lawson Graduate subbing scheme, Daily Mail Kate Lloyd IPC Media graduate trainee scheme Rebecca Lloyd News producer, ITV Daybreak Richard Martin Translator, reporter and El País English (Madrid); sports correspondent, Press Association Poppy McPherson Lifestyle Editor, Phnom Penh Post, editor, 7 Days Magazine Nicola Merrifield Reporter, The Stage Krystena Petrakas Unknown Julia Rampen Writer, Workplace Savings and Benefits, Incisive Media Edward Randell Bass, The Swingle Singers Anna Reynolds Writer, Supply Management magazine Benedict Riley-Smith Graduate trainee scheme, The Daily Telegraph Monique Rivalland Intern, CNN Thomas Shepherd Unknown Emma Spedding Freelance (Good Housekeeping website) Oliver Stratford Website editor, Disegno Sophie Tighe Online intern, Reveal Zhi Tsjeng Online editor, Wonderland; deputy editor Rollacoaster magazine Laurie Tuffrey News editor, the Quietus; digital subeditor, News International James Waldron Reporter Chemist & Druggist David Woode Graduate trainee reporter, The Sun Daisy Wyatt Intern, House & Home, FT Weekend Natasha Wynarczyk Features intern, Marie Claire

Broadcast Athar Ahmad Broadcast journalist, BBC Becca Attfield Freelance, assistant producer (LBC, Global Radio) Katie Barnfield News assistant, CNBC Andrew Binner Contributor, Al Jazeera English; Account executive, 3 Monkeys Communications Sarah Binning Freelance Yasmin Bodalbhai News journalist, Eagle Radio Charlotte Briere-Edney Text producer, Sky News; news reporter, editor, CC Radio; reporter, cofounder OntheBeat101; writer, Running in Heels Charli Burden Reporter, Splash News; contributor, The Sport Review Rebecca Burns

Vincent Carroll-Battaglino Unknown Ed Challes Live text producer, Sky News Lucy Clifford-Palmer Customer support advisor, TUI Matt Clinch Unknown Laura Cress Junior researcher, OR Media Ltd Kathryn Dowling Freelance (ITN, BBC) Angus Dunsire Video journalist, Press Association Oliver Foster Unknown Laura Gray Researcher, BBC Current Affairs ah Hatchard Intern, CNBC Alice Hedworth Freelance, sports broadcaster, video journalist Nicky Henderson Unknown George Hill Freelance, filmmaker; researcher and editorial assistant Rachel Humphreys Assistant producer, LBC, Global Radio Ikaba Koyi World affairs, news and production assistant, CBS News Tom Lowe Unknown Joel Massey Unknown Dinita Moore Digital intern, Endemol Tom Morris Trainee, Fishburn Hedges Nicky Nelson Unknown Rosario Ogbechie Co-host and producer, Westside Station; video journalist, production assistant, Squwark Box Europe, CNBC Esther Opoku Gyeni Unknown Jay Patel Broadcast journalist, BBC London News Meera Pattni Unknown James Pearson Broadcast journalist, BBC Radio Merseyside Costas Pitas Correspondent, Reuters Lucy Plint Unknown Rob Porter Broadcast journalist, Sunrise Radio News Ed Prior Unknown Kate Pumfrey Researcher, NERD TV Soraya Rahim Unknown Helen Regan Video producer, Democratic Voice of Burma Danielle Robinson Media Liaison Executive at Markettiers4dc William Roe Multimedia journalist, Lord’s Cricket Ground; freelance newsreader (Eagle FM) Charlotte Rose Broadcast assistant, BBC Parliament Nick Stylianou Producer, Sky News Matthew Tyzack Video Journalist, Ford Motor Company Rozzy Unwin Unknown Louisa Wells Unknown Elie Whalley Mentorn Media; September Films; Video editor, friends1st Jonny Williams Radio producer, Timeform Radio

TJ CAJ Nigel Wilson Broadcast journalist, Press Association Bunmi Akpata-Ohohe Unknown John Allison Producer, Rocktrap Productions Katy Austin Broadcast journalist, BBC South Today Cecily Carroll Unknown Kate Clifford Assistant TV Producer,

LISTINGS 2012 Bloomberg Ellie Cotter Researcher, The Agenda, ITN; broadcast assistant, BBC Cara Dattani Unknown Edward Dowson-Collins Unknown Hannah Durning-Capella Unknown Charlotte Hawkins Current affairs producer, researcher, Islam Channel Kat Hayes Researcher, ITN Alexandra Jeffries Unknown Sophie Kirby Producer, BBC; producer, Reuters; writer, Deutsche Welle Louis Lee Ray Freelance Keely Lockhart European markets desk producer, Bloomberg TV Alexander MacDonald Unknown Ashley Mak Unknown Latida Mercedes-Fields Unknown Tara Mulholland Digital producer, Sky News Jess Omari Producer, Sky News HD Robyn Owens Unknown Lillie Revington Unknown Danielle Spears Documentary development, production talent pool, BBC Hannah Stanton Unknown Katie Storry News intern, Sky News Rebecca Tyers Unknown Diani Vyas Freelance researcher Melissa Wright Freelance assistant news editor, ITN; production talent pool, BBC

Investigative John Allison Travelling Sophie Barnes Blogger, New Statesman; contributor, The Justice Gap; editor, Springwise New Business Ideas Isabel Camano Bloomberg TV Marika Cronnolly Unknown Alice Cuddy News reporter, Al Jazeera Tom Farmery Graduate trainee, The Times Leila Haddou Researcher for documentary film maker Tessa Mayes, CIJ Intern Jack Hewson Freelance (The Times) Jonny Houghton-Brown International country editor, The Oil and Gas Year Eleana Kolovou Reporter (Greece) Daniel Lanyon Reporter The Grocer Emily Short Commercial department, The Telegraph Camilla Swift CNN Katie Taylor Research for documentary filmmaker Tessa Mayes Tom Wills Unknown Matt Wrigley Unknown

Science Harriet Bailey Researcher, Al Jazeera English Attilia Burke Unknown Jinan Harb Freelance Daryl Ilbury Unknown Greg Jones Press officer (Health), Cancer Research UK Alice Lighton Content developer, Science Museum Rafi Meguerditchian Unknown Gena Ng Unknown Oluwafunmilayo Unknown

Lisa Raffensperger Associate editor, Adam Smith Reporter, Research Fortnight; podcast producer, Pod Academy; freelance, multimedia journalist; associate editor, Notes from the Underground

Financial Joice Alves Dias Financial Times Russel Dinange Freelance (Euromoney, FX News) Caroline Green Finsbury PR Lisa Jansen CNBC news producer Chen Liang Researcher/reporter, Financial Times (Hong Kong) Xiao Liu Freelance (Financial Times, Scheme Xpert, Pensions Week, Money) Anna Lyudvig Senior correspondent, Africaam Asset Management Victoria Maigrot Blackrock Asset Management Sarah Marquer TV producer, Bloomberg Tom Metcalf Billionaires Reporter, Bloomberg James Poulter Web producer, Citywire Maria Tadeo CNBC news producer Kimiko DeFreytas Tamura BBC News Online Caroline Varin Reporter, Argus Media Ziyi Wang Reporter, Silu

Interactive Teodora Beleaga Insight Analyst, Wunderman, KBM Group John Burn-Murdoch Data journalist, the Guardian Antonia Kanczula Freelance (Scout Association) Timothy Owen Technical author, Transport for London Neha-Tamara Patel Web analyst, Bauer Media Rebecca Ratcliffe Content coordinator, the Guardian Andrew Rininsland Freelance journalist, coder (The Economist; Graphic Alliance) Andrew Stuart Daily Post; Manchester Evening News Alistar Walker IBA International Lauren York Graduate trainee subeditor scheme, Daily Mail Abigail Young-Powell Content coordinator, the Guardian

Political Abubakar Al-Sadique Lecturer (Nigeria) Aisha Gani Reporter, Total Politics magazine Firouzeh Akbarian Reporter, Irainian TV channel Alisa Bala Reporter, UN (Geneva) Asa Bennett Reporter, London Means Business website Chris Berkin Reporter, Construction News Mark Briggs Freelance Chizom Ekeh Campaigns Officer, Age UK Charlotte Jee Reporter, Government Computing website and magazine Vincent Mcaviney Reporter, Sky

News Maath Musleh Lecturing (Palestine) Catarina Sousa Reporter (Portugal) Harry Spencer PR Executive Edelman Max Tholl Reporter (Berlin) Naomi Westland Reporter, Amnesty International

Erasmus Elga Andreeva Freelance photojournalist/producer (Bulgaria) Alfonso Campo Unknown Peter Cernuta Reporter, Slovenian Press Agency Arin De Hoog Print journalist, editor, EMAJ Magazine Joyce Fernandez Editor, Manila Bulletin Jan-Henrik Forster Reporter, WirtschaftsWoche Sebastian Kirsch Business journalist, Germany Raia Mihaylova Unknown Aljosha Schapals PhD candidate, City University London Anusha Sodavaram Freelance Simona Strimaityte Account Executive, Parex PR Ning-Chih Teng Unknown Zoe Thomas Freelance (New York City) Dobriyana Tropankeva Project coordinator/Editor-in-Chief, Orange Magazine


Entries are arranged by year. We do our best to keep our files up-to-date and accurate. If you have moved job please contact the alumni office at Follow @cityalumni or update your details online update-detailsform.html


Job: Graduate Trainee Reporter for The Sun Course: Magazine 2012

What is your favourite memory of City? There are far too many to choose from. I loved Project Betty, where we had to design a magazine concept and pitch it to a panel of professionals. But the “Good Writing” classes with Marcelle d’Argy Smith really stand out. Marcelle’s a one-off. Her classes were like therapy sessions, but I learnt the importance of writing short and sharp. It’s a big part of what I do now. What was something you struggled with? Adjusting to being a student again, after three years away from lecture halls and coursework, was quite tough. Also, being on patch and getting stressed when it got to 3pm and I didn’t have a decent lead for a story. What has been the highlight of your career since you left? Winning a place on the Sun graduate

scheme and being given the opportunity to work on the country’s biggest newspaper was a huge reward. Who has been the best interview of your career? It’s got to be tennis legend Boris Becker. It was my first sit-down interview and we spoke at his offices in Berkeley Square, ahead of the ATP World Tour finals. Becker was cool, knowledgeable and engaging - the ideal interviewee. What advice would you give your student self now? Be more competent with audio/visual equipment and editing software, find new ways of telling stories, pitch hard and get published...and go to Sandwich Man more often! SOPHIE HURCOM / 135

Hack OR Hacker ?

What kind of journalist are you? BY JONATHAN HOLMES Int ro

Go horse riding with Dave

Break out in a cold sweat

Most of your staff are in jail: youʼre beginning to regret those ʻVoicemail and Vodkaʼ parties. Now Operation Weeting is knocking at your door. How do you respond? Burn your diary

Tuck a £20 into the constableʼs top pocket

Oh-oh, inquiry time. Lord Leveson requests the pleasure of your company. How do you act?


Press regulation revolution is in the air, and itʼs time for some heads to roll. Who are you going to blame? One lone journalist/ Two lone journalists/ Three lone journalists, more!

Bad Mouth the author

Donʼt blame the player, blame the game

Design: Dutch Holland. Photographs: Getty; Rex Fetures/Alastair Pullen, the Guardian

“Did I pay who to keep quiet? Who’s Neville? I’m not sure I’m in the right room, is this the bathroom?” Despite controlling the world’s largest media empire, your indifference to how it works beggars belief. Still, once your grey-eyed son takes charge, News Corp will sell-off its publications for the copper in the walls.

Have you ever scrambled through a celebrityʼs bin?

Lord Leveson has descended from Mount Sinai with his commandments. Literally nobody understands them, but you know theyʼre an abomination. How do you respond?

Ignore him

Ignore him

Your celeb editor brings you a juicy story, but the source seems suspect. What questions do you ask?

Throw a Punch

Who is Tom Watson?

None, seems true

Kelvin MacKenzie

“What’s that? Go screw yourself.” The wide boy of Fleet Street, you walked into Leveson’s chamber like it was your local boozer. It’s amazing your shoulders fitted through. You print anything that ‘seems’ true. You not only didn’t know about hacking, but didn’t want to know. “Butt out Leveson, you four-eyed, hairless tabby cat!”

136 /

I told you so











Hired dodgy private investigators?



Tom Watson MP just delivered a 40 minute monologue, in iambic pentameter, calling you the devil incarnate. How do you respond?

Rupert Murdoch

“Privacy is for paedos”

Robert Jay QC keeps reading out incriminating chunks from your autobiography: A Blagger’ s Guide to Journalism. What do you say?

Gorilla arrogance

So itʼs phone hacking, but the fall outʼs manageable, as long as itʼs just celebrities. Everyone hates them. Whatʼs that? Milly who? Ah. How do you respond?

“While my paper did hack a dead girlʼs phone, they didnʼt delete any messages. Weʼre not monsters.”

How much will you pay me?

Paul McMullan

You’ve done it all, you’ve broken every PPC code. From rifling through bins to hacking phones, you are the worst-case scenario. You boast about your crimes like a low-rent James Bond baddie, glorying in the scandalised gasps of Guardian readers. You’ve now retired to become a pub landlord and pantomime villain.

Who, Steve? Steveʼs alright


Managed to look at yourself in the mirror without sobbing? No


Nick Davies

Like Cassandra, you saw it coming. You wrote the book on journalism’s dirty secrets (available in all good shops). Ratting on journalists has made you the Guardian’s centrefold and earned you an invite to Hugh Grant’s Dordogne villa. Just don’t expect anyone to talk to you at the Fleet Street Christmas party.

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